froeshi guys, i used to use init and was able to start 2 XDM instances on my machine. tty0-tty3 was consoles and tty4 and tty5 were gdm consoles. is there a way i can do it on upstart or should i go back to init ?09:30
BlackDexHello there09:48
BlackDexi am trying to create an upstart config so i can start a java application via a screen09:48
BlackDexbut for some reason init has a non running pid as the pid that should be running09:49
BlackDexif i do status <conf-name> it returns pid 531, but the app is running under pid 53409:51
BlackDexso now i can't start/stop it any more09:52
JanCBlackDex: currently upstart is not able to determine the exact PID when a service forks more or less than it expects12:25
JanCand I guess using screen doesn't make that easier...12:25
JanCit's probably best to stop & start the application from within the pre-start & pre-stop stanzas...12:27
BlackDexjanC i have figured it out just a few second ago, with some help via the mailing-list12:30
BlackDexi need to start screen with -D -m, and no console, no expect or what ever, that did the trick12:31
BlackDexso it looks like this: exec su myapps -c "screen -D -m -S MYAPP java -jar MyApp.jar"12:32
BlackDexnow i can screen -r into it using the user myapps, and i can start/stop etc via service12:32
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jMCgHello happy people.19:42
jMCgI'm trying to get a daemon running via runit which won't daemonize by itself, and which needs to run as a specific user, but can't setuid() itself.19:43
jMCgMy pathetic atempts: http://dpaste.com/524600/ look like this, both of which do not work.19:45
jMCgWith start-stop-daemon it records the wrong pid, and with su it doesn't really start.19:46
ionexpect fork *definitely* won’t match the behavior of that main process.19:49
jMCghmnn.. I thought.. it would match with start-stop-daemon19:49
ionCan you make it not daemonize and not use ‘expect’?19:49
jMCgCan you reduce the negations in that sentence, thereby making it more understandable, please.19:50
ionMake your main process not daemonize. Don’t use ‘expect’.19:51
jMCgOkay. Now how do I get rid of this state:19:52
ionReboot or use the nasty kluge at http://heh.fi/tmp/workaround-upstart-snafu19:52
jMCgtibemsd start/killed, process 469419:52
ionworkaround-upstart-snafu 469419:52
jMCgtibemsd start/running, process 470219:54
jMCgEven though it's not.19:54
jMCgDoes that workaround-upstart-snafu still work in that case?19:55
ionDoes ‘stop tibemsd’ fail?19:56
jMCgNope.. it just hangs.19:57
jMCgSo, yes, it sortof fails.19:58
ionI mean, does it get stuck in …/killed (because of incorrect use of ‘expect’)? If it does, workaround-upstart-snafu should nudge Upstart back into a good state.19:58
ionA future release will have more robust code to track forks.19:58
jMCgion: yes, it does.19:59
jMCgACK, so I'll just clean stuff up with workaround-upstart-snafu.. I seem to have spend a lot of time.. "testing".19:59
jMCgtibemsd stop/waiting19:59
jMCgtibemsd start/running, process 472320:00
jMCgtibco     4723     1 TS   19 20:58 ?        00:00:00 /opt/apps/tibco/ems/5.1/bin/tibemsd6420:00
jMCgexec chpst -u tibco:tibco -U tibco:tibco /opt/apps/tibco/ems/5.1/bin/tibemsd6420:01
jMCgThat's what I'm using right now, and it works out fine.20:01
jMCgion: I really hope a next release will be able to handle that itself :-/20:02
jMCgOr should I say: Is there anything I can do to help a next release do that itself?20:03
ionYou could test http://upstart.at/git/?p=scott/intendant.git with any programs you want, e.g. tibemsd with daemonization. git clone git://upstart.at/scott/intendant.git, build it, sudo ./intendant some-command. No child process should be able to escape it. Please email the logs (no matter if it works correctly or not) to Keybuk at scott@netsplit.com20:07
ionThat’s a test program that implements the method Upstart will use at some point in future.20:08
jMCgion: How do I generate the configure? autoreconf -i complains it's missing an m4 dir.20:10
jMCgI did a /opt/bw/sbin/itedant /opt/bw/sbin/vsftpd and got a shitload of: cgroup notify closed on us?! 20:16
jMCgas result.20:16
jMCgNot quite sure why.20:16
ionNot a problem.20:16
ionAll results are useful.20:16
ionThe main thing is that it shouldn’t lose track of any of the child processes.20:17
jMCgAlso: how do I start something with params?20:19
jMCgNo man pages.20:20
jMCgbrb, need to pick up dinner.20:20
jMCgLike.. half an hour ago.20:20
ionJust add them on the command line.20:20
jMCgAh.. right.. makes sense.. had a typo.20:28
jMCgsudo /opt/bw/sbin/intendant /opt/bw/sbin/vsftpd /etc/bw/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf20:28
jMCgNow works out fine.20:28
jMCgWell, until I Ctrl+C, that is, then I get the same cgroups stuff again.20:28
ionNot a problem.20:29
KeybukjMCg: when you ^C, do all the processes of vsftpd go away again?23:04
jMCgKeybuk: it's just one, so, yes.23:15
ion% bzr pull23:22
ionUsing saved parent location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/upstart/23:22
ionConflicting tags: 1.023:22

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