b1llyhow do i "run" it?00:00
b1llyis it just sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload ?00:00
amebixthrough the term?00:00
Mrwootwootcan anyone help me installing gnomenu?00:00
Mrwootwoothere's what i get00:00
Mrwootwootusing 10.1000:01
thatguyjayte is that what you were referencing as in "last line"?00:01
tbruff13netech, hello00:01
ricorx7Mrwootwoot: did you do "make" first00:01
ricorx7not enough info to tell what you are doing with make install00:01
specialmoosequestion, im running dual monitors with an nvidia card. whenever I launch a program that has a loading screen (openoffice for example) the loading screen is not on the center/center of the screen but at the far end/center of the screen. anyway to fix this/00:02
Mrwootwootricorx7, no i thought make was step 300:02
thatguyjayte stop wasting my time if you're just gonna be intentionally redundant00:02
danielhow do i change my screen resalution00:02
tbruff13okay anyway what does dpkg do00:02
ricorx7do ls on the folder on your desktop and paste it00:02
amebixanyone have a Samsung I9000 galaxy S?00:03
thatguyjayte, we estabilished in the very beginning that i was able to connect to VPN just fine, so i think i'd know that by now00:03
netechtbruff13: what is it you're trying to do?00:03
netechfind the package that provides util-linux-ng?00:03
tbruff13get the program portablelinux to run00:03
tbruff13and i need to satisfy dependices00:03
hiexpoMrwootwoot, looks like your file is not on desktop00:03
netech$ apt-cache search util-linux00:03
Mrwootwootbut i saved it onto there hiexpo00:03
netechthat gives you a list of packages to install for util--linux00:04
ricorx7Mrwootwoot: do "ls" on the folder on your desktop00:04
danielhow do i change my screen resultion00:04
netechyou can then do $ sudo apt-get install util-linux00:04
thatguyjayte, you feel like a big man coming in here and insulting novices who politely ask for simple help and only offense being they don't know as much as you?00:04
Mrwootwootricorx7,  what is ls?00:04
Mrwootwootsorry i'm new :(00:04
tbruff13i was told to download source and compile but how do i do this00:04
ricorx7Mrwootwoot: in console, it will list all files and folders00:04
disappearedngHey anyone here can recommend me something like dropbox to keep my music library synced between my laptop and computer (doesn't have to be cloud storage, just automatic syncing) I know I can use rsync but I am pretty sure there are existing solution out there00:04
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netechtbruff13: what's wrong with installing from the provided deb file on that site?00:04
tbruff13disappearedng, ubuntu one00:05
=== darkdevil is now known as Guest15633
=== Guest15633 is now known as Guest48150
tbruff13i get an error00:05
tbruff13when i try to make a flash drive00:05
netechwhat error?00:05
disappearedngtbruff13: that's cloud though00:05
tbruff13dont have it anymore00:05
hiexpoMrwootwoot, what is it a tar file00:06
tbruff13let me see ill install it and run it and wait00:06
thatguyjayi miss the days when people were actually HELPFUL in here, not simply insulted people who didnt know everything they did lol00:06
disappearedngdid you rtfquestion?00:06
tbruff13intripid or hearty00:06
tbruff13hearty or intrepid package00:06
tethatguyjay: Did  you get it yet?00:07
netechhow should I know? it's your operating system00:07
Mrwootwoothiexpo, yeah it's a tar.gz but hold on it's gone lemme download it again00:07
tbruff13netech, i have 10.1000:07
tbruff13there is no maverick00:07
brightsparknetech: the page has no download link for a .deb past jaunty.00:08
hiexpoMrwootwoot, download it to your home folder00:08
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thatguyjayte, screw you,,, and just so you know i'm not even pissed, i dont let low life loosers like yourself get to me lol, but i do still enjoy letting you know what a piece of sh** you kinda people are00:08
Mrwootwoothiexpo, ok let me move it there i just put it onto my desktop00:08
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok00:08
tbruff13hey thatguyjay  dont be mean00:08
rww!attitude | thatguyjay00:08
ubottuthatguyjay: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:08
en1gmaanyone know if ubuntu works with an old intel cs110 webcam?00:09
Mrwootwoothiexpo, done but i dunno how to do a "ls" on it00:09
hiexpoMrwootwoot, after you have it there right ckick and untar it there00:09
tethatguyjay: Did you get it yet? Can we help you any further?00:09
en1gmai never used a webcam in ubuntu so i dont even know how to check if its working00:09
tbruff13ts, its okay i think your nice00:09
rwwte: best to drop it00:10
Mrwootwoothiexpo, untar = extract?00:10
hiexpoen1gma, sudo apt-get install cheese00:10
hiexpoMrwootwoot, yes00:10
* thatguyjay slaps te in the face with a fish and then shoves it up his/her ass00:10
tbruff13anyway how do i get portable linux to work00:10
en1gmanow im scared00:10
en1gmais there really an app called cheese00:10
Mrwootwootk got it hiexpo00:10
hiexpoen1gma, yes00:10
rwwAnyways, back to Ubuntu support :)00:10
en1gmaok i got to hook up my lan cord and boot in ubuntu live cd00:11
tetbruff13: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/00:11
hiexponow open that folder is there a readme or intall file00:11
Mrwootwoothiexpo, do i need to move the gnomenu to the desktop now?00:11
en1gmado i need to install a driver for that old camera or is it included00:11
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EllaRose19lolllll   http://goo.gl/8n8xj00:11
hiexpoMrwootwoot, no hold on is this something you are tring to install right00:12
tbruff13te, how im on ubuntu00:12
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok one secwhered ya get the file so i can get it and look at it also00:12
lucas-argis there a way to make gtk apps use kde theme on kubuntu? ive installed oxygen-molecule but its not working...00:12
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok one sec00:13
Mrwootwootthanks hiexpo00:13
tbruff13te, what program can i run from ubuntu persistance and a fast boot is all i want is that possible because unetbootin doesnt have persistance00:13
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok what is it you are trying to do ?00:14
tbruff13te, hello00:15
Mrwootwoothiexpo, um.. dont kill me....00:15
hiexpoMrwootwoot, one sec00:16
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tbruff13te, can i use wine to run one of the windows programs00:16
tbruff13hello how do i make a program running in wine see my flash drive00:18
sedulousHow many gigabytes of disk space would you reserve for a standard ubuntu installation? The user won't store any personal data and will mostly use Firefox to browse the web. 10 GB?00:18
aeon-ltdsedulous: 12gb incase they want to, or install stuff00:19
seduloustbruff13: you can mount your flash drive and use winecfg to add a "drive letter" for it00:19
sedulousaeon-ltd: if they don't want to, 10 GB is enough?00:19
=== WinstonSmith_ is now known as WinstonSmith
aeon-ltdsedulous: should be00:19
Mrwootwoot sedulous i was able to install it onto a 2GB thumb drive00:19
sedulousgood good00:19
sedulousthank you00:19
tbruff13sedulous how00:20
sedulous(it's supposed to become a system for guests who just want to use the web)00:20
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok before you go any further did you run the commands the video showed   you ?    next open terminal and type sudo apt-get install checkinstall00:20
seduloustbruff13: mount it / use it on your linux host, then run winecfg and add a "windows drive", pointing to the path of your flahs drive00:21
Mrwootwoothiexpo, yeah i had followed the instructions all the way up until he said to install gnomenu00:21
Mrwootwootbut i only got to step 2 on there00:21
tbruff13sedulous, wait what00:22
tbruff13lost me i get you a little bit00:22
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok do what i said open terminal and paste that command i gave you00:22
Mrwootwootprocessing now00:22
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok type clear00:23
Mrwootwootblank page00:23
hiexpoMrwootwoot, good00:23
tbruff13ok wine mounted it thanks00:23
hiexpomrw ok type cd gnomenu00:24
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok type cd gnomenu00:24
Mrwootwootbash: cd: gnomenu: No such file or directory hiexpo00:25
hiexpois it in your home directory Mrwootwoot00:25
meta_circularI have a silly question, I'm trying to append to another user's .profile.  I can't seem to do it even when I sudo.  I tried something like this: sudo echo 'hi' >> .profile00:25
hiexpoMrwootwoot, did you extract it00:25
Mrwootwooti did00:25
tetbruff13: You are using 10.1000:26
Mrwootwooti was about to move it to the desktop but you said to hold on00:26
tbruff13te, sorry00:26
hiexpoMrwootwoot, try again cd gnomenu00:26
Mrwootwootso it's still in home00:26
morph_hi guys00:26
tbruff13i am trying to use the windows drive creator in wine00:26
morph_do u know ho to insert a text in file whit terminal?00:27
Mrwootwootsame thing hiexpo00:27
tbruff13how do i format my flash drive to fat32 i see fat but no fat3200:27
tbruff13te, you there00:27
[thor]tbruff13: go to #winehq for help with wine00:27
tetbruff13: Do you have a partition on it?00:27
Mrwootwoothiexpo, hold on it's gone again00:27
tbruff13te, partition yes00:28
Mrwootwootdownloading it a 3rd time hiexpo00:28
tetbruff13: Then use mkfs.vfat and format it.00:28
tbruff13te, huh00:29
tetbruff13: But are you sure it's not already fat32?00:29
tbruff13how do i tell te00:29
tetbruff13: sudo fdisk -l00:29
Mrwootwootwierd... it keeps asking me if i want to overwrite the file but i don't see the file anywhere hiexpo00:29
bastidrazormeta_circular: sudo and >> will not work.. use something like echo "stuff" | sudo tee -a filename  .. if you need sudo to edit 'filename'00:29
Mrwootwootbut i extracted it and did cd and it worked00:29
meta_circularbastidrazor: cool let me try that. thanks00:30
tbruff13yes it is oops ok ill try and do it now00:30
=== a is now known as Guest13050
hiexpoMrwootwoot, open your home folder and see if there is a folder named Mrwootwoot00:30
tetbruff13: but I do not see anything for 10.10 at https://launchpad.net/~portablelinux/+archive/ppa00:31
hiexpoMrwootwoot, than the tar is there00:31
Guest13050Is it possible to edit Indicator Applet Session? I want to remove Lock screen button (without disabling it of course)!00:31
Mrwootwoothiexpo, i dont have a mrwootwoot file but in the terminal i got cd to work... i just had to downaload it again00:31
tbruff13te, ok then is it possible to get persistance with anyother program that is written for linux why is this so hard00:31
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok so now you cd to dir00:32
=== ninline is now known as coldfire
b1llywhats the cmd line to create a new dir / file?00:33
solid_liqis anyone else experiencing strange behavior since the latest update to 10.04LTS?  Like, having to enter your password twice in a row to unlock the screen from the screensaver, and gwibber-service using 100% cpu?00:33
hiexpoMrwootwoot,  cd gnomenu00:34
tbruff13te, hello00:35
Mrwootwoothiexpo, done00:35
hiexpook in terminal type sudo checkinstall00:35
hiexpoMrwootwoot, in same terminal type sudo checkinstall00:36
MrwootwootShould I create a default set of package docs?  [y]:00:36
Mrwootwootthat's the line that popped up00:36
hiexpohit y00:37
Mrwootwootsays to write a description of the package00:37
lvhHello! Is there a way to tell apt-get/aptitude to reinstall a particular packages, recursively including dependencies, even if they are currently installed (with a higher version, and that version is no longer installable)00:37
hiexpoMrwootwoot, just hit enter00:37
lvhBasically, replace existing packages with highest currently-installable version.00:37
=== blackswan is now known as CignoNero
Mrwootwootdo i need to change any values?00:38
hiexpoMrwootwoot, no just hit enter00:38
whizkenhow do you get a read only filesystem to act executable even when sudo chmod won't work?00:39
Mrwootwoothiexpo, the new package has been installed and saved00:39
exutuxlvh: sudo apt-get install --reinstall pack_name00:39
tbruff13programs like startup disk creator00:39
tetbruff13: I don't see anything for 10.10. You should take it up with the developers. See: https://launchpad.net/~portablelinux00:39
lvhexutux: No, --reinstall refuses to downgrade.00:39
Mrwootwootso now just continue with the youtube video hiexpo ?00:40
hiexpoMrwootwoot, ok goodnow finish following the guys tutorial it's installed00:40
tbruff13ok te, how do i compile it00:40
Mrwootwootthanks man00:40
tbruff13from the tarball00:40
hiexpoMrwootwoot, np00:40
vyrus001what package holds the isohybrid bin?00:40
exutuxlvh: but higher version is on an external repo?00:40
lvhexutux: Which is broken.00:40
hiexpoMrwootwoot, you can delete that tarball and the folder it creared from yourhome folder also00:40
lvhAnd I removed that repo, so apt should be blissfully unaware.00:40
fabio333a question about dual boot... with ubuntu and win7  and 320gb hd00:40
lvhInstead of downloading the latest version it knows of now, which is what I want (a downgrade)...00:41
aeon-ltdfabio333: shoot00:41
fabio333it it true that the last partition is slower?00:41
exutuxlvh: sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get update && and try reinstall ( so but do you have removed and purged that package, befor revoved repo? )00:42
tbruff13ok the program is running te if i get an error i will see if you can help me00:43
lvhexutux: Nope, that doesn't work -- that just says it can't find the package to reinstall with -- refuses to downgrade because of it ..00:43
exutuxlvh: ok do you have only removed that package before trying reinstall?00:43
Guest13050http://i55.tinypic.com/30dfi3m.png I want to remove the lock screen thing or just remove CTRL+ALT+L thing00:44
fabio333better to have ubuntu at the end of the hdd or at the start?00:45
Guest13050fabio333: isnt the same?00:46
Guest13050i just use beginning00:46
mrdebhow do you switch workspaces with the kyeboard00:46
Guest13050mrdeb: ctrl+alt+arrow00:46
tbruff13hey can someone help me with an erreor00:46
tbruff13from portable linux00:46
tbruff13usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: This msdos-style partition label has no post-MBR gap; embedding won't be possible!.00:46
tbruff13/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged..00:46
tbruff13/usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: if you really want blocklists, use --force.00:46
FloodBot3tbruff13: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:46
Guest13050!ask | tbruff1300:46
ubottutbruff13: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:46
fabio333hdparm -t /dev/sda gives a better result now...00:46
Guest13050fabio333: what does that do00:47
Guest13050checking the -t00:47
lvhexutux: Nope, haven't done anything to it yet.00:48
lvhRemoved all of them now, seeing what that gives.00:48
fabio333Guest13050, tell me the result00:48
tbruff13ok i will try again i am trying to find a way to boot ubuntu from a flash drive quickly with persistance but i cant do it from unetbootin and startup disk creator boots to slowly please help me find a program or make a program called portable linux work in 10.1000:48
Guest13050fabio333: but you do that without disk activity right? and how long does it take?00:48
fabio333few seconds00:49
fizyplanktondoes anyone know how to get an external graphics card and onboard graphics working at the same time?00:49
needlezhas anyone been able to get pam_tally or pam_tally2 to work correctly?? and if so can you help me setup pam_tally?? and please no links, i've looked through links for like 2 weeks now00:49
tbruff13ok this is a dependency i need for my program to work can someone tell me how to get this sfdisk from the util-linux-ng package00:49
Guest13050fabio333: what is a "better result"00:50
mrdebare workspaces useful for anything? why ont just minimize things00:50
Guest13050mrdeb: of course they are00:50
Guest13050mrdeb: you can have a workspace for study00:50
Guest13050mrdeb: another one for porn etc00:50
Guest13050(just an example)00:51
fabio333Guest13050, the higher the better00:51
Guest13050or for virtual machines00:51
jmwpcI would think porn would occupy 2 workspaces all by itself.00:51
Guest13050Is there a way to edit this menu? http://i55.tinypic.com/30dfi3m.png ?00:52
solid_liqis anyone else experiencing strange behavior since the latest update to 10.04LTS?  Like, having to enter your password twice in a row to unlock the screen from the screensaver, and gwibber-service using 100% cpu?00:52
Guest13050solid_liq: sudo apt-get remove --purge gwibber00:52
solid_liqGuest13050, are you sure that won't break something?00:53
Guest13050solid_liq: it just uninstall gwibber... I did it lol00:53
mrdebso what you are saying is that you have 10 workspaces with adult conent00:54
mrdeband 1 work space00:54
solid_liqGuest13050, I know it does that, but gwibber is integrated into the taskbar in ubuntu now00:54
solid_liqGuest13050, it didn't break anything for you?00:55
Guest13050solid_liq: or just disable gwibber service from boot00:55
solid_liqhrm, I'll give it a try, thanks :)00:55
Guest13050solid_liq: no lol00:55
Guest13050solid_liq: try sudo rcconf00:55
vyrus001i have installed syslinux and still to not have the isohybrid application, is it not in syslinux any more?00:55
Guest13050it's quick and easy00:55
Guest13050!ask | tbruff1300:55
Guest13050!help | TrevorP00:56
ubottuTrevorP: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:56
aplundI have some packages listed as "local or obsolete" such as libplist1 and libusbmuxd1, when I try to remove them they want to remove ubuntu-desktop.  Does anyone know why this might be the case?00:56
bastidrazortbruff13: its in util-linux  :without the -ng00:56
bastidrazor!find sfdisk00:57
ubottuFile sfdisk found in manpages-fr-extra, manpages-ja, util-linux00:57
Guest13050aplund: it won't do any harm..00:57
aplundto remove ubuntu-desktop!?!00:57
Guest13050aplund: because it's not a real package00:58
Guest13050just ignore the warning00:58
aplundit wants to remove gnome-session and gnome-power-manger and gdm as well00:58
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=== astyx is now known as Astyx
aplundand a whole lot of other things00:58
tbruff13bastidrazor, i get an error00:59
tbruff13in the portablelinux program00:59
needlezhas anyone been able to get pam_tally or pam_tally2 to work correctly?? and if so can you help me setup pam_tally?? and please no links, i've looked through links for like 2 weeks now01:00
Guest13050aplund: i dont have ubuntu-desktop installed and everything works01:00
pbearhi, i have an ubuntu on vmware but i can't log in remotely unless i'm already logged in on the vmware's ubuntu. where is the setting that can let me log in even if the vm isn't logged in?01:00
Guest13050aplund: "This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu desktop system"01:00
tbruff13thats the error please help01:00
bastidrazortbruff13: portablelinux.. as in the OS?01:01
Guest13050tbruff13: you want to fix grub?01:01
tbruff13no as in the program01:01
bastidrazortbruff13: portablelinux is not a package available in the repositories.01:01
tbruff13a program to put ubuntu on flash drive with presistence is all i ask for something that boots faster than startup disk creator01:02
tbruff13portable linux is a program i found01:02
aplundwell.. I'm not sure I want to remove those other packages01:02
Guest13050aplund: ask bastidrazor he knows it01:02
tbruff13but there is no 10.10 package so help or find another program please ive been at this for hours01:02
exutuxtbruff13: why you don't use usb-creator?01:03
bastidrazoraplund: then don't. are the packages creating issues? if not is there a reason to remove them?01:03
aplundbastidrazor: not really.  They are using some small amount of space on a space limited drive01:03
bastidrazortbruff13: did you compile this program for 10.10?01:03
Guest13050aplund: r u using sudo apt-get remove right01:04
tbruff13it boots to slow and i dont want to ever install ubuntu i have it on my home laptop i will be using this usb at school unetbootin boots faster but no presistance i want something with a little of both01:04
dMaggot 7607501:04
aplundGuest13050: Synaptic01:04
tbruff13bastidrazor, how do you compile01:04
bastidrazorubottu: tell tbruff13 about compile01:04
ubottutbruff13, please see my private message01:04
exutuxtbruff13: usb-creator makes persistent live usb...01:04
Guest13050aplund: remove or remove all?01:05
vyrus001exutux: do you know why the isohybrid would not be part of syslinux?01:05
vyrus001ive got it installed but dont have the command01:05
tbruff13bastidrazor, i know it is alot to ask but please help me compile im sorry but PLEASE ive been at this for an hour and a half01:05
exutuxvyrus001: no, I don't01:05
aplundGuest13050: Purging to try and reclaim as much space as possible01:05
nwntashow can i change the font in liferea?01:05
KB1JWQtbruff13: What's busted?01:06
Guest13050aplund: I dont think you can remove that package wait a sec01:06
bastidrazortbruff13: that page is a decent guide to compiling.01:06
tbruff13i know but please i will read the page but if i need you i will call01:07
_antantIs there any brand of gefore 210 that anyone would recommend over another?01:08
Guest13050aplund: I dont know why if u remove libusbmuxd1 it tries to uninstall gdm gnome-session etc01:08
Guest13050they dont depend on it i think01:08
aplundGuest13050: Hence why I'm here01:08
Guest13050hm wait01:08
nwntascan someone tell me how to change the font in liferea? thanks01:08
Guest13050aplund: check GDM dependecies..01:09
Guest13050aplund: right click and properties..01:09
tbruff13bastidrazor, i dont understand this01:09
tbruff13PLEASE walk me through it im frustrated beyond belief01:09
aplundGuest13050: Nothing there that suggests why this is breaking01:10
Guest13050yeah I see .s01:10
Guest13050tbruff13: what do you want to do exactly?01:10
tbruff13compile the program at http://rudd-o.com/new-projects/portablelinux to work with 10.10 please help01:11
tbruff13walk me through it if you can please01:11
Guest13050I Need to sleep gl01:12
Gneatbruff13: to be fair, it would be better if you went and chilled out for awhile - do something else, then come back when you aren't as frustrated.  You'll only frustrate whoever tries to help you, thus frustrating yourself even further.01:12
bastidrazortbruff13: you haven't even remotely tried. the file has a setup.pl script that does it all for you.01:12
yonguanecesito ayuda para la clave canaimita de segundo grado01:13
tbruff13bastidrazor, i clicked on that but nothing happens and i was just worried about messing something up im sorry01:13
syrinx_!es | yongua01:13
ubottuyongua: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:13
intelligentfoolcan anyone help me out? i'm trying to figure out if my nic went bad or if i can change some config to get my connection working again. "sudo ifconfig -a" doesn't list my physical nic, what else can i try?01:13
nwntascan someone tell me how to change the font in liferea?01:13
tbruff13bastidrazor, i will try01:13
bastidrazortbruff13: i will not hand hold. read the page on how to untar the tar.gz file then run the setup.py in the directory it creates01:13
teintelligentfool: lspci01:14
syrinx_nwntas: theres a #liferea channel, I think01:14
Gneatbruff13: perl files don't get clicked on, you need to learn how to use the command line in the terminal. the patience required to help you through it is something I don't have at this time.01:14
syrinx_no problem01:15
nwntassyrinx_: i just joined and ask there, seconds before you suggeste it. thanks anyway01:15
futr_visionI need to acess Ubuntu through Windows 7. Any suggestions?01:16
aplundok fixe01:16
tbruff13bastidrazor, im sorry okay i have tried that nothing happens when i click on it it asks me to run i am sorry you dont want to hand hold but i dont know how to run that setup.py i click and nothing happens does this mean i need a command and if so where can i find that command i am not trying to be mean, but for someone who has tried for an hour with other programs and everything im just a little lost01:16
intelligentfoolTe i dont see my nic listed after viewing lspci..... reseat the nic and on no change, get a new one?01:17
syrinx_futr_vision: How exactly, do you want to do it01:17
aplundthe problem was that older versions were confusing the system and thinking they were actually newer01:17
tpw_rulessoo, i have this vm but i've forgotten the root password and don't know of any other accounts01:17
syrinx_intelligentfool: sounds like it01:17
tpw_rulesi don't think i ever set up root anyway01:17
tpw_ruleswhat to do?01:17
futr_visionsyrinx: Doesn't really matter to me. I'm used to useing LogMeIn for my windows systems.01:17
syrinx_tpw_rules: if you didn't set the root password then there probably isn't one01:17
tpw_rulessyrinx_: what other accounts should i try?01:17
tbruff13i really am sorry im only in high school and im trying and i want to learn i plan on making programming my job when i grow up so please just help me this once01:18
bastidrazortbruff13: actually.. you don't compile anything. there is an executable in the portablelinux directory created from the tar.gz: click the portablelinux file01:18
intelligentfooldumb question but a NIC should show up as "Network controller: bla bla bla" on lspci, right?01:18
teintelligentfool: Yes, it must be broke. Get a new one.01:18
tbruff13i do and it runs but when i try to create a disk i get an error01:18
bastidrazortbruff13: then you should submit a bug  to them01:18
intelligentfoolte: thanks, just wanted to make sure it's not listed as something else.... if i pastebin would someone mind double checking?01:18
pbearhi, i have an ubuntu on vmware but i can't log in remotely unless i'm already logged in on the vmware's ubuntu. where is the setting that can let me log in even if the vm isn't logged in?01:19
syrinx_futr_vision: theres a few things you can do, do you want to just access the ubuntu computer from win7, or you want the whole remote desktop experience?01:19
AndChatMy child hit the power off button while 9.10 was updating to 10.04, is there a way to finish install01:19
intelligentfoolheh, nm, no easy way to pastebin a machine with no nic :)01:19
teintelligentfool: Yes, it should show up as Network Controller. What does ifconfig say?01:19
tpw_rulesis there any way to get a list of users from the login prompt?01:19
syrinx_tpw_rules: I don't know, the one you created with the installation, I guess01:19
futr_visionsyrinx_:I'd probably want the whole desktop experience.01:19
tpw_rulesi either don't remember what it was or don't remember the password01:20
intelligentfoolte: i get some communication controller and that's abouot it as far as stuff that looks like it might be a nic01:20
dualcorewhat is the easiest mail server to run ?01:20
mjsAndChat, can you get to the cli?01:20
Ferris-ran usb-creater.exe as administrator on windows 7, and it fails to write the bootloader...01:20
Ferris-could it be the filesystem? does the usb-creater not know how to format the flashdrive?01:21
mjsAndChat, command line01:21
intelligentfoolalso, my cisco router isn't showing an errors on its side, which makes it weird01:21
teintelligentfool: What does ifconfig say?01:21
tpw_rulesfound it!01:21
teintelligentfool: Does it give you a section for eth0 or only lo?01:21
syrinx_futr_vision: You may be able to just enable remote desktop and connect with the RDP program built into windows01:21
intelligentfoolte: ifconfig -a just gives the loopback01:21
syrinx_if it still has one, anyway01:22
AndChatYes, on command line now01:22
bastidrazordualcore: postfix01:22
Todd200Wow ubuntu is so much better than windows01:22
futr_visionsyrinx_: I'm completely new to Ubuntu. Where do I start?01:22
teintelligentfool: Ok, then I suggest just changing to a new or different network card.01:22
submainTodd200: did you just install it?01:22
syrinx_futr_vision: do you have both computers in the same house/office so you can configure both machines?01:22
intelligentfoolany recommendations for nic's if i want to do dot1q or something fancy?01:22
mjsAndChat, kinda a newb/idiot, so please dont hate me if i lead you astray....sudo dpkg --configure -a01:23
futr_visionsyrin_: yes01:23
futr_visionsyrynx_ : yes01:23
Todd200submain: have had it for about a week now, switched from wubi to removing windows this afternoon01:23
AndChatIts doin stuff01:23
syrinx_futr_vision: in Ubuntu, go to System>Preferences>Remote Desktop01:24
AndChatIs someone having rdp issues01:24
syrinx_AndChat: He wants to set up RDP between Ubuntu and Win701:24
AndChatUse teamviewer01:24
futr_visionsyrnx_: Got it. I have an IP address.01:24
Cpudan80that doesnt do RDP AndChat01:24
EmuAlertIs there any way to have the computer to prompt for your password before it boots everything up? Some of my startup applications don't work right because I haven't properly logged in yet and don't automatically correct themselves when I do01:25
Cpudan80RDP is natively supported (for viewing) in Ubuntu01:25
syrinx_futr_vision: set it up however you want01:25
dualcorei tried to setup postfix before but it was really difficult for me.  is there a gui for setting up postfix and managing accounts that doesn't compromise security?01:25
futr_visionsyrnx_:How do I access from Windows 7? Any ideas?01:26
AndChatRunning sudo configure seems to have resumed the instLl01:26
syrinx_futr_vision: Win7 has a built in Remote Desktop program, it's in Accessories I think01:26
Todd200Any neat tweaks to speed up ubuntu? (i try to squeeze every bit of speed out if my laptop)01:26
timClickscan someone help me with my syntax? am trying to get convert to read from stdout01:27
timClickspdftoppm meh.pdf | convert -format "jpeg"01:27
intelligentfoolanyone here used openstack?01:27
joeyrtodd200: There's something you can do with firefox to make it faster where you turn on pipelining and up the number of max requests01:28
=== Todd200 is now known as kevinkonrad
syrinx_or use Chromium Todd200 :)01:29
holybitwhats the difference between installing firefox by hand or having Snyaptic handle it?01:29
kevinkonradsyrinx_: already do, and I put my cache in ram for speed :)01:29
kevinkonradholybit: don't think there's any, your choice,01:30
holybitkevinkonrad: i just don't want to wait for them to port 4 to synaptic, but maybe i am missing some reason to use synaptic?01:31
kevinkonradsyrinx_: my laptop has an i7 and 8gb of ram, Im trying to cache more stiff in ram for speed01:32
zipppis there anyway to boot ubuntu into a console? Is there an fkey to do that?01:32
syrinx_thats a heck of a laptop01:32
zipppI'm stuck on "Checking battery state..."01:32
escoi'm running ubunut 10.10 through virtual box (first time) and i can't seem to get it to find any wi-fi.  what can i do?01:33
piercedwaterDoes anyone know of a way to search id3 tags from the cli in ubuntu?01:33
kevinkonradsyrinx_: yes it is, best computer ever01:33
kevinkonradesco: it says no access points in range?01:34
shaneoexcuse me but how may i find broken packages on my system?01:34
kevinkonradshaneo: sudo apt-get autoremove01:35
escokevinkonrad - it seems its not even using my wireless card01:35
shaneothank you01:35
escoim on a macbook pro01:35
* kevinkonrad is not a Mac person O.o01:35
syrinx_well theres your problem01:35
kevinkonradsyrinx_: ?01:36
escowell thanks anyway kevinkonrad01:36
syrinx_theres something you have to install to get airport working,forget what it is though01:36
kevinkonrad^ has better advice01:36
_antantI'm getting a GT210. Will it make much difference if I get an asus or an msi one?01:37
syrinx_esco: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook4-1/Maverick#AirPort01:37
kevinkonrad_antant: msi?01:37
escothanks syrinx_, but that's still not working01:40
syrinx__antant: i'd go with the MSI myself01:40
escoubuntu isn't finding it01:40
syrinx_esco: dunno then01:41
joeyrSo yesterday I was trying to make a linux swap partition on my external, and now my whole external is swap. Anyone know of a good resizing tool?01:41
kevinkonradesco: you enable the driver?01:41
=== mbywater is now known as Ewwies
escoit's not showing up in the "Additional Drivers" box01:41
kevinkonradjoeyr: gparted?01:42
esconothing shows up in the additional drivers box01:43
hegesco: I don't think that you can setup wifi in vbox01:43
joeyrkevinkonrad: its funny because gparted didn't recognize the hd earlier but now it is showing up. I'll try to see if I can resize the partition so that only 5 gigs is swap01:43
mjsAndChat, is that working out?01:44
edbianjoeyr, 5 gigs is still a very large swap01:44
=== michael is now known as Guest54372
pbearhow do i ssh into an ubuntu virtual machine if i'm not logged onto it in virtual box?01:46
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:46
joeyredbian: It's a 500 gig external and I want to put linux on it.01:46
ubottuYou're testing my patience!01:48
edbianjoeyr, Sure.  But I doubt you'll fill 5Gb.  It doesn't matter how big the drive is. Swap is filled when you use so many apps at once that they don't all fit in your ram.01:48
* syrinx_ just changed his swap to 3gb01:48
kevinkonradI disabled my swap01:48
=== tedy is now known as mo_bledhoz
arielsanfloalguien habla español01:49
syrinx_!es | arielsanflo01:49
ubottuarielsanflo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:49
steelval3OK i have a quick question regarding ubuntu netbook remix on my toshiba nb205 netbook01:49
joeyredbian: 3 gigs good? would too large a swap end up being a bad thing?01:49
syrinx_joeyr: no, it just frees up space01:50
steelval3when ever i start my computer, i have to hold down a key in order to get the computer to boot up01:50
edbianjoeyr, Too big a swap is just a waste of space.  Since you have such a big hdd it hardly matters.  My swap is 1Gb01:50
kevinkonradjoeyr: how much mach ram does your pc hsve?01:50
tekevinkonrad: Why did you dissable your swap?01:50
syrinx_steelval3: so hold down the button...01:50
kevinkonradte: bevause i have 8gb of ram01:51
steelval3haha its annoying i was hoping for a fix01:51
joeyredbian: 2048 MB01:51
tekevinkonrad: Not a good reason.01:51
kevinkonradte: how so?01:51
syrinx_steelval3: you sure it isn't a BIOS setting or something?01:51
joeyrI meant to rep;y to kevinkonrad oops01:51
steelval3its like something times out otherwise, i see the hdd light blink when i hold down shift, when i release it, the light stops blinking01:52
ohzieIs there a way to clear my dns resolver cache? Somewhat equivalent to ipconfig /flushdns ?01:52
edbianjoeyr, that's fine01:52
syrinx_steelval3: 0_o01:52
Guest54372 Hi, folks, I want to install Fjalar(which is under Valgrind) into my Unbuntu 10.10(with glibc version 2.12.x), but the tools  only support glibc(2.0~2.10), then I donot know how to solve this? anyone who can provide an help?01:53
steelval3syrinx:  so no fix that you know of?01:54
kevinkonradSeems like bios bug01:54
danielhey would some one pm me i have some stupid questions about ubuntu but a few of them im pretty sure there basic knowledge to soemone who has used linux /ubuntu for more then a year01:54
syrinx_!ask | daniel01:55
ubottudaniel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:55
pbearhow do i ssh into an ubuntu virtual machine if i'm not logged onto it in virtual box?01:55
steelval3sorry i'm a complete newb, so how could i fix it if it is a bios bug01:55
danielwell i just want to understand what gnome is and alterniatives and stuff like that01:56
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.01:56
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.01:56
syrinx_that should get you started daniel01:56
joeyredbian: swap partition is made. Now I'm gonna try to install linux on my hd.01:56
edbianjoeyr, have fun!01:56
danielwicth one would be the most user friend like i like gnome but i wanna know if there would be a better one to use maybe one that could give it more of a glossy feel01:57
AndChatStill running I think01:57
steelval3syrinx:  if its a bios bug, do you have any suggestions?  i'm completely new to ubuntu, i apologize for simple questions01:57
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels01:58
=== Eddie is now known as Guest15957
syrinx_the bios doesn't have anything to do with ubuntu steelval301:58
steelval3gotcha haha01:58
steelval3alright thanks, i appreciate the help01:58
djsudnHey, i'm wondering how I can make a script run before /home is mounted?01:58
kevinkonraddaniel: KDE is glossy but slower, xfce is rougher but faster01:58
Mrwootwootdoes anyone know how to get a color fading effect on the top and bottom bars?01:59
ohzieGuest54372: Hey you should change your nick to something more memorable02:00
mjsdaniel, kindof a newb myself, and have only used gnome and kde ...i think gnome is glossier and faster, but kde has some applications that i like better for either the interface or the functionality...fortunately, you can run both...02:00
