hamitronnice Azelphur ;/00:44
hamitronanyone here used virtualbox on a linux host for gaming?00:44
directhexhamitron: dead loss. no useful 3d. and crap for old games too, due to lack of dos gues drivers01:15
hamitronk, ty01:16
shaunohaving great fun trying to find a usb cable for this stupid gp2x wiz.  I've a funny feeling it'll be seeing a soldering iron soon01:22
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/iMYVkAKY anyone know how to fix this?01:23
ali1234what is this i don't even01:23
directhexgit clone?01:24
Azelphurali1234: trying to help kupfer get multi X support in, https://bugs.launchpad.net/kupfer/+bug/614796/comments/1201:24
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 614796 in kupfer "Support for separate X screens" [Wishlist,New]01:24
AzelphurI need to grab from that repo but no luck :(01:24
directhexpretty sure you need clone, not fetch01:24
Azelphurclone just puts it in a directory called dbusdisplay:dbusdisplay01:25
ali1234why is this a problem01:25
Azelphurbecause I need to download the fix to test it but I can't find a link on github.com and the command he gave me don't work?01:25
ali1234he assumes you already have checked out the standard repo01:26
Azelphuroh so I run that after checking out the standard repo01:26
ali1234git clone git://github.com/engla/kupfer.git01:26
ali1234cd kupfer*01:26
Azelphuryup, already doing it :)01:26
ali1234git checkout -b mybranch origin/dbusdisplay01:27
ali1234something like that anyway01:27
Azelphurlolbroke :D01:28
HazRPGhi all02:10
HazRPGshauno: how's it going dude?04:23
HazRPGI should really learn to not let the internet distract me :/04:23
shaunotimestamp fail man04:57
HazRPGheh, nah... I got distracted and only noticed you'd actually said something till afterwards05:09
HazRPGshauno: not sure if its your thing, but recently stumbled upon this: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02202/05:12
shaunoit usually would be, but that one was boring :p05:17
HazRPGReally? I thought it was good.05:19
shauno'lo bob05:30
HazRPGMartijnVdS: o/05:30
phonex01hello guys05:30
HazRPGsup dude05:30
phonex01is there a good package for widgets on ubuntu desktop ? can show CPU cores and ram ans such things ?05:30
phonex01i need attractive one05:31
Azelphurphonex01: screenlets05:31
HazRPGerm... screenlets... also, there's some stuff for gnome panels too05:31
slackthumbzembedded terminal + byobu05:32
HazRPGthat works too05:32
slackthumbzlooks cool as hell05:32
HazRPGI use byobu for general stuff :P05:33
phonex01guys when i connect my laptop to datashow all compiz effetcs stop05:33
phonex01why ?05:33
MartijnVdSwhat is datashow?05:33
MartijnVdSyou mean a projector?05:34
phonex01ya ya05:34
MartijnVdSphonex01: what kind of graphics card do you have?05:34
slackthumbzif you're trying to use the projector as a secondary monitor it can cause issues with compiz, I've found similar problems on multi-monitor setups05:34
phonex01ATI ?05:35
phonex01HD 347005:35
slackthumbzbyobu :)05:35
phonex01it is not secodry05:35
HazRPGslackthumbz: ooo, what you using for your menu?05:36
MartijnVdSphonex01: which driver are you using? the free one or the fglrx one?05:37
MartijnVdSphonex01: fglrx is more prone to break05:37
HazRPGslackthumbz: or is that just an invisible gnome panel?05:37
shaunognome's own panels can look pretty sexy when you don't get stupid panel-applets that try to enforce their own background :/05:37
phonex01i installed the driver from ATI05:37
slackthumbzawn, faenza icons, orta gtk theme05:38
MartijnVdSphonex01: that's fglrx, and that's the problem05:38
ballIf I start an X client and specify a geometry of 192x168-8+8, it seems to be a lot more than 8 pixels away from the right hand edge of the screen.05:40
ball...Is that to leave room for some kind of dock?05:41
shaunoI think the window borders have some kind of invisible width lately05:41
ballLooks more like 128 pixels away from the right-hand edge05:43
ballbrb battery's flat05:44
HazRPGslackthumbz: I did notice it was faenza icons... nice setup though :)05:49
slackthumbzI've also been building gnome-shell from their gt repository using jhbuild lately. Can't say it's as good as gnome 2.x but it seems to be improving. Haven't tried the latest Unity stuff in the Natty alhpha yet.05:51
ballThere, that's better.05:54
knightwisehey slackthumbz06:46
knightwisehow are you today06:46
slackthumbznot bad06:46
slackthumbzhow's it going?06:46
knightwisedoing fine , working from home today so i get to have my linux laptop along site of me all day long06:47
slackthumbznice, at my office we use debian on the desktop06:47
slackthumbzbut I'm on holiday atm so it's kind of a moot point. Got my netbook with me06:48
knightwisecool , what are you running ?06:50
slackthumbzubuntu 10.1006:50
knightwisewhat netbook ?06:50
slackthumbzgoing to install the 11.04 alpha on a spare partition when I get back to the UK06:50
slackthumbzHP Mini06:51
* knightwise is running 10.10 on his Macbook air06:51
knightwisecool , nice little machine that is !06:51
slackthumbzbuilding gnome-shell from the git repositories at the moment06:51
knightwisewhow :) thats beyond my level of geekery06:52
slackthumbzit's surprisingly simple06:52
slackthumbzthe gnome uys have provided some nice tools to ease the process06:52
knightwisei still need to try unity06:52
slackthumbzI wasn't fond of the unity build that shipped with 10.1006:53
slackthumbzbut I've yet to try any of the newer stuff06:53
knightwisethink 10.4 will be better ,06:53
slackthumbzprobably, will be interesting to see06:54
knightwisei'm currently meddling with some command line stuff06:54
knightwisealpine , irssi, centerim .. byobu , twidge .. stuff like that06:54
knightwisesomehow love the command line interface :)06:54
slackthumbzCLI is the best, it's been my favourite tool since 199806:55
slackthumbzDon't think I could live without my embedded terminal06:57
slackthumbz http://ompldr.org/vN3d2ag06:58
knightwisetrue slackthumbz07:08
knightwisecool , whats the name of that package ?07:09
knightwisefor the embedded terminal you showed me in the screenshot ?07:10
slackthumbzit's gnome-terminal07:10
slackthumbzyou use compiz window rules to get rid of the window deocrations and things07:10
knightwiseaaah thats how you do it07:10
knightwise:) i thought it was some kind of live wallpaper07:11
slackthumbznah, pretty simple to set up though07:11
knightwisehahaha :) very cool !07:14
TheOpenSourcererMorning peeps07:27
knightwisehey TheOpenSourcerer07:30
knightwisehow are you today07:30
TheOpenSourcererI'm well thanks knightwise - and your good self?07:30
knightwisedoing fine07:33
knightwisebit annoyed by my super sensitive touchpad on my macbook air under 10.1007:34
knightwisebut for the rest, all is well07:34
slackthumbzPreferrences->Mouse go to the general tab and adjust the sensitivity there07:35
knightwiseits not that its to "fast" in responding07:35
knightwisebut when i just ever so gently touch it with the palm of my hand while typing ...07:35
knightwiseboom .. cursus hops around07:35
slackthumbzI hate it when that happens07:35
knightwisei did the disable while typing option07:35
TheOpenSourcererBlimey - where will it all end? Samsung F3 1TB (7200RPM) drive £37.99 inc. VAT from eBuyer this morning...07:51
knightwisesounds nice07:53
knightwisehey daubers how are you today07:53
daubersAwake! (honest!)07:53
TheOpenSourcererTotally OT but does anyone have any decent design ideas/templates for invoices or other business docs?07:54
knightwiseha :) Ubuntu using grandmother turns 84 today :)07:58
knightwiseHappy birthday Gran-buntu ! :)07:58
knightwiseits an older article , she's switching to 10.10 next week08:00
knightwiseshe's on 9.04 now08:00
=== dipl0 is now known as diplo
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Thats a bit.... open to interpretation as to what is "decent"08:08
TheOpenSourcererdaubers: Yep - I'm happy to do the interpreting :-)08:08
