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fagancrap im up and ready an hour early :)07:01
duanedesignmorning fagan07:04
faganmorning duanedesign starting today07:04
* fagan is playing a game while waiting for mandel in an hour07:05
duanedesignwhat game you playing07:08
faganduanedesign: heroes of newerth07:09
duanedesignI have not played any console games in awhile... I have been playing ogame recently07:10
faganduanedesign: this is a pc game its on linux too07:10
* fagan has been playing since closed beta and still hasnt gotten bored07:10
faganmorning karni07:11
karniGood morning Ubuntu One!07:17
karnihello fagan!07:17
fagankarni: first day o/07:18
duanedesignhey karni07:18
karnifirst day \o/07:18
karnihello duanedesign !07:18
karniwhoaaa I'm in! \o/ this feels good07:21
faganyour first day too?07:22
karnifagan: yea hehehe ;)07:22
* karni reads up canonical wiki07:23
* fagan wont have access to that07:26
faganjust IRC and mumble07:26
duanedesignlooks like the window resize bug is fixed in trunk07:29
karnifagan: I've been around a while, did GSoC under ubuntu and 2 months of contracting work. So it's a motivation kick for me today :)07:30
duanedesignkarni: congrats. I saw the ad on canonical site for mobile dev07:30
karniduanedesign: thanks! what kind of ad you mean duanedesign ?07:31
duanedesignkarni: on http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/careers07:33
duanedesignkarni: I think HR has to do that even though they have someone in mind07:33
duanedesignkarni: they did the same thing before hiring rye07:34
karniduanedesign: ah! yes :)07:34
faganrye is awesome fixed my computer yesterday :P07:34
karniindeed he's awesome07:35
duanedesigndo you all know who works on the Ubuntu One music store plug-in?07:51
karniduanedesign: was it dobey ?07:52
duanedesignguess i could look at changelogs :)07:52
karniright ^ ^07:53
duanedesignwas trying to test a patch...07:54
faganwasnt it aquarius originally07:54
faganmandel: you around?08:15
mandelfagan: morning!08:36
faganoh you are on cool08:36
faganI just rebranched the sso trunk while I was hanging ou t08:37
faganoh and I realised gedit>wordpad08:38
mandelfagan: trunk for us is a bit behind there are a couple of branches that we need to merged..08:38
mandelfagan: use komodo edit or note++08:38
faganyeah was about to grab even gedit for windows or something08:38
fagannever heard of komodo so ill give it a go08:39
duanedesignhey mandel. Was just answering some posts on the forums...Is their an ETA on the windows stable release?08:39
mandelduanedesign: we expect to have the stable release a month after N so that we do not have too much time in one go08:40
duanedesignthank you08:40
faganoh and mandel did you get the book for me?08:40
mandelfagan: yes, sending right now08:40
fagancool thanks08:41
mandelfagan: how is the hr situation?08:41
faganmandel: starting today08:42
faganHR signed off yesterday and sent out the contract but said I could start today08:42
mandelfagan: sweet, 'cause I have a research task for you :P08:42
fagansure go ahead08:42
mandelfagan: I'd like you to take a look at http://bitrock.com/ for qt and see if you can find if it is possible to reuse the ui we are writing in qt08:44
* fagan looks08:44
mandelfagan: I really don't care about the logic of the UI at the moment, just the one that we did with the qtdesigner, we might need t re-write the logic in c++, although if you find a way to use it in python I'll get you a drink in london08:45
faganmandel: your on :P08:45
mandelfagan: save the logs ;)08:47
faganwow holy crap its warm08:51
faganThat qt thingy is a huge file its been downloading since you linked it08:54
mandelfagan: 6,4 mb08:58
mandelit did not take long for me08:58
faganhmmm then maybe my connection is playing up08:59
faganI meant the bitrock thing08:59
faganother thing took like 1 sec :)08:59
mandelah, ok, yes, bitrock is big :P09:00
faganok installed mandel what am I looking for09:05
mandelfagan: well, I've never used that, o I guess you have to read the documentation to see how to build an installer that uses qt, that is why I sad research ;)09:06
mandelfagan: we wnat to see if that is the right tool to do it or not09:07
faganmandel: oh so you want me to check it out and see if its easy to use...etc09:07
faganjust playing about with it here09:08
mandelfagan: yes, try to make a small installer that uses a qt designer generated ui, one that just copies files to a location or something like that09:09
mandelfagan: make it as complicated as you please, later we have to give our feedback to ralsina to see if it makes sense to use it09:10
faganI think I understand it already but I havent tried the building features yet but the installer is easy09:12
mandelfagan: I'd say that the best thing to do would be to do a small ui with more thatn 2 steps (just to show how to use a QWizard in it) and that copies the files to a location and adds a shortcut to them, the files can be a simple README.txt09:14
faganok ill give it a try09:14
mandelfagan: also, if you have time I think we can start making you do some reviews hehe (terrible job) :P09:17
faganmandel: havent been added to the desktop+ team yet but I can still look at them and give a +109:18
mandelfagan: oh, you have not? ok, I know I talked with ralsina about it and it should be easy to fix, lets wait 'til then09:19
faganmandel: yeah we will have to wait09:20
mandelfagan: not big deal, for you installer work you can use a +junk branch, you know about that right?09:21
faganmandel: yep09:22
faganim just fiddling around at the moment but ill dump the project file onto lp when i get something good together09:23
faganim just going to make a quick installer that places a few text files into the program files dir just something simple09:24
faganbut at a glace id say its good enough to use09:24
faganand you can bundle installers with the preinstall scripts...etc09:25
mandelfagan: that sound great, can you try and do a custom ui?09:36
faganjust a first time around09:37
faganand I did a splash image but it looks kinda tacky09:37
* fagan isnt a fan of splash images09:38
JamesTaitHello, hello! It's a beautiful day! :D09:38
faganmorning JamesTait yeah ireland is looking great too09:38
JamesTaitfagan: Good stuff! Did you get your HR stuff sorted?09:39
karniJamesTait: hello James! and yes it is a beautiful day ^ ^09:39
faganJamesTait: yep on duty today09:39
JamesTaitFan-flippin'-tastic. :)09:40
faganman I hate that I added a quick .py script to my installer and windows added .txt to it09:41
faganOk done with the testing mandel ill give that a +109:46
* fagan is convinced09:46
ralsinagood morning people!09:47
faganill push the xml file and what I used to lp and talk to ralsina about it09:47
ralsinamandel, fagan: woke up specially early just to see how you huys are doing.09:47
faganralsina: good so far just finished looking at bitrock09:48
mandelfagan: have you used a custom ui from qtcreator? that is a must in the test09:48
mandelralsina: well, we were talking about you at your back, you know me ;)09:48
ralsinamandel: thankfully my back has a log ;-)09:49
faganmandel: ill give it a go now but the installer builder is good09:49
mandelfagan: it is very important because we want to make a very rich ui for the installer (you have seen the doc already) and some of the parts of the ui if not all are done with the designer09:51
mandelfagan: if you want some .ui files you can find some in lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/windows_ui_309:51
faganmandel: well the installer is fairly basic just welcome screen where to install it and then install but the back end is good.09:53
faganthe only thing you can do for the looks is do an icon, splash and that left side image like that screenshot I gave09:53
faganthey have to be all pngs too09:53
faganI think09:53
faganoh .gif too09:55
ralsinait looks like the UI is not really customizable09:56
ralsinathat sucks09:56
faganralsina: well it doesnt really need to be in 5 mins of messing about I made it look slightly ok09:57
faganralsina: http://ubuntuone.com/p/itd09:57
faganthe image isnt sized right but you get the idea09:57
ralsinaand you can run a program as part of the installation, so we can start sso09:57
faganwell you can run scripts at points in the install09:58
ralsinathe runProgram tag means you can run programs that came with the installer itself after it copies the files09:58
faganso you can run the installers for the deps and then install u1 then start the sso with the script with the post install09:58
ralsinaright :)09:59
ralsinaSo, if we can have a decent UI for the first step or two we're done09:59
mandelralsina, fagan: what would be interesting is to know how we could reuse the ui done with QtDesigner… according to UX that will like to have a single flow in the installer09:59
ralsinabecause from then on it's actually postinstall09:59
ralsinamandel: it looks like we can't, for the first step or two09:59
ralsinamandel: those steps have to use the bitrock "wizard"10:00
ralsinamandel: and then we can switch to our own program10:00
mandelhm... there most be a way10:00
mandelthere is always a way10:00
* mandel thinks10:01
faganmandel: by single flow what do you mean10:04
fagancan you share a mockup or something10:04
mandelfagan: take a look at the design document in google docs10:06
mandelfagan: the huge pict with all the steps10:06
faganoh yeah you already shared it10:06
faganmy bad10:06
mandelfagan: no worries :)10:07
mandelfaganm I know that there is an xml that can be edited for the Ui, and that there is a qt based bitrock, so there most be a way to put the two things together… althougth it might not :(10:08
faganwell im looking at it at the moment and there is a lot of customisations that could make doing it pretty easy10:09
faganbut it wont be exactly like the mockups10:09
faganlike looking at the user guide I dont think you can just say here use this .ui we created10:10
faganI think it generates the qt out of the xml10:10
