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c2tarunhi :)03:27
yuriyScottK: unfortunately perhaps the one thing I don't like about my current work situation is I can't stand to spend my remaining free hours on computer tasks03:38
yuriyScottK: though if I did get back to open source work (outside of work) translations probably wouldn't be my first priority03:38
ScottKyuriy: Sure.  I can understand how that might be.  No problem.  If you know any Russian translators looking for a project in need, please pass it on.03:38
yuriythough you certainly have a point.  one of the reasons I chose to install Ubuntu on my grandpa's computer was that I was worried about the translations03:41
yuriythough now that I've used it a bit I think it doesn't matter because computer terms just sound ridiculous in russian anyway03:41
c2tarunyofel: ping04:19
apacheloggershadeslayer: rekonq is the utter broken07:55
apacheloggerconstantly locks up on me07:55
bambeemorning :)09:03
Riddellhola bambee 09:04
* tazz yawns09:07
* yofel hands tazz some coffee09:12
* tazz thanks yofel, and pats him on the back.09:13
Riddellshadeslayer: hmm, tab bar still doesn't redraw on rekonq :(09:19
afiestasI'm registering at uds, I don't really know what to choose at: Who is your attendance requested by?09:28
afiestasCanonical I guess?09:28
Riddellafiestas: Kubuntu!09:29
afiestasRiddell: Kubuntu is not in the list09:30
afiestasI can choose "Other"09:30
afiestasOther and then Kubuntu :o?09:30
Riddell"I agree to the video agreement (optional):"  "This field is required."  who made this thing?09:32
Riddellafiestas: where does it ask  Who is your attendance requested by?#09:32
Riddelloh, not the sponsorship form? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-o/sponsorship/09:33
afiestasI thought I had to fill both forms09:35
valorieI think the other one is for canonical employees09:36
Riddellafiestas: I wouldn't worry about that registration form, I don't know what it's for, the sponsorship is the important one (assuming you'd rather have your attendance paid for and not pay for it yourself)09:39
debfxinteresting, lib6-dbg and eglibc-source are on the livecd09:39
afiestasRiddell: ookz09:40
bambeeRiddell: plasma-widget-networkmanagement still needs testing  ?10:30
Riddellbambee: yes please!10:31
Riddellin ppa:jr10:31
bambeeRiddell: ok ;)10:31
shadeslayerRiddell: yeah we are still testing the patch out before actually commiting it10:34
agateauhey, got this weird error with kubuntu-default-settings during this morning update:10:36
agateaudoes this ring a bell to someone?10:37
debfxagateau: yes10:37
debfxkirkland probably forgot to upload newt10:38
* shadeslayer is still confused about DBus10:41
agateaudebfx: should I file a bug report | ping kirkland?10:53
debfxagateau: no, I've already pinged him10:53
agateaudebfx: great, thanks!10:53
freglRiddell: thanks, I'll update the headers11:29
RiddellI wonder if I should be worried that bambee hasn't reappeared since testing network manager plasmoid11:51
shadeslayerRiddell: probably11:51
Riddelldebfx: bug 74012411:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740124 in eglibc (Ubuntu Natty) "2.13-0ubuntu8 grew a lot of extra dependencies, causing CD explosion" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74012411:54
bambeeRiddell: plasma-widget-networkmanager works just fine here13:31
bambeeI tested it with different networks (wired and wireless) it works13:32
bambee"<hidden network>"  is a new feature ?13:33
yofelI've seen that hidden network here too, not sure what it's supposed to be (form to connect to hidden SSID? wasn't that broken?)13:35
yofelas for the mobile part - it fetches the information from m-b-i fine here and set's up the connection settings. The connection itself fails though. From syslog I assume it's a modem-manager issue in my case. wvdial works fine though13:37
Riddellbambee: oh phew, I was getting worried when you hadn't appeared back online :)13:39
bambeeRiddell: no don't worry , I've homeworks to do, so I was offline ;)13:40
Riddellbambee, yofel: uploading p-w-networkmanagement then, thanks for testing14:01
bambeeyw :)14:01
stefan`hi guys14:02
stefan`i use natty and the new kubuntu-default-settings gives me the following eeror:14:02
stefan`Setting up kubuntu-default-settings (1:11.04ubuntu8) ...14:03
stefan`update-alternatives: error: alternative /etc/newt/palette.original for newt-palette not registered, not setting.14:03
Riddellstefan`: known bug14:03
stefan`i hope i'm not the 14:03
Riddellfix in progress14:03
stefan`sorry ;)14:03
debfxso are we going to use the new or old terminal color scheme?15:18
