halpbatmanhey hey05:44
halpbatmanwhat's cracking?05:45
duanedesignsome stuff diferent day :P05:45
duanedesignhow are you halpbatman05:50
duanedesigndid you have any questions or just lurking :)05:50
halpbatmanpretty good05:50
halpbatmangot a spare usb thumb05:50
halpbatmanlooking for things to do with it05:50
duanedesignmaybe a small linux install, like tiny core linux05:51
halpbatmani'm just lurking05:52
halpbatmanyeah i got a linux on another flash already05:52
halpbatmani just found this one lying around in my house05:53
duanedesignalways nice to find another thumb drive05:53
halpbatmanyeah cause you lose them so easily05:54
halpbatmanit's like finding money in your laundry05:54
halpbatmanit's yours to begin with05:54
halpbatmanbut when you find it05:54
halpbatmanit's epic05:54
duanedesigni have not done that in awhile05:54
halpbatmanlrn to do laundry brah05:54
duanedesigni found a 20 in my coat one winter (had been in their since the previous winter)05:54
duanedesignwhat about a ram disk05:55
halpbatmanlol my mom used to hide money in winter clothes05:55
halpbatmanso i'd randomly find bills05:55
duanedesignguess using a thumbdrive for more ram would only be cool if your computer had limited ram05:56
halpbatmanmmm ram eh?05:56
halpbatmanisn't usb 2.0 too slow for that?05:56
duanedesigni do not think so06:00
duanedesignit will be slower then RAM, but faster then swap disk06:01
halpbatmanhmmm interesting.06:02
halpbatmanwould this still work if my motherboard only supports upto 2gb of ram and i already have 2 gb?06:03
duanedesignnot sure. looking to see if i can find the forum post06:06
duanedesignabout it06:06
halpbatmanthat is interesting idea though...06:07
halpbatmanjust worried about the frequent read/write as RAM on the life of flash drive06:08
* duanedesign nods06:08
halpbatmansay i find a 16gb flash that's 16gb of ram06:08
duanedesignhalpbatman: looks like thread is under staff review :P I will ask my fellow staff members about this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=39543506:14
halpbatmancool ty06:14
halpbatmani think for now i'm gonna use it as a file vault06:17
halpbatmanencrypt the crap out of it06:17
duanedesignwe had a beginners team member who made a cool guide on using an sd card or usb as a 'key' for an encrypted drive06:18
halpbatmanyeah i actually found that06:19
halpbatmanbut for a 4gb flash it seems like a waste to use it as a key06:19
halpbatmanmaybe when i find a 256mb06:19
halpbatmanit's like how you need a id card scan to access work computers along with login passwords06:20
duanedesignright :)06:20
halpbatmanexcept you'll be a badass with a diy home setup06:20
duanedesignseems like a better idea for a smaller thumbdrive06:21
halpbatmani know for sure i have those old 256mb's lying around in my garage with old computer parts some where06:21
halpbatmanman i remember getting those and thinking "holyyyy ssssssssss*** a 256mb in my keychaiinnnn06:22
duanedesignI was totally impressed when zip drive came out06:28
halpbatmanthose were too expensive for me06:29
halpbatmangood thing06:29
duanedesign100MB was so impressive on such a small disk06:29
duanedesignbefore that I used Syquest drives06:29
duanedesignthose were really expensive06:29
halpbatmani remember those06:29
duanedesignthey were the size of a small book :P06:31
duanedesignhalpbatman: i saw on newegg they have 64GB flash drives now06:35
duanedesignthey probablly have bigger ones...06:35
halpbatmanyeah i saw a 128gb floating around on the web06:36
halpbatmantoo expensive06:36
halpbatmani'd just buy a ssd at that point06:36
duanedesigni think the 64GB one was 100+ dollars06:37
halpbatmanmeh wait few months06:38
halpbatmanit will be where 32gb s06:38
halpbatmanwell good night everyone06:49
halpbatmanI'm off to bed06:49
halpbatmanduanedesign: thx for your help06:49
=== Puck` is now known as Twitter
=== Twitter is now known as Puck`
aztekhello bro s-fox14:16
aztekhow r u?14:16
s-foxI am fine thank you. How are you?14:16
aztekam fine too14:20
aztekam from indonesia, where do you live?14:21
UnguidedHey everyone. Is anyone familiar with windows home server's remote access?15:58
duanedesigncompare package versions between distros http://oswatershed.org/16:26
MrChrisDruifHow can Gentoo be so obsolete duanedesign?16:38
holsteinMrChrisDruif: obsolete or stable ;)16:39
MrChrisDruifObsolete holstein, that oswatershed.org keeps track of how obsolete a distro is....but I thought that Gentoo was compiling16:39
duanedesignholstein: true16:47
duanedesignI think obsolete has some connotations that goo beyond just 'a newer version is available'16:49
yofelwell, gentoo has stable and unstable packages (latter have a tilde before the architecture), so I would assume they compared that16:53
yofelat least it was like that last time I tried it16:54
