lucas-arghey guys, i need some help with gtk apps... cant make then use kde theme...00:09
lucas-argany ideas where i can find oxygen-gtk or molecule or whatever...00:09
lucas-argany ideas?00:14
lucas-argmannnnnnnnnn its hard00:19
test_gang whats up? I have a question about gwibber alternatives in kde or is it cool to just use gwibber itself?00:49
valorieyou can use gwibber if you like00:56
valoriegtk apps work just fine in Kub.00:56
nerdy_kidtest_: I'd just use gwibber, now with oxygen-gtk you cant tell the difference between gtk and qt apps anyway...00:56
test_nerdy_kid thanks. it works better in kde than it does in gnome it seems hehe00:57
test_okay one more question.... Why does wubi not like windows 7?00:57
nerdy_kidtest_: how does it not like it?00:58
nerdy_kidI usually dont go wubi cause the ntfs drivers really gobble CPU00:58
test_nerdy_kid every time I have tried to install it  python installer crashes with like 50 errors. Every single time.00:59
test_nerdy_kid It goes on disk just fine after restart it goes crazy00:59
nerdy_kidtest_: hmm idk, wubi has always been cooperative for the few times that I've used it.  Maybe post some of the errors?01:00
test_nerdy_kid i cant it will not even boot to desktop01:00
nerdy_kidhmm, does the plymouth splash show?01:01
test_No. No splash01:01
nerdy_kidok, so windows 7  starts up like normal, as if you didnt install anything?01:01
test_nerdy_kid i would insmulti touchtall directly but i like my01:01
test_multi touch01:02
nerdy_kidsorry didn't get that01:02
test_nerdy_kid it goes to boot loader but selecting kub results in python throwing a lot of errors.01:02
test_nerdy_kid the majority of the errors have to do with install.py01:03
nerdy_kidtest_: hmm, honestly though, why not just do a full install?  I've done 4 or 5 in the last 3 months and its really simple01:04
nerdy_kidyoull get full speed too, unlike wubi01:04
test_I just dont get it. if I could copy and paste or screen capture i would post the errors but i cant even get that01:04
test_not full installing because i use my multitouch way too much01:04
nerdy_kidoh ok, and multitouch doesnt work with Ubuntu.  I would double check that btw, their is a special config app in the software center for touchpads01:05
test_nerdy_kid i am not sure how kde handles multi-touch screens with active digitizers01:05
test_nerdy_kid do you know what that config app is called by chance?01:06
test_nerdy_kid mine is not a slate its a convertible01:07
nerdy_kidyeah, one sec -- the touchpad app is in systemsettings by default with Maverick, but there is a touch screen module too01:07
test_nerdy_kid i can run kub from usb without difficulty but would rather not do it that way either01:08
nerdy_kidtest_: ok the screen config is kde-config-tablet.  I'm not sure how well multitouch works, but I would give it a quick run off of USB to see if the touch screen works at all01:10
test_nerdy_kid thanks for your time01:11
nerdy_kidnp, I don't know what to make of the install.py error though, sorry. Like I said, Id just give it a test drive off of the USB and then install in directly on the HDD if everything works.  You can install it side by side with win7, so it wont be much different then a wubi install.01:11
nerdy_kidalright, I'm off to bed.  Good luck!01:12
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ecinx3how do i prevent the mouse wheel from changing desktops. it is getting annoying everytime i  scroll my desktops change03:26
naturalpsychic@ecinx3 install ubuntu tweak03:32
ecinx3i don't know what that is03:33
ecinx3I searched for it in synaptic i got 1 result,  ltsp gui management03:34
naturalpsychicno goto UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTRE and type in search03:34
ecinx3i got 2 results, same as synaptic + a hex editor03:35
naturalpsychicwhy are you doing in in synaptic package manager?03:36
ecinx3i have kubuntu03:36
ecinx3if i know the name i would just apt-get install fooapp03:37
naturalpsychicinstall it from here03:37
naturalpsychicsudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak03:39
ecinx3thx ill check it later03:41
c2taruncan anyone please name me any applicatio for recovering deleted files?04:13
naturalpsychicwhat os u using?04:16
c2tarunnaturalpsychic: kubuntu 10.1004:16
naturalpsychic@c2tarun: i wont be able to answer, someone else might, try asking04:18
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sasoritattoohehe,i'm a freshman04:21
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=== tattoo is now known as sasoritattoo
naturalpsychic@sasoritattoo welcome04:25
sasoritattooThank you!04:25
Daskreechecinx3: what  shell are you running?04:33
Daskreechecinx3: and mouse wheel changes the desktop?04:34
Daskreechhi sasoritattoo04:34
DaskreechHello Andrestbn04:35
ecinx3at times, yes.04:35
Daskreechecinx3: what versin of KDE?04:35
ecinx3it's usually the behavior when I hover the taskbar but sometimes i'm not even there and it happesn04:36
Daskreechecinx3: Desktop settings -> Mouse actions04:40
sasoritattooSorry, i don't know04:41
ecinx3I don't see desktop settings04:41
Daskreechecinx3: right click on the desktop04:41
ecinx3oh, lol04:41
ecinx3another question.04:44
ecinx3how come everytime i restart i have to set up my monitor again04:44
ecinx3i have two monitors04:44
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areichmanecinx3: sounds like you're running KDE SC 4.5, which is what came with kubuntu 10.1005:09
areichmanit wasn't until 4.6 that saving the settings of multiple monitors was done05:09
areichmanI hated that, too, until I upgraded to 4.605:09
ecinx3it says 4.6 but i just did dist-upgrade not too long ago, i havent' restarted yet though05:11
ecinx3thanks for the heads up areichman05:11
areichmanecinx3: no problem. If you are in 4.6, in system settings, under multiple monitors, on the bottom, you have to hit 'save configuration' or something like that. Just applying a configuration won't save it05:41
Chr|show do I share a wifi connection, with the nic, connected to the router, so ppl can connect to it05:42
ecinx3I don't have such option05:44
areichmanecinx3: I'm running 4.6.1 and at the bottom of hte Display & Monitor section of system settings is a 'Save as Default' box05:45
areichmanI had to hit that before it would save the settings for both my monitors05:46
ecinx3I don't have that option05:46
ecinx3maybe when i restart the next time05:46
areichmanmaybe. Good luck05:46
ecinx3actually i do have save as default05:47
ecinx3under size & orientation, but not under multiple monitors05:47
areichmanright, that's where I was. I wasn't explaning well05:47
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livingdaylightinstalling ubuntu on laptop but having issues at partition section because I want to save the windows partition.10:39
livingdaylightinstalling ubuntu on laptop but having issues at partition section because I want to save the windows partition.10:47
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livingdaylightwow, this room is ded?10:53
livingdaylightabsolutely DED10:53
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Peace-livingdaylight: ?11:05
livingdaylightPeace-, maybe its coz once people have kubuntu installed there are no issues- hence the room is just quiet, lol11:11
livingdaylightPeace-, is there a recommended sequence to creating partitions? swap first or at the end, then / and /home etc?11:11
Peace-there is not reccomended sequence11:12
Peace-you can do what you want...11:12
Peace-well ... i will use this anyway11:12
Peace- / 10 15 gig11:12
Peace- /home 100gig11:12
Peace-2 3 gig for /swap11:12
livingdaylighti have 80gb hd - half of my 160gb hd . Other half is windows11:13
Peace-so create thsi11:13
Peace-15 gig for the system ... it even too much anyway..11:13
Peace-i guess 12 should be enought11:13
Tm_T...that doesn't leave much room for playing around though11:14
Peace-livingdaylight: how much ram do you have?11:14
Peace-create 2.5 of swap11:14
livingdaylightreally? I thought swap was half?11:14
Peace-Tm_T: natty compiled a lots of stuff 10.1 gig used11:14
Peace-livingdaylight: suspend will save the section on the swap11:15
Peace-i guess11:15
Peace-so few swap = no resume11:15
Peace-*no suspend11:15
livingdaylightit is installing now. Installer crashed first time, but seems to be running now. Fingers crossed11:27
livingdaylightPeace-, I attributed 2.5 gb swap11:27
livingdaylightI been using gnome for the last few years, so, I hope I can live with kde :p11:28
Peace-livingdaylight: read this then11:29
Peace-livingdaylight: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/usefull-link-for-kubuntu-and-multimedia-stuff/what-you-would-want-to-do-on-startup-multimedia-side/11:29
livingdaylightPeace-, thanks11:31
livingdaylightkubuntu crash again, shux11:44
iliyanwhat crashed :)11:45
livingdaylightiliyan, the installer11:48
livingdaylightafter dl, nearly all files11:49
iliyanwhat version is that ?11:49
Peace-livingdaylight: ok use the alternate iso then11:50
livingdaylightPeace-, you saying its the 'live' iso is the problem? disc is suggesting it could be my disc, although I checked for defaults before install and came back clean11:50
livingdaylightI thought of trying unetbootin on usb this time instaed of disc11:51
Peace-livingdaylight: coudl be both11:51
Peace-livingdaylight: i use alternate iso always11:51
livingdaylightPeace-, ok? why?11:51
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal11:52
eaxdgIm having truble with the package manager in 10.10. When i try and check for updates11:53
eaxdgi get "Cannot get the exclusive lock on the packaging backend.11:53
eaxdgPlease close any other legacy packaging tools that may be open"11:53
livingdaylighti'm sure live supports lenovo r60e, but will try alternate; means dl another iso11:53
eaxdgbut i dont have anything else open using it?11:54
eaxdgdoes the package manager use a different proxy than rekonq?11:57
eaxdgcan anyone here help with configuring kpackage manager to use a http proxy? the proxy setting is configured in proxy settings and the internet works okay in rekonq12:08
