bwright\o/ Unity is compiling!00:09
bwright\o/ Unity compiled. However there is no cpp plugin when I try setting up the test environment. Hmm.00:34
Cimijjardon: well, I'm still online for a bit...00:50
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didrocksgood morning07:25
zniavre_good morning07:52
zniavre_(oops sorry wrong channel)07:52
oSoMoNgood morning08:04
MacSlowgreetings folks08:05
didrockszniavre_: good morning still! :)08:06
zniavre_that s funny i can run compiz only with unity-2d ...   :o)08:30
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seiflotfyMacSlow, can you please fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/729074 so i can finish the zeitgeist powered jumplists for you09:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 729074 in unity "dynamic quicklists are not working" [Medium,Triaged]09:37
MacSlowseiflotfy, yes that's on my plate for this week09:37
seiflotfyMacSlow, thanks09:40
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seiflotfy the launcher also does not expose the .desktop files on it via dbus10:11
seiflotfyand I cant find a signal that tells me that a new .desktop file has been added10:11
kamstrupseiflotfy: right, that's unfortunately not something we can do for natty10:12
kamstrupseiflotfy: you can pull out the sticky apps from gsettings afaik though10:13
kamstrupseb128: now that the new zeitgeist-datahub is in, we should drop the zeitgeist gio module package10:38
kamstrupseb128: libzeitgeist-gio that is10:38
seb128kamstrup, ok thanks10:53
robtaylordidrocks: hey, so, noted that the patch isn't working - I know there were issues, but needed a more stable box to test on. Back from illness now and have an intel netbook to test on :)11:01
didrocksrobtaylor: no worry :) hope you feel better!11:02
robtaylordidrocks: thanks! yeah, feelingf a hell of a lot better today, thankfully :D11:02
robtaylordidrocks: I think the issue is probably that I'm setting the restart state too early. Going to try that now once compiz is built on this netbook11:03
didrocksrobtaylor: there is an ABI beakage recently, so ensure that all plugins are updated with the new core11:04
robtaylordidrocks: thanks for the warning!11:04
robtaylordidrocks: so dbarth mentioned a gnome integration patch that needs merging. Do you know much about that?11:07
didrocksrobtaylor: hum, not at all, I thought he discussed about your session patch :)11:07
robtaylorwell, lets get that fixed and merged today then ;)11:09
didrocksthat will be nice :)11:13
kamstrupdidrocks: one bug to go, and I'll start rolling releases for you. I have libzeitgeist, libunity, and u-p-* for you today11:25
didrockskamstrup: excellent!11:25
dbarthklattimer: ping? hi karl11:26
klattimerdbarth: hey11:26
dbarthklattimer: are there branches you need reviews for today11:26
klattimernot for review11:26
dbarthklattimer: today is the last day to land things in on time for the beta freeze11:26
klattimerok, well nope not today11:26
dbarthklattimer: tarballs are due this evening11:27
dbarthklattimer: but later, it's going to be even harder to land, right?11:27
dbarthklattimer: what are the bugs / branches you still have on your plate?11:27
klattimeryeah a few minor ones11:27
klattimerand one crasher I can't reproduce11:27
dbarthklattimer: all are on the 3.6.8 and 3.8 bug lists?11:28
dbarthie https://launchpad.net/unity-foundations/+milestone/unity-3.6.811:28
dbarthand following11:28
dbarthklattimer: however, mpt filed a couple of last minute string updates11:29
dbarthklattimer: can you take a look at those and make sure they make it into the release today11:29
dbarthklattimer: that requires pushing the right .po updates and resync with rosetta i guess11:29
klattimerok, where can I find the string changes ?11:29
seb128dbarth, there is no po update to do11:34
seb128klattimer, launchpad bugs, mpt just opened a stack of those11:34
klattimerseb128: not my bugs?11:35
seb128klattimer, no, indicator-datetime bugs, they didn't get assigned yet11:35
klattimerok, if you can assign them I'll get to it11:35
klattimerjust don't see them in my bug list right now11:35
klattimerI take it these HAVE to be done today?11:35
klattimerif so I'll get to it11:36
klattimermterry: did your dbusmenu branch get released yet?!11:36
klattimermterry: morning btw :)11:36
seb128klattimer, well, review https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bugs if you want11:36
seb128klattimer, #740806 for example is a string bug11:36
mterryklattimer, which branch?  The close/open one?  I believe so11:37
robtaylorseb128: i was wondering, could we get apport to attach .xession-errors to bug reports?11:39
seb128robtaylor, it does?11:39
robtaylorseb128: it doesn't, afaict11:39
robtaylorseb128: could we fix it to do that? would be useful for session startup failures11:40
seb128robtaylor, do you have an example?11:41
robtaylorseb128: of what exactly?11:42
seb128klattimer, ok, mterry is going to work on fixing some bugs as well on the indicator today so maybe check with him before starting on ones not assigned to you if you do11:42
seb128robtaylor, of bug which should have extra infos but doesn't11:42
klattimerseb128, mterry: cool11:43
cdbsHello, anyone would care to give me a go-ahead for working on bug #740867 ?11:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 740867 in unity "Right-click launcher menu should have 'Open a new window' option" [Undecided,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74086711:43
robtaylorseb128: oh, the case in point is 72959711:43
cdbsOh, who marked it opinion?11:43
seb128robtaylor, I've to go for lunch but will check on that11:44
robtaylorseb128: cool, thanks!11:44
seb128robtaylor, in fact apport has code but it grabs only some type of errors11:44
seb128it doesn't attach the .xsession-errors11:44
robtaylorseb128: ah, i see11:44
cdbsdidrocks: ping11:57
cdbsdidrocks: so, did work begin on the desktop file patching thing?11:57
didrockscdbs: didn't really began, I provided patch examples11:58
didrockscdbs: you can see that in gnome-screenshot and inkscape11:58
didrockscdbs: reference is at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI#Static Quicklist entries11:58
cdbsdidrocks: seems easy to implement11:58
didrocksyeah :)11:58
didrockssorry to refuse your merge btw11:59
cdbsdidrocks: yes, I have implemented it already. Which other app needs it? I can provide patches11:59
cdbsby saying 'I have implemented it already' I meant I have hacked around with the static quicklist api already11:59
didrockscdbs: all the one where it's useful (shouldn't add clutter though). So no need for single instance one12:00
didrocksbut adding a "new image" to gimp, can be nice :)12:00
* cdbs can think of firefox12:00
cdbsdidrocks: okay, I'll add for gimp today12:00
didrockscdbs: not sure about webrowser as we have tabs12:00
didrockscdbs: maybe open a new tab from the launcher can be nice :)12:00
cdbsdidrocks: sure, I'll do that12:01
