DavidRezaHi everybody, I need some help. I have installed several kernels (because of updates and so) and whenever I try to load Ubuntu with those kernels, I always get te screen as if I had pressed Ctrl+Alt+F1, so I can see all the outputs of the instructions being executed until I see some kind of error saying: nohup: ignoring input and appending output to `nohup.out'. After that, my laptop just seems like if it was in standby01:06
DavidRezaand I can never use the recent kernels. I always got to enter with the 2.6.25 kernel01:08
ohsixthat sounds like the X server isn't starting, could be drivers or user configuration or just plain broken stuff01:09
ohsixif you're using an X driver that's had UMS removed and you're disabling KMS on the kernel commandline that can happen too01:09
DavidRezaohsix, as I don't think it can be something about my configuration, because I can use this other 2.6.25 kernel, don't you think?01:12
DavidRezaabout this UMS thing removed and disabling KMS, I don't really know what you are tlaking about =/01:13
ohsixvideo driver features change between kernel versions01:13
DavidRezaLook, here's the thing. Since I wanted to install Ubuntu by first time. My display gone black. I tried several times to install Ubuntu, until I found that the DVD was working, but my display wasn't. I used an external display, installed Ubuntu, and installed the nVidia private drivers. That way I could enter Ubuntu in my own display. I could never use the nouveau drivers, and yesterday I was told about how to make nouveau work on my laptop. Th01:19
DavidRezaere is a guide I'm following, and I need this 2.6.38rc8 kernel. I have already installed it. But I couldnt enter with thtat kernel. BUT because I was having some problems with my nVidia drivers, I decided to open a virtual TTY (Ctrl+Alt+F2) and reinstalled my nVidia drivers. I just reboot and I could finally enter with this new kernel! What I want to really know, is what is this happening?01:19
DavidRezawhy is this happening*01:20
ohsixnouveau should be blacklisted if it doesn't work on your device, then plain vesa would be used and you still get a display; if you install the nvidia drivers manually it's all up in the air, you should use the packaged version or (assuming it actually boots without the nvidia stuff around on a clean install) jockey, which will offer to do it for you on first boot01:22
DavidRezaActually nouveau WAS blacklisted01:23
ohsixthen vesa should have at least given you something :\01:23
ohsixdo you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf?01:24
DavidRezayeah, but I assume it will have information about nVidia01:24
ohsixif so, paste its contents to paste.ubuntu.org, or try and summarize its contents01:25
DavidRezaby the way, what did you mean with jockey?01:25
ohsixright, afaik; most of the automatic magic (including picking vesa as the lowest common denominator) depends on certain sections not being defined in xorg.conf01:25
ohsixthe "Additional Drivers" applet in system -> administration, it's name is jockey, and if there are drivers available from a 3rd party for a device, it will show up in your notification area telling you about it on first boot with something like "Additional drivers for your hardware are available"01:26
DavidRezaoh, I get it.. yes, I was told there was a privative driver from nVidia, I also tried that one, but didn't work01:27
ohsixok, that config would constrain that busid to only that driver, so nv, nouveau or vesa wouldn't work automatically with it present01:27
DavidRezaok, let me see if Im getting this...01:28
DavidRezawhen I install a new Kernel, it expects to use vesa, nouveau or nv, and since I have my xorg.conf with nvidia, it fails?01:29
ohsixthe kernel doesn't expect anything, but since yuo're not using the distro packages for the nvidia drivers it isn't rebuilt automatically for new kernels, so when you switch the kernel side of the nvidia driver isn't present01:30
ohsixyou could uninstall the nvidia blob, rm the xorg.conf, install the distro package and it should work for kernel version changes01:30
DavidRezasorry, english is not my native language, what you mean with "install the distro package" ? Which package?01:32
DavidRezaActually that's what I wanted. Install the nouveau driver and make it work. That's why I need this kernel. I just wanted to know why this happened01:33
ohsixone moment01:33
DavidRezayou alaready told me the answer, hehe01:33
ohsixyou shouldn't have to install nouveau; if it can work it will work with no xorg.conf present iirc01:33
DavidRezaWhat will work with no xorg.conf? The kernels? 01:35
ohsixpicking the appropriate driver automatically, so X starts with at least one of them01:35
