micahgScottK: (moving to a more OT channel), do you think it would make sense for a release exception, or should I try to push through backports?01:59
micahgSRU exception I mean02:00
ScottKI don't know the package well enough to have an opinion on if it should get an SRU exception.02:01
Crakwhat is a SRU exception?02:02
micahgScottK: but I should try to go that route rather than backports first if it's totally broken, right?02:02
ScottKIf it's totally broken, yes.02:02
micahgCrak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions02:02
* micahg wonders if youtube failures qualify as totally broken02:03
Crakand for this https://launchpad.net/bugs/739791 what would be the right way to update?02:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 739791 in tucan (Ubuntu) "Tucan's version from ubuntu repositories doesn't work any more" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:06
brodermicahg: what's the context here? i know i saw a comment from cjwatson recently that TB intended to establish a precedent that a more-invasive-than-normal SRU might be ok if it was needed to respond to external changes (i.e. youtube changing)02:12
micahgbroder: gnash doesn't work with youtube since the API keeps changing02:12
broderyeah, that sounds like the sort of thing he was talking about.02:13
broderlet me look briefly and see if i can find that comment02:13
brodermicahg: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/10/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t18:3502:15
broder(and a little above that)02:15
micahgbroder: hmm, maybe this should be case by case rather than a MRE02:18
brodermicahg: i can imagine a process parallel to MRE for "packages which rely on externalities and might change"02:19
broderbut realistically i think that as long as ~ubuntu-sru agrees that that sort of thing is appropriate, you don't really need a special process for it02:19
ScottKYou can shove almost anything in under the provision for SRU due to regressions.02:21
MTecknologyso... what is the right way to send a sync request?03:54
RAOFrequestsync ?03:55
MTecknologyoooh... that's just too easy03:56
MTecknologyThis program only functions in a UTF-8 locale. Aborting.03:56
ScottKSure. IIRC we just did an SRU for ubuntu-dev-tools because requestsync quit working.03:56
MTecknologyScottK: any chance you could make this easy for me and let me know what the title should look like so the release team can catch it?03:58
micahgMTecknology: does LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 requestync work?04:06
MTecknologyubuntu_component, is that like universe?04:08
RAOFMTecknology: The way to get the release team to catch it is to subscribe ubuntu-release.  The title of the bug isn't particularly important; “Please sync $BAR from Debian $SERIES” is pretty common, though.04:08
MTecknologyRAOF: they are subscribed but missed it04:09
RAOFFor how long?04:09
MTecknologybug 72969104:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729691 in nginx (Ubuntu) "Freeze Exception Request: nginx-0.8.54-4" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72969104:09
MTecknologySync nginx 0.8.54-4 (universe) from Debian unstable <-- close?04:12
micahgMTecknology: yep04:12
micahgput FFe: in front of it, so they know that there was one04:12
micahgMTecknology: do you have PPU for it?04:13
micahgMTecknology: per package upload rights04:14
MTecknologyoh, nope04:14
micahgMTecknology: otherewise, you need a MOTU ACK before the archive team will sync04:14
MTecknologyI thought that's what Iulian Udrea (last comment) did04:14
micahgMTecknology: no, that's the FFe ACK04:15
micahgMTecknology: I assume you've done install tests?04:15
MTecknologyheh... and that person just had a ping timeout :P04:16
* micahg can do a quick build test and ACK it04:16
MTecknologymicahg: yup, same version is in a ppa; there's been a few itty bitty bug fixes since then but nothing very note worthy04:16
MTecknologyI'd really appreciate it04:16
MTecknologymicahg: http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/main/n/nginx/nginx_0.8.54-4.dsc <-- if it helps04:18
micahgMTecknology: thanks, but pull-debian-source, FTW!04:19
MTecknologyooh... more dev tools I have yet to learn04:19
micahgMTecknology: just gave you a MOTU ACK :)04:45
