nigelbduanedesign: 0.25 :P05:54
duanedesignI am sooooo bad about that05:56
nigelbyeah, I wrose05:56
duanedesigni do that at least twice a day05:56
nigelbI once interrupted a cc or dmb meeting05:56
nigelbI genearlly get g33 because I forget to press ctrl + g05:56
duanedesignsorry i dropped out of our conversatipon yesterday05:57
duanedesigni had a problem with a patch submitted by a project contributor. Then i also had another dev FG mentee wanting a merge proposal done :P05:58
duanedesignwe are getting a bunch of people interested in develplop05:58
duanedesignment. Really need to get better organized on our processes for the Dev FG in Beginners Team05:59
duanedesignI think that could help us handle more people, easier06:00
duanedesignnigelb: you know who jsjgruber is?07:01
kim0Morning o/08:03
nigelbduanedesign: nope08:03
nigelbhola kim0 ::)08:04
kim0nigelb: hey man  :)08:05
duanedesignnigelb: kk. was just testing a bug fix proposed for Lernid08:07
duanedesignbrb, reboot08:08
kim0Daviey: shall we edit your session to be called puppet ?08:14
kim0nigelb: say that here :)08:14
nigelbkim0: I guess Daviey's mind needs some make up :P08:14
nigelbkim0: :D08:14
kim0hehe lol .. yeah08:14
kim0I think he's going with puppet08:14
kim0but I guess he's not awake yet08:14
kim0nigelb: He's all yours once he's up :D08:14
nigelb8:15 might be too early for the kind of bed times we all maintain :P08:15
kim0hehe :)08:15
kim0I've been planning on waking up at 6:00 for about a year now .. still not able to pull that off08:16
nigelbI've given up on anthing before 7.08:16
nigelbCan't sleep at 2 and wake before 7, no point.08:17
nigelbkim0: Calender updated (http://people.ubuntu.com/~nhandler/classroom.html)08:17
kim0woohoo :)08:17
dholbachgood morning08:21
kim0dholbach: morning08:22
dholbachhey kim008:24
kim0hey :008:24
kim0oh little short on the shift key :)08:24
duanedesignthis branch fixes lernid so it runs on Natty. FWIW lp:~jsjgruber/lernid/lernid.fix71693708:24
nigelbahoy dholbach :)08:25
dholbachhey nigelb08:26
nigelbduanedesign: sadly, the last 2 commits have been from jorge, not fromthe actual maintainer :|08:26
nigelbhey dpm :)08:27
dpmhey nigelb08:27
dpmhey all, good morning!08:27
kim0dpm: howdy :)08:32
dpmhey kim0!08:34
duanedesigndholbach: ping09:00
dholbachduanedesign, pong09:02
duanedesignhello dholbach09:02
duanedesigndholbach: had a question09:02
duanedesigndholbach: trying to help someone in #ubuntu-app-devel.09:02
duanedesignHi! I'm one of the developers of EdytorNC-program. We'd like to get it included in Ubuntu. In packaging guidelines there are instructions to package  upstream source release, but is it ok to add packaging information to source release itself?09:03
dholbachit's not necessary09:03
dholbachit's better to do that just in the distro09:03
duanedesigni was not sure what the status quo was09:03
dholbachas it easily gets out of sync09:03
dholbachbetter not bother :)09:03
duanedesigngreat! thank you09:03
dholbachno worries09:03
huatsmorning everyone !09:23
dholbachparty! it's ara's birthday!10:06
nigelboh, ara: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)10:07
Pendulumhappy birthday ara!10:08
arathanks all!10:16
duanedesign♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪  happy birthday ara ♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪11:07
araduanedesign, thanks :)11:08
duanedesign:) I heep those notes in a tomboy note for just such occasions :)11:08
popeyi often wonder how people pluck these random Unicode chars out11:08
duanedesignwhat is funny nhandler has a script that reads highlights in irc. So it kind of sung it to him11:09
popeywell, not often :)11:09
duanedesignPendulum: hello. you have a second?11:10
Pendulumduanedesign: sure11:10
kim0ara: oh Happy B-day :)11:11
jcastroJFo: bring your knife14:17
* JFo gets his knife14:18
mhall119that sounds like trouble14:20
Pendulumthat sounds like fun14:21
mhall119you have an interesting definition of 'fun'14:21
mhall119oddly, when I read that, I instantly pictured JFo giving himself a haircut with the knife14:22
JFoI do keep em sharp14:23
jonodpm, about ready?15:02
dpmjono, all set15:02
dpmjono, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable15:07
dpmjono_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable15:12
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Technovikingpopey: what was that vnc type screen viewing software you were using for support awhile back?16:00
popeyTechnoviking: vnc :)16:06
popeyTechnoviking: i have setup ssh keys to my mums house, so there is no vnc exposed to the world16:07
popeyI just typed this:-16:07
popeyvncviewer -via mumspubliciphostnamething localhost16:07
popeythat ssh's to my mums box and a vnc window appears16:07
popey(the -via uses ssh)16:13
Technovikingpopey: thought there are a different remote viewer you were using16:16
popeyi use that one mostly16:17
jcastrocjohnston: where's that bug you filed about not showing partitions on the launcher?16:30
cjohnstonsomeone duped it16:32
cjohnstonone sec16:32
cjohnstoncompiz hasnt been playing well with me the last few days16:34