TheOpenSourcererAm just after some inspiration really.08:09
daubersHeh, ours are all built by filemaker :(08:09
TheOpenSourcererGosh - That still going?08:09
knightwisetry the office live library and steal ideas from there ?08:09
daubersYup, it's not too bad in fairness to it. But it does require OSX08:10
daubersand the server bit is a pita08:10
slackthumbzI hate filemaker08:10
TheOpenSourcererknightwise: "steal" probably isn't the right word... But I hadn't even looked there tbh - do I need MSO to look at the layouts?08:11
knightwiseI'm not sure , i think so ...08:12
TheOpenSourcererHmm - They have a *very* long Service Agreement I have to agree to. Can't be arsed to read it all.08:13
daubers\o/ program no longer leaking file descriptors08:21
bigcalmGreetings early Earthlings08:44
knightwisehey DJones bigcalm08:44
* DJones takes bigcalm to AlanBell our new leader/poc/gopher/general dogsbody :)08:45
DJonesHi knightwise08:45
bigcalmAh, I was wondering what the official title was going to be08:46
DJonesbigcalm: I think the correct answer is "To be confirmed"08:46
TheOpenSourcererAhh morning el Presidente08:46
DJonesAlanBell: Lizard? Where has that come from, but thanks for the reminder, must remember to set my recorder for the new series of V starting this week08:47
bigcalmOh god08:48
bigcalmI thought that show had died08:48
bigcalm(been canceled)08:48
DJones2nd series starts on Thursday08:48
DJonesAlanBell: Makes sense now08:49
bigcalmI can't even remember which channel we were watching it on. This is how rememberable the show was :(08:49
bigcalmI only watched it for the Firefly crew. Even they couldn't hold it together08:50
DJonesbigcalm: Probably SyFy channel08:50
bigcalmDJones: seems probable08:50
DJonesI enjoyed it08:50
bigcalmI like the premise and the production values. But it was just meh somehow08:51
bigcalmLike the 1st ep of Flash Forward was great!08:51
DJonesI watched the 1st 4 episodes there, and then watched the rest via the web because I couldn't be bothered waiting for it to be broadcast in the uk08:51
DJonesFlashforward started well, slowed down but then got good towards the end08:52
bigcalmI will get around to reading the book08:52
DJonesThe one I was disappointed that got cancelled was Jericho, only had about 1.5 series08:52
bigcalmRight now we're enjoying Castle. So glad that it's made it to a 3rd series08:53
DJonesbigcalm: Flashforward book? I've read it, it bears no resemblence to the series but as is usual was much better than the series08:53
bigcalmThat's what I'm hoping for :)08:53
hooverI agree, flashforward had great potential08:54
bigcalmHi hoovie08:54
hooverhey biggie09:04
* bigcalm ponders having a dubstep day09:20
MartijnVdSbigcalm: don't do it! :)09:28
* BigRedS is having a metal day09:29
BigRedSwell, morning. Until anybody else gets in...09:29
* daubers has been driving in with no music the past couple of days, and found it oddly relaxing09:30
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: hello :)09:32
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: Hello. How was the ferryman?09:38
JamesTaitHello, hello! It's a beautiful day! :D09:38
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: good , just home09:38
knightwisehey czajkowski ! Morning09:39
knightwisegreat appearance on UUPC btw09:39
knightwisegood talk on RMS too !09:41
screen-xmorning :)09:45
n1md4Good morning09:49
* Daviey grumbles at czajkowski 09:56
* czajkowski stuffs Daviey full of banana less grumbling 09:56
Davieyyes ma'am.09:56
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: bit ahead of themselves http://www.rte.ie/sport/rugby/sixnations/2011/0322/england_video.html10:05
czajkowskiwatcht eh video!10:06
mungojerryit seems there is some sort of strike on today at uni10:07
mungojerrywalked through as many picket lines as possible to wind up the commie newspaper sellers :)10:07
mungojerryAKA rent-a-picket10:08
DJonesmungojerry: It got nmentioned on teh radio, university lecturers on a 24 hour strike over pensions10:08
screen-xNo trains from cardiff central this morning due to power failure :(10:09
mungojerryDJones: it hasn't got much support tbh10:10
* mungojerry isn't in the union anyway - costs more than my monthly mobile tariff10:10
* popey sees http://wiki.qemu.org/Google_Summer_of_Code_2011#BeBox_system_emulation and thinks of brobostigon10:17
s-foxHow're you?10:28
dogmatic69cool and you10:28
JGJonesczajkowski, rofl at the video :D Ireland was amazing in that match.10:29
czajkowskiJGJones: aye10:30
s-foxfabulous,  stomping around the ubuntu forums dealing with spam dogmatic69 .10:30
JGJonesPity about Wales falling apart at the last hurdle.10:30
s-foxhmm,  no more spam.  >.<10:34
=== uk-stat is now known as ukstat
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:37
s-foxpopey,  That chrome advert you tweetwed was neat =)10:37
* popey wonders what's going on with the bot10:37
popey10:17:36  * popey sees http://wiki.qemu.org/Google_Summer_of_Code_2011#BeBox_system_emulation and thinks of brobostigon10:38
* brobostigon wakes up.10:38
* DJones provides brobostigon with a new alarm clock10:39
brobostigonpopey: interesting, thank you.10:39
brobostigonDJones: i woke up, as popey cameup with soething interesting.10:39
brobostigonthat will be interesting,10:40
brobostigoni need to keep an eye on that.10:41
JGJonesJust read this - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12811197 -  - Religion going extinct (hmm which remind me, I forgot to do my census...it's still sitting in my intray10:42
mungojerryJGJones: england reported 80% christianity last census when the true churchgoing figures are much less. it may be that culture has changed so that people don't go to church if they don't believe.10:44
JGJonesBah...10 years to prepare and they have the census available in 56 languages but British Sign Language, an official language of UK isn't listed.10:45
popeythere is a dvd10:46
JGJonesah thanks, will pass that onto my friends as they just asked :)10:46
popeythats how i found it :)10:47
JGJoneshmm they're asking me about Q18/1910:47
JGJonesLanguage = sign language10:47
JGJonesthen 19 - implies speak?10:47
s-foxI have BSL level 1 qualification.   I am yet to actually need it for anything.10:47
JGJonesum...I read and write it very well.10:47
gordi wonder why google needs sourceid=chrome in there10:47
JGJonesbut speak it?10:47
JGJoness-fox, you haven't met me yet. When you do, you'll need it ;-)10:48
s-foxJGJones,  Then it shall be fun :)10:48
* DJones waits for an incoming livingdaylight asking about kubuntu10:49
mungojerryi think that was the last bond film i watched10:55
* brobostigon just had to explain the whole history of BeOS and the BeBox to someone because of that qemu link.10:55
dogmatic69anyone know how i can bypass this on EC2? The disk drive for /mnt/ebsimage is not ready yet or not present Continue to wait; or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery10:56
dogmatic69that is what "ec2-get-console-output" is saying... so it seems my box is just sitting waiting for input or the drive to mount10:57
popeygord: it doesn't "need" it11:00
popeygord: i just copy/pasted from my browser11:00
gordpopey, of course - i didn't mean it like that11:00
gordi was just wondering why11:00
gordgoogle gets the browser id in the http headers11:01
gordrevenue would make sense... if it wasn't chrome ;)11:01
gordan interesting way to embezzle money though11:02
screen-xgord: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/google-tax-cut/google-terminal.html11:04
mungojerrylike google needs the money...and vodafone for that matter11:05
mungojerryare canonical registered in isle of man for tax purposes?11:06
AlanBelland pretty much all software licenses for major suppliers come via ireland11:07
popeyone bit of canonical is11:07
mungojerryi wouldn't expect they have turned a profit  thoguh11:07