DavidRezabut I assume it won't use the nvidia one..right?01:37
DavidRezaand nouveau is blacklisted, so it will use vesa01:37
ohsixit could, i don't know; i don't have an nvidia card in anything with ubuntu on it, if you currently have a working display, just start the "Additional Drivers" applet and tell it to install the nvidia drivers01:38
DavidRezaeven when I have installed manually the drivers from nvidia.com?01:38
ohsixsure, it will just overwrite them01:39
DavidRezaI'm gonna try that01:39
ohsixwith basically the same driver, but one that is known by the package manager, and will rebuild kernel parts when a new kernel is installed; thus be expected to work01:39
DavidRezaI will also remove nouveau from the blacklist01:40
DavidRezaoh.. so this will work when I install new kernel versions?01:40
DavidRezanot now?01:40
ohsixif the blacklist isn't something you added you should probably leave it alone; the things that come with the distro know what devices it's safe to run them on01:40
ohsixit should rebuild it for all your kernels when you install it; i just meant in the future, when another kernel is installed01:41
DavidRezathe thing is that nouveua got blacklisted when I installed the nVidia drivers mannually01:41
ohsixi see, then it should probably be removed; but if you use jockey it will be using the nvidia drivers, if you want to try nouveau; you'll need to uninstall the manually installed drivers, the xorg.conf and whatever blacklists it added01:42
DavidRezaif I want to try the additional drivers, you told me they will remove the nvidia drvers I installed, but.. should I remove the xorg.conf?01:43
ohsixyes, remove xorg.conf01:43
DavidRezaI really appreciate you help01:43
DavidRezauhm,.. I got another question01:44
DavidRezaWhy is this nohup message appearing? I realized that when I'm inside Ubuntu, and pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1, it takes mee to the black screen with the messages at the beginning and the last line is the same one01:45
DavidRezanohup : ignoring input and appending output to `nohup.out'01:46
ohsixthose are messages from the boot scripts, i don't know of any package in particular that uses nohup, so i can't point directly to what it is01:46
DavidRezaI got confused because that means this error is always in there, even when I could enter in the X server01:47
ohsixnohup just detaches the ran program from the terminal so it isn't killed when the terminal is closed, if you could find the nohup.out file, it'll contain program output messages and you might be able to infer what is doing it01:47
DavidRezayeha, I already know that01:47
DavidRezathe file contains like 1 million (It never finishes loading)01:48
DavidRezawith the instruction cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi/sony/brigthness01:48
DavidRezaand saying the file couldn't been founded01:49
DavidRezaI DO know that has relation with the fact the brightness doesn't work01:50
ohsixah, i can't say much about that01:50
DavidRezaok, thank you anyway, I learned something else today01:51
DavidRezathank you very much ohsix 01:51
DavidRezaI'm gonna try few things with the drivers and the kernel01:51
michael_lfHi, folks, I want to install Fjalar(which is under Valgrind) into my Unbuntu 10.10(with glibc version 2.12.x), but the tools  only support glibc(2.0~2.10), then I donot know how to solve this? anyone who can provide an help?01:51
DavidRezasee you01:51
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serious__samhey guys when will kernel 2.6.37 with scheduler patch will be available on ubuntu?06:10
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fairuzHi, morning. Can't we do 2 kernel compilation in parallel? It seems to me just one compilation progress and the other freezes until the other one finishes.07:44
jjohansenfairuz: sure you can compile 2 kernels in parallel07:48
fairuzjjohansen: it's my PC then 07:48
jjohansenfairuz: the ubuntu kernel build scripts do take advantage of machine parallelism by default07:49
jjohansenie. fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic will launch make -j N_CPUs07:49
fairuzjjohansen: I'm using a remote cross compilator, maybe it slows things a bit07:50
jjohansenso what you are seeing is probably the build scripts already taking advantage of your system resources07:50
fairuzjjohansen: all kernel sources are in /usr/src?07:52
jjohansenfairuz: if you install the kernel-source and linux-headers packages that is where they are placed07:54
jjohansenif you get the sources via git then, its where ever you put your git tree07:54
