UnguidedHey everyone. Is anyone familiar with windows home server at all?15:51
Derath-Srvrhi all17:43
Unit193Hey Derath-Srvr!17:44
Derath-SrvrQuick question... who is running UH's in Columbus area?17:44
Unit193Sean Welton (spwelton)17:44
Derath-SrvrAny idea how often? co-worker at the company that I now work for is interested in attending17:45
Unit193I just checked the website, I am not in that area...17:45
Derath-SrvrOkay, will have to check that later... limiting web use17:45
Unit193They had it on the 9th and will the 23rd17:46
Derath-Srvrjust sent him the link for that...17:47
Derath-SrvrI thought it would be in Easton again17:48
Derath-SrvrOr whatever that shopping center was called17:48
Unit193"South Campus Gateway, Panera Bread at 11th and High (OSU Campus)"17:49
thafreakpaultag: Did you make this site? http://programming-motherfucker.com/19:28
thafreakThat just reaks of paultag19:28
paultagthafreak: hahahahahahhahhaa19:31
paultagthafreak: I wish!19:31
thafreakhey, where you been lately...I haven't seen much static from you here...19:32
paultagthafreak: time-warner (the captins of the internet) decided to yank our internet because our roommate went to Germany. I've been without internet since my spring break19:33
paultagso, almost 3 weeks thafreak19:33
paultagright now, I'm using the neighbor's net, but it's super flaky19:33
paultagthey come in the morning to fix it19:33
thafreakI'd be all up on a pre-paid hotspot thingy from virgin mobile19:33
thafreakperfect solutions to problems like that :)19:34
paultagthafreak: :)19:35
thafreakso you're still in the NEO though? or did you move?19:36
paultagthafreak: still in the NEO19:37
thafreakwhere is your school located? Are you up like IN cleveland, or just near it?19:40
paultagthafreak: university heights, it used to be part of cleveland heights, which is a bit away from downtown, it's in the east-side19:40
Derath-Srvrsup paultag19:41
paultagheyya Derath-Srvr19:41
paultagDerath-Srvr: how's life?19:41
Derath-Srvrdoing good, first day in the new office :)19:41
paultagDerath-Srvr: congrats!!!!19:41
paultagDerath-Srvr: did the college thing not work out? I recall you were talking about that at OLF19:41
Derath-SrvrStill teaching, it's only part-time though...19:42
paultagDerath-Srvr: oh, aye!19:42
paultagDerath-Srvr: so whatcha doing?19:42
Derath-SrvrNow a Sys Engineer as a full time... and in Dublin, OH of all places19:42
paultagDerath-Srvr: congrats! :)19:42
paultagBRB, alle19:45
Unit193Firefox 4 is out!19:47
Derath-Srvrcool, will have to check it out later...19:47

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