rick_h_sweet, Foord seems cool with the interview, pubbing it mightily.00:32
rick_h_snap-l: we've passed more s3 bandwith than all of last month, with 10 days still to go :)00:50
rick_h_DBO: email on the way for google doc, and snap-l it's up there00:54
snap-lrick_h_: That is awesome!00:58
rick_h_I need to get that script up for the traffic on that from s300:59
rick_h_maybe just pay the guy with the solution, just hate giving out the aws key00:59
snap-lwow, 80 visits on one day01:01
snap-lIf you haven't checked out the Mastodon LIve at the Aragon DVD / CD combo, you're seriously missing out01:16
wolfgerrick_h_ and snap-l: a bit of (not-very-)constructive criticism... the Pycon wrapup podcast? Worst sound levels, ever. If I turn the volume up enough to hear rick_h_ I get my eardrums blasted by the loudest guy at the table. If I turn it down to where I can listen without pain, I can't hear anything rick_h_ says.11:56
rick_h_wolfger: yea, I think I apologize for it in the post11:57
rick_h_it was a mess11:57
rick_h_we had a big room, peopel kept turning around talking behind them, etc11:57
rick_h_I tried to keep adjusting the levels to keep up11:57
rick_h_very sorry, lessons learned, won't happen again11:57
wolfgerSure, I understand it's a logistical nightmare. :-)11:58
rick_h_it gits a bit better once you get into it11:58
rick_h_but even still :/11:58
rick_h_but it was considered good material we wanted to still put out11:58
wolfgerOh, I finished it on my ride in.11:58
rick_h_and no chance to rerecord it11:58
wolfgerand I'm sure road noise played a factor in my displeasure11:58
rick_h_heh, well I take 100% responsibility11:58
rick_h_I didn't do a good job forcing people to talk into the mics11:59
rick_h_and I played with levels on the hardware too much to compensate which just made it worse11:59
rick_h_unfortunately it was my second run with the new gear11:59
rick_h_and been a lot of learning on my end12:00
rick_h_love this: http://twitter.com/#!/voidspace/status/5001177878824550412:02
wolfgerAnybody see the O'Reilly disaster relief sale today? http://post.oreilly.com/form/oreilly/viewhtml/9z1zga584ka0cs8c3j3seujd5hvqramv99us79d73h0?utm_content=em-orm-books-videos-ddjpn-elists&utm_campaign=Books+Videos&utm_source=iPost&utm_medium=email&imm_mid=06c4a7&cmp=em-orm-books-videos-ddjpn-elists12:03
wolfgerThinking about picking up a book or two. Javascript: The Good Parts sounds useful. Learning Android sounds like something I'll set on my bookshelf and plan to read someday.12:06
rick_h_yea, grabbing the hadoop book now actually12:06
rick_h_JS the good parts is one of the best 2/3 JS books out there12:06
rick_h_thought about learning android, but don't know when I'll get to it12:07
wolfgerThe Book of Audacity for you podcasters. :-)12:07
rick_h_already have a couple of books in line on the kindle12:07
rick_h_that's snap-l's job :P12:07
wolfgerrick_h_: exactly!12:07
wolfgerI've had Android Dev Meetup on my calendar for months now. Never make it.12:07
rick_h_you make that lug meeting you were talking about?12:08
wolfgerYes, I did. Same evening as the meetup12:08
wolfgerbut now I have a string of poker tournies on Thursday nights12:09
wolfgerso no more Thursday meetings for the next.... 3 weeks? Something like that12:09
wolfgerDid really well last Thursday. Had a good shot at some serious cash12:10
wolfgerinstead, walked away with a buck-oh-five12:10
wolfgerbut... I got paid to have fun. Can't beat that.12:10
wolfgerwould've gone to CHC-AA Monday, but I wasn't in Dundee for a change :-p12:12
wolfger your comments on one of those podcasts I listened to this morning rekindled my interest in a project I planned out some months ago12:13
wolfgerBasically, a specialized Twitter client to turn a hashtag into an impromptu IRC channel12:13
wolfgerSome folks I know have a Twitter #wineparty every Friday, and it's so hard to keep up with that using any standard Twitter client, that I started making plans to do this.12:15
