ScottLbug #72619901:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 726199 in ubuntustudio-menu (Ubuntu) "[natty] ubuntustudio-menu does not show all applications in correct menus" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72619901:49
ScottLanybody do a full install of ubuntu studio lately?  did the plymouth theme work or was it a light blue screen?02:00
ScottLholstein, it looks like the network indicator in natty already indicates when the network is unplugged (at least it did for me on my alpha3 install)02:01
ScottLat least it think it was alpha 3 install02:01
ailoScottL, I've had the plymoth fail after some upgrade. I should install the latest to see how things work.03:11
ailoHey abogani11:06
aboganiailo: Hi11:06
ailoI haven't been testing the kernels for a while. I took out my wireless card, so I tried quckly now, but it seems I can still get a few random xruns11:07
ailoIt didn't happen while the computer was idle. Last time when I was using the browser.11:07
ailoBut I suppose it could be anything11:09
ailoI should test on other systems. I compiled a kernel for Debian using vanilla source, and it seemed to work a little better on another PC. I should try different things on this one.11:11
ailoI'm currently running on Ubuntu, and it's using a lot of memory. I should switch to Ubuntustudio to do some testing there as well.11:12
aboganiFor avoid x-runs completely we have to use -realtime kernel.11:14
ailoWell, I can use this kernel on a higher latency setting, and still get good enough latency for production use, so I'm quite happy with this kernel in that sense, but I suppose for so many other hardware a -realtime will be a big help.11:18
aboganiailo: In any case your approach is the best: -lowlatency is more stable, updated, secure and compatible.11:20
ailoHey T0rCh_raony , what's up?11:32
T0rCh_raonyhey ailo11:33
T0rCh_raonystill didn't had time to work on the indicator applet, but i will take a look this week11:34
ailoT0rCh_raony, No hurry. No one has decided on anything either, so it would just be an example application. falktx has been working on some software for KXStudio which has similar functions.11:35
T0rCh_raonycool, do you have his repository ?11:35
ailoLet's see..11:36
ailoT0rCh_raony, git://repo.or.cz/cadence.git11:36
ailoT0rCh_raony,  build depends: python-qt4-devel pyqt4-dev-tools ladspa-sdk dssi-dev libasound2-dev11:37
ailoT0rCh_raony, runtime depends: libjack0 python-rdflib python-qt4-dbus python-qt4-gl jack-capture11:37
T0rCh_raonyhey falktx11:38
ailoT0rCh_raony, You can look in the make file to see what apps there are. Do make, and make install.11:38
ailoT0rCh_raony, And the app Carla needs to be compiled separately, make Carla11:39
falktxT0rCh_raony: step are actually "make" and "make carla" <- unstable app11:39
falktxapps usable so far:11:39
falktx- audio_test_plugin11:39
falktx- catarina (canvas test)11:40
falktx- catia (jack patchbay)11:40
falktx- claudia (jack patchbay+ladish gui)11:40
falktx- carla (multi-plugin host)11:40
falktx- xycontroller11:41
falktxsmall tools:11:41
falktx- jacksettings11:41
falktx- logs11:41
falktx- render11:41
falktxand that'is it11:41
falktxto run them:11:41
falktxpython src/<app-name>.py11:41
T0rCh_raonylooks promissing11:41
falktx_some this network sucks...11:43
falktx_please say again11:43
ailoActually, I think the runtime depend should be libjack-jack2-011:48
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ScottLabogani, the -lowlatency kernel built in my ppa last night :)12:10
aboganiScottL: :-)12:32
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ailoscott-work, I installed us-natty alpha 3 right now. I think at least two tasksels are not working now. I wasn't able to identify which ones. I could reinstall on Virtualbox later to find out.18:16
ailoAlso, I must have forgotten before, but installing from usb is no problem, if using unetbootin, but this is perhaps known already.18:17
holsteinailo: yeah?18:17
holsteinno complaints about where the install media is ?18:17
holsteinthats great :)18:17
ailoholstein, Yeah, it works pretty smoothly. I just choose the iso, and make the usb.18:18
scott-workailo: that's interesting about the tasksel18:18
holsteintheres a really nice reporting option18:19
holsteinin the installer18:19
holsteinmakes a webserver18:19
scott-workwhen alpha 3 was released i installed all and they worked then :(18:19
holsteinfor you to se the log of what failed18:19
ailoholstein, How does that work?18:19