yofelyep, still the case http://packages.gentoo.org/16:56
Abhijithello stlsaint how are you mate?17:35
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=== christerIsGay is now known as KinkyPinkie
DrDetroitI have been using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS since about July 10 and all has been wonderful20:02
DrDetroitrecently i have accepted a couple updates20:02
DrDetroitever since then my machine has been running very very slowly20:02
DrDetroitI am at a loss as to what might be causing the issue20:03
DrDetroitI have used top and ps aux to check to see what might be using cpu or memory, but nothing stands out20:03
bioterrorwhat do you mean by slowly20:03
DrDetroityet my load average often hits 2.00 or higher20:03
DrDetroitIt may take a min or two to load irc chat20:03
DrDetroitit might take 2 min to load firefox20:04
DrDetroitthis has never happend in all the time i have had the machine running20:04
DrDetroitjust since my last set of updates20:04
DrDetroitcurrently i have regressed back 2 updates20:04
DrDetroitto see if it is truley a kernel issue20:04
DrDetroitor something else20:04
DrDetroitI am just at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this20:05
bioterrorDrDetroit, sounds weird. are you sure your hard drive is okay?20:11
DrDetroitI am pretty sure its ok bioterror20:12
DrDetroitit was working fine before the updates20:12
DrDetroitcurrently after regressing back 2 updates i have not seen the problem reappear20:12
DrDetroitbut its still early20:12
DrDetroiti have used both top ps -aux and itop to try and isolate the issue20:12
DrDetroitI dont know much about itop though20:13
DrDetroittop and ps aux show no unusual cpu or mem usuage20:13
DrDetroitit is very weird20:13
DrDetroitand upsetting20:13
DrDetroitsince i have junked all my winblows machines and turned them into linux boxes20:13
bioterrorthat's the spirit20:13
DrDetroiti have been all linux/unix for a while now20:14
DrDetroiti have been using linux since redhat 3.0 but new to ubuntu20:14
bioterrorwish most of new comers in here does the same20:14
bioterror3.0, niice, my first was redhat 5.2 ;)20:14
DrDetroitdebian was my preferred os but i have been leaning to ubuntu for my desktop because it is much nicer than debian20:14
DrDetroithehe i still run a redhat 7.3 here20:15
DrDetroitand i have all the rpm'sand updates to it20:15
DrDetroitbut when it finbally craps out i will change it to something else20:15
DrDetroitits been running since 02 without a hitch20:15
DrDetroitso why turn it off20:15
DrDetroitany ideas on how to try to troubleshoot this once i move back to the most current updated kernels i have?20:16
bdfhjkHi all!20:17
bdfhjkI recently published my new project20:17
bdfhjkand I need help20:17
bdfhjkplease look lp:74045320:17
bdfhjkThe idea of bug is that when I try to run new process20:18
bdfhjkby QThread20:18
bdfhjkprogram crashed20:18
DrDetroitI am a newbie to ubuntu so I won't be any good to you20:19
head_victimbug 74045320:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 740453 in as "Program crashes after the second approach of compile" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74045320:19
head_victimsorry just getting a link so I can have a look and see if I'm any good to you20:19
head_victimIt has the word compile in it so it's not looking like I'll be much use, hold on though just reading20:20
head_victimbdfhjk: that bug report is really empty, you should add LOTS more detail20:20
bdfhjkThe problems lay in it20:21
bdfhjkthat I don't know what can add more20:21
head_victimWell I wouldn't even know how to replicate. I would start by adding in the steps you took and where it went wrong.20:21
head_victimThat way we can at least test to see if it is reproducible or an issue with your local setup20:21
head_victimI am not an expert on bugs though so someone else might be able to give you a hand or I'd suggest asking for advice in #ubuntu-bugs20:22
DrDetroitbioterror 30 min no issues using older kernel20:23
bdfhjkI added more info20:23
DrDetroittoo strange20:23
hggdhbdfhjk, head_victim: a correction -- #ubuntu-bugs deals with bugs in Ubuntu. This is not one... this is an issue on programming20:31
head_victimbdfhjk: Ah it's not even in a PPA for installation? Makes it hard to troubleshoot if it's hard to install20:31
head_victimhggdh: yeah sorry I didn't realise it wasn't a Ubuntu program before offering the advice :/20:31
hggdhhead_victim, no problem.20:32
bdfhjkit wasn't yet20:32
bdfhjkWhat I can release it in PPA?20:32
bdfhjkI can simply do that by checkinstall?20:32
hggdhbdfhjk, as I said, this is a problem with programming; anyway, it is very difficult to even try to understand the issue if there is no deployable binaries, and no stacktrace20:33
bdfhjkI know20:34