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iliyanexport http_proxy=http://your_proxy:proxy_port12:15
iliyanthen run kpackage from the same console.12:15
susundbergand http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96802 may contain some tips also12:15
susundbergapt-conf seems to have some support: Acquire::http::Proxy "http://MYDOMAIN\MYNAME:MYPASS@MY.PROXY.COM:MYPORT"12:16
susundberg(modify /etc/apt/apt.conf)12:16
eaxdgis it possible to use a .pac script as this is required by my network12:16
susundberg(apt.conf editing would be afaik the proper solution if no gui tool exists: http://linux.die.net/man/5/apt.conf )12:17
susundbergi dont even want to know what is a .pac script, sorry :)12:17
eaxdgdo you know how to find what the name of my domain is?12:20
susundbergi do know that IP can sometimes be reversed to a human readable address that contain domain name12:23
susundbergbut afaik (windows) network can use any domain name it pleases12:24
susundbergthen samba client might be able to do the trick12:24
susundberghm, seems like foo.bar.com has domains com that has subdomain bar, that has subdomain foo12:25
susundbergwhat makes sense ..12:25
katsrcis Nepomuk enabled by default in Kubuntu?12:29
susundbergkatsrc: yes i think it is12:30
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katsrcsusundberg: thanks12:46
katsrcwhat was the command for checking ubuntu/kubuntu version in cli?12:46
Peace-katsrc: mmm uname -a  ?12:54
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »12:54
katsrctsimpson: thank you12:55
katsrcPeace-: thanks, but it was looking this other one uname is for kernel info12:55
Peace-katsrc: yes sorry reading bad :)12:55
katsrcdoes anyone know what is the recommended minimum system requirement for Kubuntu 10.10?12:56
katsrcit's running a bit sluggish on my machine, i'm wondering if my pc is just aging12:56
Peace-katsrc: mmm ram ^?13:00
Peace-katsrc: video card^?13:00
katsrcPentium 4 HT - multi-threading (64bit), 2GB RAM, 250 MB Nvidia 8600 GT13:00
Peace-i have 2 core 1 gig of ram and intel 128mb of video card13:00
Peace-it's pretty fast13:00
katsrci'm also running 64bit Kubuntu13:00
Peace-guess is the video driver?13:00
katsrcit's proprietary from Kubuntu repos13:01
katsrci've turned off Desktop Effects too13:01
susundbergCheck ctrl + esc for what is taking your CPU / Mem13:03
susundberg(for example firefox easily takes 200M)13:03
livingdaylightPeace-, hi, using alternate now. at the partition section, do I need to assign any space for bootloader? or grub? to recognize and add the windows partition?13:05
Peace-livingdaylight: no13:07
Peace-it iwll do automatically all the stuff you need only to create partitions13:07
livingdaylightswap, root and home?13:09
katsrcsusundberg: xorg usually takes 30%13:16
katsrcquassel is a memory hog, as is firefox13:16
Peace-katsrc: use konversation13:17
Peace-katsrc: maybe there is even a widget13:17
Peace-i don't remember well13:17
susundbergIts no help if the problem is not memory but cpu time13:17
katsrcyeah, but i've gotten use to some of nice features of Quassel13:17
katsrci was wondering of it's those new desktop search services in the background that comes with KDE13:18
katsrcwhether disabling them would increase performance13:18
james147katsrc: what specs dose you computer have?13:19
katsrcjames147:  Pentium 4 HT - multi-threading (64bit), 2GB RAM, 250 MB Nvidia 8600 GT13:20
katsrcusing Kubuntu 64bit 10.1013:20
james147kubuntu shoulnt lag with that ^^ :S what version of kubuntu and kde do you have?13:20
james147^^ and kde version?13:20
katsrcjames147: latest13:20
james147hmm, i would sugest trying a clean profile (by creating and testing a new user) ^^ to rule out any config errors13:21
katsrci was thinking of using Liquorix kernel13:21
katsrcit gave me some performance boost when i was on Debian with KDE13:22
james147katsrc: test a clean profile first, its easier and I think more likly to fix your problem13:22
katsrcclean profile?13:22
james147katsrc: create a new user and login with them, see if you suffer the same lag...13:22
katsrcremove ~/.kde?13:22
james147katsrc: creating a new user is generally better, and easier to revert13:23
katsrccan i just move ~/.kde and re-login?13:23
katsrcok, let me try that then13:23
mpatelplease sombody help me to figured it out for the VPN connection using KNetworkManager on Kubuntu 10.1013:36
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mpatelI have installed VPNC,PPTP,OpenVPN plugins and when I try to connect using VPNC i get the messsage Connected but at the same time i always loose my wireless connection...13:37
BluesKajHiyas all13:41
livingdaylightalternate cd install appears to take a lot longer than live cd?13:42
BluesKajlivingdaylight, yes it does , because it looks more closely/scans your HW etc13:48
katsrcjames147: it does seem like a profile issue13:48
katsrcafter i login, i have to wait a while until i hear system sounds and can launch anything13:48
livingdaylightBluesKaj, that's a good thing? the HW sanning part is at the beginning though? The dl of files seems to take so long too13:48
katsrcbut on the newly created test user it logs in instantly and i'm able to launch applications13:49
BluesKajlivingdaylight, . yesh , it downloads a lot of the the files that would otherwise be on the live-cd , hence the the slower install13:50
BluesKajyesh=yes.. and I haven't been drinking :)13:50
james147katsrc: well, that give you two option, start again from scratch and rebuild the configs, or try tto findthe one thats at fault13:51
katsrcjames147: so just remove ~/.kde then13:53
james147katsrc: rename ^^ then you can restore anything that you didnt mean to deleate13:53
katsrcjames147: good point13:54
katsrcthanks for you help!13:54
livingdaylightBluesKaj, i thought that was your Sean Connery accent ;)14:01
BluesKajheh, livingdaylight ...maybe tha's his secret , a few scotches in the morning to get moving :)14:02
livingdaylightBluesKaj, oh, yesh...14:03
johnsonstanleythats fun14:03
BluesKajlivingdaylight, the alternate install takes about an hr , iirc14:04
livingdaylightBluesKaj, its done now, on to updates14:04
BluesKajok good14:04
BluesKajmy 7yr old compaq needs the alternate install , the live-cd doesn't get past plymouth14:05
livingdaylightmy lenovo r60e is about that old now14:09
livingdaylightseem to be wireless issues14:09
livingdaylightits seeing my wireless router and apparently configuring but not connecting? Do I need to remove network cable?14:10
BluesKajstrange tho, the nvidia 7600gt graphics an older card uses the newer nvidia driver than he 8400gs on this machine14:11
BluesKajlivingdaylight, , i guess you have to make a choice , ethernet or wifi14:12
BluesKaj livingdaylight, I'm guessing it's alaptop, so wifi would be it , and yes, disconnect hte ethernet cable14:17
livingdaylightBluesKaj, hah, wireless working. Had to go into settings andput in passphrase again. Doing it first time from NM didn't seem to hold it14:19
livingdaylightBluesKaj, Nish...14:19
BluesKajlivingdaylight,  good,  NM is a bit flaky at first , but it should hold once you have your encrypt and pw settings setup14:21
livingdaylightdo people replace it with wicd?14:21
livingdaylightnext challenge tweak and make kubuntu look awesome14:22
james147livingdaylight: thats not a challenge :D14:22
livingdaylightjames147, I'm new to kde, so, maybe just a little. What are the options? I heard about Lancelot?14:23
james147livingdaylight: well, there are options to configure just about everything :)14:24
james147lancelot is a alternitive menu, though i tend to find krunner to be more convient (alt+f2)14:24
livingdaylightjames147, I suppose getting the multimedia codecs out of the way is a priority14:24
james147livingdaylight: "sudo apt-get install kbuntu-restricted-extras"14:25
james147kubuntu ^^14:25
livingdaylightwhich versions of flash and java does that install, do you know off hand?14:25
livingdaylightcoz I don't want ice-tea and that14:25
james147livingdaylight: it will install the openjdk ^^ you will have to enable the partener repos to get at the closed version (though i havnt knoticed a difference)14:26
james147and as far as i know it downloads the offical flash version14:26
livingdaylightyea, gonna do 'em one by one14:26
james147livingdaylight: although, best ioption is to install it and then replace the parts you dont want14:27
k00paso when does firefox4 come to kubuntu repos?14:28
livingdaylightcan I do all that from kpackagekit?14:28
livingdaylightpackage kit jsut crashed14:30
james147livingdaylight: you can14:31
* james147 doubts firefox4 will be in mavericks repos ^^ might be in nattys though14:32
james147yeah, natty seems to have 414:32
BluesKajpand livingdaylight for codecs etc, like libdvdcss2 , install the medibuntu repos http://www.medibuntu.org/repository.php14:33
BluesKajwell libdvedcss2 isn't a codec as such but...14:33
livingdaylightis Muon a popular Package manager/frontend?14:37
james147its the more advanced version of kpackagekit ^^ less well known14:38
BluesKajlivingdaylight, yes I like it ..I use it as reference for proper app names and installed packages14:38
james147^^ i say that... its not really related to kpackagekit14:38
livingdaylightsounds like a must-have14:38
james147its a more advanced package manager then kpackagekit ^^14:38
BluesKajjames147, livingdaylight , been usin Muon for a while now ..it works well if you need a package manager , very stable.14:39
katsrcjames147: do you have any idea why qt engine would break on Thunderbird?14:44
james147katsrc: just thunderbird or other gtk apps as well?14:45
katsrcjames147: firefox seems ok14:45
katsrclet me check GIMP14:45
* james147 notes firefox has its own intergrations attempts ^^14:45
katsrcoh, ok so all GTK applications except Firefox broke14:46
james147katsrc: have you configured the gtk style in system settings?14:46
katsrcjames147: was i suppose to move ~/.kdesrc as well?14:47
james147katsrc: do you ahve both .gtkrc-2.0 and .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 ?14:47
james147katsrc: only if your having problem still14:47