scott-workailo: but that is good news about installing from usb though :)18:19
holsteincjwatson got me hip to it last time i was trying to sort out what taskselect failed18:19
holsteinailo: i'll have to get it in front of me18:19
holsteinBUT, i remember...18:20
holsteinits in the alternate installer list18:20
holsteinwhere is says like 'partition disks'18:20
holsteinsomething about 'view logs' ?18:20
holsteinnear te bottom i remember*18:20
ailoOk. I'll try installing on Virtualbox later today. This time I tried installing all tasksels, and taking one out each time it failed, but that didn't help, so that's why I thought it must be at least two that doesn't work.18:22
scott-workailo: you can also see:  /var/log/install/syslog18:22
scott-workif you can get to tty218:22
ailoscott-work, Only during install?18:23
ailoI seem to remember dropping to shell is not so hard. Is the same? Ctrl - Alt - F1?18:24
scott-workailo: if you can get the install to finish then you can get to it however you want18:24
scott-workbut yeah, you may need to drop to shell during install to see what the error is18:24
scott-worki _think_ i'm done with my current natty install so might try to reinstall it this weekend18:24
ailoI've been on regular Ubuntu too much, so I figured, I need to get the hang of the US Desktop.18:25
* ailo rebooting..18:28
ailoScottL, holstein: Did have a strange experience when booting into US alpha 3 first time. ubuntustudio-desktop wasn't installed.19:28
ailoWhen I booted in, instead of coming to a terminal prompt, the screen just went to sleep, and I had to do Ctrl -> Alt -> Del to reboot19:29
T0rCh_raonysomething weird here ...I like to use wicd for a thousand reasons, when I was trying to remove networkmanager it was asking me to remove ubuntustudio-desktop together, what this package contains ?19:30
ailoI installed ubuntustudio-desktop, and after that I was able to boot into the desktop19:30
ailoT0rCh_raony, ubuntustudio-desktop is just a met-package, so there's no worry19:30
T0rCh_raonyI know cause it didn't cause any damage to the system :)19:31
ailoIt depends on all the packages that you need for ubuntustudio-desktop, so installing that package, all of the dependencies will be installed.19:32
T0rCh_raonyoh, I see19:32
ailoScottL, Also, my screen wasn't looking good. I know from a previous installation that I had problems with corrupted graphics. I probably should have reacted then, but there was a lot going on with the standard Ubuntu Desktop at the time19:33
ailoScottL, This time, only part of the screen was used.19:33
ailoInstalling nvidia drivers solved it19:34
ailoscott-work, Just had some problems with the post-install of US alpha 319:37
scott-workwait, "post-install" ?  which part then19:40
ailoscott-work, ubuntustudio-desktop hadn't been installed.19:41
ailoIt didn't boot into prompt even, but from recovery mode, I was able to install ubuntustudio-desktop. After that, I was able to boot to desktop, but only part of the screen was in use. Installing nvidia drivers made the screen look normal19:42
ailoI'm doing a new install on Virtualbox now, in case there was something strange with the usb stick19:42
ailoT0rCh_raony, Which version did you install. Was it a daily build?19:44
ailoOk, so I can confirm that installing from usb stick was maybe not such a good idea after all19:49
scott-workailo: oh, you were isntalling from usb with that....hmmmmm, interesting19:50
scott-workbut still, it would be wicked to get usb install working though19:50
ailoEven the tasksel looked different. Seems like all the tasksels are working too19:50
ailoI suppose getting a usb installation working shouldn't be that far away, since at least the base system installs.19:53
ailoscott-work, Have you talked with MacInnis, or what's his name? Our art man..19:58
scott-workbriefly, i'm about 1/2 way through with announcing him on the mailing list, forums, et al20:00
scott-workwork and home are still pretty jumping for me20:01
scott-workeven though i managed to get some other issues resolve for more time20:01
ailoscott-work, Did you look at his art? I checked out his PPA before, and installed the theme20:02
scott-workyeah?  what did you think?20:04
scott-worki've looked at his website, both personal with music/videos, and dream studio20:05
scott-worki think he's a helluva creative guy with some talent20:05
ailoI'm not totally crazy about the theme, though. I would want to raise the bar a little for Ubuntu Studio. 20:07