didrocksthanks :)12:01
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didrocksapinheiro: the places are recommends, and installed by default then12:36
didrocksapinheiro: not depends because we think some people wants to remove them12:37
apinheirodidrocks, ok12:37
apinheirodidrocks, anyway, that was the big issue here12:38
didrocksapinheiro: ensure that you have unity-place-files as well while you are at it :)12:38
apinheirodidrocks, np, it is working now12:39
didrockskamstrup: waow, do you really see that while a progress bar appear? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66277783/Screenshot.png12:45
kamstrupdidrocks: yes... quite funny :-)12:46
didrockskamstrup: intel/ATI?12:46
kamstrupdidrocks: i12:46
didrockshum, I really don't have that :/12:46
didrocksok, in that can, let's see what Jason is thinking about it, he solved the 1px drag icon for intel recently12:46
didrocksanyway, it's not a "logic" issue as it's working on nvidia12:47
kamstrupdidrocks: ok, my final bug for this ms has been crushed. I'll roll libzeitgeist and libunity in a sec, and the daemons will be hot on the heels of those12:56
coz_hey all12:56
didrockskamstrup: nice! seems a speedy race :-)12:56
didrockskamstrup: are all "unity" tasks set to fix committed and to that milestone?12:57
kamstrupdidrocks: i believe so, i've been trying to do that at least, i'll double check while distchecking12:57
didrockskamstrup: excellent, thanks!12:58
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kamstrupdidrocks: https://launchpad.net/libzeitgeist/0.3/0.3.813:24
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 0 not found13:24
didrockssee, kamstrup posting, launchpad promess 0 bug :)13:25
didrockskamstrup: thanks :)13:25
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didrockskamstrup: seems you didn't push the latest commits13:27
kamstrupdidrocks: sorry, didn't attach any bugs to the milestone - there were 2. Let me fetch the links if you want them13:27
kamstrupdidrocks: i did... 5s ago :-)13:28
didrockskamstrup: heh :-)13:28
kamstrupdidrocks: you want the two bug links, or no matter?13:28
didrockskamstrup: it's ok, no need for the links if it's attached now13:29
kamstrupdidrocks: they're annotated on the commits at least13:29
didrockskamstrup: yeah, saw that, all is nice!13:30
kamstrupdidrocks: panic?!13:33
kamstrupdidrocks: "/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/libgio-2.0.la: No such file or directory" when making libunity13:33
didrockskamstrup: there was some change in the .la files recently. The policy was to not ship them, not sure if it changed13:34
didrocksseb128 discussed it with slangasek yesterday (or at least, I'm sure he followed the discussion) :)13:34
seb128kamstrup, is your system uptodate?13:35
didrocksseb128: the .la ship was done by error?13:35
seb128didrocks, what .la shipping?13:36
didrocksseb128: wasn't there a discussion yesterday about some package shipping .la files on #ubuntu-devel? (I didn't follow it)13:36
seb128no, the issue was that some hardcoded a path for the .la this list13:36
seb128the policy is to empty the dependencies list in the .la though13:37
stefano-palazzoCan anyone update me on this business of dee being broken? I want to make sure If I haven't made a mistake, it 'looks like' dee is kaput at the moment13:37
didrocksseb128: oh ok, make sense13:37
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: it works very well here..?13:38
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: in what regard is it broken? the python bindings?13:38
stefano-palazzokamstrup, yes, I was instructed to download this gi/overrides/Dee.py, otherwise I would've gotten an error, I now get the same error after people telling me I don't need to do that anymore13:40
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: look in the output of 'dpkg -L gir1.2-dee-0.5'13:40
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: if it lists Dee.py in the right location13:41
stefano-palazzokamstrup, it doesn't list anything, the package itself is 'the latest version'13:41
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: then you didn't run the command I wrote :-)13:43
stefano-palazzokamstrup, sorry about that :) yes it shows Dee.py in the correct place13:43
kamstrupdidrocks: ! another! https://launchpad.net/libunity/trunk/3.6.8 (distcheck failed with the error i pasted, but make and make dist are happy)13:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 3 in Launchpad itself "Custom information for each translation team" [Low,Fix released]13:44
stefano-palazzokamstrup, however, the file isn't there13:44
didrockskamstrup: what, you dare posting a tarball with distcheck failing? Where is the kamstrup I have ever known? :-)13:44
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: odd... do you have 0.5.16-0ubuntu3 or?13:45
stefano-palazzokamstrup, yep, that's the one13:46
kamstrupdidrocks: i think the world is conspiring against me... I sit around twiddling a few lines of code, no new files, no touching build system, and now dee, libzeitgeist, and libunity fails distcheck >:-/13:46
kamstrupthey frigging used to pass13:46
stefano-palazzoIt's today's ISO - with a few unrelated upgrades13:46
didrockskamstrup: damned, you found our conspiration :-)13:46
kamstrupdidrocks: so you run meta-x-butterfly on the autotools packages before you upload or something?13:47
didrockskamstrup: heh, exactly :-)13:48
robtaylordidrocks: hah, just got deep enough to realised I missed the clue before - metacity doesn't restart now13:48
didrockskamstrup: nice on PlaceSearch.finished() !13:48
robtaylordidrocks: this is actually an issue in gnome-session13:48
didrocksrobtaylor: oh really?13:48
didrocksrobtaylor: nautilus is13:49
stefano-palazzokamstrup, okay I just re-installed the package, now the file is there and the daemon starts okay - no Idea what went wrong there13:49
didrocksrobtaylor: so, if the metacity integration is broken and you took this as an example, all start to make sense :)13:50
didrocksstefano-palazzo: manual removal?13:50
jcastrokenvandine: did this last dee update from last night fix our problem?13:50
robtaylordidrocks: yeah, if i switch of debugging for gnome-session (kill -SIGUSR1) it tells me 'unable to find application for client'13:50
stefano-palazzodidrocks, I just booted todays daily ISO, freshly, and applied the few upgrades (none of them related). really not sure13:50
stefano-palazzobut I didn't do it ;-)13:51
robtaylordidrocks: so it might be that nautilus is doing the new dbus way, and the old XSMP way is broken. or something missing in registration13:51
didrocksrobtaylor: right, more than possible13:51
robtaylordidrocks: gonna have to do a build of gnome-session with some added debug statments13:51
robtaylorbut first I have to take a  call ;)13:51
didrocksrobtaylor: ok, at least, now, there are some reason :)13:52
didrocksrobtaylor: just ensure that nautilus is working13:52