bdfhjkbut I can publish binaries20:34
bdfhjkbecause of internal error in launchpad20:34
bdfhjkwhen I try to do it20:34
hggdhbdfhjk, now another point -- the bug you opened is a bug against *your* project... which means the project's developers will lok at it... which means *YOU* ;-)20:34
bdfhjkI need advice20:35
DrDetroithehe me too20:35
* DrDetroit giggles20:35
hggdhbdfhjk, some more points: (1) ubuntu-beginners is most probably not the best channel for that, this is a channel for _beginners_ -- who, usually, do not programm20:36
hggdhbdfhjk, (2) even if by luck you were to hit someone here, you gave *absolutely* NO data20:37
bdfhjkI feel a little lost20:37
hggdh"my programme crashes" is not enough. We would need source, makefiles, stacktrace20:37
bdfhjkWhat I should do ?20:37
bdfhjkThere is a source in trunk20:38
bdfhjkSo I prepare that all20:38
bdfhjkI am newbie in team programming20:38
hggdhbdfhjk, how much have you programmed?20:38
bdfhjkabout 10 years20:39
bdfhjkbut I never used the stacktrace20:39
bdfhjkNow I started contributing to ubuntu20:40
bdfhjkto learn them all20:40
hggdhbdfhjk, what`language is this programme of yours?20:40
hggdhbdfhjk, and how much have you programmed in C++?20:40
bdfhjkin c++ about ~5 years20:41
bdfhjkbefore in python20:41
bdfhjknow I also program in python20:41
bdfhjkI don't say that I am skilled20:42
bdfhjkI am still learning20:42
bdfhjkAnd this is my second program with uses threads20:42
hggdhnow, when a program crashes, usually you get error messages; if you have compiled it with debug set, you should have a bit more of data20:42
bdfhjkI do all with the documentations20:42
hggdhso one option is do run it under gdb20:42
bdfhjkI improve raport20:43
bdfhjkso I must include20:44
bdfhjklog from gdb20:44
hggdhbdfhjk, oh, you were the one to add the -w to apport20:44
bdfhjkbut I can't use apport20:44
bdfhjkIt not working in my computer20:44
hggdhno, because this is not an ubuntu package20:44
bdfhjkNot that20:45
bdfhjkapport not working at all20:45
bdfhjkit freeze when I tried to use it20:45
hggdhbdfhjk, when you ask for help on this issue, yes, you have to have stacktrace, buildable sources, the whole nine yards20:45
bdfhjkfor antoher, ubuntu pckages20:45
hggdhbdfhjk, apport will *NOT* work for your issue20:46
bdfhjkWhat is the best way to generate makefile?20:46
hggdhno matter what else. Apport will not work for Ubuntu packages...20:46
bdfhjkI using QTCreator20:46
yofelhm, how did you crash it?20:47
hggdhnow you reached my limit, I am not a QT programmer20:47
yofelI did manage to compile it, but without steps to crash it we can't help ;)20:47
hggdhoh saint yofel comes to the rescue :-)20:47
head_victimIt's like a tag team in here :)20:47
* head_victim barracks from the sidelines20:48
yofelwell, not that I know much about Qt, but I did a bit basic qt stuff in the past20:48
bdfhjkTo crash my program20:48
bdfhjkclick on 'education'20:48
bdfhjkget first task20:48
bdfhjkstart it20:48
bdfhjksend any file20:48
bdfhjkif you do this one time it should work20:49
bdfhjkbut if you do this second20:49
bdfhjkIt will crash20:49
bdfhjkThis is a tester for .cpp programs20:49
yofelbdfhjk: no 'education' to see here http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/as.png20:50
bdfhjkThanks for help You all20:51
bdfhjkI don't know how to solve it20:51
bdfhjkIt looks like a newbie error20:52
bdfhjkyofel: Do You see this issue?20:54
yofellet me first write a helloworld that complies to your rules :P20:54
bdfhjkok :-)20:54
yofelheh, first bug: the ok message is: <font color="green">Accepted</font>20:56
bdfhjkI forgot about this :-)20:57
bdfhjkTry solve another20:57
bdfhjkor the same20:58
AJH101hi i downloaded and installed google earth but it wont launch. any ideas?21:00
head_victimAJH101: does it give you any errors?21:01
AJH101nothing at all21:01
head_victimI'd suggest running it from the terminal and seeing what the output is21:01
AJH101ok i can cut and paste (!) what command please?21:02
yofelbdfhjk: once I solved the first task, it always tells me that it accepted it, regardless of the file I give it21:02
bdfhjkyofel: Also if You close it and try to solve another?21:03
yofelno, then it works, but I can't get it to crash yet21:03
head_victimAJH101: actually, which method did you use to install it? I found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth which might be helpful21:03
bdfhjkyofel: hm...21:03
bdfhjkMy computer is strange...21:04
bdfhjkSo you can do more than one solve (file send), and it not crash?21:04
yofelbdfhjk: I can send as many files as I want, If they're not cpp files I get a ton of compile errors to stderr but it doesn't crash21:06
AJH101head_victim: eureka! thanks very much21:08
head_victimAJH101: glad I could help :)21:08