MTecknologymicahg: woohoo :D04:45
MTecknologymicahg: thanks much04:46
MTecknologySo all of a sudden in natty I'm getting this in failed build logs - checking for PCRE library location... configure: error: Could not find libpcre.(a|so) in /usr04:47
MTecknologysame thing still builds perfect in lucid and maverick, but not natty :S04:49
micahgMTecknology: multiarch?04:51
micahgMTecknology: the check is probably bad04:51
MTecknologyI'll try it with pbuilder... maybe an update broke something04:52
jmarsdenMTecknology: Apparently some folks invent their own check functions in configure.ac/configure.in, instead of using AC_CHECK_LIB ... I'm dealing with that in a package I am playing with (hoping to update) myself...04:53
MTecknologyjmarsden: I'm playing with php04:54
jmarsdenHmmm.  PHP had better be buildable on Natty :)04:54
MTecknologyi tried to grab the same package (dget) that's already used in natty, made one itty bitty non-source change, and that's happening04:55
MTecknologymicahg: hm... I never knew your last name before..04:57
jmarsdenMTecknology: If you grab the package and *don't* make your "one itty bitty" change, does it build OK?04:58
jmarsdenMTecknology: I think that either (1) libpcre just went multiarch and that broke php's autoconf stuff (which is looking for /usr/lib/libpcre.{a,so} which won't work any more), or (2) your change broke it.  So the first step is deciding which of those is the issue you are facing :)05:02
MTecknologyjmarsden: it'd be 1, if 2 broke it that wouldn't come until way way later05:03
RAOFUnless it did so accidentally.05:03
MTecknologymy change was to package.dirs05:04
MTecknologyI'd rather not check in pbuilder because that's about a 4hr build on my system05:04
jmarsdenMTecknology: If it really is (1), then you are faced with digging into the autotools stuff used to build php and fixing it for multiarch.05:05
MTecknologyzul: you around? :)05:05
jmarsdenUnless you are an autotools expert, I'd guess that could also take you 4 hours :)05:05
MTecknologyI'll start up my pbuilder and figure it out05:05
MTecknologyjmarsden: someday I might know enough to pretend to be an expert about something good; but it sure as heck isn't today05:06
jmarsden:)  OK.  I've just done apt-get source php5 in a Natty VM, it grabbed 5.3.5-1ubuntu4 .  Let's see if it builds for me.05:09
jmarsdenEeek... it has a lot of build-deps!05:12
MTecknologythat /etc/sudoers issue isn't fixed yet from maverick->natty..05:12
MTecknologyjmarsden: yuppers....05:12
jmarsdenMTecknology: issue is on line 23497 of the configure script of php5 where they implement their own test for whether libpcre is around... sigh... more multiarch breakage.05:16
jmarsdenBTW, that's *quite* a configure script... 116K lines of it :)05:17
RAOFMTecknology: It's gone mad and duplicated autotools functionality in a way that's broken by multiarch.  See ext/pcre/config0.m405:19
MTecknologyjmarsden: is it just my view, or are the first few hundred lines empty...05:19
MTecknologyand like a million other excessively empty lines..05:20
jmarsdenThey are indeed.  Some wierd artifact of how autotools generated it, I expect.05:20
RAOFMTecknology: A quick & simple solution would be to change the pcre path in debian/rules.05:20
MTecknologyRAOF: for a quick dirty fix... I was just commenting out the test :P05:21
RAOFThat's... actually quite likely to work :)05:22
MTecknologyi need to lay off the beer...i'05:22
MTecknologyll be finishing a 24pk in 2 days...05:22
MTecknologyRAOF: not lintian clean; lintian dirty :P05:23
jmarsdenMTecknology: 24 beers in 2 days... I'm surprised lintian doesn't output  W: Excessive beer consumption :)05:33
MTecknologyi'm not drinking anything heavy thouhg; just budweiser; not too horribly much tequila, rum, mojito on the side05:34
RAOFLess, better quality beer.  It's the way of the future!05:35
MTecknologythere's a 'Broad Axe Stout' from a microbrewery/diner near here that's absolutely amazing; but $5 each is beyond what I can afford right now05:36
MTecknologyand that doesn't let me keep myself nearly tipsy for the part of the day i'm awake05:37
MTecknologywow... ubiquity and i do not get along05:39