robtaylordidrocks: yeah, i should document this session debugging stuff somewhere13:52
didrocksrobtaylor: or that you are on a stock ubuntu install :)13:52
didrockskamstrup: hum, configure doesn't pass for libunity :/13:57
didrocksbig update, let's try that first14:00
jcastrokenvandine: same error as before with this new dee btw.14:12
kenvandinejcastro, yeah... i need to talk to kamstrup14:12
kenvandineit seems to be spotty14:12
jcastroomg blogged about the lens but it doesn't work. :-/14:12
jcastroor maybe it worked for him14:12
kenvandinei installed the lense on laurie's laptop lastnight without updating libdee and it just worked14:13
jcastroi just updated that laptop and it didn't work14:13
kenvandinekamstrup, ping14:14
kenvandinekamstrup, libdee in python is acting very weird14:15
kenvandineand i suspect it is related to the comment you had in that sample python place14:15
kenvandine# FIXME: Some weird bug in Dee or PyGI makes Dee fail unless we probe14:16
kenvandine#        it *before* we import the Unity module... ?!14:16
kenvandinei did a rebuild and update on libdee and it worked, when it failed before14:16
kenvandinethen it started failing again14:16
kenvandineit seems to work randomly14:16
kenvandineso maybe race condition or something?14:16
stefano-palazzokenvandine, how exactly does it fail on the subsequent tries? same error about the SharedModel()?14:18
kamstrupkenvandine: pong?14:18
kenvandinekamstrup, ^^14:19
didrocksrobtaylor: waow, compiz just crashed and it respawn this time14:20
klattimerkenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/sniffles/+merge/54501 any chance on this being merged and released today?14:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54501 in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Give help in the default Web page" [Undecided,Invalid]14:20
didrockskamstrup: weechat just crashed as well, so not sure you answered :)14:20
kenvandinetedg, ^^14:21
kenvandineklattimer, lets talk to tedg about merging and doing a release14:21
klattimerk cool14:22
kenvandinekamstrup, any thoughts?14:22
tedgklattimer, Yup14:23
tedgklattimer, We wouldn't want mpt to have the sniffles.  :-)14:23
klattimera man of few words, but at least it's a good one :)14:23
klattimeroh there are a bunch of other sniffles unfortunately14:23
klattimermterry is also working on some things, so you might wanna wait on tarballs until he's done14:24
artfwoI cannot reopen bug 709461, all the possible statuses are greyed out. is it an "intentional" lock?14:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 709461 in unity "Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask regions of the screen" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70946114:25
mterryklattimer, my work is never complete with datetime14:25
mterryklattimer, but there are at least 3 merges filed right now14:26
kamstrupkenvandine: ok..? "weird", like?14:26
kenvandinekamstrup, trying to run the askubuntu lense14:29
kenvandineit works sometimes and fails other times14:29
kenvandinethe SharedModel error when it doesn't get the override14:29
kenvandinebut, it seems like once it fails it keeps failing... it's driving me nuts14:30
kamstrupkenvandine: hmmm, could be14:31
didrockskamstrup: see me?14:33
kenvandinesladen, humm... should the draw attention icon now really be blue?14:36
kenvandinechaotic, ^^14:36
zniavrekenvandine,  i can confirme that14:37
kenvandinezniavre, it is blue for you right?14:37
zniavreit is yes14:37
kenvandinechaotic, the question is, was that intentional :)14:37
lamalexDBO, has any thought gone into what to do about https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73589014:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 735890 in unity (Ubuntu) "Can't open new Firefox window if only Downloads window is showing" [Low,Confirmed]14:37
kamstrupkenvandine: hold on a sec, just trying to unblock didrocks - or is this very urgent?14:39
kenvandinekamstrup, no worries14:39
kenvandinenot very... but i would like places/lenses to work reliably in python :)14:39
kenvandineand anything else using dee14:39
chaotickenvandine: yes, it's intentional14:40
kamstrupkenvandine: +1 :-)14:40
kenvandinechaotic, ok :)14:43
kenvandinejust checking14:43
chaotickenvandine: based on a few discussions with Mark14:52
kenvandinechaotic, understand, just making sure it wasn't a build problem14:53
chaotickenvandine: pn :)14:53
chaotickenvandine: oops - np I mean14:53
jcastroartfwo: I think after something is fixed released you can't change it maybe?14:55
jcastroartfwo: oh, I think you need to be in bugcontrol or something14:55
artfwojcastro, I beleive bugcontrol is allowed to set a bug to 'Triaged'. all the others may at least set it to 'Confirmed', 'Fix released', etc.14:57
jcastroI have the permission to change it seems14:57
jcastrothough this is that "invisible window" thing again isn't it?14:57
jcastroI swore I saw something about a test suite scrolling by somewhere about that14:58
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lamalexjcastro, did you already do your unity report?15:00
jcastrolamalex: it's in draft15:00
jcastrowhat do you need?15:00
lamalexjust tagged another bitesize15:00
jcastrolamalex: I'm publishing it in about an hour or so15:00
lamalexand I think I see a few more on the list15:01
jcastroyeah the list is getting bigger, I grabbed the ones I felt people might be interested in15:01
jcastroIf I can't find someone to update INSTALL then I should be killed.15:01
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lamalexwhat do oyu need?15:03
lamalexhaha oh wow15:04
lamalexit's pretty out of date15:04
lamalexsubmit a patch15:04
lamalexyou know how to use bzr :P15:04
lamalexor is that a bitesizer15:04
robtaylordidrocks: ah, fun and frolicks15:04
robtaylordidrocks: like i say, gnome-session buggyness, i think ;)15:05
lamalexDBO, do you think this is bitesize? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73775815:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 737758 in unity (Ubuntu) "Desktop icons move after login" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:07
lamalexsomething with struts before first hide15:07
jcastrolamalex: it's a bitesizer, I'd like a new person to dig in15:09
DBOlamalex, that should be resolved15:10
lamalexDBO, ok15:11
lamalexso fix committed?15:11
robtaylordidrocks: yeah, nautilus restarts fine..15:31
didrocksrobtaylor: that's really weird… I get compiz restarting on crash now, not on kill -11 though15:32
robtaylordidrocks: oh, such d15:35
robtaylordidrocks: oh, such fun!15:35
robtaylordidrocks: too much flakeyness abounds, and it's damn hard to tie all of it down15:35
didrocksyeah, I can imagine15:35
robtaylordidrocks: can you send a SIGUSR1 to gnome-session, then kill compiz ?15:36
robtaylordidrocks: then pastebin the relevent stuff from .xsession-errors15:36