fairuzjjohansen: understood. But yesterday I tried to use a function defined in one of the kernel files (cache-l2x0.c) to be exact, but during compilation it says the function is undefined. What should I do to be able to use the functions?07:58
fairuzI use this command make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- -C ../kernel-seb M=$(PWD) modules .... where ../kernel-seb is a clone of a git tree08:00
fairuzAnything special to make it work?08:00
jjohansenfairuz: so your building a module, is the function exported?08:00
fairuzjjohansen: Sorry, how should I know if it's exported?08:01
fairuzjjohansen: in the header file, there is no prototype of the functions. So I just do extern thefunction() in my module. 08:03
jjohansenfairuz: for a symbol to be usable by modules that aren't built into the kernel they must be exported using the EXPORT_SYMBOL or EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL macros08:03
jjohansenextern is not enough08:03
fairuzjjohansen: ok. So in the cache-l2x0.c file, I should see something like EXPORT_SYMBOL thefunction() if the function is exported?08:05
jjohansenright, eg. EXPORT_SYMBOL(posix_unblock_lock);08:05
fairuzjjohansen: If that's not the case, is there any way to use the function? Do I need to build the module into the kernel?08:06
jjohansenfairuz: you either need to build it into the kernel, patch the kernel to export the function, or find an indirect way to invoke what you want08:07
fairuzOr can I just hack the file and export the function myself, then rebuild the kernel? 08:07
fairuzjjohansen: ok, as I thought.08:07
fairuzjjohansen: hmm.. old kernel source can't be downloaded on launchpad? https://launchpad.net/~tiomap-dev/+archive/trunk/+buildjob/211409908:10
lifelessnot from ppas08:10
lifelesstoo much churn, too much disk08:10
jjohansenfairuz: if you want the old source use the git tree08:11
jjohansenyou can checkout arbitrary points after a kernel release08:11
jjohansenbefore the kernel release, rebasing against upstream is used so you may not be able to replicate alpha and beta release kernels08:12
fairuzjjohansen: ok, i have to find the omap4 git tree first :D08:12
jjohansenfairuz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/KernelGitGuide?action=show&redirect=KernelTeam%2FKernelGitGuide08:15
fairuz.35 is maverick?08:15
jjohansenfairuz: in the natty tree its the ti-omap4 branch08:16
fairuzjjohansen: ok thanks!08:16
jjohansenfairuz: looks to be the same in the maverick tree08:16
fairuzjjohansen: differences between natty and maverick? kernel version?08:18
jjohansenfairuz: maverick is 2.6.35 based kernel for a release distro, natty 2.6.38 based kernel for release that is about to go into beta08:19
fairuzjjohansen: ok08:19
jjohansenfairuz: with that said the omap4 topic branch may differ more than the rest of the kernel08:19
jjohansenit actually may even be based on another kernel version, /me is not sure of its current state08:20
jjohansenI know at least one of our arm branches was based on a different kernel version than the rest of the distro08:21
fairuzjjohansen: Right now, I'm using .35 on my board and it works well. I will try to compile and see if it boots well too or not08:22
jjohansenfairuz: yeah omap seems to be fairly well supported, TI has been fairly good about pushing patches upstream08:23
fairuzjjohansen: I tried .38, but it's kinda weird. Sometime it boots sometime it not. 08:23
jjohansenfairuz: well .38 just got released so if you tried before that then you were using an RC which tend to be buggy, /me expects we will get a .38.1 or .38.2 before natty is released, with even more bug fixes08:24
jjohansenbut if .35 is working for you there is no reason to move to .38 unless there is a specific feature you need that .35 lacks08:25
fairuzjjohansen: in fact there is. Things like Perf tool on ARM is not fully supported in .3508:26
fairuzjjohansen: since I tried .38 and it's not very stable. I just thought to patch .3508:26
fairuzat least I know .35 works08:26
jjohansenfairuz: ah, then I would try .35 make sure your build is working etc, and then try on .3808:26
jjohansenbasically I think you want to stick with a known working kernel but it doesn't hurt to try .38, from time to time to see if its stablized for you08:28
fairuzjjohansen: yes08:28
fairuzjjohansen: I cloned about four .38 tree before coming to that conclusion too :D08:29
fairuzlinaro tree, official tree, TI internal tree etc08:30
jjohansenfairuz: ah, which board?  Panda? /me thought that was supposed to be fairly stable08:30
fairuzjjohansen: yes panda. It's fairly stable but sometimes it does give me some problems (doesn't boot, sometimes giving kernel messages in the serial port etc)08:32
fairuzjjohansen: Maybe it's me who don't do things right. 08:33