ohzieGuest54372: You could make a chroot for the program02:00
djsudnhey, can someone help me? How can I make a script run before /home is mounted?02:00
danielmjs, is it easy as installing it to swicth02:00
ohzieGuest54372: similar to how we chroot 32 bit programs into systems with 32 bit libraries, you could chroot that program into a faux-system with an older glibc02:00
kevinkonradmjs: glossy = pretty, KDE is slower but prettier02:00
danielmjs, or do i have to delete gnome first02:01
danielis kde that much slower?02:01
ohziedaniel: Only if you use kwin02:01
kevinkonraddaniel: nit very much02:01
syrinx_kde stinks I you ask me, no offense to anyone out there02:01
mjsdancek, i run gnome, and then install the kde app that i like....(available through the repos)...02:01
* djsudn is offended02:01
syrinx_lol, sorry02:01
* djsudn slaps syrinx02:02
djsudnso how can I make a script run before /home is mounted?02:02
mjsdaniel, i've heard tell of installing them both and then choosing at signon, but can't help you, as i've never done it...02:02
tesyrinx_: That's a little over the top. (And it is OT).02:02
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
fikrihi guys..02:02
kevinkonradsyrinx_: i hate its widget system, makes it hard to manage your desktop02:02
joeyr"no root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu" Anybody know how to fix that?02:03
syrinx_exactly kevinkonrad02:03
mjskevinkonrad, subjective, but granted...02:03
bastidrazorjoeyr: you need a partition for /02:03
djsudnpick the one you want as your linux partition, and for the path, put /02:03
ohziemjs daniel: you can install the kubuntu-desktop package and just not switch to KDM from GDM, and then when you log in there's the 'session' menu, or something lke that, and you can switch between kde and gnome.02:03
danielok so jsut install both02:04
joeyrbastidrazor: So I have my swap file. The rest is unallocated free space. Do I specify the free space?02:04
kevinkonraddaniel: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:04
djsudnHow do I make a script run at boot time? Preferably before /home is mounted?02:04
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
kevinkonradWhat do you want to be your main file system partition (/)?02:05
bastidrazorjoeyr: i don't know your setup. you need a partition for / .. do you know what the root partition is?02:05
tedjsudn: What is your end goal?02:05
tedjsudn: What do you want to accomplish?02:05
mjsohzie, thank...your articulateness surpasses mine own...02:06
danielwith kde will i stil be able to use hot corners or w/e there called?02:06
joeyrbastidrazor: I don't know what the root partition is. I have my swap and my unallocated free space, and it won't let me install in the unallocated free space02:06
bastidrazorjoeyr: / (root partition) is where the OS is installed.02:06
tejoeyr: You need another partition for /02:07
kevinkonradjoeyr: tell it to use ext4, and when it says mount location choose /02:07
kevinkonradDo this on the unallocated free space02:07
tejoeyr: You can't install anything on free, unpartitioned space.02:07
joeyrbastidrazor: I was just clicking around and I believe I go to add and choose "/" from the menu. I might just have it :)02:08
kevinkonradjoeyr: that is correct02:08
joeyrkevinkonrad: "use as" should I choose "ext4 journaling file system"?02:09
djsudnte ya there?02:09
tedjsudn: Yea...02:10
joeyrkevinkonrad: o woops just saw what you said above02:10
kevinkonradjoeyr: yes, best file system by far02:10
tedjsudn: What is it  you want to accomplish?02:10
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
kevinkonradjoeyr: it working?02:11
tedjsudn: If you tell us exactly what you want to do, we might be able to help you figure out how to get it done.02:11
joeyrkevinkonrad: I'm about to hit the "install now" so I'll let you know in a second :)02:12
jbjohnsonhey all, is one of the differences between server and desktop edition is that you can't access the desktop edition remotely unless you are already logged in?02:13
kevinkonradjbjohnson: not sure, server comes no desktop manager /GUI02:14
kevinkonradjoeyr: it working :)?02:15
joeyrThank you guys for your help! It appears to be working. The next thing I'm going to do after this is done is to repurpose a USB drive for "plop linux" so that way it can boot automatically to the hard drive. so stoked...02:15
kevinkonradEnjoy :), I gtg02:16
jbjohnsonkevinkonrad: so would the desktop edition could still act as a server?02:16
mjshave a wonnerful day/night, all...02:16
Todd200jbjohnson: it could :)02:17
jbjohnsonTodd200: if it's a virtual machine, could i still remotely log in, even if i'm not logged in on the virtual machine?02:18
dualcorei have installed and configured postfix, opened port 25, and when i try to send a php mail() i see an active connection on port 25 in firestarter, but then the email never comes through02:18
vitorlobowhat's channel ubuntu female?02:19
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu Women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.02:19
vitorlobooh yeah02:19
tucemiuxubuntu women? LoL02:19
ponbikiMy mom loves ubuntu02:19
ponbikino lie02:20
tucemiuxis she single? o_O02:20
ponbikishe is old and married02:20
ponbiki58 i think02:20
IdleOnelet's get back to support please02:20
dualcoremy gf's sister uses linux02:20
tucemiuxahhh she's too old, sorry02:20
ponbikiubuntu is for everyone02:20
ponbikigentoo etc. mebbe not for the fresh to linux02:21
tucemiuxi got my nieces to use ubuntu, the youngest one went without a hitch, the oldest one took a bit to convince but once she started using her netbook and windows was so slow she started using ubuntu remix only02:21
MrPocketsso, i'm trying to find a command that'll make a firefox link02:21
r\wWorldgentoo is had some of its packages hosed.... so the dev's have a hard time to maintain everything as well02:22
tucemiuxMrPockets,  where do you want the link?02:22
ponbikii still like gentoo a lot for servers...never used it for a general desktop os though02:23
Dice-ManMrPockets: make a firefox link ?02:23
Dice-ManMrPockets: you mean launch firefox ?02:23
vividMrPockets, try reading about the command 'ln'02:23
MrPocketstucemiux, specifically desktop02:24
MrPocketsbut it shouldn't really matter02:24
overcluckerMrPockets: I use gnome to open in my default browser: gnome-open http://google.com02:24
MrPocketswould just ln  work?02:24
ponbikiln will make a hard link with out a flag02:24
MrPocketsnah, a dynamic or symbolic link is moreso for directories02:24
vividyou said make a link, read about ln to suit your linking needs02:24
dualcorei have installed and configured postfix, opened port 25, and when i try to send a php mail() i see an active connection on port 25 in firestarter, but then the email never comes through02:24
dualcorewhat does +j mean?02:25
IdleOnedualcore: +j sets a limit of amount of joins:per seconds02:25
ponbikijoin throttling02:25
teMrPockets: If you want an icon for firefox on the desktop or the panel, just right click on firefox's menu option and choose to "Add this launcher to panel"  (or desktop)02:26
mikejfHow do I enable TTys on a customized 10.04 LiveCD?02:27
teMrPockets: Right click on firefox's menu option and choose to "Add this launcher to desktop"02:27
tolland_so is everyone putting ubuntu on one big partition? or should i manually add /home /var ?02:28
* MrPockets scrolls up02:28
MrPocketsMrPockets> so, i'm trying to find a command02:28
MrPocketsoverclucker, thanks, that should work02:28
memorygap0hello: i'm installing ubuntu on win xp using virtual box. now there is a option allocate drive space: erase and use the entire space or specify partitions? which one i need to choose02:29
tolland_memorygap0: as you have presumably already set a size for the virtual disk during creation, I would use the whole space02:29
dualcoreis there a channel for postfix?02:30
bastidrazordualcore: #httpd02:30
tememorygap0: Depends on what you can afford to use for linux. If it is the only drive, you obviously don't want to wipe the whole thing, (unless you're ready to ditch MS Windows altogether).02:30
leppardsHi everyone.02:31
bastidrazordualcore: actually there is a #postfix channel02:31
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
tememorygap0: tolland_ has your situation in mind... his advise is probably more correct.02:31
dualcoreoh cool thanks02:31
leppardshad a question regarding a usb wifi device that I am trying to get to work on my installation 10.10 installation.02:32
memorygap0tolland: if i choose erase and use the entire disk.this option will not erase my os xp. yes i created 8gb for my vm02:32
dualcoreleppards: what is your question02:32
leppardsThe device is Ralink 3070 . It gets recognized and clicking on the network icon on the taskbar shows a list of wifi networks as well. but the password does not work02:33
leppardsas in.. i enter it and the password box keeps coming back. It does not show any error message ... are there some logs that I can look up..02:34
leppardsi have tried to blacklist certain devices as suggested in this post .http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140716502:35
b1llyis there a way to open a directory in the gui thru cmdline02:35
NSpiritI wanna install another windows without removing Ubuntu, what should I do??02:35
mikejfHow do I enable TTys on a customized 10.04 LiveCD?02:35
mikejfHow do I enable TTys on a customized 10.04 LiveCD?02:35
teNSpirit: Just install on the first partition of a drive the computer will boot.02:36
NSpirit<mikejf> : ctrl + alt + f102:36
tolland_memorygap0: what are you using for the disk for your new instance?02:36
mikejfNSpirit: All TTYs except 7 for X are disabled by default, and all they have is a flashing cursor in the top-left02:37
tolland_during the wizard it should have offered you to created a new .vdi file to contain your virtual hard disk, and you should have specified fixed or dynamic and given it a start size02:37
memorygap0choose dynamic02:38
tolland_and there should be a file called Whatever.vdi in your virtuals folder02:38
mikejf /etc/init/tty*.conf isn't much help, they all show that it should be starting fine02:38
tolland_so when you choose to use the whole disk in the ubuntu installer, that file gets filled with an ext4 file system02:38
tolland_not your native OS disk02:39
mikejfI've messed around with inittab before, but now with upstart I can't figure out how the LiveCD is disabling the extra TTYs02:39
memorygap0tolland_: thanks02:39
thraspicquestion about lxdm:  i need an option to boot to a command prompt rather than an xsession using the lxdm login manager,  can someone direct me to the right config file?02:39
bgb1122hey all, question.  I installed Chromium in Natty Alpha 3 and selected it as default but some applications still insist on using Firefox to open links. ie Qwibber, Evolution.  How can I fix this so all links open Chromium?02:40
mikejfbgb1122: ln -s $(which chromium) $(which firefox)02:41
memorygap0tolland_: now  I know choosing the option "use the entire disk" it only use the size of the vm not the enitre hardisk02:41
ajinread a lot--google---irc, all newbies02:42
leppards:dualcore can i give you some more information that may help02:43
dualcoreleppards: yes02:43
BlackWebIs Anyone familiar with using gimp02:44
bgb1122mikejf: ln -s chromium-browser firefox ?02:45
StepNjumpwhat is gimp02:45
leppardsI also tried compiling the module after applying the patch suggested here but the compile failed nonetheless. (http://www.linuxcrew.de/2010/10/11/rt2870-compile-error-under-kubuntu-maverick-10-10/?lang=en)02:45
BlackWebLike photoshop but gimp for linux02:46
drcBlackWeb: irc.gimp.org/#gimp might be a better place to ask GIMP questions02:46
lot49free and opensource too02:46
BlackWebAlright Thanks :)02:46
leppardsdualcore anything specific I can provide ?02:47
=== lot49 is now known as jnfourteen
=== Nzaw4 is now known as nzaw4-brb
searchedalguien por ahi tengo una dudda02:53
te!es | searched02:54
ubottusearched: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:54
searchedty guys02:54
ajinresearch! how many of you guys experienced gnome-panel disappeared ?02:54
speedrunnerG55whenever i try to turn on visulasation in rytham bot it crashes02:54
speedrunnerG55what should i do02:54
ajinit's a bug02:55
searchedhey guys, my maverick ubuntu doesnt find one of my hd wich is sata any idea?02:55
jnfourteenim trying to configure and make from source, but a couple of packages i tried to install failed02:56
jnfourteeni got build-essential02:56
jnfourteenbut still failing02:57
jnfourteenanyone know what could be the problem?02:57
tejnfourteen: What package?02:58
tejnfourteen: Where did it fail?  Any specific errors?02:58
searchedwhy my ubuntu doesnt  find my sata hd?02:59
tejnfourteen: pastebin some errors....02:59
NuXeLiTesearched is it plugged, never got a problem with that02:59
jnfourteenfirst i had a glib error02:59
jnfourteenfixed that02:59
searchedyes it is the bios can find it but ubuntu doesnt02:59
jnfourteenbut then the make fails. i was trying to install bitchx and then i tried to isntall irssi03:00
searchedwhat can i do? do i need any driver?03:00
jnfourteeni just use apt-get eventually03:00
NuXeLiTesearched, did you just plug it ?03:01
searchedyes i plugged it03:01
xiambaxwhat file is it that tells my user to open something at login03:01
NuXeLiTeis linux already installed ?03:01
searchedyes it is03:01
NuXeLiTeyou might have to format the sata driver that you plugged03:02
searchedi installed it in the ide hd03:02
NuXeLiTeformat the new installed driver03:02
NuXeLiTeand it should work03:02
searchedso i have to format it?03:02
searchedbut how? ubuntu doesnt find it03:02
tejnfourteen: Why not use pre-compiled package?03:02
jnfourteenyeah i ended up doing that03:03
jnfourteenbut was wondering why compiling from source was giving me so many issues03:03
tejnfourteen: Yes, you should use the package manager03:03
phoenixsamprashello how to compare 2 files are exactly equal??03:04
b1llyanyone know which "apache" config file, actually controls the directive for the default vhost03:04
tejnfourteen: There are a number of reasons why you might experience a failure when compiling from source. One is un-resolved dependencies.  You just have to look at the errors for clues.03:05
jnfourteenalright thanks.  so it's not uncommon to see all these errors? I fix one issue and then it halts somewhere else03:06
jribphoenixsampras: use diff03:06
jribb1lly: /etc/apache2/sites-available/default (or ask a more specific question)03:06
b1llyjrib: that's the vhost config file...which is the config file designates that as the default03:07
AnubArackIs horizontal tearing of video playback a known issue of ATI drivers on ubuntu 10.10 ?03:08
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Lap_dragon
soreauAnubArack: What card is it?03:08
jribb1lly: what do you want to accomplish?03:08
DavidRezasomeone knows what if the default kernel with Ubuntu 10.10?03:09
DavidRezawhat is*03:09
AnubArackRadeon 4670 (512 mb)03:09
jribDavidReza: 2.6.3503:09
DavidRezajrib,  really? =S03:10
DavidRezathank you very much03:10
soreauAnubArack: I'd expect more problems from fglrx than radeon, despite the fact that it's currently faster for 3D03:11
leppardshey everyone.. i posted a question about the usb wifi issue (ralink 3070) earlier. can someone please help me. i have tried to follow the steps mentioned in the ubuntuforums threads but have not been able to get the card to connect to a wifi network03:12
jrib!wifi | leppards03:12
ubottuleppards: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:12
tbruff13is it possible to make a disk in staratup disk creator not ask you to install and go directly to trying from the Usb stick03:12
AnubAracksoreau, I know, same thought crossed my mind. I also desabled all the advanced featured in the Ati control panel but no change. And apparently I'm not the only one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1058663003:13
Ben64!help | speedrunnerG5503:13
ubottuspeedrunnerG55: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:13
speedrunnerG55i cant run visualasations in rythembox03:14
[biabia]is 1GB mem enough to run kubuntu?03:14
rww[biabia]: yes03:14
prabhu1Gb is fine03:14
[biabia]rww and prabhu thanks :)03:14
Christiannnnnhi, iam having problems i have pavilion dv2500, and i installed ubuntu, but when i connect usb storage i cant see it on my computer whats wrong ?03:14
mickster04leppards: did you see !ralink?03:15
soreauAnubArack: If you remove fglrx and install xorg-edgers, you should get latest bits for the default open radon driver. A newer kernel should help too, so I expect HD cards to be much better supported in Natty03:15
leppardsmickster04 yes I do see ralink as the chipset for some of the manufacturers03:15
mickster04leppards: i meant the help given when you type !ralink03:16
AnubAracksoreau, I could try that. If I know how03:16
mickster04leppards: are you sure that chipset is supported03:16
brophatwhat is the command to find out what drivers are being used for various hardware?03:17
leppardsi am not certain, but i bought the card off ebay, and the page listed linux as a supported os..03:17
leppardsalso lsusb lists the following03:17
soreauAnubArack: 1) Remove fglrx (sys>admin>additional drivers) 2) Install xorg-edgers repo (with the command: 'sudo apt-get install python-software-properties && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental && sudo apt-get upgrade' )03:17
leppardsBus 002 Device 005: ID 148f:3070 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter03:17
Christiannnnnhi, iam having problems i have pavilion dv2500, and i installed ubuntu, but when i connect usb storage i cant see it on my computer whats wrong ?03:18
soreauAnubArack: This is assuming you haven't installed the driver using the .run file from AMD03:18
ComputerChicHi all :)03:18
AnubAracksoreau, nope i installed it when ubuntu prompted me so it's via additional drivers03:19
ComputerChicajin: Hi03:19
soreauAnubArack: After it's completed, cold boot the machine to completely reset the hardware03:19
fizy[laptop]how do i configure the openssh-server doohickey to accept a different port? i already have port forwarding set up03:19
AnubAracksoreau, will do. TY. I'll come back with the outcome03:20
bastidrazorfizy[laptop]: add the new port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config  then restart ssh, sudo service ssh restart03:20
soreauAnubArack: To revert, use 'sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers'03:20
fizy[laptop]bastidrazor: and can i do that from ssh?03:20
brophatanyone know the command to list the drivers that are being used for my various hardware?03:21
AnubAracksoreau, If i want to go back to the close source drivers?03:21
bastidrazorfizy[laptop]: yes.03:21
leppardsmickster04 not sure what you meant by "type in !ralink". where did you expect me to type !ralink03:21
fizy[laptop]leppards: like this03:22
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:22
soreauAnubArack: Well, there's two parts. Removing the closed source driver means the default radeon driver will be used. But xorg-edgers gives the latest updates to the radeon driver stack03:22
phoenixsamprashow to compare files via GUI? SOS03:22
leppardson the shell i'm assuming?03:22
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
arandphoenixsampras: meld is an option.03:23
fizy[laptop]leppards: the !ralink is to control the bot in #ubuntu03:23
tephoenixsampras: In a gui terminal type diff file-1 file-203:23
fizy[laptop]!ralink like this leppards03:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:23
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:23
gbear14275I have a process I don't think I can kill03:23
leppardsthanks fizy. apologies for the noob question03:24
tegbear14275: What process would that be?03:24
fizy[laptop]leppards: its quite okay03:24
gbear14275te, it is a gwibber service process.  I tried to kill it to kill a zombie sh process, but now the parent gwibber-service process is zombie too03:24
leppardsgot the message "Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)"03:25
tegbear14275: To kill service use command service stop service-name03:25
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gbear14275te, unrecognized service03:26
gbear14275te, but the thing is it says the status is zombie03:26
jamiewangbear14275, does it show up in top of htop03:26
gbear14275jamiewan, te, I just killed it by killing the parent gwibber-service... but I'm wondering what I just accidentally killed?03:28
gbear14275brb, rebooting03:28
jrt4I just ran glxgears and got XIO fatal io error 11 (Resource not available) and then when I left X, X won't start again. There are no errors that show up in my xorg log that weren't there before ...03:28
teGuest54372: Sorry  I got it wrong. service service-name stop03:28
jrt4I tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and dpkg-reconfigure xorg and neither fixed it03:29
=== Lap_dragon is now known as ExplodingPiglets
tegbear14276 Sorry  I got it wrong. service service-name stop03:29
jamiewante, he's rebooting i think03:30
tejamiewan: Yea, I see now. Thanks03:30
phoenixsamprashow to compare to files, 1 file is on a shared network it has terabytes of size, and the other one in my pc ?03:32
ComputerChic^slacker^:  That's my dog's name?03:32
SwedeMikePhotocopy: md5sum command gives you a checksum of a file, do it on both and compare the checksum03:32
phoenixsamprashi ComputerChic, alone?03:33
ComputerChicphoenixsampras: you wish03:33
=== lresende_ is now known as lresende
phoenixsamprasComputerChic: so you have a problem?03:34
=== ExplodingPiglets is now known as Unmute_me_Jerk
ComputerChicphoenixsampras: Not at all.03:34
=== OMGeek_ is now known as Radios
=== Unmute_me_Jerk is now known as Yiffs_OldManRive
AnubAracksoreau, after i ran that command it gave me an error03:35
soreauAnubArack: Post it to paste.ubuntu.com03:35
phoenixsamprasComputerChic: then you have a need of something?03:35
ComputerChicphoenixsampras: Yes, You to go hide under a rock,03:36
LinuxpwnsNo way...hey RICK check it out03:36
phoenixsamprasComputerChic: im just trying to help you03:36
AnubAracksoreau, I closed the terminal but I know what it said: the ia32-libs-mesa-dri-experimental package is broken03:37
ComputerChicphoenixsampras: Who said I needed help?03:37
soreauAnubArack: Can you try removing that package and running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade  ?03:38
phoenixsamprasComputerChic: your nickname sounds like you need help03:38
AnubAracksoreau, http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/3ts8j88v/SynapticPackageManager_045.png03:38
LinuxpwnsAnubArack: Have you tried fixing your broken package using Synaptic Package Manager then going to Edit > Fix Broken Packages?03:39
PhotocopyToday, I partitioned my drive into three. On a mac, I made a ~240gb partition of HFS+, and on ubuntu, i made a 240gb ext4 and a 20 gb fat32.  The fat32 is read/writeable. the ext4 is read only, (read and write by root) and says i cant change the permissions because I'm not the owner. The HFS+ is read only but thats okay cause iirc HFS+ isn't writeable by linux. Wat do?03:40
phoenixsamprasComputerChic: then you need advise03:40
Photocopyphoenixsampras; let me give you some spelling advice ;P03:41
AnubArackLinuxpwns, I just marked it for removal and applied then ran apt-get update/upgrade like soreau suggested03:41
phoenixsamprasPhotocopy: yeh, no wonder i dont catch girls lately03:41
LinuxpwnsWe are here to help others not gloat about who knows more about what... just remember theres always somebody in the world who knows more about something than you do03:41
Photocopyphoenixsampras: i've been single for two years! =( We're a little offtpic though. Know anything about my permissions problem?03:42
phoenixsamprasPhotocopy: can you recap the problem plz03:42
LinuxpwnsAnub: What happened as a result after trying that?03:42
PhotocopyToday, I partitioned my drive into three. On a mac, I made a ~240gb partition of HFS+, and on ubuntu, i made a 240gb ext4 and a 20 gb fat32.  The fat32 is read/writeable. the ext4 is read only, (read and write by root) and says i cant change the permissions because I'm not the owner. The HFS+ is read only but thats okay cause iirc HFS+ isn't writeable by linux. Wat do?03:42
AnubAracksoreau, Linuxpwns  http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/poc5yct4/anubarack3rdEchalon_046.png03:42
AnubArackaka same problem03:43
i4ba1_excuse me all03:43
i4ba1_how to get computer model number using terminal?03:43
i4ba1_in windows i can do 'wmic bios get serialnumber'03:44
=== needhelp1 is now known as Guest84104
i4ba1_can i do in linux?03:44
Photocopyphoenixsampras: do i need to highlight you with my recap?03:44
Guest84104how can i encrpty files/folders in ubuntu03:44
Photocopyi4ba1_: I really can't say I know, sorry, but generally I found in experience this chat is more responsive with your problem explained in one message. Hate to sound rude, just letting you know :303:45
Logan_!encrypt | Guest8410403:45
ubottuGuest84104: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory03:45
SwedeMikei4ba1_: look into the lshw command03:46
i4ba1_i try sudo lshw03:46
Ben64Photocopy: what are you trying to do?03:46
PhotocopyBen64: are you asking me to paste my problem yet again? Not sure what isn't clear...03:47
i4ba1_and in terminal show detail about my computer hardware03:47
Ben64Photocopy: i see your big explanation, but i'm not seeing what you want to do03:47
MarconMwho know if dual core doi duo  is i686 yet03:47
i4ba1_but i just want the model number of the computer03:47
SwedeMikePhotocopy: it's not clear what you need to fix. do you want to get your ext4 read/writable?03:47
i4ba1_not list all hardware, SweedeMike03:47
Guest84104Logan_, seems in depth03:47
SwedeMikei4ba1_: motherboard model should be in there.03:48
PhotocopyBen64, SwedeMike; Yes. The HFS+ is for writing my pro tools/logic sessions to with the mac in the recording studio, and the ext4 is for my own personal use. The FAT32 is there incase i need to swap anything back and forth (Didnt realize linux could read HFS+)03:48
Ben64Photocopy: ....so you want to write to ext403:49
PhotocopyBen64: yeah!03:49
SwedeMikePhotocopy: sudo chmod a+w <directory where ext4 is mounted>03:49
Ben64ok, good. you said root can write though03:49
jamiewani4ba1_, sudo lshw will show it03:49
LinuxpwnsAnub: You are sure that package is meant for your architecture right? Try installing the Gdebi package installer and then rerunning the .DEB installation just to be sure.03:49
Photocopyright, but I want to be able to write to it normally like i do the fat32 partition03:49
SwedeMikePhotocopy: chmod a+w does that.03:50
celerymanif possible i need some internet help in ubuntu 10.0403:50
jsoftInternet help?03:50
Ben64sudo chown -R <username> /path/to/ext4/partition03:50
jsoftProlly start by describing your problem03:50
Ben64Photocopy: ^03:50
Linuxpwnsi will try to the best of my abilities.... whats the problem celeryman03:50
PhotocopySwedeMike, Ben64: It didn't work though.03:51
Logan_!ask | celeryman03:51
ubottuceleryman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:51
Ben64Photocopy: did you do my chown line?03:51
phoenixsamprashelp! how to share a resource, so a windows machine can access to my ubuntu pc??? SOS03:51
PhotocopyBen64: There wasnt a highlight. sorry. I thought your "Photocopy: ^" was referring to swedemike's advice. One sec03:52
celerymanokay   i am showing a connection to internet under ethernet and wirless, i am able to ping www. google.com from terminal  but cant surf web or dl from software center03:52
celerymanthank you03:52
Linuxpwnsphoenix, install samba on your machine (if missing) then right-click on the folder you wish to share and choose sharing options, then select your parameters that viola03:53
Logan_!samba | phoenixsampras03:53
ubottuphoenixsampras: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:53
Photocopyben64: thank you. I can read and write the ext4. Can I ask you one more thing? Am I right in my assumption that linux cannot write to HFS+? I don't expect to need to; reading is quite good enough, but I want to make sure I don't spread misinformation03:54
Ben64Photocopy: The Linux HFS+ kernel driver has support to read and write to HFS+ non-journaled drives/parititions but only has read support of journaled HFS+03:54
Linuxpwnsphoenixsampras: also if you have a firewall enabled don't forget to forward TCP port 139 to allow traffic on your network to connect to the share03:55
leapy0yohow do I move all files in a subdirectory to the parent directory in terminal... maybe I can use for...that is used regularly, no?03:55
PhotocopyBen64: Ah, I picked Journaled. I'll leave it, cause I don't need to write.03:55
RealOptyhow can i switch to ALSA03:55
PhotocopyBen64: Now that my drive is in three partitions, when I plug it in it pops up three nautilus windows. This is insanely annoying. What can I do about this?03:56
lrateis it possible to install a bootable and persistent ubuntu on an external HD preferably as a vdi/vhd file?03:56
RealOptyive discovered  that my hdmi audio works via ALSA03:56
Jordan_Uleapy0yo: mv /path/to/direcory/* /path/to/03:56
gbear14275ok yeah, te, jamiewan I rebooted and have the same Zombie sh process under a gwibber-service parent process03:56
Photocopylrate: I don't know about the vdi/vhd stuff but i've had a bootable persistent ubuntu on a usb stick so I'm going to go ahead and say yes. It's pretty easy to find with google.03:56
celerymandoes that make sense03:58
Ben64Photocopy: um.... theres a way to turn off the auto thingy, but idk how03:58
Logan_!alsa | RealOpty03:58
ubottuRealOpty: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.03:58
Jordan_Ugbear14275: Can you pastebin the output of "pstree -p"?03:58
PhotocopyBen64: Okay, thanks.03:58
RealOptyLogan_, ty03:59
Logan_RealOpty: you're welcome03:59
gbear14275Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/D0R9cuMv04:00
LinuxpwnsReal0pty: Have a look at this link http://howto.blbosti.com/2010/04/ubuntu-make-alsa-default-instead-of-pulseaudio/04:00
gbear14275Jordan_U, does that make sense?  the sh session 2140 is zombie04:02
Linuxpwnsrealopty, just curious do you have an nvidia GPU with an HDMI audio out jack?04:02
Jordan_Ugbear14275: As you can see the only parent of any of the gwibber-service processes (other than init) is another gwibber-service process, so you probably didn't kill anything other than gwibber.04:02
PhotocopyBen64: One more thing; do you know why every time I boot up, it asks me for my keyring password 4 times?04:02
RealOptyyes i do have that04:02
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
kisukeok question for you all, any one know how to purge a SSH cert?04:02
RealOptyLinuxpwns, suggestions?04:02
gbear14275Jordan_U, is it possible to kill the zombie directly?  I tried to use sigchld to the parent but it wouldn't kill the zombie child04:03
Ben64Photocopy: whatever you have set up using keyring, i'd suggest having a blank password for it04:03
LinuxpwnsPhotocopy, it encrypts your saved passwords to provide a little extra layer of security04:03
SwedeMikegbear14275: you can't kill a zombie, that's why it's a zombie.04:03
celerymangetting connection timed out in firefox.. showing active internet with wireless and ethernet, i can ping google from terminal, \04:03
gbear14275SwedeMike, ah04:03
Jordan_Ugbear14275: A zombie process indicates a bug in the parent process. If the parent never reaps the child, and you don't kill that buggy parent, it will stay a zombie.04:03
PhotocopyLinuxpwns: why does it ask me four times though!04:04
gbear14275ah... ok04:04
Jordan_Ugbear14275: Please file a bug report with "ubuntu-bug 2523".04:04
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2523 could not be found04:04
LinuxpwnsPhotocopy, to remove the keyring go to your Home Folder, click View > Show Hidden Files. Click on .gnome2 > keyrings  DELETE EVERYTHING INSIDE HERE. Restart your computer then when it prompts you to type in a password just hit OK to transmit in clear text and you won't be asked again.04:04
gbear14275Jordan_U, ok04:04
gbear14275Jordan_U, thanks04:04
Jordan_Ugbear14275: You're welcome.04:05
PhotocopyLinuxpwns: I like the keyring. I don't like it asking me four times in a row. Are you sure that its all or nothing?04:05
RamirezHello I am having trouble getting my laptop to suspend when the lid is closed. I've tried installing pm-utils and laptop-mode-tools but neither one helps. Please help me if you can.04:05
Linuxpwnsphotocopy, when are you prompted to input your password for keyring?04:05
[deXter]Ramirez: I doubt if anyone can help, this is a known problem with laptops. I guess you just have to wait until your laptop is eventually supported04:06
celerymanany ideas would be appreciated04:06
Ramirezthank you {deXter}04:07
LinuxpwnsRamirez: Does your laptop's bios allow you to change the sleep states (i.e S1, S2, S3, S4)?04:07
RealOptyBRB some kinda network problems04:07
b1llyhow do i know if i have ubuntu lucid lynx, karmic koala, or hard heron04:07
Flannelb1lly: lsb_release -a04:08
PhotocopyLinuxpwns: My computer enters my user account on bootup. It loads my panels and docky and everything and a dialogue asks me to enter my password to unlock the keyring. I type it and hit enter. the box closes and returns and asks again. 4 times total04:08
Logan_!please | celeryman04:08
ubottuceleryman: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude04:08
b1llyFlannel: it just says ubuntu 10.10 codename:maverick04:08
Logan_b1lly: that means that you have maverick...04:08
Logan_well, technically maverick meerkat04:09
joeyrAnybody familiar with plop Linux?04:10
[deXter]I've use plop but haven't used plop linux04:10
LinuxpwnsPhotocopy I see. It sounds like you might have multiple apps which have authentication credentials involved and thus you are putting in the keyring password to enable all 4 of them...?04:10
RealOptyLinuxpwns,  so any suggestions?04:11
xenelets all get naked04:11
RealOptyalready am haha04:11
LinuxpwnsRemove the keyrings as suggested, reboot then when it prompts you for the password again just hit OK to transmit in clear text04:11
Logan_joeyr: Distributions other than Ubuntu are not supported in this channel.04:11
PhotocopyLinuxpwns: I don't know. Usually I get connected to my wifi after the first, nothing noticeable happens after the others. Rarely, it asks twice instead of four times. My computer doesnt seem to be less functioning when it asks twice, its almost always four though04:11
Jordan_Uxene: That's not apropriate for this channel.04:12
xeneJordan_U, have you ever felt the touch of a woman?04:12
joeyrLogan_: Well I have ubuntu on my external and I'm trying to boot ubuntu from a bootloader04:12
Jordan_U!guidelines | xene04:12
ubottuxene: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:12
DavidRezasomeone can help me in acivating GLX?04:12
jayd3eso I have my NIC inserted into a slot, and Ubuntu doesn't even see it, this is confirmed by a lspci, how should I troubleshoot?04:13
gbear14275new issue... whenever I try and select an iso to use with usb-creator it crashes or just doesn't respond to the selection04:13
joeyr[dexter]: I'm trying to make it so my computer recognizes my ubuntu on my external hard drive first04:14
[deXter]joeyr: No boot device priority in your bios ?04:15
naturalpsychic@joeyr change boot sequence04:15
joeyr[dexter]: It's set to the cd drive first. What I want to do is have a usb tell the computer to go to my external hard drive first04:16
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Linuxpwnsjoeyr, do you have an OEM machine (aka HP A6350N for example)>?04:17
joeyrLinuxpwns: yes.04:17
rattleboneHAHA Saul Goodman.04:17
rattleboneOh, fatty04:18
Linuxpwnswould you mind telling me so I can look up your bios info?04:18
Saturn2888it is I thoguht04:18
RealOptyLinuxpwns, know anything bout the nvidia hdmi working with pulse?04:18
LinuxpwnsI use ALSA for that.04:19
RealOptypoint taken04:19
joeyrLinuxpwns: It's a gateway. The internal hard drive has windows media player 2005 running on it.  GM5084 is the computer's number (Ithink)04:19
* RealOpty removes pulse04:20
LinuxpwnsrealOpty, ubuntu 10.10 detected the nvidia hdmi audio out port on my box so im sure it would work...04:20
RealOptywell im on 10.1004:20
RealOptyit does detect it04:20
LinuxpwnsThanks joeyr, i have a GM5632E04:20
RealOptybut nothing plays unless i use alsa with vlc player04:20
joeyrLinuxpwns: No problem, I've been seeing all these videos about how people use either a cd or usb to change their boot order, but none of them helped because none of them mentioned booting to an external drive from having the usb first in the boot order04:22
Saturn2888Ubuntu Server isn't installing properly from the USB. I have this problem every time I install via USB. Does anyone know why it doesn't detect it from the installer? It says "Insert CD-ROM" or something and gives this error: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/47554702/ubuntu-1004-install-fail.gif04:23