didrocksrobtaylor: not right now, still finishing the unity fundations release15:36
didrocksrobtaylor: can wrap that up to you later, of if someone is testing right now here?15:37
robtaylordidrocks: ok, next time it catches your attention then :)15:37
robtaylordidrocks: it not a necessity, i'm focusing on the error case I see here at the moment15:37
didrockssure ;)15:37
Davidc_3Kamstrup, stefano-palazzo, jcastro: I'm currently working on a Library Lens. It successfully finds free-to-read books (yay) using google API, and I'm having a hard time to set book covers as item icons. Any hints?15:39
kamstrupDavidc_3: I think you may want to punk njpatel about that... right now the Unity icon loader can't fetch http resources, so unless that lands in unity really soon you need to download and cache the covers yourself and then use a Gio.FileIcon() to send them to unity15:44
Davidc_3kamstrup: That's what I was going to investigate (not punking njpatel, the other stuff). Thanks :)15:45
njpatelIt might land soon if I stop having to go to meetingts15:45
kamstruptedg: approved15:46
tedgkamstrup, Great, thanks!15:46
stefano-palazzojcastro, actually that's what I expected, it'd be nice if unity would fetch the icons for me, but fetching them manually isn't a big deal.15:51
* jcastro is hopeful15:52
tedgDBO, https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/bamf/match-apps-by-startup-wm-class/+merge/4441015:52
jcastrostefano-palazzo: is the ellipsis of the returned text a lens thing or something we can adjust?15:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 44410 in Launchpad itself "cscvs does not support svn symlinks" [Medium,Fix released]15:52
jcastroseems to truncate weird15:52
tedgkenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~marcelstimberg/indicator-me/translator-comments/+merge/5234615:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 52346 in nmh (Ubuntu) "spost fails with "can't exec no"" [Undecided,Fix released]15:52
jcastro... middle of sentence ...15:52
DBOtedg, how much regression teesting has been done on that...15:52
stefano-palazzojcastro, the thing that's stopping me from implementing dynamic icons is, they are not shown when you call model.append(), the same issue is causing "everything"-search to be slower. If the icons were shown straight away, both 'bugs' could be fixed very quickly15:53
tedgDBO, No clue.  I'm just trying to clear out merges :-)15:53
DBOright... uhm15:53
DBOcrap... I am so skeptical about merging that now...15:53
kenvandinetedg, yeah... seb128 asked dbarth earlier about that15:53
stefano-palazzojcastro, the ellipsis is automatic, it must be somewhere in the unity icon loader15:53
kenvandineif we needed CA for comments15:54
tedgkenvandine, Ah, okay.15:54
tedgkenvandine, And this one?  https://code.launchpad.net/~cando/indicator-me/emesene2_support/+merge/5017815:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 50178 in xorg (Ubuntu) "6.06 on Virtual PC (on G5 PowerMac) corrupted graphics" [Undecided,Invalid]15:54
kenvandinehe didn't respond yet15:54
kenvandinetedg, i just haven't had time to review that...15:54
jcastrocando_: around?15:57
jcastrokenvandine: cando's worked on emesene before15:57
cando_hey jcastro15:57
kenvandinejcastro, yeah..15:58
kenvandinecando_, really sorry i haven't reviewed that yet... been swamped15:58
cando_kenvandine, no problem :):)15:58
jcastrocando_: ok so we need like a third emesene person to test to see if this works15:58
cando_jcastro, c10ud is another emesene's developer15:59
cando_now is not here...but he hangs in #ayatana very often..15:59
cando_so jcastro what i've to do?16:01
jcastrocando_: hmm, ted reminds me that getting you to test your own fix won't make sense16:02
stefano-palazzokamstrup, at the moment, when I display new Icons, it only displays them once everything is ready (when the callback is finished?). Can you explain how that works?16:02
jcastrosurely we can find someone who's using emesene to give it a shot?16:02
cando_i'll write a message to the emesene's mailing list16:03
cando_asking for a natty tester16:03
cando_jcastro, i'll let you know...how many days i've for getting this included in natty?16:03
jcastrocando_: about 24 hours. :)16:04
cando_uh cool16:04
jcastroI won't mention any names but someone didn't ping me about it until just now. :)16:04
cando_jcastro, ok thanks..i'll see what i can do:)16:05
jcastrocando_: in the future feel free to just annoy people in here for reviews.16:06
nhainesI want to shamelessly bring attention to bug 740515.  :)16:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 740515 in unity (Ubuntu) "Window controls in Unity panel do not extend to top of display" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74051516:07
jcastroand if we need to do a better job ensuring we don't miss things then we can fix that16:07
cando_jcastro, sure! :) you'll be the first16:07
=== jono_ is now known as jono
kenvandineronoc, hummm... the muting bug is kind of fixed16:12
kenvandinemaybe this is another bug :)16:12
kenvandineso i restarted my session and opened banshee16:13
kenvandinethe indicators showed my volume wasn't muted16:13
kenvandineronoc, i selected a song to play and started playing16:13
kenvandinethe indicator went to muted16:13
kenvandinebut sound isn't muted16:13
kenvandinebut the icon shows it as muted16:13
kenvandineand the "mute" menu is disabled16:14
kenvandineso i can't unmute16:14
kenvandineronoc, i also can't move the volume slider16:14
kenvandinei can control playback though16:15
ronockenvandine, sounds like the service is not running properly ?16:15
ronocis pulse running ?16:15
kenvandineah... no it isn't16:15
ronockenvandine, aha16:15
kenvandineweird, i am not getting the same icon i usually get for that16:15
ronockenvandine, the icon set has changed,16:15
kenvandineoh right16:16
ronocthe previous mute icon is now for no devices16:16
kenvandinewhat is the right way to start pulse?16:16
kenvandinethat makes more sense16:16
ronocdo you have autospawn off ?16:16
kenvandinethe scary red icon wasn't good for that16:16
kenvandinestock setup16:16
kenvandinenever tweaked pulse16:16
ronochmm it should be running16:16
ronocyou can do16:16
ronocpulseaudio --start16:16
ronocbut is should be spawned already16:17
kenvandineok, it started16:17
kenvandinebut the indicator state didn't change16:17
ronochmm weird , nothing has changed around all of that16:17
ronoci can do  quick test, one sec16:18
ronocwill turn off autospawn, and relogin16:18
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: DeeSharedModel sync all changes to Unity in the background when the mainloop is idle16:26
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: so if you block the mainloop with a network request for an icon or something, you'll block the current changes from being synced16:26
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: there's a trick you can apply16:26
