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errordeveloperi'm getting a problem with ath9k interface01:46
errordeveloperjust update all packages01:46
errordeveloperand installed 2.6.38-701:46
errordeveloperstill bloody hangs01:46
errordeveloperalso I changed from NM to wicd01:47
errordeveloperand it persisted01:47
errordeveloper(that was the first step I did)01:47
errordeveloperany ideas .. ?01:47
errordevelopermay be it's not ath9k driver ..01:47
errordeveloperi.e. could be something else, hm ..01:48
errordeveloperwell, it sort of hangs quite badly01:48
errordeveloperand then panics01:48
cndScottK, ok, will do01:51
ScottKcnd: Keep in mind anything now is for oneric at the earliest.01:53
cndScottK, hmmm... ok01:54
ScottKerrordeveloper: If you are running Natty, you want #ubuntu+1 for help, otherwise #ubuntu.01:54
ScottKcnd: We're well past feature freeze.01:54
cndScottK: we've been working through FFe's01:54
cndthey're to highlight some multitouch work01:55
ScottKYou can always ask.01:55
cndwe've got FFe's open for the games01:55
errordeveloperScottK: well, it says devel branch on the vt login prompt01:55
cndone of them has been approved01:55
cndthe others are still waiting01:55
ScottKFrankly I think the touch people should have planned their work better and got this stuff done on time.01:55
ScottKerrordeveloper: #ubuntu+1 then.01:55
errordeveloperScottK: tbh, I am having big issue with #ubuntu channel, they just drive me crazy01:55
errordeveloperok, shall check +101:56
ScottKerrordeveloper: That doesn't make this a support channel.01:56
errordeveloperScottK: that wasn't my intention01:56
errordeveloperI wanted to sort of check if anyone here know of ath9k issue or anything related01:57
cndScottK, I understand the sentiment, though I think if you had a peek behind the curtain you might understand why things are the way they are01:57
ScottKcnd: Then they should have planned less.01:57
errordeveloperthere plenty of commits on linux-wireless01:57
ScottKWe have feature freeze for a reason and I don't think landing large chunks of work afterwards is a great idea.01:58
errordeveloperoh, by the this devel branch make like ubuntu, ..01:58
errordeveloperwell, I hasn't been a big fun tbh01:58
cndScottK, there are a few outliers01:59
cndbut by and large, our large code was all landed before FF01:59
errordeveloperand now seeing where you guys heading, (dropping off gnome) etc01:59
cndthese are just some games that the community has developed, for example01:59
ScottKThe stuff that didn't seems to be a rather large fraction of the FFe's we're getting, but I could be wrong.  It's not like I'm counting.01:59
ScottKerrordeveloper: Desktop specific development work for Unity would be in #ubuntu-desktop or #ayatana.02:00
errordeveloperI only said that I like, and that had been a complement to all of you guys  :)02:02
cndScottK, I have no clue how many FFe's you guys get, nor what is considered "reasonable"02:02
cndall we can go by is that a wiki page says there's a process02:02
cndand we've tried to follow the process to the letter02:02
cndif you feel we're unreasonable, then feel free to start denying02:02
cndwe are ok with that02:03
ScottKWhat I've been doing is not approving them.02:03
ohsixis the multitouch stuff the thing causing the enormous input latency and precision slowdown in natty? my touchpad is going nuts too, random right clicks (even from pressing the left click hard button)02:03
ScottKIf other team members think they're OK, I don't feel a need to block it.02:03
ohsixmultitouch or gestures02:03
cndohsix, we've not seen any bug reports about those issues02:03
cndthere could be something there02:04
ScottKohsix: This means you should file one.02:04
ohsixya i get it ;]02:04
ScottK(not go away, it's not a problem)02:04
ohsixthere was touchpad slowness during the mav beta too; but it was fixed, by what, i do not know02:04
cndthough I can't think of what would cause random right clicks02:04
ohsixwell they're not random, but in place of left clicks, probably 30% of them02:05
cndohsix, the new natty kernel has multitouch enabled for some synaptics trackpads02:05
cndand it could be causing some issues02:05
ohsixhm k02:05
cndohsix, do you have a dell mini?02:05
ohsixi know mine doesn't have any features for multitouch, from messing with it ages ago; i'll have to look into that02:06
cndohsix, then there's near 0% chance it has anything to do with multitouch/gestures02:06
ohsixnope, compaq cq60, the netbook i do have doesn't have any input problems with respect to the touchpad, neither speed or wrong button events02:06
cnd(can't be sure it's 0% chance though :)02:06
ohsixwait a minute  ...02:08
ohsixif i tap with 2 fingers it reliably delivers a right click02:08
ohsixand occasionally does it with one fat finger02:08
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ohsixwell that explains that02:09
ohsixfirst place i looked when i was trying to change the sensitivity or other settings that might be new, was the mouse applet; but it still has the options it's had for ages in the touchpad page02:09
ohsixall this fancy stuff is great, but i'd like my touchpad disable button to work again some day :D02:11
ohsixwould the component for reporting all these things basically be the kernel?02:12
ohsixthe misclicks seem to be rooted in the fact that my touchpad only reports one point, but there are sensitity/area settings to fake it, by assuming over a certain size is 2 fingers; if i enable 2 finger scrolling i can do the same thing with a fat finger02:14
cndohsix, there are knobs you can configure for these issues02:15
ohsixxinput list-props has some new things for the acceleration profiles too02:15
cndthey just aren't exposed by default02:15
ohsixthat might be the slowness02:15
cndyeah, xinput list-props02:15
cndsometimes the defaults change for those knobs upstream too02:15
cndone change in natty is the addition of kinetic scrolling02:15
ohsixas far as i know it could only ever be faked for this touchpad, the 2 finger stuff shouldn't even be displayed because it takes hairy manual setup, and can change with temperature and humidity D: (fingers get fatter, static settings to emulate stuff don't work reliably)02:16
cndohsix, you can turn off the two finger stuff in the mouse preferences02:17
cndso it doesn't do two finger right click or scrolling02:17
ohsixthat's just the thing, ic an disable 2 finger _scrolling_ but the 2 finger click is new, and isn't in there02:17
cndoh, I think you're right02:17
cndthere's no option to enable/disable it in the prefs02:18
ohsixthough i didn't know before a few minutes ago that the misclicks were actually 2 finger clicks in disguise :D (i use my touchpad rather sloppily on occasion)02:18
ohsixusing the thumb just to deliver a click when you don't need to move the mouse usually registers as 2 fingers02:18
ohsixtheres sensitive area around the hard buttons on t his laptop too, so resting your fingers anywhere near it causes fatfinger right clicks as well02:20
ohsixone thing xinput doesn't display, or seem to know; is that theres a protocol level flag that says wether a device can do more than one point reliably, i confirmed a while ago that mine can only do one point; seems to me that a default that involves 2 finger anything could be picked properly if that info was there02:21
cndohsix, yeah, there's a protocol flag02:22
cndbut you wouldn't be getting any multifinger data if that flag wasn't set02:23
cndthat's my understanding at least02:23
ohsixit's not getting multifinger info persay; but the driver, last time i looked; would use a contact area number/heuristic to infer if 2 fingers were on the touchpad, to do 2 finger scrolling (as i said, 2 finger click is new)02:24
ohsixit does the same for palm detection to disable mouse movements for input over a certain area02:24
cndohsix, oh right, I remember that now02:24
ohsixit sends the click, not the 2 point events02:24
cndyeah, so you don't have multifinger, but just a touch size02:25
cndthere's too many iterations of synaptics hardware :)02:25
cndohsix, I haven't been working on synaptics too much for non-multitouch hardware02:25
cndbut I haven't heard anyone else complain about how it works02:26
cndI'm sure others have02:26
cndbut it's not reached a noticeable threshold for someone who works in that area of the code02:26
ohsixthe reason i was looking back then in the first place, was to try 2 finger scrolling; which _sort of_ worked in a usable manner with the windows drivers, but i found out in the end that it was faked and if i wanted to use it i'd have to deal with it being tempermental02:27
cndohsix, I'm not sure how best to try to make that noticeable though :(02:27
ohsixand back then there was no checkbox in the mouse applet to just turn on 2 finger scrolling, had to do it with xinput set-prop02:27
cndit's not like there's an easy way to say "if your trackpad sucks in just this way too, hit this button"02:27
