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JonathanDMorning PA09:58
rmg51morning JonathanD 0/10:07
* ChinnoDog yawns14:07
jedijfwhere are you yawning from?14:09
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jedijfChinnoDog: i've had toasted ravioli here16:04
lamalexcan someone ping me?18:16
ssweenylamalex, ping18:19
jedijflamalex: when you were in philly did you live in queen village? if so, why would you leave?19:04
lamalexjedijf, haha no I did not19:05
lamalexI was poor when I lived in philly19:05
lamalexI still don't make enough to live in queen's village19:05
lamalexI lived south of snyder19:06
lamalexamong mutants19:06
ChinnoDoglol, mutants21:22

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