rick_h_I've got that in my list of things to check out12:15
rick_h_might be part of that12:15
wolfgerand your whine about Twitter replacing IRC as the backchannel told me, "hey, there's probably a number of geeks who would dig this"12:15
wolfgerI'll check that out12:16
wolfgerbut I was thinking of doing an xchat style interface, complete with "user list" based on how recently somebody's used the hashtag (virtually entering/leaving the channel)12:17
wolfgerand set up "private channels" when you get @'d without the hashtag12:17
brouscha blackberry fanboy?12:22
rick_h_uh oh, let's not go through this again12:22
brouschthat's like an excel fanboy12:22
rick_h_read yesterday's morning if you're interested :)12:22
tjagodaI do use excel to great extent here12:23
brouschat least you're consistent12:23
tjagodaI like the comments on that article12:23
tjagoda"I have a blackberry for work and it's fine as far a business  applications go.  I also like the fact that it is secure enough that  certain governments are a bit jaded by that fact they can't crack my  email. "12:23
brouschgreg-g: wtf is this brownie recipe? hav you actually eaten that?12:25
brouschon his buzz feed12:26
wolfgerbrownies... buzz... :-)12:27
brouschi lied, it's on his google reader shares12:28
tjagodaholy christ12:29
tjagodathat cant be a real brownie12:29
=== lotia is now known as lotia-away
brouschit frightens and confuses me12:32
snap-lGood morning12:49
snap-lwolfger: Sorry for your tender ears12:49
snap-lThe levels were the best that I could do. :)12:49
snap-lAlso, I <3 O'Reilly12:52
snap-l(the book publisher, not the pundit)12:52
snap-lTheir sales, and overall plesant experience downloading books from them13:00
snap-land that they are donating to Japan13:00
rick_h_man I hate this code base13:04
snap-lWhich one now?13:04
rick_h_the original one done by the .net guys13:04
rick_h_with the C style for loops and db table/columns like HotAlert.HotAlertID13:05
rick_h_or HotAlert_Status.HotAlert_StatusID13:05
rick_h_as the pk13:05
brouschwhat should it be?13:05
rick_h_or better yet, status.id13:06
* snap-l quietly thanks brousch, because he didn't see the problem either13:06
rick_h_?! Try typing it a ton of times, you'll think about it13:06
brouschwhy type when the tools type it for you?13:06
snap-lrick_h_: That's what autocompleting IDEs are for. ;)13:06
rick_h_bah, you guys are helpless :P13:07
snap-lnot helpless13:07
rick_h_that too13:07
rick_h_ide completion == helpless, don't think about things like that when you don't have to type it out13:07
rick_h_makes my eyes bleed13:07
snap-lThough I'll agree that repeating the name over and over and over is pretty dumb13:07
rick_h_I mean really, wtf do you need case in table column names for?13:07
rick_h_"well mysql is case insensitive so I didn't think it mattered"13:08
rick_h_except when you go to any other db backend...we're supposed to be using an ORM13:08
rick_h_anyway, back to work, just had to rant for a second, slowly morphing the code base around13:08
snap-lWell, and God help you when you hit a database that does care about case sensitive columns13:09
rick_h_finally have declarative ORM models, but all the queries are still by hand13:09
snap-lthough I'm not sure if PostgreSQL cares13:09
rick_h_I think it does13:09
jrwrenlearning android?  as in Java??? ugh, I feel for your.13:09
jrwrenerr, feel bad for you13:09
rick_h_thankfully SA loves me13:09
rick_h_next step is to remap the ORM objects names to lower/sensible names13:09
rick_h_and map to the ugly column names13:10
snap-lPostgreSQL didn't care in the test select that I did.13:10
rick_h_and I can slowly remove them from my eyeballs13:10
snap-lat least, 8.4.7 didn't care.13:10
rick_h_man I love python13:12
jrwrenjust give me regular brownies please.13:12
jrwrenthere is already lots of sugar in those bean and squash brownies, I'd rather just have the extra sugar fat and wheat version13:12