[deXter]joeyr: I don't see what the issue is? Just use the regular plop and you'll be fine04:23
Linuxpwnsjoeyr, in the boot priority options in your bios (i.e First  CD Second Floppy Third HDD) etc.... do you see USB as an option?04:24
Molybdenumhey, im trying to boot 10.04 off of a livecd however it freezes just when it brings up the install window04:26
Molybdenumany ideas?04:26
=== skullgame is now known as abnrmalia
dan123hi all04:26
Ben64Molybdenum: you could try installing from the alternate cd04:27
lratecan you install ubuntu to a vdi/vhd and put it on a bootable usb ?04:27
joeyrLinuxpwns: I'll have to turn off my computer to check. or do I have to?04:27
Linuxpwnsi can try to look it up online real quick before you do.04:27
Molybdenumas in that ben64?04:27
joeyr[dexter]: Alright I'll download it04:28
Ben64Molybdenum: sort of. theres the normal cd, and one labeled "alternate" which is a text based installation04:28
[deXter]lrate: no need for a vdi you can just use the startup creator or use unetbootin or pendrivelinux.com04:28
lrate[deXter] the thing is if its a vdi/vhd though I can back it up easily and restore it when my drive fails04:29
Molybdenumso i click the hyperlink that says a location near you04:30
[deXter]lrate: Again, no need because you can create a persistent storage space which is just a single file casper.rw .. it's like an image file04:30
Ben64Molybdenum: download the "alternate" cd04:30
Molybdenumwhere is that link?04:31
Molybdenumalternate installer right?04:31
Molybdenumits a torrent, correct?04:32
Ben64there are torrents available04:32
joeyr[dexter]: alright, plop is extracted onto my usb drive04:32
LinuxpwnsI use Clonezilla to image my partitions04:32
Ben64or http if you prefer04:32
Molybdenumben64 the http one is in the "place near you" link correct?04:33
Ben64after a few clicks it can reach it04:33
Ben64but you'd still have to make sure to pick the right one04:33
Ben64hello hello04:34
LinuxpwnsThis is not BONO!04:34
Linuxpwns(if anyone got my joke)04:34
hellolinux is a world04:34
LinuxpwnsYeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah04:35
[deXter]Linuxpwns: You mean the song? "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?"04:35
helloand that is the reason i love it04:35
hellothat is my nickname04:35
lrate[deXter] could you link me to a guide for that casper thing? and thanks for the info sounds like what i was looking for04:35
[deXter]lrate: No need for a guide, just head to pendrivelinux.com04:36
hellobye bye i got a job04:36
[deXter]and download the universal usb creator04:36
JackyChaoIs IPv6 48-bit or 64-bit?04:36
Linuxpwnsdexter, how do you whisper in red?04:36
lrate[deXter] cheers, thanks again04:37
[deXter]Linuxpwns: er, what?04:37
Linuxpwnswhen you type to me it appears in red04:38
LinuxpwnsWhen you address my name04:38
Mr_MidnightHi, I am looking to install Ubuntu on a new partition that I'll create on my windows 7 laptop and I want to know if I can use the windows boot loader instead of Grub04:38
Jordan_Ulrate: I would recommend a standard install rather than a persistent live install.04:38
[deXter]Linuxpwns: yeah that's automatic, just type the name of the person at the starting.04:39
LinuxpwnsMr_Midnight: The Windows boot loader cannot see the Linux partition so it would be prudent that you install Linux on top of Windows and let Grub do the managing04:39
Linuxpwns[deXter]: Does this text appear in red?04:39
Jordan_UMr_Midnight: Not in any reasonable configuration. Why do you want to?04:39
Mr_Midnightbut I can't stand that grub won't keep windows as the main boot option any time it updates the kernel04:39
Ben64Mr_Midnight: it can keep windows as default04:40
Jordan_UMr_Midnight: Use the full title for the windows menu entry, quoted since it contains spaces, as the value for GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub.04:40
Jordan_UMr_Midnight: That way numbering doesn't matter.04:40
Mr_MidnightI haven't seen a way to do it without numbering..04:41
LinuxpwnsMr_Midnight: Very simple. Install a package called "StartUp-Manager" its a GUi tool allows you to select your default OS and then let grub do the dirty work. Simple!04:41
Mr_Midnightcan you give a more detailed example?04:41
LinuxpwnsMr_Midnight: Open the Synaptic Package Manager. Type in "startupmanager" in search. Install the package. Then locate the StartUp-Manager utility. Under "Default Operating Systems" change to Windows.04:43
Mr_MidnightLinuxpwns: If I do that I still have to watch for kernel updates... if I miss an update that I have it install in the background it will change the boot order on me and screw up on the next reboot...04:43
Mr_MidnightJordan_U: Can you give a more specific example of how to use the name instead of a number?04:43
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
kontagioushey can someone tell me what this command does: if ! [ -f /etc/shadow ]04:44
kontagiousthere is no man page for if04:44
Ben64kontagious: should be "if /etc/shadows exists...."04:45
icedteakontagious, basically if the file /etc/shadow doesn't exist04:45
Ben64missed the !04:45
icedteaBen64: I believe the ! makes it the inverse04:45
kontagiouswhats the -f option?04:46
Jordan_UMr_Midnight: An example would be to put this in /etc/default/grub: GRUB_DEFAULT="Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)"04:46
jian没有什么可以做的为 `install-data-am'。04:46
G000531i just heard a notification and i don't know what it was, is there some sort of way to log this ?04:46
LinuxpwnsMr_Midnight: I see. I'm never aware of a workaround for this problem. But the simple,  1-2-3 click GUI utility makes it a snap to change back to Windows when you do come across the kernel updates.04:46
icedteakontagious: if "file"04:46
jian没有什么可以做的为 `install-data-am'????04:46
kontagiousicedtea, thanks :D04:46
icedteakontagious: man bash, and then do a search for -f04:47
jian安装编译 没有什么可以做的为 `install-data-am'。04:47
Jordan_U!cn | jian04:47
ubottujian: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk04:47
unitheoryNeed your help! Please review your Linux-compatible printer: http://linuxdeal.com/add-printer.php04:47
LinuxpwnsJordan_U: The Start-Up Manager utility does the same thing you mention, except through the GUI and far more reliable as you are not as prone to human error.04:47
Ben64unitheory: this is not a channel for advertising04:48
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:48
unitheoryBen64, sorry :[04:48
Linuxpwns!ask Will the cubs ever win the world series?04:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:49
Jordan_U!ot | Linuxpwns04:49
ubottuLinuxpwns: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:49
Linuxpwnsim just being funny :P04:50
icedteafunny is not allowed in this channel04:50
madooHI ROOM04:50
LinuxpwnsOh snap.04:50
icedteahey madoo04:51
Mr_Midnightok so next question... which flavor of Ubuntu do people recommend?  I have been using WUBI but have been having issues so I'm switching back to a dedicated partition04:51
Mr_Midnightusing WUBI to install Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit04:52
Ben64i use ubuntu04:52
icedtea10.10 regular04:52
icedteavanilla ubuntu04:52
LinuxpwnsWUBI has a few bugs to work out still I agree with your decision to make dedicated partition midnight04:52
icedtea how does WUBI work?04:52
Ben64i don't like wubi04:52
Photocopycall me weird, but I think it might be cool to have title bars that still have the close/min/max buttons, but without the text title. Any way I can try this out to see how it looks?04:52
Mr_Midnighticedtea: WUBI creates a virtual hard drive that is then mounted to run Ubuntu inside of instead of having a dedicated partition04:53
Linuxpwnsit allows you to install linux while inside a windows operating system, but its not perfect04:53
Mr_Midnighticedtea: It lets you go up to a max of 30GB and is good if you really want to keep using windows boot loader and just play some with Ubuntu without knowing how to repartition your hard drive04:53
icedteaMr_Midnight: ahhh, ty04:54
shcherbakPhotocopy: Try emerald, you can edit any aspect of theme.04:54
Photocopyshcherbak: I'm not really sure how to switch it.04:54
joeyrLinuxpwns: Alright so I downloaded plop onto my flashdrive(1G). I don't know what to do now. I want to boot my external HD(500G). Any ideas?04:55
LinuxpwnsMr_Midnight: I ran across this link. Might have useful information to resolve your problem with kernel updates. http://superuser.com/questions/102692/make-grub-keep-its-default-boot-under-kernel-updates04:55
shcherbakPhotocopy: install emerald and ccsm, then add emerald as window decorator and issue command compiz --replace04:55
leapy0yohow do you move all subdirectory files to the parent directory?04:56
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: Did you make PLOP  a bootable USB image04:56
Photocopyshcherbak: I have ccsm. do i just sudo apt-get install emerald?04:56
Mr_MidnightLinuxpwns: Thanks for the link I'll look it over04:56
shcherbakleapy0yo: cp -r maneoffolder/* .04:56
shcherbakPhotocopy: yes04:56
Photocopyshcherbak: isn't emerald more resource heavy? am i going to take a serious hit for removing a bit of text?04:57
joeyrlinuxpwns: no. How do you do that?04:57
LinuxpwnsPhotocopy: I'm using the Vista Aero Black emerald theme.  The one thing I like about Windows is Aero.04:57
PhotocopyLinuxpwns: That's kinda a neat little fact but... your point?04:57
leapy0yohow do you move _multiple_ all subdirectory files to the parent directory?04:57
shcherbakPhotocopy: a bit yes.04:58
Photocopyshcherbak: i don't understand how to switch it to emerald now that i've installed it04:58
unitheorycp -r */* . ?????04:58
unitheoryor would that be insane04:58
shcherbakleapy0yo: oh, files? use find in loop04:58
Linuxpwnsjoeyr:  do you already have plop installed or are you looking to install it?04:59
joeyrLinuxpwns: already installed on my 1G04:59
soreauPhotocopy: emerald --replace04:59
LinuxpwnsI see.04:59
soreauPhotocopy: It will likely be the default when you restart compiz04:59
Photocopysoreau: before I fire off that command, whats my way out if it messes up. metacity --replace?05:00
shcherbakPhotocopy: in ccsm go to window decoration set emerald, you need theme too, or try emerald --replace05:00
soreauPhotocopy: sure05:00
Photocopyshcherbak: still not sure what part of the window decoration section in ccsm you mean05:00
Photocopysoreau: are there any places i can find and change up emerald themes and stuff?05:01
shcherbakPhotocopy: one sec05:01
lrateJordan_U i've never used ubuntu yet so I wanted to try it out before going all the way, wubi wasn't working so I figured i'd try for something else, If i could do a full install to a vdi/vhd i'd be up for that but I guess the best suggestion so far has been his pendrivelinux thing05:01
soreauPhotocopy: emerald-theme-manager05:01
Photocopysoreau; where can i find emerald themes... gnome-look?05:02
Mr_Midnightlrate: you can also try using a virtual machine inside of windows if you aren't comfortable partitioning your hard drive05:02
soreauPhotocopy: There, compiz-themes.org and kde-look.org05:02
shcherbakPhotocopy: text Command, either put emerald --replace, or path to emerald05:02
soreauPhotocopy: I have a deb package of some generic themes if you want05:02
lrateMr_Midnight that wouldn't allow me to test graphic related things though :( i lose either way lol05:03
Photocopysoreau: if i cannot get the elementary theme window border pretty much exactly how it is with metacity i'm just going to switch back anyway. Let me search around and see if i can find it adapted05:03
LinuxpwnsPhotocopy:  Open Compiz Config Settings Manager. Click on Window Decorations. In command, erase default and then input "emerald". Click back.  Open a terminal and CD to your directory containing the .emerald file.  In terminal type emerald --replace EMERALD-NAME.emerald.  Your window border should turn red'ish now. Open emerald and click Import. Double click on your imported emerald theme. Log out and log back in.05:03
soreauPhotocopy: How is it different than metacity?05:03
Photocopysoreau: how is what different than metacity?05:04
soreau<Photocopy> soreau: if i cannot get the elementary theme window border pretty much exactly how it is with metacity <--05:04
joeyrLinuxpwns: Do I do something with the iso image?05:04
Mr_Midnightanyway thanks all for your help time to go grab a midnight snack and then start an ubuntu install on  my new 48GB partition05:04
Photocopysoreau: I don't think that danrabbit, creator of the theme i normally use, made an emerald version of it. checking to see if someone ported it05:05
PeterFAI installed apache2, php5, the module for php5 and apache2, restarted apache2 and it serves PHP unparsed.05:05
medflyX failed to start on boot all of a sudden. :( I think it's a failed update or so.05:06
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: How did you install PLOP to your USB device?05:06
medflyhow do I do those updates without X running?05:06
HeColdFeetmedfly: apt-get upgrade05:06
HeColdFeetmedfly: or apt-get dist-upgrade05:06
medflyoh yeah okay just found it too, thanks05:07
* medfly tries05:07
medflythis is really horrible panicking in 3,2...05:07
joeyrLinuxpwns: downloaded from firefox, copied to my 1G and then extracted the zip inside. I'm using plpbt-5.0.11-205:07
medflynope :(05:08
medflyhas sanyone had any problems like that here lately?05:09
medflyX not starting.05:09
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: So I take your BIOS does not support booting off USB drives?05:09
Photocopysoreau: i cant change the order of buttons on emerald?05:10
soreaumedfly: Can you boot into recovery mode?05:10
joeyrLinuxpwns: No, because I have Linux on my external and after I installed it, windows automatically booted up.05:11
soreauPhotocopy: Sure you can05:11
soreauPhotocopy: Somewhere in etm, there is a cryptic string you change.. it has text explaining exactly how to use it05:11
medflyI am on the computer right now, but with no X. it says that fglrx had trouble starting the driver (?) and later complains there is no capable screen found05:11
dsnydersAnybody know a good primer/tutorial site for IPv6?05:11
medflyI'll try to upgrade it05:11
medflywait nvm05:12
medflyit said something about another package05:12
soreaumedfly: sudo apt-get remove fglrx && sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf && sudo reboot05:12
soreaumedfly: That should get X starting at least05:12
Linuxpwnsjoeyr, are you on the same machine that boots up windows automatically or a separate one?05:13
medflysoreau: thanks dude05:13
joeyrLinuxpwns: What I'll try doing is turning off my computer and seeing if I could press f8 or something and see if it will let me, but I don't think it will05:13
=== [271828183e-8] is now known as e000
joeyrLinuxpwns: Same machine. I have Linux on an external hd05:13
Linuxpwnsjoeyr, restart the machine that has your problem hit ESC to enter boot options... if you do not see your USB device listed as a possible option your bios does not support booting to your external05:13
rlankfohelp! i can't do anything with apt-get becuase it is constantly hanging up on the same broken package05:14
soreaurlankfo: Have you tried removing this package?05:14
rlankfoyessir, hangs05:14
joeyrLinuxpwns: Alright thanks! I'll be back here if it doesn't work.05:14
soreaurlankfo: pastebin the output to paste.ubuntu.com05:14
Photocopysoreau: It just really doesnt look right, still. I don't know05:15
rlankfoeven trying to install another package05:15
rlankfoit'll hang05:15
soreau! emerald | Photocopy05:15
ubottuPhotocopy: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.05:15
rlankforight there05:15
Photocopysoreau: except metacity (although it's not for compiz specifically)05:15
Photocopysoreau: gimme a sec and ill show you05:16
soreauPhotocopy: Actually, there is an alternative to emerald at least.. kde-window-decorator can do emerald themes with some help from smaragd05:16
dogarrheaholy crap05:16
rlankfoany ideas?05:17
dogarrheais ignore list management a WISHLIST item?05:17
HeColdFeetrlankfo: deleting the file /var/lib/dpkg/info/request-tracker3.8.postinst will fix this05:17
dogarrheahow bad can ubuntu for desktop be...05:17
nicolauswho can help me block people from downloading torrents on my network05:17
nicolauswhats the port number for torrents05:17
HeColdFeetrlankfo: but after that I suggest reinstalling the package05:17
soreaurlankfo: That looks very broken05:17
Photocopysoreau: hmm. Okay, so now compiz and metacity have become mutually exclusive05:18
Photocopysoreau: setting metacity --replace turns off compiz on me now05:18
soreauPhotocopy: That's how it's supposed to work.05:18
soreauPhotocopy: Only one window manager can run at a time05:18
Photocopysoreau: well before anything we just did, i had metacity running with compiz just fine05:18
=== [271828183e-8] is now known as e000
soreauPhotocopy: To use metacity theme in compiz, start compiz then run gtk-window-decorator --replace05:18
Kniofork()/sys_clone()/process creation in general is really slow on some of my ubuntu machines, any idea what could cause this?05:19
Photocopythanks soreau05:19
soreauPhotocopy: You're not running metacity, you're running a compiz decorator that is using the metacity theme05:19
medflysoreau: should I do a bug report? I didn't do anything too special to cause it (except updating packages)05:19
soreaumedfly: Did X start?05:20
medflysoreau: it did now05:20
Photocopysoreau: okay. regardless; the non-emerald looks like this05:20
Photocopysoreau: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/4159/screenshothmc.png05:20
soreaumedfly: Don't get halfway through a driver install and expect it to work. Also, the default open source radeon driver is fully capable these days05:20
Photocopysoreau: and i guess I didn't try very heart, i could probably get emerald closer, but this was emerald; http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/6046/derpz.png05:20
LinuxpwnsKnio: Those machines running ubuntu are lacking resources? (low RAM, not multi-core processors, etc?)05:21
theamazingbeatis anyone a cygwin guru05:21
medflysoreau: the driver worked previously. I think ubuntu asked me to upgrade the kernel, and that somehow had trouble in the middle.05:21
soreaumedfly: There's always trouble with proprietary drivers05:21
medflynot multi core processors = lacking in resources. oh my god, it's 2011 :D05:21
medflysoreau: I see, OK.05:22
soreauPhotocopy: Looks like it's just missing the titlebar text05:22
moonchildhey guys, I'm wondering if someone here can help me with an NFS question05:22
soreaumedfly: If you'd like to use latest radeon drivers, install xorg-edgers repo05:22
medflysoreau: well, it's all right now, I'll worry about getting it again later :)05:22
KnioLinuxpwns: nope. as far as I can tell everything is the same as the machines where its fast (they are running the same set of services with the same load, almost identical hardware, etc)05:22
Photocopysoreau: thats what i experimented with emerald for; i wanted to see what no titlebar text would look like and they said i cant do it in gtk-window-decorator/whateverthehell default is05:22
soreaumedfly: Yea, you're using the open driver now05:22
sanedshoot moonchild; I'm not an expert but someone else may chime in05:23
soreauPhotocopy: It's entirely your preference but I think they look close enough05:23
=== koolhead11|afk is now known as koolhead11
medflysoreau: with how much I upgraded, it'd probably be faster than I'm used to anyway05:23
The_Pharoahwhat are the reasons for programmers to use linux? i heard something about better libraries or something05:23
Photocopysoreau; also an annoying 1 or 2 pixel thing appeared under my wifi icon on my panel and its driving me insane. idk why its there05:23
moonchild...I'm trying to mount a directory off of one machine onto another, password files are sinked, I have no_root_squash in my export options05:23
Photocopyyou can see it in the screenshots soreau05:23
LinuxpwnsKnio: What about the priority of the process itself?05:23
moonchildand on the client, the UID/GID of the files is coming up as 429496729405:24
The_Pharoahwhy should programmers use linux?05:24
soreauPhotocopy: Try restarting gnome-panel?05:24
LinuxpwnsThe_Pharoah: Because its open source.05:24
The_Pharoahso how do i see the code?05:24
andruhacan someone help with my Kubuntu system? it gets really, REALLy slow after a day or two.. I would rather not restart it as I dont want to interrupt what is running05:24
Linuxpwnsdownload it05:24
joeyrlinuxpwns: Wouldn't let me boot from my external. It gives me the option, but then it says "no bootable device found."05:24
Photocopysoreau; still there05:25
soreauPhotocopy: Oh well, not telling05:25
LinuxpwnsSo your bios allows you to boot from your external drive?05:25
moonchildLinuxpwns: plently of stuff is open source, doesn't mean I'll use it :P05:25
KnioLinuxpwns: I don't think we've changed anything there05:25
theamazingbeatso no one here knows anything aout cygwin (i know it is on a windows platform, but i really need some info)05:25
haoyihuanhow to enter ubuntu-cn ?05:25
The_PharoahLinuxpwns: so how do i see the source code?05:25
duanedesignThe_Pharoah: apt-gget source <package>05:25
soreauThe_Pharoah: The source to what? The linux kernel?05:25
rwwhaoyihuan: /join #ubuntu-cn05:26
ac7ss_andruha: what does top show (for the header) system load, memory useage. et.05:26
haoyihuan /join #ubuntu-cn05:26
The_Pharoahi dunno05:26
soreauhaoyihuan: No space preceeding05:26
The_Pharoahi was just wondering if there was any advantage to programming in linux05:26
LinuxpwnsKnio: On a machine that is running perfectly fine, are the specs identical? Same CPU, RAM, etc...05:26
The_Pharoahthan programming in windows or OS X05:26
haoyihuanjoin #ubuntu-cn05:26
LinuxpwnsSame OS? etc05:26
moonchildThe_Pharoah: linux has a remarkably clean low-level api05:26
duanedesignThe_Pharoah: apt-get source <package>   That will get the source for all the packages(programs) in the Ubuntu repos. You can also go to sites like Launchpad and Sourceforge05:27
ac7ss_Pharoah what language are you programming in? what are you writing?05:27
Linuxpwnsmoonchild: Well said05:27
soreauThe_Pharoah: It's much more programmer-friendly, but you can configure any environment of your choice to be convenient05:27
The_Pharoahjava, python, c++, html05:27
moonchildI can't necessarily say the same for the user-facing interfaces of distros like ubuntu, but that's a flame-war that I don't want to get into05:28
KnioLinuxpwns: slightly different model of CPU, probably same for mb/ram, but all are comparable. tasks that don't involve fork() all complete in the same times, fork() is ~100 times slower on one05:28
Saturn2888how does Ubuntu take 4K sectors into account? As far as I know, Linux cannot05:28
The_Pharoahmoonchild: so i dont really know what api is/does05:28
ac7ss_The_Pharoah: what audience are you looking at? that makes all the difference.05:28
joeyrThe_Pharoah: if you type in "programming" or the language of interest in the Ubuntu software center, you'll find a lot of cool things.05:28
kontagiouswhere can i see the man pages for ACL05:28
moonchildSaturn2888: 4K sectors? on disk?05:28
ac7ss_google "man ACL"05:28
The_Pharoahac7ss_: programmers05:29
LinuxpwnsKnio: Same kernel version as well?05:29
andruhaac7ss_, when idling it uses barely any resources, but the moment i try to open something the cpu jumps to 100%...05:29
moonchildandruha: for how long?05:30
soreauThe_Pharoah: maybe you could use come channel like ##linux, ##programming or any of the languages of your choice.05:30
Jordan_USaturn2888: Linux can handle 4K sectors fine, though almost no BIOSs can and it's very rare. That error has nothing to do with 4K sectors.05:30
ac7ss_andruha: what is memory looking like?05:30
Jordan_USaturn2888: What program did you use to make the USB?05:30
soreauThe_Pharoah: We already know everyone here is using linux but in those other channels, maybe some do not05:30
joeyrLinuxpwns: I was wondering if I should just put plop on my external hard drive along with linux instead of having a USB.05:30
andruhamoonchild, for atleast 30-50 seconds (thin only happens if the system has been running for a day +)05:30
KnioLinuxpwns: fast one is 2.6.32-30 and slow one is -26 :/ I can't reboot it to the newer kernel though. maybe I can find a different machine with the same kernel05:30
ac7ss_The_Pharoah: are you making programming tools?05:30
andruhaac7ss_, plenty of free memory05:31
=== ac7ss_ is now known as ac7ss
huabaoWhere are you from ?05:31
The_Pharoahsoreau: most of them are invite only :(05:31
soreau! register | The_Pharoah05:31
ubottuThe_Pharoah: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:31
ActionParsnipKnio: try holding shift at boot. You could also try running: sudo update-grub05:31
moonchildandruha: sounds like you are using either too much swap, have too many apps open or have a badly behaving program running05:31
The_Pharoahits already registered??05:31
Knionah I mean its running the live website :)05:31
soreauThe_Pharoah: Many of them required your nick to be registered due to problems with spam and such05:32
=== Zc456_ is now known as Zc456
LinuxpwnsKnio: I see.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade does not work on the offending machine?05:32
The_Pharoahsoreau: ok, i think i already registered mine though05:32
andruhamoonchild, im using 30% of ram and 0% of swap05:32
ajinmy girlfriend wanna use ubuntu05:32
soreauThe_Pharoah: Which channel can you not join?05:32
Knioit works, but you need to reboot for it to be running the new kernel05:32
ajinanyone has idea?05:32
Saturn2888Jordan_U: hi again Jordan. The one from ubuntu.com. Some LinuxPenDrive thing; not unetbootin as usual05:32
Knioit has the new kernel, just hasn't been rebooted05:33
soreauajin: Give her a live cd?05:33
LinuxpwnsKnio: And you cannot reboot at this time, correct?05:33
moonchildandruha: don't know, maybe you got rooted?05:33
duanedesignThe_Pharoah: your nick is registered '/msg NickServ INFO The_Pharoah '05:33
ajinyes, this might be a good idea05:33
ac7ssIs your wait % going really high?05:33
Jordan_USaturn2888: Try following the instructions on the download page @ Ubuntu.com.05:33
tripelbbwhere are pidgin log files?05:33
LinuxpwnsKnio: You are currently using the server in production enviornment right now... am I correct?05:33
andruhawait %? whats that?05:33
duanedesignThe_Pharoah: but i do dnot think you are identified05:33
Saturn2888moonchild: yes. Jordan_U for 4K sectors, I have a pair of WD10EARS I bought. I've setup 4K in ZFS before in FreeBSD, but never done it in Linux. All I've read, it has issues. the most I can do is align, but I can't tell the partition the size of the sector or write area is 4K, not 512-bytes05:33
moonchildtripelbb: ~/.purple/logs05:34
LinuxpwnsKnio: Do I get a cookie for that correct answer? Not the tracking kind.05:34
The_Pharoahi tried joining #java05:34
ac7ssthe 3rd line of top. shows where the useage is.05:34
tripelbbthanks moonchild05:34
duanedesignThe_Pharoah: Last seen  : Jan 28 09:44:53 2011 (7 weeks, 3 days, 19:48:33 ago)05:34
Knioyeah :)05:34
ActionParsnipThe_Pharoah: I'd ask in #freenode about registering05:34
Saturn2888Jordan_U: what instructions are there for the server version?05:34
LinuxpwnsKnio: All of the machines which are using sys_clone have the same identical source code across all the platforms...  correct?05:35
ac7ssCpu(s):  4.6%us,  2.0%sy, 93.2%ni,  0.0%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.2%si,  0.0%st05:35
The_Pharoahis there a seperate chat room for terminal questions too or can i ask those here05:35
Jordan_USaturn2888: Try following the ones for the Desktop version.05:35
Linuxpwnsi.e the code is the same on machine 1, machine 2 ,etc05:35
moonchildSaturn2888: modern drives don't use CHS for addressing, so meh05:35
Jordan_USaturn2888: If they don't work you'll need to use the minimal install CD.05:35
ActionParsnipThe_Pharoah: as long as they are terminal questions in ubuntu, its fine :)05:35
Jordan_USaturn2888: *minimal install CD image, written to a USB.05:35
moonchildso is anyone here at all competent w/ NFS?05:36
KnioLinuxpwns: yeah. its not our code that's slow, but running anything on the machine (like bash login scripts which fork a lot and call other scripts..)05:36
The_PharoahActionParsnip: lol ok, I was wondering if there was a command that shows everything hooked up to the router my laptop is hooked up with05:36
ac7ssThe_Pharoah: I have a small shell script that shows all the valid pings.05:37
Saturn2888Jordan_U: yeah, I've written to an old CD-RW I had lying around. I hate that it never works from USB no matter which I use. I can get into the installer and everything, just doesn't seem to notice sdd1 is mounted in /cdrom.05:37
moonchildKnio: actually, if profiling the system, I bet bash is *the least* of the problems05:37
The_Pharoahac7ss: how did you make the script though05:37
Saturn2888moonchild: but sector size is more like an allocation unit in Windows. So long as files are not written less than 4K, I should be fine05:37
ac7ssThe_Pharoah: it's a bash script....05:37
soreau! download ajin05:37
soreau! download | ajin05:38
ubottuajin: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Maverick, and help keeping the servers' load low!05:38
The_Pharoahac7ss: ah ok05:38
Saturn2888moonchild: Since this is a server and it will be logging a lot, I need to make sure it does that quickly.05:38
Da|Mummywhats crossover have over wine?05:38
soreauajin: hello05:38
moonchildSaturn2888: modern FS's allow you to tune the *blocks* per inode05:38
ajinsoreau: hello05:38
moonchildtypically for ext2/3/4 that defaults to 4k05:39
Saturn2888Jordan_U: I followed the instructions though, not that I had to, and yes, it didn't work right huh. At least it works from CD, but that's really annoying since only a few rigs of mine have optical drives these days05:39
Saturn2888moonchild: oh really?05:39
=== lognull_ is now known as log_null
ac7ssThe_Pharoah: basically a do/while loop pinging each address in my subnet.05:39
moonchildSaturn2888: man mke2fs05:39
Linuxpwnsknio: have you tried  "clone"?05:39
Saturn2888moonchild: I should be fine then05:39
Jordan_USaturn2888: The minimal install CD image will work, but then you'll have to download all the packages from the network during install (not too bad if you setup a local mirror).05:40
moonchildyeah, what's you're issue?05:40
Saturn2888Time to align partitions then. And I'm assuming Ubuntu's installer doesn't allow you to do RAID1 when it detects 2 same drives05:40
joeyrLinuxpwns:Do I have to do something with the iso for plop?05:40
The_Pharoahah so they are just MAC addresses05:40
KnioLinuxpwns: strace shows clone() being slow, my own benchmark used fork() (not sure what kernel call fork uses exactly)05:40
Saturn2888Jordan_U: oh it's okay. I got the whole CD05:40
=== log_null is now known as k_wolf
moonchildSaturn2888: actually you'll have to try a few different things to figure out what works05:41
Jordan_USaturn2888: What do you mean by "2 same drives"? Why would identical drives be a problem?05:41
ajini guess everyone here might persuade our girlfriend or any female in our family into using ubuntu(linux),lol05:41
tripelbbmoonchild, I aint got no .purple in nautilus (yes I see hidden files.)  BUT in terminal I see it. Arg?05:41
The_Pharoahajin: linux is for people who are good with computers though....05:41
Saturn2888Jordan_U: in most installers it gives me a RAID1 option when partitioning to install. Ubuntu Server's installer is not.05:41
moonchildI can tell you that HW raid solutions are a lot more ridgid than linux's sw raid05:41
tripelbbajin, what's up? needa female perspective?05:41
=== k_wolf is now known as log_null
* ac7ss got his wife to use it. just had to prove that her games worked under WINE05:41
soreauThe_Pharoah: Not exclusively, anyone can use linux05:42
moonchildtripelbb: blame it on the gnome folks trying to hide shit from yo05:42
tripelbbbut moonie, I see .xchat2 and many many moe.05:42
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: I would use the Universal USB installer from www.pendrivelinux.com, boot into Windows on your machine and "burn" the ISO image to your USB drive using that utility. Select "unsupported" if PLOP isnt available as a option. Before you do this, copy the ISo to your desktop in windows, then format your drive as FAT32. Then open Universal USB program and browse for your ISO and burn!05:42
Saturn2888moonchild: really? Yeah, I don't have any faster hardware RAID that allow monitoring in Linux. Why would I have to play around with it? And do you know if Ubuntu boots from GPT?05:42
The_Pharoahsoreau: but really if you aern't in a computer related career you're gonna be using Windows or OS X05:42
tripelbbmoonchild, why would they do that to me.05:42
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
moonchildtripelbb: i think there's an option in nautilus to view those files05:42
ac7ss90% of computer usage is now web based. Give them a good browser and let them know it is safer from viruses, easy to transition.05:43
ActionParsniptripelbb: press CTRL+H05:43
soreauThe_Pharoah: That's simply not a true statement, Also, it doesn't have much to ubuntu, so let's try to stay on topic05:43
moonchildSaturn2888: GPT?05:43
ActionParsnipac7ss: amen05:43
Jordan_USaturn2888: Yes, Ubuntu supports GPT, and uses it by default for drives larger than 2 TiB.05:43
tripelbbmoonchild, i can see hiddenfiles already. as I said I see .schat2 and many more.05:43
LinuxpwnsKnio: I'm not a programming expert but from what I gather, "fork" create a new addres space while "clone" share address space between parent and child05:43
Saturn2888Jordan_U: oh ok cool. moonchild <-05:43
tripelbbmoonchild, I did cntl-F for .purple05:43
joeyrLinuxpwns: Format my 1G as Fat32?05:43
moonchildLinuxpwns: it's a little more complicated than that05:44
ac7ssThe_Pharoah: I am in a M$ environment at work, but use Linux for nearly everything outside of work.05:44
Jordan_USaturn2888: Make sure that if you partition manually you create a BIOS boot partition (automatic partitioning creates one): http://grub.enbug.org/BIOS_Boot_Partition05:44
moonchildfork & clone are more or less the same call05:44
tripelbbmoonchild, I have cured my stupidity. (blush)05:44
moonchildthe difference is that fork's new address space is copy-on-write05:45
Saturn2888Jordan_U: gonna use Gparted in GUI mode to do that so I get 2MB out in front of the partition05:45
joeyrLinuxpwns: For the record I'm on a live cd now, so I haven't gotten to experience "actual" Linux, which is why I'm trying to acess my internal.05:45
The_Pharoahac7ss: well most people would probably use the google netbook if they only go on facebook and twitter05:45
joeyrLinuxpwns: I mean external05:45
The_Pharoahac7ss: or an ipad05:45
dave_cave10-10guys help, im in the middle of a raid in WOW and i restarted my computer after deleted Ubuntu a few days ago and forgot, now it messed up grub, im at a grub rescue screen and i need to boot into windows 7 please someone send me a privite message and help05:45
Linuxpwnsmoonchild: I see. Clone just uses more address space?05:45
moonchildLinuxpwns: clone is lower-level than fork05:46
Saturn2888Jordan_U: I will make my CF card /boot as I've been doing. Seems like I shouldn't have issues this way. Is there anything special I have to do in the installer to make sure the CF card is /boot? After installing do I modify fstab? seems like the right way to do things.05:46
moonchildand used for threading & forking05:46
ajini can help05:46
Chr|show do I share a wifi connection, with the nic, connected to the router, so ppl can connect to it05:47
moonchildplus clone isn't portable across different unixes05:47
ac7ssChris: I take it the router is not WiFi?05:48
ActionParsnipThe_Pharoah: or a cheap lappy with xpud :)05:48
soreauChr|s: hostapd05:48
ActionParsnip!ics | Chr|s05:48
ubottuChr|s: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php05:48
Jordan_USaturn2888: Just create a partition on the CF card and set its mountpoint to /boot/ and you won't need to do any fstab modification.05:48
moonchildfunny, I just spent 2 weekends wrestling with the router issue05:48
=== mRy is now known as Guest68064
Linuxpwnsmoonchild: Thanks for the info.05:49
moonchild...trying to undo everything that NetworkManager does poorly :P05:49
ac7ssmoonchild: configure ifup. :) use iwconfig and ifconfig.05:50
joeyrLinuxpwns: Format my 1G as Fat32? I don't want to format my Linux partition on my external again.05:50
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: I see.05:50
moonchildac7ss: yeah, I have a bit more that I needed to do than that :)05:50
moonchildnow I'm slogging through NFS head05:51
Linuxpwnsjoeyr:  You used a live cd to install ubuntu to your external drive correct?05:51
