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brobostigongood morning everyone,10:36
brobostigongood morning darius :)10:59
dariusmorning brobostigon10:59
dariusHow's things?10:59
brobostigondarius: not bad, could be better, feeling ill. how about you?11:00
dariusI'm good11:01
dariustrying out natty, still quite buggy, had a few problems with compiz11:01
dariusbut i'm quite liking it11:01
brobostigoni gave up on unity, and am using the gnome3-teams ppa, and am using gnome-shell myself.11:02
dariusi tried gnome-shell11:02
dariusit's ugly :(11:02
brobostigoni find it simple, which i like, but it works so much better for me, i like the new workspace management for example.11:03
dariusthe workspace management yes11:04
dariusthat is brilliant, but that's bound to find it's way onto unity at some point11:04
brobostigondarius: it cant be, as far as i cansee, wth the way its implemented inunity right now, in truth.11:05
dariusthere's always a way :P11:05
brobostigoni have my doubts,11:06
dariusunity does need to be more themeable though11:06
dariusand the nm-applet doesn't show when you have your networking set up with an iface11:07
dariuswhich i have to do for the uni network :(11:07
brobostigoni think thats down to gtk still. as when i added gnome3 components, unity caight parts of the themeing from gnome3/gtk3.11:07
dariusso i have to change my netowrking config every time i want to switch to wifi11:07
dariusI'll write a little bash script later to do it11:08
brobostigondarius: the gnome3  version of network-manager is huge improvement, though,11:08
dariuswonder if i can hook it to call every time i unplug the ethernet :/11:08
dariushaven't seen it, i'll have a look now11:09
brobostigonnatty has the 2.32 version, whereas gnome3 uses 2.92.11:10
brobostigoni think.11:10
brobostigon!info network-manager natty11:10
uc_tumbleweedbrobostigon: info <url|feed>11:10
lubotu3network-manager (source: network-manager): network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.4~git.20110228t143901.5cdded6-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 434 kB, installed size 1456 kB11:10
brobostigonoh, sorry, wrong version numbering, but i know what iamgetting at.11:10
dariusoh the one with the slidy on/off buttons?11:11
dariusooh FF4 is out today11:11
brobostigonoh, imissed thhat.11:11
dariusdon't think it's quite enough to tear me away from chromium :P but it is nice11:13
brobostigoni will be sticking with chromium aswell, myself.11:13
brobostigonalso i like being ale to message with empathy via notifications, in gnome-shell, insted of messing about with and or changing windows to see new messages and or reply to people.11:15
dariusyeah i did see that, it does have some brilliant idea's11:17
brobostigoni also like, that they are going to make the calendaring, independant from evolution, as you always had to add you calendars to evolution, to get stuff inthere.11:18
dariusthat would be much better11:22
dariushave you tried any of the elementary apps?11:22
dariusPostler or Dexter?11:22
brobostigonno, explain please.11:23
dariusthe elementary project's email client and that, very nice, but very alpha :P11:25
brobostigonlooks interesting.11:28
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brobostigonhello everyone.17:00

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