ohsixyea :\02:28
ohsixif xinput knew how many fingers it could report (or does it? and it's implied it does if the prop isn't present indicating how many points?) it could show the ui for the stuff, though 2 finger click and 2 finger scroll still might be desirable if the touchpad or its driver can fake it :\02:29
ohsixpicking 2 finger anything by default for one of the area heuristic touchpads is already annoying me though :P02:29
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ohsixnot sure how to file a straight up bug, need to file 2, one is the acceleration profile is wrong for this touchpad, and the other is the 2 finger clicking thing02:34
cndohsix, that sounds good02:35
cndohsix, you should search to see if anyone already has a similar bug report for either issue02:36
ohsixgood idea02:36
ohsixapport should offer a choice for input problems with "linux" and the default stuff (the one that lets you pick X.org, after you do you can only pick display and stuff, should have input :D)02:37
ScottKslangasek: Does "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find crti.o: No such file or directory" seem like it might be multi-arch related?02:42
ScottK(libc6-dev is installed)02:42
ohsixcrti is one of the startup stubs you need to link executables, not being able to find it cuz of the arch path is likely02:43
ohsix(though i haven't been following close, afaiu the paths are being changed to arch tuples and such a thing would be moved into one of them)02:43
ohsixcnd: should i file everything against "linux"? i wanna file one for my touchpad disable key, but i'm not sure what happens after X gets ahold of it and if it's more appropriate02:47
cndohsix, you can file against xserver-xorg-input-synaptics02:55
cndit doesn't really belong against the linux package02:56
cnd@pilot out03:10
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pittiGood morning06:37
* slangasek waves06:38
ohsixwhere do i read this "Policy 10.2" that i keep seeing mentioned07:20
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didrocksgood morning07:36
tkamppeterpitti, hi07:37
pittihey tkamppeter, good morning07:41
tkamppeterpitti, I have sent you an e-mail. It is an error_log from trying to use the CUPS web interface on a fresh standard installation of Natty. Looks like there is a PAM problem.08:15
pittitkamppeter: the PAM libraries moved during the multiarch transition indeed08:16
pittitkamppeter: from /lib/security to e. g. /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/security/08:17
pittitkamppeter: does cups assume that they are in /lib/security, for dlopen()ing them? if it only uses libpam, it shouldn't even notice08:17
slangasekcups probably needs to be restarted after the library is upgraded08:17
slangaseklibpam0g has code to handle this, but I didn't think to bump the version check for the multiarch move08:18
pittislangasek: that even happens after a reboot, though08:18
slangasekis there a bug report about this?08:19
pittiI can reproduce it as well; http://localhost:631 doesn't accept my password08:19
pittislangasek: not sure, I just saw tkamppeter's email about it a few minutes ago08:19
pittiI'm currently trying a no-change rebuild, just in case it checks pkg-config etc.08:19
slangasekno, cupsd is linked to libpam, and libpam does the lookups against the path08:20
tkamppeterpitti, for me tyhe web interface worked yesterday, I am currently updating my system ...08:21
dholbachgood morning08:21
pittiI don't see a relevant dlopen() either08:22
pittihey dholbach, guten Morgen08:23
tkamppeterpitti, can it be that the guy does not have libpam-modules installed?08:23
dholbachhey pitti08:24
pittitkamppeter: unlikely; it's pretty much impossible to remove it without shredding your system08:24
pittitkamppeter: also, I can reproduce it here as well, and I do have it08:24
slangasekit is possible to have upgraded libpam-modules without upgrading libpam0g08:25
slangasekI'll fix that08:25
slangasekand the restart issue08:25
slangasekbut I don't know if either of those explains the bug in question08:25
pittiI didn't do a partial upgrade08:25
pittiboth are version 1.1.2-2ubuntu408:25
tkamppeterpitti, slangasek: The web interface still worked for me with 2ubuntu3.08:26
slangasekoh, /usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/admin.cgi is a separate process and is not linked against libpam, hmm08:27
pittitkamppeter: ok, it's not just a rebuild; I'll check out admin.cgi later on, when I'm done with my current task08:30
pittishouldn't be hard to fix08:30
tkamppeterpitti, OK.08:30
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slangasekblast, my glib2.0 changes didn't make it to the repo and have been clobbered :(08:35
mr_pouityep, robert overwrites everything if it's not in bzr ;D (he did the same to me for some xscreensaver changes ;p)08:36
slangasekwhat's sad is that I did all my work in bzr, and just failed to push08:37
lifelessslangasek: then its on your local disk, yea?08:37
slangasekbut it's still a waste of buildd time08:37
slangasekand it means I currently can't dist-upgrade my multiarch chroot :)08:37
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pittidoko_: is there a command which outputs /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ vs. /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/, so that I do not have to do the version comparison and hardcoding these paths in debian/rules?08:56
tkamppeterpitti, slangasek, my system update has completed and the CUPS web interface still works for me.08:56
pittitkamppeter: even after a reboot, or restarting cups?08:56
slangasektkamppeter: ok.  interestingly, I can reproduce the failure here, but I don't understand it at all :)08:57
tkamppeterpitti, the update included CUPS, so it must have been restarted, but I will restart it again.08:57
doko_pitti: /usr/share/python{,3}/python.mk08:57
tkamppeterpitti, browser is Firefox 4.0 final ...08:58
pittidoko_: ah, thanks08:58
tkamppeterpitti, CUPS restarted, browser restarted, still works.08:59
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pittidoko: do I use py_sitename_sh with $(call) as well?09:03
dokopitti: afaics, yes09:08
pittidoko: cool, that works; thanks!09:14
debfxslangasek: oh dear, multiarch makes gcc-3.3 (libstdc++5) ftbfs09:25
debfxI guess it needs to be patched to search in the new lib dirs09:25
cjwatsonohsix: google for debian policy manual09:30
ohsixah i thought it was a version, not a section in something09:30
debfxkirkland: are you going to upload newt? kubuntu-d-s fails to install when palette.original isn't registered09:33
jamespageMorning all09:34
jamespageDoes dlopen() required a fully versioned library name or should it work with 'libpam.so' for example?09:35
Chipzzjamespage: the latter I think09:37
ChipzzI see no reason why it shouldn't work09:38
jamespageChipzz: Hmmm - thats what I thought09:39
jamespagedon't appear to be getting that behaviour (although it is a little hard to tell as sitting behind a java native access bridge)09:43
cjwatson'man dlopen' documents what's supposed to work09:49
cjwatson(though the last point in its bullet list may need to be updated for multiarch)09:49
jamespagecjwatson: yeah - I've read that a few times; ldconfig -p contains libpam.so.0 but not libpam.so so I don't think it will work09:59
cjwatson$ ldconfig -p | grep libpam.so10:05
cjwatson        libpam.so.0 (libc6) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libpam.so.010:05
cjwatson        libpam.so (libc6) => /usr/lib/libpam.so10:05
cjwatsondlopening libpam.so is only going to work if the -dev package is installed; for runtime use, it'll need to be 'libpam.so.0'10:06
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jamespagecjwatson: thanks - could be challenging10:14
jamespagethe Java library that I'm looking at tries to guess without a version number10:14
jamespageif it can't find it it then searchs a path which is currently not multi-arch compatible - hence it can't file the library.10:15
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mdzdidrocks, can you check into bug 723056 for me? I responded with the requested info but haven't heard back from the person you assigned11:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 723056 in compiz (Ubuntu) ""Toggle whether a window is on all workspaces" shortcut no longer works" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72305611:01
didrocksmdz: looking at it11:06
mdzdidrocks, thanks11:06
didrocksmdz: yeah, I asked sam to have a look. Will ping him again :)11:06
pittiugh, what happened yesterday to grow desktop CDs by 50 MB..11:16
pitti+eglibc-source 2.13-0ubuntu811:18
pitti+glibc-doc 2.13-0ubuntu811:18
ogra_finally you can build your own libc right after install !11:18
pittiand we got -dbg, -pic, -prof, and -xen as well11:24
pittiand -amd64 on i38611:24