s-foxmungojerry,  Google employed 24,400 full-time employees as of December 31, 2010. I am sure they pay them all salaries ;)11:10
s-foxSo, yes I think they might need money :)11:10
mungojerrys-fox: yes but corporate tax avoidance to the tune of $3bn is rather unethical woulnd't you say?11:11
AlanBellevasion is unethical, avoidance is good accountancy11:11
s-foxI agree with AlanBell .11:11
mungojerryevasion is unlawful, avoidance is potentially unethical IMO11:12
screen-xsomone has to keep DJones in a job..11:12
AlanBellhowever the public sector purchasing licenses for proprietary software which is untaxed in this country is an ethical issue for the public sector11:12
DJonesscreen-x: I don't do tax11:12
AlanBellDJones: neither does google11:12
AlanBellor Microsoft11:12
AlanBellor IBM11:13
AlanBellpopey: where do SAP/Oracle licenses ship from11:13
popeynot sure they "ship" from anywhere11:13
popeyCD/DVDs usually come from Germany11:13
popeybut most people dont order optical media much anymore, but download instead11:13
AlanBellpaper licence certificates for IBM stuff used to come from Ireland and the CDs until they went download only (floppys before that I think)11:14
popeyalthough that's bizarro11:14
screen-xpopey: I guess its not so much where the product comes from, but where the entity you send the money to is11:14
popeyi am not involved in that side11:15
* popey is just a lowly techy grunt :)11:15
screen-xpopey: I'm not sure I believe that11:15
* popey shrugs11:15
TheOpenSourcererCareful popey - I nearly misread grunt... ;-)11:16
screen-x\o/ the refresh link in gmail is finally a button, should have been one ages ago.11:17
bigcalmSo it is11:17
bigcalmHow quaint11:17
mungojerryeither twitter is really flaky lately, or hotot has only just started telling me when there's problems..i think it's the latter11:17
bigcalmDubstep day didn't last long. I'm enjoying REM - Lotus for the 1st time in several years11:18
mungojerryi rediscovered that sugarcubes sounded much better that bjork solo stuff11:19
bigcalmmungojerry: miss-read that as Sugarbabes11:19
* bigcalm shudders11:19
popeyITYM Sugababes11:19
* mungojerry is wearing his redhat t-shirt for work today..what a geek.11:20
popeyone of the earliest linux screenshots I still have online features the Sugababes :)11:20
mungojerrythe difference between owning a redhat thsirt and ubuntu one is that i paid for the ubuntu one11:20
mungojerryis that GAIM?11:21
bigcalmLooks like it11:21
brobostigonxfce, lookslike.11:21
popeyi used to use xfce on debian11:22
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/scrot/2005-09-21-224627_1920x1200_scrot.png is fun11:22
popeyrunning lots of versions of windows at once under qemu :)11:22
brobostigonlol :)11:22
gordsomeone should design a laptop keyboard that never gets warm ever - not a nice feeling on sunny warm days11:22
bigcalmYou horrible man :P11:22
mungojerrylinux desktop has come some way since then..although the screenshots look like my desktop from 199911:23
mungojerryubuntu font made a nice difference actually11:24
davmor2popey: man yum  old ;)11:28
screen-xgrr windguru for iphone is giving a different forecast to windguru.cz for the same model (GFS)11:32
screen-xThe iphone app doesn't give the time that the  model was run, so I suspect its old data. Shame, as its a more favourable forecast.11:36
MartijnVdSpopey: Now try again with OS/2 version :)11:39
MartijnVdSI tried to run OS/2 in QEmu once11:40
MartijnVdSbut it failed11:40
MartijnVdSSome 286 opcode that was too hard/impossible to implement :|11:41
MartijnVdS(this was OS/2 Warp 3)11:41
mungojerrydoes anyone know how to forward mail from gmail but exclude the spam? apparently it forwards ALL mail.11:42
screen-xmungojerry: use a filter11:43
screen-xdoesnt have: label:spam11:44
livingdaylightgreetings comrades11:44
mungojerryscreen-x: forward doesn't allow that option though does it?11:45
mungojerryscreen-x: think i've got it cheers11:46
mungojerryscreen-x: however, "Warning: Filter searches containing "label:",  "in:", or "is:" criteria are not recommended, as these criteria will never match incoming mail."11:48
screen-xmungojerry: they do match incoming mail, but order is important, and there is no way to reorder filters without modifying them :(11:49
screen-xHaving said that, I don't know whether the spam label is applied before or after filters..11:50
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mungojerryscreen-x: cheers, got it working :)12:15
=== tim_ is now known as tim_at_lunch
mungojerrybrobostigon: does unity on the eee run in 2d or 3d?12:33
brobostigonmungojerry: runs inboth here.12:34
mungojerry2d is quicker i guess12:34
brobostigonyes, but miles.12:35
brobostigonby miles*12:35
brobostigon!info unity-2d natty12:35
lubotu3unity-2d (source: unity-2d): Unity interface for non-accelerated graphics cards. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.2-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 5 kB, installed size 116 kB12:35
mungojerrybrobostigon: are you running any cpu scaling12:36
mungojerryi seem to spend ages setting it up each time i destroy my setup12:36
brobostigonmungojerry: no cpu scaling.12:37
dogmatic69man, could anyone help me with getting a ssl cert working? bought one off thawte.. cant find the right guide to use for this12:39
dogmatic69have not seen two tutorials doing the same thing12:40
screen-xdogmatic69: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/ssl/ssl_faq.html#realcert12:44
dogmatic69that is for a self signed something?12:46
screen-xdogmatic69: no, thats for generating CSR to send to CA, then installing signed cert.12:48
screen-xdogmatic69: example of using real cert http://paste.ubuntu.com/583774/12:50
dogmatic69screen-x: thanks, its just that people already done half of this12:59
dogmatic69suck a mess12:59
dogmatic69right, "openssl x509 -noout -text -in server.crt" gives some legit looking output13:02
screen-xdogmatic69: I have to lookup the openssl incantations each time I install a cert, I don't do it often enough to remember..13:10
* screen-x submits census13:12
czajkowskidavmor2: what have you done to moodoo ?13:16
davmor2czajkowski: no idea I'm assuming he is on nights or holiday13:17
davmor2czajkowski: how's Ireland13:17
czajkowskihe usually still joins you in tormenting me13:17
czajkowskidavmor2: brief visit13:17
czajkowskigrand got to see the sister13:17
davmor2czajkowski: Oi I ain't said nothing to you, apart from this how dare you trundle past wolverhampton on the train and not pay a visit :P13:18
czajkowskipff you'd have been asleep13:19
czajkowskioption was at 8am yesterday or at 3am this morning take your pick13:19
screen-xthe census envelope makes quite a good hat, I propose we all wear them on the 27th13:21
selinuxiumHi all   o.13:23
czajkowskiselinuxium: howdy13:23
davmor2selinuxium: morning13:23
selinuxiumAnyone done an upgrade to 11.04? I was wondering if I should test it or just flatten the laptop...13:24
BigRedSscreen-x: isn't it supposed to not be filled in until the 27th?13:24
screen-xBigRedS: As far as I know, its about the 27th, but can be filled in early, if the situation on the 27th is known.13:26
screen-xcensus.gov.uk says "It's time to fill it in"13:26
* mungojerry hasn't opened his census letter yet, it's still sitting unopened on the stairs along with unopened bills and this months copy of linux magazine13:27
directhexi haven't opened these bottles of rum i received this morning13:29
directhexi should fix this later13:29
mungojerrywhen does census need to be done by?13:30
BigRedSISTR it's supposed to be filled in on the 27th and posted by the 31st13:30
gordi did mine online weeks ago13:31
mungojerryBigRedS: really?13:31
mungojerrywhat if you are on holiday for 3 weeks? i only got mine last week13:32
screen-xmungojerry: then you have too much annual leave ;-)13:33