ralsinaright. sadly we can't actually put real code in it10:10
ralsinathe "qt edition" just uses a Qt based UI instead of a java one (which is great, BTW), but all you can do is use the XML they read10:11
faganwell you can put in scripts at points and you can add in pages into the installer10:11
faganralsina: correct10:11
fagansec im pastebinning something10:12
faganthat the xml to add a page10:13
faganthats how they do an editing of a .conf file10:13
faganSo if you want something as good as what the design team did we would have to do the installer manually.10:16
faganid say if we want something simple thats easy just do fire and forget make a .exe we should use this10:17
* mandel hates not being able to do what design says....10:17
ralsinawe can do it anyway10:17
ralsinabitrock can produce a text installer10:17
ralsinawe do a Qt UI and launch the text installer10:18
faganralsina: that makes sense10:18
ralsinain fact, we can ask all the questions and pass them as arguments to an unattended text installer10:18
faganso it would just copy in the files to a dir and make the shortcuts and we would copy in everything10:18
ralsinasince the "copying files" part is maybe 4 seconds, we won't even need a real progressbar10:19
faganand do the bits we need10:19
faganyeah that sounds easy enough to maintain as well10:19
ralsinaand we can test the installer using the graphic mode until we *know* we got it right10:19
faganso is do you guys still want to have a look at my project xml to have a look or is there any point?10:20
* fagan just pastebins since the entire project is all in that xml10:22
mandelralsina, fagan, so what you say is, create an app that launches the bitrock installer in the background, and that shows the ui that we want, when done it continues with the installation, right?10:22
ralsinamandel: yes10:22
ralsinamandel: more or less what we wanted to do with the MSI, but with a sane thing instead of the MSI10:23
faganmandel: well bitrock will make the .exe file, copy in the files and execute our custom ui10:23
ralsinafagan: I was thinking th other way around, to make it more seamless10:23
faganralsina: I dont think I get what you mean by the other way around :)10:24
ralsinafagan: user downloads our app. Our app extracts from itself the installer( that's doable, yes), starts asking questions, launches the installer in the background, headless, and then we do as the ,ockups say10:24
faganoh ok10:24
* mandel think is funny that every time he sends an email to one of this companies they mention him that they do speak spanish… is his english THAT bad?10:24
ralsinamandel: they are trying to be nice to the poor spanish boy10:25
mandelralsina: I'm just thinking how we could make the error handling correctly10:25
faganralsina: well that would work too I was thinking the other way around but your way makes sense too10:25
mandelerror occurs, therefore we need to tell the UI, hey shit happened! UI tells the user, windows is crap!10:26
ralsinamandel: well, the only error I can think of is not being the right user and there not being space on disk10:26
ralsinamandel: well, at least "Error: Windows is Crap" is only one error string.10:26
* fagan thinks a link to the ubuntu download page would be useful in that situation :P10:27
ralsinawe should get error output from the installer. We can just say "Installation error, see details" and then show the whole output of the text installer10:27
ralsinawith a nice link to post it as a bug and everything10:27
faganralsina: well so what exactly is bitrock doing if we are doing most of it ourselves?10:27
mandelralsina, fagan: why dont we try it today? fagan can you try to build a small qt based app with a small QWizard that launches the installer? I of course will give you a hand with that10:28
mandelfagan: he, you clearly have not written an msi before, bit rock wpuld be ding a lot ;)10:28
faganmandel: yeah I just built all my crap in visual studio10:29
ralsinafagan: basically it's making us not write a MSI :-)10:29
mandelfagan: does the bitronk installation appear in the add/remove programs, does it remove it correctly?10:29
mandelthat is an important one ^10:29
faganmandel: yep10:29
* fagan double checks10:29
faganyep works very well10:31
faganeven has the publisher and all that good stuff10:31
faganand icon10:31
mandelfagan: do you see your self doing a small POC with a .exe app written in PyQt that calls the bitrock installer?10:32
ralsinathe bad news is we are probably back to C++ for the PyQt bit, right?10:32
faganralsina: Im better at C++ than python10:33
ralsinafagan: oh, great then10:33
mandelralsina, fagan: no, in we bundle the app in py2exe it should not be necessary10:33
* ralsina has forgotten about 60% of the C++ he knew10:33
ralsinamandel: well, yes....10:34
* fagan brb getting coffee10:34
ralsinamandel: we just need to make sure it doesn't fail because of the VS redistributables crap10:34
mandelralsina: it should not… but I donk know how to test that….10:35
ralsinamandel: we need ldd-like-thingie for windows :-)10:35
mandelralsina: choosing python is due to my experience with .Net, if we choose a lang that is not widely sued in the team, we have a problem10:35
mandelwe have all our eggs on the python basket10:36
ralsinamandel: well, we do have several who know C++, but yeah10:36
ralsinawe can do it in python and if we run into problems redo it in C++, since it's not going to be much code10:36
mandelralsina: it should be a small amount of logic...10:37
mandelralsina: I just want to avoid the path in which just a single person is willing to look at the code and fixing bug and getting reviews becomes a PITA10:38
mandelby the way you own me one ;)10:38
ralsinamandel: yes10:38
ralsinamandel: who, me? one what?10:39
mandelyes, you, review, at least 'til fagan is added to the projects :)10:39
ralsinaok, sure, point me at it!10:40
faganoh ralsina, you should add me to the desktop+ team since ill probably be doing some reviews at some stage10:40
* fagan looks into that custom app to start up bitrock10:41
ralsinafagan: need to ask the chipacabra10:41
ralsinafagan: will do it today10:41
mandelralsina: there you go https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/implement_windows_main_2/+merge/5340810:42
* mandel hides because is a 1500+ review10:42
* mandel runs for coffee 10:42
faganso ralsina I should do it in C++ or python?10:43
ralsinafagan: good question10:43
* fagan doesnt mind which one10:43
faganthe hardest part would be the qt bit since im a noob at it10:43
ralsinafagan: I will get coffee too (it's 7:45 AM here) and get back to you on it ;-)10:43
* fagan will drink some coffee here too10:44
ralsinafagan: let me point you at the lovely "PyQt by example" tutorial by yours truly ;-)10:44
mandelwe should try with python asap so if it brakes we have time to move to c++10:44
mandelralsina: booo self promotion!10:44
ralsinamandel: well, I didn't mention the excellent "Python no muerde" book because of language issues10:44
faganralsina: if its not written in quickly /me will be a sad panda :P10:45
faganquickly template I mean10:45
ralsinafagan: well, it isn't10:45
faganI could turn it into one in 5 mins if thats cool10:45
ralsinabut the boilerplate for a pyqt app is 5 lines10:46
ralsinasure, be my guest, it's on git somewhere you can fork it :-)10:46
* fagan is a quickly template serial creator so its fairly handy10:47
ralsinaAnd here's the tuto: http://lateral.netmanagers.com.ar/stories/BBS47.html10:47
faganit will be nice to use as a base anyway if we need to do anything fast10:49
* fagan didnt have qt4 installed so it will take 1 sec to get it set up10:51
faganill just fork the clock example and work from there10:52
ralsinafagan: ok10:56
faganralsina: the clock example is borked10:56
ralsinafagan: here's what you neeed http://pastebin.com/SHKVUmJ410:56
ralsinathat's the whole boilerplate for a Qt app.10:57
faganthat works10:57
ralsinaAssumes you have a .ui file compiled to Ui_MainWindow10:57
ralsinaOTOH we may want to do this on PySide instead of PyQt but there'sno difference really10:58
* fagan remembers mandel saying something about pyside but forgets10:59
mandelfagan: yes, do not use pyside, but use pyqt, mainly for py2exe compatibility issues11:00
ralsinaok, we are gpl so pyqt is ok11:00
mandelralsina: yes, the license should not be an issue11:01
faganactually ill make that template a bit later ill give the installer thingy a go now11:02
faganmandel: what time do you take the dog for a walk again (in UTC)11:03
ralsinafagan: I can probably hack a qwizard template in a minute or too. Never used quickly though, so I'll just send you the two files ;-)11:03
mandelfagan: in 1:30 min11:03
faganralsina: probably saved me about an hour of fumbling around11:03
faganill go on break then too and get some nice subway :)11:03
mandelI min, not in a min and a half, but in an hour and i ghalf..11:04
faganyeah I figured that :)11:04
mandelfagan: dont worry about Iron (the dog) he knows his business :P11:04
faganoh mandel do you want to try out that crappy installer I made?11:05
* fagan has the .exe here11:06
mandelfagan: sure, why not11:06
* ralsina has decided restoring state in virtualbox take longer than rebooting11:06
teknicoralsina, yes, my experience too, never suspend while virtualbox runs11:07
fagandont mind that I called it sso I just picked the first name that came to mind11:07
ralsinateknico: I meant restoring the state of the VM, it took 2 minutes!11:07
mandelgot it11:08
teknicoralsina, me too, I left it running for like half an hour, did not finish, had to power down11:09
ralsinateknico: that used not to be broken. Oracle's getting used to the code base, I suppose.11:09
faganI didnt put in a icon but you get the idea11:10
teknicoralsina, I think I'll switch to KVM asap11:11
faganI always found KVM a little hard to get right11:12
faganVBox was always pretty easy for me to get going with even if it is slow as hell11:12
teknicofagan, right, that's why I've been using it :-)11:13
ralsinafagan: where can I mail you the template for a PyQt wizard?11:20