jmarsdenMTecknology: Are you going to file an FTBFS bug about php5 and the libpcre test?  (Also, do you expect to create a "not-all-that-dirty" fix for it yourself?)05:53
MTecknologyjmarsden: I can surely file the bug; but the not-dirty fix might be a bit beyond what I'm capable of tonight05:53
MTecknologynot the beer, the whole crying thing, I can't concentrate on teh screen long enough to think something trhough fully05:54
jmarsdenOK, that works.  You create the bug.  If I have time tomorrow night and there's not a fix attached to the bug, I might have a go at it.05:54
MTecknologyjmarsden: I'm assuming bug 739977is detailed enough.06:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 739977 in php5 (Ubuntu) "PHP5 FTBFS in Natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73997706:01
MTecknologymostly summarizing what you said :P06:02
jmarsdenLooks fine to me.  I have a script from debuild run on the unmodified source package I'll attach to it too.06:03
RAOFI think I know how to fix it.06:15
MTecknologyRAOF: fixitfixitfixitfixitfixit06:16
jmarsdenIf there is a way to generate the "tuple" for the currently running system, I have an idea too... but will happily let RAOF fix it :)06:17
RAOFSay hello to DEB_BUILD_HOST_ARCH :)06:18
jmarsdenAh!  I was playing with archdetect but not getting what I wanted out of it :)06:18
MTecknologysomething else to learn06:19
RAOFActually, that's probably a bit wrong, but it'll be something like that.06:20
jmarsdenMTecknology: The multiarch stuff puts libraries under /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu or similar... we need a way to generate the right "i386-linux-gnu" tuple for the current build system, so we can test the right place for the library...06:21
RAOFOh sweet lord, evolution.  Do you *really* need 2.1GiB resident?06:21
lifelessRAOF: yes06:21
RAOFIt's only 2.1 because a substantial part /has been swapped out/06:22
jmarsdenRAOF: $DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH :)06:25
* RAOF leaves it for jmarsden 06:26
jmarsdenOK, can do.06:26
jmarsdenHmm, there is also $DEB_BUILD_MULTIARCH -- do I care which one I use?06:28
jmarsdenMTecknology: OK... got it fixed... and now it fails a little later with: checking for DB4 major version... configure: error: Header contains different version07:32
MTecknologyjmarsden: php is such a lovely package, huh?07:33
MTecknologymediawiki is a huge pita....07:34
jmarsdenMTecknology: I've used it, but not had to package it.  The DB4 thing in php5 is another "multiarch breaks their funky configure script" issue... working on a fix now...07:51
MTecknologyjmarsden: glad you know; i'd fumble cluelessly and break something else07:53
jmarsdenGrin... doing this makes me think I should apply for MOTU one of these days :)07:53
MTecknologyI'm not trying to package mediawiki; i'm trying to make it not break; the source is uses is ugly as heck07:53
MTecknologyevery half second it hits a php error or notice or something07:54
jmarsdenMTecknology: That kind of think I have seen in addon modules for Mediawiki, but not so much in the Mediawiki code itself.07:55
MTecknologyI suppose I didn't look where specifically they're coming from; that could be the case07:56
jmarsdenOn one server I help admin we accidentally filled up /var/log because of that -- apache log rotation wasn't turned on, or wasn't rotating daily, or something...07:59
MTecknologynginx logs aren't rotating correctly on this system; not completely sure why07:59
MTecknologycron is running, but logrotate doesn't seem to run08:00
jmarsdenYou can do  logrotate -d /etc/logrotate.conf    or similar, to see if you have logrotate itself configured the way you want...08:01
MTecknologyI just an hour ago forced logrotate to run and some of the log files were a few GB08:01
MTecknologylooks like that was just fine08:02
jmarsdenHmmm.   Permissions on /etc/cron.daily/logrotate ?08:02
MTecknology-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 89 2010-07-08 12:13 /etc/cron.daily/logrotate08:03
MTecknologyroot     17927  0.0  0.1   2304   896 ?        Ss    2010   0:23 cron08:03
jmarsdenLooks sane to me.  Do other scripts in /etc/cron.daily/  run as expected?08:04
MTecknologyold bug...08:05
MTecknologyjmarsden: thanks! :D08:05
MTecknologya simple little rm, all better08:06
