oriashow goes it?00:09
cyberangerhey everyone00:13
wrsthey cyberanger!00:20
cyberangerhow's it going00:20
chibihogoshinoim sick of people thinking that japan is irradiating the us00:35
wrstcyberanger going. well the baby sleeps on occasion01:04
cyberangeron occasion, sounds suspiously like "whew, some quie......damn it'01:05
cyberangerperhaps that's just me01:06
wrstcyberanger have you read the email from Netritious?01:09
cyberangeridk if I've got one from him01:14
* cyberanger quickly heads to his inbox01:14
* cyberanger curses01:16
cyberangerwe lost jfenn2199 too01:16
cyberanger(I renewed him presuming it was just a short notice for him)01:16
cyberangerI'll have to get with netritious, figure out where to go from here01:17
wrston the website I will offer my meager skills to do something01:20
wrstcyberanger baby time will talk later or in the morning01:21
cyberangerwrst: no good if it's not used01:21
cyberangerby anyone01:21
cyberangerwrst: and ok01:21
wrstand I can host on my server for the very temporary01:22
cyberangerI can host longer, but still the matter of bots01:22
cyberanger95% bots01:22
cyberangernot good01:22
cyberangermy box is static ip though01:27
cyberangerso that helps01:27
robertzaccourhey yall02:20
robertzaccourhow goes it?02:45
robertzaccourI'm at work gonna be here for a total of over 16 hours02:49
cyberangerthat sounds like, uh, what's the word I'm looking for .............. fun?02:50
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robertzaccourcyberanger, well one good thing out of it is not having to go home and go back to work tomorrow. its considered 2 shifts just back to back03:06
cyberangerI guess that's better03:12
cyberangerI think03:12
robertzaccourwell the rest of this week after this til midnight shift will be overnight shifts03:13
robertzaccourthis one is a 330-12 then a 12-8 back to back shifts03:13
oriashow many users/lurkers are in memphis?03:16
robertzaccouryep OT every week :)03:16
cyberangerorias: a few, at this moment 4 I think03:28
cyberangerquestion is when will they stop lurking and talk03:28
cyberangeras for the leader bit, on the list, not too big a concern, we have a 2nd leader as well in memphis03:29
cyberangerand I'm sure that'll come up in the next meeting03:30
robertzaccourwhat are these meetings usually all about?03:43
robertzaccourupdated natty gotta restart if i'm not back then something broke and I'll try again in a couple days haha03:44
cyberangerrobertzaccour: the actual meetings, or the meetups03:46
cyberangerrobertzaccour: the actual meetings, or the meetups03:50
robertzaccourcyberanger, both03:51
cyberangermeetups (like the release party) is just a convinent excuse to leave the matrix for a party03:51
cyberangerthe meetings are whatever needs to be said mostly planning future events03:52
cyberangerleadership issues03:52
cyberangerloco approval process03:52
cyberangermeetups are pretty much a party, the meetings will make more sense in a few days03:53
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cyberangerkinda a watch it happen and "OH!"03:53
robertzaccourIf I don't have internet access with my laptop then I'll be rockin android irc for the meeting :)03:54
cyberangersimilar here I think03:55
cyberangerI think I might actually have to have another leader run it03:56
cyberangermy birthday, family might want be to set it aside03:56
robertzaccourIs it recommended for active members to have expert level proficiency in Linux? Mine is little more than basic04:00
cyberangerthe word is intrest, not experence of proficiency (however that is an added bonus ;-))04:02
robertzaccouroh i see04:03
cyberangeryour covered04:06
robertzaccourI'm no programmer, have helped fix a few bugs though04:08
cyberangerI'm a sysadmin, different breed too04:16
cyberangerfile and debug I can do, maybe code Hello World in some languages, but focus on Admin duties04:17
robertzaccouroh ok04:53
robertzaccourI mainly just learn what I need to as I go. No interest in extensive stuff I'm mostly just a user haha04:54
cyberangerrobertzaccour: gotta start somewhere, I'd been there too (little more than need, technically, but most linux users have some curousity attached too)04:56