jcastroit was hell all weekend or me16:35
cjohnstonim still having issues today16:37
cjohnstonbug 71103316:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 711033 in unity "Add the ability to remove mounted drives from the Unity launcher (dup-of: 713423)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71103316:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 713423 in unity "Unity launcher gets cluttered when having multiple partitions and/or external volumes attached" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71342316:38
cjohnstonjust crashed again16:40
jcastro2d ftw.16:41
cjohnstonhow do i switch16:42
popeycjohnston: http://popey.me/haHkMc16:43
cjohnston2d not as pretty16:51
popeyfancy that!16:52
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=== jono_ is now known as jono
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day17:58
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!17:58
* popey tickles dholbach 17:58
* dholbach hugs you all17:58
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jcastrojono: got a sec for WP help?18:59
jcastroit is totally nonobvious to me how to change the Schedule link to the right one on uds.ubuntu.com19:00
jcastrojono: nevermind, found it!19:02
jcastrohad to create a new menu thing19:02
jonojcastro, :-)19:03
jcastrostill, nonobvious!19:03
TechnovikingUDS blueprints are open19:08
TechnovikingAre UDS blueprints open (sorry 5th hour of meetings, getting loopy)?19:08
jcastroI don't think they're ever really closed19:18
jcastroI think you can just submit19:18
jcastrojono: vandine has packaged that lens, any chance you're on amd64?19:18
jonojcastro, cool - nope, on x8619:21
jcastrok I might have a PPA for you later19:21
czajkowskiwhy after being up for 30 hours straight can I not sleep for more than 3 hours :(19:33
czajkowskidoes unity just lock up for anyone else for no reason what so ever19:39
paultag*cough* fluxbox *cough*19:39
czajkowskithird time today I've had to hard reboot and always different things running :(19:42
jcastrocan anyone get to omgubuntu.co.uk?19:57
czajkowskiI tend to avoid any site with omgubuntu but will check jcastro19:59
czajkowskijcastro: seems to be rather slow19:59
czajkowskinope nothing loaded19:59
IdleOnenot loading here either20:09
IdleOneoh wait20:09
IdleOneslow but it loaded20:09
mhall119czajkowski: unity does that on eme20:37
mhall119on me20:37
mhall119jcastro: why the name change from places to lenses?20:37
jcastrono clue20:37
mhall119not that I think it's bad, just wondering why20:38
mhall119I'm still trying to think of a useful place/lense20:39
jcastromhall119: dude, google docs!20:48
jcastromhall119: and I've sorted out how to package via kenvandine, so I can ppa up python places20:51
mhall119google docs I can see20:53
mhall119not sure on launchpad20:53
jcastroyeah, if you want to do one that people will use, docs ftw.20:53
nigelbHello 4 am, nice to see you from this end22:44
nigelbMorning btw22:44
jcastrojono: ALRIGHT. Ready to try this badboy?22:46
jcastrowho else is on 11.04?22:46
jonojcastro, sure22:46
jcastroadd the ppa, install it22:47
jcastroand then either logout or restart unity with a "unity --replace" in the terminal22:47
jcastrojono: you'll need to be up to date, there was a libdee update today we need22:48
jonojcastro, I upgraded today22:50
jcastrogood, you should be fine22:50
jcastrojono: when you restart unity you should see the icon on your launcher22:51
jonojcastro, what package to install?22:55
jcastrojono: ^22:56
jonook brb22:57
jcastro.... and ... ?22:59
* jcastro drum rolls22:59
jonojcastro, doesnt work23:00
* jcastro points head into the wall23:00
jonosorry jcastro, no luck here23:07
jcastrough so close23:07
jcastroI can feel it23:07
jcastrook, ken's EODed and this is beyond my skill level23:07
jcastroI guess tomorrow will be the day23:07
jcastrojono: can you try one thing for me23:08
jcastrogo into /usr/share/unity/places23:08
jcastroand do a ./unity-askubuntu-daemon23:08
jcastroand tell me what happens23:08
jonoit isnt in there jcastro23:09
jcastrotell me if you see that23:09
jonoI see askubuntu.place23:09
jcastrowhat's in there? anything related to the place?23:09
jcastrobut not daemon thing?23:09
jcastrook, that's a packaging bug. Whew.23:10
jcastroat least it's not my fault.23:10
jcastroI'll ask ken to check it tomorrow23:10
jonowhy would it be your fault?23:10
jcastroI'm doing the recipe and stuff23:10
jcastroand he "dbussed" it basically23:10
jcastrothe first cut you had to run the place by hand23:10
jcastronow it does like dbus activation or something23:10
jcastroso that it just runs when unity runs instead of you having to manually run the place23:11
jcastrowhich is handy when you're messing with it, but not friendly when you want users to mess with it23:11
nigelbjcastro: I could use some help :)23:32
nigelbwith spreading the word out for the UGJ series of classroom sessions23:33
nigelbso far, I'm short of 1 instructor and 1 confirmation, I'll put up a post after I get those two.23:33
nigelbuhm, all confirmed :)23:58

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