debfxhttp://bit.ly/fvm16s vs. http://bit.ly/dRF9yi15:19
debfximho we should use the new one15:22
yofelthe new one looks nicer, but isn't that grey a bit too bright?15:23
yofeloverall I'm for the new one though15:23
debfxyofel: I think that was fixed: "Design team wanted a slightly different grey; more contrast when white on grey"15:24
yofelah, then great :)15:24
Riddelldebfx: if we're going to use the design team's colour choice we may as well use the up to date version surely?15:35
debfxRiddell: yes, sure. I just don't have an updated screenshot15:36
shadeslayerdebfx: the new one looks better15:42
janimowhat is CONFIG *= option in qmake .pro files and how is it different from += ? I could not find any reference to it via google15:45
shadeslayerjanimo: probably ask in #qt ?15:50
Riddelljanimo: I've never used qmake so I couldn't say15:50
Riddellas shadeslayer says15:50
Riddellgenerally if you have to start adding any config options qmake isn't the best build system for the job15:50
shadeslayer^^ true .. but CMake doesn't make the job any easier 15:51
janimoRiddell, I was reading debian/rules which has these constructs. I'll ask in qt, thanks15:51
Riddelljanimo: for Qt itself or something else?15:52
janimoRiddell, no, mumble. It uses Qt15:52
debfxjanimo: I think *= doesn't add duplicates15:52
janimodebfx, ah, that seems sensible. Altough I wonder why would duplicates hurt.15:52
janimoI'll use += for the option I am adding but wanted to make sure I don't overlook something15:53
janimodebfx, you're right. pointed to http://doc.trolltech.com/latest/qmake-advanced-usage.html from #qt15:54
Mithrandir_Just wanted to know if the Alha 3 for Kubuntu was usable15:55
yofelMithrandir_: works quite fine for me15:55
claydohMithrandir_: same here, try a livecd and check it out :)15:56
yofelnote that it's still aplha though15:56
Mithrandir_Yes just wanted to know if it booted15:56
Riddellboots good on i386 and amd64, less sure about arm or other arches15:57
Mithrandir_has there been any improvements that are notable forthe dailies or the last alpha release is close  enough?15:58
yofelfor installing the alpha should probably be less likely to be broken, after that you can just update15:59
Mithrandir_yofel: ah thanks16:00
c2tarunwhat is rosetta?16:09
Riddellc2tarun: it's an old codename for Launchpad Translations16:10
c2tarunRiddell: you looked at the errors in two packages on that ec2 machine yesterday?16:13
Riddellc2tarun: no I'm afraid i didn't16:13
seaLnehas anyone seen a problem in natty with kontact where if it starts before network is available it is never able to check mail? and clicking the red "-" in the status bit fails to work17:00
seaLneoh and quiting kontact, then it won't start again?17:03
seaLnethis seems to be a problem with kontact rather than kmail as if on its own kmail behaivs properly17:04
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* debfx grabs akonadi 1.5.117:35
debfxhow do I call a custom dh_* command with cdbs?17:39
debfxcalling it in binary-install/akonadi-server seems to work17:57
c2tarunexcept kde-apps.org what other sites are there for announcing kde applications?18:03
debfxc2tarun: https://projects.kde.org/18:07
bambeeRiddell: libmygpo-qt should be fixed :)18:14
c2tarunRiddell: there is this application http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/cb2Bib?content=14148 I packed its new version, can you please upload it? here is the debdiff http://paste.ubuntu.com/583914/18:23
apparleis firefox-kde-support compatible with firefox 4?18:37
DaskreechCan I apt-get install package=version.number ?18:38
DaskreechBetter question. Sorry. WHy would apt-get recommend an older version of a package as the install candidate when a newer version has higher priority18:43
c2tarunDaskreech: is the newer version in repo?18:46
debfxapparle: yes18:54
yofelDaskreech: the '/var/lib/dpkg/status' means it's only available locally, you can't get it anywhere. But that's usually the case for manually installed .deb files, not sure how you got that18:54
yofelDaskreech: and priority 100 is lower than 50018:55
apparledebfx: just to make sure, firefox-kde-support in maverick works with https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable/ or are you talking about natty19:10
debfxapparle: firefox-kde-support hasn't changed since maverick so it should work fine19:12
Daskreechyofel: Oh thought it was higher19:14
DaskreechOh that's right though didn't notice that didn't come from a repo19:14
yofelah, and package=version will work as long as the package is available19:15
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