faganralsina: shanepatrickfagan@ubuntu.com11:20
* fagan really needs to shorten that11:21
ralsinaok, I am a moron, I just deleted it11:21
ralsinarm *py instead of rm *pyc11:21
faganoh no11:21
ralsinaok, all of 12 lines to re write11:21
faganralsina: that will take hours11:24
ralsinathere, done11:24
ralsinaI'll mail it in a minute :-)11:24
ralsinahey, sloccount says that main.py is worth $398!11:25
* fagan remembers someone said that an average programmer does 200 lines a day max on average so /me thinks 12 lines should take a while :P11:26
ralsinathey are really OLD 12 lines. I must have written something like it a hundred times :-)11:26
faganthe old ones are the classics11:28
ralsinaof course I have no email on that VM11:29
* fagan prefers just dual booting and switching11:29
faganUbuntu does boot in 8 secs from GRUB to desktop on my new computer so I dont lose much time11:30
ralsinafagan: once you are asked to review the same thing on natty, maverick, lucid and windows you will love VMs ;-)11:31
ralsinafagan: the mail should be sent already11:31
ralsinapage1.py is compiled from page1.ui using pyuic11:31
fagansweet works11:32
ralsinanot my favourite way to use designer, but it's better when you want to build an exe11:32
ralsinafagan: BTW: that quality of code couldn't be merged into the project. Lacks docstrings, may not even fit PEP8!11:36
faganralsina: yeah is just a prototype11:36
* fagan gets it11:36
faganso what do I have to do here just open the .exe file I made to the installer I created with bitrock?11:37
ralsinafagan: first we need to know how to run the installer "headless"11:38
ralsinawithout a UI11:38
faganso ill look into that11:38
ralsinathen you add a second page to the prototype that does that andwaits for it11:38
faganok so11:39
ralsina1st page "welcome to the installer" (click next) real installer launches in background, PyQt window does silly dance to misdirect (installer finishes) 3rd page "you are done"11:41
ralsinaafter that it's filling the blanks11:42
* ralsina is such an optimist11:42
faganyeah ill be busy a while with that11:43
faganid say I could probably get it done a little after lunch11:43
* fagan is trying to do that headless thing first11:44
ralsinafagan: cool, take your time11:44
mandelfagan: if you need help with the setup.p and getting a .exe from py2exe, let me know :)11:44
ralsinafagan: don't rush, make sure you get all the steps in your head right11:44
ralsinamandel: I'd be happy with this working from plain python today :-)11:45
faganmandel: I probably will need help with that but working out the bitrock stuff first11:45
mandelok :)11:45
* mandel wonders if there is a way to tell diff to ignore certain files… reviewing .ui files looks stupid11:46
faganmandel: there isnt :/11:47
ralsinamandel: I have been askingmyself about that reviewing glade files :-(11:47
ralsinamandel: the diffs kinda make sense usually, if the dev didn't futz too much11:47
* fagan says "patches welcome" in his head automatically when things like that come to mind11:47
mandelI dont like that we do not test how the UI looks in the system but just the interaction… whihc forces people doing the reviw to open the ui file, well, live is hard11:49
faganralsina: ive been looking down though their docs but I cant see how to disable the UI can I drop them and email and ask them if it can be done?11:53
faganor you... :P11:53
ralsinafagan: give me 2'11:55
ralsinafagan: --mode text11:55
faganoh thats cool11:56
ralsinaIf the installer is still interactive you need to feed it the options11:56
ralsinabasically, you can choose everything you can choose in the UI via the command line11:56
ralsinaor --mode unattended11:57
ralsinathat's probably the good one11:57
faganyeah unattended sounds right11:57
faganyep worked11:58
ralsinafagan: their FAQ is really good ;-)11:58
faganoh on the website11:58
faganI was looking at the user docs and couldnt see it11:58
faganok so moving on to the python bit11:59
ralsinamandel: what should be working on implement_windows_main_2? Just the tests?12:13
mandelralsina: yes, jus the tests, until4 you wont get all of them running12:14
ralsinamandel: ok12:14
ralsinamandel: will have the review in a few minutes then12:14
mandelralsina: superb, I'm finishing with the ui to make it more testeable and soo we should have a .exe for windows that provides sso12:15
ralsinaoh, neat!12:15
mandelralsina: I'd also like to test this on kde :P12:15
ralsinamandel: why?12:15
mandelralsina: because kde people want u1 support, so I'd like to see how well it fits the ui we have so far12:16
ralsinawell, you can run it on GNOME just as well :-)12:16
mandel2 pajaros de un tiro, 2 birds one stone :P12:16
ralsinaif running it on GNOME it looks like a GNOME app, thenit will look like a KDE app in KDE12:16
mandelralsina: well… that is the theory, I need to change the setup.py to also compile the Qt things on linux too :)12:17
ralsinaQt is looing pretty damn good in ubuntu, too: shanepatrickfagan@ubuntu.com12:17
ralsinaQt is looing pretty damn good in ubuntu, too: http://twitpic.com/4bvpgh12:18
ralsinaI was showing off this kind of things to a gnomie friend he was shellshocked12:19
mandelnow we know what you were copy pasting :P12:19
ralsinaHe had been saying "Qt apps look unintegrated" for years without actually testing them ;-)12:19
nessitagooood morning everyone!12:19
ralsinamandel: well, yes I did send email to shane ;-)12:19
faganmorning nessita12:19
ralsinamorning nessita!12:19
karnihello nessita !12:19
nessitawow! what a cheerful morning :-)12:19
nessitahi mandel12:20
ralsinamandel: compiling you mean the .ui files?12:20
ralsinanessita: we have fagan officially on the team, and it has been quite a productive morning12:20
ralsinain the sense of "you know, this has a chance of actually working" productive12:20
nessitaralsina: that's very good!12:21
nessitafagan: welcome to the team :-)12:21
mandelralsina: yes, right now the build is just when the sys in win32, it is not hard, few lines that is all12:21
ralsinaalso, I don't have the management call today so I just got 1 hour back in my life ;-)12:21
faganthanks nessita12:21
ralsinamandel: probably want to check that pyuic is there, we don't want to require PyQt on linux yet ;-)12:25
ralsinamandel: +112:25
mandelralsina: coo, one merge less :)12:25
ralsinawe could be evil and mark the "u1 for KDE' as "in progress"12:26
mandelralsina: I was think of passing it as a parameter in the command line12:26
ralsinamandel: even better12:26
faganralsina: I have a second and 3rd page done12:26
ralsinafagan: cool12:26
* fagan is just building everything up though so it will be a little bit longer before show and tell12:27
ralsinafagan: slacking off already! ;-)12:27
faganits day 1 slacking off is mildly expected :P12:28
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
faganI kinda wish there was a bot to record words per minute id bet mine would be quite silly12:29
mandelhe, dog has arrived to the room demanding to get out...12:36
* mandel walking four legged thing12:37
ralsinait's late for him already!12:37
ralsinapiss on the rug, Iron!12:37
mandeldont encourage him, the guy pees like a blood elephant12:38
faganthe dog's name is Iron?12:38
faganralsina or mandel how do you ask windows for elevation or privileges ?12:45
ralsinafagan: let me check12:45
* fagan is running into a bit where he doesnt know12:45
nessitaralsina: ping12:45
ralsinanessita: pong12:46
ralsinafagan: I have no idea whatsoever12:46
nessitaralsina: remember that before I left for vacations I asked you if you could find out what's needed for bug #710690?12:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 710690 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Update the icon for the messaging menu (affects: 1) (heat: 78)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71069012:46
faganwheres sudo when you need it most12:46
ralsinanessita: I dropped the ball on that (sadface)12:46
nessitaralsina: any idea who can point me how to do it?12:47
ralsinanessita: my guess is as good as yours12:47
ralsinanessita: probably worse12:47
ralsinanessita: maybe aquarius will know, but everyone is on a big meeting all day in london12:48
ralsinaI'd just ask out loud on u1-internals12:50
nessitaralsina: I'll wait for dobey, I would guess he knows how to do that12:50
faganralsina: ok I have it working if I run all commands as admin but id like to find out how to do that in the code properly so ill do that after lunch12:50
faganso I might as well go for lunch now then12:50
ralsinafagan: ok, have something nice12:50
fagansubway it is then :P12:51
ralsinafagan: hahaha I miss subway12:51
faganThere are only a few in Ireland and one happens to be a 5 min walk away12:51
faganand its a beautiful day12:51
ralsinathere's 3 in buenos aires, but the closest one is... about 10 km from here.12:52
nessitaivanka: ping12:58
dobeynessita: what about the icon?13:13
nessitadobey: we need to use a different, monochromatic icon for the messaging menu entry13:13
nessitadobey: any thoughts how to implement this?13:13
nessitadobey: shall we ship the new mono icon in u1client?13:14
nessitaor in u1cp?13:14
dobeyuhm, not sure13:14
nessitadobey: bug report is bug #71069013:15
ubot4`Launchpad bug 710690 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Update the icon for the messaging menu (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71069013:15
nessitaicons are in there13:15
faganralsina: how long do I get a break for like an hour?13:19
* fagan is just wondering13:19
ralsinafagan: we are not strict, it's one hour, but you can make up for it later13:19
faganah thats cool13:19
ralsinaFor example, I will take 2 hours today but I started working 2 hours earlier, so I will leave 1 hour earlier13:20
faganah ok13:20
dobeyman, i am going to typo that word so many times next cycle when dealing with packages13:22
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dobeynessita: does unity indicator menus change with theme, or are they hardcoded like the panel?13:28