jrwrenand yes, I'm sure that is a real brownie, having cookied a lot with all of those ingredients the proportions and textures add up to something that isn't bad.13:13
jrwrenjust think of it like a brownie flavored bean pie13:13
jrwrenand if you have not eaten bean pie, then you are lame :p13:13
jrwrenwhat is wrong with  HotAlert_Status.HotAlert_StatusID ?  I mean sure, just .ID would suffice, but come on, if htat is all you have to bitch about, count your blessings.13:14
rick_h_sorry, when it's one of a dozen tables/each with 10+ fields all done that way13:14
rick_h_it's a bit much13:15
rick_h_you don't need to prefix every column with the table name13:15
jrwrensnap-l++ even vim will autocomplete that shit for you. hit ctrl-n13:15
rick_h_it's in the table name13:15
rick_h_it's still ugly as hell, less readble, and harder to keep line lengths in order13:15
jrwrensounds like you need to man up.13:16
rick_h_it's my job, I'm supposed to be fixing/exampling how to write this crap better13:16
rick_h_meh, whatever13:17
jrwrenis it a python code base?13:17
rick_h_standards win13:17
jrwrenwhat does your database design and naming convention have to do with python and pep8 ?13:17
jrwrenC style for loops in your python code?13:17
rick_h_because it turns into ORM model/attrib names13:17
jrwrenok, now I understand your gripe.13:17
jrwrenplease continue.13:17
rick_h_sorry, not for, if13:18
rick_h_if x == 1 or x == 2 or x == 313:18
jrwrenwhat is C-sytle if?13:18
rick_h_if x in [1,2,3]13:18
jrwrenhehehe, just proof someone didn't know python.13:18
rick_h_thus my refactoring, teaching13:18
jrwreneven still on the database front, your ORM should let you map the model/attrib names, if you can't, get a new ORM.13:18
rick_h_and I get to come here and gripe13:18
rick_h_jrwren: yea, I'm doing that now, which is why I <3 Sqlalchemy13:19
rick_h_but the code is still using old names13:19
rick_h_so it's not a one step rename13:19
rick_h_and there are many manually constructed queries13:19
rick_h_anyway, too much time on this, didn't mean to create an hour long disucssion13:19
rick_h_just mornnig cranky gripes...ugh hate this codebase13:19
jrwreni understand the problems now. Sounds pretty typical.13:20
jrwrenI deal with that kind of crap all day long in C#.13:20
rick_h_but I have to do it, clean it as I go13:20
rick_h_get new features released tomorrow13:20
rick_h_oh yea, everywhere has those codebases that were new, done by the new guy, etc13:20
jrwrenor old guy that was new to the language.13:21
jrwrenmy huge gripe is people misunderstanding books.13:21
jrwrenyou don't need to apply every patter from the gang of four.13:22
rick_h_well, they don't get past chapter 4 of the books13:22
rick_h_heh, we don't get any patterns13:22
rick_h_guys here more likely to treat python as php straight one page script13:22
rick_h_I've got a meeting this afternoon to try to convince peopel to do more objects using those magic methods we talked about yesterday13:22
jrwrenthat actually makes some sense. python seems to be a popular next leap language from php13:22
rick_h_making custom iterable objects/etc13:22
rick_h_well, they come from C/C# background, thus the c-like if13:23
rick_h_but python lets you do whatever13:23
jrwrenwhat py webframework are they uysing?13:23
rick_h_since you can write a straight up/down shell script with it without ever calling a method13:23
rick_h_but still, they put app config in cotrollers/appconfig.py13:23
jrwrenC and C# have about as much in common as PHP and Python... so if their background is really strong in both C and C#, then they are pretty versatile.13:23
rick_h_they import into templates because they can13:23
rick_h_and reusable isnt the name of the game13:24
jrwrenI don't know pylon well enough I guess.13:24
rick_h_copy/pasted crap all over13:24
rick_h_meh, not much to know13:24
jrwrenthat is bad no matter what the lang/platform13:24
rick_h_it gives you a directory structure to put your stuff in13:24
brouschso strict django-like templates would help keep your people in line?13:24