jmarsdenWow, this php5 thing is getting annoying... fixed DB4, now libpng has what will presumably turn out to be a similar multiarch problem!!08:07
MTecknologyall that gets to be turned into a patch?08:07
jmarsdenLooks like it, yes.  well, a set of patches.  But I'm stopping for the night, it is  01:15am here... I'll attach my two patches so far to the bug.08:16
dholbachgood morning08:21
MTecknologyjmarsden: alrighty, g'night08:27
MTecknologydholbach: g'morning08:27
jmarsdenMTecknology: goodnight08:27
dholbachhi MTecknology08:28
MTecknologyI should stop drinking for the day and go to sleep....08:29
MTecknologydholbach: what ya been up to?08:32
dholbachMTecknology, I'm waking up :)08:33
MTecknologybut it's 03:34; it's go to nap time08:34
MTecknologyjmarsden: wow... that looks like some ugly stuff :P08:38
dholbachhey mok008:39
dholbachhow are you doing?08:39
jmarsdenMTecknology: Well, sort of.  Just one line patches to (m4 templates for) shell scripts.  It could be a lot worse :)08:40
MTecknologydholbach: me?08:42
dholbachI was saying hi to mok0 and seeing how he was doing - but how about you?08:43
MTecknologyjmarsden: I wonder how much of that configure script could be taken out; something like 40k blank lines and a bunch of ugly stuff going on in there; I didn't actually look at your fixes yet08:43
mok0dholbach: hi :)08:43
mok0I've started using the evolution chat client, but it doesn't beep me08:44
dholbachhow's life apart from that?08:44
jmarsdenMTecknology: That configure script is generated at build time, so to do it right you'd need to rework the entire thing... I don't think anyone is going to step forward to do that :)08:44
mok0dholbach: busy08:45
mok0dholbach: We should meet and discuss the documentation stuff08:46
dholbachyeah - sounds like a good idea08:46
mok0dholbach: I'm getting these merge requests but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do anything08:47
dholbachmok0, checking and commenting on them would be a good start ;-)08:47
mok0dholbach: right, but some of the fixes are trivial...08:48
dholbachin my mind that should even make things easier :)08:48
mok0dholbach: there's not much point in a comment: "yes, it's a very good idea with a comma there" :-)08:48
dholbachbut you're right - we should definitely have a meeting and talk about it08:48
dholbachwe obviously don't have enough folks reviewing stuff yet ;-)08:48
dholbach"Vote: approve" :)08:49
mok0dholbach: ok :-)08:49
dholbachok, maybe not for obvious typos - but generally I like us peer-reviewing stuff08:49
mok0dholbach: absolutely08:49
mok0dholbach: what about the css? The HTML looks dreadful08:50
TeTeThi, a question on install in cdbs, I need to ship a file that is rw by root only. When I just add it to the install file, it gets rw-r--r-- permissions. How to change that? Using post install looks unclean to me08:50
dholbachmok0, yes, let me file a bug about that08:50
mok0TeTeT: post install is ok08:51
mok0TeTeT: cdbs has hooks you can use08:52
cdbsTeTeT: I'd recommend postinst08:53
mok0dholbach: great. In the meantime, I approved your --gen-key fix08:53
cdbsTeTeT: atleast that's what I have seen in other packages08:53
TeTeTcdbs + mok0 : thanks!08:54
mok0TeTeT: see? cdbs is very advanced, even has IRC capabilities :-)08:54
TeTeThe he08:54
cdbsbut DH is even more advanced!08:54
mok0cdbs: huh?08:54
cdbsmok0: cdbs sucks, dh is way better08:55
cdbsat times08:55
* mok0 has gone back to hand-crafted rules files08:55
* mok0 is also staying away from sucky-sucky 3.0 (quilt)08:56
cdbsmok0: That's actually quite good08:56
mok0cdbs: no it's not08:56
* cdbs prefers 3.0 (quilt) over all others08:56
mok0I like some of the ideas, but splashing debian/patches with automated diffs is a TERRIBLE idea08:57
mok0You get a whole bunch of crap in there that you don't want08:58
mok0autogenerated files and what have you08:58
mok0I also hate the fact that patches are applied when you unpack the source package08:59
mok0cdbs: I see you've laid down arms :-)09:00
cdbsmok0: That's actually good09:00
* cdbs was busy on other things09:00
mok0cdbs: what's good09:00
cdbsmok0: Its way better than simple-patchsys or dpatch09:00
cdbsmok0: And, having patches applied is nice, you get  a fully functional package09:01
