SchleuderPeterhey! maybe someone could help me. i switched the VGA from ati rage xl with 8mb to a rage 128 pro with 32 mb. now the lubuntu is not booting. people in ubuntu forums say, it must be a problem with the L of lubuntu00:55
SchleuderPeternobody here who could help me?01:00
thraspicin lxde i'd like to change just the colors of the main menu, is there a config file where this stuff can be customized?04:28
jmarsdenaetherian: zork (Z-machine) interpreters for Linux already exist.  sudo apt-get install frotz04:51
wolfpackgnewb: ??08:35
* jmarsden thinks... after three hours of silence in the channel, gnewb says "Huh?" ... that is a hard question to answer well :) gnewb, can you be more specific?08:36
gnewbOh my, someone is actually here, I am shocked and amazed, now, I have some KDE stuff on this install, I added K3B but now I have all this other stuff that is KDE'ish'.08:41
jmarsdenHow exactly did you add k3b ?   Maybe you did sudo apt-get install k3b     and forgot the --no-install-recommends  switch?08:42
gnewbI really could not get xfburn to function properly, so that was my workaround, now that I am done, do I just replace the system or kernel from a backup, oh ,I think it was in synaptic.08:43
jmarsdenOK, I suspect it may pull in a pile of recommends by default.08:43
gnewbI think it did,,,a bunch of stuff.08:44
bioterrorxfburn relies to HAL08:45
jmarsdenBeing a command-line kind of person, I tend to use wodim :)08:46
gnewbxfburn is in the default install?08:47
jmarsdenYes.  Under Sound and Video in the menus.  However, at 01:48AM local time, I should go to bed and let bioterror answer :)08:48
bioterrordont you!08:49
bioterrorI'm at work and totally busy once again :(08:49
bioterrorI miss times when I had time to IRC08:49
gnewb0348 , actually , 1048Zulu, I think08:49
jmarsdenI'm at home and pretty tired... and just did some slightly weird fixes for php5 in Natty -- the new multiarch stuff has broken its configure script... bug #73997708:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 739977 in php5 (Ubuntu) "PHP5 FTBFS in Natty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73997708:50
jmarsdenGoodnight all (or maybe good morning!)08:52
gnewbThank you08:52
gnewbeltigre: See at about the bottom of the last link I posted?08:57
gnewbeltigre: This one has some data on that exact thing:> http://lists.therestfulway.com/pipermail/webmachine_lists.therestfulway.com/2010-August/000276.html09:02
esing123hey lubuntu community14:40
esing123how do I run this as autostart in lubuntu: /usr/bin/x11vnc -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass -o /tmp/x11vnc.log -forever -bg -rfbport 5900 -nomodtweak14:40
bioterrorhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ there's guide for autostart on login14:41
esing123I know about etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart but I think I cannot use the autostasrt for the line14:41
esing123thx bioterror14:41
esing123hmm bioterror . Can I use the session autostart for the whole line: /usr/bin/x11vnc -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass -o /tmp/x11vnc.log -forever -bg -rfbport 5900 -nomodtweak                 too ?14:43
bioterrorshould be possible14:43
esing123would I have to create a .desktop file and put that line in there?14:44
esing123thx :)14:44
esing123strange it is not listed in desktop session settings14:50
esing123I have created x11vnc.desktop in ~/.config/autostart/14:50
esing123OK. I copied the x11vnc.desktop file to ~/.config/autostart/       ... How do I adjust this line into the .desktop file?  /usr/bin/x11vnc -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass -o /tmp/x11vnc.log -forever -bg -rfbport 5900 -nomodtweak14:57
bioterrorExec=/usr/bin/x11vnc -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass -o /tmp/x11vnc.log -forever -bg -rfbport 5900 -nomodtweak15:00
esing123My original .desktop file in /usr/.../applications/ has a different Exec then than in autostart . does this matter or I can do this?15:03
bioterroryou want it to have a different exec, right?15:04
esing123Only for the autostart15:05
esing123*have to reboot to test vnc*15:07
esing123thanks bioterror it worked15:21
bioterrorofcourse it worked ;)15:21
bioterroryou made it!15:21
bioterrorwhy wouldnt it work15:21
esing123Someone has an idea about VNC linux server ?16:22
esing123the reason why vnc does not work is somehow the wrong exec path17:11
esing123if I start x11vnc manually it works17:12
esing123but I want to autostart it _plus_ have it open forever17:12
silverarrowanyone here?18:48
silverarrowI have a new USB wireless adaptor lubuntu will not detect18:50
silverarrowI am now booted up in puppy, it managed to find it18:50
silverarrowany idea how to go about it?18:50
aetheriannot many people are actually /here/ here18:51
aetherianand I can't help you18:51
silverarrowThere is a tiny driver CD with linux drivers for the ralink card, but I cannot manage to install in or unpack it18:51