kamstrupstefano-palazzo: call model.flush_revision_queue() that will send all pending changes to unity16:26
=== apinheiro_lunch is now known as apinheiro
kenvandineronoc, i can reliably reproduce that16:26
stefano-palazzokamstrup, oh that's brilliant, that'll solve my problem!16:26
ronockenvandine, works fine for me, if you open g-v-c what is the name of the sink ?16:27
apinheirodidrocks, one question about the alt+f2 dialog16:27
ronocI bet you it is auto-null16:27
apinheiroyou need to select the specific icon?16:27
apinheiroor if you write the proper app name16:27
ronockenvandine, sink == output16:27
apinheiropressing enter should open it?16:27
didrocksapinheiro: it will open the first result16:27
didrocks(that's what happens with keynav on every dash)16:27
didrocksand the first result is exactly what you typed16:27
kenvandineInternal audio analog stereo16:27
ronocokay this works fine here16:28
* kenvandine downgrades to confirm it worked before16:28
apinheirodidrocks, well, in my case is not working16:28
kenvandineit worked yesterday, i know16:28
apinheirowrite emacs16:28
apinheiroand press enter16:28
apinheironothing happens16:28
didrocksapinheiro: if you press enter before the text is shown in the first entry, it won't work16:28
ronockenvandine, i haven't changed anything in the audio device handling since about 3 weeks ago16:29
ronochyperair, ping16:29
apinheirodidrocks, first entry?16:29
apinheiroI only see one entry16:29
didrocksapinheiro: the results16:29
apinheirodidrocks, well, I start to write on the text entry16:30
apinheiroand I see that16:30
apinheiroand a selection16:30
apinheirosome icons with some proposals16:30
apinheirobut if I press enter16:30
apinheironothing happens16:30
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, "launch in a terminal" isn't supported yet16:30
didrocksapinheiro: if you try gnome-about-me though, it works, isn't it?16:31
kenvandineronoc, confirmed it is a regression, works fine in 0.6.416:31
apinheirodidrocks, I will test it16:31
didrocksapinheiro: keep me posted16:32
ronockenvandine, weird, have you tested with the newer release while pulse was running16:33
kenvandinepulse dies when it starts to play16:33
kenvandinethe indicator works fine until i start playing in banshee16:33
apinheirodidrocks, no, I also need to select it16:33
ronockenvandine, okay this is a different bug16:33
kenvandinebut is isn't banshee killing pulse, since it doesn't die in 0.6.416:34
didrocksapinheiro: ok, but if you select it, it's working right16:34
apinheirodidrocks, what Im saying16:34
ronockenvandine, okay testing now16:34
didrocksgord: first entry in dashes aren't selected anymore ^^16:34
apinheirois that you need to write to search, and then select the specific item16:34
ronockenvandine, i don't understand how my mpris dbus call can be killing pulse16:35
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, normally the first one is selected automatically16:35
didrocksapinheiro: whatever dash/places you are in16:35
ronockenvandine, are you running the latest banshee (from the daily) ?16:35
apinheirodidrocks, and this in general or just with things like gnome-about-me?16:36
kenvandineronoc, no16:37
kenvandinenatty version16:37
didrocksapinheiro: in general, in every dash, the first result entry should be preselected on search16:37
kenvandineronoc, it is also suspicious that starting pulse manually doesn't get picked up by the indicator16:37
ronockenvandine, it does here though,16:38
apinheirodidrocks, ok, thanks16:38
kenvandinereliably doesn't here... :/16:38
didrocksapinheiro: yw ;)16:42
kenvandineronoc, ok... it gets really weird now16:44
kenvandinei install rhythmbox to see if it caused the same problem16:44
kenvandinerestarted my session and it worked fine16:44
kenvandineso i restarted again and tested with banshee and now it doesn't crash16:44
ronockenvandine, yeah I'm basically doing a diff between the last two releases16:44
kenvandineseems like installing rhythmbox made a difference?16:45
ronocnothing significant has gone in in this release16:45
kenvandinei also removed rhythmbox and it seems to still work16:45
ronoca few icon tweaks etc16:45
ronocno pulse changes16:45
kenvandinei don't think i had ever had rb installed on this box16:45
ronocgremlins in the stack16:46
ronockenvandine, the pulse crash I had seen before when banshee plays, honestly i think that's a banshee bindings issue16:48
kenvandineronoc, damn... i removed rb from interested-media-players16:48
kenvandineand it still works16:48
kenvandineit happened reliably like 10 times with i-s 0.6.5 though16:48
kenvandinenow it is working reliably16:49
ronockenvandine, I don't get it16:49
kenvandineme either16:49
kenvandineall i did was install rb16:49
gorddidrocks, how do you mean. the first entry won't be selected with key-nav because you have the text entry focused16:49
ronocthis release is pretty trivial16:49
kenvandineronoc, i guess we just need to upload it and see if it hits anyone else16:49
ronockenvandine, sounds like a plan, well i did a quick code diff and there is nothing dodgy here. so 0.6.4 has been out for a bit without any significant bugs so ...16:50
ronockenvandine, i'll roll another with that banshee check16:50
ronockenvandine, this is the only bug that is currently on my mind, I really again don't think its anything to do with me but something below in dbus/glib land -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-sound/+bug/73805116:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 738051 in Unity Foundations "indicator-sound-service crashed with SIGABRT" [High,New]16:52
kenvandineronoc, i am reasonably sure i-s-service never crashed16:53
kenvandinei think the pid was the same16:53
kenvandineand no crash file for pulse :/16:53
kenvandinejust went away16:53
ronocthats a bit crap, i had noticed that before and was monitoring my service at the time, was sure it was not me by banshee doing something irregular16:54
ronockenvandine, they plan to release 0.9.6 for natty16:55
kenvandineronoc, 0.6.5 uploaded16:55
didrocksgord: enter in the text entry select the first entry result normally, isn't it?16:57
ronockenvandine, thanks16:59
gorddidrocks, yeah it should launch "whatever makes sense", normally the first entry but i can imagine other places types doing different things. - were we just relying on a bug before? ie that the first entry in the results was getting keyboard focus when it shouldn't? ;)16:59
didrocksgord: yeah, it was getting focus and that's how alt + F2 was working then :)16:59
gorddidrocks, okay let me take a look at doing it properly then :)17:00
didrocksgord: thanks :)17:00
jonohave you guys experienced the Launcher just sometimes not autohiding when a window is maximized?17:00
jonoe.g. xchat is maximized now and it won't go away17:00
jonoweird - I just moved the Launcher up and down (scrolled it) and now it goes away17:01
hyperairronoc: pong17:05
