hakimsheriffHey all01:38
hypatiahey hakimsheriff01:55
hakimsheriffanything new?01:56
hakimsheriffi was busy for the past 2 weeks01:56
hypatianot much, there was a meeting last week01:58
hypatiacheck /topic01:58
hakimsheriffI can't believe i missed it01:59
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dscasselMorning, all.15:42
dscasselHakimsheriff was here? I missed him again?15:42
Lord_Ahrimanbonjour hello15:44
dscasselSalut, Lord_Ahriman15:44
Lord_Ahrimandscassel comment ça va ?15:45
dscasselI'm fine, but my French is terrible. :)15:46
Lord_Ahrimanpas problem!!15:46
Lord_Ahrimanwhere u from ?15:47
Lord_Ahrimanohh nice15:47
dscasselHow 'bout you, Lord_Ahriman15:47
Lord_Ahrimani´m from mtl qc15:48
dscasselAh, cool.  Lots of Ubuntu activity there. :)15:48
dscasselUbuntu Quebec is its own LoCo, primarily in French.15:51
Lord_Ahrimanlet me see15:52
dscasselThey're in #ubuntu-qc, but a few of them hang out here as well. :)15:53
dscasselFirefox 4 is available!17:17
dscasselHere's how to install it on 10.04 or 10.10. http://askubuntu.com/questions/6339/how-do-i-install-firefox-4/61217:17
* genii-around makes fresh coffee17:39
genii-aroundMmm cake and devilled eggs18:28
genii-arounddscassel: You making the food yourself?18:30
bregmammm, maple syrup with maple syrup on top18:30
genii-aroundbregma: That sounds good too :) Maybe it's been too long since I had lunch18:31
bregmaI have about 5 litres of fresh warm syrup, come and get it18:32
bregmait's also good on toast, rice, or drizzled on snow18:33
bregmaor boiled with last year's garlick and used as a baking sauce for chicken18:34
genii-aroundDarn. Now I'm hungry for blueberry pancakes18:34
bregmaah, yes, fluffy white buttermilk pancakes swimming in syrup18:34
bregmaI'm off to collect more sap, my buckets are overflowing18:36
dscasselgenii-around: I buy the cake.18:52
* dscassel is lazy18:52
dscasselBut I get a friend to do the custom decorating. :D18:53
dscasselBobJonkman brings the devilled eggs. :D18:53
genii-aroundCool. Last year my friend's kid made the cupcakes, I made the coffee ... My gf is promising to make the cupcakes this year18:54
wmatdscassel: you're in K/W, no?20:37
dscasselwmat: Yeah, I am.23:03
dscasselHave you been out to any of the Ubuntu Waterloo things? Jams or parties?23:04

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