rick_h_yea, exactly13:24
rick_h_but so easy in python to copy/paste13:24
jrwrenits easy in any lang, you stil don't do it.13:24
rick_h_no, tempaltes are more flexible, which is awesome when you need it13:24
rick_h_but yea, gun, bullet have fun13:24
snap-lNew Open Metalcast is up. http://openmetalcast.com/2011/03/22/open-metalcast-episode-17-with-a-little-help-from-my-friends/13:27
brouschpygame on android? i don't suppose anyone has tried this http://pygame.renpy.org/13:27
snap-lThere's a branch of pygame that someone is working on for Android13:28
snap-l(subset, rather)13:28
binbrainrick_h_ you have to have a meeting to convince people to programmer in Python like Python programmers?13:28
binbrainmy last place was like that13:29
binbraingetters and setters, crap like that13:29
binbrain<uncessary> getters and setters that is13:29
jrwreni can't wait until ruby gets to this point.13:29
jrwren8then people will STFU about how great ruby is, and realize that any lang is great when its in great hands.13:29
snap-lHasn't it already gotten to that point?13:30
snap-lor am I misremembering13:30
rick_h_binbrain: it's slow. We don't tend to work on the same projects at the same time13:30
rick_h_don't do code reviews13:30
rick_h_and meetings are rare/far between where I can show stuff like this13:30
rick_h_so it's more a personal, "hey, I changed xxx in your project, isn't that cool" type of things13:31
binbrainwe have a small shop, and we actually do code reviews, this would be my 1st job that actually put the effort in13:31
binbrainonly 4 python folks, and before a release, everybody has to go through and validate other peoples code13:31
binbrain1st for me13:31
binbrainvalidate the code and the test13:31
jrwrencode reviews are overrated.13:32
rick_h_yea, and here I'm just finally getting us to do feature branches on our own13:32
rick_h_and work on pulling them together pre-release bit by bit13:32
jrwrenshared code ownership can be just as effective.13:32
snap-ljrwren: Depends on the shop13:32
binbrainjrwren I don't have a problem with them, takes a few days, and we've caught things with them13:33
jrwrenright, and I wouldn't want to work in a shop were code reviews were rated highly13:33
rick_h_jrwren: yea, but a code review would give me a place to give constructive notes like the if statements "did you know you could write it like xxx"13:33
jrwrenrick_h_: patch it and make those be the commit notes and then make sure everyone reads the commit log.13:33
rick_h_yea, but they don't :P13:33
jrwrenif you can't justify it in the commit notes, then you are just being a zealot about subjective opinion13:34
binbrainlike, you changed xyz, did you consider abc over here though? and crap like that13:34
rick_h_I send out emails/notes/links to articles all the time13:34
jrwrenthe focus on reading the commit log :)13:34
rick_h_mark as read, delete13:34
rick_h_oh, I can commit all day, doesn't mean they read the logs13:34
tjagodaThat is one bad ass Libyan.13:34
jrwrenso people aren't interested in doing a better job? that is a shame. you can't improve teams that don't want to improve.13:34
rick_h_well, they have the attitude of "I'm so busy, I'll look at that when I have time"13:35
rick_h_but don't realize that some of the improvements save them time13:35
rick_h_a change comes in and needs to go through 10 copy/pasted places == longer than extract class/method and update13:35
rick_h_and if they don't know the python tricks to make life easier, I need a chance to show/teach13:35
rick_h_"oh look, you can just pass that validator method in, and call it there...don't need to copy/paste the validator code"13:36
jrwrenif they acknoledge that doing the same thing in 10 places is bad, then you at least have a place to start.13:36
jrwrenif htey think that its supposed to be that way, then you are wasting your time.13:36
binbrainI'd say a large percentage of programmers just want to get the job over with and collect a paycheck13:36