didrocksjono: there are some false positive (nux not giving leave event), still no reproducible test case to trigger it reliably and see what's wrong17:05
ronochyperair, hey just wondering when exactly 1.9.6 will hit natty17:05
hyperairronoc: upstream's due to release any time now. and it'll hit natty within 2-3 days after that. check #banshee's topic =)17:06
ronochyperair, okay will do, thanks17:07
ronochyperair, oh yeah 0.6.5 of indicator-sound has a fix for that bug you filed17:07
hyperairronoc: ooh nice.17:07
jonodidrocks, right17:07
jonoit seems the fix when it sticks like that is to scroll the Launcher17:08
jononot sure if that helps17:08
stefano-palazzo_mh.. With firefox maximised, and two app-tabs on the left, try swapping their position. The launcher makes it almost impossible. Is there a bug report about this?17:08
didrocksjono: no, you are triggering the missing leave event with that. If you have a reproducible way to block it, that would help us to see in which case nux isn't sending it17:08
ronochyperair, I basically had to put in a 1 second timeout after the mpris interface is raised inorder for banshee to react to the mpris command17:08
jonodidrocks, no worries, I will see if I can reproduce it17:09
ronocit would be ideal if the player could respond the second it raises its mpris interface17:09
lamalexjcastro, can I get a +/- https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73900017:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 739000 in unity (Ubuntu) "volume status show on wrong screen" [Undecided,New]17:09
jcastrolamalex: that's a dupe, I can find it17:10
jcastrolamalex: that's notify-osd being bad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/notify-osd/+bug/33136917:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 331369 in notify-osd (Ubuntu Jaunty) "regression vs. notification-daemon: positioning when multiple screens are available" [Medium,Confirmed]17:12
lamalexcan you confirm this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/73901717:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 739017 in unity (Ubuntu) "Docking 2 window together in a multi-screen setup not working" [Undecided,New]17:13
jcastrolamalex: any help getting that bug on the right radar would be appreciated17:13
lamalexi guess that's a mirco issue?17:14
lamalexMacSlow, ^^^17:14
lamalexi mean where /should/ notifications show17:14
lamalexbelow indicators?17:14
jcastrolamalex: wasn't this just fixed? the multiple grid setting17:14
lamalexjcastro, beats me17:14
jcastrolamalex: I am pretty sure it was fixed, but it's not released yet so I'll just confirm it17:15
lamalexi should go back to dual monitor17:16
lamalexI need to get a stand for my secondary monitor though since I work standing up now17:16
lamalexor clear off some space on my dresser next to  my laptop17:16
* lamalex needs to clean his room very badly17:16
jcastrolamalex: neil says I should have a top panel this week so I can bring the appmenu back17:17
jcastrobecause other than that I had to mouse 54 miles to get to the menu17:17
lamalexa top panel on the 2nd display?17:19
ronockenvandine, the fact that banshee 0.9.6 won't hit natty for another 2-3 days means that this desktop id change will not be in in time for beta freeze (i.e. tonight)17:21
ronockenvandine, so I better roll back some of those changes to accommodate this change17:21
ronocokay and then distro patch after we have the new banshee17:22
stefano-palazzo_kenvandine, are there plans to make progress and count properties available on ".place" launcher items?17:28
kenvandinenot sure how that would work17:28
kenvandinekamstrup, ^^17:28
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=== Guest60875 is now known as apinheiro
tedgcyphermox, Could you look at this please?  https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/libappindicator/lp708118v2/+merge/5457017:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54570 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "[Edgy] ubuntu-standard should depend on lvm2" [Undecided,Invalid]17:33
ronockenvandine, new release there -> https://launchpad.net/indicator-sound/third/0.6.517:41
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 0 not found17:41
kenvandineronoc, thx17:42
ronockenvandine, with this release you should notice just for banshee in the menu the play buttons will be exposed17:42
ronocthis will allow you to start the player by pressing the play button, it *should* when started drop into play mode17:43
ronockenvandine, but banshee like rb can sometimes be completely unresponsive just after starting up17:43
* ronoc takes a little break17:51
ronockenvandine, i'll be back in a bit to see how that tarball went17:51
gorddidrocks, https://code.launchpad.net/~gordallott/unity/place-activation-on-return/+merge/54574 <-- a present just for you :)17:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54574 in gnomebaker (Ubuntu) "gnome-baker do not format DVD+RW" [Undecided,Invalid]17:58
didrocksgord: excellent, approved!18:04
kenvandinecando_, can you file a bug against indicator-me package for adding emesene support?18:13
apinheirogord, didrocks with this change, I guess that after a search, it will be activated the first item if you don't select a specific one18:13
gordapinheiro, right18:13
kenvandinecando_, something i can use to get the release team to approve for a ffe18:13
apinheirogord, good18:13
jcastrolamalex: I knew I wasn't crazy: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/natty-changes/2011-March/009974.html18:13
cando_kenvandine, sure18:14
apinheirogord, btw, I have just found this issue18:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741158 in unity "[crash] Unity crashes trying to execute a app from the alt+f2 dialog" [Undecided,New]18:14
kenvandinecando_, thx18:14
apinheironot sure if you already knew that18:14
lamalexwait waht?18:14
lamalexjcastro, what's that thing?18:14
gordapinheiro, not seen that before, but looks like a race18:15
apinheirogord, probably, as this doesn't happens 100% of the times18:16
apinheiroanyway, in my case, most of the times18:16
MacSlowlamalex, no clue there atm18:18
=== daker is now known as daker_
cando_kenvandine, should i link my branch to the bug report?18:21
kenvandinecando_, yes please18:21
lamalexdidrocks, do you know the envvar to enable verbose building for debuild?18:26
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|break
didrockslamalex: you have to do: "make VERBOSE=1" with cmake IIRC18:27
lamalexdidrocks, not for unity just in general18:27
didrockslamalex: oh, if the package is using dh718:28
didrocksit's DH_VERBOSE=118:28
lamalexthats it18:28
didrocksyw :)18:28
lamalexdidrocks, what if you're using a different version18:28
didrockslamalex: it's already verbose in the sense you see which dh_* commands are called18:29
lamalexDH_VERBOSE was it anyway18:29
lamalexmy friend Adam says thank you18:29
didrocksyw ;)18:30
ronockenvandine, any luck with that?18:41