nessitadobey: let me check13:30
nessitadobey: mail icon changes with the theme... but other (like the IM client) does not change13:30
nessitadobey: does that answer your question?13:30
dobeynessita: sorry, not the icons, the background colors. if you change to a different gtk+ theme are the menu backgrounds pink instead for example13:31
nessitadobey: yes, they change13:31
nessitadobey: the color text (foreground) changes automatically13:32
dobeynessita: it's the background color i'm concerned about, since the icons must contrast with it13:32
nessitadobey: right. Background color changes13:33
dobeynessita: i think we need to ship the monochrome icons in the appropriate themes then, and let the colored one be used if the user picks an icon theme that isn't the humanity-{light,dark} theme13:36
nessitadobey: that makes sense. But I have no idea how to implement :-)13:37
dobeynessita: daniel can do it as he 'maintains' those icon themes, i think13:39
nessitadobey: but we need to change something in our end, I think, since we're using the "ubuntuone" icon name. We should switch to other name, and I wonder how we will handle the case where ubuntuone-panel is not present for a theme13:41
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
faganbrb restarting13:43
dobeynessita: i guess the code needs changed to use ubuntuone-panel; if it's not available, then i think dbusmenu or whatever it is that does the icon lookup, does fallback, and will use ubuntuone instead13:44
dobeynessita: iow, if you make the code change now, before the -panel icon is shipped anywhere, it should still work as it does today13:44
nessitadobey: makes sense, I'll try that13:45
nessitadobey: hum, but in order to do that, I'd need to change the /usr/share/applications/ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk.desktop to set a different icon name. Wouldn't that change modify the icon in the system -> settings menu as well?13:47
dobeythat doesn't seem correct13:48
dobeyi mean, it would also change that icon as well yes; but changing that file doesn't seem like what we should do13:50
dobeynessita: maybe adding Icon=ubuntuone-panel to the [U1 Shortcut Group] section instead of changing the main Icon?13:51
nessitadobey: trying that now...13:51
ralsinaalecu dobey nessita mandel thisfred fagan standup in 6'13:54
faganok lunch over13:57
faganwhats the headings again for standup?13:58
faganralsina: ?13:59
ralsinafagan: DONE/TODO/BLOCKED13:59
ralsinafagan: but feel free to add something else if you need it13:59
ralsinaDONE: reviews, talked with possible contractors, misc stuff14:03
ralsinaTODO: send mail to invite testing, several calls, evaluations14:03
ralsinaBLOCKED: no14:03
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/fix-ziggy-createshares/+merge/5374014:03
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/fix-activity-journal-names/+merge/5374314:03
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-sso-client/displayname/+merge/5421614:03
thisfred* DONE review https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-732820/+merge/5426914:03
thisfred* NEEDSREVIEW https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/add-service/+merge/5427314:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS get ubuntuone-couch into natty [2/3]14:03
thisfred - [X] 0.2.0  https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-couch/release-0.2.0/+merge/5331714:03
thisfred - [X] ubuntuone-couch FFE http://pad.lv/72911714:03
thisfred - [ ] wait for the package to get through the upload queue14:03
thisfred* INPROGRESS notifications/alerts of quota events http://pad.lv/702172 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/quota-notifications14:03
thisfred* TODO peer review James T.14:03
thisfred* LOVED http://boxcar2d.com14:03
thisfred* NEXT mandel14:03
mandelDONE: More SSO UI. Changed the way in which some field validations are done. Added tests to ensure that the controllers work correctly. Fixed the .ui files so that warnings are not given by pylint.14:03
mandelTODO: More SSO UI. Start working on the packaging of SSO on windows.14:03
mandelBLOCKED: no14:03
mandelLOVE: got more help on windows, hurray \o/14:03
mandelfagan: go, go, go14:03
fagan* looked at bitrock for use as the installer14:03
fagan* worked out what way to use it with the guys14:03
fagan* started hacking up a quick working version of the installer->bitrock stuff14:03
fagan* work out a way to get admin a la gksu in windows since it requires admin to install stuff14:03
fagan* ^ dont think so14:03
nessitaalecu: go!14:04
alecuDONE: started chasing a syncdaemon bug related to the zeitgeist changes that happens when files are overwritten by a move, bug #739688. Chased people to review p14:04
alecuending branches14:04
alecuTODO: work on said bug, and a few more syncdaemon bugs14:04
alecuBLOCKED: no14:04
alecuNOTE: postponed car-related paperwork until tomorrow morning14:04
alecuHATE: bureaucracy14:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739688 in ubuntuone-client "Broken node Exceptions raised after metadata is deleted from a move. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73968814:04
alecuLOVE: having crazy ideas for PyCamp 2011 at La Falda!14:04
alecuNEXT: nessita14:04
nessitaDONE: bug #709494, bug #729382, bug #732820, bug #739576, bug triaging for U1CP, mail catch up14:04
nessitaTODO: more U1CP bug triaging, chased invaka and daniel to close up remaining UI bugs, bug #735957, bug #73971414:04
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes14:04
nessitaNEXT: dobey14:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 709494 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Missing user's name field (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70949414:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 729382 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Natty) (and 2 other projects) "Services tab frames are not the same size (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72938214:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 732820 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Bookmark Sync requirements description is misleading (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73282014:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739576 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "After initial computer adding (login/register), the services tab needs to be shown (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73957614:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 735957 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Translations not being loaded in the Ubuntu One Control Panel (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73595714:04
ubot4`Launchpad bug 739714 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Add service: com.ubuntuone.controlpanel.gui.service (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73971414:04
dobeyλ DONE: checking half of #733327, reviews14:05
dobeyλ TODO: install half of bug #733327, install Ubuntu on new laptop14:05
dobeyλ BLCK: Delivery of new laptop.14:05
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 354)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332714:06
nessitaralsina: question. Do we have hotel for our sprint?14:06
ralsinanessita: I asked that to marianna but she's away until tomorrow14:07
thisfredalecu: I've had some a report (from beuno) that syncing many small files spawns way too many notifications. I think we need to tweak the timeout so that it waits longer and can summarize more14:07
ralsinalast word I had wa s"of course you will have a hotel" :-)14:07
nessitaralsina: makes sense14:07
faganOh and ill be getting IRC and Mumble access but not wiki access I dont think14:08
faganso if there is anything on the wiki that I need to get at someone will have to take care of14:08
faganand I think you guys store the sprint info there too....14:09
ralsinafagan: ok,sprint!14:09
ralsinafagan: you won't come to the Buenos Aires Sprint14:09
* fagan wanted that one :P14:09
ralsinafagan: but we will meet you at the London sprint on april 11th14:10
ralsinafagan: I think the classic response is neener neener ;-)14:10
faganyeah the london one I am down for I think14:10
ralsinafagan: I need to hook you up with the travel agent14:10
faganwell Ireland is like Buenos Aires ish14:10
faganwe are at 20 degrees today14:11
faganvery warm14:11
mandelralsina: one quick question I know that in C++ you can connect a signal to an other signal, is that possible in pyqt, 'cause it does not seem to work14:13
ralsinamandel: sure thing14:13
ralsinaconnect it to signal.emit14:13
ralsinaas in button.clicked.connect(otherbutton.cliclked.emit)14:13
faganoh mandel on my standup, do you know how to ask windows to run a process as admin from dos?14:14
* fagan is trying to open the installer using popen and its blocking because of admin14:15
mandelfagan: let me think14:15
faganI could exec it from a C++ file that can only run as admin but that seems like overkill14:16
faganjust python doesnt behave the same as regular windows exe files14:16
dobeyhrmm, i wonder if i should use packagekit, or just write a quick private C api on top of aptdaemon14:17
mandelfagan: I think using popen is not the correct, path, you will need to use COM for that.. let me get you the docs14:17
dobeynessita: did the extra Icon= work for you? you can set it to something else temporarily, like dialog-error, to make sure it's actually working14:19
mandelfagan: this guy should be the one you want to be looking at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms682431(v=vs.85).aspx14:19
faganthanks mandel14:20
nessitadobey: haven't tested yet, in about 5 minutes14:20
mandelfagan: you need to call that guy with the admin group, then the api will take care of asking for the creds etc...14:20
mandelfagan: here you have an example of the code http://bytes.com/topic/c-sharp/answers/812511-using-createprocesswithlogonw-without-invoking-uac-popup-vista14:22