rick_h_binbrain: ++13:37
jrwrenhave you ever met any of them?13:37
binbrainhuh, all the time13:37
jrwrenI haven't. I've only met people who want to do a better job.13:37
jrwrenI've met lots of devs that honestly don't know any better.13:37
rick_h_I've met people that build a lot of false blockers as to why they can't do better13:37
rick_h_don't have time is the biggest thing13:38
binbrainits easy to find people who want to do a better job, you find them at meetups usually13:39
binbrainyou find them at coffee house coders ;)13:39
jrwrenI'm talking about going into clients.13:39
jrwrenBut yes, the meetups, user groups, and conferenes are an echo chamber of people who want to do better and know where to look to do better.13:40
jrwrenright, its thoe false blockers that are the problem.13:40
jrwrenI think everyone wants to do better, there are just a lot of misguided people out there about how to do better.13:41
rick_h_right, but CHC is 6-10 people, how many devs are in the area?13:41
binbrainjrwren, I think your glass might be slightly half full on that one, but its not a black and white issue anyways, takes all kinds13:42
jrwrenoh sure.13:42
jrwrenbut if you ask anyone in any profession if they want to do a good job, very rarely will you get the answer "no"13:43
binbrainjust like when you ask most people how things are and they tell you just fine even though their car just died13:45
jrwrenholy shit, my tweet is getting replies. *sigh* I was just throwing away a tweet.13:46
jrwrenthat is two very different things, although both lead to volumes on human psycology13:47
binbraintime for coffee and a meeting13:47
brouschit's kind of creepy to run across rick_h_ in random places on the internet http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5155135/how-to-organize-a-python-project14:20
rick_h_I'm everywhere!14:20
rick_h_boo, no votes for my answer14:20
rick_h_what a crock :P14:20
rick_h_oh crap, and top answer has a import *14:21
* rick_h_ facepalms14:21
_stink_record a rant!14:21
_stink_there is no shortage of topics. :)14:21
brouschi was especially surprised to see you there since the question was originally about pydev14:21
rick_h_well, it was organizing your own packages, and modern-package-template helps with a lot of that14:23
brouschwhat is paster? i can find docs on PAste, but that's web stuff14:29
brouschnvm, finally found it14:34
jrwrenI'l go vote you up and down vote that :)14:36
jrwrenwell, no i won't. I think that is a better answer14:38
jrwrenbut I'll up vote ya anyway :)14:38
rick_h_lol, thanks14:45
greg-gbrousch: yeah, it is effing good too! (the brownies)14:49
snap-lYay, I've got a file cabinet that will be delivered tomorrow14:50
greg-gand to the rest of you: yes, it is a great effing brownie. I had a coworker blind taste it and they loved it, then I told them what was in it (hence that comment on the post)14:50
snap-lOrdered a bike rack for our bikes15:38
snap-lLooking to do some riding this year. Didn't get much of a chance last year.15:38
rick_h_cool, I've got a goal of getting a new one with a kid friendly ride of some sort15:39
snap-lYeah, I want to take our bikes to get them checked out15:41
jrwrenwhoa... so with js-ctypes I could call open from JS and get a fstream!?!?16:03
jrwrenerr get a file descriptor rather?16:03
snap-lI want to know why Jono Bacon's Art of Community ePub makes my ereader go for a toss16:18
greg-ggo for a toss? Did it also implant British English in your head?16:19
rick_h_read it fine on mine :P16:19
rick_h_maybe he just means he's reading it "your community has gone for a toss"16:20
snap-lblame working with some Indian co-workers. :)16:20
rick_h_so how does one go for a toss? Is it like "I'm going to take a lunch break and play some horseshoes"?16:21
snap-lrick_h_: It's a euphemism for masturbation. :)16:24
snap-lonly in Britis English, it sounds much more dignified.16:25
rick_h_oh, that toss...nice phrase there16:25