kenvandineronoc, yeah, uploaded18:41
ronocoh excellent thanks kenvandine18:41
nhainestedg: regarding bug 703555, are thechanges you made to libindicator going to prevent the rollover fadeout from activating when there are no menus for the current window?19:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 703555 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "Do not switch to fallback menu on mouse-over" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70355519:04
tedgnhaines, No, the changes in libindicator just provide the framework for indicators to know where they are.  So indicator-appmenu can hide the stubs when it's shown in Unity but not in the applet.19:05
nhainestedg: ah, thanks.  My bug 740519 was marked as a duplicate, but if that's the case then the bug is not fixed in Unity.19:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 740519 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity panel fades application title on mouseover when focused application has no menus (dup-of: 703555)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74051919:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 703555 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "Do not switch to fallback menu on mouse-over" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70355519:06
tedgnhaines, No, it's just one of the bug tasks on the bug.  That bug has quite the collection :-)19:07
nhaines(in the case that the bug is truly a duplicate, I mean.)19:07
nhainestedg: yes, it does.  :)  I was just pondering whether to change the bug status for Unity.  :)19:07
zniavregood evening19:42
AndreaAzzaroneQUESTION: why we have Unity MT Grab Handler?19:44
zniavrethe menu button on top left to find applications (i do not know the name sorry) there is a "shortcut" button when clicking on it the foreground is white as the background so it's unreadable19:44
oubiwannnjpatel, DBO ^^^ (MT Grab Handler)19:44
oubiwannAndreaAzzarone: they might be too busy right now...19:44
DBOAndreaAzzarone, because it draws grab handles (you'll see) that are super awesome19:44
DBOunfortunately they dont work *yet*19:45
DBOthats what I am fixing right now19:45
oubiwannDBO: rock on!19:45
njpatelzniavre, do you have a screenshot?19:45
zniavrei can do it wait a minute please19:45
zniavrenjpatel, http://imgur.com/MQO70.png19:46
zniavreunity-2d *19:46
njpatelzniavre, oh, unity-2d, you need florian, but he's not around :/19:47
AndreaAzzaroneDBO, with me works! :)19:47
njpatelzniavre, can you file a bug here please and attach the screenshot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d19:47
DBOAndreaAzzarone, well you can press the shortcut buttons to make them work. I am making them work with touch devices19:47
zniavrenjpatel,  for sure thank you19:48
AndreaAzzaroneok thanks! This is what i wanted to know! :)19:48
zniavrenjpatel,  just for the title (im not english speaker)  what should it be please ?19:49
njpatelzniavre, "White box in dash home screen"19:49
DBOjaytaoko, the blur behind on the dash only works where no widget is painted over that part of the dash19:50
DBOjaytaoko, didn't notice that until now19:50
DBOsorry :/19:50
njpatelDBO, yeah, there is a bug filed for that19:50
DBOhe asked me earlier if it was working for me19:50
DBOI said yes19:50
njpatelit's a weird paint background thing19:50
DBOi see whats going on19:50
njpatelI think it's because the basewindow is transparent19:50
njpatelwait, that doesn't make sense19:51
njpatelit did in my head though19:51
DBOits the two stage paint system19:51
njpatelwhich is what matters19:51
DBOstage 1 has the blur19:51
DBOstage 2 doesn't19:51
njpatelThe texture should still be valid, no, it's pushed to the PaintLayer19:51
DBOi dont think so19:52
DBOi have to look19:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741218 in unity-2d "White box in dash home screen" [Undecided,New]19:53
DBOnjpatel, am I suppose to be getting menus all the time now?19:53
njpatelDBO, what do you mean?19:53
DBOmy global menu is always visible19:53
DBOwhich I must admit is nice19:53
njpatelno, your not19:53
njpatelDBO, it's meant to show when you have Alt pressed or hover19:54
DBOit got stuck19:54
DBOwe have a passive grab on alt?19:54
njpatelnope,it comes form the app19:54
DBOokay you need to reset that state when the current app changes then19:54
DBOnjpatel, can we add kinetics into the launcher push off after all this19:58
DBOwithout it, it feels kinda wet...19:58
robtaylordidrocks: figured it our20:20
didrocksrobtaylor: really?20:20
didrockswhat was it?20:20
robtaylordidrocks: restarting only occurs when gnome-session launches compiz20:20
robtaylordidrocks: it won't restart if you manually launch it20:20
didrocksrobtaylor: hum, right, not surprized by that :)20:21
robtaylordidrocks: so, shall we consider the bug fixed?20:21
ronocDanRabbit, love the new icons thanks20:21
didrocksrobtaylor: but even with that, killall compiz didn't respawn here20:21
robtaylordidrocks: hum, oh :/20:21
didrocksrobtaylor: confirmed as well by seb128 this morning on a fresh guest session20:21
robtaylordidrocks: ok, i better dig further!20:22
didrocksgood hunt :)20:22
robtaylordidrocks: ta!20:23
robtaylordidrocks: don't suppose you can remember where gdm picks up the gnome-session commandline from?20:23
didrocksrobtaylor: it's in /usr/share/xsessions/20:24
didrocksrobtaylor: you have desktop file here, each one corresponds to one session20:24
robtaylordidrocks: ah, thanks :)20:24
* robtaylor has a memory like a seive nowadays :/20:25
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
bdmurrayloicm: did you want bug 727873 to be a dupe of 685552?20:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 727873 in compiz (Ubuntu) "problems with the graphical environment of unity in my Intel GMA3100 does not appear unity or the edges of the window and restart compiz" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72787320:48
loicmbdmurray: yes!20:49
kenvandinetedg, do you have more releases coming?20:49
tedgkenvandine, Yeah.20:49
tedgkenvandine, libappindicator and indicator-datetime.20:49
tedgkenvandine, You got indicator-applet, libindicator and dbusmenu, right?20:50
tedgI might go through and round out the version numbers on a couple.  But you shouldn't need those.20:50
loicmbdmurray: I actually tried to, but I get a launchpad error20:50
loicmbdmurray: every single time I try to do that20:51
bdmurrayloicm: ah, okay yes I ran into that too with a different bug20:51
bdmurrayloicm: its possible to do it with the API and I'll do that20:51
loicmbdmurray: thanks!20:52
bdmurrayloicm: have you found most of the duplicates of that or is there something I could look in stacktraces for?20:53
tedgkenvandine, I forgot to put bug 729150 in the changelog entry (should have both bugs) for libappindicator, could you do that when you merge please?20:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 729150 in libappindicator (Ubuntu) "libappindication crashes in gtkstatusicon code on update" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72915020:53