mandelfagan: there it doe snot required the popup, but if you changes the params you will get it14:22
mandelfagan: win apis are a hard beast to tame, so feel free to ask question whenever14:23
faganmandel: I could do it easier with writing a few lines of c++ to exec the python in admin14:24
faganit sounds like its a little bit overkill for a proof of concept14:24
dobeyi wish the rbox extension wasn't broken right now14:25
faganoh mandel found an easier way of doing it14:25
mandelfagan: let me see14:26
faganits on my other computer ill just try and see if it works14:26
faganwould be faster than getting the link14:26
dobeyduanedesign: what did you want to know about the music store?14:27
duanedesigndobey: i was testing a patch that was submittted14:28
dobeysubmitted to where? in an ubuntu package bug?14:29
duanedesigndobey: it was  for the rhythmbox music store14:29
duanedesigndobey: then i remembered ubuntu is switching too banshe14:30
duanedesigndobey: was wondering if both packages will be maintained?14:31
duanedesignrhythmbox and banshee plugins14:31
dobeyduanedesign: we'd like to keep the rbox extension working, yes. i wish it was now, but rbox broke API and ralsina hasn't been able to get it working reliably again, though he was looking at it14:31
ralsinadobey: since you are adding stuff in libubuntuone, it makes more sense to try and fix it when you are done14:32
ralsinadobey: and make it less hacktastic in the process14:32
duanedesigndobey: ok. It was a minor patch that i was looking at.14:32
dobeyduanedesign: which patch were you looking at? i don't see any in my e-mail14:32
dobeyralsina: i would generally agree, but i really want to see what the install process is like for the mp3 bits in rbox :)14:33
ralsinadobey: well, you can look at it in the abstract ;-)14:33
faganok my try at it didnt work since you have to provide the full path :/14:33
duanedesigndobey: bug 70273914:33
ubot4`Launchpad bug 702739 in rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "typo in MP3 plugins are not installed section (affects: 1) (heat: 59)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70273914:34
faganim going to do it the other way14:34
dobeyduanedesign: ah ok. hrmm14:36
ralsinaOk, on canonicaladmin, you are required to fill in the number of days. But if you type them, it's wrong, you just are required to click on "calculate" before clicking on "submit". Good to know there was a UX expert working on that.14:36
ralsinac-admin would be evil encarnate, if it was, you know, more encarnated.14:39
CardinalFangralsina, hah.14:43
faganmandel: im doing it your way im writing a quick wrapper14:43
faganbut I really dont have a clue14:44
* fagan tried the "easy" ways but they didnt work14:44
mandelfagan: ok, so what code do you have?14:44
faganill push it to lp14:44
mandelfagan: there is no easy way on windows :)14:45
faganyeah im beginning to see that14:45
mandelfagan: in this cases, where you are dealing with security on windows, the hard way is usually the correct one, ShellExecute and all the other required a crazy work around14:47
faganwhy couldnt they just have gksu14:48
dobeyduanedesign: so that bit will go away in trunk soon, but we need to fix it in maverick/lucid i guess14:51
mandelfagan: did you push your code to lp? which branch is it?14:59
faganmandel: working on it14:59
faganssh key gave me an issue14:59
mandelah, ok14:59
faganmandel: lp:~shanepatrickfagan/+junk/u1-installer-installer15:00
fagannice branch name huh15:00
* fagan didnt notice till after the upload15:00
* mandel looking15:02
faganmandel: the bit that is going wrong is the popen bit in main.py15:02
faganthe rest was working fine before then15:02
mandelfagan: ok15:03
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=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
thisfredcould use a second +1 on lp:~thisfred/ubuntuone-control-panel/add-service ⇒ lp:ubuntuone-control-panel15:16
* fagan isnt doing anything but doesnt have privileges yet15:17
beunoalecu, thisfred, FWIW, my test yesterday was doing a "bzr branch lp:ubuntuone-client" in my laptop, and watching the notifications on my netbook15:17
thisfredbeuno: yeah, I'm looking at that as we speak15:17
=== ralsina is now known as ralsina_long_lun
nessitathisfred: I'll review!15:17
beunothisfred, do you get the same crazy behavior?15:18
thisfredbeuno: I'm looking at the code first to understand how it is *supposed* to handle this, then I'll test, but I assume I will15:19
beunoI think this is one of the things Mark saw as well at some point15:19
thisfredbeuno: yeah, except he got it with mp3s so I initially thought the transfer between 7digital and our server was just being slow15:21
thisfredcausing each file to come in separately15:21
* beuno nods15:22
nessitathisfred: approved15:22
thisfrednessita: awesome thx15:23
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
faganmandel: so thoughts or are you fixing it for me?15:26
dobeybeuno: the crazy notifications is basically the same exact problem we had when the old applet had notifications.15:26
nessitawhat's the process I need to restart to have window decorations again? (they died)15:28
fagannessita: compiz --replace15:28
dobeynessita: don't know which wm you were using, but if compiz probably gtk-window-decorator15:28
faganor metacity --replace15:28
nessitafagan, dobey: thanks!15:28
dobeythisfred: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-client/stable-1-0/view/head:/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet#L57915:31
mandelfagan: nearly done, windows vm went down the toilet :(15:31
faganmandel: ah ok that explains it. /me is on a dual boot so no chance of that happening to me :)15:32
faganis there anything I could be doing like look at some merges or something?15:32
faganI cant approve them but I can still review a little15:33
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
* fagan just got something to do15:33
faganmandel: ill be doing some contract stuff for a while anyway so take your time15:34
thisfreddobey, thanks, things work a lot different now, but I'll take it along as inspiration.15:34
mandelfagan: well, I'm done :P15:34
faganhah nice15:34
mandelfagan: it was more reverting the vm to a previous state than code15:34
dobeythisfred: right, i pointed at that line specifically because it handles the timeout when we get the "last" item in the queue15:35
mandelfagan: there you go lp:~mandel/+junk/u1_installer15:35
fagankk ill be 10 mins working out the contract and then ill get onto it15:35
dobeythisfred: i did a lot of testing there, and even at a 15 second timeout, it would still havae some weird notification behavior in certain cases. but with the other improvements in recent syncdaemons, 15s would i hope be well more than enough of a timeout15:36
mandelfagan: the trick there is to use the runas command to request the priviledge from the user, you will need to take a look at how to get some communication going to the parent process if you need t15:36
thisfreddobey: yeah, we have 3 seconds now I think, which is very low15:36
faganmandel: ah I googled and saw the runas thing but couldnt figure it out easily15:36
mandelfagan: take a look in the branch, it is there15:37
faganmandel: yep got it now15:37
mandelis a trick that I dont know if you can use with popen, give it a try, popen would be more useful15:38
dobeythisfred: i would start with 10s and go from there, with current trunk, i think15:38
dobey10s should be good, and not too long15:38
thisfredbeuno: I do not get the same behavior here (yet): it gave me one notification for '[something] and 4 other files' and is now holding off while it's queuing the rest of the files. Maybe this got fixed on trunk15:38
dobeythisfred: well, you may get diffrent behavior if the files are already uploaded :)15:39
thisfredwill test on my other machien15:39
dobeythisfred: i'd recommend testing with a different project branch15:39
thisfreddobey: true, though the queueing wouldn't yet know about that or would it?15:39
dobeythisfred: i think it would15:40
thisfredbut yeah I will pick a different project15:40
beunodamn smart client15:40
beunoit would upload very fast15:40
beunoso the behavior would differ15:40
beunothisfred, try something else, "bzr branch lp:loggerhead" or if you have a good connection, lp:bzr15:41
dobeyor lp:<personalproject>15:41
dobeythat way it's more likely that someone else didn't do it already :)15:41
beunojust needs to be a lot of files15:42
dobeydoesn't seem like it needs to be a whole lot. like maybe 10-20 would be enough to trigger15:44
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:48
thisfredhmm, the numbers in the progress notifications are completely off too.15:49
thisfredalecu: I'm very inclined to take out the progress notifications completely15:50
beunothisfred, as in, no more knowing what coming down the pipe?15:50
thisfredI think started and done are useful, 68% done not so much15:50
thisfredbeuno: there is the unity progress bar15:50
thisfredbut notifications are not a good fit for this15:51
nessitaok, rebooting after update15:51
beunothisfred, knowing _what_ is downloading is the thing that makes me the happiest overall15:51
beunothisfred, I care less about "done" than I do about "CoolDocument.odt is being downloaded"15:51
thisfredbeuno: well, the start and end messages would still show that15:52
beunothen I'm happy15:52
faganmandel: yeah worked15:53
* fagan took a while reading the contract15:53
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faganI think my day is almost over since I started at around 8:15 Irish time15:56
faganif my math is right15:56
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
mandelfagan: leave if you feel like it, as long as you believe is correct :)15:58
mandelfagan: catch u tom15:58
faganmandel: yeah will, I think it was a relatively productive day. Ill sort out the contract before I sign off anyway since I have some time left over15:59
faganjust need to reply with a signed copy16:00