jjohansenfairuz: hrmmm, well maybe but I doubt it, there has been a lot of churn in the kernel08:34
fairuzjjohansen: i cloned maverick tree but I dont found any omap4-ti branch09:50
fairuzjjohansen: I can just build it on master branch?09:51
jjohansenfairuz: you need to clone the branch locally too09:57
fairuzjjohansen: oh git clone does not take all the branches>09:58
jjohansengit checkout --track -b ti-omap4 origin/ti-omap409:58
jjohansenuse that in your git tree09:58
jjohansenit will create a local ti-omap4 branch that tracks the remote origin ti-omap4 branch09:59
fairuzjjohansen: ok 09:59
jjohansenif you use git remote show origin, it will list off which branches are remote, or tracked09:59
jjohansenoh and when you are building make sure you are in the correct branch10:00
jjohansengit branch10:00
jjohansenwill tell you if you are on the ti-omap4 branch10:01
fairuzjjohansen: ok cool. ty10:01
jjohansenand git checkout <branch name> will let you switch branches10:01
fairuzjjohansen: i'll try to compile now10:01
fairuzjjohansen: for each branch, they can have different tag if I do git tag, or it's the same10:04
jjohansenfairuz: err sort of, tags are just names for sha-1 hashes10:05
fairuzjjohansen: do I have to pull tags for ti-omap4 branch? 10:05
jjohansenfairuz: no10:06
fairuzjjohansen: ok10:06
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fairuzCan I specify the kernel name before compilation so I will not get something like
fairuzSince I already have the headers for 2.6.35-980-omap4, I would like my newly compiled kernel to have the same name10:35
fairuzCan I specify the kernel name before compilation so I will not get something like Since I already have the headers for 2.6.35-980-omap4, I would like my newly compiled kernel to have the same name12:08
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guampahello people, quick q regarding make-kpkg12:54
guampaafter a couple runs it started appending some kind of serial at the end of the kernel and debs names12:54
guampaits not the --append-to-version string i added, (it adds it too before the serial)12:55
guampai end up with some rather cumbersome naming for the kernel and packages, how can i disable it or find some info about it?12:55
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fairuzguampa: Are you searching to rename the Kernel name? me too =(13:15
guampaasking now in #debian, wish me luck!13:16
fairuzguampa: if you have some answers, care to share it here :D13:16
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guampano luck :(13:22
guampamy uname -r and debs are all 2.6.38-customstring-06603-g10effcb13:22
guampai cleaned, cleaned with debian/rules, even re-branched13:23
fairuzguampa: same here :(13:24
fairuzguampa: Btw, I'm recompiling my kernel13:24
guampayeah i'm about to fire it again13:24
guampahad working my ati with kms and all and now it started to stuck at initialization, so i'm in the quest too on what was that i touched13:25
fairuzguampa: I'm trying to hard coded the KERNELRELEASE to the Makefile. We will see what happens :D13:44
guampalol, i'm trying something that if works, i'll smashing my head repeatedly with a frying pan13:46
guampai wasnt running "make-kpḱg clean" after each new "make xconfig" (!)13:46
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* ogasawara back in 20min14:22
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jj-afkback on later14:33
* smb takes over14:34
jj-afksmb: glad to see you made it, make that later + 1 hour :)14:35
JFosmb, any idea if we plan to add this for natty? http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OTA5MA14:36
JFotgardner is off today or I would pester him :-)14:36
smbJFo, Let me see what the heck it is. :)14:36
JFok :)14:36
JForalink open wifi driver14:36
smbJFo, I usually forget about schedule, but given that we are about a month away from release I would suspect we are either over or shortly before feature freeze. I'd suspect rather over14:38
JFoI thought that14:39
smbSo I would not hold my breath to have it in the release and kernel package. Depedning how it goes it could be something that is in the lbm14:39
jj-afksmb, JFo: FF is thursday14:39
* jj-afk really goes now14:39
JFoah, thanks jj-afk 14:39
JFosmb, no, I suspect not if it isn't on our radar14:40
jj-afkerr, no its not thursday, beta freeze is, FF is way passed, that was like 3 weeks ago14:40
smbjj-afk, really has not gone then14:40
JFoapparently not :-P14:40
smbbut thanks anyway14:40
* jj-afk smacked head walking away14:41
smbThat would be what I expeckt14:41
JFosame here14:41
JFoI thought we were past it, but my brain is foggy14:41
smbJFo, same here14:41