Saturn2888Jordan_U: mountpoint? The way I did it before was to boot from the CF card and I think  or something and that loaded the RAID1. I don't know exactly what I did. But something like that. I'm switching this system from the one that had the GRUB problems. I'm sure you remember it :P05:51
moonchildfor the life of me, I don't understand why the UID of every file on my NFS mount is coming up as 429496729405:52
Jordan_USaturn2888: I help out with a lot of grub problems so you'll need to refresh my memory :)05:52
Linuxpwnsmoonchild: whats your take on Unity?05:52
moonchildunity is the netbook OS thingy?05:53
LinuxpwnsIt's meant for that but you can install it on Ubuntu Desktop Editions05:53
moonchildI'm mixed on it05:54
LinuxpwnsUbuntu 11.04 comes with it packaged I believe05:54
moonchildI don't like the way the selection browser hides the windows05:54
moonchildbut I'm kinda an odd nut in terms of UI's05:55
LinuxpwnsIt has a few bugs to work out  but it has its ups and downs.05:55
Linuxpwnsmoonchild: Same. I'm a fan of the mintMenu myself.05:55
moonchildI actually prefer the ~1997 linux UI (fvwm) better than anything around today05:55
joeyrLinuxpwns: correct05:56
Linuxpwnsnot familiar with that hahaha I've only been on Linux for a few weeks!05:56
ActionParsnipmoonchild: you can use devilspie (with gdevilspie from googlecode) to manually specify how app windows behave :)05:56
moonchildLinuxpwns: it kinda resembled windows 3.1105:56
Saturn2888Jordan_U: http://badmarkup.com/gparted/ no? Something where GRUB was really compliacted and I had to chroot and I had hardy for the longest time, then I upgraded to Lucid finally when the version of my software came out and GRUB was still a pain. Then now I'm getting rid of that. I got 2x1TB drives so I wanna install Ubuntu 10.10 fresh and not worry about the builds I'd been using. I'm going at it without that special networking soft05:57
Mrwootwootis anyone good with setting desktop backgrounds05:57
joeyrAnybody familiar with making an external drive with linux bootable?05:57
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: i'm warming to it, although I prefer lxde personally05:57
moonchildActionParsnip: I was honestly just looking ato the code for that last weekend05:57
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: When you pressed ESC (aka boot options) did your external drive show up as a device?05:57
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: I can use gui and cli to do it, so yes05:57
ac7ssmrwootwoot: what part of it?05:57
modwhenever I try to apt-get update,  it fails to resolt mx.archive.ubuntu.com05:57
modwhen i go there in my browser its fine05:57
joeyrLinuxpwns: Yes but it said it wasn't bootable05:57
MrwootwootI'm trying to set up a background that updates05:58
=== lot49 is now known as jnfourteen
Mrwootwootbut it's not updating05:58
modits at the point now taht I cannot update my system05:58
modany idea what I can do?05:58
moonchildActionParsnip: I believe that using Esetroot should set it for you05:58
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: like a changing background over time?05:58
LinuxpwnsMy favorite casual play-around-on-have-fun distro is tie between Mint/Ubuntu. My favorite distro is Backtrack 4. I'm studying to become a penetration tester. I love those tools.05:58
MrwootwootActionParsnip, yeah05:58
soreaumod: Can you ping google.com ok?05:58
The_PharoahWhen I log in i did something in terminal to make an appearance preference window open every time, how do i stop this from happening?05:58
ActionParsnipmoonchild: maybe, i've always used devilspie05:58
ac7ssMrwootwoot: are you using a script to change it?05:58
MrwootwootActionParsnip, 1 sec and i'll get the link to show you05:58
modsoreau, hah yeah and chat on irc lol05:59
moonchildmod: edit /etc/apt/sources.list & /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* and change the 'mx' to a 'us' or a 'ca'05:59
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: gconftool-2 -t str --set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename "/path/to/some/image.jpg"05:59
modsigh... N: Ignoring file 'getdeb.list.bck' in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension05:59
soreaumod: ping mx.archive.ubuntu.com ?06:00
Mrwootwoothttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apnppJtWBJU ActionParsnip06:00
The_Pharoahhow do i get rid of the appearance preferences window that opens every time i boot?06:00
MrwootwootActionParsnip, i'm using a tool called Scheduled aATasks06:00
The_Pharoahits before i log in06:00
ActionParsnipmod: sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/getdeb.list.bck /etc/apt/sources.list.d/getdeb.list               make sure /etc/apt/sources.list.d/getdeb.list   doesn't currently exist06:00
modActionParsnip, was thinking of that myself till i saw it was epty06:00
modsomething is really messed up06:01
modi should've never gone to 1106:01
The_PharoahIm trying to get rid of an appearance preference window that opens every time i boot06:01
joeyrLinuxpwns: eventually when I get this squared away I want to put multiple Linux distros on there. Backtrack sounds fun.06:01
MrwootwootActionParsnip, i found a "fix" for it though but it didnt work.... here's the link to what i tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164967006:01
The_Pharoahits at the login screen06:02
=== shaw1337 is now known as ammy
modok now that i deleted the .bck its working better... cannot figure out where its look for the mx address06:02
soreau! 11.04 | mod06:02
ubottumod: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.06:02
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: Yeah hacking wep in under 1 minute is fun haha06:02
ActionParsnipmod: #ubuntu+1 for all natty support06:02
modsoreau... yeah you're telling me, heh06:02
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: you can do the same with cron and a script..06:02
ammyHi all i am using a ubuntu 10.10 and i wanted to know how i  can get the log of an application which i am running ?06:02
The_Pharoahwhich is easier to hack WPA or WEP?06:02
soreauThe_Pharoah: This isnt a hacking channel. Ask #aircrack-ng06:03
Mrwootwooti'm on day 2 of linux ActionParsnip  do you mind walking me through it?06:03
joeyrLinuxpwns: Backtrack would definitley be fun on a laptop. If you know how to hack, you'll never go without wi-fi.06:03
Mrwootwootsorry :(06:03
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: http://joeamined.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/automatically-changing-wallpaper-relatively-to-daytime-in-ubuntu/06:03
The_Pharoahsoreau: i was just wondering since linuxpwns was talking about it06:03
modthanks all06:03
The_Pharoahsoreau: can you help me get the appearance preference page off of my login screen though?06:03
ActionParsnipjoeyr: backtrack is offtopic here and not supported here either06:03
MrwootwootActionParsnip,  ok lemme take a look at that link06:04
soreauThe_Pharoah: I dont think so..06:04
ammymy gdesklet is crashing , so i filed that bug , they asked my to  post the gDesklets log (~/.logs/*.log) and the names of any displays you had open? I am currently using ubuntu 10.10 . kindly help me out06:04
ammymy gdesklet is crashing , so i filed that bug , they asked my to  post the gDesklets log (~/.logs/*.log) and the names of any displays i had open? how to get it  I am currently using ubuntu 10.10 . kindly help me out06:05
soreauThe_Pharoah: Do you remember how you enabled the appearance gui for it?06:05
The_Pharoahsoreau: nvm i fixed it, google is awesome06:05
hrezaei hi people! I'm sorry! I have some problems installing zend studio on ubuntu. where to ask my questions? can anyone help me?06:06
The_Pharoahsoreau:what was the channel for hacking peoples routers? lol06:06
soreauThe_Pharoah: There is none06:06
Saturn2888Jordan_U: don't worry. I'll have more specific questions as I start doing this more06:06
LinuxpwnsThe_Pharoh: wep definitely... WPA requires you to deauthenticate an already associated wireless client on the WPA network. In other words if there is no wireless traffic you can't get a handshake which is needed to launch cracking tool06:07
The_Pharoahsoreau: linuxpwns was talking about hacking wep06:07
ActionParsnipThe_Pharoah: try ##networking or ##hacking06:07
MrwootwootActionParsnip, is there a way to change the script to where it automatically downloads the picture from the website and updates the wallpaper every 3 hours instead of just 4 times a day?06:07
LinuxpwnsActionParsnip: Correct this is not the right place to discuss those tools.06:08
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: I've seen stuff on omgubuntu which grabs images from NASA. Depends if that floats your boat06:08
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: hence I directed the user to a different channel...06:08
bazhanghalpbatman, /join #aircrack-ng06:08
halpbatmanbazhang: sup?06:09
LorgonJortleHey everyone.06:09
qu|xHey LorgonJortle06:10
Saturn2888quick question, is it normal to spend 4 min partitioning ext4 for 1TB?06:10
soreauhi LorgonJortle06:10
pbearhow do i not use the network manager to get on the internet?\06:10
soreaupbear: How do you connect?06:10
ac7sspbear: ifconfig06:10
ac7sspbear: iwconfig06:11
Linuxpwnspbear: terminal, aka "ifconfig"06:11
LorgonJortleI just installed Win7 on a 40GB partition, and I'm tryin' to bring Grub2 back to life. I reinstalled it as per the Ubuntu help doc for "Restoring Grub after Windows installation", but now when I boot I get not but a black screen. What gives?06:11
pbeari was trying to do something and uninstalled the network manager. what i was trying to do was disable it at startup06:11
mysteriousdarrenyes its normal, consider all the space and to install it all06:11
MrwootwootActionParsnip, I found the script but I dont know how to manipulate it to update more often06:12
AurigaQ: Do we all get the compiz -- replace issue, or is it just me?06:12
soreauAuriga: compiz -- replace issue?06:12
pbearLinuxpwns: how would i use, for example eth0?06:13
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: it's in the cron file, those are the hours it will change at06:13
Aurigasoreau, Are you new to Linux?06:13
ActionParsnipAuriga: works fine here06:13
Linuxpwnspbear: ifconfig eth0 up  then  dhclient  to enable DHCP and that should get you online06:13
soreaupbear: dhclient eth006:13
soreaupbear: Assuming its connected to a device with dhcp setup06:14
Saturn2888Jordan_U: forgot to tag you: quick question, is it normal to spend 4 min partitioning ext4 for 1TB?06:14
soreauAuriga: What does you mean by compiz --replace issue?06:14
Linuxpwnssoreau: 9 out of 10 chances it is....06:14
joeyrI can't boot Linux on my external. Suggestions?06:14
Aurigasoreau, Judging by what you are writing I will assume not... the compiz - - replace, when you have to type replace to get back the window borders & buttons.06:14
soreauAuriga: Are you having some problem with compiz?06:14
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: Your motherboard does not support it most likely i'm afraid.06:14
joeyrLinuxpwns: I was thinking I could make it from a cd instead of a usb. Put plop on a cd06:15
Aurigasoreau, Nothing I can't fix. Though I think you missed my point...06:15
soreauAuriga: You are wasting time by asking questions06:16
AurigaActionParsnip, You never have to replace your GUI?06:16
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: Your original intentions is to use linux on your external drive though06:16
Aurigasoreau, You are wasting time by being a moron.06:16
LorgonJortleSo, after reinstalling GRUB2, I tried doing a 'sudo update-grub' but that gives me an error asking if dev is mounted... And I'm still getting just a black screen when I boot.06:16
LorgonJortleAny ideas?06:16
ActionParsnipAuriga: how do you mean by gui....?06:16
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: Have you considered disassembling the case of your external drive and extracting the SATA drive and then slaving it onto your desktop? Then just using it as a regular sata HDD.06:17
AurigaActionParsnip, Sorry not the gui, just the window buttons.06:17
MrwootwootActionParsnip, I'm looking through this file https://gist.github.com/835062 but i dont see a cron anywhere in there06:17
dombnexenhi i have my streaming radio and i wont to play from linux in this streaming radio how i can do this?06:17
ActionParsnipAuriga: oh, the window decorator?06:17
LinuxpwnsOr if its IDE, slaving it as a 2nd drive... etc06:18
AurigaActionParsnip, Yeah basically.06:18
joeyrLinuxpwns: I was wondering if I could copy the boot.ini file onto my flashdrive so it can say "hey, go to the external first" I don't want to do any disassembling.06:18
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: thats because it will run as a continual process. The script in the page I gave is a script whih runs when cron tells it to06:18
AurigaActionParsnip, I think you have never had the issue, it's a little odd to explain what happens.06:19
ActionParsnipAuriga: there is emerald which you can apply themes to very easily06:19
arnold_testing irc, say hello to me please. :)06:19
ActionParsniphi arnold_06:19
AurigaActionParsnip, I'm not talking about themes.06:19
KnioLinuxpwns: I found another machine with the same kernel (-26) and workload as the slow one, but it's fast06:19
soreauhey arnold_06:19
python__arnold: whats up baby06:19
pbearLinuxpwns: i did sudo dhclient eth0, then dhcclient eth0. it's saying no dhcpoffers recieved06:19
LinuxpwnsKnio: Interesting.06:19
soreaupbear: What is your ethernet cable connected to?06:20
ActionParsnipAuriga: "changing the buttons" sounds a LOT like theming, wouldn't you say. Try giving details and we may be able to help06:20
soreau! who | pbear06:20
ubottupbear: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:20
dombnexenhi i have my streaming radio and i wont to play from linux in this streaming radio how i can do this?06:20
soreaudombnexen: What kind of streaming radio? Where is the stream coming from?06:20
ActionParsnipdombnexen: vlc and mplayer can connect to streams very easily06:20
joeyroh well, I'm out for the night. thank you Linuxpwns for trying to help06:20
AurigaActionParsnip, It's not changing the buttons, it's when the buttons dissapear, & you are not able to move the window. Nor close it, or minimize, you have to replace them with compiz - -replace. Not the same at all.06:21
dombnexeni dont know how06:21
Linuxpwnsjoeyr: No problem. Sorry about that.06:21
Linuxpwnspbear: It means that no dhcp server was found on your network06:21
ActionParsnipAuriga: you should have said THAT first, rather than "You never have to replace your GUI?"  which is absolutely nothing to do with your issue06:22
LorgonJortleEmpathy froze, sorry if I missed an answer. After installing GRUB2 again, I'm only getting a black screen on bootup. Is there something else I need to do?06:22
Linuxpwnspbear: Are you connected via wireless now?06:23
ActionParsnipAuriga: compiz isn't even a GUI, its a window manager06:23
AurigaActionParsnip, That is exactly what I  said at first. I wasn't talking about theming, I said the compiz - - replace issue...06:23
python__LorgonJortle on the black screen can you press e06:23
dombnexenhow i do it in vlc or mplayer?06:23
python__and go into the menu06:23
pbearsoreau: what do you mean? i'm not sure, i'm working with ubuntu inside a virtual machine06:23
LorgonJortlepython__: What will that get me?06:23
ActionParsnipAuriga: I suggest you use the startup items manager and add a new item to run:  compiz --replace     and it will be fine06:23
soreaupbear: Well you could have told everyone that from the start06:23
* soreau goes to bed06:24
python__that should let you get to the menu.lst file line06:24
LinuxpwnsOh geez06:24
mdkessIs there any way to set the resolution on the virtual terminal (ctrl+alt+fN)?06:24
ActionParsnipAuriga: fyi, you CAN move windows without window decorators, if you hold ALT you can drag an application window from any place in the app06:24
LorgonJortlepython__: Thanks. I'll give it a go.06:24
MrwootwootActionParsnip, ahhh ok i got it, but 1 more thing... how do i include the location of this picture as it updates? http://static.die.net/earth/mercator/800.jpg06:24
LorgonJortlepython__: I'm runnin' it. :D06:24
pbearLinuxpwns: no, i uninstalled the network manager and can't enable networking06:25
MrwootwootActionParsnip, because i don't want to manually have to save it to my computer everytime it updates06:25
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: you will need to add a command to download it with wget06:25
python__in that case try pressing ctrl+alt+F206:25
python__does it bring you to a command prompt06:25
Linuxpwnsmdkess: xrandr -s 1024x768   or pick another resolution, does that work?06:25
yasmiNeed some help building webkit06:25
python__LorgonJortle are you running a liveCD to try to fix the installation on the harddrive06:26
dombnexensomeone can help me plz for the streaming radio06:26
=== root is now known as Guest14411
dombnexenplz pm me06:27
yasmiI get this "You need the GLib dev tools in your path" when trying to configure webkit06:27
python__dombnexen what kind of radio you trying to setup06:27
dombnexeni have from listen2myradio06:28
ActionParsnipdombnexen: i gave a possible direction, you can now use research to utilize it06:28
python__yasmi you running ubuntu 10.1006:28
yasmiyes, python06:28
dombnexeni dont know how to streaming in linux its the first time06:29
yasmipython__, yeah I am ubuntu 10.10, have installed all glib packages06:29
python__go to terminal and type echo $PATH06:30
python__and paste out here06:30
python__Do you know where the GLIB dev tools are located on system06:32
yasminot really--I am new to linux--still learning06:33
yasmiI can look for a certain file?06:33
naturalpsychic@rww successful :D06:33
critical_maxRandom plug for 10.04 stability, my install has a metric loveton of extra apps and I just applied 5 months of updates at once flawlessly.06:37
spacenavi_how do I play dvd's06:37
spacenavi_in 10.1006:37
ActionParsnip!dvd | spacenavi_06:37
ubottuspacenavi_: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:37
ac7ssspacenavi: I use VLC06:37
SwordFishspacenavi_ do you have gstreamer and restricted packages installed06:38
ActionParsnipac7ss: you will still need to install the DVD codec, then ANY player will be able to play DVDs06:38
spacenavi_i have vlc but it wouldent play06:38
ActionParsniphi s7r06:38
s7ri am receiving the error desktop effects could not be enabled when I try to enable them from System -> Preferences -> appereance06:39
ActionParsnipspacenavi_: click the first link ubottu gave and follow instruction...06:39
ac7ssVLC has them in the install. You have to add from "non-free" for any of the other players.06:39
SwordFishs7r your video card driver installed06:39
ActionParsnips7r: do you have 3D accelleration configured?06:39
spacenavi_so from synaptic i install what?06:39
ActionParsnipspacenavi_: read the link!06:39
ac7ssYou have to enable non-free....06:39
s7rdon't know06:39
s7rit's a normal install on a server06:39
SwordFishspacenavi_ gstreamer is one of them06:39
s7rubuntu 10.1006:39
ActionParsnipspacenavi_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs |06:39
SwordFishs7r go to terminal and type lspci | grep VGA06:40
s7ri have reun apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade now SwordFish, ActionParsnip06:40
ActionParsnips7r: what is the output of:   lspci | grep -i vga06:40
LorgonJortleAfter reinstalling GRUB2, I only get a black screen when booting. Is there a way around this?06:40
lolcatWhats up?06:40
LinuxpwnsQUESTION: When I reboot my ubuntu machine I want it to show the splash screen loading while the OS boots up, instead it hangs on a blank screen for 15 seconds then briefly flashes the splash screen then logs on to desktop. How can I change it so the splash screen shows at all times?06:40
ActionParsnipspacenavi_: ubottu gave you the same link earlier06:40
SwordFishs7r tells your video card or should and then install a driver based on what it is06:40
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: do you use an nvidia video chip?06:41
SwordFishLorgonJortle you at a comman prompt06:41
LinuxpwnsActionParnsnip: yes06:41
s7rit's 10.05.0 VGA comptabile controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200e [Pilot] Server Engines (SEP1) (rev 02)06:41
LorgonJortleSwordFish: Am now.06:41
SwordFishk cat /boot/grub/menu.lst06:41
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: please target me in future, the channel is very busy :)06:41
ActionParsnipLinuxpwns: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/06:41
LorgonJortleSwordFish: Doesn't exist.06:41
MrwootwootActionParsnip, thanks man i got it06:41
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: fun stuff huh ;)06:42
LinuxpwnsActionParsnip:  recordfail06:42
Linuxpwnsinsmod part_msdos06:42
Linuxpwnsinsmod ext206:42
Linuxpwnsset root='(hd0,msdos1)'06:42
Linuxpwnssearch --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set bb1fcd31-4549-4de3-8a49-de1bb6ecc15306:42
FloodBot1Linuxpwns: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
Linuxpwnslinux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-28-generic-pae root=UUID=bb1fcd31-4549-4de3-8a49-de1bb6ecc153 ro quiet splash06:42
Mrwootwootno lol06:42
LorgonJortleSwordFish: I'm on a live CD.06:42
SwordFishLorgonJortle try typing startx06:42
SmurfieHey guys.06:42
s7rActionParsnip SwordFish 10.05.0 VGA comptabile controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200e [Pilot] Server Engines (SEP1) (rev 02)06:42
SmurfieWhat's the terminal code to reset Skype?06:42
Mrwootwootmaybe more fun on day 3 tho ActionParsnip06:42
ActionParsnips7r: websearching06:42
SwordFishsmurfie just kill it06:43
LinuxpwnsDoh im a noob06:43
SmurfieWhat's the kill code?06:43
SmurfieI can't remember how to do it.06:43
Smurfiesudo kill something.. I think.06:43
ActionParsnips7r: can you run:   gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log     and make a pastebin of it please06:44
ActionParsnipSmurfie: it will be running as your user, so sudo won't be needd06:44
SwordFishsmurfie use top06:44
SwordFishto get process id then kill06:44
SmurfieIts frozen.06:44
ActionParsnipSmurfie: doesn't matter, the frozen app is still runing as your user06:45
SmurfieI can't quit or anything.06:45
ActionParsnipSmurfie: killall skype     may do it06:45
Photocopysoreau: I GOT IT ! ! !06:45
SwordFishsmurfie press CTRL+ALT+F206:45
SwordFishthen type top06:45
s7rActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/YaiqXLRP06:46
SwordFishthen type killall -9 "Procress ID"06:46
rwwPhotocopy: I think soreau will be able to read you just fine without capslock (:06:46
Photocopysoreau: my desktop looks so awesome noW06:46
Photocopyrww: haha im excited! I tried everything and he was telling me it'd be pretty much impossible06:46
ac7sssmurfie: or type 'ps -A|grep skype'06:46
=== deegee_ is now known as deegee
Photocopysoreau, rww: http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/4305/desktopuc.png06:47
ecinx3I want to install a printer driver because my printer is slow to print in linux.. In the brother page they have two options  cup and lpr, what's the difference?06:47
IdleOnerww: does this test require more then one word?06:47
IdleOnerww:  it does06:47
rwwIdleOne: fun. you got it too after the second message?06:48
shumhow do i fix broken package dependencies? I can't install or remove anything because apt-get complains that procps is installed and procps depends on initscripts which is not installed. But when i try to install initscripts apt-get says its already installed. :O06:49
cynde_k, I must've missed something after whoever said 'ctrl+alt+f2'06:49
=== cynde_ is now known as Smurfie
ac7sssmurfie: or type 'ps -A|grep skype'06:50
pbearwhere is the network manager in the ubuntu 10.10 desktop iso? i'm looking for the network manager deb06:50
ac7sssmurfie: then 'kill -9 <Proc#>'06:50
ActionParsnipshum: sudo apt-get -f install      may do it06:50
ActionParsnips7r: are you fully updated?06:51
s7rActionParsnip: yes i am now06:51
shumActionParsnip: nope. its says 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.06:51
s7ri have updated 509 mb and rebooted06:51
s7rthe same - desktop effects could not be enabled06:51
SmurfieThe kill number is 9?06:51
LinuxpwnsActionParnsnip: can you see me?06:52
ac7sssmurfie: 9 is the absolute kill.06:52
shumSmurfie: 9 is the signal you're sending to the process. signal 9 means kill06:52
SmurfieAh ok.06:52
SmurfieGood to know for later.06:52
critical_maxsmurfie: kill -9 is equivalent to when windows says "The program is not responding, do you want to force exit"06:53
ActionParsnipSmurfie: -9 is the biggest hammer and it WILL die06:53
SmurfieI had to reboot so its all good now.06:53
SmurfieBut thank you for that.06:53
ac7sssmurfie: that works too.06:53
critical_maxAnyone playing Ryzom on ubuntu? I've almost got the installer d/l06:54
ActionParsnips7r: http://forum.tuxx-home.at/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=797    you may need an xorg.conf file for it, there are samples around like that one. Here is one I hashed up a while back for te same chip but it's using the driver is vesa so no 3D accelleration: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-mga/+question/14154406:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 141544 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "alsa-source doesn't compile / sound doesn't work" [Undecided,Fix released]06:54
SmurfieYea, I screwed up somewhere along the line.06:54
s7rthanks ActionParsnip06:54
ljsoftnetis there a intel GMA 3150 driver for ubuntu?06:55
s7rActionParsnip: so you say my card may not support acceleration 3d?06:55
ActionParsnips7r: possibly, i've not used matrox cards under Linux06:56
StarminnI'm having issues with a very simple, 2-line shell script. It is supposed to launch a file, but it doesn't work (nothing happens)06:57
shumStarminn: what are the two lines?06:58
Starminn(It's so short I'm not going to pastebin it if that's alright since there's nobody on here right now..) So I've got: #! /bin/bash06:59
Starminncd ~/quake06:59
StarminnThat's the whole thing, and it works in Terminal, but I want to just click a shell script, not remember file paths. ;)07:00
Jordan_UStarminn: What happens when you execute the script in the terminal?07:00
i4ba1_i have a command to show the hdd serial number07:01
StarminnJordan_U: You mean as in "/path/to/my/script"?07:01
memorygap0hello. I have a win xp install  as main os and linux guest os using virtual box. how can i copy file on xp to my linux os07:01
Jordan_UStarminn: Yes.07:01
i4ba1_sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda | grep -i serial07:01
ActionParsnipStarminn: does ./darkplaces/darkplaces-linux-585-sdl   work in a terminal if you type it?07:02
FrenkHey, I have a LAN connection and a free WiFi card. I want to use it as an access point for other devices. (Running Ubuntu 10.10)07:02
StarminnActionParsnip: ~/quake has to be my working directory07:02
ActionParsnipStarminn: did you put your script in /usr/bin   ? (give it a weird name)07:03
Aurigamemorygap0, Go take a look at installing Guest Additions.07:03
StarminnActionParsnip: IT does launch the program (an emulator), but it can't find the game to emulate unless ~/quake is my Working Directory. ;) As far as putting the shell script in /usr/bin, I shall try that now.07:04
ActionParsnipmemorygap0:  you can define folders which share to the guest in the vbox config07:04
i4ba1_the result is Model=SAMSUNG HD161G, FwRev=1AC01118, SerialNo=S14Dj58595907:04
i4ba1_and i just want get the number in serial no07:04
ActionParsnipStarminn: you should then be able to run it from any place. If the script is not in one of the folders in $PATH you will need to  type the absolute path to the script07:05
i4ba1_how can i do that?07:05
thauriswulfaQUESTION: I am unable to use other than default gsm n/w operator "idea" to connect to internet on huawei datacard?07:05
=== Guest83906 is now known as Gwarz
ActionParsnipi4ba1_: maybe:    sudo dmidecode | less     will show it, use cursors / pgup / pgdn to navigate and Q to exit07:06
ac7ssi4bal: you can also use a pipe through sed.07:07
StarminnActionParsnip: $PATH? (Launching the file I just moved to /usr/bin te same thing happens (i.e. nothing)07:07
Jordan_Ui4ba1_: Earlier you said you wanted the serial number "Of the computer", now you're asking about the serial number of the hard drive. What is your end goal?07:08
thauriswulfa QUESTION: I am unable to use other than default gsm n/w operator "idea" to connect to internet on huawei datacard?07:08
Jordan_UStarminn: You have DOS line endings in the file.07:08
pbeardoes anyone know which deb the network manager is in in ubuntu-10.10-desktop-amd64.iso?07:08
Jordan_UStarminn: dos2unix /path/to/script07:09
i4ba1_my end goal is create combination serial number with hdd serial number07:09
ActionParsnipStarminn: $PATH is a list of folders the interpreter looks for binarys etc, you don't type: /usr/bin/sudo  /usr/bin/apt-get install foo      do you, you just type: sudo apt-get install foo    the paths are not needed as the binaries used are in $PATH07:09
i4ba1_i create the application07:09
i4ba1_and the application need to execute the shell command to get the hdd serial number07:09
ActionParsnippbear: network-manager-gnome   is my guess07:09
ActionParsnipStarminn: did you mark the script as executable using chmod?07:10
StarminnActionParsnip: So whenever you run a program it stores the program "name" in /usr/bin so you can just type the Program name instead of using the absolute path.07:10
StarminnActionParsnip: Yep. I chmod +x  it07:10
pbearActionParsnip: yea that's what i'm try to find but i can't find it, is it included in some other deb with a different name?07:10
ActionParsnipStarminn: most times, yes. You can see all the folders with:  echo $PATH07:10
Ub3r-N00bcould anyone recommend me encoding software for doc files ?07:10
ActionParsnippbear: that will be the deb name07:11
Mrwootwootanyone know how to get ubuntu to play a few seconds of the eye of the tiger as it boots up07:11
thauriswulfa QUESTION: I am unable to use other than default gsm n/w operator "idea" to connect to internet on huawei datacard , SETTINGS are ok?07:11
ac7ssi4bal_: run the line through a pipe: '|sed s/.*number=//07:11
lolcatMrwootwoot: Why not all of it?07:11
Mrwootwootlolcat, long song lol07:11
ActionParsnippbear: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/network-manager-gnome07:11
ac7ssi4bal_: that will remove the contents of the line before the serial number.07:12
lolcatMrwootwoot: Still awesome! You could just cut it and set as login sound?07:12
ActionParsnipStarminn: you can see which exact binary is used if you use the command: which07:12
i4ba1_ok ac7ss i try07:12
ActionParsnipStarminn: e.g.     which nano07:12
Mrwootwootlolcat, i mean i dunno how to do it, but yeah i'm trying to find something on it07:12
lolcatMrwootwoot: The panel ddoes it07:12
Mrwootwootlolcat, panel?07:13
ac7ssi4bal_: make that '|sed s/.*SerialNo =//07:13
i4ba1_ac7ss can you show me the full syntax?07:13
lolcatMrwootwoot: Can't remember, but I saw the sentece somewhere07:13
root_hello everyone, somebody already tried ubuntu 11.04 on virtualbox and got it running? Mine won't install07:13
StarminnActionParsnip: Awesome, thanks for the info. But anyway, so back to the original question. It is marked as executable, , the commands inside of it work wihout a doubt, but everytime I go to run it, the Terminal tells me it doesn't exist. (as opposed to the GUI which just... nothing happens whatsoever.)07:14
Jordan_UStarminn: Did you see my comment?07:14
ac7ssi4bal_: sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda | grep -i serial|sed s/.*SerialNo=//07:14
Starminnroot_: I got it installed. I didn't have that sidebar though. I just went to Settings->Storage, and set whatever was Empty to my .iso on my HDD and installed. 11.04 help is in #ubuntu+1, though.07:15
i4ba1_ok thank you ac7ss07:16
ActionParsnipStarminn: ok, use tab to complete the filename. Use the absolute reference (from /), does it help07:16
i4ba1_it's working07:16
StarminnJordan_U: I did, but I didn't quite understand what you were saying. (I was hopign Action would recap it in plainer speak as he tends to do)07:16
root_starmin: i'll check that channel, tnx anyway07:16
ActionParsniproot_: also IRCing as root is a really BAD idea07:16
StarminnActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583678/07:16
ActionParsnipStarminn: you don't need the .sh file extension in linux ;)07:17
cenobiteWhenever load on my system is too high, I can't ssh in. It comes up with the password prompt, but as soon as I enter it the system just hangs. Any ideas what I can do? Is there some way I can prioritize ssh?07:17
root_indeed, forgot to logoff, did upgrade trough phone, i will logoff root and come back...07:17
StarminnActionParsnip: So I've been told. But.. I feel like.. I'm leaving the file so... naked...07:17
ac7ssi4bal_: did it work?07:18
ActionParsnipStarminn: if you run:   gksudo gedit /usr/bin/quakelaunch.sh        and delete the carridge returns on the end of each line, then add a new CR (carridge return), does it help. BTW, a LOT of the commands you are running are simply scripts too, they have no file extesions too07:19
RealEyeshow important is it -not- to show your local IP?07:19
StarminnActionParsnip: Just tried without the extensionto no avail.07:19
i4ba1_yes it work ac7ss07:19
ActionParsnipStarminn: it's the same, file extensions don't mean much in linux07:19
i4ba1_thank you very much ac7ss07:19
ActionParsnipRealEyes: local IP is worthless, it's the wan IP you should worry about if at all07:19
RealEyesalright thanks07:20
Jordan_UStarminn: Unix and Windows handle line endings differentely. You appear to have written your script with a Windows text editor. Running "dos2unix /path/to/script" will change the line endings to the Unix style.07:20
ac7ssi4bal_: sed is very worth learning.07:20
ActionParsnipRealEyes: there are billions of networks07:20
navweyjoin http://easyweed.tk/07:20
navweyjoin join http://easyweed.tk/07:20
rwwnavwey: Don't advertise in here.07:20
StarminnActionParsnip: Still no luck.07:20
i4ba1_yes that's worth07:21
i4ba1_i never try that command before07:21
ActionParsnipStarminn: try:  sudo apt-get install dos2unix; sudo dos2unix /usr/bin/quakelaunch.sh07:21
StarminnJordan_U: Wow. I did not know that. Hmph... How do they differ? (Yes, I  know it's not great, but my favorite editor for code happens to be Notepad++ so I WINE it... good to know though..)07:21
i4ba1_because you ac7ss tell me about sed07:21
i4ba1_now i know about sed07:22
Jordan_UStarminn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newline07:22
ActionParsnipStarminn: gedit is pretty similar and will make proper text files as well as use a tonne less resources to run07:22
Mrwootwootanyone know how to change the color of the top and bottom bars... like blue fading to black?07:22
i4ba1_how long you use ubuntu ac7ss?07:22
ac7ssi4bal_: that's the trouble, finding out what the tool is to use. There are so many.07:22
ac7ssi4bal_: about 5 years straight now.07:23
i4ba1_wow great07:23
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: right click -> preferences then colour there possibly?07:23
ac7ssi4bal_: There is such a good community for support. So many ways to get to your end.07:24
ActionParsnipMrwootwoot: I'm on natty now and haven't changed much like that due to laziness07:24
* ac7ss has 50lbs of books on linux, not enough. :)07:24
StarminnJordan_U ActionParsnip: Super duper awesome-ness. It works -- the dos2unix program is what did it (nice call, Jordan ;) ). It works in both /usr/bin/quakelaunch *and* /home/robert/quake/quakelaunch so awesome.07:24
MrwootwootActionParsnip,  lol yeah i tried that but it only let;s me do solid colors07:25
ActionParsnipStarminn: you can now run:   alacarte   and make a launcher to run the script07:25
StarminnActionParsnip: I do mostly PHP, and Gedit just doesn't have the same robustness of power to it, even afte rI played around with a few plugins. :(07:25
ActionParsnipStarminn: well you will need to use dos2unix for EVERY file you make07:25
Jordan_UStarminn: You might like SciTE as a text editor.07:26
ac7ssNone better than vi (or vim) Jordan_U07:26
* ac7ss discovered X over SSH this week. fun at work. 07:27
s7rany ftp server with GUI on ubuntu 10.10 ?07:28
StarminnActionParsnip: Nah. I'll make shell scripts in Gedit. I actually quite like Gedit for quick things, but it just doesn't do the job for me when you're staring had hundreds of lines of crap for extended periods of time... (I tried SciTE, Jordan_U, and while I do know that Notepad++ uses the same base as it, Notepad++ has built many features on top of it such as showing you exactly where things end and begin (I know Gedit does this too but07:28
AnAntHello, is there a tool like grep, that would search a binary file for a certain hex pattern ? and give out the address of that pattern ?07:28
ActionParsnips7r: why does it need a GUI?07:28