faganI really wish they didnt send the file as a pdf :16:03
faganwow gimp can edit them nice16:08
thisfredbeuno-lunch: dobey: still cannot reproduce locally. Maybe running from trunk in debug mode masks the problem :(16:09
fagancrap ill have to do it in my dads house :/ im off then16:10
karnifagan: why not as pdf? would you prefer jpeg's ;d ?16:10
karnifagan: I had the same 'problem', no scanner handy. Visited a friend of mine heh.16:11
fagankarni: well I can edit it if it was a jpeg16:11
karnifagan: you need to print it and sign it, AFAIR16:11
faganI love HR lingo thought after reading down though it16:12
faganthere is so much liability reducing language :)16:12
fagananyway gtg go do the scanner printing thing16:13
karnitake care fagan16:13
faganlater karni16:14
nessitadobey: so, I changed the Icon in the .desktop file for the specific section and is not being shown (despite I can use the same icon name at system level). I'll ask around about that.16:14
=== ralsina_long_lun is now known as ralsina
dobeynessita: perhaps a bug in whatever parses the shortcut groups then16:22
nessitadobey: tedg is just telling me that they don't support Icon in the shortcut group16:23
ralsinaa camera works just fine as a scanner, in my experience16:24
dobeyralsina: for some things, yes, but for "official documents" i wouldn't use a camera16:25
dobeybut then again, that's what gimp is for16:25
ralsinadobey: put the document under glass, shoot without flash, it looks better than most scanners, actually16:25
* ralsina has a homemade book scanner anyway16:25
dobeyralsina: open pdf in gimp, plug in wacom tablet, sign in gimp, print to pdf. return via email :)16:26
nessitaalecu, thisfred: bug #740268 and bug #740270 has been just reported by a translator16:26
ralsinadobey: would work like a charm. Sign a paper, scan *that* paste in gimp, works too ;-)16:26
ubot4`Launchpad bug 740268 in ubuntuone-client "i18n: bad plural forms: New cloud folder(s) available (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74026816:26
ubot4`Launchpad bug 740270 in ubuntuone-client "i18n: bad plural forms: Found %(event_count)d new cloud folders. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74027016:26
dobeyralsina: yeah, but i prefer a true paperless office :)16:27
ralsinaok, last step is throw away the piece of paper with your signature ;-)16:28
thisfrednessita: that should already be fixed16:28
thisfreddobey: do we need to reextract the .po files?16:29
dobeyactually, you should shred it, compact it into a cube, soak it in kerosene, and burn it16:29
nessitathisfred: can you please follow up in the bug reports? like asking the reporter what version is he/she using, etc16:29
dobeythisfred: what do you mean?16:29
thisfreddobey: nm, nessita: no the bug reporter is right16:30
thisfrednessita: Somehow there are many more messages that count stuff...16:30
dobeyanything that may be plural needs to use ngettext16:30
thisfreddobey: yeah I know. I thought I had them all but there are more. I thought all the i18n strings were in constants at the beginning of the file, but some are in the code itself.16:33
nessitacan I have a couple of reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-739538/+merge/54378? (dobey, you in particular since that fixes the border thingy for u1cp)16:34
thisfredbeuno-lunch: problem confirmed, I'm seeing it now with the downloads. alecu: the problem is that for downloads the queue gets to two items then gets emptied and then a new download starts, so we get hundreds of notifications. We need to put more logic in the aggregator I fear :(.16:36
thisfredBasically we need to keep our own event queue16:36
dobeythisfred: i think you just need the timeout, don't think you need another queue to manage16:38
thisfreddobey: yes we do if we want to say 'foo.bar and N other files finished downloading'16:38
thisfredwell we need to keep the filename and a counter, hopefully not a whole queue yeah16:39
dobeythisfred: well you need a count16:39
dobeybut not a whole queue :)16:39
alecuthisfred, right: the best way would be to have a small timeout after the "queue done" event, and not do the queue done processing if another download starts.16:43
dobeyoh dear dell, where is my laptop16:50
dobeyi think i need to reboot after firefox ate all my ram :(16:52
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
beunothisfred, happy  you saw it, sad it's hard to fix16:56
beunothisfred, do you also see "ready" and "syncing" flipping back and forth all that time in the control panel?16:57
thisfredbeuno: didn't look at the cp but that would make sense. They are all separate downloads as far as sd is concerned.16:57
dobeyyay free ram16:58
dobeyi don't even have much running, and already a gig in use :(16:59
thisfrednessita: alecu: * NEEDSREVIEW http://pad.lv/740270 http://pad.lv/740268 https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/more-plurals-fixes/+merge/5438817:03
dobeythisfred: we must do something about this obsession of yours17:04
alecuthisfred, ack17:04
thisfreddobey: why? :) I put in my todo file what I'm doing or going to do. Why not paste that when I need to convey the same information?17:06
thisfredtyping is for typewriters17:07
dobeythisfred: shortened URLs give no context or meaning to what they are17:08
thisfreddobey: pad.lv is the launchpad shortener, created especially for linking to bugs. And you can always click the link if you're brave enough ;)17:09
dobeyGiven the current political situation in Latvia, I'd rather not click .lv URLs.17:10
thisfreddobey: all caps is used for todo status in orgmode. Since most of us use it in the stand up already, I don't see why it's a problem ;)17:10
dobeyalso you could just not paste the bugs as well as the merge proposal, since it should have the bugs listed in it anyway17:10
dobeymost of us == you17:10
thisfredsure, but that'd be work :)17:10
dobeynobody else uses orgmode17:11
thisfred<dobey> λ DONE: checking half of #733327, reviews17:11
thisfred λ TODO: install half of bug #733327, install Ubuntu on new laptop17:11
thisfred λ BLCK: Delivery of new laptop.17:11
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Notify user of missing MP3 support (affects: 1) (heat: 354)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73332717:11
dobeyand nobody else pastes 20 line status blocks17:11
thisfreddobey: I mean all caps for todo status17:11
thisfreddobey: and yes they do if you include the ubottu feedback17:11
dobeythisfred: yes, but it's 4 characters in a timely and relevant disucssion.17:11
dobeypasting only the URL is not more work17:12
dobeyit is less17:12
dobeyfor one, it's probably already in yoru paste buffer, since you probably just pasted it in emacs anyway17:13
thisfredfair enough :)17:13
thisfred* TODO: annoy dobey less17:14
thisfredor should that be INPROGRESS... hmm, at this point probably not....17:14
dobeyand http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/000000 seems short enough already. granted, there are some usability issues in launchpad bugs which do make that not necessarily go to what you want17:14
ubot4`dobey: Error: Bug #0 is private.17:14
dobeythank you ubot4`17:15
thisfreddobey: thx, fixed in r92717:22
dobeyyay laptop is here17:24
thisfredalecu: what are your thoughts on getting rid of the % progress messages altogether? With the awesome progress bar in place they're not that useful. I wish we had a better way to do it in non-unity, but I don't think notifications are good for this purpose. It is not an "event" that 60 seconds have gone by without down/uploads completing...17:25
thisfredmerry new laptop17:25
dobeywe have notifications for partial downloads?17:26
thisfredevery 60 seconds it says: N% completed17:26
dobeyget rid of it :)17:28
ralsinamake that 2 hours or so17:29
nessitaok, I need to have (a late) lunch17:33
nessitaralsina: wanna do a couple of reviews?17:33
ralsinanessita: in 5', sure!17:34
nessitahttps://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-client/no-more-clientdefs/+merge/54376 and https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-739538/+merge/5437817:34
ralsinapost them, I'll get to them17:34
* nessita -> lunch17:34
nessitaivanka: hey there! have you, by any chance, reviewed the email I sent a few hours ago?17:56
ivankanessita: hey - not got to it yet, but I will get to it today!17:57
nessitaivanka: thanks17:57
achianghello, i'm on maverick and not sure what i need to do in order to get U1 to actually sync my folders (i told it to sync ~/Music about 2 hours ago, and nothing seems to be happening)18:00
achianglooking at the U1 preferences panel, i've clicked on "restart" and "connect" several times, but no results18:01
achiangand it claims it is disconnected18:01
achiangotoh, u1-syncd is taking 50% of my CPU18:01
achiangin top18:01
achiangand i hear the hdd churning18:01
ralsinaachiang: it's getting the metadata from your 100GB of data, I suspect18:02
ralsinaachiang: could take a while18:02
achiangralsina: ah, ok. interestingly, the folder structure already appears in the web interface18:03
achiangwell, it appeared 2 hours ago, according to the web18:04
ralsinaachiang: yes, the folders work quickly, I don'tthink anyone has tried 100GB before :-)18:04
achiangralsina: heh. it's actually only ~60GB18:04
ralsinaAnd depending on the version of u1 you have, there has been a 100x improvement of speed in that area18:04
achiangralsina: nod. still on maverick here18:04
achiangii  ubuntuone-client                      1.4.5-0ubuntu118:05
ralsinasadly I don'tknow what version got tritcask (the speed improvement)18:05
verterokralsina: I think it's 1.5.x (natty)18:06
beunoachiang, use the nightlies: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntuone/+archive/nightlies18:06
ralsinaachiang: so that's going to take a while18:06
verterokralsina: also, maverick and lucid nightlies18:06
achiangno worries. i think i was simply curious what to expect. i did find the FAQ that says, "why is it taking so long for my files to sync" but i got confused when i saw the folder structure appear, but iftop(1) told me that nothing was actually getting uploaded18:06
