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mgariepygood morning everyone12:05
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mhall119highvoltage: ping13:32
highvoltagemhall119: pong13:35
mhall119highvoltage: so quite obviously I'm not going to have a qimo-gnome-session ready13:38
mhall119with the changes to the top panel, I'd have to re-think the qimo shell layout13:39
highvoltagemhall119: I was wondering if it was still relevant, considering Unity. I guess Qimo will be more appropriate for older machines?13:40
mhall119I think qimo still has a place on newer machines, it's just that the changes to Gnome in Natty were more significant than I expected13:40
doctormohighvoltage: Have you had any feedback on the background? or specs on what formats you need for other parts of the desktop?13:44
highvoltagedoctormo: yes, I need something for the ldm theme. I took the starry background for that but it was a bit too... stark (not sure if that's a real english word). I think a lighter variation would perhaps be nice. currently the ldm theme is just an edubuntu logo on a light gray background, and it works but it's quite simple13:45
doctormohighvoltage: Can you send me the current image and perhaps a screenshot of it in context13:46
highvoltagedoctormo: ok, I'm syncing a daily build right now and will test it within the hour or so, will send you a screenshot13:47
highvoltagedoctormo: this is ldm as it now looks for edubuntu: http://jonathancarter.org/files/temp/ldm_edubuntu.png15:04
highvoltagedoctormo: the foreground font can only be a single colour at this stage15:04
doctormohighvoltage: Ok, so the idea is to make a background which fits around all those items15:05
highvoltagedoctormo: yep15:05
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doctormohighvoltage: Can you make a version with a bright green background? 0,255,0 ? I can make it a layer then and work on a version for it.15:23
highvoltagedoctormo: yep15:31
highvoltagedoctormo: http://jonathancarter.org/files/temp/ldm_edubuntu_greenscreen.png <- if that will help16:50
doctormohighvoltage: Is it always at the same resolution/aspect ration?16:52
highvoltagedoctormo: nope, it's a login screen, so it will be different resoltions/aspect ratios16:52
doctormoDo the items move, change size?16:52
highvoltagethe logo is horizontally centered, and the position of the username field is the same position relative to that16:54
highvoltagethe information and preferences button is always at the bottom16:54
doctormohighvoltage: And always the same size?17:03
highvoltagedoctormo: the text size is always the same, it would be different physical sizes on different displays, of course17:06
highvoltagedoctormo: sorry, one important thing to mention is that ldm always stretches the wallpaper it's supplied with17:06
doctormoOf course, but I can do a full 2500x1600 image and have you use zoom or some such.17:06
doctormoOK, so that's harder to do17:07
doctormohighvoltage: OK so you should choose if it should look bad in widescreen or bad at 4:317:09
highvoltagedoctormo: I guess I'd rather stick with the plain background then :) (it looks Ok on both)17:12
doctormohighvoltage: It's one of the reasons plain backgrounds exist.17:13
highvoltagedoctormo: *nod*17:13
highvoltagedoctormo: the debian background worked quite well for ldm. I think it's something that we could probably get right for oreinic (or what ever it's called)17:14
doctormohighvoltage: Can you show me your ldm configuration please?17:14
highvoltagedoctormo: it's basically just configured via ltsp's lts.conf, the only setting I currently have in there is LDM_THEME=edubuntu17:15
doctormohighvoltage: And what does that mean?17:16
doctormoto ldm?17:16
highvoltageit sets my theme to the edubuntu theme17:16
doctormoAnd the edubuntu theme is what kind of theme?17:18
highvoltagean LDM theme17:18
highvoltage(as in, a gtkrc file, wallpaper and logo)17:18
doctormohighvoltage: OK, I'm surprised you can't do much with an LDM theme with a gtkrc file17:24
highvoltagedoctormo: how so?17:25
doctormohighvoltage: LDM isn't well documented at all, how anyone makes a theme is a mystery to me.17:32
highvoltagedoctormo: I happened to have made a theme last weekend, I link to a tarball to if you want to look at it... http://jonathancarter.org/2011/03/19/spacefun-for-ltsp-on-debian/17:33
highvoltagedoctormo: if you don't believe me about the limitations feel free to ask the authors17:34
doctormohighvoltage: One page suggests that the ldm theme is created with a simple python script.17:34
highvoltageyeah that was the old LDM that was still based on python, the newer (well for the last 2-3 years) LDM is rewritten in C17:35
doctormohighvoltage: I've very surprised that the system they've made doesn't not account for widescreen ratios.17:37
bgargesI wanted to know about this OS and how it would help our preschoolers17:37
doctormoBut perhaps LTSP tends not to encounter them.17:37
highvoltagedoctormo: it does, it's a known issue17:37
highvoltagehey bgarges17:37
doctormohighvoltage: Then any theme I created would look just as good as your debian theme linked17:39
highvoltagedoctormo: that would be fine. we just need one for edubuntu :)17:40
highvoltagebut the plain background will also be ok17:41
highvoltage(considering artwork freeze is thursday)17:41
doctormohighvoltage: Does the LDM greeter fall under the hidious Canonical copyright theft, I mean contribution agreement?17:42
highvoltagedoctormo: not at all17:43
doctormohighvoltage: OK good, it's just that the sources say it's copyright Canonical and authored by a whole bunch of non-canonical people17:45
doctormowhich looks wrong17:45
highvoltagethat's possibly just the packaging itself. some componants are indeed copyright canonical (and rightly so), since mdz and ogra did most of the initial hard work17:46
highvoltagebut there's no copyright assignment17:46
doctormohighvoltage: Yes, but the copyright would be shared between all authors in that case.17:47
doctormoAnyway it's not important for youself17:48
doctormohighvoltage: The code says that the image is scaled, so a 4:3 image would just have black bars to the sides.17:52
highvoltagedoctormo: that's weird, I'm typing this to you now on a thin client with a wide-screen that doesn't have any black bars on LDM17:53
doctormoI could also be reading it wrong, although it's an easy change to get it to do what we want, the question is are we past the freezing point?17:54
highvoltageit was around 2 weeks ago17:56
highvoltagedoctormo: I guess changing the behaviour now would be kind of risky (since it would probably affect other themes), so it would be nice to put that on the wall for the next release17:57
doctormohighvoltage: Does ldm crash if your theme doesn't have one of the icons?17:59
highvoltagedoctormo: yes18:05
doctormoHave you ever tried to build the package? autogen's a bit of an issue18:14
highvoltagenope, stgraber might be able to help you there18:15
doctormohighvoltage: OK got a patched gtkgreeter built, I use an ENV bool LDM_CENTERBG, if it's false then it'll be as usual. If true, then it won't scale18:20
doctormoBut center18:20
doctormoEven if it's for next release, can you test it for me?18:20
doctormohighvoltage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583915/ I can also pop it into a ppa later too if required18:24

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