JFothanks smb and jj-afk 14:41
smbSo I don't think this is specifically on our rader14:41
smbI believe there have been rumors of them maybe doing something14:41
smbIf there is anything in upstream for 2.6.39, then we just will get it as compat-wireless in lbm14:42
JFothat makes sense14:43
* smb is amazed how much mail one can get in between yesterday evening and today...14:45
JFooh yeah, my mail from the weekend and yesterday was crazy14:45
ogasawarapgraner: are you a moderator for the kernel-team mailing list?14:47
smbLuckily its a lot of duplicates here.14:47
ogasawarapgraner: there's some patches Henrik Rydberg sent, but apparently they're being held up since he's not a subscriber to the mailing list14:48
ogasawarapgraner: I'd normally hassle tgardner but he's away14:48
smbogasawara, Same with apw but I believe pgraner should be admin too...14:49
ogasawarasmb: yah, I didn't want to bug apw either :)14:49
smbogasawara, Likely quite hard. He is busily preparing "other things" :)14:49
pgranerogasawara, yep one sec14:51
bjf## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting14:54
bjf##      agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting14:54
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smbogasawara, Knowing your speed, do you want (or are already) to apply the patches I just acked, or should I do it? :)15:22
ogasawarasmb: I can do it.  prolly easier since I've already got em in my trees.15:22
smbogasawara, True enough. Though taking the email an am it is not too badly. But I wanted to avoid being the rabbit discovering the hedgehog is already there. :) Go for it.15:24
Specialisthi all... i am currently trying to isolate an ugly suspend/resume kernel bug and am using git bisect to figure out the problematic commit. unfortunately, git bisect picked a revision for me, which does not compile at all. any advice?15:24
Specialistah, just found git bisect skip...15:26
Specialistthat should hopefully do the trick15:26
fairuzHi, I just change from .35 kernel to .38 kernel. I tried to compile a personal module that works in .35, but in .38 when I try to insmod the module, it gives Invalid module format error.15:30
smbfairuz, Did you re-compile the module against .38?15:31
smbYou would need the right (abi) headers as well. Usually dmesg shows a bit more15:32
smblike "disagrees about version or so"15:32
fairuzsmb: you are correct. Wait i take the output from dmseg15:33
fairuzsmb: http://pastebin.com/AiAhUr4a15:34
fairuzsmb: I already installed the headers for 2.6.38-1204-omap415:36
smbfairuz, Hm..I triy to get the difference it complains about...15:39
smbfairuz, I am not sure, but one seems to have modversions and one has not...15:42
fairuzsmb: it's weird since both is pratically similar15:42
smbCould it be you compiled one as part of a complete kernel build15:43
fairuzsmb: anyway to check this modversion?15:43
smbfairuz, modinfo with the full path to your module (if it is not in /lib/modules)15:45
smbfairuz, Is the module you are building a seperate standalone module or did you make it part of the kernel tree15:45
fairuzsmb: standalone15:45
fairuzsmb: this is modinfo http://pastebin.com/vXXcc14X15:48
smbfairuz, So usually if you install the kernel headers package, you should get a Module.symvers in /usr/src/linux-headers-.... Maybe that is not there for some reason15:48
fairuzsmb: wait i check on that15:48
smbfairuz, likely when you look at modinfo of any other module it would have modversion in the string...15:49
fairuzsmb: I do have Module.symvers in /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-1204-omap415:51
smbfairuz, Hm, though it sounds to me like for some reason, when you compiled your module, it did not find the other module versions. The compile should issue a warning about that but then goes on without. Just that normal modprobe will refuse to load then.15:54
smbfairuz, I would propose to do the compile again and check the output for something like this (or maybe it magically works this time)15:58
bjf## Kernel team meeting in 30 minutes16:30
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=== bjf changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Natty Kernel Version: 2.6.38 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - March-29 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
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kristian-aalborgor, gentlepersons... I have licked my wounds and is about to try once more 18:51
kristian-aalborgjjohansen, kamal hi19:04
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: hi19:06
jjohansenback for another beating I see :)19:06
* kristian-aalborg is using the google19:06
kristian-aalborgyeah, back for more19:10