* pitti files bug 740124 about it11:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740124 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "2.13-0ubuntu8 grew a lot of extra dependencies, causing CD explosion" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74012411:29
abhinav-awaypitti, I have pushed a branch for bug-340970 but I did not propose it for merging as I was not able to make it run. the code for checking obsolete packages doesn't seem to be getting triggered. I think this feature wont be merged in this release anyways11:30
cjwatsonpitti: it may just be busted priorities11:34
cjwatsonI'll check germinate output11:34
cjwatsonhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/priority-mismatches.txt certainly has a slew of stuff, suggesting incorrect NEW processing11:35
Riddellev: hmm, usb-creator on suse doesn't want to work http://susepaste.org/4891486311:37
pitticjwatson: ah, interesting11:38
pitticjwatson: the required->optional list is exactly the list of extra packages11:38
pitticool, thanks11:39
evRiddell: what happens if you manually spawn /usr/share/usb-creator/usb-creator-helper?11:42
evas root11:42
Riddellev: ImportError: No module named gobject11:42
Riddellhmm, possible dependency issue11:42
evyeah, it needs gobject for the main loop11:43
Riddellev: seems to be working now11:46
bdrungkenvandine: Breaks & Replaces should be used instead of Conflicts & Replaces if the conflicting package is versioned11:52
bdrungkenvandine: synaptic fail to find a proper upgrade path for gstreamer-plugins-{good,bad}11:54
Riddellev: failed at the last task  http://paste.opensuse.org/7940260211:57
evRiddell: make sure you have /usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin and /sbin/parted11:59
evalso, kill any running usb-creator-helper12:00
evand run it manually in a shell with sudo /usr/share/usb-creator/usb-creator-helper, which should produce some sort of crash when you hit bootloader installation again12:00
Riddellev: I have /usr/sbin/parted12:07
evah, usb-creator assumes it's in /sbin12:08
Riddellev: and /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin12:09
Riddellok trying with those modified in the source12:12
Riddellev: well, some progress http://paste.opensuse.org/671634012:17
Riddellev: do you know what package supplies python lsb_release in ubuntu?12:18
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oubiwanncjwatson: congrats on multiarch!12:44
cjwatsonoubiwann: congratulations should go to slangasek - he's been driving it12:46
oubiwannslangasek: congrats!!!12:46
oubiwanncjwatson: thanks :-) I'd assumed you were still on it, from last year!12:46
cjwatsononly poking at the odd thing from the sidelines12:48
cjwatsonand trying not to get in the way :-)12:48
ogracjwatson, fyi, properly preseeding debian-installer/framebuffer=false finally works ... but i needed to actually implement preseeding in jasper through debconf-communicate (nice sideeffect)12:52
ograsadly its close to unusable, the terminal is pretty screwed up12:52
cdbsdholbach: hi, could you re-add me to sponsors? ~bilalakhtar Thanks!12:53
ogra(i cant see what is selected)12:53
cjwatsonogra: as I said, it was more to narrow down where the problem was than a serious workaround suggestion12:54
cjwatsonogra: remind me of the bug number?12:54
* ogra digs12:54
ograbug 73611112:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 736111 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) "oem-config does not respect the console on serial tty" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73611112:55
ogracjwatson, well i have preseeding support in jasper now and we want the option to be user switchable on cmdline12:55
ograso its not bad to have it that way12:55
cjwatsonI suspect that it is not tty1 that's hardcoded, but /dev/fb012:56
ograbah, but i have no user12:56
ografunnily the new hostname is set12:56
* ogra wonders what failed there12:57
OdyXScottK: we are next week now; what about FFE'ing the pyside stack ?12:58
cjwatsonogra: commented.  just to be clear, I don't expect the main installer team to be able to deal with this, other than by offering advice12:59
ogracjwatson, well, i'm happy we have a wrokaround for the short term13:00
ograi'll try to add the fronend stuff somehow13:00
ScottKOdyX: Did you file the bugs?13:00
OdyXScottK: Nope. Will do then.13:01
cjwatsonogra: well ... see my more recent comment :)13:01
ScottKOdyX: FFe is only needed if there are feature differences between what's in Debian and what we have now.  If not, a regular sync request will do.13:02
ogracjwatson, will add some screenshots ... though first i want to find out why i have no user13:02
OdyXScottK: thing is I don't know what the status of pyside under armel is (as it is BD-Uninstallable in Debian, waiting on qtwebkit4)13:02
ogracjwatson, its also weird that while i have the caption "Installing packages..." the text inside the screen is "Ready when you are" and nothing more ... right afterwards it switches to debconf package removal13:03
ScottKOdyX: Not a problem.13:03
OdyXScottK: would it be possible to get a natty armel build of PySide ?13:03
evdveldehi all, how stable will btrfs be in 11.04?13:03
ScottKOdyX: we'd have to fix apiextractor to build first (symbols issues, IIRC).13:04
OdyXScottK: I removed the symbols tracking now (see 0.10.0-4)13:05
OdyXScottK: status in Debian is: https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=qt4-x11%2Cqtwebkit%2Chorizontal-void-line%2Capiextractor%2Cgeneratorrunner%2Cshiboken%2Cpyside&suite=sid&compact=compact13:05
ScottKI'm familiar with the qtwebkit issues in Debian as my python-qt4 upload is waiting for them to be resovled as well.13:06
cjwatsonogra: sure, I expect that the dual-debconf-stack code in the installer doesn't deal perfectly with the fallback case to a plain debconf frontend13:06
OdyXyeah, right.13:06
cjwatsonogra: some fixing there is no doubt required13:06
ScottKOdyX: Let's get apiextractor sync'ed then.  Can you file a sync request for that?13:07
OdyXScottK: we need the whole chain anyway.13:08
OdyXScottK: four sync request mailed13:09
Riddellev: what does usb-creator use the lsb-release python module for?  suse doesn't support it13:09
Riddellit's easy enough to patch but I don't want to break anything13:10
evRiddell: to somewhat deal with the incompatible versions of syslinux problem13:11
Riddellmm, so I should just hard code it to the appropriate version13:12
evsee http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/608382 for the hairy details13:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 608382 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Karmic) "Maverick images burned to usb key on lucid fail to boot - different syslinux version" [High,Triaged]13:13
evI was hoping to solve this with some MBR trickery a la isohybrid, but ran out of time in natty13:13
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kirklanddebfx: sure13:22
ogracjwatson, bug 740183 for the missing user13:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740183 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) "oem-config in debconf mode under serial console does not create a user" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74018313:25
kirklanddebfx: done!13:27
psusicjwatson: I was trying to fix a bug where users can't install to a dmraid raid10.  I set up a qemu on an emulated 4 disk raid10.  The installer only presends /dev/mapper/foo-0 and -1 as targets, which are actually subsets of the main array, foo.  How does it decide what to show and what not to?13:29
cjwatsonpsusi: grab the partman-base source package and look in init.d/parted and parted_devices.c13:30
psusihrm... ok13:30
debfxkirkland: thanks13:39
kirklanddebfx: you got it;  thanks for the approach, that's much nicer13:43
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psusicjwatson: it looks like this asks parted for a list of all devices, then does some custom filtering on them... shouldn't either parted already avoid returning those devices, or the filtering be based on udev attributes rather than lower level poking about?14:05
cjwatsonpsusi: I don't think parted should change, but feel free to submit a branch to improve the filtering14:09
psusicjwatson: hrm.. ok...14:12
cjwatson(if that's what the problem is)14:13
mr_pouitkirkland: http://lionel.lefolgoc.net/misc/ceci_est_une_aubergine.png (with xfce4-terminal and dialog, and sudo dpkg-reconfigure debconf)14:15
mr_pouitkirkland: I don't know if that's expected, but if I ever see an aubergine like that, I'll tell you ;-)14:15
mr_pouitapart from gnome-terminal, all other terms I tried showed this ugly color14:16
ograwow, readline is a painful frontend on 80x2414:17
ogracjwatson, hmm adding debug doesnt produce /var/log/installer/debug ... weird14:21
cjwatsonogra: oh, it may just make /var/log/oem-config.log more verbose14:22
ograah, yeah14:22
ograi was checking syslog14:22
ogracjwatson, k, attachede to the bug14:28
* ogra sees open /dev/tty: No such device or address14:29
ograFailed to open terminal.debconf: whiptail output the above errors, giving up!14:29