snap-lActually, not so much16:25
snap-lUsually means things are severely fucked up16:26
snap-lthough I thought it was a euphemistic way16:26
snap-lfreaky sex, apparently16:26
jrwrenanyone still on XP, this made me LOL. Start->Run->Fonts (to open the windows font dir) Then in the file menu click "install new font.."  its a windows 3.1 dialog!16:27
* rick_h_ looks around our complete XP corporate environment...ummm16:27
jrwrenI know there are XP folks in here.16:28
greg-gthat's what a lot of the computers at the library are still running16:28
snap-ljrwren: Yep, there's a lot of Win3.1isms still in XP16:28
greg-gall new machiens are Win7, they did skip vista16:28
snap-lI just tried it, and yes it's uuuuuugly16:28
snap-lI never liked the Win3.1 dialog box for files.16:29
rick_h_yea, we're supposed to be rolling out new desktops with win7 this year16:29
rick_h_but let's just say it's towards the end of march and not seen any yet16:29
rick_h_and I don't think win7 plays nice with our old novell ldap box16:29
snap-lAt the risk of getting jrwren to correct me, I don't think moving from XP to Win 7 is terribly easy.16:30
DBOit is if you upgrade the apple way16:31
snap-lDBO: Ala new desktop machines?16:31
rick_h_well that part is ok16:33
rick_h_but the network, when you're a fake MS shop like us, is the issue16:33
rick_h_ldap via novell, file share servers, keriomail exchange mail faker, etc16:33
rick_h_we're wanna be AD without the AD16:33
snap-lI love that my kobo has a sqlite3 database on it16:34
rick_h_hey, bookie is making me like sqlite more and more (well and hate it some as well though)16:34
rick_h_can you access it? view it?16:35
snap-lI have a love / hate relationship with it16:35
snap-lYeah, it's under the .kobo directory16:35
snap-lhas .conf files under there as well16:35
snap-land a Trolltech.conf file. ;)16:36
rick_h_the limits on table alterations, and the complete crap rules with fulltext indexed 'virtual tables' is maddening16:36
snap-lDamn thing is probably running Qt.16:36
rick_h_nice, qt based eh?16:36
snap-lexcept this fucking thing isn't updating the library16:37
snap-land much like banshee, it takes forever to see new content when it is working16:38
rick_h_ok, so the printer let's me download a driver for 'linux' that's got cups in the name, but ends in .exe16:48
rick_h_file says "PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit, LHa self-extracting archive"16:49
binbraindon't proceed any further, might be a virus16:49
rick_h_well, got it from the manufacturer site, but ok16:49
binbraindo you have antivirus software installed16:49
rick_h_have clamav around16:49
binbraindude, just joking16:50
binbrainclamav, I hope your CPU is ok16:50
rick_h_don't keep it running, it's installed16:50
jrwrensnap-l: lol, how about i agree with you. moving from XP to Win7 is not easy.16:50
rick_h_hmm, so maybe I can open that up on windows and extract some ppd files or something16:51
jrwrendid you know PPD files can shell out to executables?16:51
jrwrensome mac printer drivers are PPD and then have mac-only binaries that won't work on linux.16:51
jrwrenstpuid dell16:51
rick_h_heh, did not know that, nice16:53
rick_h_ok, that worked16:55
rick_h_extraxted to just a .ppd file, love plaintext16:55
rick_h_sweet, and test page16:56
jrwreni spam channel with that link :p16:59
ColonelPanic001anyone install Firefox 4 on ubuntu yet?17:01
greg-gColonelPanic001: I've been running the mozilla-next PPA, so I've be following the betas just fine17:13
ColonelPanic001just curious. I just put it on this macbook here at work, but haven't bothered finding the PPA or whatnot for the linux boxes yet17:15
ColonelPanic001and by that I mean, I installed it today17:15
greg-gColonelPanic001: btw: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6339/how-do-i-install-firefox-4/61217:21
brouschrick_h_: you'd be proud of me. i'm running pylint over my code now17:25
ColonelPanic001greg-g: thanks17:25