kristian-aalborgI'm thinking I'm not the first luser to need a few tries19:11
kamalkristian-aalborg: as I remember it, you did actually get to the point of a successful build and install right?   good first step for sure.   and yes, I certainly needed a "few" tries before getting the procedure right (or was it a few *hundred*?  ;-)19:23
* bjf -> lunch19:24
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kristian-aalborgkamal: tbh, I've dabbled with it before... but newer made a working non-vanilla kernel19:26
kristian-aalborgI accidently borked an installation once, though... then I could copy files over when they were needed19:27
kristian-aalborgit was really, really fast19:27
kristian-aalborgsudo update-initramfs -ck module-name-for-new-kernel19:52
kristian-aalborgthis is worth a try, I think19:52
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: yeah, there was a case or two where that wasn't working right19:53
jjohansenat least out of the build scripts19:53
* jjohansen does that all the time with incremental manual builds where I am skipping the whole packaging system19:54
kristian-aalborgit's a fairly simple thing to do19:55
* kristian-aalborg crosses fingers19:55
kristian-aalborgno... sends the computer straight to reboot still19:56
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: btw, the "sanity check" worked fine19:57
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: well I expected it would but its nice to confirm that it did20:01
kristian-aalborgnah, enough for today20:08
kristian-aalborgwhat I did was I did the "make" stuff until it exited, then I did it again with the no modules flags20:08
kristian-aalborgI think I'll try turning that flag on before I do anything the next time, but it won't be today20:09
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* ogasawara back on in a bit20:57
njinhello bug 739774 system clock is halted but process time go on, can it be a linux issue?21:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 739774 in casper "live session from usb key take very long to start (40 min.)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73977421:12
Specialistthat's probably a beginner's question, but where can i exclude a module from being built when building a kernel using make-kpkg? .config seems to be re-generated during each build...21:33
DrDetroitI have been having problems with my Ubuntu 10,04 LTS running extreamly slow since my last two updates21:34
DrDetroitMy previous 2 updates were 2.6.32-30-generic and 2.6.32-29-generic both exhibited the same strange slow behaviour, but I have regressed to 2.6.32-28-generic and have had no reduction in performance.21:34
hertonSpecialist, you must change the config files at debian.master/config directory21:34
DrDetroitI have tried top itop and ps aux to try and isolate the issue, but nothing stands out as eating up[ my cpu or memeory21:34
DrDetroitCan anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this issue?21:35
hertonSpecialist, in case you're using an ubuntu tree21:35
Specialistherton: I don't have such a directory as I am building a vanilla kernel to isolate the root cause of a bug (using git bisect)21:35
Specialistunfortunately, the vanilla git tree does not build for each commit, so i'd like to exclude the (unrelated) module, which breaks the build21:36
hertonSpecialist, in this case I believe editing .config and running make oldconfig should do it then21:38
Specialistherton: that sounds like it would do the trick (using make-kpkg --config oldconfig), thanks!21:42
Specialisthm, unfortunately, it does not. the config is overwritten again on build (putting back the default)21:46
sforsheeSpecialist, I haven't used make-kpkg, but from my reading of the man page that doesn't sound like how it should behave21:49
sforsheeperhaps another module is selecting the module you're trying to disable ?21:49
Specialistack, but even make oldconfig selects it...21:50
Specialistsforshee: is there an easy way to find out?21:50
sforsheeif another module is selecting it then make oldconfig is going to re-enable it21:51
sforsheewhat's the module you're trying to disable ?21:51
Specialistit's CONFIG_TI_ST, which is broken in some early 2.6.36 versions (and does not link correctly)21:51
SpecialistERROR: "st_get_plat_device" [drivers/staging/ti-st/st_drv.ko] undefined!21:52
hertonfor CONFIG_TI_ST, probably you have to disable CONFIG_ST_BT also, doing a quick check here21:53
hertonST_BT selects TI_ST21:53
sforsheeyes, that's what I see as well21:53
sforsheeSpecialist, in this case you'd want to grep through all files named Kconfig* for a line matching 'select TI_ST'21:54