cdbsit automates many things whne you work with large packages09:01
cdbswith some 15-20 patches09:01
mok0cdbs: I prefer going quilt push -a myself09:01
mok0and I hate .pc being part of the package09:02
cdbsmok0: It gets properly cleaned09:02
cdbswhen you run debuild -S09:02
cdbsand stuff...09:02
mok0cdbs: I still think the design is flawed09:03
mok0to put it nicely09:03
mok0cdbs: It'd be much better to put the diff as a separate file in the source package09:06
cdbsthat would be ugly and wierd.09:06
mok0cdbs: yes, because you don't want those diffs anyway09:07
mok0cdbs: so whenever I'm working on a package, I need to unpack the debian tarball somewhere, cd into the patches directory to figure out what junk is in the autogenerated diff, so I can get rid of it.09:08
* cdbs g2g09:08
mok0dholbach: re merge/5416109:10
dholbachmok0, yep, what about it?09:10
mok0dholbach: the error Jim points out has been fixed?09:10
mok0oh yes it has09:11
mok0dholbach: never done a review before, figuring out how it works09:11
dholbachyou're doing great :)09:12
mok0dholbach: what is "review type" ?09:12
dholbachI think you can just ignore it09:12
mok0dholbach: ok09:12
dholbachit's if you want a special "ui review" or something09:12
mok0I see09:12
mok0dholbach: so now what? Is the approved merge performed by LP?09:13
dholbachno, I just pushed the change to LP09:14
dholbachit should be in trunk now09:14
mok0dholbach: ah, so _you_ have to do something09:14
mok0dholbach: can't you push before it's approved?09:14
dholbachsure I could09:16
dholbachit's up to teams to set up their own review policy09:17
mok0dholbach: I see09:17
dholbachbut I like reviewing everything09:17
mok0dholbach: what about the review I requested. How do I fix your comments? Request another review?09:17
dholbachit's not only about making sure that we don't have typos and bugs, but also about learning more09:17
mok0dholbach: I agree09:17
mok0(trying to learn how the review system works)09:18
dholbachmok0, push fixes to your branch, and request another review09:18
dholbach("resubmit proposal" the link is called I think)09:18
mok0dholbach: ah ok09:18
mok0dholbach: I'll try that today09:18
dholbachI liked peer reviews a lot when I worked on harvest and loco-directory09:18
dholbachI learned loads :)09:19
cjwatsonbroder,micahg: that kind of thing was indeed one of the things that we were aiming at09:19
mok0dholbach: I'm looking forward to it09:19
cjwatsonthere's no point in an ivory tower of perfect stable software that no longer works because the world has moved on09:19
dholbachand I like lp merge proposals a lot too - much better than sending patches over and over again :)09:20
mok0dholbach: absolutely... it was just not clear to me how it works09:20
dholbachyeah, it takes a bit to get the hang of it09:20
mok0LP's interface is sometimes difficult... you have to search for a tiny little link somewhere.09:21
dholbachif you have your local branch and pushed it, you can use "bzr lp-open" to open it in a browser (not sure if you knew already)09:22
mok0dholbach: I didn't :-)09:22
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equalizerHi, I've uploaded my package to revu ten days ago: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/equalizer12:54
equalizerI understand this is the place to ask for reviews - so can somebody please have a look or tell me what else I have to do?12:54
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JackyAlcineIs it a good idea to package an Java application?13:39
JackyAlcineI guess no.13:52
BachstelzeJackyAlcine: why not? It'a good idea to package any application that is not packaged yet :)14:25
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CarlFKThis is about 3 years old: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/libtheora0  1.1.1+dfsg.1-3 "...merging of code from the Thusnelda branch."15:31
CarlFKcurrent is:  libtheora 1.2.0alpha 20100924 (Ptalarbvorm)15:31
CarlFKhmm, I am guessing 'alpha' is keeping this from being used..15:32
CarlFK back to #theora15:32
c2tarunis there any tutorial available for packaging from scratch? I mean adding documentation and everything?'16:59
micahgc2tarun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete16:59