ColonelPanic001completely unscientific/etc, but FF4 does feel a little zippier17:51
* greg-g nods17:55
jrwrenoh it feels WAY faster.17:56
jrwrennot just hte JS either.17:56
jrwrenbut i typically have 20+ tabs17:56
ColonelPanic001Sync was something I've been hoping to get to trying, too. Nice17:56
jrwrenand just changing tabs feels far faster17:57
ColonelPanic001yeah, me too17:57
ColonelPanic001same here17:57
jrwrenjs-ctypes looks awesome too17:57
ColonelPanic001have a bad habit of leaving tabs laying around17:57
ColonelPanic001hah, nice17:57
jrwrenyou can call native C functions from js now.17:57
ColonelPanic001I hadn't heard of this17:57
snap-lHurray, I have discovered how to do album art for both mp3 and ogg18:51
snap-lNow to figure out how to programmatically do it, and then use it for both lococast and open metalcast18:51
rick_h_brousch: hah, good stuff18:53
rick_h_after that make sure to run pep818:53
snap-lhttp://blogs.forbes.com/jeffbercovici/2011/03/22/aol-folds-30-brands-including-politics-daily/ <- I'll give someone a dollar per site if they can prove that any one of these sites was in their history before today.18:54
snap-l(barrig huffington post)18:54
jjessei read Luxist every day18:55
snap-lscreenshot, or no cash18:55
jjesselol i had no idea any of those sites existed18:56
snap-lJeez, who at PyCharm thought having 5 licenses for the same codebase was a good idea?19:00
tjagodaspeedy firefox 519:01
tjagodabet you wish you had 5 and not 419:01
snap-lCommercial, Personal, Academic, Classroom, and Open Source19:01
brouschthere's also Expired, which lets you run it for 30 minutes before it shuts down19:01
snap-lWhy not the odd license, which allows you to run every other line of code, which you'd think might not work, but instead plays the collected organ works of Reggie Wilson19:03
snap-lSorry, but 5 licenses means I'm not touching that fucker with a 10 foot pole.19:04
snap-l(of course, what they mean is 5 different ways of paying for the software)19:04
brouschug, i used to enjoy speccing out new workstations. now it's just tedious. is this a sign of old age?19:20
snap-lNo, it's a sign that there aren't that many compelling options anymore?19:20
brouschit's all tiny variations on cpu and graphics cards19:21
brouscheverything looks the same19:21
brouschand this is a drafting/3d workstation, so they get fancy stuff19:22
windowshey all19:31
windowshow's in going snap-l19:34
snap-lIt goes, and goes, and ...19:35
windowsbout the same19:37
windowsat work19:37
snap-lGod, I hate door-to-door folks19:39
windowsthat's understandable19:48
_stink_kick them19:51
rick_h_I hate mysql, that is all, wasting my freaking afternoon19:55
rick_h_that good eh?20:13
wolfgerIt was a day...20:16
wolfgernormally I'm bored and/or this channel is slow, so I can keep up all day long20:16
wolfgertoday I was busy and the channel was hopping. i gave up :-p20:16
wolfgerand now I'm just unwinding finally. On the plus side, my wifi finally seems to be stable. :-)20:17
snap-lGBS = Google Books?20:22
snap-lYep, it is20:27
snap-lA federal judge in Manhattan on Tuesday rejected Google Inc.'s settlement with authors and publishers that would allow it to make millions of books available online, saying it would give the Internet giant the ability to "exploit" books without the permission of copyright owners.20:28
snap-lAfter all, the ability to exploit authors should be the purey of the publishers alone20:28
greg-gmy personal opinion: the settlement went too far, over stepped what a normal class action lawsuit can do. I agree with Judge Chin's opinion. If they turn it in to an opt-in it should be fine.20:33
greg-gremember, we're no longer talking about just scanning, searching, and showing snippets. The settlement gave Google a monopoly on scanning, searching, showing full books, and selling orphan books20:34
greg-gmy wording was a bit wrong, it gave Google only a monopoly on the orphans and showing full text part20:34