ailoI like that there are three versions, ambience light, ambience and ambience dark, or something like that20:08
ailoI was agreeing with him on the strategy, to try use Ubuntu's theme as base, but pimp it and make it look Ubuntu Studio.20:12
ailoI've already been working on Humanity based Icons, so perhaps I might as well try get those finished as an alternative.20:13
ailoIt's funny how installing ubuntustudio-desktop afterwards gave a different default setup for panels and such20:16
ailoI mean, even before any desktop had been installed20:17
scott-workailo: i would like to develop multiple themes and let some group, either focus group or user base as a whole, decide which one to install as default20:22
ailoscott-work, Sounds like a good idea20:22
scott-worki would REALLY like to develop that black and grey theme we looked at before20:23
scott-workin my opinion that is the best looking dark theme i have ever seen20:23
ailoscott-work, I guess there doesn't need to be just one. But only one can be installed by default. I like dark, but it has to be functional. Otherwise, I would at least only admire it, but never use it. Haven't used that one, but that's pretty much how I've felt about most dark themes.20:25
ailoDon't let me close any doors, though :P20:26
ailoscott-work, There's no Desktop volume control. Don't we need the indicator-applet?20:35
scott-worki would like to add it, yes20:36
scott-worki've always had to go to pavu control to set the volume20:36
scott-worki'm not sure what is involved however because i believe we are using a gconf settings file to set the panels up20:37
ailoscott-work, pavu control would be unneeded once there is a volume control. There's also padevchooser which is outdated20:37
scott-workif you would figure out which applet is needed i will see about updating the gconf file20:38
ailoI'll fool around with it.20:39
ailoscott-work, Just quickly testing on Virtualbox. For some reason, and I think this happened before, gtk isn't working properly. But, about the indicator applet. After updating the system, there was no problem adding it.21:02
ailoThe indicator applet is apart of the standard set of applets already when doing a fresh install.21:04
scott-worki'll try adding it to my natty install tonight then21:31
scott-worki think this file is where it is set:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-default-settings/UbuntuStudio/files21:32
scott-worki'll see if i can find it first, make a copy, add the indicator, then diff the two files and see what pops out21:33
ailoscott-work, I've only tried copying a custom made file. I should see if that is enough to create a new file.21:33
scott-workat least that's the plan21:33
ailoI mean, after adding something, you copy the file21:34
ailoDon't know if something else is added to that, but could be worth a shor21:34
ailoI'm talking unclearly as usual. Just to be clear: Could be, if you add the indicator, that the file in home directory just needs to be saved.21:35
scott-workcopy the file first because when i add the indicator i think it will change that file21:36
scott-worki'm hoping that's what happens21:36
scott-workoh, i think i know what you are saying21:36
scott-worki can't use the new, update file to update the package, i won't be uploading a brand new file to the repos21:37
ailoYeah, I'm not making a lot of sense :). After you add something, could be you just need to save the file that was edited in home directory21:37
scott-workbut to update the package in the repos i need to have a diff file of just the changes21:37
scott-workthe diff file will be patched to the package in the repos21:38
ailoI guess, the default file will be intact somewhere in /usr/share/* don't remember where it is. Then, after adding the indicator, just make a diff between that and the file in home directory, wherever it was. Don't know if that will work, cause I don't know if something more is added to the file in home, like some additional info.21:40
ailoscott-work, No, it doesn't seem to work, I think.21:45
ailoscott-work, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/man8/update-gconf-defaults.8.html21:47
ailoI was looking for some tools to generate default gconf settings21:47
ailoAnyway, I have to sleep..21:49
scott-workgoodnight and thanks21:50
scott-workheh, that link reminds me of the install file under /debian21:51
scott-workubuntustudio-panel-settings.entries /usr/share/gconf/schemas/21:51
scott-workit installs that entry file to that directory21:51

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