katsrc.gtkrc-2.0-kde4 is there14:48
katsrcbut not .gtkrc-2.014:48
katsrci think i should move that as well, it's was unchanged since the previous profile14:48
james147katsrc: create a symlink to it with the name .gtkrc-2.0 (cd && ln -s .gtkrc-2.0 .gtkrc-2.0-kde4)14:49
claydohjames147: i bet ff 4 will be in maverick, an earlier too :)14:49
claydohjames147: note that even hardy has 3.6.15 , same as maverick nowadays..14:49
james147claydoh: not in the offical repos though?14:49
claydohjust not yet tho14:50
* james147 didnt think they upgraded major versions once relesed ^^14:50
claydohfirefox is the recent exception14:50
katsrcjames147: it should be "ln -s .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 .gtkrc-2.0" since i'm linking to .gtkrc-2.0 from .gtkrc-2.0-kde4?14:50
james147yes :) always get them the wrong way around :p14:51
livingdaylightI installed medibuntu ppa, yet when I click on w32codecs or libdvdcss for e.g. I'm getting "package is virtual" returned?14:51
katsrcno problem14:51
katsrcjames147: that did it14:52
katsrcjames147: thank you so much!14:52
BluesKajlivingdaylight, try installing them separately with apt-get...medibuntu won't install all the packages unless you you update after adding the repos.15:00
livingdaylightBluesKaj, i did apt-get update15:02
livingdaylightgetting errors15:02
BluesKajok then sudo apt-get install lidvdcss2 32codecs15:02
livingdaylightwhere are ppa's kept?15:03
livingdaylightcan't seem to see it in sources list15:04
BluesKajerrors ..can you pastbin them ?15:04
livingdaylightI'll have to switch to laptop, yup... brb15:04
BluesKajyeah , the package manager takes precedence over the sources.list it seems , but maker sure the parners and other sources are enabled in both15:05
livingdaylightgreetings comrades15:08
james147livingdaylight: sources.d stores some15:09
james147(if i remember correctly)15:09
* BluesKaj wonders how to sync the sources.list with the package manager15:10
* livingdaylight wonders how to hit the ok button on the java screen15:12
livingdaylighthah, tab!15:13
james147BluesKaj: I think it does ^^ at least enabled/disabling the partener repos commends/uncomments that line in sources.list15:14
james147BluesKaj: however, some sources are stored in sources.list.d/ ^^ which might be where the "missing" ones are15:14
livingdaylightBluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/xcRctY8Z maybe you can take a look at my ouput - thanks15:15
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BluesKajjames147,ok thx, livingdaylight could you paste your sources.list pls , it will tell us more15:21
livingdaylightsorry, missed that - sure thing.15:21
livingdaylightby the way, is it possible to make Quassel put rooms as tabs at the bottom rather than tree on side?15:21
livingdaylightsources list output http://dpaste.com/524511/15:23
BluesKajlivingdaylight, sources.list looks fine15:27
livingdaylightI just need to remove medibuntu ppa so i dont keep getting that error on apt-get update15:28
livingdaylightDo you know where I can track that ppa?15:28
BluesKajlivingdaylight, I also prefer the tabs at the bottom , that's why I use konversation ...afa medibuntu is concerned it's not a real ppa , it's another repository for media etc. it's constant ...ppas are usually for testing new app versions15:32
BluesKajwww.medibuntu.org , but you should be able to just disable it in the package manager sources15:34
livingdaylightBluesKaj: yea, just rolling with the defaults here for time being. May have to switch to konversation too, although it pains me to remove one of the apps that doesnt start with K , one of my previous pet hates about kde and replace it with one that does. Reconq seems to be working nicely, although Iĺl probably eventually need to add Chrome as ive got hooked to that browser now, i think...15:34
livingdaylightBluesKaj: looking for package manager sources in Muon15:35
BluesKajlivingdaylight, settings/software sources in muon15:35
livingdaylightfound it. Muon is nice becaue it behaves a lot like Synaptic which Iḿ used to.15:37
livingdaylightwhy did Konqueror get relabaled Rekonq?15:37
BluesKajlivingdaylight, rekonq is ok ,but the bookmarktoolbar seems difficult to config to my likibg so I gave up on , seems like a need a more intuitave configurte system than rekonq provides15:38
* BluesKaj has to remember to slow down ...typing skills suck15:39
livingdaylightBluesKaj: i think youve just described Chrome :p simple, elegant, yet powerful.15:39
* livingdaylight passes BluesKaj another scotch... 15:39
livingdaylighthelp to steady teh nerves15:40
livingdaylightBluesKaj: not too bothered about bookmarks, as I use Diigo, but I need the diigo extension which rekonq probably doesnt have/do15:41
james147livingdaylight: rekone and konqueror are two different applications15:41
livingdaylightjames147: thanks... did used to be one though, am I right? Then separated them to dedicate one as a file manager and other as a browser?15:42
james147livingdaylight: no, konqueror is still avlive and well, but there are now two new applcations that provide konquerors functionalty, dolphin and rekonq15:42
BluesKajlivingdaylight, I like chrome a lot , just wish the tab and bookmark fonts were integrted with kde fonts settings ...I'm using our plasma tv as a monitor here since it's our media server pc, and the tab and ookmark fonts are waay too small ...the webpage content is not a problem , that's very configurable.15:43
BluesKajI'm forced to use FF ...it's ok but starting to become a bit bloated15:45
james147^^ starting to? its been blaoted for ages15:46
* james147 notes not to press ctrl+c at a password prompt... 15:48
livingdaylightwhatś the word on the street when it comes to movie player in kde. Kmplayer or Mplayer?15:49
* james147 hopes that the next prompt will restone characters being echoed to the screen, not being able to see what yu type is hard :p15:49
james147livingdaylight: kaffeine15:49
* james147 hates mplayer ... never works well for him15:50
livingdaylightjames147: I knew someone would say that :p15:50
yofelsmplayer works fine here, but only with recent mplayer snapshots15:51
livingdaylightIn ubuntu mplayer was the solution to all video feeds, maybe with a gnomeplayer15:51
BluesKajmplayer if or cli purists and those who still convert stuff to dvd mpeg codecs15:51
livingdaylightdoes kaffeine handle most files?15:52
yofelother than smplayer it would probably be kaffeine or vlc15:52
BluesKajotherwise vlc is the the one I use15:52
livingdaylighton windows I always install kmplayer but that is a different one, right?15:52
yofelwell, still mplayer, just different interface15:52
yofelwe do have kmplayer in the archive15:53
james147livingdaylight: it does here15:53
livingdaylightjames147: mkvś?15:53
james147livingdaylight: yup15:54
james147(assuming the right codes are installed)15:54
BluesKajmencoder helped me capture video off our pvr when nothing else would work , even in windows ...the capture device driver wouldn't run on w715:54
james147^^ which installing kubuntu-restricted-extras seems to get15:54
livingdaylightlibdvdcss2 libdvdread415:55
BluesKajlivingdaylight, they work together15:56
=== ralsina_long_lun is now known as ralsina
livingdaylightkonversation plays more like Xchat, it seems16:27
livingdaylightjust did an apt-get upgrade and see Amarok is being upgraded. Is that a misstake? I heard the old version was better than the newer one, but that was a while ago16:27
BluesKajlivingdaylight, not sure about amarok , not a real fan so i don't use it much , mainly because it's always in a state of being fixed16:29
BluesKajkonversation is a lot like mirc IMO ,, without the autoserver , which I do miss on occasion16:32
livingdaylight_my wireless is fading in and out of consciousness16:33
BluesKajlivingdaylight_, which wifi chip ?16:35
livingdaylight_am I still here>16:37
BluesKajlivingdaylight_, yes you're here16:39
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)16:39
Elephantmanhi :) my laptop's internal microphone seems switched off, and I cant find where to switch it on.. any clue ?16:40
james147Elephantman: have you made sure the capture decives arnt muted in alsamixer(run in a terminal)16:40
Elephantmanjames147: I've been there, and the mic is at 0 (that's what made me say it seems off). But I dont find how to raise the volume16:42
james147up arrow?16:42
Elephantmanjames147: dont work16:44
* james147 also notes you want to switch to capture mode (F4)16:44
* james147 and possibally change the selected device (F6)16:44
BluesKajlivingdaylight_, there are some bug reports on launchpad regarding your wifi chip ,but I don't see much else16:49
* BluesKaj listens (watches once in a while) to "David Gilmour in Gdansk"....nicely done16:53
katsrceveryone Firefox 4 has been released day: http://www.getfirefox.com17:01
katsrci know most of us will get it from repositories, but get yourselves counted and download it.17:01
katsrchere are the downloads of Firefox 4 in real time: http://glow.mozilla.org/17:01
=== james147_ is now known as james147
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: thanks ... it used to work/run a dream but in the last two week its suddenly deteriorated17:18
BluesKajlivingdaylight_, if you need to change , then wicd could be a good alternative ...it works with my belkin usb wifi adapter , where network manager would just not connect no matter what I tried17:21
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: sounds worth a try? Although, coz its always been so reliable I have consider that it is an aging card17:25
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: at least its all worked pretty much out of the box. Tried Pardus yesterday, and spent half the day ifconfigging this and iwconfiging that17:26
livingdaylight_very nice kde distro though17:26
BluesKajPardus ...hmm , never heard much about it , livingdaylight_17:27
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: very professionally put together I thought, polished. Nice installer...17:29