* mungojerry wonders how everyone knows about the census13:33
mungojerryit wasn't on slashdot on ubuntu planet so i didn't see it13:33
popeyvia the media and a "census" through the letter bocks13:33
davmor2czajkowski: it's dawned on me what you're up to, you've gone over for some Irish Bunting for the Ubuntu Rugby Grudge^wMatch :)13:34
mungojerrythe only media i look at is sd card and usb sticks13:34
dogmatic69does this look like a "SSLCACertificateFile" https://search.thawte.com/library/VERISIGN/ALL_OTHER/thawte%20ca/SSL123_CA_Bundle.pem13:35
mungojerrymaybe they should start printing the news on the inside of nappies, since that is where i seem to spend most time13:35
screen-xmungojerry: maybe you should sitdown with directhex, drink rum and read the news13:35
dogmatic69seems like that is needed for the ssl to work properly?13:35
mungojerryare all questions compulsory?13:35
BigRedSreligion isn't13:35
BigRedSbut otherwise I think so13:35
mungojerrydo they ask if you are a homosexual vegan druid like my recent employer survey13:36
screen-xdogmatic69: looks like SSLCertificateChainFile13:36
popeyco-worker just filled in a Bupa form13:36
popeyone field was very specific13:36
popey"Sex at birth"13:36
dogmatic69screen-x: ah, same thing, new directive from what ive read... so that text just goes all in one file and then "SSLCertificateChainFile /path/to/it"13:37
Pendulumpopey: was there another question about "current sex"?13:37
mungojerrywere you born with a winkle? do you still have the winkle13:37
popeyno Pendulum13:37
screen-xdogmatic69: yeah13:38
dogmatic69man... it has thawpe or whatever in the details, but says its invalid13:39
dogmatic69even seems to be using the ssl middle part thing.. https://e6.geneo.co.uk/13:40
davmor2Pendulum: no but you would have miss, mrs and mr as give aways as to how you live your life ;)13:40
Pendulumdavmor2: fair enough :)13:40
popeydunno if it does actually13:41
popeyhe's wandered off with the form to fax it13:41
dogmatic69think its working, chrome is just thinking its still wwrong13:47
mungojerryanyone got any good london-based conferences coming up?13:57
mungojerrygoing to the infosec show in april,but thats about it13:58
bigcalmThere are likely to be some 11.04 release parties14:06
mungojerrybigcalm: that's mainly a beer drinking event , though isn't it?14:09
mungojerryprobably couldn't get a day off for that14:09
screen-xmungojerry: do you use vmware?14:10
mungojerryyes, with vsphere/vcentre14:11
screen-xmungojerry: could register for vforum, reasonable food, free to attend, high chance of getting a day off work for it..14:11
mungojerryscreen-x: got an email about that today14:11
screen-xdownside is its very anti FLOSS :(14:12
mungojerrywhere is it held?14:12
mungojerrythe london one14:12
screen-xmungojerry: don't know. I'm not planning on going this year.14:14
mungojerrythe registration website doesn't say :(14:15
screen-xmungojerry: last year was at Novotel London West14:15
mungojerryvmware spout a lot of corporate mumbo jumbo too :P14:15
screen-x(thanks google calendar)14:15
screen-xmungojerry: yeah :/14:15
mungojerryi feel like i'm in a dilbert cartoon14:15
mungojerrywhenever i do any vmware research14:16
screen-xmungojerry: have to keep your head down this week, alice is in charge14:17
mungojerryi noticed14:17
* bigcalm slap hugs popey14:23
bigcalmMy minecraft pig just ran accross my desk14:26
MartijnVdSbigcalm: Welcome to the matrix?14:28
bigcalmMartijnVdS: wind14:28
bigcalmBut it did make me jump14:28
screen-xbigcalm: did you make a cardboard minecraft pig?14:28
popey:) bigcalm14:29
MartijnVdSbigcalm: where do you get the templates for those?14:29
* MartijnVdS wants to annoy a few coworkers14:29
popeyi have them in my dropbox14:29
popeyin fact14:30
mungojerryhmm does postfix require a reload after a logrotate of mail logs?14:30
Hackbinarywhich version of debian is ubuntu based on ?14:32
kazadeHackbinary, I think it's unstable usually and testing for an LTS ... although I might be wrong14:35
Hackbinarycheers, that's what I thought14:35
* X3N note to self remember not to wear shirt I had my hair cut in :|14:48
X3Nso. very. itchy..14:49
BigRedSthat's partly why I gave up haircuts14:52
MartijnVdSBigRedS: bald++?14:52
BigRedShah, no. I have flowing locks14:53
BigRedSwell, a mass of hair14:53
DJonesDuh, some people who run websites/forums are so thick.  Using Chrome, a forum I use was flagged up as distributing malware, so reported it to the administrator, one of the things they've come back with is that it doesn't show up as an error in Internet Explorer.......14:53
MartijnVdSThey're so dense, they almost collapse into a black hole14:54
mungojerryUGH.....yum install imagemagick : No Match for argument: imagemagick14:55
mungojerryyum install ImageMagick: Installing:14:55
DJonesMartijnVdS: Somebody else has asked "Could be because of the cookies"?14:55
gordDJones, prolly the malware they already contracted hijacking their hotmail address to send that reply to you14:55
mungojerryDJones: very likely something in their cookies, yes!14:55
MartijnVdSDJones: time to get out of the way before you're caught beyond the event horizon14:55
DJonesgord: Nah, the malware would ask a more intelligent question14:56
BigRedSmungojerry: that's part of the reason I love working on centos boxes :/15:04
mungojerryBigRedS: and bizarrely , the script on centos4 machine using imagemagick is producing output rotated by 90 degrees :(15:09
BigRedShaha, awesome!15:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Matthew Garrett] Archos update - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/135204.html15:12
smittixHi all15:44
=== denny- is now known as denny
screen-xhi smittix and livingdaylight :)15:56
livingdaylighthi screen-x15:56
screen-xGoogle: do not be evil, stop patenting random things http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Google-doodles-itself-a-patent-1212681.html15:56
livingdaylightIḿ in my new kubuntu environment here :p15:56
BigRedSthat's the happiest emoticon I've seen near an implication of kde in quite a while :)15:56
livingdaylightNever knew what Quassel was before today15:56
smittixhi screen-x15:56
livingdaylightBigRedS: :)15:57
livingdaylightBigRedS: there seems nothing wrong with it15:57
smittixBeen working on a site all day whilst on tramadol for a bad back. I have gotten nowhere.15:57
BigRedSlivingdaylight: Ah, I got bored of it forgetting arbitrary customisations of mine15:59
mungojerry trying to install natty on my eee pc and seems to get stuck after the first couple of screens :(16:00
BigRedSit was amusing for a while, guessing which thing would be deconfigured on login, but did get tiring after a while...16:00
livingdaylightwell, Iḿ on day 1 here. Lets see how it goes16:00
screen-xlivingdaylight: you seem to have accented 'm's16:00
BigRedSah yeah. it's generally good to ignore my complaints about software. I complain about most software :)16:00
livingdaylightscreen-x: keyboard is playing up16:01
DJonesOh how exciting, Amazons Android App store is open and I can get Angry Birds Rio for free for a limited time16:09
* mungojerry realises he hasn't played angry birds for months16:10
BigRedSangry birds rio?16:10
BigRedSa brazillian version?16:10
mungojerryi thought they were all free16:10
DJonesBigRedS: http://www.amazon.com/mobile-apps/b/ref=pe_143140_19270210_topnav_storetab_mas?ie=UTF8&node=235014901116:11
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Im not a Mac fan. But& - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/02/16/im-not-a-mac-fan-but/16:12
mungojerry^^ isn't that a really old article mr bot?16:14
mungojerryDJones: i can't seem to download the FREE game without a purchase method16:22
DJonesI've no idea, I haven't bothered with it16:22
mungojerryits a swizz16:23
DJonesMaybe because Amazon is a commercial entity, they want you to put a card number etc in so that next time you accidentally click on something they can bill you directly16:23