=== koolhead11 is now known as koolhead17
s7rfor easy management07:29
s7rset home folders for clients. permissions etc07:29
StarminnActionParsnip Jordan_U: Thanks for the heads-up though, guys. I'll just have to bear in mind that shell scripts (or, well, anything for strictly Linux) I just need ot do in Gedit. *shrug* Fair enough. Thanks again, to both of you. :) You're both awesome.07:29
ActionParsnips7r: if you install openssh-server you will get a secure ftp server and it will obey the unix permissions in your filesystem07:30
quiescensftp servers aren't often recommended unless you have a really good reason o.o07:30
Jordan_UStarminn: You're welcome.07:30
ActionParsnip!info gproftpd07:30
ubottuPackage gproftpd does not exist in maverick07:30
s7rActionParsnip: can i configure multiple clients on it ?07:30
s7rand set user available space?07:30
ActionParsnips7r: sure, just make a new user like the one you are using this very second07:30
ActionParsnips7r: or you can use webminto manage stuff using a web interface07:31
ActionParsnip!info pureadmin07:31
ubottupureadmin (source: pureadmin): Gtk graphic front-end for PureFTPd. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 192 kB, installed size 956 kB07:31
ActionParsnipthere's also pureadmin which is a GUI to pureftpd07:31
s7rActionParsnip: how i install it ?07:32
ActionParsnipftp is godawful07:32
ActionParsnips7r: install what? I named about 6 different softwares........07:32
ac7ssOh, come on, FTP does what it was designed to do.07:32
ActionParsnips7r: webmin is in software centre, like most other softwares07:32
StarminnJordan_U: So I understand the difference between LF and CR, but what are/were the advantages of Linux using LF and Windows and friends using both?07:32
ActionParsnipac7ss: sure but its very insecure and uses 2 ports (wasteful)07:33
ac7ssStarminn: CR/LF is a holdover from the teletype days.07:33
cenobiteWhenever load on my system is too high, I can't ssh in. It comes up with the password prompt, but as soon as I enter it the system just hangs. Any ideas what I can do? Is there some way I can prioritize ssh?07:33
Starminn!webmin > s7r07:33
ubottus7r, please see my private message07:33
ActionParsnipStarminn: they fixed the webmin issue now ;)07:34
cenobiteas soon as I ssh in it's quite responsive, so I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere to limit ssh sessions under a specific load07:34
s7ri saw07:34
Starminnac7ss: Well, what were the advantages back then, and are there currently any to this day of one over the other?07:34
StarminnActionParsnip: Ah, well then.07:34
Starminns7r: I retract my bot call to you.07:34
ac7ssNo, now we have SSH and it can tunnel all sorts of stuff. (vpn, X, ftp)07:34
Athenonmy ssh tunnels pretty much anything i like :)07:35
ActionParsnipac7ss: its great to ssh from work to home, then launch irssi and chat07:35
ac7ssDoes anyone still use archie?07:35
Athenoni usually use it to tunnel email, irc, and IM07:35
ac7ssActionParsnip: That is what I am doing now.07:35
ActionParsnipac7ss: i'll be doing the sameon my 12 hour shift tonight too :)07:36
Jordan_UStarminn: As C and Unix were developed together working with LF only is slightly easier in C (there is no difference between opening a binary or text file). There is no inherent advantage though.07:36
* ac7ss will ssh and run pidgon 07:37
StarminnJordan_U: What do the majority of languages use? (Just languages -- not counting how most people use Windows.)07:37
ActionParsnipac7ss: its also fun to run web browsers over X and play the sound through the serving sound device (also funny at 4am blaring out some Meshuggah to bother the neighbours ;))07:38
Jordan_UStarminn: Most languages follow the convention of the C standard libraries, strings are internally represented with only a single character for newline and on writing to a file the libraries convert to the OS's native format.07:39
AthenonActionParsnip:  i annoy my friends when theyre over from the bathroom that way using my phone :)07:39
ac7ssActionParsnip: I use mpg123 to play songs to my wife when she is on the computer.07:40
Jordan_UStarminn: On Unix no conversion is needed, on Windows conversion is needed, which is why there is a difference between opening a file as a binary file or as a text file in Windows but not in Unix.07:40
ActionParsnipac7ss: or you can use espeak and tell her nice things to get brownie points07:40
ac7ssActionParsnip: I will have to look into espeak...07:41
ac7sscool and it's installed!07:41
StarminnJordan_U: So (regarding the last bit about converting to the OS's native format) if I ran (just an example) Gedit in windows natively, and wrote something in C, it would then be saved in Windows format, and if I wrote the same in Linux, it would be saved for Linux.07:41
ac7ssActionParsnip: cat "ShakespeareSonnets.txt" |espeak07:42
ActionParsnipac7ss: hehe nice07:42
ac7ssdon't forget the & on the end.07:43
Jordan_UStarminn: Ahh, I misunderstood what you meant. I thought you were talking about handling the writing of programs that deal with text files (for instance writing your own text editor in C). Almost all programming languages accept both line endings when compiling / interpreting source code. In fact Bash does as well, the only problem is with the '#! /bin/bash\n' which is not handled by bash but rather the kernel (I think) when looking for bash to use as an in07:45
quuzeif i newly installed ubuntu as eg. bill, then is bill the root?07:47
Starminnquuze: There isn't really a "root." bill is the "Admin" account. To run something as root use "Sudo"07:47
StarminnWell, there is a root but you should never need it07:48
* ac7ss "sudo su root" often.07:49
ac7ssnot recommended.07:49
StarminnJordan_U: Ah. So if I wrote the rest of the command (everything *but* the call to the interpreter) in Windows/WINE and copy/pasted it ti wouldn't matter, but if I did that with #! /bin/bash it would screw it  up07:49
lolcatac7ss: sudo su -07:49
Jordan_UStarminn: Correct.07:50
ac7ssI type fast enough to type root.07:50
=== maedox_ is now known as maedox
StarminnJordan_U: Aha. Now, tell me more about how Linux doesn't (usually) require file extensions. I assume for pictures and such it does ( some .jpgs and .pngs and such), but what *doesn't* it need them for? (Sorry if I'm a bother. I had wondered why some files were only a name and now I can get an answer! ;) )07:51
ac7ssStarminn: many files have identifying labels in their 'headers' and linux will find the correct program.07:52
[deXter]Starminn: Most files don't need an extension, usually the header or attributes tell what sort of file it is07:53
Starminnac7ss: What makes the headers?07:53
Jordan_UStarminn: They are part of the file format for pretty much every type of file.07:54
ac7ssStarminn: part of the file standard. look an a dump and you will see it at the beginning of the file. (gif87 is the first to come to mind.)07:54
Starminnac7ss Jordan_U: aha.07:58
Jak3st3r know this is ubuntu..... but can anyone spare a moment a tell me how to register on an IRC Server?07:58
jamiewananyone using "motion" on their webcam, i can't access web feed from it remotely only on the camera machine thru browser07:58
StarminnSo, which ones do I need extensions for other than multimedia?07:58
Starminn!register | Jak3st3r07:59
ubottuJak3st3r: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:59
zairohi. is it possible to install blackberry simulator on headless ubuntu linux?07:59
[deXter]Starminn: generally, you don't need extensions.07:59
Starminn[deXter]: So basically, try it, and if it doesn't work, *then* add an extension.08:00
ac7ssExtensions are for the user to identify the file,08:00
StarminnHow long has it been this way (on Linux)? (I assume Windows requires them).08:00
[deXter]Starminn: yep but it doesn't harm to add the extension, especially if you're sharing the files with other OSes / devices / systems08:00
[deXter]Starminn: It's been like this since the beginning08:00
[deXter]Starminn: In the rare event that you find a file that isn't recognised, use the "file" command to see if it can identify the mime-type08:00
ac7ssYes, Win does require them.08:00
StarminnAwesome. Thank you very much, everyone.08:02
ac7ssThe big difference will be in different plaintext documents.08:02
h3r0hi friends...08:02
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest88862
ac7ssIE a KML flie vs a XPF. (linux sees both as text files.)08:02
=== Guest88862 is now known as h3r0_
ActionParsnipStarminn: windows is STILL holding onto it's DOS days of 8.3 filenames and still uses the extension to identify the filetype, Linux doesn't and analyses the data. You can give a script the file extension .jp and it will STILL be a script. Windows would see it as an image (which it isn't), try and open i with a graphical app and fail08:03
eltigrehey, I have a problem with two computers connected via ethernet... I'd like to access the webserver on a port 8000 on one computer from the other one08:03
eltigrehow can I do that?08:03
ActionParsnipeltigre: http://hostname:800008:04
h3r0_i've got some question that is st**id.. i want to know the hostname in my network company08:04
ActionParsnipeltigre: obviously change hostname to the actual hostname08:04
eltigreah sorry forgot to say that won't work08:04
StarminnActionParsnip: So Linux actually give a crap about what extension you give it. It only cares about content.08:04
h3r0_but it did not return any respons...08:04
ActionParsnipeltigre: or try:   http://ip.address.of.server:800008:04
almoxarifeeltigre: use the IP of the machine08:04
Starminnactually doesn't give a crap*08:04
quiescensthat's not a very fair assessment08:05
h3r0_im using ubuntu jaunty08:05
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
eltigreas I said it doesn't work08:05
h3r0_some of the windows computer did respon with their hostname08:05
ActionParsnipStarminn: exactly, people whom script in a lot of languages can use it to denote the language used but it will still work the same. You can even use names like:   quake.thisisabashscript   etc, very flexible08:05
almoxarifeStarminn: I have found that it does in some instances, mainly text file extentions08:05
quiescensthere are benefits to both options08:05
h3r0_but some computer like redhat linux didnt return their hostname08:05
eltigrethe server is running on the same port. On the same computer I can access the site08:05
Jordan_Uh3r0_: Jaunty is no longer supported.08:06
h3r0_what should i do friends?08:06
ActionParsniph3r0_: jaunty is no longer supported08:06
Jordan_U!eol | h3r0_08:06
ubottuh3r0_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:06
h3r0_oh too bad :(08:06
histo!upgrade | h3r0_08:06
ubottuh3r0_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:06
ljsoftnetis there a intel GMA 3150 driver for ubuntu?08:06
h3r0_i just want to ask about the network in linux08:06
quiescenspurely relying on content type magic means having to open every file and having a look at it to try to work out which files are of the type you want08:06
h3r0_how can i get a hostname from linux server that they didnt implement samba?08:06
Ben64ljsoftnet: should just be the open source intel driver that is built in08:06
h3r0_or netbios?08:07
ActionParsniph3r0_: you can search in your router's dhcp clients table08:07
=== sm is now known as Guest89015
ljsoftnetBen64 oh its already in ubuntu 10.04?08:07
eltigrehow can I open the 8000 for other computer to reach it?08:07
Ben64ljsoftnet: it should have been in for years08:08
h3r0_oh means i need to nslookup or dig?08:08
h3r0_but our company use static ip :(08:08
ljsoftnetBen64 how do i know if it is installed?08:08
ac7sseltigre: do you have apache running?08:09
ActionParsnipeltigre: if it's 2 machines on the same lan and you havn't configured your firewall then it's already open08:09
Ben64ljsoftnet: the module should be included with all installs08:09
ActionParsnipljsoftnet: http://www.ivankristianto.com/os/ubuntu/install-intel-latest-driver-to-your-ubuntu-10-04/1278/08:09
ActionParsnipljsoftnet: its already included, you may just need an xorg.conf file to get it going08:09
Ben64i remember using intel gma on edgy eft08:09
* ActionParsnip only uses nvidia vga08:10
Ben64my laptop doesn't have a choice :P08:10
ActionParsnipbut  you had choice in the laptop.....08:11
Ben64intel driver has some nice tools though, like intel_gpu_top08:11
Ben64ActionParsnip: not really... got mine for $300.08:11
sl33k_how to find if my ubuntu is 64/32 bits?08:12
Ben64sl33k_: uname -a08:12
sl33k_Ben64: it says i68608:13
Ben64actually, uname -m just prints what you want08:13
=== Guest89015 is now known as sm`
osxfr33kDoes the nvidia nouveau support Graphics acceleration?  I am assuming not because the compiz affects are not working?08:13
Ben64sl33k_: i686 should be 32 bit08:13
osxfr33kThis is for Ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition08:14
Ben64osxfr33k: not sure if it supports accel, but the proprietary driver works great08:14
sl33k_Ben64, are you sure08:14
rypervencheHow can I rename a bunch of files from .gif to .jpg?08:14
Ben64x86_64 would be 6408:14
sl33k_oh sorry08:14
Ben64rypervenche: rename or convert08:15
osxfr33kI am at a loss as to why when I install the nvidia 96  prop. driver I get a black screen.  I have to edit the xorg.conf file and  change "nvidia" to "nv" to get my screen back08:15
Blou_Aapwhere can I find menu.lst now ?08:15
SwedeMike!grub2 | Blou_Aap08:15
ubottuBlou_Aap: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:15
Blou_Aapi havent edited that file since 9.0408:15
osxfr33kI have a Dell C840 with Geofroce4Go 440 graphics card with 64MB08:15
Ben64osxfr33k: how do you install it, which gpu do you have, what version of ubuntu08:16
Blou_Aap:O thats cool08:16
StarminnIf I pop open a Terminal, and run a file or programs or something, it has to stay open till I either force quit the application along with the Terminal, or I close the app. How do I open it without requiring Terminal the whole time too? For example, << gksudo nautilus >>08:16
osxfr33k10.10 desktop I install it from system admin driver08:16
osxfr33kI have all the updated so GDM must be the latest08:16
Ben64Starminn: go to the terminal, hit CTRL+Z, then type "bg", then you can exit the terminal08:16
ac7ssrpyervenche: rename "s/.*\.jpg/.gif/" *.jpg08:17
osxfr33kupdated software I meant08:17
ohzieHey what package controls the boot splash?08:17
Ben64Starminn: or when you run a program, run it with & at the end08:17
osxfr33kgpu I just mentioned it above08:17
setoBlou_Aap: I think that you are looking for /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?08:17
seto(seems to replace menu.lst08:17
MrokiiHello. Does anybody know a database where I can see which printers/scanners work with Ubuntu?08:17
Blou_Aapgot it thanks08:17
Blou_Aapwow big difference though08:18
osxfr33k Geofroce4Go 440 graphics card with 64MB08:18
osxfr33kIs that Prop driver basically the same when Nvidia supplies from there site?08:18
osxfr33kthat does not work either08:18
ActionParsniprpyervenche: convert: mogrify -format jpg *.gif08:18
Starminnben64: Aha, thank you. Both of those did it (although "bg" was unecessary)08:19
eltigreI am still having trouble to access a webserver over a local network08:19
Ben64Starminn: err... "bg 1"08:19
ActionParsniposxfr33k:  I believe the nvidia 96 driver is in the proposed repo08:19
Ben64Starminn: otherwise the program woiuld probably be frozen08:20
eltigreI now how to address it, the other computer just refuses the connection08:20
ActionParsnipeltigre: can you ping the hostname, or the IP?08:20
eltigreyes, connection is fine08:20
ActionParsnipeltigre: is the service running and on the right port?08:20
StarminnBen64: No, no, no, I mean I run let's say << gksudo nautilus >>. I go to the Terminal, hit CTRL+Z, and it runs fine08:21
ActionParsnipeltigre: ok can you open the page on the local system?08:21
Ben64Starminn: well thats cause nautilus is always running :)08:21
osxfr33kBut the release notes sais there is an issue with that Prop driver in Ubuntu 10.10 meerkat and not because of the distro release but because of xorg 1.908:21
ActionParsnipeltigre: is there an access restriction in the config to only allow local access by default?08:21
StarminnBen64: Ah. Good point.08:21
FirefisheWhat is the channel for e17?08:21
eltigreActionParsnip, now, it's a django development server08:21
ActionParsnipFirefishe: #enlightenment maybe08:22
eltigreand there are usually no restrictions. Other projects don't work either08:22
FirefisheActionParsnip: thanks (I'm probalby going to have to 'doh' my brain for even asking this). ;)08:22
ActionParsnipeltigre: and is there a local firewall running with someconfig (a firewall lis installed by default, its just unconfigured and allows everything)08:22
ActionParsnipFirefishe: sorry its #e08:23
eltigrethat might be, and that's why I am asking how to find out08:23
ActionParsnipeltigre: well, did you add any rules?08:23
eltigreI don't remember setting up a firewall08:23
ActionParsnipeltigre: then it's not that08:23
ActionParsnipeltigre: ok when you try and connect do you get any http error codes?08:23
eltigreno, there is just the refused connection08:24
ac7sseltigre: is anything showing in the apache logs when you try to connect?08:24
ActionParsnipeltigre: i think there may be some access rules in the service08:24
eltigrethere are no apache logs and no, the connection is not established at all08:25
eltigreit looks like a firewall08:25
timlkim using ubuntu 10.10...when i lock the screen, my wallpaper is not shown..is there a way to show the wallpaper on the lock screen as well ?08:25
Bondingany user could help me with bonding?08:26
eltigreActionParsnip, how can I check if I have some firewall enabled?08:26
ActionParsnipeltigre: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo     shows what a none configured firewall will show08:27
gnewbeltigre: Are you using a third party or GUI package for firewall, nevermind, Thank you ActionParsnip.08:28
eltigreno iptable entries08:28
van7huhey,I want to develop a app for playing music? what do I need to know?08:29
ac7ssvan7hu: mpg12308:29
eltigreor well there are entries, but just routing, nothing about ports and basically acceptin everything08:29
gnewbeltigre: Have you read the MAN on UFW?08:30
ac7ssvan7hu: you want a playlist, gui or what.08:30
shipshiphi! is it possible to download the hole repo like it is possible in debian by downloading all 8 dvds?08:30
van7huac7ss:just CLI08:30
eltigrebut ufw won't help me if there are no concflicting iptable rules?08:30
sagacishipship, mirror a mirror08:30
AnthraxSSH Good morning!08:30
ActionParsnipshipship: you can make your own apt server and it will pull down all the debs08:30
ac7ssvan7hu: easily scripted with existing commands. (mpg123 is my favorite.)08:31
gnewbeltigre: Ubuntu is shipped or written with UFW , you can enable/disable by CLI.08:31
van7huac7ss: develop an app for getting experience08:32
eltigregnewb,  ufw is disabled08:32
ac7ssvan7hu: I can think of an easy way to write a sh app that will read a file, take the first entry, play it and strip that line. just keep adding lines to the file to continue the playlist.08:33
gnewbeltigre: Then you have no firewall active.08:33
DJonesshipship: http://www.howtoforge.com/local_debian_ubuntu_mirror08:33
van7huac7ss: good advice08:33
gnewbeltigre: Actually you do, iptables, UFW is a front end for iptables.08:34
eltigreok... so why is the connection refused?08:35
gnewbeltigre: Do you have the proper access scripts in place?08:35
ayakaI want to how to remote contro; m$,I remove the program and I forget it name08:36
eltigrewhat is a proper access script?08:36
eltigreI might have  configured something in the last five years on that machine, that I am not aware that it is troubling me now....08:36
ac7ssayaka: what do you mean by remote control? (microsoft?)08:36
gnewbeltigre: Looking it up now,08:36
ayakaac7ss, yes08:36
eltigreand as I am not an extremely competent sysadmin, I am looking here for help ;-)08:37
ac7ssayaka: you mean like telnet? or remote display?08:37
gnewbeltigre: This may be what you need:> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW08:38
eltigreufw is disabled08:38
czardozayaka, are you talking about VNC?08:38
ayakaac7ss, not telent,remote display08:38
eltigrecan a disabled ufw cause any trouble?08:38
ac7ssayaka: rdesktop maybe?08:38
gnewbeltigre: iptables are still active, UFW is a front end for iptables.08:39
ayakaac7ss, no,the ubuntu default install one08:40
ac7ssayaka: rdesktop was the one installed with my distro.08:41
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
ayakaac7ss, I want to the one with GUI08:44
eltigregnewb,  I am now sure that there is no iptables or ufw configuration in place that would block the access08:45
Neroonhi everyone08:45
gnewbeltigre: Then we are moving forward. re-start the kernel to see if it reverts?08:46
=== shaw1337 is now known as howler
NeroonAnyone got a clue about analogue joysticks on the gameport?08:47
eltigregnewb,  what do you mean by restarting the kernel?08:47
tyrezahello there08:47
eltigreI already rebooted a gazillion times since I have this problem08:48
tyrezai can't able to chmod08:48
gnewbeltigre: Like a reboot, or log out and in.08:48
tyrezawhat i have to do ?08:48
ruanis it ok to have sun java and openjdk installed?08:49
eltigregnewb, yes I am sure of that08:50
Neroonruan: afaik it doesn't hurt08:50
howlerI am trying to compile the source code of shotwell 0.8.1  , after doing the ./configure i am unable to do the make function . But i am getting an error as Package gexiv2 was not found in the pkg-config search path.08:50
howlerPerhaps you should add the directory containing `gexiv2.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable No package 'gexiv2' found make: *** [src/.stamp] Error 1 ! I i have installed the required package what to do now ?08:50
eltigrebtw I can access apache on the same computer08:50
eltigrebut that's another port08:50
ruansince the icedtea plugin only works with openjdk and i prefer sun java08:51
gnewbeltigre: Here is an Ubuntu iptables-HowTo:> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo?action=show&redirect=Iptables08:51
Neroonruan: i had both running on my second pc here. worked just fine08:51
ac7ssayaka: you want a gui front end...08:52
ayakaac7ss, yes08:52
SoftdroidI have problem with skype and Ubuntu. I can hear the one i'm communicating with but the other part does not hear me08:52
eltigrebut normally if all kinds of connections,routing and port 80 works, and there is no disallowing iptable rule, the access should not be blocked?08:52
Neroonso noone could offer some help with a joystick problem?08:52
gnewbeltigre: On your end, correct, on the other end is where the solution may need to be implemented.08:53
tyrezahello there08:53
tyrezaanyone there ?08:53
tyrezai can't able to chmod08:53
ac7ssayaka: tsclient08:54
eltigregnewb, I meant I can access port 80 the same way I would like to access 800008:54
Neroontyreza: what do you want to chmod and what did you do?08:54
gnewbeltigre: Ahh. that is a Networking thing, I believe you have access, or should have, I will have to look that one up,,,,08:55
eltigresorry I found the solution I think08:56
ayakaac7ss, yes that one,thank you08:56
ac7ssayaka: google to the rescue.08:56
eltigrethe service I was using implicitly only connects to by default, won't complain about it and I just had the assumption it would listen on all interfaces08:58
ayakaac7ss, I'm so sorry,I don't speak english,can tell me the search key of this question08:58
ac7ssayaka: I searched for "rdesktop gui" (Not a problem.)08:58
SoftdroidHow can I make alsa the default driver without removing the pulse driver?08:59
ayakaac7ss, oh,I know08:59
tyrezai want to chmod a web directory when i try to do chmod -R 777 /www Neroon08:59
tyrezait say not permitted08:59
ac7sstyreza: who is the owner of the directory?09:00
ayakaac7ss, thank you once again09:00
smofThere is a smylink named /tmp/a.txt which points the file /tmp/b.txt  I want to copy a.txt to another place but I don't want to copy the symlink, instead of this, copied file must be original (b.txt). can anyone help?09:00
Softdroidtyreza: try sudo chmod -R 777 /www Neroon09:00
ac7sstyreza: you may have to sudo that09:00
Mrokiihello Does VueScan work with Ubuntu?09:00
ac7ssMrokii: yes there is a linux distrobution.09:01
ac7ssMrokii: No, I haven't used it.09:01
ruanwhat is vuescan?09:01
ruanor rather, its purpose09:02
MrokiiI saw the generic Linux-distribution but I am not sure if it works with Ubuntu (if there are any problems unsing that version).09:02
Neroontyreza: as softdroid already said, you might need to type: sudo chmod -R 777 /www09:02
ac7ssruan: scanner software.09:02
SoftdroidAnyone who have solution to my problem? :)09:03
ac7ssMrokii: you could install the .deb.09:03
ruanSoftdroid: gksudo gstreamer-properties09:03
tyrezabut my user don't have the sudo access Nero09:03
tyrezabut my user don't have the sudo access Neroon09:03
=== gator-netbook is now known as gator42
ac7ssMrokii: looks like you may have to compile it.09:04
tyrezasudo not working09:04
ac7sstyreza: you will need to have the correct permissions to do that. talk to your administrator.09:04
Neroonwell, then you might not be able to chmod. or who is the owner of that directory?09:05
Neroontyreza:  well, then you might not be able to chmod. or who is the owner of that directory?09:05
Mrokiiac7ss: Yep, I didn't see a deb, only the generic linux-distribution. I guess I'll hav to try to compile it to see if it works. Though there could still be problems when I actally connect a scanner.09:05
gnewbeltigre: One of these posts has that same issue covered:>http://lists.therestfulway.com/pipermail/webmachine_lists.therestfulway.com/2010-August/000276.html09:05
gnugrhey guys never give rights 777 max 775 and then change to 64409:05
eltigregnewb, it works now09:05
gnewbeltigre: Sweet!09:05
eltigrebtw I have a stale sshfs, I killed it but I can't unmount the directory09:06
eltigreand I can't use lsof because "socket does not exist"09:06
eltigrelsof: status error on /media/laptop: Transport endpoint is not connected09:06
tPl0chHello, what could be the problem if my CD-ROM Drive (Combi Drive) is not recognizing CDs anymore?09:06
ruantPl0ch: how long have you had that CD-rom drive?09:07
Ben64drives die after a while09:07
eltigrenow that works09:07
eltigrebut I am getting aggressive already09:07
ruani've had 3 cdrom drives fail on me, crashing the PC on operations09:07
Softdroidruan: Thanks!09:07
tPl0chruan, well, it was shipped with the PC 3 years I guess09:07
tPl0ch+/- some months09:07
Ben64tPl0ch: what does dmesg say when you put a disc in?09:07
ruanone makes the pc unbootable, other crashes pc on cd insertion, and other one makes a hard drive undetectable09:08
trichardhey, is there any way to get itunes podcasts in banshee?09:08
mateokdhellom can any one help me to configure multiseat for 10 user ?09:08
=== C`ArokiaDass is now known as HarrY^Nova
tPl0chBen64, it does nothing09:09
tPl0chI can see it blinking, so there is a power connection and the Controller is running too09:09
tyrezathe directory is owned by user Neroon09:09
Neroontyreza: doh09:09
ruantPl0ch: is it detected by the system?09:09
ruanthe drive itself09:10
tPl0chruan, yeah, it's just not recognizing any CDs nor DVDs09:10
ac7sstyreza: what do you see with a 'ls -l /www'09:10
tyrezajust a sec ac7ss09:11
ruantPl0ch: there is a way you can test it. try to boot off a CD09:12
psilocybeis there a way to check the average kbit of a .flv, through the shell ?09:12
ruanif it doesnt boot, it's not working09:12
mateokdhello can you help me to configure multiseat ?09:12
psilocybei tried to google it but cant find it09:12
tyrezathis is what i got : http://paste.ubuntu.com/583708/ ac7ss09:13
tPl0chruan, when trying to mount the cd manually I get: "umount: /dev/sr0: unknown device"09:13
tPl0chruan, ok, I'll try the boot thing, brb09:14
ac7sstyreza: what do you see with a 'ls -la /www' (sorry needed the a)09:15
Neroontyreza: so the owner is user1 and the group would be apache. is your username user1?09:15
Neroonac7ss: he posted the output09:15
tyrezayes Neroon09:15
ac7ssI needed the -la (the www directory may have a different perm.09:15
Neroonac7ss: my bad09:16
ruanif i type lscpu in a terminal, it says CPU op-mode(s):        64-bit09:17
ruandoes that mean my CPU is 64bit?09:17
sl33k_how to manually start updates?09:17
ruansl33k_: disable update manager on startup and open it when you want to update?09:18
gnewb!update | sl33k09:18
ubottusl33k: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:18
gnugrtyreza: the folder you want to have HTTP access: sudo chown www-data:www-data -R *09:18
psilocybesl33k_: sudeo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade09:18
datalaywhat is alternative report generator tools for oracle?09:19
datalayi prefer free alternatives09:19
mateokdhello can you help me to configure multiseat ?09:19
jsoftWhat would be the best vm hosting software to use?09:20
ljsoftnetjsoft i like virtual box09:20
ruanvirtualbox/vmware for full emulation. wine for simply running applications09:20
tyrezahere it is ac7ss09:21
jsoftwhat is the state of virtualbox? I thought it would be... lame from oracle?09:21
ruanhavent personally tried virtualbox yet.09:21
ljsoftnetjsoft just give it a try09:21
ljsoftnetjsoft very easy to use09:22
J450N__virtualbox is awesome09:22
jsoftive used it ages ago, when opensolaris was still kicking09:22
tgywacan I get file creation date on ubunut ?09:22
jsoftljsoftnet: ive used it before.09:22
ruani've tried vmware and it worked well for me, but i cant compare it till i see others09:22
jsoftljsoftnet: just not since oracle took over sun.09:22
llutztgywa: no09:22
ruantgywa: you can only get last modified date09:23
ac7sstryeza: chmod -R 777 /www09:23
tgywaruan, how ?09:23
ruantgywa: right click > properties09:23
tgywano command line09:23
ruanhmm command line09:23
llutztgywa: stat file09:24
tgywallutz, thank u09:24
ruanmodify and change mean the same thing don't they?09:24
llutzruan: no09:24
tPl0chBen64, ruan http://pastebin.com/j9mb98zT - no luck with the boot from DVD09:24
yogi__why if i open or create new solution on monodevelop i got this error : Error: Error: A dependency of a referenced assembly may be missing, or you may be referencing an assembly created with a newer CLR version. See the compilation output for more details. (oncombro)09:24
tyrezait say t say not permitted09:24
ruantPl0ch: so far it sounds like the cdrom is at fault09:25
tyrezalet me explain you from first09:25
llutzruan: http://articles.rootsmith.ca/linux/unix-access-modify-and-change-times09:25
ac7sstryeza: chmod 777 /www09:25
tyrezanot working too09:25
tPl0chruan, :(09:25
gnugromg please guys never 777 permissions, its easy for hacking09:26
tyrezasimply chmod 777 /www working09:26
datalayls / | xargs rm -fr09:26
tyrezabut with -R not working09:26
llutzdatalay: STOP09:26
datalaywhy :P09:26
ac7sstryeza: some subdirectory contains files you don't have permissions for.09:27
ruannever follow random commands on irc?09:27
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!09:27
datalay:)) okay sir09:27
llutzruan: lots will blindly type those commands :(09:27
lavaroxjoin #kubuntu09:27
gnugrmax permissions should be 775 and after setup must be changed to 64409:27
jsoftWhat command09:28
jsoftoh whoa09:28
jsoftthe xargs one :D09:28
ruansounds like it deletes everything in /home09:28
jsofttry /09:29
datalaywe can recover them come on give a chance09:29
llutzruan: it deletes everything a user has writeaccess09:29
jsoftoh yeah, would be normal user.09:29
ruanyeah but a user only has writeaccess to /home09:29
llutzdatalay: stop that nonsense09:29
tPl0chsudo chown -R username:www-data && sudo chmod -R g+wX /www09:29
ruanin most cases at least09:29
llutzruan: just scroll back and read all those nice "chmod 777" tipps and you'll see the reality09:30
jsofttPl0ch: whats that last bit do?09:30
ac7sshe doesn't have admin powers... tPl0ch.09:30
jsofttPl0ch: whats the actual numbers?09:30
datalayfind /www -type f -exec chmod -R 777 {} \;09:30
froes hi guys, i used to use init and was able to start 2 XDM instances on my machine. tty0-tty3 was consoles and tty4 and tty5 were gdm consoles. is there a way i can do it on upstart or should i go back to init ?09:30
ac7sstryeza: datalay has the right idea, it will only change the ones you can change.09:31
daiichihey all, I'd have a quick question .. has anyone evaluated the performance gains of Wayland yet?09:31
jsoftdaiichi: what is Wayland?09:31
ruan^same question here09:32
daiichithe new display manager09:32
llutzfroes: look at the upstart-scripts in /etc/init to get your old layout09:32
cosmoI am trying to make it so the other computers on my home network can access the shared media folders on my machine easily can someone look at my smb.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/583460/ and see what I have set wrong?09:32
daiichithat ubuntu is thinking of adopting09:32
daiichiin place of X09:32
froesllutz, i used to configure on /etc/inittab09:32
froesi can find some upstart script but cant find where to config on which tty it will start or how many instances09:32
llutzfroes: since ubuntu uses upstart and not init, you have to configure the scripts in /etc/init now09:33
czardozwhats good about upstart?09:33
llutzczardoz: very good question09:33
czardozi mean, what are the differences between upstart and init?09:33
froesllutz, and now i am back to my old question:     i used to use init and was able to start 2 XDM instances on my machine. tty0-tty3 was consoles and tty4 and tty5 were gdm consoles. is there a way i can do it on upstart or should i go back to init ?09:33
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/09:33
offsenseanone using cacti in here?09:34
jsoftwhy does that ring a bell09:34
jsoftmonitoring software?09:34
offsense_jsoft: yeah that one09:34
jsoftoffsense_: I think I looked at it and ended up sticking with nagios09:34
jsoftoffsense_: it might have changed a lot since.09:35
froesnah ... just easyer to go back and get rid of inittab ... dont need it anyways09:36
froesget rid of pstart09:36
offsense_jsoft: yeah am using both actually, do u knw how to change poller interval in cacti09:36
offsense_i try to change it but it doesnt change a thing09:36
=== stephaaaaan is now known as stephaaan
ruanagain, i am confused between chinese and japanese09:37
DJones!cn | perfect09:37
ubottuperfect: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk09:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:38
llutzfroes: remove /etc/init/tty[56].conf, duplicate/change /etc/init/gdm.conf to start gdm twice09:38
czardozllutz, you on upstart?09:38
llutzczardoz: not yet09:38
llutzczardoz: only  netbook runs ubuntu09:39
froesllutz, humm ... so i cant specify which tty it is going to run  ?09:39
czardozI see09:39
critical_maxOK, before I embark on an AutoIT+Wine project, is there a better alternative now for very simple GUI automation? (click through defaults on an installer app)09:40
Neroonanyone got a clue about joystick configuration?09:40
czardozfroes, you'll just have to go through all the config files I guess09:40
critical_maxI have read about Sikuli but have no experience with it09:40
ruancritical_max: keyboard macros?09:41
froesczardoz, i cant see anything like that on the upstart script or the Xorg config files09:41
ruantab, enter, etc09:41
froesso my assumption is that i cant do it09:41
froescan i set a environment variable on upstart ?09:42
froesi just need to export $DISPLAY09:42
froesso i can actually do that09:42
critical_maxI need to be able to select radio buttons for license agreement, at least. I suppose it could possibly be done with a keyboard bot.09:42
froesjust before09:42
ruandisplay seems to be a command09:42
critical_maxruan: i will check out if it's keyboardable, before chasing a GUI recorder app down. good point.09:43
Stormshadowhi all - question - i need a sound recorder and was thinking of the best utility to use - basically, there's this track which I'd like to have as mp3 (it's not a commercial track mind you) - I can play it from the website and I'd really like to have it saved as mp3, is there a way?09:45
ruanyep, it's keyboardable. tab is a good key there09:45
ac7ssnight all.09:45
czardozStormshadow, is it flash content?09:46
coz_Stormshadow,  there is a firefox addon named    "video downloadhelper"   < that is the way it is spelled.... It should download the file in its original format09:46
Stormshadowits not a video09:46
Stormshadowits sound09:46
Stormshadowthe file is from kpmmusic09:47
Stormshadownot sure whether its flash09:47
=== aknm is now known as monk
ruanStormshadow: audacity or sound recorder09:47
Ja23Some files that I download go missing and I cannot find them while browsing...? any ideas?  This happens to bittorrent files from Transmission.  I know the files are there because I can ask Transmission to "Show the Files" but when I move up to the Downloads folder they're not there...09:47