wrstcyberanger: you around?11:33
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wrstmorning Xpistos!13:06
XpistosAnd how is the little bundle of joy doing today?13:07
wrstdoing well making her first dr. visit today13:07
XpistosMy wife is in love with the baby! She say the picture and started talking about how cute and that she wants another one.13:08
XpistosSo I told her she is going to have to fight you for that one cause this shop is closed!13:09
XpistosOh FYI, if you see a short puerto rican with glasses and a crazy look in her eyes ... call the cops@13:10
wrstha ha Xpistos ok :)13:16
wrstthanks for the heads up!13:16
cyberangerhey wrst15:25
wrstcyberanger: how are you doing?15:26
cyberangerfairly well15:27
cyberangerand you?15:40
wrstyes doing well15:42
wrstcyberanger: curious how much is a linode server?15:42
wrstcyberanger: i am wondering if it might be worth having a loco one to host the website on and could do some cool things like allow shell access and that type of thing for those who donate to the cause15:43
cyberanger20 a month15:44
wrsthmm probably a little pricey then isn't it cyberanger, does that sound like a horrible idea?15:46
wrstif it were cost effective15:46
cyberangerthe problem I see with the website is ~5% is people, and I bet ~90% of that is spurred by us in IRC, esp around meetings15:47
wrstyeah i agree cyberanger i'm just wondering... i mean we need a site but at the same time what we have obviously isn't serving a good purpose, is that a fair assessment?15:48
wrstwe do have several loco members who aren't in irc, but don't use email either... i wonder if they are or even want to be active etc15:49
cyberangernot all locos have a site15:49
wrsttrue, true15:50
cyberangerand some locos have underutilized sites15:50
wrstjust thinking linode woudl be cool and we could also have a "community shell" that could help a lot of people but that in itself woudl be a huge headache also15:50
cyberangerour usage shows that something is wrong, that part is clear15:51
cyberangerand that's an issue15:51
cyberangerhow much we'd have to lock it down, to be another underutilized service15:52
cyberangerI mean, it is a thought15:52
wrstyes exactly just a thought :)15:52
wrst i know you and i both use a shell sometimes15:53
wrstand that might be all the interest there would be :)15:53
Xpistosit's hard to know howmuch server or how much website you actually need for thigns15:55
wrsttrue Xpistos15:56
Xpistosso are things settling down for you wrst. Baby and mom are home now?15:56
cyberangerXpistos: it's easy to know right now, what we have isn't right though15:59
wrstXpistos: yeah things are getting to what i think will be normal16:01
cyberanger~5% is human traffic, and I'd suspect ~90% is related to here, or carrying a link to our forum, launchpad, webchat.freenode.net16:01
wrstbut anyway cyberanger just throwing some thoughts out there, that came to me in the shower :)16:02
wrsti would suspect you are correct cyberanger16:02
cyberangerI have a hard time seeing supporting WP on a site that is so static as ours, seems like supporting WP more than any page viewers16:03
wrstcyberanger: i would pull more to a drupal site personally16:04
wrstits better for static content but you can also do bloggin etc if you desire16:04
cyberangerthat could be done, same issue, supporting drupal more than page viewers16:05
wrsthmm not for sure if i'm following what you mean there now that I think about it cyberanger? :)16:05
cyberangerspending more time keeping drupal, joomla, wordpress up to date, than people viewing drupal, joomla, wordpress16:06
cyberangerdisportionate amount of overhead16:07
wrstnot so much i don't think drupal isn't bad and the update process is pretty painless when you need to16:09
cyberangerunlike a desktop, there is more involvement, if not in the update itself16:13
cyberangerthen in keeping it locked down, secure versions16:13
cyberangerall of which static html overrules16:13
cyberangerbecuase there is nothing for things to latch onto16:18
