androidbrucehello all how goes it 01:34
valoriehi androidbruce01:36
valoriecontemplating the purchase of a phone01:36
valoriehas to be verizon, and work in Europe01:37
valoriewhich narrows my possibilities greatly01:38
valoriethunderbolt and droid2, I guess01:43
valoriegrrrr, flash sites.....01:44
androidbrucevalorie: if you're getting a phone now, it's gotta be the thunderbolt01:49
androidbrucethere is really nothing that compares 01:49
valorieyou've seen and used one?01:50
androidbruceyes 01:50
valorieand the lack of a keyboard isn't a lack?01:51
androidbrucei used it the day it released01:51
valorieI should have known01:51
androidbrucewell I suppose if you aren't used to an onscreen keyboard it would be tough 01:51
valorieI've not used a smartphone, 01:51
androidbrucebut that's many users01:51
valorieso everything will be new to me01:51
androidbruceright so you have many many hurdles to jump over01:51
androidbrucejust go for it 01:51
valorieif I'm going to Europe this summer though01:51
valorieI thought getting the phone now, and getting used to it01:52
androidbruceyes 01:52
valoriewould be a good idea01:52
androidbruceand you have 14 days to 'test drive' it 01:52
androidbruceplus android is all linux based. so you'll be right at home ;)01:52
valoriesort of01:52
androidbruceindeed 01:53
valorieI listen to people talk about it though, and it's all new stuff01:53
valorieall ARM, right?01:53
androidbruceof course, all android devices are arm based01:53
valorieok, this is all new language01:53
androidbruceyeah 01:53
valorieI hear people talk about ARM, but have ignored it up to now01:53
valorieI guess i should pay attention01:53
androidbrucewell in all reality you would not really need to know that it's arm based as an end user01:54
androidbrucebut for development you would have to know how to compile for arm 01:54
valoriesure, but eventually I'll be putting KDE on it01:54
androidbrucei.e. kernels 01:54
androidbrucelol 01:54
androidbrucei'm not sure which is funnier, kde or putting kde on an android device ;)01:54
valorieone of our kubuntu devels is the ARM guy for ubuntu01:54
* androidbruce is a gnome fanboy 01:54
valorieI've always preferrred kde01:55
valoriebut I'm not religious about it01:55
valoriesome gnome apps are better01:55
valorieso do you have gnome running on your droid?01:55
androidbrucelol no way 01:56
androidbrucenot sure it's possible 01:56
androidbruceand i have a g2 01:56
androidbrucewe can talk more about this later, time to 'punch out' 01:57
androidbrucehave a good night 01:57
valorieandroidbruce: I took your advice, and now have a shiny new thunderbolt04:19
valorienow to figure out how to get IRC on it, etc.04:19
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NavionAnyone know someone that has experience with Ubuntu on Mac Minis?15:16
NavionIs there a live person here?15:24

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