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slnrI have a query with fakesink12:20
slnrdid anyone try this12:20
slnrgst-launch filesrc location= xyz.mp4 ! qtdemux ! nal2bytestream_h264 ! omxh264dec ! fakesink12:21
slnrseems have problem12:22
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ograWOHOOO !!!!13:05
ograserial output of oam-config on the serial console13:05
ografinally !!!13:05
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GrueMasterogra: Great!.  What was it?14:49
ograGrueMaster, debian-installer/framebuffer defaults to true14:51
ograsetting it to false forces serial14:51
ogranow tracking the missing user creation14:52
ograand why serial is so screwed up wrt display14:52
ograGrueMaster, do you usually use screen or minicom for serial ?14:58
* ogra would like to know if the UI looks any better under screen14:58
GrueMasterI use minicom due to its logging capabilities, but have used screen also.14:58
GrueMaster(and it is more familiar to me).14:59
ograi would like to know if the window frames are as screwed up as in minicom ... i cant really see whats selected ofr example15:00
ograand the frames are all special chars15:00
ograalso UTF-8 seems to not work at all15:01
GrueMasterI'll look into it.  Is the fix for oem-config on today's image?15:01
GrueMasterOr can I munge it to work?15:02
ograyou can just use the last build from today15:02
ogra(i did several the last two days)15:02
ograjust dont expect it to create a user :)15:02
ograseems the final bit of ubiquity isnt run at all (its not in the debconf UI code in ubiquity)15:03
ograso thats why we end up without user15:03
* ogra fires up another isntall to collect some screenshots15:04
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ograGrueMaster, exporting TERM=vt100 before minicom makes the UI work16:37
GrueMasterThat can also be set in minicom.16:37
ograbut i would like to see it working on the other side actually :)16:38
ograso we dont need to change it on the client side16:38
GrueMasterwait, what?  The TERM=VT100 should be set on the host (minicom) side, right?16:39
GrueMasterWhat does that have to do with the image?16:39
ograi want debconf to provide the right stuff that we dont have to switch from xterm to vt10016:43
loolIs this over serial?16:43
ogralool, yep16:43
loolThe thing is this is going to depend from your connecting terminal, if you connect from linux console instead it will be different; you could use SSH instead as to pass the terminal information16:44
ogralool, bug 73611116:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 736111 in ubiquity "oem-config does not respect the console on serial tty" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73611116:44
ogralool, well, it would be good if a default gnome-terminal connection gets me a working UI16:44
ograsure i might connect somehow different but i want a working default16:45
ograi think in console we export linux for TERM16:45
loolWhy would the default be gnome-terminal?16:45
ograso i would like to see it working with xetrm and linux set16:45
ograwell, gnome-terminal, xterm kterm whatever16:46
ograthey should all use the same TERM setting in ubuntu afaik16:46
loolIt's all different emulations16:46
loolAnyway, I'm sure cjwatson can provide better input16:47
loolbut you could consider SSH as well, this would avoid the problem entirely16:47
ogranot for natty16:47
ograextending the headless image to different other install variants isnt something i want to do right before beta16:48
mikcHi, does anyone know how to play a full HD movie on the pandaboard ? I installed the omap4 addons, and it does not seem to work.17:44
amelimI just booted the OMAP3 image on my gumstix overo as per these instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall and it took me immediately to the ubuntu login screen. I replaced the fat32 partition with pre-built MLO, u-boot, and uImage from Gumstix Is there some sort of default credentials I should be using? I was under the impression it would do an install process19:00
rsalvetiamelim: you're probably not loading the uInitrd, then the installer will not start19:04
rsalvetias a consequence no user is created19:05
amelimcan I grab that file separately somewhere or will I have copy the whole preinstalled image over again?19:09
rsalvetiamelim: it'd be good to copy it from the preinstalled image, as it's the first initrd created, with instructions to startup the installer and do the disk resize19:17
rsalvetiamelim: but you can also mount the img file if you have that at your host, and just grab the file without the need to write it again19:18
amelimI'm just reflashing my SD to get a fresh image. Should I encounter any issues if I just copy over the gumstix specific files directly to that partition?19:20
rsalvetiamelim: it should work, if your u-boot is loading the boot.src file19:27
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