slashtomgood morning09:14
slashtomhave nice trip?09:14
czajkowskijust home09:21
slashtomlong drive?09:26
czajkowski30 hrs travelling and driving England/wales and then over to Ireland and back09:27
slashtomaye, few good roads in wales09:28
* slashtom went to uni in aberystwyth so knows those roads well09:29
moylanso did you find time to get decent irish sambo?09:30
czajkowskiA55 is savage09:31
czajkowskidown to the M56 then 55 then 409:31
slashtomyou avoided the M6?09:32
czajkowskiM56 then 6 then 5 then 4 down to batch09:32
slashtomi usually cut out the M56 and cut along the nantwich bypass09:33
slashtombut probably makes little difference09:33
slashtomanyway, hope you enjoyed visiting the homeland09:34
czajkowskiwent to trinty capital hotel for a pot of tea09:34
czajkowskicatch up with the sister09:34
slashtomgood good09:36
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terranczajkowski: Were you even in the bar?!21:17
czajkowskiliterlaly up at the bar21:17
terranI walked a billion miles to get there!21:17
terranSearched the whole place21:17
terranDefinitely the same Northcote?21:19
terranI went to the one on the event page21:19
terrandefinitely the same one21:19
terranIt had two TVs21:19
terranLike there were two of us there and we both knew what you looked like and neither of us saw you..21:20
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