livingdaylight_During installation phase one has to agree to tos, and one is given the opportunity to read the gnu licence and i enjoyed that too.17:29
=== francisco_ is now known as francisco__
BluesKajso kde is the default desktop on Pardus, interesting they would choose it over gnome ...must be those scientific minds at work :)17:33
Peace-BluesKaj: xD17:37
BluesKajhi Peace- :)17:43
Peace-BluesKaj: :)17:43
DaskreechBluesKaj: Nice guys. THey will be at Camp KDE17:44
DaskreechNot only is it a KDE distro I don't think you can get GNOME from their repos. It's very thought out around KDE17:45
BluesKajhmm,that sounds even more interesting , Daskreech17:46
=== mren|off is now known as mren
BluesKajDaskreech, where and when is  Camp KDE ?17:49
=== jono_ is now known as jono
BluesKajguess this it  : http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Camp-KDE-2011-Linux-Foundation-Collaboration-Summit-1184837.html17:51
livingdaylight_Daskreech: thatś right about gnome not being available on Pardus17:54
* BluesKaj considers trying pardus out on the old compaq ...wonder how the the HW recognition is ?17:55
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: for my wireless it was hopeless. I would dedinitely recommend anyone who likes kde try it though. Worth it for the installer alone :p17:58
livingdaylight_thatś where Ubuntu is trumps - HW detection out of the box17:59
livingdaylight_they recommended I try wicd too, but it wasnt in their repos. That's the other thing Debian based distros are so good for, PACKAGES!18:00
livingdaylight_packages galore18:00
BluesKajlivingdaylight_, (k)ubuntu- live-cd doesn't get past plymouth on my 7 yr old compaq amd venice 3200+ cpu system18:02
BluesKajthe install that is18:03
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: darn.. :/18:05
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: that will be an interesting test then18:06
BluesKajlivingdaylight_, the alternate install works well tho18:06
BluesKajthis is why I was asking about HW recognition18:06
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livingdaylight_BluesKaj: is that compaq your test bed?18:15
livingdaylight_is Ktorrent the torrent of choice in kde?18:17
DarthFrogKtorrent is what I use.18:18
livingdaylight_Help points me to a handbook, but then it says that there is no documentation18:20
livingdaylight_cant get my first torrent going18:21
BluesKajktorrent is my fav as well, very configurable ...deluge is ok but it's abit of a bandwidth hog no matter what your network settings are18:21
BluesKajtell the dialog to look in /usr/bin/ktorrent , livingdaylight_18:22
Daskreechlivingdaylight_: You can use KGet as well18:22
livingdaylight_thanks guys, once I get over the hurdle of configuring this first time itĺl be alrite ,no doubt. Just a completely new lookin for me18:23
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: /usr/bin/ktorrent for what? dont i just point it to where the torrent is saved? (dl a torrent not creating one)18:24
Daskreechlivingdaylight_: What are you configuring? The whole install?18:25
BluesKajno livingdaylight_ , when you choose the torrent file , then a dialof may popup asking what app to use18:25
d_edI've got my apt into a state - I ran "apt-get install -f ", to fix it but it removed pretty much all of KDE18:26
BluesKajer dialog18:26
d_ednow I get conflicts whenever I try and install anything18:26
livingdaylight_ok, I was doing it the other way around. I launched Ktorrent and opened the file tab and pointed the browser to where the torrent is in 'downloads' folder18:26
Daskreechd_ed: Resolve the conflicts18:28
DaskreechEstrellita: hola18:29
Estrellitaactualize kde 4.6 y tengo unos problemas en el escritorio18:29
Estrellitaantes de actualizar estaba todo bien18:30
BluesKajok, well one can use the ktorrent browser , if that's more convenient , livingdaylight_ ..I have old ahbits that die hard18:33
Alonea1Daskreech: hey there!18:33
DaskreechHello Alonea1 :) glad to see you :)18:33
d_edok, well I get this " libkdewebkit5 : Depends: libkdecore5 (= 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu8) but 4:4.5.95-0ubuntu1~maverick1~ppa1 is to be installed"18:34
Daskreech!es | Estrellita18:34
ubottuEstrellita: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:34
Alonea1Daskreech: gah, how do I change my name back to Alonea18:34
d_edand it makes no sense to me, I have beta PPA, and it was all fine18:34
DaskreechAlonea1: try /nick <newnick>18:34
=== Alonea1 is now known as Alonea
d_ednow, one part of it seems to have rolled back18:34
AloneaDaskreech: there we go18:34
Daskreechd_ed: apt-get policy libkdewebkit518:34
livingdaylight_ BluesKaj your method worked, its dl now18:35
d_edDaskreech: I don't understand this18:36
Aloneaand hello to you too BluesKaj18:36
AloneaI swear, you two have been around seemingly forever.18:36
DaskreechBluesKaj can probably make the claim to apt-get install fire18:37
apparleguys when I update to firefox 4 via https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable/ will the firefox-kde-support still work, or should I purge it18:37
BluesKajlivingdaylight_, also if you're using a router that accept application settings then you can sync up the settings using the same tcp ports etc . I use ports above 50k for safety's sake.18:37
BluesKajhi to you too Alonea :)18:38
Daskreechd_ed: Hmm strange it says that KDE 4.5.1 is the candidate but KDE 4.5.95 has a higher priority18:38
d_edand that's why my system has got itself tangled18:38
d_edsilly thing, I can make it downgrade everything18:38
d_edand then hopefully bring it back up18:39
livingdaylight_BluesKaj: thx18:39
Daskreechd_ed: I know hold on let me see if I can just tell it to bump the package18:39
BluesKajAlonea, I'm an old retired guy , with lotsa time on my hands during our Canadian winters :)18:39
DaskreechI thought Canada had two seasons18:39
DaskreechWinter and Deep winter18:39
DarthFrogWhen he's not out shovelling his driveway.  It's uphill, both ways. :-)18:40
AloneaBluesKaj: hehe. Yeah, I am a college guy with little time and interests all over the place18:40
BluesKajaltho spring is trying it's darndest to arrive18:40
AloneaBluesKaj: Its failing on Rochester18:40
DarthFrogDaskreech: Out here on the Wet Coast of Canuckistan, we don't get much of a winter.18:40
BluesKajDarthFrog,  yea I have 15ft hill in my drive18:40
apparleDaskreech: you can, read the man page of apt-get18:41
Daskreechapparle: Well more I want to find out why it's using an older version of the package as the recommended candidate18:41
apparleDaskreech: no idea :P18:42
d_ed Daskreech dont' worry about it18:42
d_edat worst I have /home on a different partition I can reinstall in no time at all18:42
BluesKajwell Alonea , I may be old but I still play music with a bunch of friends once /week or so ...keeps the blood flowing18:43
Daskreechd_ed: You can just apt-get install libkdewebkit5=4:4.5.95 I think18:44
* Daskreech makes a crack about the Phonograph being great to jitterbug to18:45
BluesKajDarthFrog,  the North Channel of Georgian Bay is 25KM from me , we get real winter here not some brown rainy dampish facsimile :)18:47
BluesKajDaskreech, I rock , I'm not that old18:47
* DarthFrog will gladly take his facsimile of real weather, earthquake risk and all.18:48
BluesKajDaskreech, if you call a Thorens TD160C a phonograph :)18:49
* BluesKaj hears the offtopic cops footsteps ........18:50
DarthFrogIt's actually a grammophone. :-)18:50
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:50
genii-aroundBluesKaj: ;)18:50
* BluesKaj takes a break , taking a walk to the post/mailbox18:58
=== mcurran is now known as towo
Daskreechd_ed: did you do an apt-get update?19:15
pkIm very confused, does anyone have a second to help?19:30
Daskreechpk: Ask19:31
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:31
Daskreechd_ed: there?19:32
pkSorry, Tried something and failed. Ive spent about 12 hours trying to learn the basics here. I want to update my nvidia drivers.19:34
pkI tried the command "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current"19:35
Daskreech_sophia: hi19:36
Daskreechpk: Then what happened?19:36
pkbut nothing changed. I downloaded a .run file from nvidias website, which opens in kate rather than running, It states I need to disable my xserver, but upon doing that it stopped working19:36
pkNothing, it downloaded the packages. and ended. I restarted my computer and nothing altered.19:36
BluesKajpk, have you looked in the kmenu/apps/additional drivers19:36
BluesKajuse the recommended driver19:37
pkThats where I was going next ^^; When I used apps/additional drivers and selected the reccomended driver19:37
pkAll the text shrunk to such a size that even with the magnifier I was unable to read it19:37
BluesKajwhich nvidia card ?19:38
pk9400 GT19:38
_sophiahi Daskreech19:38
_sophiastill need to try to fix headphones19:38
pkI just want to play minecraft again ;;_;;19:38
BluesKajusing a large monitor, pk?19:38
_sophiabeen doing a lot of Ruby work, with no major problems =)19:38
pk42 inch 1080p19:38
Daskreech_sophia: what's happeneing with your headphones?19:39
Daskreechpk: ah ok you have the run file?19:39
Daskreechpk: Do you know about virtual terminals?19:39
BluesKajpk, that's what I use , my card is the 8400gs ...recommend you reboot after installing the rec'ded driver19:39
pkI rebboted after, which is when the text shrunk to an illegible size19:40
* Daskreech allows BluesKaj to handle this19:40
pkI can navigate around the teriminal for basic uses...19:40
Daskreechpk: I'm talking about the terminals outside of your X server19:40
pkno. I know I cant get in with CTRL+ALT+F1 and exit F819:41
pkbut as far as working inside of it, not so much. I used Kubuntu 10.04 briefly, but used Windows mostly. I decided to try to learn linux again , with the 10.10 release19:42
DaskreechAlt+ctrl+F1 would be a virtual terminal :)19:42
Daskreechpk: ok want to pick up some lessons ?19:42
pkto be honest the only commands I ever use are apt-get install/upgrade19:43
pkSorry crashed on me -_- Im back19:43