head_victimI wish I knew that USB floppy drives were full of fail before I paid 12 dollars for this one :/21:10
bioterrorfloppy drives?!21:10
head_victim(I must admit though, was a nice bargain at 99cents plus postage)21:10
bioterror1980's called me and said that head_victim should return their piece of techology back21:10
head_victimYeah I came across some old ones from my Uni days that have some assignments and stuff on them I want to assimilate into my storage21:10
head_victimI figured it would be easier to use a USB floppy drive instead of trying to install an internal one21:11
bioterrorI hope you have nice 256 color gif files of Pamela Anderson and some other playboy models on those disks21:11
head_victimNo actually more presentations for my cognitive neuroscience assignments :/21:12
head_victimReally interesting if you want to know about research into visual illusions from 10 years ago.21:12
bdfhjkyofel: Please look one more at bug 740453, I added backtrace21:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 740453 in as "Program crashes after the second approach of compile" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74045321:12
head_victimOHHHHHHH I got it to work. I'm awesome and stuff. I love google21:12
bioterrorhead_victim, trust me, I have done some real research about visual illusions ;)21:13
bdfhjkyofel: mayby You have any idea, with is the cause of this bug in my computer21:14
head_victimbioterror: as have I..... I was looking at stabilising images on the retina so I could super impose small eye movements to try and determine what type of small movement caused particular types of illusions so that I could try and break down why the illusions occurred.21:14
yofelbdfhjk: probably a thread issue, but I don't know enough to help here I fear :/21:24
tdnHi, can someone try to reproduce bug 731340 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/731340)? Or tell me if there is anything more I can do in order to help isolate the cause of this bug?21:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 731340 in linux "LUKS is extremely slow on amd64 builds but not on i386" [Undecided,New]21:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 731340 in linux "LUKS is extremely slow on amd64 builds but not on i386" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73134021:24
bdfhjkyofel: ok21:24
bdfhjkyofel: Thanks for checking21:25
yofelnp. Btw. there's no sense in having the Makefiles in bzr. I still had to run qmake first to get something that builds21:26
bdfhjkso You compiled project by QMake?21:26
yofelwell, qmake as.pro && make21:27
maheanuuHello, I am having a problem, I minimize a folder and a page but I cannot get it to maximize when I click on the icon I am using Ubuntu 10.1021:27
yofelI got make errors with just make21:27
bdfhjkI always used QTCreator to compile21:28
bdfhjkHow prepare the package?21:28
yofelerrr... I have no experience packaging something that uses qmake, it's not exactly firendly for that :S21:30
bdfhjkso You are the first people21:31
bdfhjkwho see this project21:32
bdfhjkwhat do You think about it21:32
bdfhjkWhat You will change in it?21:32
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yofelbdfhjk: does it remember if you passed a test? if yes it would be nice if it would tell you so. Also, once you have passed a test it shouldn't Accept files with random data as valid program sources (or maybe disable the button?)21:36
yofelstopping the counter at the top once you have a correct program would also be an idea21:36
bdfhjkYes, I must do it21:37
bdfhjkDo you think this project have chance to be included in ubuntu repository?21:37
yofelah, and the instructions for 'loop' aren't clear: "The last line should be empty." - is that a complete new line? Here it accepted it only when the last line was terminated with \n, not with a completely empty line printed21:38
bdfhjkI always think, that is the same :-)21:38
bdfhjkIn the future21:39
bdfhjkI plan to remove white chars from end of file before validate21:39
yofelwell, once it works right, I think some poeple might find it useful. You can work together with the MOTU team to get it into the archive in that case. Just file a packaging request at that time21:40
bdfhjkSo I back to work21:44
bdfhjkThanks for all one more :-)21:44
head_victimAnyone have any good ideas on how to troubleshoot keyboard/mouse input locking up?22:15
jhanafrogjust the basics, different port(s) or different keyboard22:17
head_victimjhanafrog: yeah all tried :/ I'm hoping it's the KVM so I can swap that out and it shuold all work again but until I get another kvm no real way of testing it without large dramas22:19
head_victimI was hoping there was some magical monitoring program I didn't know about :P22:19

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