ograbut i dont think that should affect the user creation14:29
cjwatsonogra: does it ask you for a username?14:30
cjwatsonok, good14:30
cjwatsonI saw that in the log and wanted to check14:30
ograseems all correct from an UI POV14:30
cjwatsonso the problem is just that we need to suppress the dual-debconf-stack stuff when using the debconf frontend14:31
ograthere seem to be readline realted errors at the very end but nothing around the time it should apply the debconf settings14:31
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=== jjohansen is now known as jj-afk
cjwatsonactually, hmm, it might in fact be that plugininstall is never run for the debconf frontend14:33
cjwatsonthat's believable from the code14:33
cjwatsonnot desperately ouch, it should be easy to correct14:34
ograweird is that every other bit seems to have run14:35
ograi.e. as i said, i have a proper new hostname14:35
bcurtiswxslangasek,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/583809/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/583810/14:37
bcurtiswxleft is errors, right is build deps.  Said you might know about recent issues with building14:37
cjwatsonogra: sure, anything that's not in install plugins should have worked14:38
cjwatsonthat's not weird14:38
ograah, i thought plugininstall applies everything14:39
cjwatsonwell, hostname actually *is* in plugininstall - but maybe I'm missing something, I don't think that angle is worth pursuing for the moment14:40
sforsheeis there any key code that userspace interprets as "rotate display orientation" ?14:45
ionHeh. Apport adds to my bug reports: UpgradeStatus: Upgraded to natty on 2009-06-11 (649 days ago)14:45
sforsheeI haven't found anything that looks appropriate14:45
Riddellsiretart: what's the crack with libav?  ffmpeg forked?14:52
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Riddellsiretart: is there really not ment to be any sources in libav-extra?15:01
bjfpitti, dapper kernels look like they got fully tested so can go to -updates  (no rush on this)15:03
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
siretartRiddell: indeed, I'm replacing ffmpeg with libav, that's on purpose15:16
siretartRiddell: and yes, libav now builds a 'libav-source' package, on which libav-extra build depends15:16
siretartRiddell: this makes updates to the -extra packages easier15:16
Riddellsiretart: so ffmpeg and ffmpeg-extra source should be removed?15:17
siretartRiddell: yes, they should15:17
=== timc is now known as Guest62490
siretartwith libav going to main and libav-extra to multiverse15:18
siretartexactly like ffmpeg/ffmpeg-extra15:18
Riddellsiretart: why is libav-extra in multiverse?15:20
siretartbecause of its build dependencies15:20
Riddellsiretart: groovy, accepted15:20
siretart\o/ - thanks a lot15:21
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pittihey bjf15:24
pittibjf: yup, will move them ASAP15:24
bjfpitty, thanks15:25
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tkamppeterpitti, any news about PAM?15:38
pittitkamppeter: just finished my previous task, catching up15:38
Riddelltjaalton: what are you expecting to happen with bug 735602 ?15:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735602 in Ubuntu "FFE: add xinput-calibrate to natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73560215:39
ograoh, cool15:40
tjaaltonRiddell: asked for feedback on debian-x@15:40
tjaaltonupstream said to fix some bugs15:40
* ogra smells working touchscreen calibration15:40
Riddelltjaalton: there doesn't seem to be any archive admin tasks so I'll unsubscribe ubuntu-archive15:40
tjaaltonogra: yeah, you should test it :)15:40
tjaaltonRiddell: yeah15:41
pittikees, jdstrand: publishing dapper kernel to -u/-s: linux-source-2.6.15 linux-backports-modules-2.6.15  linux-meta15:41
ogratjaalton, if i find the time i will15:41
ograi dont even know if my touchscreen works at all in natty, havent tested it since upgrading15:42
micahgsmoser: you're still listed as a pilot BTW15:44
micahg@pilot in15:44
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: feature freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper -> maverick | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Current Friendly Patch Pilots: micahg, smoser
* dholbach hugs micahg15:50
* micahg hugs dholbach 15:51
cyphermoxhi, could someone please do a no-change rebuild of udev, libgudev seems to have the old paths for the libgobject-2.0.la file, which would now be in a different path (since it was rebuilt for multiarch support)15:52
micahgcyphermox: whichever .la file is providing that needs to be emptied15:52
bjfpitti, there is now a linux-meta-ec2- in our ppa ready for -proposed15:53
micahgcyphermox: err, dependency_libs needs to be emptied15:53
keespitti: 10-4, thanks15:53
cyphermoxmicahg, heh, whatever works. there's probably a reason why it's not empty though. I'd think udev was looked at early on when cleaning up la files / dependency_libs15:54
pittikees: "10-4"? perhaps you mean 10-3.94? :-)15:54
keespitti: sorry, using tencodes. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten-code15:54
Riddellsladen: what are you expecting ubuntu-archive to do with bug 736502 ?15:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 736502 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu) "FFe: New upstream version Ubuntu Font Family 0.71.2" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73650215:54
pittikees: clearly too 1337 for me ;)15:55
keespitti: heh, nah, just a north americanism. 10-4 just means "affirmative"15:56
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
pittikees: but it was sooo close to 10-3.96 :)15:58
pittierm, 3.9415:58
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mdeslaurslangasek: so, I'm a bit concerned that we'll be shipping a lot of stuff in natty that FTBFS because of multiarch, which will complicate things for security updates15:59
mdeslaurslangasek: is there a plan for a rebuild test and fixing all the FTBFS before release?15:59
sladenRiddell: meh.  ubuntu-archive -> ubuntu-release.  Can you unsub -release16:00
ogracjwatson, ok, seems if i run minicom with TERM=vt100 the dislog frontend is ok (i get a cursor) just doesnt seem to work with xterm or linux16:09
micahgcyphermox: it's probably liborbit2-dev, so take a look at what I did for gtkglext or look at clean-la.mk in gnome-pkg-tools16:09
pittibjf: there's also an l-b-m linux-backports-modules-2.6.3216:09
pittibjf: and linux-backports-modules-2.6.35; shoudl they wait, or go as well?16:09
seb128micahg, slangasek cleaned the orbit .la yesterday16:10
seb128micahg, what issue do you have?16:10
bjfpitti, looking16:10
bjfpitti, yes, those should go out as well, thanks for catching that16:10
micahgseb128: cyphermox was having an issue with something16:11
cyphermoxseb128, nm ftbfs because libgudev still have /usr/lib/ as a path to the gobject .la file16:11
seb128that's the bug elmo filed that we were discussing on #ubuntu-desktop before16:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 740224 in udev (Ubuntu) "libgudev-1.0.la has broken dependency_libs (hardcoded /usr/lib)" [Undecided,New]16:11
pittibjf: /me pats http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html#kernelppa :)16:11
micahgoh, the problem is in udev then :_)16:11
cyphermoxseb128, weird, no change here, jsut rebuilding and it's fine on amd6416:12
* micahg thought the problem was udev building, not nm...16:12
seb128check with slangasek16:12
cyphermoxmicahg, sorry, I wasn't clear enough, my bad :)16:12
seb128the uploads he did yesterday clean the .la dependencies16:12
pittibjf: ok, so all PPA packages should be in -proposed now16:13
bjfpitti, many thanks16:14
cjwatsonseb128: can we make sure that we get bug 736159 released before beta?  it looks like it's affecting boot performance regression analysis16:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 736159 in gsettings-desktop-schemas (Ubuntu) "gsettings-data-convert crashed with sigabrt in g_object_newv()" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73615916:23
pittidpm: FYI, disabling natty langpack cron job and requesting full export for Friday, for beta-116:23
dpmok, thanks pitti16:24
shadeslayerdholbach: any particular reason i don't see you in #gsoc ? :D ( they're explaining why orgs didn't make it this year )16:34
dholbachshadeslayer, I just joined - I thought that it was obvious enough (417 orgs applying, 175 accepted, 25 more accepted than last time, 50 new ones)16:35
shadeslayerdholbach: well ...a explanation ( even if it's of 2 lines ) would be great :)16:37
shadeslayerso that we can improve next year ( if it happens again )16:37
* dholbach nods16:38
shadeslayerdholbach: i think you need to be in #gsoc-rejects too16:39
dholbachthanks shadeslayer16:40
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slangasekmdeslaur: FTBFS> yes, my understanding is that doko is planning to snapshot the archive soon for a rebuild test17:02