ruanJa23: when you save them, do you choose "open"?09:48
czardozJa23, usesearch to find 'em ;-)09:48
czardoz*use search09:48
Creat0ris there is software works on ubuntu that can allow me to make backup for all the host in my network?09:48
ruanhmm though09:48
Ja23They're downloaded on my computer by transmission, and are for sure there, just don't show up in nautilus...09:48
Stormshadowcan audacity record to mp3 any sound coming out from my sound device?09:48
czardoztry pressing ctrl+h09:48
Stormshadowirrespective of what the sound format is09:49
Ja23Didn't work09:49
Ja23They are on a seperate partitions09:49
czardozStormshadow, save and then convert if you want09:49
ruanStormshadow: yes09:49
ruanStormshadow: but you need the LAME library first09:49
Stormshadowis it a matter of playing the sound on the web url and running a record session on audacity?09:49
critical_maxruan: ok, i can key through it all (if focus is not disturbed, it's an ancient windows app and flaky). working on xvkbd script now.09:50
ruanStormshadow: yea09:50
SoftdroidPlease help. when I try to login in as sudo i get this message -> Softdroid is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.09:50
critical_maxstormshadow: yes09:50
Ja23Alllso, when I logon to windows 7 the file's don't show up there either09:50
critical_maxstormshadow: record from "default" device, make sure play through is disabled (default is stereo mix)09:50
ruanthis incident will be reported? lol09:50
czardozSoftdroid, you need to be in the "wheel" group09:50
Softdroidczardoz: How is that possible?09:51
critical_maxstormshadow: then you can export your audacity project as mp3 when you're happy with it. recommend wav though since you can.09:51
czardozSoftdroid, see "man usermod"09:51
Softdroidczardoz: I could login as sudo for some minutes ago. But i get that message now when i try.09:51
llutzczardoz: "admin "   not wheel09:52
Stormshadowplaythrough is unchecked09:52
Stormshadowwhen i click record, the signal remains zeroed09:52
llutzSoftdroid: ask your administrator to add you to the "admin" group (sudo adduser <username> admin)09:53
Softdroidllutz: I'm the only one who is using this computer09:53
Stormshadowdevice is default09:53
llutzSoftdroid: then you screwed up your sudoers-file09:53
czardozllutz, you're right, it is wheel for arch :)09:53
Softdroidllutz: I wrote some command for fixing the audio with the skype.09:54
llutzczardoz: wheel for most distros but ubuntu09:54
Softdroidllutz: is is possible to fix it again?09:54
czardozSoftdroid, use "usermod"09:54
Softdroidby login as root=?09:54
czardozsee its man page09:54
czardozyes, by logging as root09:54
ruanStormshadow: is it a bold blue or just a light blue line?09:54
ruby_on_tailsi am playing some videos on youtube, weird, i get sound only from 1, all other videos are soundless, what should i do ?09:55
Softdroidhere is the command i used --> usermod -Gaudio username09:55
czardozwhy audio?09:56
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
ruanStormshadow: i have the same issue. can you hear sound if you amplify it under Effect?09:56
czardozyou need to be in the "admin" group :)09:56
Softdroidi don't know. I read this page -> http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=448909:56
SoftdroidAfter that i can't use sudo09:56
llutzSoftdroid: what's the output of "id"?09:56
Softdroidllutz: What is that mean?09:56
czardoztype "id" in terminal and press return09:57
llutzSoftdroid: lists your uid and groups you're member of09:57
Softdroidllutz: How can i do that?09:57
llutzsee czardoz Softdroid09:57
llutzwithout the quotes09:58
Softdroidwhithout any flags?09:58
llutzSoftdroid: just    id09:58
SoftdroidI dont understand09:59
Softdroidusermod id?09:59
cosmoI am trying to make it so the other computers on my home network can access the shared media folders on my machine easily can someone look at my smb.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/583460/ and see what I have set wrong?09:59
czardozSoftdroid, type "id" in terminal and press return09:59
llutzSoftdroid: just  type   id          into a terminal and give us the output09:59
s3r3n1t7Softdroid, no, just type this in a terminal without the quotes:          " id"09:59
czardozits a different command09:59
SoftdroidI get this --> uid=1000(softdroid) gid=1000(softdroid) grupper=1000(softdroid),29(audio)10:00
Stormshadowthe input level meter never changes10:01
Softdroidwhat is that mean? :)10:01
czardozso you are not in the admin group10:01
llutzSoftdroid: you kicked yourself off all groups, reboot in recovery-mode and add yourself to the default groups +admin again10:01
Stormshadowits as if the input is not set correctly10:01
SoftdroidHow could i do that10:01
Softdroidi will test it now10:02
czardozyou do that10:02
Softdroidhow can i add me to admin again?10:02
s3r3n1t7czardoz, llutz, usermod -G sets the groups, it does not append to groups.10:02
llutzs3r3n1t7: true10:02
coz_critical_max,   just saw your post... have you looked into wmctrl ?10:02
s3r3n1t7Softdroid, adduser username admin10:02
Softdroids3r3n1t7: thanks10:02
s3r3n1t7Softdroid, and ofcourse change username for your actual username10:02
Softdroids3r3n1t7: Ok10:02
_antantEvery time I try and make a soft symbolic link it gives me a broken link. What could I be doing wrong?10:02
SoftdroidI'll be back10:02
s3r3n1t7_antant, are you using relative links?10:03
czardozs3r3n1t7, usermod -G adds a user to the group I think10:03
czardozthough I might be wrong10:03
froldAny one know a beginner setup LAMP guide? Did follow: http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_lamp_for_newbies but it eg. I have problem with user right and I have a upload script  where I cant "upload"  files.. works one a live site... So a Setting guide is needed :)10:03
llutzczardoz: usermod -a -G does10:03
s3r3n1t7czardoz, it sets a new list of groups, whereas -Ga actually appends10:03
czardozI see, thanks10:04
s3r3n1t7frold, checked the log files?10:04
_antantI'm using ln -s10:04
llutzczardoz: thats why i prefer adduser over usermod in most cases, less dangerous10:04
frolds3r3n1t7: naahh - thats a little over newbie level :) Where to find those?10:04
czardozI have never used it really10:04
s3r3n1t7frold, graphical interface for log files: system- administration - log viewer10:05
s3r3n1t7_antant, paste the command you're using please.10:05
_antantln -s /mnt/STORAGE/Media /home/ant/Media10:06
Softdroids3r3n1t7: It says only Sudo can add users to the admin list10:06
llutzSoftdroid:  reboot in recovery-mode10:07
s3r3n1t7Softdroid, did you reboot into recovery mode?10:07
Kingsyanyone else had problems when browsing a windows network? in nautilus it just says "Unable to mount location" ?10:07
SoftdroidI logged out and then logged in in Recovery Console?10:07
frolds3r3n1t7: cant find any php log10:07
s3r3n1t7frold, look for an apache log10:07
Softdroids3r3n1t7:  How can I reboot to recovery mode?10:07
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"10:08
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:08
Softdroids3r3n1t7: thanks10:08
ruani'm seeing my other windows computer under Network, and i havent set it up to be there, why is it there?10:09
_antants3r3n1t7: what is wrong with  ln -s /mnt/STORAGE/Media /home/ant/Media    ?10:09
Kingsyanyone had that issue before?10:10
=== ogra is now known as Guest67326
frolds3r3n1t7: no such log... But eg. only sudo have access to var/www10:11
=== Guest67326 is now known as ogra_
itda1032whats the new name for java-6-sun ? i can't find that plugin anymore on my server...10:12
sunitI am trying to make a cron job with command  ./pan.sh file='/opt/data-integration/MainTransaction.ktr' with 45 minute interval where the path is /opt/Pentaho/data-integration in ubuntu 8.04 LTS server10:12
s3r3n1t7_antant, does the first location exist?10:12
sunitplease suggest me what shall I do ?10:12
ruanitda1032: sun-java6-10:12
s3r3n1t7frold, that's odd, apache should have a log there ....10:12
_antantmost certainly does10:12
frolds3r3n1t7: I might be blind...10:12
ruanitda1032: which plugin though?10:13
_antantHA! What a moron. No, it doesn't. I had it mounted differently than before apparently.10:13
_antantCheers, s3r3n1t710:13
s3r3n1t7frold, hmm oddly enough, neither does it show for me. Oh well, let's see if i understand. You have a script, that's under /var/www, which you would like the www user to be the owner so it can write there?10:14
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Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps is there a bug in the  recent update of  samba??10:16
s3r3n1t7sunit, you'll have to write a few lines, then specify which hours it should run at 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes10:16
=== Claudinux_ is now known as Claudinux
Eryn_1983_FLi am getting  alot of  errors10:16
frolds3r3n1t7:  thats the first issue I guess.. Well, I dont know what the default owner is when you run a localhost? I just want to be able to test some scripts locally :)10:17
=== corey is now known as Guest55705
s3r3n1t7sunit, oh, you can use */45 * * * * command10:17
Eryn_1983_FLMar 22 06:16:00 gabrielle kernel: [ 1331.916404] CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -8810:17
=== Guest55705 is now known as Anonymous1
Eryn_1983_FLMar 22 06:16:00 gabrielle kernel: [ 1331.916450] CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -8810:17
Eryn_1983_FLMar 22 06:16:00 gabrielle kernel: [ 1331.916495] CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -8810:17
Eryn_1983_FLMar 22 06:16:00 gabrielle kernel: [ 1331.916541] CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -8810:17
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FloodBot1Eryn_1983_FL: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:17
s3r3n1t7Eryn_1983_FL, don't paste here, use pastebin10:17
Anonymous11hey is there anyway to get GPU acceleration on my videos?10:17
s3r3n1t7frold, should be the www-data user10:17
Eryn_1983_FLit was  4 lines thats the max.10:17
Eryn_1983_FLso whats the  deal with  samba10:18
frolds3r3n1t7: group10:18
s3r3n1t7frold, i think that's also www-data, let me confirm here though10:19
s3r3n1t7Eryn_1983_FL, you should really google that error, it has so much useful information. http://forums.fedoraforum.org/archive/index.php/t-81209.html for example.10:19
sunits3r3n1t7: thanks for reply.what shall be full command ?10:19
motaka2does openoffice has a special channel ?10:20
s3r3n1t7sunit, for the folder that you're trying to write in, do this: sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/thefolder10:21
ruan!oo | motaka210:21
ubottumotaka2: a free and open source office suite that includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components. To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #openoffice.org.10:21
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motaka2ruan: I need to expand the dreawing area in oo draw , do u have any experience in that?10:22
joabI'm running lucid and seem to have a pstree binary linked to libtermcap.so.2 and I can't figure out why. On my other server also running lucid it's linked to libncurses.so.5 as it should be.10:23
ruanmotaka2: i dont have any experience with openoffice10:23
motaka2ruan: thank you anyway10:23
ruanmotaka2: you can try in #openoffice.org10:23
sunits3r3n1t7: Please clarify. I could not understand10:23
motaka2ruan: I did , it seems like one o fthose rooms that no one answers u10:23
Anonymous11hey is there anyway to get GPU acceleration on my videos?10:24
Anonymous11ATI video card10:24
ruanmotaka2: hmm i got it10:24
ruanmotaka2: right click page > page > page setup10:24
frolds3r3n1t7: Was it www-data:www-data for var/www ?10:25
ecinx3what's tthe difference between ipp pdl-datastream and printer when seting up a printer?10:25
Mika__is it possible to make 1 primary partition and under it 1 extentened partition and under it 64 logical partitions? so its like 4 x 64  logical partitions?10:26
sl33k_the update manager says i dont have enough memory? what do?10:26
stephaaanMika__, 64 partitions? Just out of curiousity, what for? :)10:26
motaka2ruan: wonderful thank you10:27
Mika__lol just for fun...nothing serious :P10:27
Mika__i wanna just know that10:27
ruanmotaka2: you're welcome :)10:27
ruanMika__: have you tried in gparted?10:27
Mika__no i dont have linux now front of me :/10:28
ruanthough i think it may be possible10:28
Softdroids3r3n1t7: I could not fix it10:29
ruanbut very messy10:29
Softdroids3r3n1t7: I went to recovery mode and picked the root option10:29
s3r3n1t7frold, the /var/www folder is the one that www-data should own,10:30
kaushalwill FF 4 ported to 10.10 ?10:30
Mika__i dont care...i like messy :P10:30
llutzMika__: you only can have one extended partition holding logical drives10:30
Softdroids3r3n1t7: But it ask for my password and doesnt accepted my old sudo pass10:30
s3r3n1t7Mika__, no, only 1 extended partition and under that you can have a nearly unlimited amount of logical.10:30
Mika__this is what im talking about10:31
sl33k_how do i update? manager shos low memopry?10:31
cutiyar_while cheking for new update in update manager it give me this window error http://pastebin.com/evnSLQ7k10:31
llutzs3r3n1t7: you can't since the device minor-/major-numbering limits the amount10:31
ruansl33k_: update what exactly?10:31
psilocyberuan: thats what i asked him before, but then he ignored my question :)10:32
sl33k_ruan: packages by update manager10:32
s3r3n1t7llutz, google tells me that it's only limited by the amount of drive space10:32
ruansl33k_: low memory? how much do you have free?10:33
sl33k_psilocybe: fyi, i did not ignore intentionally10:33
cutiyar_while cheking for new update in update manager it give me this window error http://pastebin.com/evnSLQ7k10:33
psilocybeyou ignored me unintentionally :D10:33
critical_maxruan: haha, apparently AutoHotkey got packaged in ubuntu while I wasn't looking... geez... also, xvkbd did fail to send messages to this particular windows app under wine (it's worked in that situation before, just not this time)10:34
sl33k_ruan: it says i need 610 M free10:34
llutzs3r3n1t7: afaik highest device-minor number is 63, so the maximum would be /dev/sdX63  (63 -5 = 58 logical drives)10:34
ruansl33k_: how much do you have free?10:35
Ja23Why would some files, on a seperate partition but same HD, not show up?10:35
froeshi you all, how can i define the different runlevels on maverick ?10:36
llutzaeh, -4 = 59 *10:36
sl33k_ruan: how do i find that10:36
Ja23I downloaded them via Transmission (bittorrent) and they've been there for awhile, but today when I rebooted into Windows I couldn't find them, then when I came back to Ubuntu they weren't there either10:36
czardozfroes, didnt get you there10:36
Ja23But the files are actually there, just not showing up10:36
ruansl33k_: system > administration > system monitor > resources10:36
Mika__In terms of the data structures, the theoretical limit on MBR logical partitions is about 2^31 (about 2 billion), but they'd all be tiny 1-sector (normally 512-byte) partitions, and you'd need a disk with 2^32 (about 4 billion) sectors to support this many partitions. If there's a lower limit in the Linux kernel, I don't know what it is. I once put about 18 or 20 logical partitions on a disk just to test it and I had no problems wit10:37
czardozif you want to change the runlevel, use telinit10:37
cutiyar_while cheking for new update in update manager it give me this window error http://pastebin.com/evnSLQ7k10:37
froesczardoz, different runlevels runlevel 3 command prompt, runlevel 5 Xorg, etc10:37
SoftdroidHow can I restore my broken sudo, please help10:38
bigmahat1ahello. I'm using 10.04 and the sound stopped wotking. Could anybody help me please?10:38
froesczardoz, i would like to define what each one of them is10:38
sl33k_ruan: 823 MiB of 1.9 GiB10:38
erUSULSoftdroid: how is it broken?10:38
llutzSoftdroid: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:38
ruansl33k_: ok, can you try to update a lower amount of applications or free up some ram?10:38
llutzerUSUL: he kicked himself from all groups but "audio"10:38
SoftdroiderUSUL: It says im not in the sudoers list anymore10:39
erUSULllutz: usermod without -a ;P10:39
czardozfroes, by default, Ubuntu does not differentiate (as far as I know)10:39
ruan!sound | bigmahat1a10:39
ubottubigmahat1a: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.10:39
llutzerUSUL: exact10:39
s3r3n1t7llutz, it's the OS that actually makes that limit. Also, IDE has the limit of 58 logical, sata does not10:39
froesfor example, what if i want on runlevel 3, tty1 console, on runlevel 4 tty1 xorg10:39
sl33k_ruan: how do i free up that much RAM10:39
ruansl33k_: check what is taking up the ram10:39
Softdroidllutz: thanks10:39
llutzs3r3n1t7: ok, i was speaking os-wise since the rest is more theoretical10:40
czardozSorry, I do not know how to configure that one10:40
s3r3n1t7llutz, then yes, you were correct10:40
erUSULSoftdroid: boot into recovery mode -> drop to root shell -> run « adduser yourusernamehere admin »10:40
ruansl33k_: what happens if you do one update?10:40
ruansl33k_: instead of all of them10:40
czardozfroes, but why would you want to change those numbers?10:40
llutzs3r3n1t7: drive you cannot address are pretty useless (for me)10:40
SoftdroiderUSUL: I just did that, but it ask for sudo password when i d10:40
livingdaylightcan I ask about kubuntu here?10:40
czardozfroes, a simple shell script will let you change runlevels10:41
s3r3n1t7llutz, but whether or not you could address then was not the issue here10:41
ruanlivingdaylight: yes10:41
s3r3n1t7Softdroid, don't use sudo10:41
llutzs3r3n1t7: then i got the initial question wrong, sry10:41
erUSULSoftdroid: if you choosed drop to root shell you do not need to use sudo10:41
SoftdroidOk, i will try again10:41
Softdroidsee you soon10:42
livingdaylightruan, installing kubuntu on laptop, but facing issues at partition section of install because I want to keep windows partition, and therefore not use 'entire' disc10:42
s3r3n1t7llutz, no apology required, we're both correct.10:42
ruanlivingdaylight: then create a new partition for ubuntu10:42
sunits3r3n1t7: Please clarify10:42
s3r3n1t7sunit, clarify what exactly?10:42
sunits3r3n1t7:what should be complete command ?10:43
livingdaylightruan, obviously, but I can't seem to further partition the half of the drive (80gb) for kubuntu. I need root / and home partitions, and boot? and swap?10:43
s3r3n1t7sunit, sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www10:43
ruaneh. i use a single partition for /root /home /boot and i dont use swap10:44
DJones!cn | hello10:44
ubottuhello: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:44
sl33k_ruan: one is working10:44
hello终于看见国语了 那个亲啊10:44
ljsoftnet!cn | hello10:44
root!cn aaa10:44
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froesczardoz, not about changing those numbers10:45
livingdaylightruan, you need sub partitions for /, home, etc10:45
ruansl33k_: then try half and half updates10:45
shruggarcan automount (or similar) be made to run an arbitrary command in order to handle the "mount" and "unmount" operations?10:45
motaka2what does panning means in english ? I look for the right term for the tool with which you can make the ccursur like a hand and navigate in a graphical page to see all parts10:45
llutzshruggar: for removable media? use udev-rules10:45
livingdaylightruan, I'd be happy if I could let ubuntu manage the one half of my hd, but i need to creat all partitions10:46
czardozfroes, on ubuntu, ALL runlevels are the same.10:46
Dannyddoes ubuntu have install using LVM?10:46
froesczardoz, it is about each runlevel, run a different set of computer services, of applications10:46
sl33k_ruan: chrome tabs take half of that i think10:46
FloodBot1Guest72835: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:46
halvorhei hei10:47
froesczardoz, any ideas on how to make the same thing ?10:47
Dannyddoes ubuntu have an install using LVM?10:47
czardozfroes, what exactly do you want to do? Configure runlevels?10:47
Dannyddoes ubuntu have an install using LVM option?10:47
arandDannyd: Using the alternate install CD yes10:47
critical_maxgah, it's actually *autokey*, not autohotkey, different app! In other words, I got keyword sniped with apt-cache search :)10:48
froesczardoz, exactlly10:48
psilocybeDannyd: Repeating can be very annoying, repeating can be very annoying :P10:48
shruggarllutz, no, for "cd /magic/directory" -> [mount something behind the scenes]. Specifically I want to be able to just go to /var/snapshots/SomeNumber and have something mount a nilfs2 snapshot for me10:48
halvorhave anyone ever experienced such things with network-manager, wicd or connman that the wifi is off in the applet, but ifconfig shows it's up okkei?10:48
livingdaylightcan someone help me with kubuntu?10:48
czardozfroes, have a look: http://www.debianadmin.com/debian-and-ubuntu-linux-run-levels.html10:48
halvorand i can't even turn it on with any of the mentioned applets10:48
czardozfroes, it has detailed instructions on how to configure :)10:49
erUSULshruggar: autofs?10:49
ruanstrange. i have a single partition on my hard drive for everything10:49
llutzshruggar: sounds not like a thing udev can do, no idea sry10:49
livingdaylightany kubuntu experts in the house?10:49
sl33k_ruan: this does not have anything to do with disk size, does it?10:49
ruansl33k_: i doubt it10:50
phoenixsamprasI cant Find SWAT to admin Samba? !! help10:50
shruggarerUSUL, yeah, I was looking into autofs, but I don't see any way to run arbitrary commands for the mount/unmount steps, and nilfs2 requires that I mark checkpoints as "snapshots" prior to mounting them10:50
Dannydarand: how do I get an alternate CD?10:50
llutz!info swat| phoenixsampras10:50
ubottu'phoenixsampras' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable10:50
llutz!info swat10:50
ubottuswat (source: samba): Samba Web Administration Tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3 (maverick), package size 2196 kB, installed size 6900 kB10:50
elFidelphoenixsampras: define "cant find"10:50
sl33k_thanks ruan10:50
llutzphoenixsampras: sudo apt-get install swat10:50
obscurant1stanyone with experiance on installing  armel architecture ubuntu into any android device? if so, pls let me, i am stuck at one point!10:51
Dannydpsilocybe: im almost going to repeat the question now10:51
Dannydhow do I get an alternate CD? ok i repeated it?10:52
froesczardoz, that article is not UPSTART friendly10:52
arand!alternate | Dannyd10:52
ubottuDannyd: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal10:52
Dannydhttp://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download has just one CD10:52
froesczardoz, if it was, i wasnt haning this problem10:52
llutzDannyd: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download10:52
Softdroid_erUSUL: When i drop to root shell it says -> type root password for maintance or Ctrl+D to continue10:52
Softdroid_erUSUL: So i can't go to root shell10:53
bullgard4Does it make sense to copy the file banshee.db to another computer?10:53
sl33k_how do i find what version my pip is?10:53
czardozfroes, hmm, then i cant help, soory :)10:53
NCS_OneI'm copying a libQt4pas.so.5.2.1 with 3 sym links but when I do "sudo ldconfig" I get "/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib/libQt4Pas.so.5 is not a symbolic link", what can be wrong?10:53
erUSULSoftdroid_: tried crtl + D ?10:53
erUSULsl33k_: what is pip?10:53
bullgard4sl33k_: What is "pip"?10:53
Softdroid_erUSUL: Yes, I come back to the main menu10:53
phoenixsamprasstupid Ubuntu software center, dont have the Swat stuff...10:54
froesthe thing is that even on ubuntu linux you cannot do it ?? so that if my board anytime in life fails the computer will never start because it will give me kernel panic10:54
erUSULSoftdroid_: did you enabled the root account at some point?10:54
sl33k_bullgard4, erUSUL: python installer package i guess10:54
Softdroid_erUSUL: Yes, but I disabled it again10:54
froessorry .. ubuntu server you cant10:54
bullgard4phoenixsampras: Pebkac10:54
erUSULSoftdroid_: how did you disabled it?10:54
erUSULSoftdroid_: because it looks like the system thinks is still enabled ...10:55
Softdroid_erUSUL: I found a command line that make it inactive10:55
critical_maxcoz_: just saw your post, checking into wmctrl now10:55
coz_critical_max, cool10:55
erUSULSoftdroid_: do you remember the command?10:55
critical_maxcoz_: my ideal solution integrates well with a bash wrapper. my task ultimately involves repackaging and a lot of messy glue10:55
Softdroid_erUSUL: I cant search for it10:55
bullgard4sl33k_: You can use Synaptic for that purpose.10:55
erUSULSoftdroid_: it would help10:56
coz_critical_max,  understood... not sure what the best solution would be for this.. wouldnt mind having a nice  very functional automator myself :)10:56
Softdroid_erUSUL: I think i wrote --> sudo passwd -l root10:56
sl33k_bullgard4: which folder are the packages installed?10:57
critical_maxcoz_: sadly, wmctrl doesn't work for wine apps (like most other linux automation tools...)10:57
critical_maxcoz_: the issue has been tracked down to wine not implementing stuff right for it yet, iirc10:58
sunits3r3n1t7: shall I write  */45 * * * *  sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www//opt/Pentaho/data-integration/pan.sh file='/opt/data-integration/MainTransaction.ktr ?10:58
erUSULSoftdroid_: :/10:58
critical_maxcoz_: so i'm going to use my fresh autoit install in wine to do it :)10:58
Softdroid_erUSUL: What is that mean ? :)10:58
coz_critical_max,  oh cool10:58
s3r3n1t7sunit, you're mixing replies, which is not good. No.10:58
erUSULSoftdroid_: more problems...10:58
critical_maxcoz_: yah, autoit is like a cadillac compared to all those other apps anyway *ducks*10:58
Softdroid_erUSUL: So the only way is to format it?10:59
erUSULSoftdroid_: you will have to use a livecd and chroot.10:59
sunits3r3n1t7: what shall I do ?10:59
coz_critical_max,  I will have to revisit my search and check out this autoit  :)10:59
Softdroid_erUSUL: I have a live CD, what is chroot10:59
s3r3n1t7sunit, ask your question again, to the channel.10:59
bullgard4sl33k_: Usually the pckages are only installed temporarily on your local computer unless you say differently otherwise. As a rule Ubuntu will delete them after having installed the package files on your computer and configured them.10:59
erUSULSoftdroid_: boot into the livecd and enter here11:00
critical_maxcoz_: both autohotkey and autoit work pretty well in wine, autohotkey being a fork of autoit. which one you use probably will depend on pre-existing scripts you can reuse written for one or the other. barrier of entry for both is tiny11:00
sl33k_bullgard4: the executables?11:00
coz_critical_max,  mm thanks,,, i am checking it out now11:01
bullgard4sl33k_: executables are files and no packages.11:01
critical_maxcoz_: i'm just not sure how well i can grab environment variables set by my wrapper script..that will be the fun part11:01
sl33k_bullgard4: my bad, i mean the packages11:01
sunit_ s3r3n1t7: what shall I do ?11:01
coz_critical_max,  good luck on that... would be nice to use something like this to create a compiz ... automated desktop... for a demo11:01
bullgard4sl33k_: So please put a complete sentence question here.11:01
critical_maxcoz_: if you're trying to impress your boss, i'd go right to Sikuli, it seems to be the new hotness11:02
sl33k_bullgard4: my bad11:02
coz_critical_max,  :)  will check that out as well11:02
psilocybesl33k_: come on man, youve been here for over 2 hours and yet you still failed to qsk one simple question xD11:02
bullgard4sl33k_: So how can I help you understanding?11:03
psilocybesl33k_: i have been trying to help you, like other people in here11:03
ruanany mouse macroing applications for linux?11:03
ruani've searched the repos but havent found anything11:03
psilocybesl33k_: please buy a linux book or something11:03
phoenixsamprashelp, i cant find the package 'LDAP ACCOUNT MANAGER' where is it??11:03
sl33k_psilocybe: why am i on your case today :D11:03
sl33k_its not monday god darit11:04
cutiyar_while cheking for new update in update manager it give me this window error http://pastebin.com/evnSLQ7k11:04
llutz!info ldap-account-manager11:04
ubottuldap-account-manager (source: ldap-account-manager): webfrontend for managing accounts in an LDAP directory. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.1.0-1 (maverick), package size 5254 kB, installed size 19836 kB11:04
psilocybesl33k_: Because i tried to help you and i keep seeing you asking the same vague questions over and over, and when someone asks details you stop talking11:04
llutzphoenixsampras: learn to use "apt-get search"11:04
psilocybesl33k_: it almost looks like youre trolling around11:04
llutzphoenixsampras: sudo apt-get install ldap-account-manager11:04
phoenixsamprasllutz: wow, works, thanks bro, ubuntu rocks11:05
sl33k_psilocybe: no trolling here i assure you,11:05
psilocybesl33k_: so, please think of a real good question you can ask, so that people can actually give you a satisfying answer ;)11:05
zvacetcutiyar_:  try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade if you still get errors paste it here11:06
Softdroid_erUSUL: I\m back stating with a live cd11:07
cutiyar_zvacet, i tried with it before ,i get this error in ap-get update http://pastebin.com/ytApkwqL11:07
erUSULSoftdroid_: you know what your ubuntu root partition is?11:08
Softdroid_erUSUL: Yes, I know11:08
zvacetcutiyar_:  beryl is not supported any more you have compiz instead remove that line from your source list11:09
erUSULSoftdroid_: sudo mount -t auto /dev/sdxx /mnt/11:09
Softdroid_erUSUL: /dev/sdb111:09
erUSULSoftdroid_: sudo mount -t auto /dev/sdb1 /mnt/11:09
s3r3n1t7cutiyar_, no caps please11:10
cutiyar_s3r3n1t7, please shut the fuck upppp , i forget it11:10
=== no is now known as Guest5317
zvacetcutiyar_:  gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and remove that line11:10
bazhangcutiyar_, stop the cursing now11:10
czardozcutiyar_, :-/11:10
Softdroid_erUSUL: Ok, its done11:11
elkycutiyar_, none of that attitude please :(11:11
s3r3n1t7cutiyar_, no reason to start swearing. I'm asking you a normal question, that's no way to respond.11:11
zvacet!language | cutiyar_11:11
ubottucutiyar_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:11
cutiyar_s3r3n1t7, i forget it m if i repeat it u can say this11:11
erUSULSoftdroid_: sudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev/ && sudo mount --bind /proc/ /mnt/proc/ && sudo mount --bind /sys/ /mnt/sys/11:11
froesmy friend has a laptop with that has intel graphics. everytime he puts a flash movie on fullscreen, the sound keeps going but everything else freezes. i try killing everything, but it looks like nothing happens... anyone have any ideas ?11:11
Softdroid_erUSUL:  OK, done11:12
erUSULSoftdroid_:  sudo chroot /mnt/11:12
Softdroid_erUSUL: Ok, done11:12
erUSULSoftdroid_: adduser yourusernamehere admin11:13
Softdroid_erUSUL:  Done11:13
Softdroid_erUSUL: Can i reboot now_11:14
erUSULSoftdroid_: unlock root account « sudo passwd -u root » change password to blank/empty one « sudo passwd root » then lock it again « sudo passwd -l root »11:14
erUSULSoftdroid_: then you can reboot without the livecd11:14
Softdroid_erUSUL:  How can i chnage it to blank_11:16
KolakCCCan I host a webserver and a vnc server on the same port?11:16
erUSULSoftdroid_: press enter when asked11:16
jackleehow do u get flash working on ubuntu 64bit11:16
erUSULKolakCC: no11:16
jackleei have tried everything11:16
Softdroid_erUSUL:  when i just hit the reutn it says No password supplied11:16
erUSULjacklee: just install it like you do in 32 bits.11:16
erUSULSoftdroid_: :/ well then do not do that step. just reboot11:16
bullgard4Does it make sense to copy the file banshee.db to another computer?11:17
iwiiHi. Has anyone managed to set a custom message in empathy with the "busy" icon?11:19
jackleeerUSUL, i tried going to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/11:21
jackleebut no luck11:21
jackleealso tried through aptitude11:21
SoftdroiderUSUL: Don't know how to thank you11:21
SoftdroiderUSUL: Thank you for giving me your time11:21
SoftdroidGod bless you11:21
erUSULSoftdroid: no problem. you have to add yur users to a few more groups now11:22
sacarlsonjacklee: what about the restricted extra package ?11:22
SoftdroiderUSUL: hmm. How can I do that?11:22
jackleei have deb http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic main restricted11:23
erUSULSoftdroid: audio plugdev scanner video come to mind... you also have to be in a group named like your username11:23
jackleein my sources list11:23
erUSULSoftdroid: sudo adduser youruserhere groupname11:23
erUSULSoftdroid: repeat11:23
erUSULSoftdroid: then log out and log in again11:23
SoftdroiderUSUL: How can I find the groupnames?11:23
v_vSoftdroid: cat /etc/group ?11:24
phoenixsampraswhat is the service name for SAMBA?11:24
sacarlsonjacklee: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras as seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats11:24
sl33k_How to remove a particular package?11:24
phoenixsamprassl33k_: synaptic11:24
SoftdroiderUSUL: Thanks alot11:25
zvacetjacklee:  see http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/install-flash-10-ubuntu-linux-64bit.html11:26
sniperjofor some reason when i use the mplayer from a bash script after it plays the file it exits both mplayer and the bash script, without finishing the bash script. Any ideas what is causing this  ?11:26
zvacetsl33k_: from synaptic11:26
sl33k_thank you both11:26
czardozsniperjo, add an "&" at the end of the last command11:27
jackleezvacet, works perfect !11:29
=== C`ArokiaDass is now known as HarrY^Nova
sniperjo_Ive got a bash script uses mplayer to play a video file. After mplayer is done playing the file, it quits and seems to quit the bash script before it can finnish. Any ideas why this is happening / how to stop it ?11:30
zvacetjacklee: good  :)11:31
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soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: What does your script look like?11:32
jackleeone more question..11:34
jackleehow can i update my applications without breaking my nvidia-driver11:34
jribjacklee: use update-manager11:34
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard: mplayer -zoom -fs thefile.mp4 , once the video is finiished playing mplayer outputs "Exiting... End of file"  and dies, and seems to kill my bash script with it11:34
jackleei have sony vpcz1 and it was a pain to get the nvida driver working..11:34
AndrewMachey guys, how would i force a reinstall of the base python on ubuntu, i think its 2.4 but i could be mistaken11:35
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: Is there anything after that line in the bash script?11:35
jribjacklee: why?  Just use Additional Drivers to get the nvidia drivers.  That way update-manager handles the updates for nvidia too.11:35
jribAndrewMac: why?  Reinstalling rarely fixes anything?11:35
Fuchsjacklee: updating applications should never break the driver.11:35
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard:  yea.. echo "why isnt this working"11:35
Fuchsjacklee: updating the kernel might, if you installed the driver manually. But then you can still choose the old kernel at boot time11:35
freebseupdating the kernel or drivers does11:35
freebseapt-get update can not harm the system apt-get upgrade hm, because then it could be that X is updated11:36
jackleeit wants me to update to 10.04.111:36
jackleeif i update the kernel it may break my driver11:37
jribjacklee: how did you install the driver?11:37
jackleebecause won't the libs be incorrect.11:37
freebsethis called update in Ubunut, but actually it is an upgrade incl dist-upgrade... I don't like it, that they call it update11:37
jribfreebse: huh?11:37
Picifreebse: A dist-upgrade isn't supposed to upgrade you to a new release of Ubuntu.  Its a misnomer.11:38
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: Hmm.. I made a script writing mplayer mp3.mp3; echo "Hi" and it worked fine..11:38
freebsekrib: the update-manager does call a distribution upgrade not upgrade but update in Ubunut, this is confusing11:38
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: Echoes "Hi" after playing the file.11:38
jribfreebse: read « man apt-get » on what exactly the "dist-upgrade" command does11:38
freebsePici: forget dist-upgrade11:38
freebsePici: but from version 10.04 to 10.10 is an upgrade not an update11:39
jribfreebse: oh11:39
jackleejrib i downloaded a certain nvidia driver from the internet to get the screen to work11:39
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: Do you have #!/bin/bash in the start of the file?11:39
jribjacklee: yes, get rid of that one and use System → Administration → Additional Drivers instead11:40
erUSULsniperjo_: just paste the whole script in a pastebin...11:40
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard, hang on ill posit it on pastebin11:40
