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fernandofathi there01:58
fernandofatI have a question regarding scaling up resources like memory on UEC vm's01:59
fernandofathow does this work?02:02
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smoserin UEC there is no way to scale memory up02:15
smosergeneral idea of "cloud" is horizontal scaling02:15
flaccidwell different instance types can have different amounts of memory02:16
flaccidyou can vertical scale mem and cpu02:16
smoserright.. i was thinking that the quesiton was regarding an existing (running) instance02:17
smoserie, hotplug memory02:17
flaccidthat would be nice :)02:17
fernandofatokay, so horizontal scaling would be creating a copy of the running vm and they would work as one?02:20
fernandofatsmoser, it is regarding an exising instance02:20
flacciddepends what you are serving - if its scalable e.g. an application server behind a frontend lb02:21
fernandofata squid proxy server for example02:21
flaccidmultiple backend proxies can work like that02:22
fernandofatis it correct what I said? about two virtual machines working as one? regarding horizontal scalability02:25
flaccidtwo or more separate instances02:25
fernandofatso for scaling up what gets replicated are the instances02:30
flaccidin a general sense, yes02:31
erichammondIt's not quite hotplug (requires reboot) but on EC2 you can scale up and down a single instance: http://alestic.com/2011/02/ec2-change-type02:38
erichammondDon't know about UEC.02:38
fernandofatwhere can I find some practical information on private cloud/UEC? Like what I can and what I can not do with this technology?02:44
flaccidsee the topic02:44
flaccidand euca docs02:44
smoserUEC does not provide ebs root, and somewhat as a result, does not allow StopInstance02:45
fernandofatok, thanks for the answers. I'll check out the euca docs, I already saw the Cloud Portal docs.02:52
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koolhead11hi all05:23
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kim0Morning o/08:03
rwatHi cloud people - playing with my first cloud setup and failing to get an image running. What's the secret of how to get a emi when you upload an image bundle?10:48
koolhead17rwat, what is the cloud controller?10:51
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rwatkoolhead17: I'm using eucalyptus-cc 2.0.1 on natty, if that's what you mean10:53
koolhead17rwat, http://cssoss.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/eucabookv2-0.pdf   see if this helps.10:55
koolhead17kim0, there10:56
koolhead17can we change topic and put this book link there?10:56
kim0Yeah why not :)10:56
kim0let me shorten it though10:56
rwatyeah that looks useful10:57
koolhead17yeah sure10:57
* koolhead17 thinks of updating it 4 natty soon.10:57
rwatwhen I try to activate an image from the store I just get "Bad request signature"10:59
rwatno indication of what bit of the cloud thinks the request has a bad signature10:59
=== kim0 changed the topic of #ubuntu-cloud to: All questions relating to Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), Ubuntu over EC2, cloud configuration management tools are welcome | Ask clearly, and wait patiently for an answer | Ubuntu-Cloud mailing list at http://goo.gl/fpm0F | News, Venus and Involvement at Cloud Portal http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ | Check EucaBook http://j.mp/h2CEY5
koolhead17rwat, i would suggest look at the document and see if you have followed it step by step11:00
koolhead17kim0, cool!! :D11:01
rwatis it only NCs that need bridged networking?11:04
rwatfor testing purposes, is it compulsory to have the CC be the IP gateway for all the other servers?11:14
kim0rwat: that's the supported networking mode .. so pretty much yes11:17
rwatkim0: ok I'll give that a go11:23
rwatin natty what is the purpose of eucalyptus-network ?11:24
rwatin the book it seems to refer to in the text but in the code examples - are these really two separate networks or a typo?11:26
koolhead17a typo11:27
rwatalso confusing: a local network with the CC as a gateway would seem to imply some kind of NAT setup, but there's no iptables config mentioned in the book11:36
rwatok I think my networking is now compliant with my interpretation of the manual, but I've still got a bunch of issues12:32
rwatall the commands seem to work12:32
rwatI successfully uploaded a kernel bundle12:32
rwat(this was for the standard fedora image)12:33
rwatI can see it if I ask euca-describe-images12:33
rwatuploaded ramdisk but didn't return id and isn't visible via euca2ools12:34
rwatcan't connect hybridfox - it just gives me a blank error12:34
rwatcan't run an image from the store "Bad request signature"12:35
rwatwondering if thesee are related and ring any bells with people12:35
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koolhead17kim0, seems like i have to spend nyt in office for the cloud day14:09
koolhead17kirkland, hey14:09
kirklandkoolhead17: hi14:09
kim0koolhead17: can't you make it from home ?14:37
koolhead17kim0, no internet yet. just shifted to new place!!14:37
kim0I hope it's gonna be enough fun to offset the pain :)14:38
koolhead17pain is worthy enough to be taken14:46
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mathiazsmoser: hi!18:53
mathiazsmoser: is it possible to change the name of the default user for EC2 AMI (currently ubuntu) via cloud-init?18:53
smosermathiaz, no, not really.19:08
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smosermathiaz, you can open a bug20:39
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