BluesKajpk , kmenu/apps/system/system settings/display&monitor/size and orientation/choose the 1920x18019:43
BluesKajerr 1920x108019:44
pkAlready set on that, 1920x1080(auto)19:44
BluesKajpk , kmenu/apps/system/system settings/application appearance/fonts , increase your fonts to around 12 or so and it should be readable19:46
pkwell, right now eveything is fine19:46
pkIm not using that driver at the moment19:46
BluesKajwhat driver?19:47
pkThe reccomended driver under additional drivers19:47
pkthough I never tried altering and using a fixed DPI19:49
pkthank you for the help, im going to try the altered dont size and see if the driver works now. Ill be back if theres a problem.19:50
Daskreech_sophia: :)19:52
Daskreechhow are you Alonea?19:52
stephdgnow i'm probably asking a really dumb question, and feel free to tell me so, but when i installed kubuntu, it installed kdelibs right?19:55
Daskreechstephdg: yes indeedy19:56
stephdgDaskreech: ok thanks :)19:56
DaskreechKubuntu is quite proud of kdelibs :)19:56
BluesKajDaskreech, I have to go, would you tell pk the 9400gt should be using the 270.30 driver , pls?19:56
silviuis it normal that my graphics card stays at nearly 70 degrees19:56
silviuwhen I do almost nothing on my desktop/19:57
pkHello again19:57
stephdgDaskreech: what about kdebase/runtime?19:57
DaskreechBluesKaj: alright19:57
Daskreechstephdg: That too!19:57
BluesKajpk the 9400gt should be using the 270.30 driver , pls?19:57
stephdgDaskreech: ok :)19:57
Daskreechhi silviu19:57
james147silviu: thats really high for idle19:57
pkIll check19:57
stephdgDaskreech: kdepimlibs?19:58
silviui'm using the latest drivers from nvidia site19:58
DaskreechBluesKaj: Do I still have to give the message ? :-D19:58
james147silviu: i suggest you invest in a better cooling system :p19:58
silviuwell, I have a laptop19:58
BluesKajno Daskreech, thx :)19:58
silviuand I'm also using a coolerpad19:58
Daskreechsilviu: do you have Blur enabled?19:58
pkIf its of any significance, when I activate the reccomended driver, my splash screen changes. I believe its called plymouth? A solid light blue with large blocky white text19:58
silviuyes, I do have blur enalbed19:59
Daskreechpk: ok19:59
stephdgDaskreech: kdepimlibs as well?19:59
Daskreechsilviu: try turning that off. It can be intensive19:59
silviuI turned it off now19:59
pkIm sorry, how do I check my driver? Under "Additional Drivers" It just says "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version crrent) [recommended]20:00
Daskreechsilviu: ok see what that is like for a few days20:00
genii-around!info nvclock20:00
ubottunvclock (source: nvclock): Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8b4-1ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 51 kB, installed size 188 kB20:00
silviuthank you for your help20:00
genii-aroundnvclock can also be used to control the fan, not just the clock on the video card20:00
pknevermind, my drive is 230.2920:01
genii-aroundsilviu: If you have nvclock installed, you can do like: nvclock -F #  where # is between 10 and 100, which is the duty-cycle20:02
silviuand what does that do/20:02
genii-aroundsilviu: Cools your card more if it's overheating20:03
genii-aroundsilviu: I do not assist in personal message, sorry. Duty cycle of 10 means fan is on 10% of the time. 100 means fan is always on. 50 means half the time20:06
silviuok, thank you20:06
genii-aroundsilviu: You're welcome20:07
silviuError: Your card doesn't support fanspeed adjustments!20:08
Daskreechsilviu: at least it's not software20:09
DaskreechYou'd get a prompt for only 15 dollars this video card can be upgraded to not explode!20:09
=== livingdaylight__ is now known as livingdaylight
pkI have another question, How can I simplify this process. To play the game minecraft, I have to go the terminal and type "java -jar /home/pk/Games/Minecraft/minecraft.jar" to execute this. Is there any way I can make the .jar execultable as it?20:12
pkRather than it opening in Ark20:12
pkas it is*20:13
Daskreechpk: not as far as I understand Java20:13
genii-aroundsilviu: That sucks. At some point you might want to pull the card out and make sure the fan isn't clogged up, and spinning freely.20:13
Daskreechpk: why don't you just make a minecraft script?20:13
Daskreechpk: And wait ark? why are you opening it in ark?20:14
pkIt defaults to ark ;;_;;20:14
pkand Im not familiar enough with kubuntu/linux to make a script20:14
silviuI 've disabled all desktop effects, and it's still near 7020:15
silviuoddly enough, I don't recall having the same issue with gnome20:15
Daskreechpk: It's super easy20:15
silviuand that was a few weeks ago20:15
pkhow do I go about doing that?20:16
Daskreechsilviu: Might be a video issue. I think that #kwin might be able to give more insight20:16
Daskreechpk: open kate20:16
Daskreechtype #!/bin/bash20:16
pkdone and done20:17
Daskreechthat's the start for a UNIX script telling it that it is a script (#!) and what it should use to run itself /bin/bash20:17
DaskreechNext line is java -jar /home/pk/Games/Minecraft/minecraft.jar20:17
Daskreechor java -jar ~/Games/Minecraft/minecraft.jar20:17
DaskreechWhich ever you prefer20:17
* Daskreech hugs valorie20:18
livingdaylightwhen a website has a deb for Ubuntu, is that just as good (read applicable) for kubuntu?20:18
livingdaylightxmind for e.g.20:18
pkAlright I created it ^^20:19
genii-aroundlivingdaylight: Yes, so long as the deb is for the correct version like Lucid or Maverick or so on20:19
livingdaylightgenii-around: right, thanks20:20
Daskreechpk: save it. and you are done20:20
pkI saved it, and when I ran it, it opened it back up in kate?20:21
Daskreechpk: you are now a Linux Scripter :)20:21
Daskreechpk: ok so now open a terminal20:21
pkTerminal is open20:21
Daskreechpk: you know how to move around the Filesystem in the terminal?20:22
pksecond day here on Kubuntu -_-20:22
Daskreechlivingdaylight: yes as long as it doesn't rely on Gtk parts like Natiulus20:22
* Daskreech shakes fist at dropbox20:22
pkunless its sudo apt-get I probably dont know it : D20:22
DaskreechYou too you cursed Adobe Air20:22
Daskreechpk: Ok do you know how to read the command line prompt?20:23
pkI believe I do20:23
Daskreechpk: alright which directory are you in?20:23
pkHome, I believe20:24
Daskreechok great20:24
Daskreechif youw want to check you can type pwd20:24
Daskreechthat's short for Print Working Directory20:24
Daskreechit will tell you exactly where you are20:24
pkthank you, yes home/pk :]20:24
Daskreechok Do you know where you saved the script?20:25
pkyes, same folder as the.jar20:25
Daskreechpk: lol ok fine20:25
Daskreechif you type ls you can see all the file in the current directory20:25
Daskreechif you want to change to a new directory you can type cd <name>20:26
Daskreechpk:  so let me show yo usomething FUN (tm)20:26
Daskreechpk: type cd Ga<tab>20:26
pkbash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'20:26
DaskreechWhen you press tab it should autocomplete Games20:26
DaskreechIf you type M<tab> it should complete Minecraft20:27
Daskreechpress enter then type pwd to see that you have moved20:27
pkno such luck :[20:27
pkdidnt realise it was case sensative20:28
pkAlright I am now in the folder with the jar and bin20:28
pkThank you so much for explaining this to me by the way20:29
Daskreechpk: That's why I used Ga :)20:29
Daskreechpk: so that's another lesson Games is not the same as games which is different from gAMEs20:29
pkGo it :]20:29
pkgot it :] maybe ill lowercase everything for simplicity20:30
Daskreechwhich can be used as well as abused please have fun with that till you realise what a bad idea abusing it is ^_^20:30
Daskreechpk: You learn quickly :)20:30
pkhahaha im sure  wil20:30
Daskreechok now we want to see what the script is doing20:30
Daskreechso let's list it's properties20:30
pkYes we do ^^20:30
Daskreechtype ls -l <scriptname>20:31
Daskreechthe -l means do a long listing of the file(s)20:31
Daskreechso you see more info20:31
DaskreechYou should get one long line. Paste that line here20:31
pk-l: command not found20:31
Daskreechpk: No ls -l20:32
Daskreechpk: so ls -l <scriptname>20:33
pkpk@pk:~/Games/Minecraft$  -l minecraft20:33
pk-l: command not found20:33
Daskreechpk: ha ok cool lets do a short tutorial20:35
Daskreechthe command line always expects a command (surprise!)20:35
Daskreechthe way it does that is assume the first thing you type is a command and then looks through the system for something that matches the same name20:35
Daskreechthe way UNIX works is that a command does one job and does it well20:36
livingdaylightare apps like KOrganizer Kaddressbook part of a meta package or can I remove them?20:36
Daskreechso for example the command ls tells you about the files somewhere20:36
Daskreechlivingdaylight: both. They are part of a metapackage and you can remove them20:37
Daskreechpk: however sometimes you would like a command to do something differently so instead of making a new command to do slight changes you can give a command an option20:37
livingdaylightDaskreech: do i just pick one and the entire package is removed, or should I remove the metapackage? Do you know the name?20:37
pkthe same way sudo treats you as root, or aptitude-get... gets you an aptitude20:37
Daskreechpk: right20:38
Daskreechpk: You can normally tell an option because it starts with a - or a --20:38
Daskreechso like uname20:38
Daskreechversus uname -r20:38
Daskreechthe -r is the option to tell uname to do something different20:38
Daskreechin this case to tell you the name of the release rather than all the system info20:39
pksame way in windows to ping ot ro ping until stopped using -l?20:39
pkor to ping*20:39
pkmmmk. Understood so far. So I should be typing l -l ?20:39
Daskreechso when you see - or -- you know that it is an option to a command20:39
Daskreechso the command is ls20:39
Daskreechthe option is -l20:39
Daskreech and you want to see the details on the script20:40
Daskreechso you type ls -l <scriptname>20:40
Daskreechwhich yo ucan autocomplete20:40
pkwhich spits this back out at me20:40
pk-rw-r--r-- 1 pk pk 53 2011-03-22 13:18 minecraft20:40