mdeslaurslangasek: ok, thanks17:03
* doko is just waiting for slangasek to tell that multilib is in a somehow buildable state17:03
slangasekcyphermox: udev> blast, I missed that because my search was only against the .la files that were themselves in /usr/lib (!).  Did someone else get this for you, or does udev still need a rebuild?17:04
elmoslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583877/ is the patch I'm testing17:06
elmoit mimics the gnome-pkg-tools clean-la.mk a little closer17:06
elmoalthough the $(wildcard ...) stuff didn't  work for me17:07
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slangasekScottK: hi, sorry, apparently I missed a comment from you earlier that I'm catching now in scrollback.  ld cannot find crti.o - that's definitely multiarch related, is this bug #737887 or are you running into this in another context?17:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 737887 in gcc-4.4 (Ubuntu Natty) "binutils/binutils-multiarch file conflict" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73788717:14
slangasekdebfx: gcc-3.3 will need patched, yes17:15
slangasekjamespage: it's 100% wrong for java to dlopen('libpam.so') instead of 'libpam.so.0'.  If the ABI changes, all bets are off for what symbols you'll find - and the soname of libpam has never changed on Linux!17:16
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=== sforshee is now known as sforshee-lunch
slangasekkirkland: fyi, bug #740124 might have had to do with your new'ing of eglibc?17:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740124 in eglibc (Ubuntu Natty) "2.13-0ubuntu8 grew a lot of extra dependencies, causing CD explosion" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74012417:17
slangasekbcurtiswx: telepathy-glib> thanks, definitely looks like a multiarch issue; though I thought I was very careful not to move the gir files around, so I'm going to have to dig to understand this17:20
bcurtiswxslangasek, OK, thx :)17:21
slangasekbcurtiswx: can you confirm the GLib typeinterface is still where it was before the upgrade?17:21
bcurtiswxslangasek, i performed a build on the current natty release, and it fails at that point as well17:21
bcurtiswxslangasek, so that would make me think it was once there17:22
slangasekdoko: oh, yes, aside from a few bumps with glib right now, things are good - shall I ping you for the rebuild once this is settled?17:23
seb128bcurtiswx, dpkg -L gir1.2-glib-2.0 | grep GLib17:23
slangasekelmo: yes, the gratuitous $(wildcard) stuff evaluates the wildcard when the rule is invoked so doesn't pick up on any files created during the running of that rule.  BTW, I see that the second chunk is redundant, obviously find debian/tmp/usr/lib finds stuff in subdirs too17:24
bcurtiswxslangasek, bcurtis@weather:~$ dpkg -L gir1.2-glib-2.0 | grep GLib     /usr/lib/girepository-1.0/GLib-2.0.typelib17:24
seb128slangasek, ^ so yeah seems it's still at the same location17:25
slangasekbcurtiswx, seb128 yep, digging deeper17:25
elmoslangasek: ah, I see17:25
elmoso - hey, udd says natty is at 165-0ubuntu2 - what am I missing?17:26
elmosorry, natty udev17:26
slangasekhttp://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/udev.html#2011-03-15%2021:02:25.173640 :(17:26
seb128elmo, the import job is likely not working for some reason17:26
seb128some reason being what slangasek just indicated ;-)17:27
slangasekelmo: there's a separate maintained bzr branch for udev at lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/natty/udev/ubuntu, it seems17:27
slangasek(which is the one I touched when multiarching libudev)17:27
elmoslangasek: ok17:27
slangasekpitti: how did cups shake out?17:27
pittislangasek: still in my queue, sorry; had some other long tasks to work on before17:28
pittibut I'll get to it asap17:28
slangasekpitti: no hurry - just wondering if there's anything there I should be adding to my tasklist this morning :)17:28
pittislangasek: not yet, I think; I might need to come back to you with some questions, but right now this looks both well-defined and reproducible17:29
bambeehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/583892/  <--- update-alternatives issue with console-setup17:40
bambee(I can be wrong)17:41
elmohmm wow, I hope that MP didn't just spam ubuntu-core-dev17:45
elmoI have a horrible feeling it did17:45
elmo(this UDD thing is a little rough around the edges)17:45
elmoslangasek: anyway, there's a branch up on the bug, that fixes the unnecessary second loop thing.  I realise it's beyond trivial for you to fix yourself, I was mostly just experimenting with UDD, so feel free to ignore that17:47
slangasekit shouldn't spam core-dev, fwiw :)17:47
slangasekthanks, I'll have a look at the branch17:48
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slangasekbcurtiswx, seb128: ok, very strange, I'm not able to reproduce this vapigen failure in an up-to-date chroot; it's not a clean chroot right now, but I wonder what could interfere17:51
* slangasek tries again with a fresh build17:52
bcurtiswxslangasek, i will try again after another update if you can't reproduce, to see if it's fixed on my end17:52
mdzanyone else get a long string of these with the latest software-center update?17:54
mdz2011-03-22 17:53:11,282 - softwarecenter.db.update - WARNING - The file: '/usr/share/app-install/desktop/kde4___kbruch.desktop' could not be read correctly. The application associated with this file will not be included in the software catalog. Please consider raising a bug report for this issue with the maintainer of that application17:54
mdzI seemed to get one for every .desktop file on my system17:54
=== sforshee-lunch is now known as sforshee
kirklandslangasek: yes, that was me;  you asked me to set priority: required, did you not?17:57
slangasekkirkland: only for multiarch-support - apparently the priority: required got set for all the binary packages17:57
kirklandslangasek: arg, fail17:57
slangasekkirkland: so whatever button you pushed seems to have been the wrong one :-)17:57
* kirkland should have just let you handle that part17:58
bcurtiswxgotta head out for a bit, bbl18:01
dokoslangasek: please do, maybe away for a while tonight18:01
cjwatsonkirkland: see bambee's query above?18:06
kirklandbambee: dpkg -l console-setup18:06
bambeekirkland: 1.57ubuntu1718:07
kirklandbambee: upgrade to 1.57ubuntu17 and that should solve your problem18:07
bambeethe problem occurs when I upgrade to this version :)18:08
kirklandbambee: hmm18:08
kirklandbambee: one second18:09
debfxkirkland, bambee: I'll fix it shortly18:09
kirklandbambee: oh, it's newt18:09
kirklandbambee: dpkg -l newt18:10
cyphermoxmdz, I did get one line like that today18:10
mdzcyphermox, I got a *lot*18:10
kirklandbambee: dpkg -l libnewt0.5218:10
bambeekirkland: not installed18:10
kirklandbambee: newt >= 0.52.11-2ubuntu718:10
debfxkirkland: it's a copy'n'paste error: update-alternatives --set newt-palette /etc/console-setup/vtrgb.vga18:10
kirklanddebfx: doh18:11
bambeekirkland:  0.52.11-2ubuntu718:11
kirklanddebfx: okay, you'll upload the fix to kubuntu?18:11
kirklandbambee: okay, debfx is on it18:11
debfxkirkland: yep18:11
kirklandbambee: thanks for the report18:11
bambeeyw :)18:11
kirklanddebfx: thanks for handling the kubuntu side18:11
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
slangasekbcurtiswx, seb128: ok, this telepathy-glib build failure is definitely unreproducible for me in a clean, up-to-date chroot.  if you can still reproduce it after update, let me know; for the moment I'm assuming it's resolved itself18:14
cyphermoxmdz, I only see it for gnome-do here... but I also don't have kbruch installed (which was your example)18:14
seb128slangasek, ok, I didn't try myself yet since I'm not uptodate, will do in a bit and let you know, thanks for have a look to it18:14
mdzperseus:[/var/log/apt] sudo grep -c '^2011-03-22.*softwarecenter.db.update - WARNING' term.log18:16
cyphermoxseems I do have kbruch installed on one of my systems too, after all18:17
mdzI doubt I have *that* many buggy .desktop files :-)18:17
cyphermoxmaybe specific to the version of softwarecenter you were upgrading from?18:17
mdzcyphermox, I can reproduce by running update-software-center manually18:21
mdzit's a catch-all exception handler18:22
slangasekcjwatson, mvo: are there any changes in the default debconf stack in Ubuntu that would explain use of /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd/Passthrough.pm on the desktop? (Bug #740334)18:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740334 in pam (Ubuntu) "package libpam0g 1.1.2-2ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 128" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74033418:22
cjwatsonslangasek: aptdaemon uses passthrough18:24
slangasekcjwatson: ok, that explains that side of it at least, thanks.  Have you seen anything to suggest there are bugs on the debconf side of this?18:26