mungojerryi suspect so16:23
mungojerryuninstalled their POC appstore16:24
DJonesI would guess that a large part of the apps will be duplicated in the android market anyway (if not all)16:25
mungojerryi haven't found an app worth buying yet in 12 months16:26
gordiv bought loads of stuff on the android market16:27
DJonesSame here in 2 years, the only one I would buy is swype if my beta test ever runs out16:28
mungojerrymaybe i'm missing out - what is there?16:28
gordin my view, if you use something, its worth buying16:28
popeyits US only16:28
mungojerrypopey: strange that it let me install their market app16:28
mungojerryat least it let me uninstall :P16:28
mungojerry...or did it16:28
popeyit says in big letters at the top16:29
* mungojerry is liking the natty installer...shame i didn't plug a real monitor into this eee pc16:29
popey"The Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States.16:29
DJonespopey: Now you said that, I've just gone and looked and noticed the big letters at the top16:29
mungojerryi don't look at banners16:29
mungojerrymy brain is trained to disregard them16:29
* DJones makes an excuse that he only reads small print, if its big print, its an advert to be ignored16:29
popeyhello goodbye hello16:30
SuperMattinstalling firefox 4, what method are people using?16:31
mungojerryusing lucid, i'm using a PPA i found16:31
marxjohnsonwaiting until 10.04 :P16:31
popeyI'm using the "just use what I have" method16:31
SuperMattI'm using the dailies ppa, and have done for a while, but that's really "minefield" and is version 4.0b13pre16:32
livingdaylighti wonder whether my wireless card is on its last legs16:32
SuperMattsure, it's a release from last night16:32
popeythe builds for 10.10 ff4 are nearly done16:33
mungojerrySuperMatt:  4.0~rc1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~eugenesan~lucid116:33
DJonesSuperMatt: Isn't firefox 4 still only in beta at the minute, so it would still be Minefield16:34
livingdaylight_gord:  you were saying you liek to pay for things you use?16:34
popeythat will be updated in a few minutes16:34
SuperMattDJones: it's out.16:34
gordlivingdaylight_, if the thing i use wants money, then sure16:34
livingdaylight_my wireless is fading in and out of consciousness16:34
gordi can afford the £1 that the market is asking, i will just go without my mars bar for the day16:34
gordnot that i eat a mars bar every day :P16:35
mungojerrya mars a day helps you work rest and play16:35
livingdaylight_gord: thatś not the same as " in my view, if you use something, its worth buying "16:35
mungojerrygord: interested which apps you have bought16:35
DJonesSuperMatt: Right, just checked, from what I saw, its only been released today16:36
gordlivingdaylight_, how is it not the same?16:36
livingdaylight_different logic16:36
gordlivingdaylight_, no its not16:36
popeyNice guide to putting webapps in the #ubuntu unity launcher. http://popey.me/f8daBc16:39
popeyoops, that was supposed to be a tweet16:39
popeyhey ho16:39
mungojerryanyone know how to get unity 2d running instead of 3d?16:39
DJonespopey: Do you use irssi for twitter?16:40
marxjohnsonmungojerry: you can get the old netbook interface if that's what you mean16:40
popeyyes DJones16:40
popeymungojerry: yes16:40
popeymarxjohnson: there's a unity 2d, new one16:40
mungojerryit's qt based16:40
marxjohnsonhow exciting16:40
DJonespopey: What method do you use for that, I tried one ages ago without sucess, but I'm tempted to try again16:40
popeymungojerry:  http://popey.me/haHkMc16:40
popey^^ guide to unity 2d16:40
popeyDJones: twirssi16:41
marxjohnsonis it only on natty?16:41
DJonesThanks, I'll investigate that16:41
mungojerrymarxjohnson: check out popey's link16:41
marxjohnsonjust did, sorry getting over excited an forgetting to read ;-)16:41
gordback in the initial prototyping days of unity we had proper webapp support - webapps were basically just another application, it was fun16:42
mungojerrybah nothing fits on this screen16:42
gordchromium sucked too much though and no one had the chrome knowledge to fix it - firefox prism was broken in all sorts of stupid ways, so it was removed. damn shame16:43
mungojerrygord: is that what jolicloud do?16:44
gordmungojerry, not sure, never used jolicloud16:44
gordin the eyes of unity though, a webapp was no different from say, gedit though16:45
mungojerryi used to use it, and they had loads of useless prism apps that were slow. they switched to chrome but i wasn't interested in the web apps16:45
mungojerryi think thats the joli way. but i used it before html5 and offline use16:46
mungojerryso a bit pointless really16:46
popeymungojerry: no, its what peppermint does though16:46
mungojerryunity launcher isn't hiding when apps are fullscreen :(16:46
popeyjolicloud actually installs real apps16:46
mungojerrydoes real and cloud16:47
popeyyeah, i got an apology email some days back16:52
mungojerryunity 2d is looking more bust than 3d atm16:54
=== cking__ is now known as cking
brobostigonhello everyone.17:00
popeyYay! Firefox 4 built for 10.04 and 10.10 now! http://askubuntu.com/questions/6339/how-do-i-install-firefox-4/61217:16
marxjohnsondoes it take a while to show up in the PPA if its just been built?17:22
marxjohnson(i lied about waiting till 11.04)17:22
marxjohnsonAh, there it is!17:26
kaushalpopey: hi17:31
kaushalI saw your reply17:31
popeywhich one?17:31
kaushalpopey: please give me a moment17:33
kaushalnot sure i understand that17:34
popeywhat bit don't you understand?17:34
kaushalso do i need to populate the repositories17:35
kaushalI use deb-mirror as of now17:35
popeyYou need to no more than I said in the mail17:35
popeyinstall squid-deb-proxy on the server17:35
popeyinstall squid-deb-proxy-client on the clients17:35
popeythat's _it_17:35
kaushalso there is no need of local ubuntu mirror ?17:36
kaushaloh ok17:36
popeyunless you really want/need one17:36
kaushalhow does it work ?17:37
kaushalso no need to edit sources.list ?17:37
popey17:35:38 < popey> that's _it_17:37
popeyhonestly, there is _nothing_ else to do17:37
popeyinstalling squid-deb-proxy on the server will install a specially configured squid proxy17:38
popeyand advertise it over avahi17:38
popeyinstalling squid-deb-proxy-client on the clients will configure them to look _first_ for the squid proxy via avahi17:38
popeyif they cant find it, they use whatever the sources.list says17:38
popeyso for me it's useful because when I am at home it uses the proxy, when I am at work (where there is no proxy) it just goes to the repos to get stuff17:39
popeybut the crucial point is I don't have to do anything when I travel from home to work17:39
kaushalso repos ?17:39
kaushalin office17:39
popeyno, i have no local repos at all17:39
kaushalpopey: the idea is to save bandwidth17:40
kaushaldoes that solve it ?17:40
kaushalI mean office network17:40
popeyif you have more than one machine running ubuntu, yes17:40
MartijnVdSArgh.. debconf backgrounds are purple now?17:42
kaushalpopey: Thanks a lot17:42
kaushalYou have been so kind to me always17:42
kaushalI really appreciate it17:42
kaushalso once 11.04 is out17:43
kaushalit will hold true17:44
kaushalright ?17:44
kaushalso what does Avahi do technically ?17:45
* kaushal will read it again17:47
kaushalThanks anyways17:47
MartijnVdSkaushal: it does some magic with multicast17:47
popeykaushal: automatic discovery17:47
popeykaushal: it's so you don't have to tell each client where the proxy is, they figure it out17:48
MartijnVdSkaushal: avahi.org has more details on the protocol etc. (it's the same as Apple's bonjour :)17:48
popeyand windows's zeroconf17:48
MartijnVdSpopey: well not.. Windows doesn't use the same zeroconf stuff does it?17:48
MartijnVdSI always need 2 protocols because MS couldn't be bothered to implement an RFC standard17:49