Daskreechso now lets look at this the last part is obviously the script name20:41
DaskreechThe time right before that is when the file was last changed20:41
pkthen date changed/created20:41
DaskreechWhat we care about right now is the first part20:41
Daskreechthis deals with how UNIX does security on files20:42
Daskreechthere are a set of dashes. They tell you waht the file is and what the file will react to20:42
Daskreechthe first - means that this is a normal file20:42
Daskreechif you look at a directory it will be a d20:42
Daskreechafter that first dash you will see 9 spaces20:43
Daskreechthat means that this file can be read and written to20:43
Daskreechthe next three are r--20:44
Daskreechthat means the file can only be read20:44
Daskreechsame for the last three r--20:44
Daskreechpk: See the 9 spaces?20:45
pkand those dictate what permissions groups and other users have?20:45
pkyes ^^20:45
Daskreechright so the first three is what the owner has20:45
Daskreechif you look beside the dashes you see pk20:45
pkso that means I cant read/write as owner, then groups, then users20:45
Daskreechthat's you the owner20:45
Daskreechthe next is the group20:46
Daskreechthe last set is anyone who is not the owner and not the group20:46
Daskreechthe group is the second pk20:46
pkI see20:46
Daskreechso if you are not pk or in the group pk then you are everyone else20:46
Daskreechthat last dash is always missing though.....20:46
DaskreechThat last dash is what makes a file run as a program it's the executable permission20:47
livingdaylightdoes kubuntu have its version of Tomboy?20:47
pkSo after poking around a little, I could just right click the file and select "is executable" but then I wouldnt learn anything : P20:47
Daskreechcan I run this file as if it was a program20:47
Daskreechpk: plus you learn a little command line :)20:47
pkthats good :]20:47
Daskreechlivingdaylight: You can just install tomboy if you like. But check out basket20:47
pkso how do I go about making it executable through the command line20:48
livingdaylightbasket, ok20:48
Daskreechpk: if you want to make it executable from the command line you can type chmod +x <filename>20:48
Daskreechthat will make it executable for everyone20:48
Daskreechif you just want it executable for the user you can do chmod u+x <filename>20:48
livingdaylightDaskreech: can one install tomboy without installing and loading kde with all de gnome libraries?20:49
Daskreechuser +(add) Execute20:49
Daskreechlivingdaylight: It's mono so you would just load the mono libraries20:49
Daskreechpk: if you want to play you can take off the read for the others (everyone else) using chmod o-r minecraft20:50
pkI understand that now : D now using ls -l the last dash is an x20:50
Daskreechpk: of course you can check what the new persmisions are with ls -l20:50
Daskreechgreat! so in theory this should be able to run minecraft20:50
pkwhich is does, Win : D20:51
Daskreechyou can test that by pointing to the file as a command20:51
pkho would I do that?20:51
Daskreechyou can do that with ./minecraft20:51
Daskreech the . means start from here20:51
Daskreech.. means start in the directory above me20:51
Daskreechso this is literally saying run the command minecraft from this directory20:52
Daskreechbye d_ed20:52
pkbash: ./minecraft.jar: cannot execute binary file20:52
Daskreechpk: wrong file :)20:52
pkHowever, If I click it in dolphoin it loads up. why is that?20:52
Daskreechpk: cause it's executable Dolphin respects that and runs it20:53
Daskreechand since you started it with /bin/bash it knows who to ask to get it to work20:53
Daskreech(that would be bash) :)20:53
pkwell, Ive been working with the .jar file this whole time on accident -_-20:53
pkso without the short script I wrote, it still executes the .jar thru dolphin20:54
Daskreechpk: the jar file also has a line that says please call Java if I am executable20:54
pkthe java -jar?20:55
Daskreechso it works the same way you make it exectuable and when you run it Dolphin will open it. It will ask dolphin to let Java handle this file which dolphin will then call and it all works20:55
Daskreechok try make your script executable20:55
Daskreechlet me know when you have done that20:56
DaskreechI have one more step to make this complete20:56
livingdaylightIn Pardus there was a brilliant Chess game, but forget its name. there are quite a few. Anyone know?20:56
JontheEchidna!info knights20:57
ubottuPackage knights does not exist in maverick20:57
JontheEchidna!info knights natty20:57
ubottuknights (source: knights): A chess interface for the KDE Platform. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-2 (natty), package size 622 kB, installed size 1156 kB20:57
pkthis is right? #!/bin/bash20:57
pkjava -jar ~/games/Minecraft/minecraft.jar20:57
pk 20:57
pknevermind, hold up please20:58
pkexcellent, Got it working!20:59
pkFFirst step towards having a clue of what im doing20:59
DaxarYep, that's right. Just what I was doing a few days ago to make myself a Minecraft desktop icon. :)21:00
pkThis isnt important, but can I change the thumbnail for the icon?21:01
DaskreechDaxar: ha ah you can walk him through that in a moment21:01
Daskreechpk: Umm you mean the view of seeing what's in the file in Dolphin?21:01
DaskreechI guess I've liked that so much I have never tried to turn it off for one file21:02
pkYes, I mean. I got the file I made to execute. So I copied it to the desktop. Still executes the jar fine21:02
Daskreechyou can turn it off for all files of course but it makes choosing the one you want so much faster I don't know why you would21:02
Daskreechpk: ok so last thing21:02
Daskreechin the terminal type this21:02
Daskreechecho $PATH21:02
james147pk: if you want a gui launcher its best to create a .desktop file ... that way you can assign an icon and description as well21:03
Daskreechpk: You will get a long list of directories21:03
pkThank You james ^^.21:03
Daskreechthat's where the terminal looks for commands when you type them21:03
pkpk@pk:~/Games/Minecraft$ echo $path21:04
Daskreechpk: caps counts21:04
pkcaps -_-21:04
pkpk@pk:~/Games/Minecraft$ echo $PATH21:04
Daskreechpk: great so lets see. the shell knows about /usr/games21:05
Daskreechpk: Lets copy your script there. it's not owned by you so you will have to sudo it21:06
Daskreechsudo cp <scriptname> /usr/games21:06
Daskreechpk: another interesting thing to note here is that you don't have to be in the same directory to do anyof these things21:08
Daskreechyou can stay in your home directory and reach out to somewhere else grab that file and put it somewhere far away21:08
pkbut what did it  do?21:08
pkpk@pk:~/Games/Minecraft$ sudo cp minecraft /usr/games21:08
FloodBotK1pk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:08
Daskreechlike sudo cp Games/Minecraft/minecraft /usr/games21:08
Daskreechpk: press alt+F2 and type minecraft21:09
DaskreechDid it run?21:10
pkno ;;_;;21:10
james147pk: why not create a menu entry for it?21:10
Daskreechjames147: That's the next step21:11
pkim still working on sudo cp command21:11
pkIt wont accept it21:11
Daskreechpk: from the command line you should be able to just type minecraft and it should work21:11
JuJuBee_Anybody here use google chrome and know where are google chrome bookmarks sync'ed to? There used to be a folder in google docs but I don't see it anymore.21:11
james147Daskreech: you dont need a script to run it as well ^^21:11
Daskreechjames147: I know I was just teaching basics of the command line21:11
DaskreechJuJuBee_: probably synched to Google?21:12
pkstill ending up with21:12
pkpk@pk:~/Games/Minecraft$ sudo cp minecraft /usr/games21:12
JuJuBee_Daskreech: I know that, but where?  I used to be able to see the bookmarks in a folder in my google docs...21:12
james147pk: most commands dont output anything on success21:12
JuJuBee_not there anymore...21:12
Daskreechpk: Oh sorry21:12
DaskreechUnix commands only tell you if something went wrong21:12
Daskreechimagine you are a commander of a vast army of powerful ssoliders21:13
Daskreechif you tell them to go on a mission you expect them to win. They will only bother you if they don't win21:13
pkgot it.21:13
DaskreechLinux is WINNING!21:13
* Daskreech leaves in shame21:13
pkAlt+F2, doesnt execute it though21:13
pkand I have a larger problem still ..<21:14
james147pk: when happen if you run "minecraft" in a terminal?21:14
Daskreechjames147 and Daxar can walk you through the desktop file21:14
DaskreechI have step off21:14
DaxarHey, cool. Learn something new every day. I made a .desktop,  but I had to make it launch the shell script from terminal. Works far nicer now.21:14
james147what happens ^^21:14
pkloads up fine ^^21:15
pkthen crashes, but thats a different issue Ineed some help with >.<21:15
DaxarHmm, I followed above steps and launching "minecraft" from terminal works great21:15
pkNo, the launch works great for me21:15
pkIts my video drivers, a different issue I was trying to fix earlier21:16
james147^^ what issue?21:17
pkWell, when I go to sustem settings the additional drivers and enable the reccomended driver21:18
pkmy splash screen changes to flat blue with large white text. Then, when I get into the gui, all text is minisculy small21:18
pkI fixed it b setting the minimum font dpi to 9621:18
pkbut the text is still that small when I go to log in, and the spalsh is still broken21:19
james147pk: try http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-get-plymouth-working-with-nvidia.html21:20
pkwill do, If I may ask what is plymouth21:21
james147pk: its the boot splash screen21:21
pkah, will that also help withthe text?21:21
KjetilKsuddenly, a username/password dialog pops up, with "Identi.ca API at identi.ca" where the pre-entered username is "kubuntu"21:21
KjetilKI have no idea which application does this, and how I can stop it from happening...21:22
KjetilKany ideas?21:22
DaskreechKjetilK: that's the identi.ca plasmoid on the desktop if you don't use identi.ca or twitter just remove it21:22
KjetilKDaskreech, oh, OK21:23
DaskreechFor some reason it ships with the Kubuntu account preentered21:23
