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iheartubuntuthis ATT email stuff is a nightmare :)20:11
iheartubuntui finally got it working20:11
pleia2yay :)20:13
iheartubuntui needed to use the actual ATT account associated with the DSL line. no other att accounts would work, had to be that which was connected with that particular DSL20:13
iheartubuntubut :)20:13
iheartubuntui think i sent too many test messages20:13
iheartubuntubecause now its blocked!20:13
iheartubuntuim getting a failed attempt message20:13
iheartubuntuand yest i was reading ATT has all sorts of spam filters.20:14
iheartubuntuno more than 20 messages at time, or during a certain amount of timeframe20:14
iheartubuntuso i wonder if i triggered it20:14
iheartubuntui hope it fixes itself over time though20:14
iheartubuntuhello phildini21:13
phildinihow's it going?21:16
iheartubuntugood thanks!21:18
nhainesWell, filed a Unity bug.  My first or second, I can't remember.  :)21:19
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iheartubuntuHow is Unity working out for you?21:23
iheartubuntuFor anyone who has used Ubuntu Server: Does it use Gnome and also does it have a setup guide at all?21:24
nhainesUnity is really fantastic.  I'm very happy with most of it, and the rest are usability quirks that can be fixed if I am unlazy enough to file bugs.21:28
nhainesUbuntu Server does not use GNOME.  It is a server.21:28
iheartubuntuso there is no GUI?21:29
iheartubuntuIve never used it so...21:30
nhainesiheartubuntu: Right, there is no GUI.21:30
iheartubuntuIsnt it plausible to just use Dekstop in a small business enviro? Thats what Im doing now :)21:30
nhainesThe main advantages to using Ubuntu Server is that it's a ~800MB install, only has essential software, and the kernel is tuned for background services.21:32
nhainesSo it's not wasting CPU or memory running GNOME, and it's not subject to vulnerabilities in Flash, Firefox, LibreOffice, etc. (because they're not installed).21:32
akkIt's all the same repositories. You can install desktop and remove gnome, or start with server and install part or all of gnome.21:33
iheartubuntuI see. One of these days I will just dive into the server edition21:33
iheartubuntuso its all terminal basically21:34
nhainesiheartubuntu: yup.21:34
nhainesBut, it's all Ubuntu.  So you can install what you need on top of it.21:35
nhainesAnd if you install SSH, then you can manage it very comfortably from your Desktop install on another machine.  :)21:35
nhainesGNOMEaps have very good support for SFTP (file transfer over SSH).21:35
nhainess/GNOMEaps/GNOME apps/21:36
iheartubuntuvery nice21:36
nhainesFor example, the last time I updated my website (on shared hosting runing CentOS in Atlanta), I went to Nautilus, typed sftp://host/home/myname/public_html/ in the location bar, then when the remote folder came up, I right-clicked an HTML file and said "Open in Text Editor", made my changes, hit save, and refreshed my site in Firefox.  ;)21:37
nhainesAlso don't do this on live sites, it's bad practice.  ;)21:37
iheartubuntusftp is that ftp access21:40
iheartubuntulong were the days when i logged into ftp:// anything :)21:41
nhainesNo, it's file transfer over SSH.21:45
iheartubuntuso you are logging into your own server21:45
nhainesIf by "my own server" you mean "the shared hosting CentOS server my webhost provides me", then yes.  :)21:46

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