Specialistherton: thanks, disabling ST_BT did the trick21:55
DrDetroitI have been having problems with my Ubuntu 10,04 LTS running extreamly slow since my last two kernel updates21:56
DrDetroitMy previous 2 updates were 2.6.32-30-generic and 2.6.32-29-generic both exhibited the same strange slow behaviour, but I have regressed to 2.6.32-28-generic and have had no reduction in performance.21:56
DrDetroitI have tried top itop and ps aux to try and isolate the issue, but nothing stands out as eating up[ my cpu or memeory21:56
DrDetroitCan anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this issue?21:56
SpecialistDrDetroit: you could try to identify the git commit, which causes the slowdown (not sure how many commits happened from -28 to -29)22:01
DrDetroitI am not a programmer or anything like that so I am not sure how to do that22:02
DrDetroitI am just an ordinary user22:02
DrDetroitI am just stuck22:02
DrDetroitsince it works fine on 28 generic but not on 29 or 30 its hard to think its a hardware issue22:02
DrDetroiti hate to be stuck on 28 forever22:03
DrDetroitbut i will make sure my grub always keeps the 28 kernel 22:03
DrDetroiti have tried to find the problem in the forums but have had little luck22:04
DrDetroitHow would i identify the git commit?22:06
sforsheeDrDetroit, usually you'd do a git bisect, but that could be a little much for a non-developer22:09
sforsheeif you feel up to it, there are instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBisection22:09
sforsheeotherwise you probably just ought to open a bug in launchpad22:10
DrDetroiti hate to open a bug22:10
DrDetroitthat KernelBisection looks intimidating22:15
DrDetroitmaybe i will go loolk at launchpad22:15
DrDetroiti have never used it either22:15
sforsheeDrDetroit, if you file a bug against the kernel it's best to do it by running 'ubuntu-bug linux'22:15
sforsheethat will add a lot of information about your hardware to the bug report automatically22:16
DrDetroitdo i run that locally or when i get to launhpad22:16
sforsheelocally, just run it from a terminal on the affected machine22:16
DrDetroitI figured that if it were a bug, then i would not be the first to have the problem22:16
sforsheeyou can search launchpad first to see if anyone else has reported the same thing22:17
DrDetroitubuntu-bug Linux comes back package Linux does not exist22:18
sforsheetry lower-case l22:18
DrDetroithehe i did22:19
DrDetroitthank you 22:19
DrDetroiti actually dont know if it is a kernel issue22:19
sconklinDrDetroit: so this is a problem that you can easily tell if it were fixed, right?22:19
DrDetroitiI have regressed to 2.6.32-28-generic and have had no reduction in performance.22:23
DrDetroitI hate to run the later kernels to file the report since it runs so slow22:23
DrDetroithopefully i can explain the issue in the report22:23
DrDetroitif the problem exists it will manifest itself usually within 10 min or so22:24
sconklinDrDetroit: ok, file a bug and we can do the bisection for you and give you kernels to test. Please be sure to make a comment in the bug listing the latest known kernel that does not have the problem, and the earliest known one that does. 22:24
DrDetroitwill do22:24
DrDetroitiI have regressed to 2.6.32-28-generic and have had no reduction in performance, both the 29 and 30 kernels exhibit really poor performance22:25
sconklinThis is my favorite type of bug -  we have a reproducer and a willing tester!22:25
DrDetroitthe testiong phase looks prettyintimidating22:25
DrDetroitguess i have to create a launcpad account first22:26
sconklinnah, we'll just point you to new kernels to test and you answer yes/no whether they have the problem. It might take 5-8 tests, depending on the number of changes between the known good and bad22:27
jjohansenDrDetroit: you didn't run perm iotest did you?22:29
DrDetroiti did run iotop22:30
DrDetroiti mean itop22:30
DrDetroiti just thought something was hogging my cpu or memory22:31
DrDetroitthat is usually the issue when machines slow down22:31
DrDetroiti just cant figure out what it is22:31
jjohansenhrmm, I'll look into that, I had report of a performance regression on the weekend when perf io test where run, that I started looking at, the symptom of absolutely painful performance sounds the same22:32
jjohansenDrDetroit: in the case on the weekend, the machine was idle but io through put completely died22:32
jjohansennot saying it is the same, and I couldn't reproduce but it does sound similar22:33
jjohansensconklin: the report I had came from the upstream kernel, it was in #apparmor user thought it was AA related but we managed to get that turned off and the regression remained22:34