james147pk:  not sure about the text... but we can see :)21:23
DaskreechIf you do use either just make your own account and it overides the Kubuntu one21:23
KjetilKhmmm, I wonder why that came up again, I don't use it...21:23
pkAlright BRB21:24
DaskreechKjetilK: it exists on the desktop I think so it tries to connect21:24
KjetilKDaskreech, yup, but I thought I removed it a long time ago21:25
KjetilKanyway, thanks!"21:25
DaskreechKjetilK: oh! umm check your akonadi settings it may still have a resource21:25
Daskreechthe microblogging resourcee I thin21:26
Daskreechalt+F2 -> akonadi21:26
KjetilKDaskreech, yeah, it was on my desktop, I just don't understand why it was there, something must have been reset21:26
DaskreechKjetilK: possible21:26
DaxarDaskreech: Thanks for the info on sticking a script in /usr/games. I'm fairly new to Linux myself.21:28
DaskreechDaxar: please ask with whatever you are confused about I'll tell you to go read the right manual :)21:29
livingdaylight_got disconnected, did someone answer?21:30
livingdaylight_wireless playing up21:31
livingdaylight_re:games. Is there a metapackage? Was enjoying a chess game in Pardus but don remember the name.21:32
DaxarDaskreech: Right now I'm trying to figure out how to make a .desktop for my desktop without having to edit it by hand, like by using the nice gui you get when you change icon settings with an icon that's currently there. Right now I've been click-dragging an existing icon from the application launcher menu to the desktop and editing it to suit my needs, but I know there has to be a better way...21:33
Daxarlivingdaylight_: JontheEchidna mentioned knights natty earlier21:34
Daxar!info knights natty21:34
ubottuknights (source: knights): A chess interface for the KDE Platform. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-2 (natty), package size 622 kB, installed size 1156 kB21:34
livingdaylight_Daxar: cheers... it might have been knights, i 'll check21:35
Daskreechlivingdaylight_: Knights?21:35
Daskreech!info kdegames21:35
ubottukdegames (source: kdegames): games from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 8 kB, installed size 68 kB21:35
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
james147Daxar: you can use kmenuedit (is launched by rightclicking the menu > edit applications) to create menu shortcuts (which are essentially .desktop files)21:36
DaskreechDaxar: I don't know I get happy if a .desktop turns up but I've never been intersted in making them21:36
DaxarAh, right. So kmenuedit is the best way? Thanks. I'd been using that some too, just hadn't put two and two together. Thanks.21:37
=== livingdaylight_ is now known as livingdaylight
livingdaylightsearching knights all i get are the engines that require knights, it says... can find the knights front end though?21:40
livingdaylightDaxar: did you say that knights will be available from kubuntu 11.04 onwards?21:46
livingdaylighti don t see it in repos here21:46
DaxarI know nothing beyond what ubottu said, sorry21:47
james147livingdaylight: are you running natty?21:47
livingdaylightjames147: no, 101021:48
james147livingdaylight: yeah, from what i can see its in the natty repo, and not maverick ( http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=natty&searchon=names&keywords=knights )21:49
alyssa_i have a question about kubuntu21:51
livingdaylightjames147: thx, I played it on Pardus; got spoilt. Still Natty is around the corner21:51
SolakDaskreech: makes me wonder: why isn't ksirtet in kubuntu anymore?21:51
Daskreechalyssa_: ask it21:52
alyssa_it seems when i minimize a window in firefox, it disappears21:52
alyssa_and don't come back21:52
james147a window in firefox?21:52
alyssa__just like that21:54
Daskreechalyssa__: do you have a task bar?21:55
=== real_ate_ is now known as real_ate
alyssa__why does firefox windows dissappear in kubuntu if you minimize it21:55
DaskreechSolak: cause it was taken out of KDE?21:55
alyssa__yes  daskeech21:55
Daskreechalyssa__: when you minimize it it's not in the alt+tab list?21:55
alyssa__didn't try that yet,21:55
alyssa__that opens up "bash"21:56
SolakDaskreech: if the KUbuntu team didn't remove it from the list....21:56
Daxaralyssa__: Press Alt, Hold down tab21:56
DaxarWait for a second21:57
DaxarSorry, I mean Hold Alt, press Tab once21:57
DaskreechSolak: it's not in KDE anymore. I don't see what the Kubuntu team has to do with that21:57
DaxarYou should see a list of stuff21:57
SolakDaskreech: hmm, ok.21:58
Daskreechalyssa__: You can press tab again while holding alt to get through the list21:58
alyssa_thank you very much21:58
alyssa_that does let me see the missing stuff21:58
Daskreechalyssa_: alright now to figure out why they are not on the task manager21:58
DaskreechThere is an option for minimization on the task manager but I think it does the opposite of what you are seeing happen21:59
alyssa_i put  firefox on the desktop21:59
pkHello again21:59
alyssa_only had kubuntu maybe 6 days21:59
alyssa_windows xp kept crashing, getting viruses, etc.. got sick of it22:00
pkIm looking for help with the nvidia drivers. I posted earlier but the solution didnt help22:00
pkHello Alyssa! Same reason im here. though I cant figure anything out so for the time being im equally as confused and angry22:00
alyssa_it instilled my driveres automaticly22:01
Daskreechalyssa_: :)22:01
alyssa_suond,  board, etc.22:02
alyssa_yes daskeech22:02
Daskreechpk: do you know waht the .run file will install?22:02
pkMine are out of date, upon updating them, my resolution is so high I cant read anything at all unless I lock text at 96 dpi, but then everything is still really high22:02
pkno im not sure22:02
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
alyssa_i have used the package manager before22:03
Daskreechpk: can't you just drop the resolution?22:03
alyssa_and terminal, just copy and paste from web pages22:03
pkI have, it doesnt change anything... Also my monitor supports 1920x1080 which is what it claims to be at22:03
alyssa_but that was mostly in ubuntu, not kubuntu\22:03
Daskreechalyssa_: same idea works22:04
Daskreechpk: can you go to the page you got the .run file from and see if it says what version it will install?22:04
alyssa_i kinda like the lay out of  kubuntu better, but still learning it22:04
pkWell I couldnt get the run file to work because I couldnt figure out how to turn off xserver, this is with the reccomended drivers22:05
Daskreechpk: I know I can walk you through that but I'd not like to do that for the wrong drivers22:06
alyssa_thanks   for your  help daskreech22:06
alyssa_I think I will surf the web for a bit22:06
alyssa_bye,   bye :)22:07
james147alyssa_: ubuntu and kubuntu are the same system, with different gui... so at command line they are basically the same so you can still mostly copy and paste fron ubuntu tutorials... you just have to remember to edit any gui parts (such as using kdesudo instad of gksu   and using kate instead of gedit)22:07
Daskreechand technically Daxar helped you :)22:07
DaxarNah, Daskreech helped more than I did.22:08
Daskreechjames147: You do know that's gibberish to anyone coming from windows out of frustration right? :-D22:08
james147Daskreech: :p22:08
Daskreechbut good information in any case22:09
pkHello again james22:09
DaxarMakes sense to me. But I was a nerd before I came to Linux. :P22:09
pkit didnt work ;;_;; Daskreech, here is the driver nvidia is telling me to use22:09
james147pk: can you describe your problems again (just to avoid any confusion ^^ and so other can help)22:10
pkwell, im using a TC as a monitor, using a PC input. The screens resolution is 1920x1080. I installed the reccomended drivers in the additional drivers section, but that made all text illegible. I then changed the font settings to be a minimum of 96 DPI (not font size). Now the text is legible (except for the log in screen). But the everything is onscenely small. My resolution is set on 1920x1080, as it should be. Also my splash22:12
pkscreen is broken -_-22:12
james147pk: well, the settings didnt affect the login screen as you only changed your personal settings ^^22:14
pkThats makes sense, But in the end should I not have the change that? I feel like the recommended driver is not what I need22:14
james147pk: try changing the font size in system settings > login manader22:14
pkthe nvidia website recommends this driver "NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-260.19.44.run"22:15
james147pk: possibally22:15
james147what graphics card?22:15
pkGeForce 9400 Gt22:15
james147pk: well you could try installing the drivers form their site22:16
james147see if it helps22:16
pkIm not sure how, Says I need to close xserver22:16
BluesKajpk , there's something else wong , perhaps the TV settings themselves should be looked at , if you are using the hdmi input from your grapphics card , the resolution should bri8ng the fonts readable if you set the fonts at  12 or so.22:17
james147pk: ahh yeah, it needs to bhe done via command line when no gui is running :p22:17
BluesKajok, bbl ...dinner22:18
pkIll look into it thank you22:18
* Daskreech \o/'s22:19
DaskreechBluesKaj is back :)22:19
james147pk: to stop the gui run "sudo kdm stop"  that should drop you to a command login, you should be able to log in, install the driver then run "sudo kdm start" to restart the gui22:19
Daskreechpk: YOu can jump to a virtual terminal and back?22:19
james147pk: though it would help to fimilrise yourself with the terminal first :)22:19
Daskreechor do you know how to ?22:19
pkI dont believe I know how'22:21
pkwell actually, Ill be right back22:21
pkI know what to do, though it states xserver is still running after sudo kdm sto22:24
Daskreechpk: shouldn't be22:25
james147weird :p22:25
Daskreechpk: The fact you are still logged in here means it does though22:25
Daskreechpk: lets try this. sudo apt-get install irssi22:25
BluesKajno need to stop the xserver as long as kdm is stopped , the xserver will start again after finishing the install when you reboot which is the best thing to do.22:25
pkim a bit lost22:26