kaushalpopey: ok17:49
ali1234avahi is an implementation of the apple stuff17:49
kaushalMartijnVdS: Thanks for the explanation17:49
MartijnVdSali1234: no, they're both implementations of RFC3927 :)17:49
MartijnVdSRFC3927 IS implemented by windows17:49
MartijnVdSDNS-SD and mDNS are Apple-specific.. you're right17:50
* MartijnVdS slaps self17:50
ali1234microsoft uses upnp17:50
MartijnVdSThere's DNSSD/mDNS (APple), SSDP/UPnP (MS) and SLP (IETF)17:50
MartijnVdSand they're all incompatible \o/17:50
shaunothought slp was effectively dead17:51
ali1234upnp is effectively dead since the standard was so vague no two upnp devices will work together17:51
screen-xupnp is scary17:52
shaunooh well.  good thing apples' works ;)17:53
X3NUPnP wasn't a MS project17:53
smittixcan anyone connect to http://aptgetmoo.co.uk ?17:54
screen-xsmittix: wfm17:54
X3NIt's a consortium of companies in the upnp forum17:54
MartijnVdSX3N: yay standards-by-committee17:54
smittixBah must be my DNS17:54
* screen-x wants a thinkpad x220, but lenovo don't want to sell them yet :(17:56
X3NI'd say it does work too, most home routers use upnp, and av stuff works but there is a varying amount of how much of the specification has been implemented17:57
screen-xX3N: its when upnp works that its most scary, you find that your router has opened ports for stuff like vnc, which you really didnt want exposed.17:57
X3Nalso the problem with av stuff is it's heavily dependant on matching codecs17:58
MartijnVdSX3N: and it's hard to figure out which codecs are supported17:58
MartijnVdSexcept from docs written by the marketing dept17:58
shaunoI find the whole thing of opening ports is only a problem because people have somehow decided that NAT is a firewall17:58
X3Nwell, that should be done by DNLA profiles, but in practice yeah, it's hit and miss17:59
X3Nplus most people's media is either drm'ed, pirated or uses expensive codecs17:59
brobostigonhttp://www.geeksaresexy.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/fow.jpg LOL18:00
brobostigonsorry, that picture just made me giggle.18:03
dwatkinsbrobostigon: me too :)18:08
dwatkinsand on that note, I'm off home, ciao for now... k'plah!18:08
MartijnVdSMyrtti: good evening to you troo18:09
Myrtti37.9 :-(18:10
screen-xMyrtti: temperature?18:10
MartijnVdSUbuntu Fever18:11
Myrttiits been goinh up since friday18:11
screen-xMyrtti: have you overclocked yourself?18:11
brobostigonmy eeepc is 57C.18:12
Myrttii wish  then id get more stuff done18:12
smittixDell Studio is 53C18:16
MartijnVdSMy i3 is 38.518:19
MartijnVdSmainboard is 2918:19
directhexbrobostigon: nvidia graphics chips are rated to 110 before they throttle, so don't fret18:39
sinbadregister salamander23 petegordon007@gmail.com18:41
brobostigondirecthex: my eeepc, which i was refferring to is intel.18:41
brobostigondirecthex: but that is interesting to know, :)18:42
directhexintel cpu should be fine to about 70C18:42
=== sinbad is now known as sin-bad
smittixIs Identica any good?18:56
moreatismittix: it has good reach in open source circles, outside that very few people use it.18:56
smittixmoreati: I'll give it a whirl18:57
brobostigonidenti.ca/ptaylor  ptaylor.status.net18:57
moreatismittix: In my opinion it has better architecture than twitter, but I wimped out and chose twitter because that's where the people are18:58
brobostigonmoreati: or like me, have both.18:58
brobostigonor three.18:58
moreatiI have an identica account, it may even still pull everything from twitter. I haven't checked it in months. brb18:59
smittixmeh, tried subscribing to brobostigon and got an error.19:01
brobostigonsmittix: which one?19:01
gordi find the days that my identica account isn't working on gwibber are more enjoyable...19:01
MartijnVdSgord: i.e. most days (knowing gwibber)19:02
smittixbrobostigon: identica19:02
brobostigongord: everything in gwibeer seems working other than twitter, so its one less thing to read,19:02
brobostigonsmittix: i just checked and it opens, what error did it give you?19:03
smittixBad Request19:04
smittixBad Request - You can use the local subscription!19:04
smittixwhen clicking subscribe19:05
brobostigonnot seen that kind of error, no idea.19:05
brobostigonit should work.19:05
brobostigonthere no limit on who cansubscribe to me.19:06
brobostigonsmittix: try and remote subscribe to ptaylor.status.net/ptaylor, all my samestuff goes there, aswell.19:10
smittixbrobostigon: Does mine work? http://identi.ca/smittix19:10
brobostigonsmittix: worked fine, yes.19:11
smittixbrobostigon: Site problem by the looks of it - The database for Identi.ca isn't responding correctly, so the site won't work properly. The site admins probably know about the problem, but you can contact them at admin@status.net to make sure. Otherwise, wait a few minutes and try again.19:20
smittixI'll try later19:20
brobostigonsmittix: ok, i see, ohwel.19:21
smittixDont suppose anyone wants to help out with a website?19:24
Azelphursmittix: ask away *shrug19:25
smittixActually be site staff..19:25
Azelphursmittix: work for free? doubt it unless it's a very special site :P19:25
smittixMore of a hobby19:26
brobostigonsmittix: which side of, hw software admin, or page maintence?19:26
smittixBasically mod the forums, write articles? that type of thing. Too much to do on my own really so need a partner.19:27
smittixif it even takes off that is.19:27
Azelphursmittix: generally you look for people after it even takes off and use someone from the community19:29
popeywhat is the site about?19:29
Azelphurspeaking as someone who has a large community with a few staff :p19:30
smittixpopey: http://www.aptgetmoo.co.uk19:30
smittixAzelphur: Yeah, I found doing it from the start helped me in the past.19:31
smittixI ran nixaddict.com19:31
smittixAzelphur: What community do you run?19:31
popeyJust what the world needs, another Open Source / Linux news aggregator site :p19:31
Azelphursmittix: http://game.azelphur.com19:31
smittixpopey: Did you not read the first comment?19:31
brobostigonhttp://linux.uk.com/ had the same aim, aand i worked on it, but it nevr caught interest so died,19:32
Azelphursmittix: 33,982 players and 3,556 clans ranked in 4 games on 3 servers with 3,918,934 kills. :P19:32
popeysmittix: the "welcome"?19:32
smittixpopey: Yeah?19:32
popeyhence my comment!19:32
smittixI must of missed something, Because it says that a Open Source/Linux aggregator site is what it's _not_ going to be.19:33
ali1234what is it going to be then?19:33
ali1234if it moos like a duck...19:33
popeyexactly :)19:33
smittixali1234: What's that supposed to mean?19:34
brobostigonsmittix: youre challange is going to be, getting enough people, to write enough "original" content.19:34
popeycommunities don't just appear out of nowhere19:35
popeythey tend to grow around something19:35
ali1234actually i think they do19:35
popeywell, okay19:35
popeythey appear out of nowhere _around_ something :)19:35
ali1234you can't force it though19:35
ali1234no, i still disagree19:35
ali1234the community usually shows up first then someone says "maybe we should make a website"19:36
ali1234i mean just look at the mistakes nokia made with maemo19:36
ali1234this is a classic example of trying to force a community to happen19:37
ali1234and it pretty much was a complete failure19:37
brobostigonali1234: maemo was quite successful though, really,19:37
ali1234um yeah that's why they canned it :)19:37
ali1234have you ever been on, say, talk.maemo.org?19:38
ali1234it's not a nice place to be19:38
brobostigonali1234: i look atthe n800 and n900, and they are amazing,19:38
ali1234you have a small hardcore clique of people who love maemo19:38
brobostigonali1234: not in ages. i didntmuch like its design.19:38
ali1234and an enormous number of trolls19:38
moreatibrobostigon: nice product is not the same as nice community19:38
ali1234to the point where any newcomer is pretty much assumed to be a troll19:38