* slangasek starts poking at pam-auth-update itself18:27
slangasekoh, except there are no p-a-u line numbers anywhere in that output18:27
cjwatsonnothing springs to mind; that looks like something chatting on the debconf pipe when it shouldn't be ...18:27
cjwatsonit's hard to tell for sure.  I don't suppose it's possible to rerun with DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer?18:28
slangasekI'll ask the submitter for that, thanks18:28
cjwatsonmay be tricky if it's going through some pile of layers18:28
cjwatsonI guess find out what package manager they're using, in the first instance18:28
mdzcyphermox, bug 74037218:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740372 in software-center (Ubuntu) "update-software-center fails on every .desktop file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74037218:28
slangasekelmo: udev uploaded, thanks!18:29
slangasekcjwatson: fwiw, none of the code in p-a-u has changed this cycle, but the latest upload bumps the compat version number to force service restarting for the module path change - so this is the first time this cycle pam is asking debconf questions, and it seems to have triggered 3 bug reports so far18:32
cjwatsonslangasek: yeah, I think the problem is much higher up the stack than debconf though18:33
cjwatsonthat slew of debconf errors is just debconf's ugly way of saying "help, I was expecting a reply to a command and the frontend went away"18:34
slangasekah :)18:34
pittidirecthex, hyperair, Laney: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-desktop-n-application-selection has an item "[ubuntu-cli-mono-dev] Clean up deps on appindicator extensions so that we use the pure sound menu for 11.04" -- do you know what's going on with that? TBH I don't understand it at all18:34
pittiseb128, kenvandine: CC: ^18:34
cjwatsonor actually, in this case, "the thing on the other side of passthrough went away"18:34
directhexpitti: i guess it's asking that we drop building support for appindicator, to remove that dependency, leaving only the mpris stuff?18:36
directhexpitti: this is hyperair's domain18:36
pittidirecthex: ah, thanks18:36
directhexthat's how i understand it anyway18:37
directhexi could be wildly incorrect18:37
pittihyperair: that is marked for beta -- do you think that's still happening, or should we rather postpone this? (which might be safer at this point)18:37
pittidirecthex: that's what kenvandine seemed to remember as well, anyway, so I guess that's what it means18:38
directhexpitti: seems like another conditional --disable, which is no big deal to implement, but it's part of hyperair's workflow and i won't stomp on it18:38
EtienneGhello everyone.  Per https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/659258, the Infiniband udev rules have been dropped from udev-152 (and hence from Ubuntu post-lucid).  Perhaps this was intentional, I am not sure, the upstream changelog is silent on the subject.  Anybody knows what happened there?18:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 659258 in udev (Ubuntu) "Infiniband/RDMA rules absent" [Undecided,New]18:43
directhexi'm curious about who would be using IB on ubuntu18:44
EtienneGdirecthex, well, I know at least one place that does18:44
EtienneGalthough, sadly, I cannot share whom and for what :(18:44
Laneyi thought appind was a part of bce?18:45
micahgslangasek: chromium's dev channel failed to build with the newer libgcrypt build: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66991055/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.chromium-browser_11.0.696.16~r78799-0ubuntu1~ucd~dev1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz, the daily channel was built with 1.4.6-4 and it worked18:45
directhexLaney: is it? http://bit.ly/bb8RWS18:46
Laneydunno, thought so. can't surf - on phone18:46
Laneymaybe it got moved to mainline18:46
slangasekmicahg: looking, but I don't think anything in the multiarch patch should have caused a change in the fPIC option used to build gcrypt; is this reproducible if you rebuild gcrypt without multiarch?18:47
micahgslangasek: I don't think so, the other builds with gcrypt w/out multiarch worked18:50
slangasekmicahg: where do you have another copy of gcrypt that's built with the current toolchain but without multiarch?18:50
micahgslangasek: this build of a slightly newer version of chromium with the 1.4.6-4 (pre-multiarch version)  https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/2335823/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.chromium-browser_12.0.711.0%7Esvn20110322r78963-0ubuntu1%7Eucd1_BUILDING.txt.gz18:51
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2335823 not found18:51
slangasek1.4.6-4 was not built with the current toolchain, that's why I asked if it's reproducible /if you rebuild gcrypt/18:52
dokoTheMuso, mterry: how should we handle dbus-c++ and libconfig maintenance?18:52
micahgslangasek: ah, I saw it was uploaded yesterday, so I guess everything changed again yesterday?18:53
micahgslangasek: sorry, ignore that18:53
micahgslangasek: I can do a test rebuild with the old libcrypt against the new toolchain and see what happens18:54
slangasekmicahg: that would be great, thanks18:54
mterrydoko, is it still orphaned?18:54
dokomterry: dbus-c++: yes18:56
mterrydoko, isn't that the sort of thing that's bad for main?  No one wants to take it?  I'd feel better if it was at least maintained in Ubuntu by someone...18:57
dokomterry: yes, I didn't ping you alone ;)18:57
dokomterry: ahh, I see, somebody updated to a new snapshot in unstable18:59
mdzcyphermox, it's because I don't have apt-xapian-index installed19:00
mterrydoko, oh neat, that's a good start19:00
mterrydoko, so what mir is this blocking again?19:05
* mterry has short term memory19:05
mterryah, libffado19:06
cyphermoxmdz, ok19:06
mterryI guess I'm curious what results TheMuso has got from the pkg-multimedia/ubuntu-audio teams19:07
ari-tczewslangasek: IIRC you handle with new palette colours, right?19:09
slangasekari-tczew: no19:09
micahgmterry: there was an offer to co-maintain dbus-c++ using CDBS outside of pkg-multimedia19:09
slangasekari-tczew: I think you're looking for kirkland19:09
ari-tczewslangasek: ah, thanks19:09
slangasekmicahg: so thinking about it, I'm guessing the problem is that chromium is meant to be looking for the .so, not for the .a, so it probably is a multiarch problem after all; digging deeper19:10
ari-tczewkirkland: could you look on this issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/583934/19:10
mterrymicahg, interesting.  an offer that was followed up on?19:10
micahgmterry: let me see if I have any more info19:10
micahgmterry: no response after that on the ML, idk about private e-mails19:11
* micahg gets link to thread19:12
micahgmterry: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-multimedia-maintainers/2011-March/017057.html19:12
kirklandari-tczew: hi there, debfx is uploading a fix for this19:14
pittidoko: pcsc-lite dependencies fixed, thanks for spotting19:14
kirklandari-tczew: he's fixing this in kubuntu-settings19:14
kirklandari-tczew: thanks for bringing that up19:14
dokopitti: just desperately trying to keep the archive in a buildable state ;p19:15
pittia great thing to have at any time!19:16
micahgslangasek: should I skip the chromium rebuild or start it anyways19:18
slangasekmicahg: skip it, I think I know what's going on here now19:18
micahgslangasek: awesome, thanks19:18
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ari-tczewkirkland: ok. thanks debfx19:29
cdbsrequestsync --lp is failing. Using the latest daily build. Anyone else with a similar problem?19:34
Laneywhat error?19:34
cdbsLaney: no error, it just hangs19:35
cdbsand if I do Ctrl+C, I get to know that it is in lazr.restfulclient's _browser_and_retry function19:35
cdbsand is sleep()ing for some time19:36
* cdbs works-around by using syncpackage19:37
Laneya better workaround would be to use mail mode19:37
Laneysounds like a bug in python-launchpadlib or lp though19:38
slangasekmicahg: sorry, it's taking longer than it should to get a fixed libgcrypt11-dev; I'm about to start stabbing cdbs19:40
slangasekcdbs: no, not you19:40
cdbsLaney: hmm, this is a faster way anyway19:40
cdbsslangasek: heh, I understood already19:41
slangasekoh, figured it out19:42
slangasekand I should stab myself, not cdbs19:42
micahgcdbs: syncpackage isn't a workaround, why not downgrade to the stable version as a workaround19:43
micahgslangasek: thanks19:44
cdbsmicahg: Why isn't syncpackage a workaround?19:44
cdbsIts way better sometimes19:44
chrisccoulsondoko, i'm trying to get webkit support working in swt-gtk, but i'm seeing a crash that i'm a bit stuck with. what seems to be happening is a pointer that gets returned from webkit_get_default_session gets truncated to 32 bits (i'm on a 64-bit machine) before being passed to the JVM. i took a look at the assembler for the native call in the JNI, and i see this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583951/19:45