pkdo I just type "sudo kdm stop" or do I CTRL+ALT+F1 then sudo stop kdm22:26
pksudo kdm stop*22:26
james147pk: either should work22:26
Daskreechpk: wait22:27
Daskreechdo the sudo apt-get install irssi first22:27
james147although its recomended to logout then switch to a vertual terminal22:27
dust--hi, how can i install the latest kdevelop 4.1.1 on member:ubuntu (gnome)?22:27
james147^^ and do what Daskreech said, its a nice command line irc client :) means we can talk to you when your not running a gui :)22:27
pkIt just finished ^^22:28
pkthough im not sure how to use it22:29
* james147 suggest launching it, and testing it in konsole 22:30
pkI.. umm. Dont know how to lauch it >.<22:30
james147pk: run "irssi" in konsole22:31
pkthat sure was simple22:31
pkNow I have22:31
pk [15:31] [] [1]22:31
james147pk: now type "/connect irc.freenode.net" to connect to freenode22:33
james147then "/join #kubuntu" to join this channel22:33
pk_Alright im here twice now : D22:33
Daskreechpk_: Sweet :)22:34
DaskreechWant to go for three time?22:34
pk_Maybe next lesson : D22:34
Daskreechjump into alt+Ctrl+F1 and type irssi -c irc.freenode.net22:34
Daskreechthen /j #kubuntu22:34
BluesKajDaskreech, he's already here22:34
james147BluesKaj: but wont be when he stops kdm22:35
_sophiasound is broken, help? x.x22:35
Daskreech_sophia: What's happening22:35
pk____Alright, im in here 3 times : D22:35
Daskreechpk____: Muwahahaha22:35
james147_sophia: run "alsamixer" ina terminal, make sure no channels are muted or turned down22:35
BluesKajhe's here as pk and pk_22:35
pk____also, im inthe virtyal console22:35
pk____And I cannot remember how to type22:36
james147pk: alt+crtl+f2 to switch to the second vt, then try to stop kdm22:36
* james147 assumes you have the driver downloaded22:36
pk____How do I tell if it works?22:37
pk____And yes I have it downloaded <322:37
BluesKajpk___ , ctrl+alt+f2 , then sudo service kdm stop22:37
james147pk: alt+crtl+F7 will go to a blank screen22:37
pk____uhhh its checking battery state on F722:37
james147(and try F8 as well, sometimes it ends up there :p22:37
pk____and F8 does nothing22:38
BluesKajok ...I'll take a break here t22:38
james147pk____: thats fine :) means nothing is running on a+c+f722:38
pk____I assume not if its checking battery state22:38
james147pk____: ok, sounds like its stoped, try running the installer22:38
pk____Alright ^^22:38
_sophiaproblem solved: 'front' was on 0 in alsamixer for some reason22:38
_sophiai still have the problem where alsamixer won't let me increase headphone volume though22:39
james147pk____: checking battery status is the last line displayed in the boot and will remain on that screen, jsut ignore it22:39
pk____worked perfectly, Last time I wasnt using service kdm stop22:39
pk____just sudo kdm stop22:39
pk____it says "The dirstobution pre-install script failed"22:39
* james147 was wrong ^^ its sudo stop kdm or sudo service kdm stop :S22:40
pk____though I can continue anyway22:40
james147but anyway :)22:40
pk____though I have the option to continue anyway, shall I do that?22:41
Daskreech_sophia: what are you using for the headphone volume?22:41
james147pk____: umm.. probally22:42
pk____lol, I shall try22:42
james147pk____: did you run the install as root?22:42
pk____I did22:43
pk____Alright, installation is compleyte22:43
pk____now before I reboot do I need to go to the additional drivers are and deactivate that driver or will it be done automatically22:44
pk____Deactivate the reccomended driver I mean22:45
BluesKajthe install will have removed the old driver and installed the new one22:45
pk____alright ill be right back22:45
pk____uhh. nevermind. How do I restart from the terminal >.<22:46
BluesKajpk___ sudo nvidia-xconfig22:46
james147pk____: "sudo reboot"22:46
pk____will do22:46
james147pk____: although you dont need to22:46
pk____need to nvidia config?22:47
james147pk____: you should just beable to start X again22:47
james147pk____: it shouldnt hurt ^^22:47
BluesKajpk____, to be safe yes22:47
Daskreechpk____: sudo service kdm start22:47
james147(or "sudo start kdm")22:47
pk____It states that the new xconfigure file was written.22:48
pk____start kdm now?22:48
BluesKajpk____, reboot would be best at this point IMO22:49
pk____Alright, I will be right back22:49
=== vicente is now known as Me_Da_igual
BluesKajsame here  , I have fan issues , brb22:51
* Daskreech begs BluesKaj not to leave him22:52
DaskreechI'm your Biggest Fan!!!22:52
* Daskreech has fan issues22:52
james147Daskreech: it to late, hes abandoned you...22:52
Daskreech_sophia: how are you changing headphones volumes ?22:52
pkGah >.<22:52
Daskreechjames147: that would be the issue :)22:52
_sophiai don't use headphones at all22:53
_sophiait works/worked for the default audio player22:53
_sophiabut it doesn't for browsers :l22:53
james147_sophia: ie flash?22:53
pkWell I rebooted. Splash is still broken. And now it booted me into the virtual machine. I used sudo start kdm, but it states kdm is already running. Checked machines 7 and 822:53
_sophiajames147, yes, youtube and such22:53
* james147 grumbles about flash being flash 22:53
_sophiai listen to a lot of music =)22:53
pk8 is blank, 7 states setting sensor limits.22:54
james147_sophia: try this: http://www.youtube.com/html522:54
_sophiai dunno22:54
fabiociao a tutti22:54
_sophiawould rather fix the issue as is :O22:54
pkSo now although kdm is running, I dont have a GUI22:55
james147pk: sudo restart kdm22:55
pkScreen flashes then sends me back to the VM22:56
pk"kdm/start running, process 1617"22:56
james147pk: if that dosnt work then "sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf && sudo restart kdm" << that will delete xorgs config and should default to the open driver (you can move it instead of deleteing it if you want to keep a backup)22:56
pkso the driver from the nvidia website didnt work?22:57
pk. /cry22:57
BluesKajpk , the nvidia website recnded driver breaks the xserver ..already tried it22:58
pkwell now Im back with a shiny blue wallpaper. Same text problems. I feel pretty helpless22:59
* Daskreech plays it cool that BluesKaj is back23:00
BluesKajpk the driver for your card is 270.3023:00
Daskreech_sophia: Which browser?23:00
_sophiai use firefox for almost everything23:00
pkThat would make sense as the recommended driver is 270.29, and doesnt work23:00
_sophiai still haven't installed decent IRC client, so i'm using chrome for IRC lol23:01
DaskreechBluesKaj: can you show him how to get that? the driver from the Website is 26023:01
BluesKajpk, can you check that in kmenu/apps/settings ?23:01
livingdaylightnite guys... thanks for everything today23:02
pk_Alright, what am I checking for herE?23:02
BluesKajpk that driver should be the recommended one in kmenu/apps/system/additional drivers23:03
pk_It states "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current)23:03
BluesKajpk_, kmenu/apps/settings/Nvidia ?23:04
pk_It says im not using an nvidia driver, although I am judging by the other screen. allow me to reboot23:05
BluesKajthose damm nvidia drivers recommended on the website cause a lot of probs23:07
pkWell, im using the driver that you had reccomended, but the nvidia setting state that im not23:08
pkMaybe I should roll back to kubuntu 10.04 >.>23:08
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
BluesKajpk, what is the connection to your tv / monitor ?23:09
pkVGA, its older until I can get a card that supports HDMOI23:11
BluesKajno wonder ...i assumed it was hdmi23:11
pkCant afford a card that supports HDMI23:12
BluesKajor at least dvi/hdmi23:12
pkThe TV doesnt support DVI >.< only HDMI/VGA23:13
BluesKajpk yes you can buy dvi to hdmi cables, that's what I used23:14
BluesKajerr use23:14
pkIll have to look into that23:14
roberto___Can somebody tell me why the recommended download for Kubuntu is 32 bits??23:14
pkbut as of now... Im using an nvidia driver but neither of the two nvidia settings applications are working23:15
Daskreechroberto___: Cause it will work23:15
pkIm also on 64 bit. Which ill assume is another problem?23:15
Daskreechpk: It won't be23:15
roberto___64 bits has problems I assume??23:15
DaskreechWell not too much23:15
Daskreechroberto___: No it doesn't but many many people don't have very good grasp of what's in the computer23:16
BluesKajpk, I guess you should use the nouveau driver for vga23:16
Daskreech32 bits is pretty much assured to work. You need special extensions for 64 Bit23:16
pkalright, how do I purge the nvidia drivers?23:16
roberto___OK THANKS23:17
Daskreechand while they are widespread if someone doesn't know about them they can get the ISO and not be able to install23:17
BluesKajanyway time to watch some tv .....23:17
lenteHi there. I have 2 questions. I installed Kubuntu 10.10 and recommanced nvidia driver. Is it normal that window resizing decreases my fps to about 10?23:24
* james147 suggest disabling the desktop effects to see if thats whats casing the fps drop23:25
lentejames147: no difference. but thats not the important question. I use a german keyboard. The autocompletion in texmaker vanishes if I press buttons like AltGr or Strg. Is there a possibility to stop this behavior?23:37
BluesKajjust checking in for a few mins...guess I missed pk23:53
BluesKajDaskreech, did he use the nouveau driver , because vga on 42" tv is a difficult res to setup23:56
DaskreechI wasn't here either23:56
Daskreechjames147 was23:56
Daskreechor you know23:56
BluesKajok james147 ?23:56
Daskreechpk  :)23:56
DaskreechCould just ask him23:56
Daskreechassuming that pk is a him23:57
pkHello again everyone23:57
BluesKajnot here23:57
DaskreechHello again :)23:57
BluesKajok , pk :)23:57
pkI did a fresh install, and am going to get the nouveau vga drivers ^^; I believe thats what I need yes?23:57
Daskreech_sophia: Did you fix the headphones?23:57
BluesKajI hve 2 mins pk , nouveau yes23:58
BluesKajpk ,that will help for sure23:58
pknouveau firmware?23:58
BluesKajnouveau driver23:58
BluesKajok  good luck23:59
pkThank you have a good time doing whatever it is you doing ^^;23:59

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