ralsinayes, if it churns but nothing moves, it's usually the metadata18:07
ralsinanessita: +1 & +1 == +1 (weird!)18:11
nessitaralsina: ?18:11
achiangis there a way to stop the u1-syncd?18:12
achiangnot seeing it in the preferences panel18:12
ralsinanessita: stupid joke, but you got 2 +1s on your branches18:13
nessitaah! :-)18:14
* achiang goes with kill -918:16
ralsinaachiang: excellent choice sir18:17
achiang<- super sysadmin skillz, right here18:18
faganralsina: I have wiki access18:30
* fagan just got back from sending in the contract18:30
ralsinafagan: congrats :-)18:31
faganyeah so now I know everything muhahahah18:31
ralsinafagan: you will be coding mostly on windows, so basically there is no useful info on the wiki for you ;-)18:31
faganI know but the sprint info and the IRC info...etc is in there18:32
ralsinafagan: important, sprint info18:32
faganso I can help myself there18:32
ralsinafagan: check the travel agent stuff there18:32
ralsinaalso, interns are required to buy beer for management stuff, that's also on the iki somewhere, but I don't have the link handy18:33
ralsinabut ask anyone, it's all true18:33
ralsinas/stuff/staff and s/iki/wiki/18:33
faganhah ill make the coffee no promises on the beer :P18:33
ralsinafagan: ok, noone ever falls for that one. I need better intern traps.18:34
faganEm I presume Ireland is included in the UK/isle of man18:34
ralsinafagan: surely18:34
ralsinafagan: but your geography never made any sense to me18:34
ralsinafagan: I always suspected you just want to send multiple teams to the world cup18:34
faganits more politics than geography18:35
thisfreda bold geopolitical statement :)18:35
faganill sort the flights and all tomorrow morning18:35
* fagan needs an excuse not to work :D18:36
ralsinafagan: ok, cool18:36
fagan(very much kiddinghehe)18:36
ralsinafagan: besides, it's late enough for you already, isn'tit?18:36
karniralsina: don't spoil him!18:36
karnifagan: back to work :D18:36
faganits like 6:3018:36
karniit's 7:40 PM here ;D18:36
karnibut that's just me ;) relax fagan :D18:37
ralsinakarni: I am luring him. Once he's in... snap!18:37
* karni chuckles18:37
fagandamn those intern traps18:37
thisfredbeuno: I filed bug #740377 about the spammy notifications. Follow progress there as it happens, if you're interested18:37
ubot4`Launchpad bug 740377 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Too many download notifications (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74037718:37
* fagan is nimble enough to escape18:37
ralsinakarni: besides noone else has your buttocks of steel and can be so many hours sitting in front of the computer18:37
karnifagan: I've been once suspected of slacking off (after 16 hours of coding or so ;D ) // naturally I'm telling this as a joke18:38
karniralsina: hahahah18:38
karniI loved this team before I even joined, but this is getting better every hour :D18:39
thisfredoh yeah: welcome to the team karni :)18:39
fagan*cough* *cough* *cough*18:39
* thisfred slacked off on greeting his new teammate18:39
karnithanks thisfred ! ^ ^18:39
karnithisfred: perfectly fine (you owe me a beer >_< )18:40
thisfredfagan: I already said welcome to you or didn't I? :D18:40
faganthisfred: hah I dont remember I just was trying to be funny :P18:40
thisfredkarni: and you shall have one18:40
* fagan tries and fails sometimes18:40
beunothisfred, cool, thanks18:41
karnithisfred: I'm in a mood of buying everyone a beer18:41
karniok, I'm back to stuff /me slacks of on irc, not good18:41
fagankarni: hold that mood till I find you18:41
karnifagan: hehe18:41
thisfredfagan: we shall get along famously then ;) Anyway you'll get a beer too, which is the important part18:41
faganfree beer18:41
karnias in free speech!18:41
karniok seriously. I'm back to work.18:42
thisfreddobey: could you rereview https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/more-plurals-fixes/+merge/54388 plz? :)18:42
faganralsina: What date do I say im leaving london on?18:44
faganit wasnt on the wiki18:44
dobeythisfred: i was asking about the cloud thing18:44
thisfreddobey: I understand, but since I did not introduce this in this branch, nor was it part of the bugs that it is meant to fix, I would like to not hold this one up18:45
thisfreddobey: you can always file a new bug ;)18:45
* fagan realised he is working whoops18:47
dobeyalecu: can you fix the conflicts in your fix-activity-journal-names branch?18:47
ralsinafagan: the sprint is from the 11th to the 15th18:48
ralsinayou can leave whenever you want after evening of the 15th18:48
ralsinabut canonical only pys hotel until then ;-)18:48
thisfredincluding the night of the 15th though, right? :)18:49
dobeyfagan: like uds, you probably want to arrive sunday before and leave saturday after18:50
ralsinathisfred: yes, night of the 15th included. I hope ;-)18:52
ralsinayes, arrive on sunday, leave on saturday18:53
ralsinais the usual modus operandi18:53
nessitaDanRabbit: hey there!18:56
nessitaDanRabbit: do you have some time for me and the control panel?18:56
DanRabbitnessita: hey yea no problem18:56
fagandobey: thats cool with me18:56
* fagan likes to hang out and see the sights18:57
faganoh hi DanRabbit18:57
nessitaDanRabbit: so, I just replied to your messaging menu comment. Could you please see if that makes the issue clearer?18:57
DanRabbitnessita: okay no problem18:57
DanRabbitfagan: sup dude?18:57
faganDanRabbit: not much man started at canonical today :)18:57
fagananything up with you?18:58
DanRabbitfagan: sweetness. congrats18:58
DanRabbitfagan: LOTS. between Canonical and elementary I'm up to my ears in FOSS :p18:58
faganI had a go at postler18:58
fagan its nice :)18:59
DanRabbitwe just did a nice bug fix update18:59
DanRabbitlots of issues to work out18:59
faganyeah well its only new so everything is a release at a time18:59
faganbut still death to evolution!!!18:59
DanRabbitone piece at a time19:00
* fagan just realised that statement could be quoted out of context19:00
dobeyfagan: what is this, church?19:00
DanRabbitwe still need calendar and tasks I think19:00
DanRabbitand of course we need U1 integration with Dexter ;)19:00
faganHehe id help but im working on the windows port19:01
faganalthough couch=awesome sauce19:01
DanRabbitnessita: I do agree with you that adding a fixed padding is a hack, but I'm not sure there's anything else we can do to make the spacing even :/19:03
nessitaDanRabbit: what about adding a bigger separation between the frames + the 12px border to the main window itself?19:03
DanRabbityea it might help, but no matter what we have that indentation :p19:05
nessitaDanRabbit: right. From my POV, having the fram border solves that (and is more beautiful, but hey, I'm a developer)19:06
DanRabbityea I can understand that :p19:07
nessitaDanRabbit: so, conclusions? :-)19:10
DanRabbitwell the frame style is deprecated from HIG :p so I would want to avoid that for that reason19:11
DanRabbitbut I can also understand wanted to keep the code clean19:11
DanRabbitso I'm unsure what the proper solution would be19:11
ralsinathe frames do look dated, but currently it looks sloppy. good I am just a manager ;-)19:12
nessitaDanRabbit: my first choice would be to have the buttons be as wide as needed to have the legend fit in them, but not to have them equally wide19:15
nessitaDanRabbit: that will remove the visual effect we're seeing now19:16
nessitabut you don't want that, right? :-/19:16
DanRabbitbut that is also counter to HIG, and IMHO worse than using the frames :p19:16
nessitasecondly, we could, as you mentioned in the email, restore those buttons to be link buttons19:16
nessitaand not regular buttons19:16
* beuno pokes DanRabbit in the eye for being so rough on the OMG! Ubuntu post19:17
* beuno runs away19:17
DanRabbitbeuno: :(19:17
beunoDanRabbit, we still love you and still want things to be awesome though!19:17
DanRabbitnessita: if they were left aligned and not center aligned it might work. But the buttons do help define the bounding box imo19:18
nessitaDanRabbit: only if you have no frame border :-D19:18
DanRabbitnessita: lol I'm just trying to follow HIG here >.<19:19
nessitaDanRabbit: you keep mentioning HIG, I better google that to keep up with you ;-)19:19
nessitaHIG‎ - Hartford Financial Services19:20
DanRabbitnessita: http://library.gnome.org/devel/hig-book/stable/19:20
nessitaah! human interface guidelines19:20
DanRabbitGNOME Human Interface Guidelines19:20
nessitaDanRabbit: right19:20
dobeythe things that were link buttons before are still like link buttons now, they just have a visible border now19:21
DanRabbitdobey: yes, that is another issue altogether >.<19:21
nessitaDanRabbit: why that's another issue? :-/ that's what you wanted19:22
dobeysigh my wifi and bluetooth aren't working :(19:22
DanRabbitI don't think they should be links at all. I think they should be buttons.19:22
DanRabbitbut that's just me :p19:22
dobeyno, that's what i said19:22
dobeybut nessita didn't implement it when i told her how to do it :)19:22
nessitadobey, DanRabbit: if clicking a button will lead you to a browser, you *have* to use a link button. That's why the toolkit has a LinkButton for.19:23
dobeynessita: no you don't19:23
nessitawe can argue about not using linkbuttons if you re not being redirected to a browser, but that's another plate19:24
dobeygtk+ has a link button because someone wrote a link button and submitted a patch19:24
dobeyin python, using a link button instead of a regular button saves you one line of code :)19:25
DanRabbitIMHO, linkbuttons should only be used either inline with text or when there is a space concern.19:25
DanRabbitthey really break any sort of grid you might have going on, and they are harder to read.19:25
DanRabbitwhen every single button in the UI is bright orange and has an underline.... to me that doesn't seem right19:25
dobeyi think gtk+ label has support for embedded links now anyway19:26