wrstagreed there cyberanger16:18
wrsti am not so gifted with html :)16:18
wrstbut you are correct, you have to deal with databases all sorts of junk16:18
cyberangerthat's fine, most of our stuff is static16:19
cyberangerthe blog, calendar, meeting dates, that's all that changes16:19
cyberangerI can embed the calendar in the site, from google calendar16:20
cyberangerminor risk there16:20
cyberangerthe meeting date is on the wiki, presto16:20
cyberangerthe blog bit is tricky16:20
cyberangeron one hand, I think we should have it, on the other, so rarely used, mostly by netritious I think, and he's giving it up16:21
cyberangerwhat I'm thinking then, is a tag on blogs, I link to a members blog, with that tag only16:22
cyberangerthen any member can post, via their blog16:22
cyberangerkeeps everything static, small16:23
cyberangereasy to migrate in a jam16:23
cyberangermuch easier to maintain too16:23
wrstyeah google calendar is wonderful too i think :)16:31
cyberangerwrst: note how all that is hosted elsewhere, for free, by people paid to manage it (blog aside, but they can use professional hosting, or choose to maintain it themselves)16:48
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wrstwell the blog stuff really doesn't seem to work anyway, because when a blog is written no one responds so it leads someone like me that would enjoy bloggin really saying what's the use if no one reads it :)16:58
cyberangerwhich is why I take the approach of linking personal blogs17:00
cyberangerreaders like it, keep reading it, members choose to have it or not17:00
cyberangernot all or none, but each member chooses17:00
wrsti have no issue with that approach at all17:09
cyberangergood news is jfenn2199 is still a west tn leader17:11
cyberangerjust didn't get the chance to update his membership quickly enough17:11
wrstyes i caught that sounds like he should be back around in a week or two which is good17:12
cyberangerdid he metion something in here too?17:14
wrstgot an email or something i thought17:14
wrstcyberanger: i get info in so many different ways i can't remember where i get it :)17:14
wrstyes email17:15
cyberangerwell, I don't recall saying a week or two17:15
cyberangerotherwise I'd think it was me17:15
wrstcheck thy mail cyberanger :)17:15
wrstwell whenever it gets finished Still working...17:16
cyberangeroh, I do, just not at this higher than usual rate17:17
wrstok there you go cyberanger17:17
cyberangerand you just forwarded it why, lol17:18
cyberangergmail was smart, tossed it into the proper list folder, stripped out the body since there was no difference17:19
cyberangeroh well17:19
wrstwell that is pretty smart17:22
wrstmuch smarter than me17:22
cyberangerwrst: yeah, I filter and sort my mail, and the loco sees a post a month or so17:31
cyberangerso I check daily17:31
cyberangerand yesterday and today you metioned it before I'd check (around 10 except a meeting night)17:31
wrstha ha17:32
wrsti'm not that fancy17:32
cyberangeryou use gmail, nothing fancy about it, lol17:32
wrstyeah that is true :)17:33
cyberangerjust a member of a few lugs, all of TN's afaik, plus west nc lug in asheville17:33
wrstcool cyberanger17:33
cyberangerand with that, a few too many emails17:33
cyberangerfor just an inbox approach17:33
cyberanger(not to metion everything else)17:34
robertzaccourhey yall17:34
robertzaccourhey power ranger17:34
robertzaccouri mean cyberanger17:34
wrsthey robertzaccour17:34
robertzaccourhey wrst17:34
robertzaccourwhats wrst stand for?17:35
robertzaccouris it an acronym?17:35
wrstnah just a bunch of letters really robertzaccour :)17:35
robertzaccourah ok17:37
robertzaccourmy nickname is first name last name17:37
wrstactually parts of my name17:37
robertzaccoursame for my gmail17:37
robertzaccourdid ya leave out the o for worst?17:38
cyberangerhrm, somebody's in a different mood today17:38
cyberangeroh, wait that's me, a day off, woot17:39
wrstnah didn't mean to robertzaccour :D17:40
wrstbut that works17:40
robertzaccourI decided to ask another staff member for their sunday instead of taking a day off last sunda18:07