greg-gfrom his opinion: "The case was about the use of an indexing and searching tool, not the sale of complete copyrighted works."20:35
* greg-g stops yaking about GBS20:36
binbrainam I behind that I just found out about the glow.mozilla.org easter egg?20:37
greg-geaster egg?20:38
binbrainahh huh, at least I'm not the last to find out20:38
greg-gTELL ME!20:39
wolfgerwhat glow.mozilla.org easter egg?20:39
ColonelPanic001vee have vays of making you talk20:39
binbrainits only fair to hint, as that is the way I was told about it20:39
binbrainhint: try the number keys20:39
ColonelPanic001kill it with fire20:40
snap-lI'm messing wiht the num keys, and not getting anything20:41
wolfgerNice.... glow.mozilla.org tells me to "Please find a browser that supports javascript and <canvas>. Get Firefox" despite the fact that I'm using Firefox20:41
greg-gwhat version?20:41
ColonelPanic001I'm not sure how I did it, snap-l. it only did it once, keep trying20:41
binbrainit doens't seem to be consistently possible20:41
wolfgerNatty version.... with NoScript :-)20:41
snap-lwolfger: That's likely 3.620:42
Blazeixwolfger: I have bad news for you. NoScript can adversely affect javascript.20:42
ColonelPanic001there it goes again20:42
greg-gI know I know, simple 2 presses20:42
wolfgersnap-l: it's 4.020:42
greg-gnot the number 2, mind you20:42
snap-lCute. I think I found it20:42
wolfgerbut despite me not allowing scripts wily-nily, they should be able to detect I'm using their damned product20:43
snap-lwolfger: You're the one  breaking the web, not them. ;)20:44
wolfgerI am so ridiculously happy that I'm still online. I think this is a record.20:45
wolfger90 minutes on the hotel wifi without the realtek module crapping out20:46
wolfgerTo celebrate, I think I'll write some code20:47
wolfgerAnybody running Natty want to confirm this bug for me? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gwibber/+bug/74048621:02
brouscham i missing something? why would i buy a 27" 1080p monitor over a 24" 1080p monitor? wouldn't the 27" just have bigger pixels?22:31
rick_h_brousch: yea, but it's bigger23:14
rick_h_bigger == better23:14
rick_h_else why get a 42" 1080p tv over a 36" 1080p :P23:15
rick_h_bah, twitter search on bookie is useless23:16
brouschwell for TVs it's so you can sit farther away23:29
snap-lhttp://doctormo.org/2011/03/22/firefox-4-0-utterly-worse-than-useless/ <- Seriously? Bzip don't work on Ubuntu?23:40
rick_h_don't get me started23:40
snap-lI shudder to think what retardation this person is trying to personify23:40
Blazeixwow, that pains me.23:42
rick_h_"If my grandmother can't do it, it's too hard...why do you make me think stupid mozilla?"23:42
rick_h_dammit, are you your grandmother? Does she need FF4, really?23:42
rick_h_if she did, and ran linux, do you think she'd shut up and quit whining and maybe look something up?23:43
snap-lOr maybe call her grandchildren?23:43
snap-lyes, installing Linux software is not like installing it on a mac23:43
snap-lsorry, life's a bitch23:43
snap-lI'm sure granny is going to know how to install FF4 on her Windows machine if she wasn't given admin access, as well23:44
snap-lThey patented Google Doodles23:46
snap-l^ heh23:51
rick_h_yea, that's what led me to the original post23:52
rick_h_and that is all wrong...not elitist...just stupid23:52
snap-lRT @KarlVanHoet: @danbenjamin So: Your pod-casts are not available in FLAC. Via Lynx. Which is, of course, a bug. So.23:52
rick_h_come on, someone send it in to us, I dare you23:53
rick_h_let me warm up the mic first23:53
snap-lI understand Martin's problem23:55
snap-lbut he's putting the onus of blame on the wrong people23:56
rick_h_who is martin?23:56
snap-lThe original "bzip no installed" dude23:56
rick_h_dr schmo guy?23:56
snap-lBecause it's not Firefox's problem23:56
snap-lIt's like complaining when you go to Astoria that they have all that sugar when you're diabetic23:57
snap-lHere's a novel one: patience?23:57

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