dobeyand breaking up widgets to insert a buton for a link in the middle of some text is bad for a bunch of other reaosns anyway :)19:26
achianghello, i just updated my maverick install to use the u1 nightlies ppa, and the preferences app seems to have gone away19:27
nessitaDanRabbit: anyways, let's try to converge to a sane, quick solution. I will try the 12px border to the main window itself and share a screenshot with you19:27
achiangit looks like there should be something in the indicator area, but if there's supposed to be an icon, it is corrupt19:28
nessitaachiang: yes, you should also install ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk19:29
dobeyachiang: you need to install ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk also19:29
nessitaachiang: that will bring the GTK UI back19:29
achiangah, ok19:29
achiangok, i installed it, and then launched it from the menubar -- it showed a dimmed, greyed out screen for about 45 seconds before the UI responded19:32
achiangperhaps this is due to the fact that i just asked it to sync ~250GB of data19:32
ralsina250GB? yikes19:33
ralsinaI thought it was only 60GB :-)19:33
dobeycould be. might be some heavy disk i/o happening19:33
achiangralsina: my new job is stress tester. ;)19:34
achiangdobey: any data i could collect for you?19:34
achianghm, not reproducible. quitting then reloading shows a quite responsive UI19:35
dobeyachiang: probably not. your computer was probably io-bound at the time it happened, and caused the app to sit in diskwait for a bit19:36
achiangdobey: ok, without having looked at any of the code whatsoever, i won't make inane suggestions about a threaded UI. :)19:37
nessitaDanRabbit: we can't add a general 12px border to the main window. Inside the main window, we're using a custom widget called GreyableBin (borrowed from ubiquity), and that will not cover the border we're adding. I can share a screenshot to explain myself better20:00
DanRabbitah okay.. that's not good20:00
DanRabbitany way to add the border inside that widget?20:00
nessitaDanRabbit: http://ubuntuone.com/p/izR/20:01
nessitaDanRabbit: let me see20:01
nessitawe need to fall back to adding the border to each panel (overview and management screen)20:03
nessitaDanRabbit: but this will bring another issue:20:03
DanRabbit: (#thisiswhywecanthavenicethings20:04
nessitaDanRabbit: when I reviewed the UI with ivanka (back in Dallas), she specifically asked that the folder and device listing will not have any border20:04
nessitaso we can't set borders directly in the management panel20:05
nessitawe can, nor sure if we should20:05
nessitaDanRabbit: alors? :-)20:11
nessitaDanRabbit: how shall we proceed with this border thingy?20:11
DanRabbitI don't know tbh20:12
DanRabbitthis is kind of a mess now20:12
thisfredalecu, is there a reason we don't use super in the __init__ of Timer and DeadlineTimer in status_aggregator? Are twisted deferred old style classes?20:12
DanRabbitIt's hard to go back and adhere to HIG after everything has been coded :p20:12
nessitaDanRabbit: in the mean time, how can I test your changes to the light-themes? I'm removing some unused code (some event boxes to be precise) and I don;'t wanna break your stuff20:13
DanRabbitnessita: you can pull lp:light-themes and use Ambiance from there :)20:13
nessitaDanRabbit: how can I use the Ambience from there? (I've never done that)20:13
nessitaI laready have the branch20:13
DanRabbitnessita: rename the folder "Ambiance" to "Ambiance-test" or something and place it in /usr/share/themes/20:14
DanRabbitor you can place it in ~/.themes/20:15
nessitatoo late :-)20:16
nessitaDanRabbit: ok, so I'm using your theme and the background for the overview banner does not have the dark background20:16
nessitaDanRabbit: wanna a screenshot?20:16
DanRabbithmm, as of the latest nightly it works here20:16
DanRabbitnaw I believe you :p20:17
alecuthisfred, I think there was a reason, yes... I need to go afk, but I'll let you know in a few minutes.20:17
thisfredalecu: nm, looks like they are, or at least pylint thinks so20:17
nessitaDanRabbit: I had to remove en event box behind that banner because it was changing the backround of the image, thus making look that screen ugly20:18
DanRabbitnessita: that's probably what broke it ;)20:18
nessitaDanRabbit: maybe your theme was depending on having that event box in place?20:18
DanRabbityes, it does it's theming by crawling the widget tree20:18
nessitaDanRabbit: can we, somehow, not depend on the widgets layout but using names or something similar? (I know almost nothing about theming)20:18
DanRabbitYes we can do that20:19
nessitaDanRabbit: do you need widget names to be set with set_name() or the name I set in the glade file as identifier is enough?20:19
DanRabbitnessita: whatever you did for the modebutton seems to work :)20:21
dobeynessita: setting a widget's name in glade is the same as widget_set_name () on it in code20:22
nessitadobey: sadly, is not :-/ (due to a bug)20:23
ubot4`Launchpad bug 507739 in pygtk (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 15 other projects) "Widget names not set when using GtkBuilder (affects: 10) (dups: 6) (heat: 140)" [Low,Invalid]20:23
nessitadobey: you can try building something very simple and getting the name prop20:23
zatanHi can anyone look at this, and tell me why SHARE... is shaded https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15409857/IMAG0153.jpg20:26
ralsinaEODfor me. Fave a nice evening!20:27
ralsinaEOD for me. Have a nice evening! (jeez)20:27
=== ivanka is now known as ivanka-train
dobeyzatan: i can't tell what you're right-clicking on, so no20:32
nessitaDanRabbit: so, I need your help on this. I'm using your latest theme and the buttons are not properly styled for me20:36
nessitahow can I help debug?20:37
DanRabbitnessita: so this is the widget matching I use "widget "*ManagementPanel.GtkVBox.GtkEventBox.GtkVBox.GtkHBox*GtkHButtonBox*ModeRight*"         style "mode-right""20:37
DanRabbitI can probably simplify that20:38
nessitaDanRabbit: can you directly set the style to any widget called "ModeLeft"?20:39
nessitaDanRabbit: or any button whose name is ModeLeft?20:40
DanRabbitnessita: try rev 71 from lp:light-themes20:40
nessitathis worked "*ManagementPanel*ModeLeft*"20:40
nessitaDanRabbit: I will play with this and propose a branch for the light-themes20:41
nessitaDanRabbit: did you push your changes? I'm getting No revisions to pull.20:41
DanRabbitnessita: it might just not have hit bzr yet ;p20:42
DanRabbittry again20:42
nessitare pulling...20:42
thisfredalecu: when you come back: I don't understand the difference between the Timer and the DeadlineTimer: It seems the DeadlineTimer calls its callbacks after delay and then again after timeout?20:42
nessitaDanRabbit: nopes, it does not work20:44
DanRabbito rly20:44
nessita(I updated to revno 71 and move the files to /usr/share/themes/Ambiance)20:45
DanRabbitnessita: did you reload your theme as well?20:45
nessitaDanRabbit: meaning?20:45
nessita(BTW, what's with the *ubuntuone* prefixes?)20:45
DanRabbitnessita: either log in/out, or switch to another theme and switch back20:45
DanRabbitnessita: I want to make sure that I'm matching the correct application. If not, it could cause problems for other apps20:46
DanRabbitnessita: okay try rev 72 :p20:47
nessitaDanRabbit: this worked "*ubuntuone*ManagementPanel*ModeLeft*"20:47
nessita(ie, removing the GtkHButtonBox)20:47
DanRabbitoh I see I wonder if that's changed20:47
nessitaDanRabbit: no reloading was needed, though the button text is not white20:47
nessitais dark, so it can't be read20:48
nessitaDanRabbit: and no, I haven't removed any button box (was there one there? /me checks)20:48
DanRabbitnessita: yes, I use the buttonbox to apply the text color fix20:48
nessitaok, I made it work with:20:49
nessitawidget "*ubuntuone*ManagementPanel*Button"                                style "mode-button"20:49
nessitawidget "*ubuntuone*ManagementPanel*ModeLeft*"                             style "mode-left"20:49
nessitawidget "*ubuntuone*ManagementPanel*ModeRight*"                            style "mode-right"20:49
nessitabut that screws up the rest of the buttons20:49
* nessita fixes20:50
nessitaDanRabbit: ok, I think I got it, I will try to propose a branch for you to review for the rc file20:50
nessitaand confirmed that the button box is still there20:51
nessitabut I will set a name to it20:51
DanRabbitokay that would fix it for sure20:52
alecuthisfred, the Timer can be reset forever, and The DeadlineTimer can be reset only up to the given timeout.20:56
alecuthisfred, both can't use super because they inherit from Deferred, so they are "old style classes"20:56
thisfredI need the timer then20:57
thisfredI think I see how to use it20:57
thisfredthough it does not work yet, so obviously I've done it wrong :)20:57
alecuthisfred, regarding lint checking in ubuntuone-client, I suggest you use "make check", because I think that's what's being used by tarmac20:58
alecuthisfred, I think that uses pyflakes, so that explains why you get "super" related errors with pylint.20:59
alecuand I'm pretty sure a lot more errors would show up :P20:59
dobeythere are a LOT more pylint warnings in u1client, yes21:02
thisfredyeah I know :)21:03
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeylater all21:23
thisfredyeah, need to walk the dog. bbl I think I'm close with the notification-despamification21:31
nessitaDanRabbit: ping22:21
nessitaDanRabbit: I proposed https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/light-themes/tweak/+merge/54429 for merging, and I also mdae some tweaks to the control panel itself to have the style applied cleanly22:22
thisfredalecu, if you're still here: I have this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584012/ and the callbacks are added and reset properly, it looks like, but somehow never fire...22:24
thisfrednm, I got it, wrong signature on the callback...22:40

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