chrisccoulsonthere seems to be a rogue cltq after returning from webkit, but i don't know why :/19:45
ari-tczewanybody noticed that console (terminal) can't remember used commands?19:45
chrisccoulson^^micahg - you will have the same issue with eclipse ;)19:45
chrisccoulsondoko - i'm not sure if you're the right person to ask, but it seems to be toolchain and java related ;)19:46
slangasekmicahg: ok, -4ubuntu2 uploading.  Sorry, I saw that libgcrypt-dev wasn't quite right when I was doing the conversion, but didn't recognize all the implications at the time - things should build fine against it, now that libgcrypt.so is in the compiler's default path19:46
slangasekmicahg: if you still have problems, at this point it'll be something that needs fixing on the chromium side19:47
micahgcdbs: syncpackage does the upload, requestsync requests a sync19:47
cdbsmicahg: so, you use syncpackage to upload instead of depending on AAs19:47
micahgslangasek: ok, thanks quick fix!19:48
cdbsmicahg: and, if I had the upload rights, then there's no advantage of using requestsync19:48
micahgcdbs: the use of syncpackage is discouraged, someone else will have to explain why19:48
micahgcdbs: there's a note in the manpage about it19:49
cdbsI did hear of people exclaiming that, but I never got to know about what it was19:49
* cdbs mans syncpackage19:49
cdbsah, got the warning19:49
slangasekdoko: ^ with the latest udev and libgcrypt11 uploads, all the multiarch build breakage that I'm aware of today is resolved (not counting the toolchain issues you and I discussed), so this is probably a fine time for a snapshot rebuild19:50
mvoslangasek: could it be the ""  gdm: reloading...FAILED! (1)" that makes the script fail ? and that in turn kill one side of the debconf communication?19:50
dokoslangasek: ok, thanks, still cleaning up component mismatches19:50
mvoslangasek: I have seen a similar report a while ago19:51
ftaslangasek, thanks for the fix, good i don't have to workaround it in chromium19:51
slangasekmvo: shouldn't be; we're not outputting any differently on our fds in the failure case than the success case, the only thing that a non-null "failed" set does is trigger another debconf question19:52
dokochrisccoulson: probably, is this targeted for natty?19:54
mvoslangasek: ok19:54
slangasekmvo: now, it's possible that the reload command *itself*, that we're calling to try to restart gdm, is failing and outputting something wrongly - but we are redirecting 2>&1 when calling that, too19:55
chrisccoulsondoko, it's not targetted yet. it's part of a bigger chunk of work to drop xulrunner from main19:57
pittiin a sense it is targetted to natty, as we can't keep the old xulrunner-1.9.2 in main19:58
RoAkSoAxpitti: around?20:26
pittiRoAkSoAx: yes (but kinda busy)20:26
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
RoAkSoAxpitti: no worries, when you have the time could you please take a look at bug #73875720:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738757 in hdparm (Ubuntu) "spindown settings lost on pm-suspend indirectly affects powernap power savings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73875720:27
RoAkSoAxpitti: as this affects pm-utils either directly/indirectly20:27
pittiRoAkSoAx: opened tab, will reply in the bug (but probably only tomorrow morning)20:28
RoAkSoAxpitti: sure, whenever you have the time is fine. Thank you!20:30
=== ivanka is now known as ivanka-train
RoAkSoAxpitti: it affects powernap indrectly but it is not really necessary for until next release cycle20:30
jelmerdoko, hi20:31
dokojelmer, want to write a MIR? ;)20:31
jelmerdoko: I'm a bit puzzled about bug 71303820:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 713038 in subunit (Ubuntu Natty) "Sync bzr 2.3.0-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71303820:32
jelmerdoko: MIR.. is the issue that subunit isn't in main but bzr is?20:32
dokojelmer: yes20:32
jelmerdoko: Ah, whoops. I'll prepare a patch to get rid of that build dependency.20:34
jelmerdoko: thanks20:35
pittijelmer: (FWIW, subunit doesn't sound bad to have in main, as long as it's properly maintained in Debian)20:35
pittislangasek: ah, so the auth log actually has entries for the cups auth fail20:36
pitticupsd: PAM unable to dlopen(pam_unix.so): /lib/security/pam_unix.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:36
pittiwhich is quite understandable :)20:36
slangasekpitti: ok, so where does that path come from?20:36
pittigood question20:36
slangasekdoes cups have an embedded copy of libpam somewhere?!20:36
pittipam-start() seems to work, but pam_authenticate() returns PAM_MODULE_UNKNOWN20:37
pitti#    include <security/pam_appl.h>20:37
slangasekpitti: this is from the cupsd daemon process?20:37
pittislangasek: yes; I run through it with a debugger now, to ensure20:37
slangasekpitti: ldd, lsof  | grep pam ?20:37
pitticupsd     22259       root  mem       REG                8,2    51712    1045403 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpam.so.0.82.320:38
pittislangasek: I'll isolate the code and produce a standalone test case for now20:38
* slangasek scrunches his nose20:38
slangasekpitti: thanks20:38
slangasekpitti: there aren't any hard-coded /lib/security paths in /etc/pam.d/* on this system, are there?20:39
pittigrep lib /etc/pam.d/* -> nothing20:40
pittislangasek: su and friends obviously work20:40
pitti/etc/pam.d/cups just has the three standard @includes20:40
pittisame as su has (su has more stuff, though)20:40
slangasekdoes su generate any errors in the log?  It's /possible/ that the errors are spurious20:40
pittibut su works fine20:40
pittislangasek: no, already tested that20:41
slangasekbut in fact, pam should be trying the multiarch path first20:41
pittithat's debian/patches-applied/lib_security_multiarch_compat, I suppose20:41
slangasekpitti: it is indeed20:51
pittiso, the same code in a standalone binary works just fine20:58
Laneypitti: yeah I don't know about that WI; appindicator is in a separate universe package and was never a dep/recommend of banshee AFAIR21:09
LaneyI'd just make the WI go away21:09
pittiLaney: ok, thanks for the heads-up21:09
Laneymaybe it was from a time when soundmenu was in bce21:10
slangasekpitti: does apparmor know about /lib/$arch/security?21:12
pittiooooh, good point21:12
slangasekcourtesy of jjohansen21:12
pitti[51445.388937] type=1400 audit(1300827302.687:49): apparmor="DENIED" operation="file_mmap" parent=1 profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd" name="/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/security/pam_deny.so" pid=22259 comm="cupsd" requested_mask="m" denied_mask="m" fsuid=0 ouid=021:12
slangasekjjohansen: good catch :)21:13
jjohansenjdstrand: ^21:13
pittijjohansen: thanks so much, that saved a lot of trouble21:13
* pitti stops nemiver and updates the AA profile21:13
* jjohansen points slangasek at aa-notify its has saved me a few times21:13
pittislangasek: that's in /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/authentication21:14
pittijdstrand: ^ mind if I upload apparmor to update ^ for the multiarch pam libs?21:14
slangasekpitti: should the kde abstraction be updated preemptively?  also, the base abstraction has now-broken gconv refs21:15
slangaseklooking for other things that need updating21:16
slangasek/lib/tls/i686/{cmov,nosegneg}/lib*.so* -- that's also wrong now, needs to be /lib/i386-linux-gnu/tls/[...]21:17
pittislangasek: kde> you mean for /usr/lib/*/{qt3,qt4,kde3,...}/... ?21:19
slangasekpitti: and /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/nameservice also needs to be extended, as does /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/kerberosclient21:19
slangasekpitti: yes, precisely21:19
slangaseksimilar issue in /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/gnome, for the gtk/pango/gdk modules21:20
jdstrandpitti: no, but you might want to coordinate with sbeattie. I think he is planning an upload, but probably not today. We made a few changes (last week?), but apparently that was only for the beginning of the multiarch changes21:21
pittijdstrand: hm, and the new patch 0004-lp736870.patch doesn't seem to be in bzr; forgot to bzr add?21:21
jdstrandslangasek: are you up to date? I specifically made changes for gconv21:21
pitti  /usr/lib/*-linux-gnu/gconv/*.so          mr,21:22
pitti  /usr/lib/*-linux-gnu/gconv/gconv-modules mr,21:22
slangasekjdstrand: sorry, I'm actually looking at maverick at the moment because it was closer to hand21:22
pittiis that the fixed one already?21:22
slangasekjdstrand: if you've already started multiarch handling, I guess I should look somewhere more recent21:22
jdstrandpitti: that is the one I fixed lst week, yes21:22
pittijdstrand: mind to bzr add/push?21:22
jdstrandpitti: let me see...21:22
slangasekjdstrand: is this syncing with Debian?  *-linux-gnu matches all of our archs obviously, but won't cover all of Debian's21:23
