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dpmgood morning all!08:27
RawChidCan anybody help me with this: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+question/14944111:33
dpmhi RawChid, I started having a look at it the other day, but I got sidetracked. Let me do this now...11:42
dpmRawChid, ok, answered, feel free to ping me if I can help you in anything11:52
RawChidGreat :)11:54
dpmRawChid, and great work btw! I find it awesome when people create translation tools12:04
RawChidThnx :)12:06
RawChidAs a developer I couldn't stand our workflow anymore, so I automated some intesive tasks :P12:07
RawChidHm, in https://launchpad.net/ul10n-wiki-stats/trunk/+setbranch I try to "Link to a Bazaar branch already on Launchpad", but I can't find my branch. Do you have any idea?12:10
RawChidHere is my branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~rachidbm/ubuntu-translations/ul10n-wiki-stats12:10
RawChidOr do I need to create a new branch... And then push to that one?12:14
dpmRawChid, I think I'd create a ~rachidbm/ul10n-wiki-stats/trunk branch (name <trunk> as you like), so that the branches are under the ul10n-wiki-stats project12:25
dpmand then you select that one12:25
RawChidOke, I understand now12:26
dpmRawChid, remember to announce the project on the ubuntu-translators mailing list, and then I can blog about it to let everyone know. I'm sure many teams will find this useful.12:50
dpmAnd you might find new contributors interested in helping ;)12:50
RawChidThat would be great :)12:52
RawChidI'm changing the code so that it points to the right LP project now12:52
RawChidAfter that, I'll send to the ML12:52
RawChid+a mail12:52

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