sconklinjjohansen: No proven connection yet, but lucid recently had a pile of scheduler changes go in from upstream stable. I'm looking now to see which version they dropped in22:35
jjohansensconklin: yeah, I'm not sure there was a connection just similar symptoms22:36
DrDetroitok does this help?22:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 740549 in linux "Ubuntu 10.04LTS runs slow after kernel updates" [Undecided,New]22:36
DrDetroiti hate to have to continue to run an old kernel22:37
DrDetroitand forgo updates22:37
sconklinDrDetroit: that's great, thanks22:37
DrDetroiti hope its clear the 28 kernel works but 29 and 30 dont work for me22:37
sconklinyes, got that22:38
DrDetroitok cool22:38
DrDetroiti will hang out here for a day or two just in case you want me to do something22:38
DrDetroiti am usually available if i know someone wants me22:38
DrDetroitotherwise i end up going outside to enjoy the sun22:39
DrDetroitits been wacky weird weather here lately, way to nice for march22:39
sconklinyou should get email if we update the bug22:39
DrDetroitoh ok cool22:39
sconklinit's beautiful where I am in North AL22:39
DrDetroiti have never filed one before22:39
DrDetroitso i dont know what to expect22:39
sconklinDrDetroit: nothing left for you to do on this today. Thanks for the report!22:41
DrDetroitok thank you very much for the help22:42
DrDetroitis it ok to hang out anyways?22:42
DrDetroiti might learn something22:42
DrDetroitalso i can load up the 29 or 30 kernels and do the same reports if you need me to22:42
jjohansenDrDetroit: yeah, we don't mind people hanging out, feel free to drop in any time22:43
sconklinyeah, what he said ;-)22:45
jjohansengah, efika messed up their kernel versions22:48
sconklinjjohansen, DrDetroit - the big scheduler changes went in back at 2.6.32-25, so that's probably not related22:49
jjohansensconklin: hrmm, no22:49
jjohansenwe'll just have to bisect it, we have a willing victim^W tester22:50
sconklinand DrDetroit, there's no need to submit bug reports for each of the failing kernels. You've already noted the version numbers, which is enough22:50
DrDetroitsorry, it was my first bug report22:51
DrDetroitits the only bug i have reported22:51
DrDetroitonly the one report22:51
jjohansenDrDetroit: no reporting all the information you can is good22:51
DrDetroitthe only thing i can think of to add is to fire up the other kernels and put the info into the original bug report if possible22:52
DrDetroitbut i guess i can wait to do that until you guys need the info22:52
DrDetroitmaybe you dont need it at all22:52
jjohansenDrDetroit: in the future one bug report is nice, but we appreciate you going through and filing what you have, perhaps we just need to be clearer in or instructions22:53
DrDetroiti could have been usiing one of the failing kernels but it is so slow 22:53
sconklinjjohansen: he hadn't already submitted them, he only asked if he should22:53
jjohansenDrDetroit: generally that is what we do, we will ask you in the report to say run apport-collect <bug#>22:54
jjohansensconklin: even better, I missed that22:54
jjohansenDrDetroit: asking is good :)22:54
jjohansenDrDetroit: so basically if we want more info on a bug we will ask for it and tell you what you need to do to attach it22:55
sconklinjjohansen: I'm almost outta here. if you start a bisection then put the git tree somewhere public so we can continue.22:56
sconklinjjohansen: There are only about 55 commits between 28 and 2922:56
jjohansensconklin: how public? zinc, tangerine?22:57
DrDetroitok i will await any further instructions22:57
DrDetroitthank you both for helping me22:57
sconklinjjohansen: either. I usually just put things like that in a branch of my personal repo on zinc22:57
jjohansenDrDetroit: I am going to start a bisect we will have a kernel for you to test in say an hour22:57
DrDetroitok i will try and be around22:58
jjohansensconklin: okay, will do I'll not it in the bug22:58
DrDetroiti have evening chores to do22:58
sconklinjjohansen: Ubuntu-2.6.32-28.56..Ubuntu-2.6.32-29.5722:58
sconklinThose are probably the tags you want22:58
jjohansensconklin: thanks22:58
=== sconklin is now known as sconklin-gone
DrDetroithehe it's so much fun to use a computer when it's working properly23:39
jjohansenDrDetroit: don't worry we will break it soon :)23:41
DrDetroityou will have to give me pretty good instructions since i have never done something like this before23:41
DrDetroitand I would hope to not loose my working kernel23:41
jjohansenDrDetroit: don't worry you won't loose your working kernel23:48
DrDetroitits not a big deal23:57
DrDetroitthis is just my personal fun machine23:57

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