jackleewhen i installed ubuntu without following the tut i would just get a black screen.11:40
jackleeno display11:40
zvacetfreebse: but sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will not upgrade to new release11:40
jackleei tried the additional drivers which didn't work11:41
offsenseanyone have used the new firefox 4?11:41
sl33k_zvacet: it only shows the option like 'mark for installation'11:41
jribI think freebse is just complaining about the wording that update-manager uses when offering a distribution upgrade to users11:41
edbianoffsense, yes and it is great11:41
freebsezvacet: I know, the only problem is the Ubuntu calls Upgrades Updates in it's graphical GUI thing11:41
v_voffsense: me me me11:41
jribjacklee: how did you try it if your screen was black?11:41
freebseright because it should be called upgrade-manager11:41
Picifreebse: You want to file a bug if you think it is misleading.11:41
offsenseedbian, v_v : lol is it much faster than current chrome ?11:41
freebsePici: it is no bug, init?11:41
edbianfreebse, It's annoying.  There are two many things that a common layperson would call 'upgrading' and they simply ran out of words11:42
v_voffsense: no11:42
edbianoffsense, I think it's as fast as chrome.11:42
zvacetsl33k_:  you also can see installed packages with green box on the left11:42
jackleejrib because had onen stange i got it to work but i couldn't go above 600by800 then i tried the addional drivers from the update manager rebooted and black screen11:42
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard:  http://pastebin.com/rQ8wuXLB11:42
critical_maxcoz_: got AutoIT to read my bash variables :) :)11:43
s1l21x1hello all11:43
sniperjo_erUSUL soerenbnoergaard : i thinks almost like its trigging the while to finnish11:43
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: So it doesn't stay in the while-loop?11:43
s1l21x1тут русские есть?11:44
feisarHi, guys, real desperate problem. how to I recover files from a directory which has had a symbolic link to itself copied in to it?11:44
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard: no, hops out of it for some reason11:44
zvacetfreebse:  my English is not so good to go with semantic but when you can upgrade to new release update manager tell you that11:44
Pici!ru | s1l21x111:44
ubottus1l21x1: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:44
sl33k_zvacet: i cant find any green box11:44
critical_maxfeisar: move it out with the file manager, not the shell?11:44
edbianfeisar, Open the file using nautilus and copy them out.11:44
edbianwow, a situation where the gui can do something the shell can't11:45
zvacetsl33k_:  you don't have any packages installed it is not possible what package you are looking for11:45
cba123I'm trying to grow a mdadm raid5 array.  Found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=517282 and it's working until the last "resize2fs /dev/md0" step, I either get "kernel doesn't support online resizing" or "device busy while trying to open" and "couldn't find valid superblock" (those last two while unmounted).11:45
jribjacklee: I think you should use Additional Drivers and troubleshoot your issues with it.  Otherwise, yes your nvidia drivers will likely break everytime you upgrade you get a new kernel11:45
sl33k_zvacet: i have downloaded some newer pre release packages. If i download the old stable packages, will it overwrite those previously installed?11:45
critical_maxfeisar: the ubuntu file manager works in many cases where bash chokes and dies, like files named "_" always happen to me. bash won't touch those.11:45
jackleesee all the trouble people have with these cards11:45
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feisaredbian: I cant open the directory it no longer has a directory icon11:46
=== arif_ali is now known as arif-ali
zvacetsl33k_:  how did you install newer package11:46
nikita_как зайти на другой канал?11:46
edbianfeisar, What kind of icon does it have?  What does file <folderName> think it is?11:46
sl33k_zvacet: i think from github11:47
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: I'm not that into bash loops, but maybe you could get it to continue even though it gets EOF.11:47
zvacetsl33k_:  debpackge?11:47
jribjacklee: the first few hits from the google search you just posted suggest you can just place a few lines in your xorg.conf11:47
sl33k_zvacet: tar11:47
jackleejrib i tried all that11:47
zvacetsl33k_:  so you compiled it ?11:47
nikita_how can i enter other channel exp: #ubuntu-ru???11:48
jackleetried all the xorg hacks11:48
Picinikita_: /join #ubuntu-ru11:48
v_vnikita_: /j #ubuntu-ru11:48
nikita_pls help i am noob in IRC11:48
critical_maxfeisar: i'm confused about how you even got to where you are at: normally "ln -s somefile somefile" fails to overwrite the original\11:48
jribjacklee: well then your options are either to use a ppa with a version of the nvidia driver that works or set up dkms with your manually installed driver or install the driver yourself everytime the kernel upgrades11:49
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3628677/how-to-make-tclsh-to-ignore-eof Perhaps this could help?11:49
zvacetsl33k_:  I think if you try to install older version that you will get message that newer version is already installed if you insist to install older one newer will be probably removed11:49
sl33k_zvacet: cool11:49
jackleejrib how do you tell which video card driver is currently installed, as i did this about 6months ago11:50
feisaredbian: ok here's what happens. Create a folder and put a file in. Right click and make a link to that. Drag the link to the desktop, call it the same name as the directory it's pointing to then drop it in the folder containing the original dir and say yes to merge11:50
jribjacklee: don't know how to determine which version of the manually installed nvidia driver is currently installed.  Maybe run nvidia-settings11:50
critical_maxfeisar: ok that makes more sense. and i have never done that, so i can't help. sorry.11:50
freebsejacklee: in this case I would not upgrade the kernel, I would compile my own kernel and leave it like that, there is no need in updating kernels really, when system is running on an old one11:51
jribfreebse: except for security reasons?11:51
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard:  so you think bash is getting confused which EOF its found ?11:51
edbianfeisar, You're vague and confusing me.  Can you show me in terminal commands?  It's probably the most explicit and shortest way.11:51
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: Well, it seems mplayer is calling End of file on exit. Try it11:51
freebsejrib: patch 2.4.26.xx to 2.4.26.YYY, no need to install a new one11:52
freebsejrib: ok forget about it, because then you have to implement patches by hand etc11:52
PeteinHi. Is it possible to have 1 pc tower, and create 2 dump terminals which will be able to use the pc resources? (have their own keyboard, mouse, monitor)11:53
jackleeok cool well im using nvidia driver 260.19.29.. with the kernel 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:05:01 UTC 2009 x86_6411:53
jackleewhich is pretty old..11:53
jribjacklee: what ubuntu version?11:54
erUSULjrib: dmesg | grep -i "nvidia unix" --> NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  *260.19.44*  Sun Feb 27 22:41:03 PST 201111:54
jriberUSUL: thanks11:54
jribjacklee: that's not an ubuntu version...11:54
bullgard4Does it make sense to copy the Banshee file banshee.db to another computer?11:54
freebsePatein: it is possible11:55
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard:  export ignoreeof=1 doesnt change anything11:55
edbianbullgard4, It is mostly path names to the music files.  If you have the music files on the other computer in the same directories it would work.  The db doesn't actually save the music in it.11:55
Picijacklee: lsb_release -a or cat /etc/issue11:55
ranjanHi all, i have a genuine doubt.11:55
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: Worth a shot...11:55
edbianbullgard4, I've actually had to edit it before11:55
edbianranjan, How genuine?11:55
sunitI am trying to create a cron job with */40 * * * *       /opt/Pentaho/data-integration/pan.sh -file='/opt/data-integration/MainTransaction.ktr' > /tmp/pan.log 2>&1 where the job will run every 40 minute11:55
feisaredbian: I can get this far with the terminal http://pastebin.com/McXS7NhP11:56
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard : someone from the mplayer board said :  while read line; do echo "$line"; mplayer -really-quiet "$line"; done <playlist1 # that plays the first file, but skips around in it and stuff, like it's getting commands from the playlist...11:56
sunitI am correct ?11:56
jackleethanks pici11:56
jribjacklee: if you upgrade to 10.10 you'll likely have things "just work"11:56
feisaredbian: (Thanks for the help)11:56
ranjanedbian, we gnu/linux users are against proprietary software, and is all the artwork for free software like ubuntu done with free designing tools??!!11:56
edbianfeisar, Doing my best to be helpful!  Don't thank me yet11:56
bullgard4edbian: I have the music on an USB hard drive.11:56
jackleejrib 10.10 is what i tried to install in the first place :(11:56
StrabeSomebody may help me please? I want to edit "Places" menu, but I could not find any way11:56
jribjacklee: and?11:56
bullgard4edbian: How did you edid banshee.db?11:57
bullgard4edbian: How did you edit banshee.db?11:57
feisaredbian: but then using the gui I copy the link from the desktop to the home folder and click merge. Can I get back the file that was inside 'test'?11:57
edbianranjan, Oh man.  If you care that much about free software you should be using Debian.  I'm not sure about ubuntu but I'm pretty sure in Debian the answer is yes.11:57
zvacetjacklee: this is just possibility but ifyou upgrade to lucid maybe you can solve graphic problem11:57
freebseedbian: the answer is YES :)11:57
Piciranjan: The answer is: mostly yes.11:57
StrabeSomebody help PLEASEEEEEEE?11:57
hemzaI want to install Ubuntu Lucid, pcBSD 8.1 and fedora 14 on the some machine ... is it possible to use one and  the same swap for them all.11:57
soerenbnoergaardsniperjo_: I have to go now, but maybe someone on #mplayer can help you. Good luck :)11:58
sniperjo_soerenbnoergaard: thanks for the help11:58
zvacetjacklee:  karmic is supported until april ofthis teat so you will have to upgrade any way11:58
scarleohemza: yes11:58
PiciStrabe: Open a nautilus window (your file manager) and go to bookmarks.11:58
edbianbullgard4, It's just a sqllight database.  I used some package.  I don't remember which.11:58
ranjanPici, Mostly means !??? that means afterall proprieatry software is needed for the survival of opensource and free software isnt it?11:58
bullgard4edbian: ok. Thank you.11:58
StrabeI want to edit PLACES MENU, Someone knows, PLEASE?!!11:58
ranjanedbian, are you sure about that?11:59
PiciStrabe: I just told you.11:59
hemzascarleo, but i think i cxan not use the hibernate mode11:59
jackleethen i tried that someone installed this nvidia driver and got it working on 9.1011:59
StrabeI didn't see it Pici O.o11:59
jackleethats why i instaleld that11:59
Piciranjan: There are not always open source replacements for commercial software.11:59
jackleetrust me i would prefer to have just installed 10.1011:59
Strabewhat means that11:59
jribjacklee: ok, but why don't you just install 10.10?  What went wrong?11:59
PiciStrabe: Which part don't you understand?11:59
StrabeI just want to remove stuff and add some places11:59
jackleejrib blackscreen11:59
freebsePici: ya because ppl feel ok using closed source also on GNU/Linux11:59
Strabeon the menu12:00
edbianfreebse, Try to get the file out of there mv /home/simon/Desktop/test/doc.txt /home/simon/Desktop/doc.txt    You said you can't open the file with nautilus?12:00
PiciStrabe: Which part don't you understand?12:00
StrabeThe one that says commercial stuff12:00
PiciStrabe: Did that have your nick in front of it?12:00
freebseedbian: hm12:00
PiciStrabe: again: Open a nautilus window (your file manager) and go to bookmarks.12:00
scarleohemza: So you have them installed already? And hibernation doesn't work in Ubuntu Lucid then, right?12:00
jackleeonly the default driver worked which the res was ugly then i installed the addional drivers and black screen after reboot12:00
hemzaStrabe, when i creat a folder in my home it added automatically to Places Menu12:01
feisaredbian: mv: cannot stat `/home/simon/test/doc.txt': Too many levels of symbolic links12:01
jribjacklee: the nvidia driver in the repositories is a higher version than the one you are using now12:01
edbianfeisar, Can you open it with nautilus?12:01
StrabeOn bookmarks it doesn't let me delete and doesn't show places like HDD's12:01
ranjanPici, does that mean that we should depend on proprietary software and at the same time curse them.12:01
jribjacklee: which package did you install exactly, do you remember?12:01
feisaredbian: no: The Link "test" is Broken. Move it to the Rubbish Bin? This link cannot be used, because its target "/home/simon/test/" doesn't exist.12:02
jackleejrib tempting12:02
Piciranjan: I think this discussion is getting off-topic for this support channel. I'd be happy to clarify myself in #ubuntu-offtopic12:02
jackleeif i do the command said before.. i get back [    7.091636] NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  260.19.29  Wed Dec  8 12:08:56 PST 201012:02
edbianfeisar, I think what you did when you merged was delete the folder and its contents.  Then you have a link pointing to nothing. (itself)12:02
hemzascarleo, No, not yet ... this my project, i like Linux flavors and Unix for that i want to tray them all12:02
StrabePici: That bookmarks option just let me add or delete 4 places of 12 showing on menu12:03
PiciStrabe: Which places is it not letting you modify?12:03
feisaredbian: oh dear, that's really bad (it's actually my brother who has probably now lost his uni work). Thanks for your time anyway. Would 'Foremost' help?12:03
scarleohemza: How do you know you can't hibernate if you haven't installed Ubuntu yet? Or was it a general question? Hibernation will normally work, yes12:04
StrabePici: When I click places menu, it shows HDDs, and some folders. Actually when I click on bookmarks, hdd's are not showingfor example.12:04
edbianfeisar, No idea what Foremost is.  Why did you do what you did with the symlink?  What were you trying to do?  You should look into data backup recovery.  It's hard.  I've never done it before.12:04
scarleohemza: You should have a swap that is larger than your RAM size for hibernation12:04
jackleei dont think i can go from 9.10 to 10.10 anyways..12:04
=== DingGGu is now known as LyukO
jribjacklee: because?12:04
jackleeonly to 10.04LTS12:05
scheuriI am not sure I am right here, but....I have a laptop that has wireless and an usb stick to get to (gsm) networks. How can I make my laptop to be an access point for others to share internet (aka android 2.2 as access point sharing its connection)? Any one a how to somewhere? Thanks a lot!12:05
scheurihi all12:05
feisaredbian: he did it by mistake, dragged a link from the left bar in nautilus to the desktop and then dragged back to the main window by mistake instead of the links bar on the left12:05
jribjacklee: well yes, you have to go to 10.04 before going to 10.10.  Let me check whet nvidia driver is available in 10.0412:05
edbianjacklee, Go to system -> admin -> software sources -> change the drop down from LTS releases to 'normal releases' and you will be able to.12:05
guampahow can i make make-kpkg to not add its own xxxxx-xxxxxxxx suffix to my kernel/debs after my own suffix i added with --append-to-version ?12:05
PiciStrabe: one moment12:05
jribjacklee: on 10.04 the latest driver in the repository is older than your current one :)12:07
hemzascarleo, i know that. if you hibernate your Ubuntu session for example and the next time you choose to use pcBSD ur hibernation data in swap will destroyed... this is my idea12:07
PiciStrabe: Can you pastebin the contents of /etc/fstab   and then of    mount12:07
Strabeby doing cat?12:08
jackleeedbian, i dont have software sources12:08
jackleejrib really maybe it could work12:08
jribsunit: yes, that should run every 40 minutes12:08
StrabePici: PM'd u12:08
edbianjacklee, Software sources is a GUI that controls what repositories you're using.12:08
scarleohemza: Ah, ok. But if you resume from hibernation you will always get back to your last session, you cant start another o when resuming from OS, you need to reboot to do that12:09
hemza<Strabe> what do you want to do?12:09
jribjacklee: honestly, I think 10.10 would work.  And if it doesn't well you can still just install the manual drivers and be in your current situation but on 10.1012:09
terryStrabe: cp /etc/fstab info ; mount >> info ; pastebinit info ; rm info12:09
Strabehemza: just to edit places menu like I want12:09
sunitjrib: thanks12:09
PiciStrabe: Please use a pastebin like http://paste.ubuntu.com so that its easier to read and that others can see it.12:10
StrabePici: lol ok, will do.12:10
hemzaStrabe, you want to add new folders or new partitions ???? it is different12:10
jackleecan i make it so i can upload from 9.10 to 10.10 from the terminal12:10
NeosanoHello. sooo.. I have ubuntu installed on my usb. I heard there are ways to decrease write to usb (some boot options or smth). How?12:10
hemzascarleo, you are right12:10
Strabehemza: I just want to edit the "Places" menu. adding or deleting stuff. Like a harddisk that I dont want shown, and changing icon from a folder I've already added.12:11
terryjacklee: You mean you want to do a distribution upgrade?12:11
zvacetjacklee: you can not skip versions first you will have to upgrade to 10.04 and then 10.1012:11
PiciStrabe: I'm looking at this thread myself, it seems to describe the issue you're having: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136147812:11
jackleehmm i might run into 10.04 driver issues then12:12
StrabePici: Will look, thanks. http://pastebin.com/dfsYz0tm12:12
jackleedamn nvidia! :)12:12
terryjacklee: I doubt it.12:12
dnivrajacklee: or you could just backup all installed pacages, install 10.10 and restore all the packages?12:12
terryjacklee: Is your current system fully updated?12:12
remoteCTRL1can u pls recommend me a gui client for ssh transfers? (i.e. scp?)12:12
pipepahello, good morning. I am having compatibility problems using openofice.org presentation. When I try to open it in windows power point the presentations made wont open12:13
PiciremoteCTRL1: filezilla?12:13
terrydnivra: I think you mean back up data12:13
hemzascarleo, thnx ... now i will install them all12:13
scarleohemza: good luck12:13
dnivraremoteCTRL1: go to system -> places -> connect to server. you can use access via GUI-nautilus.12:13
jackleei ran apt-get update just before12:13
Neosanopipepa just change the format when saving documents12:13
pipepaor they woudl open but no properly, some pages in blank... does anyone knows how to deal with compatibility maters between openofice presentation and windows powerpoint12:13
Neosanopipepa as far as I know openoffice uses its own format.12:13
terryremoteCTRL1: Use scp in a GUI terminal window.  (See man ssh)12:13
dnivraterry: and that too. one can backup all installed packages in ubuntu and restore it too :). just three or four commands will do :).12:14
pipepaor any other program to make presentations with beter compatibility?12:14
jribterry: heh...12:14
remoteCTRL1Pici: filezilla can do that? interesting thanks!12:14
freebsepipepa: you can't,m say thx to Microsoft12:14
terrydnivra: How do you backup packages?12:14
airtonixscheuri: it depends on your wifi device , **very few** devices intended to be client NICs will go into master mode (the mode required to act as a proper access point), you can attempt to provide an adhoc connection but then you're limited to wep encryption12:14
remoteCTRL1terry: which was what i was trying to avoid as i have so many files in so many different folders to copy...12:14
remoteCTRL1dnivra: also very interesting, thanks!12:14
freebsepipepa: no, sorry, PPT is not a free format12:15
jribremoteCTRL1: that's exactly when most would prefer command-line :)12:15
pipepaany suggestions of other programs in ubuntu to make presentations?12:15
zvacet!clone | terry12:15
ubottuterry: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:15
airtonixpipepa: PDFs can be used to do presentations12:15
jackleeok i think im going to try it :S12:15
zvacetterry:  or you can use aptoncd it ias in synaptic12:15
Neosanopipeep, http://linuxappfinder.com/office/presentations12:15
terryremoteCTRL1: You can do them all at once. Which folders?12:15
airtonixpipepa: of the static variety12:15
Neosanooops, sorry12:15
Neosanopipepa ^^^12:15
pipepathanks airtronix12:15
StrabePici: Is there anyway of editing my bookmarks icons, at Places? I have different icons for my folders, and on Places it is showing as a normal folder12:16
pipepawhich program would you suggest to make the presentations in pdf?12:16
Neosanopipepa http://linuxappfinder.com/office/presentations12:16
jribpipepa: do you know latex?12:16
remoteCTRL1terry: i am copying the contents of ldap related files for documentation purposes, meaning pma.d etc involved...12:16
pipepaexcelent, I dont know it12:16
airtonixpipepa: your other option is to use libreoffice impress and carry around portableapps.com version of libreoffice also12:16
PiciStrabe: That I'm not sure how to do.12:16
terryremoteCTRL1: You can create a ziped archived file and then transfer it.12:16
remoteCTRL1jrib well if you frequently need to change folders it is easier to doubleclick than to type...:)12:17
dnivraterry: or try this too http://paste.ubuntu.com/583765/.12:17
remoteCTRL1terry: well i actually did not want to include all of etc, and hand picking it brings me back to square one concerning effort...12:17
dnivrapipepa: try latex-beamer as jrib suggested. you can use one of the existing templates. it isn't very difficult to learn.12:17
pipepaexcelent, thanks12:18
pipepawill look for it12:18
jackleeremoteCTRL terminal FTW12:18
hemza<pipepa> LaTex Beamer class is an excellent presentation processor12:18
dnivrapipepa: if you are using ubuntu, i would suggest install kile and latex-beamer packages. that should be enough.12:18
terrydnivra: That's interesting.12:18
remoteCTRL1terry: Pici: jrib: dnivra: anyways thanks alot, i got what i need now:)12:19
dnivraterry: that is what I usually do. glad it was useful.12:19
pipepagood, where can I find them dnivra?12:19
dnivraterry: but i think it requires you to install dselect before running the commands. dselect used to be installed by default i think. but not any more.12:19
jackleethanks for all your help guys12:19
terryremoteCTRL1: I don't think a GUI interface would make the process any faster or easier.12:19
remoteCTRL1dnivra: or if he doesnt want to install half of kde texmaker which is basically the same as kile but qt based...12:20
remoteCTRL1terry: well it does trust me;)12:20
hemza<pipepa> Scribus is an other alternative12:20
=== Dink[a] is now known as Dink
dnivrapipepa: it's in the repositories. or you should install texmaker as remoteCTRL1 suggested. i've not used it to no opinions. could be a better choice than installing kde.12:20
terryremoteCTRL1: Well, then you could set up an ftp server on one end and use a browser to do it.  But that seems a rather clumsy alternative.12:21
Da|Mummycould /incompletefailing pingtest.net be because of something ubuntu/linux related, or is it for sure my internet connection12:22
DemoOnis there a good alternative to adobe flash player? Because i've many problems with it and it all mypc is slow when i am trying towatch youtube and other related things12:22
psilocybei just created a user on my server for someone to get ssh access, how can i lock them in their home dir ?12:22
scheuriI am not sure I am right here, but....I have a laptop that has wireless and an usb stick to get to (gsm) networks. How can I make my laptop to be an access point for others to share internet (aka android 2.2 as access point sharing its connection)? Any one a how to somewhere? Thanks a lot!12:22
dnivraDemoOn: there is gnash.12:22
cba123I'm growing my mdadm raid5, following this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=517282 but I'm stuck on the "resize2fs /dev/md0" step.  Any ideas?12:22
DemoOndnivra: ok, will give a try12:23
livingdaylightcan't find usb creator in menu?12:23
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
hemzaDemoOn, Chrome do not need flash player ... it is do fast12:23
guampapsilocybe: you can forbid them read and execute access to the parent dirs, and/or chroot them with some script12:23
DemoOnhemza: it's fast but glitchy12:23
tekkhey guys, when i try to access alsa devices within 'screen' i get permissions errors12:23
tekkany ideas on this? or how to start screen with more capabilities (i've tried with "all" capabilities)12:24
remoteCTRL1terry: nope, easiest method so far was the one sugfgested by dnivra; just go to places/connect to server, that does it for me!:)12:24
v_vDemoOn: why glitchy ?12:25
pipepathank you all, bye12:25
DemoOnv_v: doesn't playvideos, make my pc slow12:25
terryremoteCTRL1: tar czvf data.tgz dir-1/ dir-1/ dir-3 ; scp data.tgz user@   #What is easier than that?12:25
hemzaDemoOn, what is it?12:26
DemoOnhemza: what is what?12:26
elFidelterry: adding a ":" at the end ;)12:26
terryremoteCTRL1: Well, yes, if you have a server on the other machine, but then you have to select all the data you want to transfer.12:26
hemzaDemoOn, glitchy12:27
DemoOnhemza: doesn't show youtube videos, ust a black screen12:27
terryremoteCTRL1: tar czvf data.tgz dir-1/ dir-1/ dir-3 ; scp data.tgz user@     #Forgot the colon at end, thanks elFidel12:27
terryremoteCTRL1: Or tar czvf data.tgz dir-1/ dir-1/ dir-3 ; scp data.tgz user@
remoteCTRL1terry: do it for 38 files located in 25 different folders, wish you much fun with forgetting nothing;)12:28
=== administrator is now known as Guest17738
hemzaDemoOn, noooo12:29
neolainhello I need help, I need to knwo hwo to set byobu to load on machine startup so it will automatically turn on my servers I have defaulted in byobu, but all the guides I keep finding are for the GUI only!12:29
terryremoteCTRL1: I don't see how some browser looking GUI window is going to help you remember all 38 files any better than using ssh in a GUI terminal12:29
scheurischeuri: test12:30
neolaindoes anyone eknow hwo to set apps to open at startup without a GUI? I only really need to knwo what file controls startup apps12:30
neolaincmon therea 1544 users here!12:31
gnugrneolain: check out this: https://launchpad.net/byobu12:31
terryremoteCTRL1: But if you have found a good method that you like, go for it.  I'm just trying to suggest what I believe to be the most effecient method.12:31
neolainno im not talkign about login im talkign abotu machien startup12:32
hemzai have a problem to see Right to Left flash-bashed website using Firefox12:32
neolaini already have byobu to start at login but i need it to start before that! at the machines startup!12:32
cdbsneolain: I don't think that's possible12:32
icerootneolain: @reboot in cron12:32
thauriswulfaQUESTION: i have a huawei modem it works only for n/w operator idea and when i put another simcard it says "no service available"12:32
=== KolakCC is now known as Tumblr
cdbsneolain: considering the fact that byobu needs to run as your user12:33
terryhemza: Are you  using Adobie Flashplayer?12:33
neolainhmm I see12:33
terryhemza: Are you  using Adobie Flashplayer Plugin?12:33
jribremoteCTRL1: of course as terry says use what works but if you use a command then you have a list you can check and make sure you didn't forget anything12:33
cdbsneolain: so, if it runs after your login, its fine12:33
neolaintwell how about adding my servers to startup? where is the startup file?12:33
=== Tumblr is now known as KolakCC
cdbsneolain: I didn't get you. Adding servers to startup?12:33
Picineolain: You may be able to set it up in your user's crontab to run at @reboot12:33
DemoOnterry: yes, i use adobe f p12:34
neolainyes I have a custom bash script that opens up a java based server12:34
neolainand i need it to launch at machien sstartup12:34
terryDemoOn: Does it need to be updated?12:34
DemoOnterry: don't think so12:34
DemoOnterry: i need something better, it slows everything12:34
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
critical_maxcoz_: i just succeeded in automating my installer with autoit under wine, and even got it to write out a log of the install path (which is non obvious info via other means)12:35
hemzaterry,  yes12:35
critical_maxcoz_: i'd say it works beautifully for gui automation in ubuntu, the clincher for me was its ability to get env vars from bash > wine > autoit12:36
critical_maxcoz_: now to run it on the 1500 different exe and wait for it to break12:36
ajina F-15 crashed in libya12:36
llutz_a ricebag was fallen over in china ajin12:37
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:37
terryDemoOn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtH78waXoZ412:37
terryhemza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtH78waXoZ412:38
ajinsorry,my fault12:38
DemoOnterry: i disabled Flash, seems everything goes better12:38
terryDemoOn: Sorry that was for hemza12:39
terryDemoOn: I spoke to the wrong nic12:39
thauriswulfaQUESTION: is there any utility to unlock gsm data card on ubuntu?12:40
terryremoteCTRL1: Once you learn how to use the tab key to auto-complete, it will be a breeze, (but maybe you already know but just fyi..)12:41
NET||abusedoes ubuntu add /home/$username/bin to the path if it exists?12:41
llutz_thauriswulfa: unlock simlock or just unlocking by PIN? wvdial, network-manager for that latter12:41
llutz_NET||abuse: yes12:42
thauriswulfallutz_ , simlock12:42
thauriswulfallutz _ , whenever i put another simcard it shows no service available12:42
jlxsolutionshello anyone got a quick suggestion how to write grub2 on another drive then it is on?12:42
llutz_NET||abuse: grep "HOME/bin" ~/.profile12:42
LiquidDemocracyHow can I install Ubuntu netbook edition so the entire OS is encrypted?12:42
NET||abusellutz_, thanks, seems to work,,, dont' know why i expected an issue with that.12:43
llutz_thauriswulfa: ask your provider to unlock it12:43
LiquidDemocracyI have created the USB stick and started the installation. How can I full encrypt Ubuntu 10.10 on my new netbook?12:43
Pupuser402-1a tool for install a live distro on usb?12:44
Pupuser402-1a tool for install a live distro on usb?12:44
bazhangPupuser402-1, unetbootin12:44
arand!usb | Pupuser402-112:44
ubottuPupuser402-1: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:44
hemzaterry, this video is howto install adobe flash player only ... same problem12:44
LiquidDemocracyI want an full encryption of Ubuntu not just an installation.12:45
Pupuser402-1but because dont work for window's distro?12:45
bazhangPupuser402-1, windows is not a distro12:45
LiquidDemocracyIs this possible with the netbook edition or do I need the alternate CD for this?12:45
bazhangPupuser402-1, try ##windows12:45
Pupuser402-1yes i know bau windows not intall inside12:46
remoteCTRL1terry: jrib: i like you guys! :D basically i am a sysadmin as profession and linux is our only operating system (debian and ubuntu)! so yes, i do know how to use the cli and yes i know what tab completion is, yet still you need to remember the NAME in order to use tab completion and yes for /etc/pam.d you can use wildcards like /etc/pam.d/common* but this already also affects one file that is vain for my purpose, so believe me guys, openi12:46
nettezzaumanai don't like you .. absolutely :P12:46
Pupuser402-1all user there are noob,i prefer tell here12:46
jlxsolutionshello anyone got a quick suggestion how to write grub2 on another drive then it is on?12:46
bazhangPupuser402-1, its a windows issue. /join ##windows12:47
llutz_jlxsolutions: man grub-install12:47
jlxsolutionsllutz thanks  completly forgot man duhnow i feel like a dumbazz12:47
fairuzHi, how to search a text in some Makefile files in a directory (Makefiles in different subfolders)? Thanks12:47
terryhemza: Actually, the video I just linked to is not correct for your Ubuntu system.  You simply need to move the file to .mozilla/plugins/  #Within the home dir.12:48
Sonnefairuz, find . -name Makefile -print0 | xargs -0 grep "text"12:48
llutz_fairuz: grep -r12:48
fairuzSonne: ty12:48
=== marcelo is now known as Guest34957
Esingi wonder if i can make Wake on Lan working to shutdown my computer on ubuntu12:51
hemzaterry, no path to ./mozilla/plugins/ (do not exist)12:52
sacarlsonEsing: I never heard of wake on lan to turn things off,  you can ssh in and shutdown from remote12:52
terryEsing: What exactly are you wanting to do?  Shut down at a prescribed time?  Or remotely shut down.12:52
Esingremotely shutdown+12:52
terryhemza: Sorry, it's .mozilla/plugins/12:52
llutz_Esing: "ssh user@host sudo halt"12:52
terryhemza: ~/.mozilla/plugins/12:53
hemzaterry, flash player is installed correctly, but ...12:53
EsingSo I would need Remote access to the computer , with the usual magic package concept of WOL it is _not_ working?12:53
llutz_Esing: no12:53
hemzaterry,  ~/.mozilla/plugins/    do not exist12:54
Esingno it is not working without remote access?12:54
terryEsing: ssh user@ shutdown now12:54
llutz_Esing: things like knockd could helü12:54
terryEsing: ssh user@ halt12:54
arandhemza: THe you will have to create it.12:54
terryEsing: ssh user@ sudo shutdown now12:54
EsingSSH is to me remotecontrol aswell12:54
terryEsing: ssh user@ sudo halt12:54
llutz_Esing: look at knockd then12:55
jlxsolutionshmm hmm sudo grub-install /dev/sda just hangs (lol eveyrhitng is hanging today)12:55
llutz_!info knockd12:55
ubottuknockd (source: knockd): small port-knock daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5-3ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 26 kB, installed size 168 kB12:56
terryEsing: ssh user@ and then sudo halt12:56
czardozllutz, why is there an underscore after you're nick?12:56
kriumetell me how to make a million euro and be more happy12:57
llutz_czardoz: splitted identity ;)12:57
hemzaarand, why , i intall it using .deb package ... it had installed correctly12:57
EsingCurrently I used Teamviewer to remoteaccess my laptop and also could shut down the laptop but the problem is that it frequently crashes and I lose control over the mashine.12:58
rebeccaso, im getting a blank screen on a ubuntu box. i think it's because the display system is setting the refresh rate too high.. now that simply editing xorg.conf is out of the question, how can i fix this? (i have ssh access to the machine)12:58
jlxsolutionsoh well it looks like i need to just copy /home/ to the back up and do a reinstall and choose the other drive for grub sigh12:59
Esingllutz, terry my worry is that when teamviewer crashed that knockd might not work either12:59
llutz_Esing: what does knockd have to do with other services?12:59
llutz_Esing: if you have a general networking problem, fix it13:00
arandhemza: Ah, in that case it will be situated in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ I think, I'm not sure what your original question was...13:00
Esingllutz_ Imagine teamviewer crashes. Would it not slow down other computer programs?13:00
Esing* or actually freeze themk13:00
terryrebecca: Are you sure /etc/X11/xorg.conf does not exist?  If so, you could just delete it and try again.  rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:00
DOOXhi there13:00
llutz_Esing: if so, don't use that craü13:00
Esingllutz_ Which program would you recommend to remote access my linux with windows 7 instead of teamviewer?13:00
DOOXi have TORCS game and i want to install it , how?13:00
llutz_Esing: ssh13:01
terryEsing: putty13:01
llutz_Esing: sry i never used vnc/nx/teamviewer and all that gui-stuff. i don't need it13:01
Esingso putty on my Linux and VNC on my windows?13:01
terryEsing: If you want VNC try tightvnc13:01
sacarlsonEsing: putty is the ssh client on windows13:02
llutz_Esing: you could use putty + xming (or a different x-server for win) for X-forwarding13:02
Esingahh I see13:02
terryEsing: putty is for MS Windows13:02
jlxsolutionsas for vnc gitzo rocks  :)13:02
llutz_!info putty13:02
ubottuputty (source: putty): Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60+2010-02-20-1 (maverick), package size 302 kB, installed size 748 kB13:02
rebeccaterry: um, yeah, seems the new system has ditched the traditional xorg.conf13:02
EsingGood. So I would use SSH as the remote client of my Linux then13:02
Esingand Putty+xming     or tightVNC on my windows13:03
rebeccaso i have the joy of going from 'hey, this is easy to fix' to 'wtf, why would they do that?!'13:03
cyclist_2Hello, there! could someone explain to me why am I getting a 'bad signature' error message when I try to verify Truecrypt's signature for its latest version?13:03
