mhall119czajkowski, paultag: At the bottom or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams it still points to the wiki loco teams list, can we/should we change that to loco.u.c?00:17
paultagmhall119: go for it :)00:21
mhall119done, thanks00:23
YoBoYgood morning05:51
dholbachgood morning08:21
aakshayGood evening11:02
Ronniehey aakshay11:06
aakshayhey Ronnie  :)11:06
aakshayBigWhale: ... :)11:07
BigWhaleHello aakshay :)11:07
aakshayBigWhale: hey... :)11:07
aakshayRonnie: i am planning to work with a new bug. please tel me which bug to start with now?11:08
Ronnieaakshay: lets have a look11:09
aakshaythanks.. :)11:09
aakshayRonnie: how about this "684082When looking at a venue, show upcoming events at that venue"? 11:15
Ronnieaakshay: good one i guess, i tried it once, dont know why i hadn't finished it11:15
aakshayRonnie: than its perfect.. i will get help from you.. :p11:16
Ronnieso it could contain a tricky part, but maybe something else distracted me11:16
aakshayRonnie: can we work together on this bug?11:16
Ronniesure, but not today (al least not within the first 5 hours)11:17
aakshayyeah sure.. :D... 11:17
Ronniesmall questions i can answer, but no team-work11:17
aakshaysure.. :).. your guidance will be good enough to complete it.. :D11:18
aakshayRonnie: i will read about it more and then start with it11:18
Ronnieaakshay: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583753/ <== the part i already wrote11:21
aakshayThanks..  will be of great use to me.. 11:22
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mhall119paultag: what the heck is an MFAT?20:47
mhall119evening nigelb 22:49
nigelbhey mhall119 :)22:49
nigelbI've finally come to the conclusion that qt is the most awesome lib to develop in.22:55
nigelbEspecially with those lovely docs22:55
mhall119nigelb: I haven't used it, but the API sure seemed a lot nicer than GTK22:56
nigelbmhall119: yup, but I <3 it for the extremely good documentation.22:57
paultagmhall119: major field assesment test23:10
paultagmhall119: it's a graduation requirement23:10
paultagit's what lets my university call me a computer scientist23:11

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