aetherianwhy not18:51
aetherianwhat's the error18:51
silverarrowI shall have to try ubuntu then¸ it's basically the same18:51
aetherianexcept bloated18:52
aetherianget debian :>18:52
silverarrowIt will not unpack the linux driver, in boot, I have tried to open from several applications18:52
silverarrowoh, the ubuntu room I mean, I can't use ubuntu on this laptop lol18:53
aetherianwhy won't it unpack it18:53
aetherianerror message?18:53
silverarrowI get not enough rights, or just cannot open18:54
aetherianhave you been doing it with superuser?18:54
silverarrowI open it root, and there's an option where you fill in password18:54
silverarrowwell, I have only one user on the computer18:54
aetherianyou're using the command "su"?18:54
aetheriansay sudo (insert command here)18:55
silverarrowI tried access the cd from synaptic but it would not detec cd,18:55
silverarrowno, I am totally terminal illiterate18:55
aetheriantype "sudo (depackage command)18:55
aetherianand everyone knows that rm -rf ~/ helps a lot18:56
silverarrowit's a mini CD with lots of driver options, mac, all the windows versions, and linux, do you think it will find the right one from terminal?18:56
aetherianif you specify the right one >.>18:57
silverarrowI might just install puppy on the harddrive18:58
aetherianthou fail18:58
silverarrowlubuntu is suppose to be a bit more stable as full install18:59
aetherianlubuntu is nice and easy for beginners19:01
aetherianand lxde>gnome19:01
bioterroros x is nice and easy for beginners19:01
bioterrorthey can just watch that trippy screensaver19:01
aetherianos x if fail for all users19:01
silverarrowbut is there no easy way to install drivers from cd?19:04
aetherianthere is19:04
silverarrowwhen I boot up in lubuntu again, I shall have no internet19:04
aetherianjust install the damn thing19:04
silverarrow"#¤£$½¥ I have tried19:05
bioterrorhave you read the manual19:05
silverarrowit resists19:05
bioterrorhave you checked the cd for README19:05
bioterroror INSTALL19:05
bioterroror what ever content it has19:05
aetherianRTFM >:19:05
bioterroruse wire connection?19:06
silverarrowthe detailed explanation is only for windows19:06
silverarrowlinux users have to fend for them selves19:06
silverarrowhowever, the linux drivers are there19:06
silverarrowyeah, maybe,19:07
silverarrowI would actually just go for puppy, if I could figure a way to make it boot from full harddrive install19:08
aetheriandon't get puppy >.>19:09
bioterroryeah, go with the TinyCore19:09
aetherian(I'm in the channel, actually)19:10
aetherianI use that at times19:10
bioterrorDSL is dead, if I recall right19:11
aetherianDSL fails it19:11
aetheriantomsrtbt all the way19:11
bioterrorbut I cant imagine myself running something called "puppy" ;)19:11
bioterrorps. I hate dogs19:11
bioterrorand cats19:11
aetherian...yay tomsrtbt...19:11
silverarrowwell, then it is all about makeing my new wireless work19:13
silverarrowmaybe I shall have to buy an old model, one that lubuntu have all drivers for19:13
silverarrowthis is so daft19:14
bioterroryour first mistake was buying a wireless card without first checking if it has a built in drivers in kernel19:15
silverarrowwell, I just bought one19:15
bioterrorbut mount that CD and check what it has inside it19:16
bioterrorwe cannot do it for you19:16
silverarrowit had a linux penguin in it19:17
silverarrowon it*19:17
silverarrowit is the latest card from Ralink I think, it will probably be standard next ubuntu edition19:17
silverarrowpuppy have clever driver install stuff19:17
silverarrowlubuntu might just be a bit dim and not recongize it19:17
bioterrorwhy dont you then boot into your perfect Puppy Linux and stop disliking Lubuntu19:18
bioterror(ps. it has the same kernel from kernel.org ;)19:19
aetherianit still fails19:20
aetherianI say get TCL19:20
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bioterror"The real Puppy, the mascot for Puppy Linux, was a very tiny dog, a Chihuahua, but totally fearless."19:24
bioterrorI hate that kind of small dogs, always barking with their annoying voice, and when you step closer to it, it will piss all over the places and run away19:24
aetherianI just hate dogs19:31
aetherianwhat is the difference, apart from some applications, between ubuntu and lubuntu, except that lubuntu uses lxde?19:32
bioterroraetherian, hmmm, Lubuntu runs on Openbox+LXDE and Ubuntu is GNOME20:00
bioterroraetherian, and Lubuntu tries to avoid Gnome packages, but that's impossible atm. ;)20:01
head_victimGday how are you20:25
silverarrowfine thanks20:25
silverarrowI'm still struggeling with a driver package on CD20:26
silverarrowI have a new USB wifi20:26
head_victimWhat's the brand and model?20:26
silverarrowit is a ralink card inside at least20:26
silverarrowand it is marked december 201020:27
head_victimDid you buy it online?20:27
silverarrowmaybe it is too new for ubuntu to have added them?20:27
head_victimCan you give a link to it?20:28
silverarrowslow sorry20:32