FrotsI heard the command `sed -i '1d' /etc/passwd` makes ubuntu LTS more secure13:03
Frotsis it true?13:03
sipiorFrots: find somewhere else to play.13:04
llutz_Frots: stop that nonsense13:04
FrotsI dont want to test it but I read it on irc13:04
jlxsolutionsas for me i am out to sober up for my reinstall (last time i was drunk and installed  OS i ended up with a 4 os system with nothing booting and after booting fix didnt even work remotly right lol) have a nice day/night ya all13:04
Frotsjust asking13:04
sipiorFrots: that command deletes the first line of /etc/passwd. the root account entry. bad idea.13:05
Frotshmm ok13:05
Frotsim not that into sed13:05
Frotsbut the root account is already disabled isnt it/13:05
Frotsllutz_: why so hostile?13:05
Frotsnewbie bashing is not something I approve13:06
LjLFrots: that doesn't mean you'd want to ever remove its entry13:06
Frotsmakes sense, thanks LjL13:06
sipiorFrots: the hostility follows from the assumption that you are posting destructive commands in a channel to mislead others for your own amusement.13:06
Frotsassumption is the mother of all fuckups iirc13:06
llutz_Frots: then better rephrase your question next time13:07
sipiorFrots: nevertheless, consider refraining from posting commands you don't understand in a forum such as this.13:07
Frotsnot very good for the newbie image ubuntu has in my opinion13:07
sipiorFrots: i guess we'll manage.13:07
Esinghey llutz you said I should use SSH on the Linux , but in this tutorial xvnc4viewer is used (VNC)13:07
Frotssipior: why are you making this a we <-> me story?13:07
Frotsas far as I can see I am also part of the community13:07
sanilmI have a problem on ubuntu13:07
Frotsand not amused, sorry if I did something wrong13:08
sipiorFrots: find somewhere else to play.13:08
llutz_Esing: use whatever you want. as i already told you, i don't use vnc and such, so i cannot suggest it13:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:08
czardozbetter go to ubuntu offtopic, Frots13:08
Esingllutz_ ah okay13:08
=== ericm_ is now known as ericm
llutz_Esing: _for me_ ssh is all i need13:08
sanilmI just installed on my laptop with a built-in wlan card... I also installed drivers with ndiswrapper13:08
Frotsczardoz: thanks, I didnt know there was another channel, but how do I know if something is not ontopic?13:08
sanilmbut I still don't see the card13:08
sanilmwhat could it be?13:08
Esingterry  which GUI remote controll client would you recommend me for ubuntu?13:08
czardozFrots, guess13:09
Frotssipior: please stop, I think you are trolling13:09
Esingllutz_ :)13:09
LjLFrots: no, you are trolling and we all know that. now go back on topic. the topic is ubuntu technical support, and only that.13:09
sanilmcould anyone try to help me?13:09
FrotsIm now asking in offtopic how I should learn if somethinf is ontopic13:09
dnivrahello. I require qtscript-qt. which package provides it?13:10
FrotsI thought this was ontopic because it regards ubuntu13:10
llutz_Frots: read topic13:10
Frotsllutz_: too long, doesnt fit on my screen13:10
seppiMy theme seems to work on window borders, but it doesn't work on the gnome panel or the insides of the gnome panel. I've tried remaking my /etc/X11.conf file, and also using the "appearance settings". I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 with nvidia drivers.13:10
sanilmCan I get some help with wireless on ubuntu 10.04? I already asked the question up there :)13:11
Esingllutz_ what if I dont have a local fixed IP adresse? Would I then be not able to remotecontrol my linux? Because I use automatic IP adresse within my router network13:11
rebecca_so, anyone know how to manually set the refresh rate?13:11
Pupuser402-1mu unebootin bot work13:11
llutz_Esing: check your dns13:12
rebecca_via CLI that is13:12
llutz_Esing: your dns-server should resolve hostnames with dhcp too13:12
Fuchsrebecca_: xrandr, if you are not using nvidia13:12
Jinxed-Is there a way to start a program when your computer boots up that is NOT crontab related?13:13
Jinxed-with root13:13
czardozJinxed-, yes13:13
Sonnevi /etc/rc.local13:14
Jinxed-rc.local acts the same way13:14
Esingllutz_ Perfect. So I could just enter the hostname, in my case: "PHILIPP-PC" into putty and then my dns-server resolves the name with dhcp13:14
rebecca_Fuchs: ill take a look at it13:14
czardozSUID program, and just add it to .xinitrc13:14
jjpJinxed: please elaborate13:14
terryEsing: You mean vnc?   If so.  x11vnc for server end and tightvnc for client.13:14
wizardkeni AM THE GRAND WIZARD13:14
llutz_Esing: most routers can do so, just check its configuration13:14
wizardkenhere to cleanse your of your sins13:14
Esingllutz_ oki13:15
arand!ot | wizardken13:15
ubottuwizardken: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:15
Esingterry My linux should be the server and my windows the client. So I would need to install x11vnc on my ubuntu :)13:15
Jinxed-jjp: I have a program that segfaults with rc.local crontab crontab -e etc but works fine in terminal after computer boots13:15
Jinxed-czardoz: what is SUID program13:15
llutz_czardoz: bad idea, keep the number of programs suid-root as low as possible13:16
terryJinxed-: Create a scipt and  yes (as Sonne says) use /etc/rc.local if  you like.13:16
terryEsing: Yes13:16
czardozJinxed-, a program that runs with root privilages, but it is NOT recommended13:16
czardozJinxed-, for security reasons13:16
Jinxed-terry: I have tried rc.local to get it to run with rc.local but it still segfaults13:16
sipiorJinxed-: it's a program that runs with the permissions of the owner of the executable file.13:16
Jinxed-czardoz: it is from my vendor... if I could get it to run at regular privlages I would love that13:17
Esingterry Since my ubuntu is _only_ the server would it even matter if I use SSH or x11vnc?13:17
terryEsing: and have x11vnc started with the --forever switch13:17
terryEsing: That is correct.13:17
sacarlsonJinxed-: maybe make a bash script that will wait till it can ping google.com before it run's your application at boot13:17
czardozJinxed-, you mean you just want it to run at startup?13:17
EsingIs SSH actually preinstalled on all Unix systems?13:17
terryEsing: Or, correct it wouldn't matter which you use, either will do fine.13:17
Jinxed-czardoz: correct... it is my mpeg encoder13:18
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)13:18
terryEsing: You may not have sshd but ssh is installed by default13:18
czardozJinxed-, add it to your ~/.xinitrc13:18
Jinxed-sacarlson: I have waited 60 seconds which is far longer than it takes my computer with SSD to boot and still doesn't work13:18
jjpJinxed: strace a segfaulting situation13:18
terryEsing: sudo apt-get install openssh-server13:19
Jinxed-czardoz: I'm not familar with that how would I do that... that is actually something I haven't tried yet13:19
Jinxed-sacarlson: my network isn't "online"13:19
sacarlsonJinxed-: well ping your router then13:19
czardozJinxed-, it is just like any other bash script13:19
terryEsing: sudo apt-get install openssh-server x11vnc13:19
terrydo it all at once13:19
=== Jinxed- is now known as Jinxed-Win2
Esingterry both commands are for x11vnc or openssh-server is necessary too when using SSH13:20
terryEsing: openssh-server is the deamon (sshd)13:21
Esingah okay13:21
terryEsing: What I gave you was a command to install openssh-server and x11vnc (to install both at once - with one command).13:22
=== b0ot is now known as Jinxed-
terryEsing: sudo apt-get install openssh-server x11vnc13:22
rebecca_Fuchs: should i just be able to run xrandr to at least view current config? (not using an nvidia chip)13:22
Fuchsrebecca_: definitely13:22
Fuchsrebecca_: if you are on a VT, you might need to set the DISPLAY Variable. Keep in mind that this only changes the settings for X11,13:23
Fuchsfor VTs (Terminals) you would need to set the mode as a grub command line13:23
rebecca_Fuchs: ahhhh, yeah, because im on the box via SSH13:23
Fuchsrebecca_: then you need to set the DISPLAY variable, and maybe even give the needed access via the xhost command first13:24
Jinxed-where is the xinitrc file13:26
Frotsin $HOME13:26
Frotsor /etc/X1113:26
Frotsin home it is .xinitrc13:27
Frotsfor each user IIRC13:27
rebecca_Fuchs: well, the problem is that the box boots fine, fileserving and remote access are perfect, but on the graphical front, once grub loads up, the most i see on the screen is a frozen cursor on a black background. alt+ctrl+f1 doesn't work.. and i don't see any errors in the Xorg.0.log..13:27
Jinxed-Frots, does the one in $HOME execute with root privlages?13:27
czardozJinxed-, no13:27
FrotsJinxed-: no, as user13:27
Fuchsrebecca_: you might be interested in /var/log/Xorg.0.log  and   lspci | grep VGA13:27
Jinxed-czardoz, how will I be able to run my script with sudo rights then?13:28
FrotsI think rebecca_ 's setup doesnt load the proper input drivers13:28
Frotsso it doesnt see the keyboard and mouse13:28
Frotsrebecca_: is the machine still reachable via network?13:28
czardozJinxed-, as I said, SUID programs run with root privilages whenever they are run13:29
Jinxed-czardoz, I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean13:29
Frotsczardoz: what does the nosuid mount option has for effect on those?13:29
rebecca_Frots: yeah, i have SSHed to it fine. it's a server but to get mythtv configured i need a functioning X environment13:29
czardozJinxed-, google for step by steap instructions :)13:29
Frotsand I think suid is not possible with shell scripts13:29
rebecca_Frots: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc 760G [Radeon 3000]13:29
Frotsrebecca_: then the problem probably lies with the input driver13:30
Frotsdo you have evdev installed?13:30
Jinxed-czardoz, holy cow... are you saying I could just do sudo chmod +s /my/program13:30
FrotsJinxed-: if it is a binary13:31
Jinxed-and then start my script (which calls that program) with startup applications13:31
jjpJinxed: yes13:31
Jinxed-and I should be set?13:31
FloodBot1Jinxed-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:31
jjpJinxed: or add a suitable entry to /etc/sudoers13:31
czardozJinxed-, yes indeed :)13:31
terryxserver-xorg-input-evdev - X.Org X server -- evdev input driver13:32
rebecca_Frots: if you're referring too: xserver-xorg-input-evdev, then no13:32
rebecca_Frots: should i?13:32
Frotsrebecca_: yes, it detects the input devices13:33
speedyhow to permentally fixthe Grub Menu to sy long numberave my boot device example /dev/sdb1 to save as root to boot the os but keeps putting a UUID# a very lonnngggg number if this # UUID is there it will not boot where can I fix this from happening not all the time just some of the time13:33
Frotsor you would have to configure the xorg.conf by hand13:33
rebecca_Frots: okay, installing it now13:33
=== mtlife is now known as mtlife`
terryJinxed-: I think what you mean is chmod +x   not +s13:33
Frotsterry: no13:33
rebecca_Frots: but.. isn't a GPU an output device?... im confused hehe13:33
Frotshe is trying to set the suid bit13:33
Frotsrebecca_: thats why I was talking about input13:33
Frotsyou saw a frozen pointer, which would say the GFX is fine but the mouse isnt13:34
b1lly /join #css13:34
speedyUncomment if you don't want GRUB to pass "root=UUID=xxx" parameter to Linux  should i use this to not pass the UUID or and set ROOT=/dev/sdb1 correct?13:34
tomovhi. how can I install mutt without postfix? i don't use postfix.13:35
=== robin is now known as Guest58827
terryFrots: Oh, sorry.13:35
Frotsterry: np :) I get what you mean13:35
llutz_tomov: use ssmtp/msmtp/nullmailer instead13:35
terryJinxed-:  Disreguard what I said, I saw /my/program and thought you were trying to enable the executable bit on it.13:35
tomovllutz_: but I don't want postfix to be installed on my system.13:36
Frotsyou can remove it I think13:36
llutz_tomov: use ssmtp/msmtp/nullmailer instead         mutt depends on at least one MTA13:36
Frotsrebecca: did it work?13:36
llutz_tomov: apt-get install ssmtp mutt13:36
speedyUUID bug in GRUB2? how to save the menu of grub / grub2 etc .. after making changes to the grub menu to keep the settings s13:36
tomovyeah, it works. thanks!13:36
=== mtlife is now known as mtlife`
tomovhail ubuntu13:37
Frotswhy is mutt depended on an mta?13:37
Jinxed-Step 1: SUCESSS - I am now able to run my script at the USER level!13:37
FrotsJinxed-: congrats!13:37
czardozJinxed-, if you set the SUID bit, it'll run as root :)13:37
jjpFrots: because mutt usually invoke a sendmail command to send mail13:37
Frotsjjp: makes sense13:37
Frotsbut it cant also use an external mta?13:38
Frotsor does it?13:38
rebeccaFrots: well, no. seemed to get a little further this time though. the loading screen was visible this time.. and the login dialog box strobed on the screen a few times briefly.. but now it's some how worse, i don't even see a cursor on the screen hehe13:38
aslamdoes any one know how to make a call to cisco IP phone from ekiga13:38
Frotsrebecca: and what does the log outputs?13:38
Frotsaslam: maybe they know in #cisco13:38
jjpFrots: any. sendmail is often only a command provided by any mta, including postfix13:38
Frotshow do you know all that man13:39
aslamthanks Frots13:39
* _UsUrPeR_ tips his hat13:39
_UsUrPeR_good morning all13:39
speedyhow to fix the Grub2 menu from the root=/big long number which is not booting when this UUID # is present needs a fix13:39
jukis there any utility to fix font, i want to add . inside a 0 in wqy13:39
terryFrots: If rebecca has a [defective] /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, it should be deleted.13:40
_UsUrPeR_I accidentally added a device (/dev/sda) to a raid array instead of a device partition13:40
terryrm /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:40
Frotsrebecca: please read terry's message, If you installed evdev correctly you can delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:40
Jinxed-side question as i look for how to add scritp to startup application: out of all the ways of starting a script at boot (crontab, crontab -e, rc.local, why would anyone use the init.d method it seems like a lot of extra work for no gain?13:40
erUSULFrots: it just recomends. install with --no-recomends13:40
terryrebecca: rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:40
_UsUrPeR_now inside gparted, it shows two devices. one is /dev/sda, and the other is /dev/md12713:40
Frotsbecause it will use magic to configure everyting13:40
terryrebecca: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:40
[criipt]Hi, Could some one help me get rid of this driver dumping debug info into my dmesg13:40
_UsUrPeR_/dev/md127 should not exist :/13:40
FrotserUSUL: what are you referring to?13:40
[criipt]The module is.. rt3562sta13:41
_UsUrPeR_can someone tell me how to completely destroy a drive's tables?13:41
BluesKajHiyas all13:41
[criipt]This is the card.. Network controller: RaLink Device 306013:41
erUSULFrots: mutt; yes. the option is --no-install-recommends ( sorry for the typo )13:41
Frots_UsUrPeR_: with dd13:41
jjpusurper: easy, with a hammer13:41
terry_UsUrPeR_: You want to delete the master boot record?13:41
Frotsif it is MBR partitions you can simply overwrite the first 512 with /dev/zero13:41
Frotsif it is GPT you need more magic13:41
terry_UsUrPeR_:  Or delete the data in master boot record?13:41
dnivraerUSUL: i believe --no-recommends is longer an option in the newer versions of ubuntu. right?13:42
=== noobuntu is now known as dreamtraveler
llutz_shorter: aptitude -R  :)13:42
_UsUrPeR_woah woah. This srive has nothing important on it yet. I was rebuilding a software RAID 1 md and accidentally added /dev/sda to /dev/md013:42
_UsUrPeR_instead or /dev/sda113:42
_UsUrPeR_terry / frots ^^13:42
[criipt]Similar issue.. But not reply : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170284013:42
Frotscan someone explain what is the benefit of aptidutude all together?13:42
_UsUrPeR_srive = drive :/13:42
sipior_UsUrPeR_: try "sudo mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda"13:42
jjpururper: use shred if you want to wipe with hi certainty13:42
terry_UsUrPeR_: Then just use fdisk and delete the partitions you want and add what ever else you need.13:43
_UsUrPeR_sipior ok13:43
dnivraerUSUL: sorry. didn't see you'd already corrected it-network's kind of slow here.13:43
erUSULdnivra: :) np13:43
_UsUrPeR_terry: the "partition" exists ad a different device now. I have two devices on the same drive13:43
_UsUrPeR_one is /dev/md127, the other is /dev/sda13:43
_UsUrPeR_I think sipior is on the right track13:43
Frots_UsUrPeR_: correct,. first zero the superblock of mdadm13:44
rebeccaFrots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/583791/13:44
Frotsrebecca: that looks OK13:45
Frotsstill doesnt work aftewr removing xorg.conf?13:45
BluesKaj[criipt], is your connection being slowed or interrupted in any way , check the driver debug in your package manager to get the proper name for the debug app and remove it.13:46
rebeccaFrots: hmmm, there is not xorg.conf in /etc/X11/13:47
Frotsok that is goodf13:47
Frotsbut yoiu still have no mouse movement or ctrl+alt+f1 ?13:47
rebeccaFrots: but i do notice a /home/rebecca/xorg.conf.new13:47
Jinxed-Frots, czardoz Is this the correct way to have something start with startup applications: name: foo Command: sh /path/to/script.sh > /path/to/log 2>&1 Comment:foobar ? because it doesn't appear my script ran as the log file was never created?13:48
terryrebecca: /home/rebecca/xorg.conf.new doesn't matter.13:48
FrotsJinxed-: you didnt set suid on sh did you/?13:48
Frotsdont do that13:48
Jinxed-Frots, negitive... just on the program the script calls13:48
terryrebecca: What is your video card?13:49
rebeccaFrots: well, i dont' see anything on the screen at all now. it's not just blank it's essentially off13:49
FrotsJinxed-: why do you prepend the 'sh' ?13:49
rebeccano signal13:49
[criipt]Blue1, Its the module rt3562sta, for my "RaLink Device 3060".13:49
=== X080062 is now known as Carbon_k
terryrebecca: Oh I see, it is  Radeon 3000  Right?13:49
=== Carbon_k is now known as CCC
Frotsrebecca: and what driver did you install for the VGA (output) ?13:49
rebeccaFrots: it's just using whatever is default. i havn't manually specified anything13:50
[criipt]Blue1, Card words fine with it, but pauses my module radomly for a sec.. I found it dumping stuff to dmesg,.13:50
[criipt]Want to stop that !13:50
FrotsI dont have a radeon card so I dont know the latest stuff13:50
Frotsbut I think you need the closed source driver (catalyst) toi use hardware acceleration13:50
Jinxed-Frots, my script calls the program, and if it shuts down waits 30 seconds and then calls it again etc. So it is just a wrapper on how I want to call it. However the only thing segfaulting was my the actual program binary, which is the ONLY thing I changed the SUID on. I am now able to run my script which calls the program at the user level sucessfully.13:51
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:51
Jinxed-Frots, and now I'm trying to get Startup applications to start my script13:51
Frotssounds hacky13:51
=== administrator is now known as Guest98316
AkshayNeed help fixing screen resolution on Intel 82865G13:51
AkshayMy xorg.conf is empty13:52
FrotsAkshay: please post your kernel bootline13:52
Jinxed-Frots, the only issue is that Startup Applications doesn't seem to be running, as the log file isn't even being created13:52
Frotswhy dont you place it in rc.local?13:52
lesshastewhen i click on a pdf document from firefox I just get a corrupted screen as it tries to render it in a window13:52
_UsUrPeR_sipiot: oh god, it does not acknowledge this as a real device13:52
lesshastecan I make it at least call acroread?13:52
AkshayFrots:Where can I find it?? Sorry I'm a noob13:52
lesshastecorrupted or blank13:52
Jinxed-lol it says permision denied on the log file13:52
Jinxed-how is that possible?13:52
rebeccaFrots / terry : i _have_ to boot into recovery mode just to fix this?13:53
_UsUrPeR_mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda results: mdadm: couldn't open /dev/sta for write - not zeroing13:53
lesshastefor example.. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=5&ved=0CEoQFjAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmath.uncc.edu%2F~ghetyei%2Fcourses%2F3166%2Fstirling.pdf&rct=j&q=%22stirling%20numbers%22%20&ei=QKmITcWHE4-DhQesorGrDw&usg=AFQjCNHj5fu3z6S74DDQc4rMd_JNVsaPSQ&sig2=VsDg3BbwpIlWzuex7VlvaQ&cad=rja13:53
* rebecca liked the old xorg system a whole lot better13:53
llutz_Jinxed-: what exactly does your program do and why does it need running suid-root?13:53
=== noobuntu is now known as dreamtraveler
sipior_UsUrPeR_: you did prefix that with sudo, did you not?13:53
Frotsrebecca: you can also just boot to runlevel 3 instead of 513:53
elFidel!cn | Guest9831613:53
ubottuGuest98316: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk13:53
AkshayFrots:Where can I find it?? Sorry I'm a noob13:53
_UsUrPeR_sipior: I am running gparted boot CD. it stats as root13:53
terryFrots:  what about  dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg   and then edit it so that you have  Driver      "radeon"13:54
Jinxed-llutz a program that runs mympeg encoder13:54
terryin the device section13:54
FrotsJinxed-: first create it and then chown it to the user13:54
Frotsbecause probably the directory doesnt have the permission correct13:54
sipior_UsUrPeR_: are you sure the device name has not changed?13:54
rebeccaFrots: will that retain networking? the only way i can currently communicate with this box is via SSH13:54
terryFrots: Ubuntu doesn't use runlevels anymore... right?13:54
Frotsrebecca: yes that will still start the networking13:54
llutz_Jinxed-: mpeg-encoder like mencoder? why does it need suid-root?13:54
Frotsterry: yes it does13:54
terryFrots: O... ok13:54
rebeccaFrots: im also talking to you on the box in question btw13:55
Frotsterry: try running init 0 :D13:55
_UsUrPeR_sipior: I am positive. I accidentally used mdadm to add /dev/sda to /dev/md0 . It should have been /dev/sda113:55
Jinxed-llutz mpegencoder as in amp-ltd mpeg encoder13:55
sipior_UsUrPeR_: you made the raid device from the gparted cd?13:55
_UsUrPeR_I couldn't mdadm --remove /dev/sda /dev/md0 so I just reboot13:55
erUSUL!runlevels | Frots terry13:55
ubottuFrots terry: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.13:55
=== Theravadan is now known as Theravadan|afk
_UsUrPeR_sipior: what? No. This is an ubuntu installation with software RAID 113:55
_UsUrPeR_the array degraded13:55
_UsUrPeR_not I am afraid I somehow have bricked a HDD13:55
AkshayNeed help fixing screen resolution on Intel 82865G13:56
Frotswhy does ubutnu change those default stuf13:56
_UsUrPeR_because I assigned the wrong partition to a MD array, and it seems to have stuck13:56
sipior_UsUrPeR_: have you verified that the device name is the same when booted from the gparted live cd?13:56
FrotserUSUL: so how would you boot to text console from grub?13:56
FrotsAkshay: you just asked that13:56
sipior_UsUrPeR_: device names are not always a constant (sadly)13:56
AkshayFrots:Where can I find it?? Sorry I'm a noob13:56
Frotsplease post yuour kernel bootline13:56
_UsUrPeR_sipior: there is only one hard drive plugged in to the motherboard. That is good enough for me13:56
Frotsin the grub.conf13:56
_UsUrPeR_sipior: so yeah, this is the only drive plugged in, and it seems to have two devices.13:57
llutz_Jinxed-: i guess it creates a device that you need to change owner/group of, using an udev-rule13:57
_UsUrPeR_sipior: /dev/md127 and /dev/sda13:57
_UsUrPeR_both can be partitioned, and /dev/md127 is taking up 14 gigs13:57
_UsUrPeR_while /dev/sda is missing 14 gigs13:57
_UsUrPeR_I can't even dd /dev/sda because it would only dd that partition, while ignoring /dev/md12713:58
erUSULFrots: you add "text" to kernel options.- or you use recovery mode13:58
FrotserUSUL: thanks13:58
AkshayFrots:grub.conf is empty13:58
FrotsAkshay: and menu.lst ?13:59
sipior_UsUrPeR_: i assume you've verified that the device file exists in your boot environment?13:59
Frotsin /boot13:59
Frots/boot/grub I mean Akshay13:59
sipior_UsUrPeR_: the "can't open for writing" error is a bit suspicious.13:59
Jinxed-llutznot sure13:59
piyushmishrahi I tried installing scim and using hindi and lost my mouse13:59
_UsUrPeR_sipior: ok, wait. New developments: I am seeing something13:59
llutz_Jinxed-: you should check that13:59
Frotspiyushmishra: where did you saw it the last time you used it?13:59
_UsUrPeR_mdadm -E /dev/sda shows an active sync partition to /13:59
piyushmishracan anyone help me get my mouse moving again?13:59
rebeccaFrots: change the run level using telinit?13:59
erUSULFrots: if you want to disable gdm in all boots you culd too edit /etc/init/gdm.conf and put « start on never  » instead of « start on (foo ... »13:59
AkshayFrots:Yes, I did sudo nano /boot/grub/grub.conf14:00
Frotsrebecca: no just boot and add txt to your bootline14:00
piyushmishraFrots: I can still see my pointer. cant move it14:00
Frotsor boot recovery14:00
llutz_Jinxed-: usual way would be to adjust group/permission to make it usable by a non-priviledged user.14:00
_UsUrPeR_however, running mdadm --remove /dev/sda /dev/md0 has error -- mdadm: /dev/sda does not appear to be an md device14:00
Frotspiyushmishra: do you have evdev configured?14:00
FrotserUSUL: I dont have gdm14:00
terryFrots: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop  #Should trun off the Xserver I think.14:00
rebeccaFrots: oh, what abot my options if i don't have local access to the machine?14:01
erUSULFrots: th same aplies to kdm lxdm or any login manager14:01
_UsUrPeR_wait, I think I got it...14:01
sipior_UsUrPeR_: yes, but /dev/md127 is.14:01
_UsUrPeR_mdadm --remove /dev/md12714:01
Frotsrebecca: if you dont have local access, you can edit the grub configuration so it reboots into recovery14:01
_UsUrPeR_is there something I have to do to record partition changes from mdadm after I run them?14:01
terryrebecca: Does Ctrl-Alt-F6 not work for you?14:01
Frotsbut if you can access it, why would you?14:01
_UsUrPeR_sipior: ^^14:01
Frotsterry: she has no local access14:02
piyushmishraFrots: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150950 thats what I did last then couldnt login14:02
Jinxed-llutz the vendor included a file to put in the rules.d folder to make it runable at the user level... but it didn't work14:02
sipior_UsUrPeR_: shouldn't do, no.14:02
Esingi dont understand. in my instrcuction it says I should set the password -> vncpasswd ~/.vnc/passwd      but there is no .vnc/passwd file in ~ folder after installing x11vnc14:02
llutz_Jinxed-: make it work14:02
terryrebecca: From ssh you can turn off the Xserver  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop14:02
Frotspiyushmishra: I cant access internet here, sorry14:02
llutz_Jinxed-: it's far better than running that stuff as root14:02
AkshayFrots:What do I do now, grub.conf is empty14:02
_UsUrPeR_sipior: ok, nm. Something's wrong14:02
_UsUrPeR_mdadm -D /dev/md127 shows it still exists14:03
piyushmishraFrots: then i went into recoverymode and tried removing the lines from /etc/X11/Xsession.d/75custom-scim_init14:03
FrotsAkshay: is menu.lst also empty?14:03
terryrebecca: sudo service gdm stop14:03
erUSULAkshay: is grub.cfg in grub2 and anyway you are not supposed to edit that file14:03
Frotspiyushmishra: I dont know anything about scim sorry14:03
Frotsoh sorry grub.cfg14:03
piyushmishraFrots: its ok thanx for trying14:03
FrotserUSUL: I was not talking about editting it, just asking if he could post the kernel line14:03
_UsUrPeR_so if I mdadm --remnove /dev/md127 /dev/sda error reported is: mdam: hot remove failed for /dev/sda: Device or resource busy14:03
erUSULFrots: ok14:03
Frotsso dont even open with sudo14:03
Frotsjust use cat14:04
Frotsor grep14:04
_UsUrPeR_sipior ^^14:04
FloodBot1Frots: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:04
sipior_UsUrPeR_: how about stopping the array, if it's running.14:04
rebeccaterry: hehe: Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)14:04
_UsUrPeR_sipior: sorry, but what command is that?14:04
FrotsFloodBot1: stfu :)14:04
AkshayerUSUL:grub.cfg contains lot of crap14:04
sipior_UsUrPeR_: "--stop" (or "-S")14:04
rebeccarebecca@storm:~$ sudo service gdm stop14:04
rebeccastop: Unknown instance:14:04
Jinxed-llutzI have been trying to get this to work approx 20 hours14:04
FrotsAkshay: just do "grep linux /boot/grub/grub.cfg" Akshay14:04
LjLFrots: please refrain from using acronyms like "stfu"14:04
terryrebecca: yes, that is the way it should be done.14:05
FrotsLjL: cut it now :)14:05
Jinxed-well more like 10 but still14:05
LjLFrots: no, you do14:05
Frots/ignore kthxbye14:05
terryrebecca: sudo service gdm start14:05
LjL!stfu > Frots    (Frots, see the private message from ubottu)14:05
_UsUrPeR_sipior: interesting now...14:05
LjL!guidelines > Frots    (Frots, see the private message from ubottu)14:05
terrywhat does that do?14:05
Frots!guidelines >LjL14:05
ubottuLjL, please see my private message14:05
_UsUrPeR_sipior: after stopping the array (mdadm --stop /dev/md127) all evidence of it existing has disappeared14:05
sachaelis there a way to have an animation when maximizing/restoring windows?14:06
sipior_UsUrPeR_: yep.14:06
llutz_Jinxed-: check what those rules do, check if used groups exist, if you'r member of those groups and that the permissions are set correctly (0660 most likely)14:06
_UsUrPeR_mdadm -D /dev/sda shows "does not appear to be a valid MD device"14:06
LjL!botabuse > Frots    (Frots, see the private message from ubottu)14:06
AkshayFrots:What part of output you want14:06
terryrebecca: So, gdm was not started in the first place?14:06
sipior_UsUrPeR_: zero the superblock anyway.14:06
FrotsAkshay: just the linux line14:06
_UsUrPeR_sipior: so is this the results intended?14:06
Frotspastebin it14:06
_UsUrPeR_sipior: hmm. ok14:06
Frotsso you dont get banned by tghe floodpolice14:06
terryrebecca: What exactly did you install  Ubuntu 10.04 or.... ?14:06
psusi_UsUrPeR_: usually one builds an md out of partitions, not whole disks14:06
sipiorpsusi: he is aware of his error :-)14:06
llutz_Jinxed-: don't forget to reload udev after changes to those rules-file14:07
AkshayFrots: You can see the ouput here14:07
_UsUrPeR_psusi: yeah, it was a typo. hit enter before entering partition number :)14:07
Jinxed-llutz how do you do that14:07
_UsUrPeR_sipior: ok, so I entered mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda14:07
FrotsAkshay: what for video device do you have?14:07
_UsUrPeR_no results14:07
psusi_UsUrPeR_: also you want -E not -D14:07
sipior_UsUrPeR_: good.14:07
llutz_Jinxed-: do what?14:07
rebeccaterry: restarting X as you instructed _very_ briefly flashes the login prompt about 5 times then the monitor goes back to displaying 'no signal'.14:07
AkshayI have Intel 82865G14:08
_UsUrPeR_entered it again, "unrecognized md componend device - /dev/sda14:08
_UsUrPeR_so that looks like it worked...?14:08
psusi_UsUrPeR_: -D is for looking at /dev/mdX, -E is for examining an underlying disk14:08
rebeccaterry: it's mythbuntu 10.1014:08
Frots_UsUrPeR_: correct14:08
Frazerhi ! what is the command to configure the clock?14:08
FrotsFrazer: date14:08
_UsUrPeR_yay! :D14:08
* _UsUrPeR_ reboots to see if everything came out ok14:08
FrazerFrots: to launch the graphical app to modify the hours14:08
erUSULAkshay: that's why you are not supposed to directly edit it ;)14:08
_UsUrPeR_wow thanks guys. I hope this did the trick14:08
FrotsAkshay: did you enable kernel mode setting?14:08
NuBG'day from New Zealand everyone. Installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS but no Desktop when i login? Closest answer i get from Launchpad - (does not solve my problem) - https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+question/142663  NB I do not have any ~/USRNAME/.ICEauthority file at all...Anyone able to help me?14:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 142663 in Zope 2 "Zope 2.7b1 & Xron" [Medium,Invalid]14:08
_UsUrPeR_that was infuriating :P14:08
AkshayFrots:I guess No14:09
FrotsAkshay: well then I dont know, maybe LjL knows14:09
terryrebecca: Oh, ok.  Well, You need to open the /etc/default/grub file and change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"  to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash text" and then run update-grub afterwards to update14:09
Frotsterry: dont you havew to remove splash in this case?14:10
terryrebecca: When you reboot, you should be in text mode.14:10
NuBPlease excuse my ignorance, but can someone please explain that ubottu message?14:10
LjLFrots: don't highlight people randomly please14:10
FrotsLjL: It was not random at all :)14:10
LjLFrots: ok, don't highlight people without having a specific reason why they might know something you're asking them14:11
rebeccaterry: okay, then what?14:11
Frazerhi ! what is the command to configure the clock(to launch the graphical app) ?14:11
FrotsLjL: I had specific reason, you are the guy who knows a lot here14:11
Frotssorry if you dont14:11
terryFrots: I dono for sure.  Maybe. But I think either one will work.  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet text"14:11
AkshayLjL:Having problems with screen resolution on Intel 82865G14:12
terryrebecca: When you reboot, you should be in text mode and you can work on it locally.  Change back when you want to boot GUI mode.14:12
LjLAkshay: what sort of problems14:12
Frotshe cant set it correctly14:13
FrotsI thought maybe kernelmodesetting problem14:13
terryrebecca: and don?t forget to run update-grub afterwards to update.14:13
Frotsterry: so that is what update-grub is foer14:13
Frotsdid know14:13
rebeccaterry: sorry. but i don't understand why this will help me.. as my objective here is to use the GUI on this box14:13
terryFrots: yep, re-writes grub to mbr14:13
Frazerhi ! what is the command to configure the clock(to launch the graphical app) ?14:14
AkshayLjL:I'm running on screen resolution 1024x76814:14
_UsUrPeR_sipior: hmm. interesting. Now that I am attempting to boot with the degraded RAID drive and the drive I just zeroed out, there does not appear to be a flashing curser14:14
_UsUrPeR_err there IS a flashing curser. nothing more14:14
FrotsFrazer: dont repeat yourself :)14:14
AkshayLjL:In windows I had 1152x86414:14
_UsUrPeR_it's not telling me about the degraded array or anything14:14
_UsUrPeR_it's just... sitting there14:14
Frazerso answer Frots14:14
_UsUrPeR_sipior, I am sure if I plug the other hard drive in, it will come up just fine.14:14
terryrebecca: It will only help you if you want to work on it locally.  If you are ok working on it via ssh, then don't do it.14:14
LjLAkshay: ok, i assume you've already tried just going to the Display preferences and changing it?14:14
FrotsFrazer: no politeness anymore? who raised you ^^14:14
AkshayLjL:Yes, can't see 1152x86414:15
Frotsterry: also with x forwarding?14:15
terryrebecca: But mythtv is a server install in the first place, right?  Is it supposed to even have a GUI?14:15
FrazerFrots: just close ur mouth plz, thx14:15
FrotsAkshay: what does xrandr output?14:15
Jinxed-llutz czardoz Frots sooo close yet so far... ubuntu has gone crazy on me... it is randomly messing with me.14:15
rebeccaterry: SSH is fine. im irc-ing from the server in question in a screen window :)14:15
LjLFrazer: try not to repeat your questions to quickly though, please. every 5 minutes or so should be fine.14:15
FrazerOk LjL14:15
FrotsFrazer: dont act so stupid :)14:16
KimmenFrazer: is time-admin the program you are looking for?14:16
rebeccaterry: and, the install of mythbuntu i selected included a GUI. definitely14:16
Frotsoh sorry he alreadt said that14:16
AkshayFrots:What do I type in terminal14:16
Frotsrebecca: I still thinjk its a driver issue14:16
Jinxed-llutz czardoz Frots. The script has decided not to work. My crontab file randomly reverted to a MUCH earlier version. My /etc/network/interfaces file has changed. Files that I deleted reappeared.14:16
FrotsAkshay: xrandr14:16
FrotsJinxed-: thats really weird14:17
AkshayScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 768, maximum 2048 x 204814:17
FrazerKimmen: I just want the name of the command to launch the clock config (as I could do by double-click on the clock on the bottom right)14:17
AkshayVGA1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm14:17
Akshay   1360x768       59.814:17
Akshay   1024x768       60.0*14:17
Akshay   800x600        60.3     56.214:17
Akshay   848x480        60.014:17
Akshay   640x480        59.9     59.914:17
FloodBot1Akshay: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:17
terryrebecca: Well, something is defecient, not sure what it is....  If you have some other display adapter you could change it out and see what happens.14:17
Frotsmaybe a fresh install is a good idea Jinxed-14:17
rebeccaassuming it's a driver issue can i just force it to use a generic driver?14:17
rebeccaterry: don't have another adapter :/14:17
terryrebecca: you did that.14:17
Jinxed-Frots, It REALLY pains me. but I must agree with you14:17