brobostigonmoreati: very true,19:39
popeyali1234: you're disagreeing with a point I didnt make19:39
popeymaybe I didnt articulate it well, but I'm not arguing with you19:39
brobostigonali1234: i didntlook at it that closesly. i just did what i had to do, and work out, and left.19:39
ali1234anyway this is a direct result of trying to plan out a community ahead of time19:40
smittixI tried creating a "how to" site called ubuntuhow back in 2008 but got turned down by canonical19:41
ali1234i see canonical doing a lot of the same things as nokia did with maemo19:42
ali1234i mean, by definition any community that involves a "community manager" is broken in my opinion19:42
czajkowskiali1234: why do you say that ?19:43
ali1234since the very existence of such a role indicates that someone somewhere doesn't want to be part of the community, therefore they created this role to do it for them19:43
czajkowskiali1234: most open source communities have one19:43
smittixDoes anyone know how OMGUbuntu got away with using "Ubuntu" in the domain name?19:43
czajkowskiali1234: no their role is to help people in the community be a part of the community and have a place in it19:43
czajkowskismittix: there are lots of domains out there with the name Ubuntu, Canonical dont own the word.19:44
czajkowskiUbuntu.ie is an example off the top of my head19:44
ali1234czajkowski: well in maemo the community manager acted as a conduit between nokia and the community19:44
popeysmittix: how do you mean "get away with"?19:44
popeysmittix: there are plenty of non-canonical non-official websites with ubuntu in the name19:44
czajkowskiali1234: that was their role, commercial and the development of maemo.19:45
smittixpopey: I was told by Canonical that i actually couldnt use the word "ubuntu" in my domain name?19:45
ali1234smittix: there's your problem. you should have just done it :)19:46
ali1234this is another prblem that happens when communities are controlled/designed19:46
popeysmittix: depends how you use it19:47
ali1234everyone constantly seeks approval/permission because "we wouldn't want <company X> to pull out of the community"19:47
popeyhaving ubuntu in the name isnt actually that helpful19:47
ali1234as a result the community is paralysed if <company X> never communicates19:47
czajkowskidanfish: you alive19:50
smittixah well, I will see how it goes.19:51
smittixJust wanted to build a helpfull community where newbies don't get flamed for asking stupid questions like so many other sites out there.19:52
ali1234i don't know of any ubuntu sites where that is true19:52
* brobostigon shakes fist at libdrm and xorg-intel and gpu hung, :(19:53
czajkowskismittix: I dont think that's the case in the Ubuntu community, most people are very friendly and patient19:53
smittixczajkowski: I didn't say in the ubuntu community.19:54
czajkowskismittix: I know I was just pointing out that it's one of the comuities out there it doesnt happen19:54
popeysmittix: where do you see that happening?19:54
ali1234fedora otoh...19:54
popeyali1234: is that the case? or you being funny? :)19:55
smittixIRC Channels and Websites of other well known distro's19:55
ali1234popey: go to #fedora and ask a silly question, see what happens...19:55
popeyfedora is a bit different though19:55
popeynot designed for end users19:55
smittixThe way the ubuntu community is, is probably why im still using it.19:55
MartijnVdSpopey: did you see the Gnome 3 post on lwn?19:56
popeyMartijnVdS: dont think so19:56
MartijnVdSpopey: http://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/433409/4717f5f421b6bad3/19:56
ali1234i think it is rather silly to say that some distribution is not designed for end users...19:57
popeyoh golly19:57
popeythats their opinion, not mine19:57
ali1234all distributions by definition are designed for users19:57
knightwi1eubuntu grandma turns 84 today btw ! :) she's getting 11,04 for her birthday19:57
popeywell okay, captain pedant :)19:57
popeyfedora isnt designed for my mum :)19:57
MartijnVdSpopey: neither was Ubuntu19:58
popeymy mum is a human19:58
ali1234i'm not your mum though, it didn't stop them calling me noob and idiot and RTFM19:58
popey(last I looked)19:58
smittixThat's why I became a member of Ubuntu UK LoCo because of how friendly people were.19:58
brobostigon100+ lag, :(19:58
popeyi guess thats why some people like fedora19:58
popeyless controlling than ubuntu?19:59
MartijnVdSdifferent kind of control19:59
knightwi1eoh boy .. ubuntu vs fedora war ?20:00
popeynot at all20:00
knightwi1eoh good :)20:00
smittixLooks like I started some debating tonight. Sorry about that.20:01
MartijnVdSknightwi1e: you lost an s in your name20:01
popeyno need to apologise smittix20:01
AlanBellevening all20:01
popeylo ali123420:01
popeyand AlanBell20:01
smittixIs there any members from the east midlands here?20:10
* brobostigon is just outside south midlands.20:10
=== livingdaylight__ is now known as livingdaylight
root____how are you guys ?20:15
smittixGood and you?20:15
root____a live hahahha20:15
root____ok i have question20:15
root____but it is about aircrack20:15
brobostigonroot____: dont tell us youare on irc as root, it is very bad.20:15
root____no im not20:16
root____and i know it is bad20:16
root____ok wait a min i will check that but im sure im not20:16
brobostigon20:16:12 [Freenode] -!- root____ [~root@]20:16
brobostigonwhy is it showing your logged in user as root then?20:16
czajkowskidutchie: CONGRATS!20:16
popeyroot____: what was the question?20:17
root___oh i was on IRC as root !20:17
brobostigonroot____: you still are,20:18
root___no man i changed that20:18
root___im using irris20:18
brobostigonroot____: /whois youre self.20:18
root___on terminal20:18
brobostigon20:17:41 -!- root___ [~root@] has joined #ubuntu-uk20:18
root___its just a name20:18
root___i installed irssis and i was root20:19
brobostigonusing root, as your name and or username, unless you are logged in as root, is rather weird,20:19
root___but now im not !20:19
root___i dont know it is the first time i use IRC on terminal20:19
popeychill guys20:19
popeywhat was the actual question you had?20:20
root___it is about aircrack20:20
root___today i was on a presentation and i was trying to hack WEP AP which is something very easy20:20
root___but something strange happened !20:20
root___when i was trying to make interactive packet attack i got a packet with of 680 Byte !20:21
root___you still there guys ?20:21
root___ok i will go to aircrack !20:22
ali1234MartijnVdS: the comments on that lwn are rather amusing20:22
root___ok good20:22
root___so why i got a 680 packet which in interactive packet attack20:22
root___which is something very strange20:22
popeyi have absolutely no idea20:22
root___ok no problem20:23
marxjohnsonis there an aircrack channel?20:23
root___thank you anyway20:23
root___yes there is20:23
brobostigonno idea either.20:23
marxjohnsonyou might have better luck there20:23
root___but noramlly here there is Professoinal GUYS20:23
marxjohnsonwe know about Ubuntu20:23
root___i dont belive in luck !20:23
brobostigonand debian.20:23
marxjohnsonand heavy metal20:24
marxjohnsonor  is that just me?20:24
brobostigonand haiku and beos.20:24
brobostigonnd curries.20:24
brobostigonand beer*20:24
gordi'm an expert on treasure island dizzy20:24
root___is there any ubuntu dist can be instlled on Samsung Galaxy ?20:24
mgdmgord: Prince of the Yolkfolk is my most-familiar one20:25
mgdmgord: but TID is of course excellent20:25
gordmgdm, prince of the yolkfolk is like ten minutes long =\20:25
mgdmgord: not for me it wasn't, when I was 820:25
gordoh right.. erm yes... i too, only played... as a child. yes.20:25
root___guys do you have guns ?20:26
root___i really need it !20:26
popeyI want to run a spectrum emulator which will emulate the SpecDrum20:26
popeySpectaculator for windows will20:26
popeybut that wont work in a vm20:26