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smallfoot-i want firefox 4!!! ITS OUT RELEASE FINAL TODAY!!! PUT IN REPO NOW!!17:58
ari-tczewsmallfoot-: calm down. developers will publish firefox 4 when it's ready with packaging.18:00
smallfoot-when is ready with packaging?18:00
Rhondawhen it's ready18:00
ari-tczewsmallfoot-: then it's ready.18:00
ari-tczewRhonda: hehe ;)18:00
smallfoot-it will come for ubuntu 10.10 too?18:01
smallfoot-or i must wait for 11.04 while everyone else is having fun with the new ff4?18:01
ari-tczewbut not sure18:01
RhondaThere is always the possibility of a backport18:02
smallfoot-cool, i hope so18:02
smallfoot-i dont want be stuck with old ff3 while everyone else is enjoying the new ff418:02
Rhondaincluding the all new bugs, right :)18:03
ari-tczewsmallfoot-: IMO ff4 is not that cool as you think.18:03
ari-tczew3 cards with basic pages and it takes ~90 MB of memory.18:03
smallfoot-it has html518:03
RhondaWell, html5 actually is nothing to belittle, ari18:04
smallfoot-it has WebGL18:04
chrisccoulsonsmallfoot-, ari-tczew, Rhonda - firefox 4 final is already in the archive for natty (since yesterday) ;)18:04
ari-tczewas I use ff4 myself, I encourage to _try_ to use google chrome18:04
ari-tczewbut I was wondering - is google chrome a path to be tracked? ;)18:05
smallfoot-chrisccoulson, cool, i didnt know ff4 was out yesterday18:05
chrisccoulsonsmallfoot-, it wasn't18:05
chrisccoulsonbut the final RC was built on friday18:05
chrisccoulsonand that became the final release today18:05
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: smallfoot- asked whether ff4 will be in maverick.18:06
smallfoot-no change from final rc to final release?18:06
smallfoot-yes, i want in maverick18:06
chrisccoulsonsmallfoot-, no, the RC is the build they fully intend to release, once it's had some testing18:06
micahgsmallfoot-: https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable18:07
chrisccoulsonso, there is no change between rc2 and final (it's exactly the same build)18:07
smallfoot-it has same build id, rev id, major, minor, rev version number, build number?18:07
chrisccoulsonsmallfoot-, yes. it's identical in every way18:07
smallfoot-i have 10.10 maverick, i will get ff4 too?18:08
micahgsmallfoot-: I just gave you a PPA link to get it in maverick18:08
smallfoot-micahg, thanks18:10
smallfoot-will it be in official repo?18:10
micahgsmallfoot-: we'll do some type of update eventually, not sure which version or when yet18:11
micahgany further questions should probably be in #ubuntu-mozillateam as this is way OT for this channel18:11
smallfoot-ah okay thanks18:12
lfaraonechrisccoulson: wow, thanks for the fast response+fix on bug 739416!18:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 739416 in gnome-vfs (Ubuntu) "Preferred Applications uses %u instead of %s when setting browser" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73941618:49
chrisccoulsonlfaraone, yw. although, it's something i've been thinking about for several weeks already (because of bug 709216)18:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 709216 in thunderbird (Ubuntu Natty) "clicking on a link dont open the page " [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70921618:50
lfaraoneubottu: so I assume we can now mark that bug as fixed?18:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:51
lfaraonechrisccoulson: * so I assume we can now mark that bug as fixed?18:51
chrisccoulsonlfaraone, it's still open with a tbird task, as the long term fix is to not use gnome-vfs at all18:51
lfaraonehm, mk.18:51
ari-tczewmicahg: does this page work for you? http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/bug-fixing/community-natty-fixes-report.html21:35
micahgari-tczew: yes21:36
ari-tczewmicahg: does it load full context?21:36
micahgari-tczew: no, I'd suggest filing a bug against the ubuntu-qa-website project21:37
ari-tczewmicahg: that's right.21:37
ari-tczewbdrung, geser, persia, Laney, maco: if on next meeting Sylvestre will be absent, please investigate in my comment in his application.22:10
macoari-tczew: an email to the dmb list may ....wait no, because Laney and i still aren't on it -_-22:12
LaneyI imagine all DMB members take account of comments written on application pages22:12
