zniavrehttp://imgur.com/qfEUY.png    > how to fix gedit background please?08:20
zniavregedit tabs background*08:20
zniavreis it related to the frame ?08:21
vishzniavre: i'v tried looking that too … i used gtkparasite and found it was something related to *GeditNotebook* , not sure if that is a widget_class or a class but wasnt able to actually theme it, do let me know if you figure it out :)10:20
vishzniavre: btw, how did you theme chrome inactive tab?10:21
vishit is always being lighter than the active tab :s10:22
zniavrei hav made my own chrome theme10:27
vishzniavre: neat thanks. :)10:28
vishzniavre: btw, Canonical design team had that exact same mockup for nautilus and other apps more than a year ago.. but someone seems to have sent that to OMG and it is news now ;)10:28
vishzniavre: you should try equinox engine, it has some nice options for dark themes10:29
zniavrewith a touch of rgba we can hav chrome translucide10:29
zniavrevish,  about gedit i remember a gtk+ theme with specific rules for gedit i can't find it anymore10:30
zniavrethere is documentations for equinox engine?10:31
zniavrei do not know that much10:31
zniavreoops damned my veg curry is burning see ya soon10:32
vishi dont think there is any documentation, but i was just playing around with the theme, I like the option "Animations = true", button press has that soft touch :D10:36
thorwilthese days, the only thing i theme is my emacs10:40
zniavre vish *GeditNotebook* can "style" every part of notebook execpt the background  i wanted to theme11:24
zniavrevish sadly gtkârasite seems to does not work on natty  :o(  this command line does nothing > GTK_MODULES=gtkparasite gedit  <  it's this one no ?12:25
zniavrepython worrie ...12:27
vishzniavre: yea, $ GTK_MODULES=gtkparasite gedit works on maverick14:11
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thorwilivanka: good evening! i recall the topic of images under version control came up at the last uds. not open, but a great example how it could end up: https://github.com/blog/817-behold-image-view-modes18:04
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ivankathorwil: I know - it's brilliant - saw it earlier today18:14
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