hakimsheriffHi people01:38
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nagappanjibel, let me check this shortly17:56
nagappanjibel, <jibel> mvo, you can try this: ldtp.click("frmUbuntuSoftwareCenter", "btnDeveloperTools")17:56
nagappan<jibel> it fails with ldtp.client_exception.LdtpExecutionError: Object does not have an Action interface17:56
jibelnagappan, yes that's weird, this looks like pure gtk17:59
jibelpatrickmw, found it17:59
patrickmwnagappan: after I found that^,  is when I ran into the doesrowexist() issue18:01
nagappanjibel, interesting, let me check it18:02
nagappanpatrickmw, okay18:02
* nagappan firing up Ubuntu 11.04 VM18:02
nagappanjibel, patrickmw, looks like a bug in Ubuntu Software Center or the underlying system, Developer Tools, doesn't expose action interface18:36
nagappanjibel, patrickmw, I could not access the respective interface through accerciser as well18:36
patrickmwnagappan: to get around the issue I had to use mouseleftclick()18:37
nagappanpatrickmw, I was about to say that :-)18:38
nagappanpatrickmw, awesome18:38
patrickmwnagappan: what do you think about the doesrowexist() partial match problem? have you been able to replicate it?18:50
nagappanpatrickmw, yet to check, got into different work, haven't been at work since Friday, looking them shortly :-)18:51
patrickmwnp ;)18:51
nagappanpatrickmw, committed a fix in git head, which have the fix for this19:12
patrickmwnagappan, thank you19:12
nagappanpatrickmw, welcome :-)19:12
nagappanpatrickmw, and thanks for reporting the issue19:13
nagappanjibel, Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released for https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/690657 means, on apt-get update, this will be available ?19:14
ubot4`Launchpad bug 690657 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Text Widget under combo box is not exposing accessibility (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 56)" [Medium,Fix released]19:14
nagappanjibel, or in next day only ?19:14
patrickmwnagappan: I initially installed python-ldtp with apt-get.  What's the best way to get your changes now?19:28
nagappanpatrickmw, probably uninstall that, then get the source from git19:29
nagappanpatrickmw, else you need to update the package ;-)19:29
nagappanjibel, any other suggestion ?19:29
patrickmwnagappan: yeah I just tried to update,  didn't go so well, I will just reinstall19:29
nagappanpatrickmw, okay19:30
nagappanpatrickmw, if required, I can do a dot release, if you can update the 11.04 LDTP package19:31
mvojibel: fwiw I get the same error as you (no action interface)19:52
mvojibel: the trouble is the button class we use19:54
patrickmwnappapan: fyi, doesrowexist() now works!20:06
patrickmwI'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned before.  Table scanners are incredibly important for dynamic lists.  Thanks for the quick turnaround20:09
jibelnagappan, the package is built on amd64 and i386. It should be available via apt-get once the mirror you're using is synced.20:36
nagappanjibel, awesome, thanks20:36
nagappanpatrickmw, awesome, thanks for the verification :-)20:37
jibelmvo, thanks for looking at it.20:37
mvojibel: it needs to implement the atk.Action inteface, I'm looking into it currently, but pygtk is getting in my way, it seems to not let me subclass from atk.Action for some reason :/20:40
nagappanpatrickmw, around ?23:00
patrickmwnagappan, yes23:00
nagappanpatrickmw, how do I add new applet to notification area ?23:00
nagappanpatrickmw, in 11.0423:01
nagappanpatrickmw, VMware Workstation, usually add an applet in notification area, till Ubuntu 10.1023:01
nagappanpatrickmw, now, we could not, I thought of manually adding it, will that be possible with 11.04 ?23:01
patrickmwnagappan, are you referring to the Unity interface vs the classic gnome ui?23:03
patrickmwand not necessarily maverick to natty?23:04
nagappanpatrickmw, with Unity, I don't have an option to do right click on top bar23:05
patrickmwnagappan, ok, yes, now I understand your question23:06
patrickmwnagappan: have you asked in #ubuntu-desktop?  You can get the answer straight from the horses mouth there :)23:07
nagappanpatrickmw, haven't let me check23:07

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