root___plz dont mention windows name here hahaha20:26
gordpopey, i assume wine doesn't either?20:27
popeynot tried actually20:27
popeybut suspect not20:27
davmor2popey: are there not speccy emulators for ubuntu?20:27
popeythere are20:27
gorddavmor2, there are plenty, but the specdrum is rather obscure, i didn't know it existed until 30 seconds ago ;)20:27
smittixThere was a spectrum emulator called speccy iirc.20:27
popeybut none that I have found which emulate the specdrum20:27
gordnow i must own one.20:28
mgdmI had never heard of it either20:28
mgdmI suppose the Korg DS-10 on the Nintendo DS is the modern equivalent? :)20:28
ali1234i have20:28
ali1234why on earth would you want to emulate it though?20:28
popeyto record the demo music20:28
mgdmBecause We Can™.20:28
davmor2popey: why don't you just go buy a speccy on ebay and save yourself the hassle ;)  /me runs for cover20:29
popeyi own 3 speccys20:29
popeyall packed away20:29
popeyand i am on the sofa with cheese and wine20:29
gordpopey, build latest fuse, they accepted at patch in late january for specdrum20:29
=== ivanka is now known as ivanka-train
popeyhaha someone just tweeted fuse at me :)20:30
gordi'm faster than twitter \o/20:31
phonex01oh god i was using irc as root20:46
phonex01damn !20:46
brobostigonphonex01: said so. :)20:46
phonex01ok it is a ogod lesson !20:47
phonex01what is the risks ?20:48
phonex01good question20:48
brobostigonphonex01: imagine a bug in you irc client, and then being ble to do things as root. for example.20:48
directhexphonex01: the risk is that any exploit in your IRC client gives an attacker full control of your system, not just your user20:48
phonex01oh god20:49
phonex01hell no20:49
brobostigonphonex01: that why i made a big thing of it, as i did.20:49
phonex01ok no problem !20:50
brobostigonnoswaith dda HazRPG :)20:51
HazRPGbrobostigon: evening squire :)20:51
phonex01how are you man ?20:51
phonex01it is me Majdi rom jordan20:51
HazRPGphonex01: hey, I'm not bad how's you?20:52
HazRPGphonex01: yeah I know :)20:52
phonex01im a live !20:52
phonex01today i gave a presentation about aircrack and RC4 !20:52
HazRPGphonex01: alhamdurillah :)20:53
HazRPGphonex01: mabrook :)20:53
phonex01hahah allah yebarek feek20:53
phonex01enta ezyak20:53
HazRPGphonex01: kwayis alhamdurilah, ana lissa sahi dilwa'ti haha20:55
HazRPGI woke up very late today20:56
phonex01oh why20:57
HazRPGI went to bed at 9am hah20:57
HazRPGyeah, I sleep funny hours sometimes20:57
phonex01ok in ramadan normally i sleep on 5 AM !20:57
HazRPGI do that too20:58
phonex01you know specailly in summer fasting is not easy !20:58
HazRPGyeah I know!20:58
phonex01last ramadan avg temp was 41 C20:58
phonex01so when i was working outside20:58
phonex01oh god20:58
HazRPGI remember in Saudi it was like 45-50'C... wayyyyyy too hot20:59
HazRPGso I know how you feel20:59
phonex01i still remeber the first day in the east desert20:59
phonex01and i was fasting20:59
phonex01working inside a big hunger20:59
phonex01no conditions20:59
phonex01very very very hot20:59
phonex01like the oven !20:59
HazRPGits worse fasting here in the UK though during summer, not because of the temp. but because of the amount of time the sun is up21:00
phonex01oh yah21:01
HazRPGsun is up from around 5am till 10pm21:01
HazRPGsometimes more21:01
phonex01here noramlly from 5am to 4:30 PM21:01
HazRPGyeah, same as in egypt and saudi too21:02
phonex01ok listen what do you know about leverpol university ?21:02
phonex01is it good ?21:02
HazRPGhmm, don't really know much about it21:02
phonex01oh ok21:03
phonex01i may study there21:03
HazRPGbtw, its liverpool (in case you want to google)21:03
HazRPGcool, well most uni's here are pretty good21:03
phonex01i prefer to ask human rather than google hahaha21:03
phonex01Master Degree of Embedded Systems and Mirocontrollers21:04
phonex01but i have to take IELTS exam first !21:04
HazRPGbrobostigon: you got any knowledge on liverpool uni?21:05
brobostigonphonex01: you may want to know about a company called tiab then, that makes custom microcontrollers and its software,21:06
brobostigonHazRPG: ziltch. sorry.21:06
phonex01Tiab ?21:06
phonex01thats good21:06
phonex01in the UK ?21:06
brobostigonphonex01: yes, just down the road from me,infact, inthe town i live,21:07
phonex01ok thank you !21:07
brobostigonphonex01: i just applied for a job there.21:08
HazRPGbrobostigon: nice :)21:08
HazRPGbrobostigon: hopefully you'll get it :)21:08
brobostigonHazRPG: would be really good, tiab do some very interesting work.21:09
HazRPGyeah, I'm looking at their site21:10
HazRPGwho knows, ya might even get discount with them :D21:11
brobostigonHazRPG: know, thatwould definatly benefit my freetime activities, :)21:11
HazRPGexactly :P21:12
brobostigonhehe, :)21:12
brobostigonyay, got google translation plugin working in irssi.21:14
brobostigoncreigiau hyn.21:15
brobostigoncould be very useful.21:15
popeycongrats Pendulum :)21:17
* popey loses interest in compiling fuse21:20
HazRPGbrobostigon: cool :)21:21
HazRPGpopey: why what happened?21:21
brobostigonHazRPG: :)21:22
brobostigonwhy does net::twitter, theperl module have to be so massive, to get twirrssi working.21:31
brobostigonit failed anyway, so, fuey.21:48
Pendulumpopey: thanks :D21:57
czajkowskidutchie: welcome aboard :D22:03
* bigcalm feels that he's missing something22:04
HazRPGwoot, other shelf finally finished ;D22:05
AlanBelloooooh congrats dutchie!22:11
AlanBelland Pendulum too of course, but I figured that one out earlier22:11
PendulumAlanBell: dutchie is not for the same thing as me22:12
AlanBellI know22:13
* mgdm suspects someone has just acquired membership22:13
mgdmin that case I have no clue ;)22:13
czajkowskiright going to attempt this sleep lark22:16
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
hamitronoh yes23:13
HazRPGman, I need a bigger house...23:27
hamitronHazRPG: why?23:28
HazRPGhamitron: too much stuff >_<23:28
hamitronah :)23:29
gordHazRPG, you don't need a bigger house, you just need smaller versions of the stuff you have23:41
HazRPGgord: or at least somewhere to put them...23:42
HazRPGwhich is what I've slowly started doing23:42
HazRPGI have two of these put up now: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Ogr7XDAuntqcOkEtcg5WYQ?feat=directlink23:42
ali1234right time for natty install second attempt23:44
HazRPGali1234: \o/23:45
szymon_gHazRPG, rip those dvds/cds23:48
directhexHazRPG: we have 7 of these: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/0730531023:48
szymon_gmake 2-3 backup copies- should be enough. anyway- it will still save alot of space23:49
HazRPGszymon_g: I've ripped the CD's... most of those don't even have CD's in them because they're in the car23:49
HazRPGszymon_g: I'd rip the DVD's... but knowing my luck, I'd lose a hard drive just as I did it23:50
szymon_guse raid1 ;)23:51
szymon_g(yes, i know, its not a backup)23:51
HazRPGRAID 1 is mirroring correct?23:52
HazRPGits sort of like backuping23:52
HazRPGbecause you essentially get the same data twice on both drives23:53
szymon_gits mirroring. and no- it is no backuping per se23:53
AlanBellcake \o/ http://fredericiana.com/2011/03/22/the-return-of-from-redmond-with-love/23:53
szymon_gif your psu fail, you will lose both hdds /unless you have got dual PSU setup, which is rather rare on deskops/23:54
ali1234wow... this is... horrible23:55
hamitroncould also wipe the data by mistake ;)23:56
szymon_ghehe AlanBell23:56
hamitrongonna have power turned off tomorrow from 9am till 5pm23:57
hamitronwell, that is the quoted times :/23:58
* szymon_g reads review of cd "In The Flower's Shade" by artrosis23:58
szymon_ghamitron, i hope your laptop have good battery ;)23:58
hamitronwell, I should be doing other things that need more power23:58
szymon_gyeah, ok, we know, and yes, we are jealous- you have a girlfriend...23:59

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