ari-tczewLaney: even if person is absent?22:13
Laneywhat do you mean?22:13
LaneyIf the applicant is absent then the application won't be heard22:13
bdrungari-tczew: we normally defer an application if the applicant isn't there22:13
ari-tczewLaney: I mean that I want to get my comment reviewed, whatever he is present or not22:15
ari-tczewbecause I think it's important22:15
cody-somervilleari-tczew, Then I recommend sending an e-mail to the DMB list (and CCing maco and Laney since they're not yet a member of the mailing list).22:17
LaneyI'm not sure what we can do besides address it when the application comes up22:17
Laneyit would be rather unfair to discuss a specific case in public without giving the applicant a chance to speak22:18
* Laney prods the sysadmins about the dmb list22:18
cody-somervilleLaney, Do you know if an RT ticket was opened for that? If so, whats the ticket number? I can probably get it moved along.22:18
ari-tczewLaney: omg, I just want to know that DMB members know about this case...22:18
ari-tczewbut I will send list to dmb22:18
Laneyari-tczew: We do. Members read all applications.22:19
Laneycody-somerville: It's rt#16775; just pinged the 'vanguard'22:19
AlanBelldebfx: seen bug 73833022:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738330 in virtualbox-guest-additions (Ubuntu) "Today's Natty update means no guest additions in virtualbox" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73833022:22
Laneycody-somerville: Apparently it requires managerial approval, so ... if you know a friendly manager with some time to spare ;-)22:22
debfxAlanBell: yes, see comment #8 on that bug report22:24
cody-somervilleLaney, Is that the reply you just got from the vanguard?22:25
Laneybecause it's a 'sensitive list'22:26
cody-somervilleLaney, I see the ticket is to add new administrators to the list. Have you asked the TB to add you and maco since they appear to manage the list?22:27
Laneyonly persia has admin privileges22:27
Laneyapart from, I assume, the global listadmins22:27
Laneyarguably the TB should already have the administrative password, but... that's another matter22:28
micahgLaney: if you ask the TB, someone should be able to manually add you to the list22:28
micahgworst case22:28
Laneythat's what I'm saying — I don't think they can22:29
AlanBelldebfx: ah yes so you did :)22:29
micahgdid mailman stop using flat files?22:29
Laneycjwatson can correct me here, but I believe that he previously held the list admin password and has since handed it over to persia22:29
LaneyI don't think TB members have access to hack the configuration22:29
AlanBelldebfx: should the ose-guest-x11 include 3d support?22:30
debfxAlanBell: yep, there is no difference feature-wise22:32
macoLaney: i think micahg's referring to filesystem level hackery instead of logging in through the mailman ui22:32
macoi just pinged mdz asking whether he could. we'll see22:33
Laneymaco: I know, but I doubt TB membership confers that kind of shell access22:33
micahgmaco: :D22:33
Laneythey can probably approve the request though.22:33
* cody-somerville is working on this.22:34
AlanBelldebfx: yay, I have unity in 3d again, thanks!22:41
cody-somervilleLaney, Okay. I believe you should be approved now (or will be very shortly). Can you confirm?22:53
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
Laneycody-somerville: yeah, worked. Thanks!23:29
cody-somervilleYou're most welcome. :)23:29
LaneyWe should still get a second moderator for dmb and devel-permissions though, and my offer to do it still stands23:29
Laneyit's especially important for devel-permissions as it moderates mail from non subscribers, and I understand that sometimes applications get held up due to that23:30
* cody-somerville nods.23:36
cody-somervilleLaney, I suggest bringing that up on the ML/next meeting.23:36
cody-somervilleOkay, weird. Vanguard just said he hasn't actually got around to approving you yet. Are you sure you're approved Laney? :P Can you double check?23:37
cody-somervilleLaney, maco: Okay, you should both now be subscribed to the dmb and devel-permissions mailing lists. You're also both moderators though I think you'll need to get the password from persia.23:59

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