robertzaccourI missed a couple days from pneumonia and wanted to make that up18:07
robertzaccourI wonder when Android will come preinstalled on computers18:14
wrstrobertzaccour: did you ever get updated up to natty?18:26
wrsti noticed that over in #cooklug18:26
robertzaccourwrst, yes I did18:41
robertzaccourwrst, so far no breakage18:41
wrsthow do you like unity?18:41
wrstand robertzaccour its fairly stable now i think18:41
robertzaccourwrst, its still a little slow, but fairly stable18:42
robertzaccourand not complete yet18:42
robertzaccourin the applications launcher the pop down button menu in the upper right is useless atm nothing is clickable and it doesn't scroll back up kinda just sticks down18:42
wrstyes, and i wasn't for sure on the speed if it was just me since i've been using arch and natty or if it really was slow18:43
robertzaccourIf It doesn't improve significantly I'll switch to Xfce18:43
robertzaccournot a fan of KDE and Gnome 3 is too dumbed down for me18:43
robertzaccourand gnome shell is just dumb imo18:43
robertzaccourXfce might just be what saves the Linux desktop from, IMO, stupid UIs18:44
wrstwell robertzaccour, KDE if it worked like it should really would be my choice, and gnome has always worked, while not pretty it worked well, so i may go cyberanger and just go cli18:44
robertzaccourthe only thing I do in cli is sudo apt-get install whatever18:45
robertzaccourI'm a very basic user I suppose lol18:46
robertzaccourI could use it for more but not really for my taste18:46
wrstthat's the great thing about ubuntu, when everything is working you shouldn't have to use the cli period18:47
chibihogoshinoxfce is the shit19:31
Xpistoschibihogoshino: Yeah, I like it a bit19:34
chibihogoshinoi like it better than gnome19:34
Xpistoswell it is like gnome jr19:34
chibihogoshinoeh.. lol19:34
XpistosI like openbox the best, but I like all the gtk apps so I use xfce and make it look like openbox19:35
chibihogoshinoob and xfce feel more like what linux should be like19:35
wrstXpistos: i'm going evil i'm downloading linux mint debian19:49
Xpistosmy wife is using that19:49
wrsti like the rolling part and the debian part, and the not having to wrestle with drivers in debian part19:49
Xpistosso what is the difference between Mint Debian and Mint 10?19:57
wrstdebian is based on debian. testing not ubuntu19:58
wrstand is a rolling release19:59
wrstXpistos: i'm not about to fall off the ubuntu wagon but wanting to check it out20:07
cyberangerwrst: debian is based on debian?22:12
chris4585has anyone seen the news about debian CUT?22:16
wrsthmm cyberanger linux mint debian is based on debian cyberanger :)23:03
wrstchris4585: i have seen that looks exciting to me23:04
chris4585wrst, it would be awesome if Ubuntu adopted that sort of model..23:04
wrsti'm a fan of rolling releases chris458523:05
wrstonly thin is when gnome 3.0 comes out i'm curious what my arch install is going to do23:05
chris4585wrst, I believe the classic desktop will still be supported23:05
chris4585I'm not sure if updates will automatically get you there.. or what23:06
wrstsounds like they will23:06
chris4585but I know it will still be in the repos for arch23:06
chris4585at least thats what I've heard23:06
wrstpython 3 hit the repos and replaced python2 that was a headache :)23:06
wrsthad to redirect some apps to python2 since they didn't work with python 323:07
chris4585doesn't arch have both available like ubuntu?23:07
wrstin a limited way got to program some23:07
chris4585I should try arch again soon...23:07
chris4585I miss it so23:07
wrstyes but python 3 become python, and python  (2) became python2 so if a package directed to python it went to python 3 not 223:07
wrsti'm in a distro trying mood, but want to stay in the debian realm of things i think :)23:08
chris4585I'd like to try the gnome3 fallback desktop, it looks.. the same as classic gnome but with some things fixed under the hood I hear23:09
wrstchris4585: that sounds nice23:11
chris4585I really like the new adwaita theme for gtk323:11
wrstyes me too23:11

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