jdstrandpitti: added/pushed21:23
jdstrandslangasek: apparmor is not in Debian. I did the best I could by looking at what I could find in Ubuntu at that moment21:24
jdstrandpitti: fyi, r141921:24
pittijdstrand: got it, thanks21:24
pittislangasek: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/apparmor/master/view/head:/debian/patches/0004-lp736870.patch21:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 4 in Launchpad itself "Importing finished po doesn't change progressbar" [Medium,Fix released]21:25
slangasekjdstrand: ok; the above ramblings cover everything I see in the maverick one that need updating for multiarch, at least21:25
pittiso that's missing pam, kde, gnome21:26
pittiand kerberosclient21:26
slangasekso we still need to fix /lib/tls (libc6-xen), kde, gnome, kerberosclient21:27
slangasek+ pam of course :)21:27
slangasekpitti: are you taking it from here?21:27
pittislangasek: yes, thanks for the guidance21:27
pittislangasek: already confirmed that cupsd is happy with the updated profile21:28
jdstrandslangasek: we'd (upstream apparmor) like to have the Debian archs too, but that isn't as important atm (feel free to file a bug against apparmor and we can add those later)21:28
slangasekpitti: y/w - wouldn't have gotten there if I hadn't grumbled on a back channel where jjohansen heard me, heh ;)21:28
slangasekjdstrand: file bug in LP or elsewhere?21:29
pittislangasek: bug 73687021:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 736870 in apparmor (Ubuntu Natty) "abstractions need multiarch support" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73687021:29
jdstrandslangasek: yes, LP21:29
jdstrandor reuse that one :)21:30
pittiah, for the non-linux ones; that might be a separate thing21:30
jdstrandpitti, slangasek: keep in mind that gnome and kde already #include <abstractions/base> so may not need fixing21:31
pittijdstrand: hm, weird; if I do "quilt push -a" in a clean checkout, it fails on 0002-lp727478.patch21:31
* jdstrand raises eyebrows21:31
slangasekjdstrand: they do, they have non-multiarched paths for /usr/lib/$this_lib_module_dir/**21:31
jdstrandslangasek: ok21:32
pittijdstrand: e. g. /usr/lib{,32,64}/pango/**21:32
* jdstrand nods21:32
pittijdstrand: debian/rules patch does the same..21:32
jdstrandpitti: are you using UDD? cause it might not have imported..21:32
pittijdstrand: no, I'm using the Vcs-Bzr: branch21:33
* jdstrand goes to look21:33
bcurtiswxslangasek, has the tp-glib issue been resolved?21:36
slangasekjdstrand: oh, and on armel the path is /lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/, so doesn't match your glob at all21:37
slangasekbcurtiswx: I have not been able to reproduce the failure in an up-to-date build environment21:37
slangasekjdstrand: bug #740510 for the !linux stuff21:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740510 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "multiarch paths in abstractions should not be Linux-specific" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74051021:38
pittiso, getting a bit late; I'm off to bed21:38
slangasekpitti: can you fix the *-linux-gnu globs to *-linux-gnu* while you're in there?21:38
slangasekoh, n/m21:38
* slangasek takes the baton :)21:38
pittislangasek: yes, just made a note in the other bug about that21:38
pittislangasek: but currently blocked on the invalid patches; I guess I let jdstrand sort out the patches, and can continue on that tomorrow morning (unless Jamie or you beat me to it :) )21:39
slangasekI'll try my best to beat you to it ;)21:39
jdstrandpitti: fixed21:42
jdstrandslangasek: ^21:42
jdstrandas in the bum commit in the Vcs21:42
slangasekjdstrand: thanks21:43
speakmanHi devel folks. Is there any way to measure what's causing "/usr/bin/X" to be extremely CPU intensive sometimes?21:49
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slangasekjdstrand: fix pushed to bzr.  You said this should be coordinated with sbeattie ?22:03
slangasekbcurtiswx: so are you still seeing problems with telepathy-glib in an up-to-date env?22:03
bcurtiswxslangasek, it's weird, my local build fails there, but when i use pbuilder it doesn't22:03
sbeattieslangasek: looking at your patch now.22:04
slangasekbcurtiswx: I think you have some old packages installed locally22:04
slangasekbcurtiswx: possibly an old version of gobject-introspection22:04
bcurtiswxslangasek, yeah could be. thx for your help tho :)22:04
slangasekbcurtiswx: no problem22:04
slangasekmicahg: how does chromium look?22:05
micahgslangasek: idk, we'll know tomorrow when the dailies are built22:06
micahgslangasek: unless you want me to rebuild it now?22:06
slangasekmicahg: ah, I think you should trigger a rebuild now, not wait another day22:06
micahgslangasek: will do22:07
micahgslangasek: ok, we should know in 3-4 hours22:10
slangasekok :)22:10
slangasekYokoZar: ping :)22:15
sbeattieslangasek: +1 from me on your patch22:17
slangaseksbeattie: ta.  should I push to the archive now, or do you have other changes you want to go in with it soon?22:17
sbeattieslangasek: go ahead and push; I have other changes, but I won't get to them until tomorrow.22:18
slangasekok, uploading'22:18
slangasekthanks for the review :)22:19
jdstrandsbeattie: yes, thanks for looking at it :)22:19
sbeattieslangasek: no problem.22:19
RAOFI've just had a debconf question pop up for the new libpam0g upgrade (the “what services would you like to restart” question) having run update-manager.  Is that intentional or expected?22:32
slangasekRAOF: the services have to be restarted for the pam upgrade due to multiarch; whether the question is meant to show depends on how you ran your upgrade and how you have debconf configured22:32
RAOFI ran the upgrade through update-manager (and it was a partial upgrade).  I've not changed the default debconf proirties.22:33
slangasekRAOF: it's meant to not be shown when running through update-manager22:36
slangasekwell, wait22:37
slangasekRAOF: what services did it prompt you about?22:37
slangasekif you have non-default services installed on your desktop, it will still prompt22:37
RAOFHm, it's entirely possible that I do.  I can't remember the list now.22:37
micahg@pilot out22:39
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: feature freeze | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper -> maverick | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Current Friendly Patch Pilots: smoser
slangasekRAOF: you may be able to get the list with: echo 'get libpam0g/restart-services' |  debconf-communicate libpam0g22:39
RAOFsquid gdm cups cron atd22:40
RAOFThere it is.  Squid.22:40
slangasekso: yes, expected behavior :)22:40
RAOFUm, squid?  Why does that use pam?22:40
slangasekask lifeless :)22:41
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YokoZarslangasek: hey23:05
ScottKslangasek: It was another context.  I was trying to package a new pymilter release and got that error trying to test build last night.23:12
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RAOFslangasek: Oh, incidentally?  Rockin' multi-arch!  Yay!23:25
clearyhi folks - I'm interested in getting some information on the live desktop development tools. Currently I'm building/deploying ubuntu based livecd for desktop use - the tools I'm using for the cleanroom mastering process are adapted from sidux/aptosid (pyfll)23:39
clearyI'm wondering if the ubuntu team have freely available tools that I can look at using instead though? Currently it's quite a lot of work to maintain concurrency between the aptosid/debian changes and ubuntu new release changes23:40
clearyI'm even just interested in talking with someone involved - regardless of how the tools are licensed23:43
clearyif this isn't the right channel to be making this request, please point me to the correct one23:43
RAOFcleary: This is the right channel to ask, although it's skirting the edges of on-topic.23:53
clearyRAOF: I figured as much - I've struggled in the past to get any sort of traction on this type of enquiry though, hence doing it solo23:55
clearyI think there's potentially some value for canonical (curiousity sake if nothing else), I work for a large australian winery - currently deploying this setup on ~150 or so desktops23:56
clearyI'm sure I don't have to be doing it so tough though as far as tools go, but I have not been able to make headway23:57
clearyin so far as talking to the right people in the ubuntu/canonical ecosystem23:58
pooliehi scottk, can you please explain more on bug 739909?23:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 739909 in Bazaar "Delete remote branch through bzr" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73990923:59
pooliedid it crash or just not do anything?23:59
ScottKpoolie: --> #br.23:59
RAOFcleary: Colin Watson could be one of the people to ask, as would Martin Pitt.23:59
ScottKerr #bzr23:59

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