loicmbdmurray: I track 685552 since a long time, so I think I've got most of the duplicates, and there's a lot... but I may have missed some of them20:55
kenvandinetedg, ok20:57
kenvandinetedg, did you propose that one yet?20:59
tedgkenvandine, Yeah20:59
tedgkenvandine, It might still be generating the diff20:59
=== ivanka is now known as ivanka-train
robtaylordidrocks: so, assuming i manage to produce a patch or two to fix this bug tonight, what's the best plan for getting it in the build tomorrow?21:14
didrocksrobtaylor: just ping me, I'm still there for quite some hours :)21:15
didrocksrobtaylor: tonight is beta freeze, it will be too late tomorrow for beta21:15
didrocks(without huge beer promess to the release team ;))21:15
robtaylordidrocks: ah, ok :)21:16
* robtaylor works extra hard21:16
robtaylordidrocks: done!21:51
didrocksrobtaylor: excellent, what was it?21:51
robtaylordidrocks: mainly, compiz needing to pick up DESKTOP_SESSION_ID from the environment and use then when creating the XSMP connection21:52
robtaylorbecause it wasn't, gnome-session couldn't associate it with the app it started21:52
didrocksrobtaylor: hum, but this variable is deprecated? isn't it?21:52
robtaylordidrocks: https://github.com/robtaylor/compiz/commits/robsfixes21:52
robtaylordidrocks: it is? hmm, I've no idea how the association is supposed to happen otherwise21:53
robtaylordidrocks: i just found http://www.mail-archive.com/lucid-changes@lists.ubuntu.com/msg00814.html =)21:54
robtaylordidrocks: tbh, it probably is best to do a dbus protocol implementation, but the reality is is that almost noone has actually adopted that21:55
didrocksrobtaylor: DESKTOP_SESSION_ID or DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID ?21:55
didrocksrobtaylor: right, just try to keep this simple :)21:56
robtaylordidrocks: oh, sorry, my typo - DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID21:56
didrocksrobtaylor: so you confirm that with the 2.32 gnome-session and you killall compiz and it respawn?21:56
robtaylordidrocks: yep, only restarts on a crash, by design21:56
robtaylordidrocks: so, you need to kill -SIGILL or so to test it21:57
robtaylordidrocks: hum, i think i better rewrite my commit message..21:57
didrocksrobtaylor: sure, will test this then ;)21:57
didrocksrobtaylor: hum, github doesn't allow to download the diff?21:57
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, for compiz ;)21:58
didrocks(as we will just care for a distro patch for now)21:58
robtaylordidrocks: one moment21:58
didrocksrobtaylor: if you can generate a git format-patch and pastebinit somewhere, that will be awesome :)21:59
robtaylordidrocks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/584513/22:00
Daekdroomappmenu is still losing my application menus randomly =/22:01
didrocksrobtaylor: excellent, starting to build it :)22:01
robtaylordidrocks: rock!22:01
robtaylordidrocks: checking out http://live.gnome.org/SessionManagement/GnomeSession#A1._Launch it looks like this is the correct behaviour, not deprecated22:02
didrocksrobtaylor: ok, thanks ;)22:08
didrocksrobtaylor: can you ensure sam get the patch as well?22:08
didrocksso that it can be committed upstream22:08
robtaylordidrocks: will do. let me know that it works for you!22:10
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, building, talking a break meanwhile :)22:10
robtaylorsmspillaz: https://github.com/robtaylor/compiz/commit/409ae63adb021165a5a4258573270047ecef642922:10
robtaylordidrocks: enjoy, it's well earned :)22:11
robtaylorI might get a beer out of the fridge to celebrate..22:11
robtayloramazing how much work went into so few lines *sigh*22:11
didrocksyeah \o/22:12
robtaylordidrocks: ah, it hardly feels worth congrats =)22:14
robtaylorwell, at least I now know more about session managment and gnome-session than I ever wanted to know ;)22:16
kenvandinetedg, are you done?22:20
tedgkenvandine, Never!22:21
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, I think of everything important.22:22
tedgkenvandine, indicator-application was just a version bump.22:22
tedgkenvandine, Going through and trying to clean some of those up.22:22
kenvandineuploaded already22:22
robtaylordidrocks: tell you what would be awesome, if there was a place on launchpad to put nuggets of learning. I might subvert Answers as somewhere to put all the tricks i found in debugging session startup22:24
didrocksrobtaylor: yeah, wiki are bad for that, but some can of ask.ubuntu.com is nice (but you have to ask the question and answer yourself ;))22:25
robtaylordidrocks: *nod*22:25
didrocksok, so a compiz build == a shower time :)22:26
robtaylordidrocks: heh22:28
robtaylordidrocks: oh, i have a bunch of extra debug statments i've added to gnome-session. I might see if upstream want them, but in the meantime, think it's worth putting in the ubuntu packaging?22:29
didrocksrobtaylor: I would prefer avoiding adding them now22:35
didrocksrobtaylor: after maybe if we see some issues, yeah, can be useful :)22:35
didrocksrobtaylor: btw, the fix worked on sigsegv! :)22:36
didrocksguest session is just making my host swapping though :/22:36
RAOFYay!  Although alt-tab still kills compiz, at least the session respawns it now :)22:36
didrocksrobtaylor: just pushed your compiz fix22:37
didrocksRAOF: yeah, and then, you can make it crash again ;)22:38
didrocksRAOF: like the punching ball game? ;)22:38
didrocksRAOF: more seriously, what's this alttab crash?22:38
robtaylordidrocks: AWESOME! :)22:40
RAOFdidrocks: There's at least one launchpad bug on it; I'll hunt it down if you ilke.22:41
didrocksRAOF: is it still the case now that I removed mipmapping by default?22:42
RAOFNo.  It's not a driver problem.22:42
RAOF(Oh, did you remove mipmapping?)22:42
didrocksRAOF: ok, it rings a bell with a staticswitcher issue, but I was thinking removing mipmapping will also fix this22:42
didrocksRAOF: yeah, for staticswitcher, it's off by default now22:43
RAOFThere seem to be about 3 separate ways alt-tab can cause a crash in a g_closure22:43
didrocksRAOF: no dup?22:43
didrocksnot popular for a compiz bug crash TBH :)22:43
RAOFThree different backtraces; one of which was in free() :)22:43
didrocksof course, we always double free, just to keep a certain standard of cleanage :)22:44
robtaylorRAOF: hmm, that sounds an interesting bug!22:56
robtaylorRAOF: got backtracces in the report?22:56
RAOFrobtaylor: once I find it! :)22:58
robtaylorRAOF: that's the hard bit, for sure!23:00
RAOFOf course, now that I've said that I can no longer find the bug nor can I actually get compiz to crash with alt-tab :/23:40
DaekdroomI haven't been crashing compiz using alt+tab for quite awhile.23:42
RAOFAh.  *there* it goes!23:43
RAOFGrr, but no apport.23:50

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