silverarrowthing is I have to install opera, I am in puppy20:32
silverarrowI managed to load windows driver in puppy that recogniced the usb wifi20:34
head_victimAh that's ok, Just trying to see if I can help and a link should give me enough info to see if I can find more for you20:34
head_victimIf it works in puppy it should work ok in Ubuntu as long as you have all the dependencies installed20:34
aetherianwhy do you need opera D:20:34
silverarrowdefault browser in puppy is dillo, no pictures on anything20:34
silverarrowa bit weird browser20:34
aetheriantry links :)20:35
aetherianbut really20:35
aetheriandon't use opera20:35
aetherianuse something open source :)20:35
silverarrowI usually use opera and firefox, they work with everything20:36
bioterrordillo gives pictures20:36
bioterrorI've used it on SalixOS LXDE20:36
aetherianalso I hear chromium is good20:36
bioterrorand opera is good, but adblock sucks20:37
bioterrorhard to get rid of empty spaces on webpages20:37
bioterrorthat's just too huge disadvantage that I use opera only on mobile devices20:38
silverarrowthing is, lubuntu doesn't detect the usb wireless at all20:39
head_victimsilverarrow: might need a modprobe or two20:40
silverarrowthat took a long time20:45
silverarrowsorry head_victim20:45
head_victimWow, there is surprisingly little detail in that description20:46
head_victimI'll have a look around and see what I can find.20:46
Unit193lsusb might help20:46
head_victimIf it works under puppy can you put into pastebin the result of lsusb20:46
head_victimUnit193: great minds think alike :)20:46
silverarrowthe drivers are ralink20:47
silverarrowRalink Version AU06, and install path RTL818820:47
head_victimAH ok that's something we can use20:48
silverarrowin puppy I managed to use the xp drivers found in the CD20:48
head_victimI'd start there :)20:49
silverarrowmy old network adapter was ralink too, but it worked fine20:49
head_victimIf it has working firmware you might just need to copy it to the correct folder though20:50
head_victimThe other option might be to plug it in and then search for non free drivers and see if it finds them that way20:51
silverarrowthere's drivers for all the windows versions, mac and linux, but really hard to install them20:51
silverarrowI have read all the read me files, but no helå20:51
head_victimWell in the forum post it shows you where you need to copy the files to so instead of wget'ing the ones off the website just copy them from your cd20:52
head_victimIn the past I've copied firmware into /lib/firmware and then modprobed it to make sure it worked then added it to the boot up modprobe20:56
silverarrowI wish they would have fixed the bug somehow20:57
silverarrowbad network cards20:58
head_victimThe problem is the firmware probably isn't open source so it probably can't be included in the kernel or in the repositories20:59
silverarrowmight be20:59
head_victimThat's the issue I've had with every device I've had to play around with the firmware for20:59
Unit193head_victim: Doesn't *ubuntu have a tool to find the drivers for you? (I know it works with nvidia)21:00
silverarrowthe ralink hompage have all kinds of driver available for free, but installation is a mind pussle21:00
head_victimUnit193: that was the "the other option was to plug it in and search for non free drivers" but yeah probably wasn't clear enough21:00
silverarrowthere might me a solution though, because eventually the ralink / realtech driver are included in ubuntu driver packages21:01
silverarrowat least many of them21:01
Unit193I got that part (I was thinking you could do that) I just didn't know if that would get new ralink drivers21:01
head_victimsilverarrow: as long as they are open source ones then yes21:02
silverarrowI should think so, because the Ralink company boasts about linux friendly hardware, and work together with open source oriented people21:03
Jef91Anyon else get "error permission denied" when opening PCManFM as root in their user's home folder?21:03
head_victimJef91: yes I do21:04
head_victimNow I can't get it to close :;/21:05
Jef91hit OK21:05
Jef91and then it works fine21:05
Jef91its just a very annoying error message21:05
head_victimI've hit ok about 100 times now21:05
head_victimkill time21:05
head_victimI didn't gksudo though so that might have been the issue21:05
Jef91does it via sudo and gksudo21:06
Jef91gksudo is just a grahical sudo head_victim21:06
Unit193head_victim: xkill >:)21:06
head_victimUnit193: kill -9 works for me ;)21:07
head_victimI can't get my USB floppy drive to work under Ubuntu though, annoying21:07
bioterrorUnit193, http://psdoom.sourceforge.net/ moore leet way to do it21:08
* Unit193 also loves htop :)21:11
Unit193bioterror: Wow... just wow.... I take it you use that one?21:14
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bioterrorUnit193, I tried it back in the 90's ;)21:28
bioterrorbut that's coolest way to "kill" process21:29
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