ScottKpoolie: I didn't know about bzr remove-branch when I filed the bug.  Apparently lifeless didn't either as he didn't suggest it ...00:00
ScottKSo if that had worked, I'd have been happy.00:01
ScottKIt may just be that bzr on alioth is too old (2.1.5.)00:02
ScottKpoolie: Does that clarify it?00:02
poolieactually i answered, and i had forgotten it was now built in00:04
pooliemaybe robert did too00:04
pooliegiven all this i think it's not an upstream bug00:04
pooliedo you agree?00:06
poolieit's probably not something we would put back into the 2.1 series00:06
ScottKI agree it shouldn't be backported.01:23
lifelesspoolie: hi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/717094 - may benefit from a bzr person eyeballing it01:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 717094 in Launchpad itself "InvalidURL OOPS in translatePath because of URL containing non-ascii chars, again" [Critical,Triaged]01:31
pooliehi lifeless01:31
lifelesspoolie: hi :)01:32
mgzthat bug description sounds like it's my kind of thing.01:33
lifelessmgz: its in the lp bzr codehosting stack01:33
mwhudsonoh what, i thought i fixed all of them01:34
* mwhudson preemptively hates mod_rewrite a bit01:37
pooliei'm happy to hand it to either of you01:37
mgz...maybe I'll get a copy of launchpad in may, I've never succeeded in branching it.01:39
mwhudsonpoolie: i think you can keep it :)01:41
mgzthe bzrlib side seems too strict for urls that might just get entered by hand, I don't see a mod_rewrite fix unless you do something like surrogate-escape does.01:41
jammwhudson, lifeless: sorry I didn't make it back before. Fell asleep while putting my son to sleep.01:42
jamNote that the fix for loggerhead (mentioned elsewhere) should probably be using urllib.quote(path.encode('utf-8'))01:42
mwhudsonpoolie: strange that clicking download on the file with chinese characters on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~czhedu/+junk/hi_baidu_com_xxai/files works though01:42
jamrather than cgi.escape()01:42
jamsince it is URL stuff, rather than HTML content stuff.01:42
jamand I wonder if this isn't something similar01:42
jamwhere we are generating a url and escaping it via the wrong transformation01:43
lifelessjam: mwhudson: ECHANNEL01:43
pooliego to bed jam! :)02:06
jampoolie: well, I slept a little bit already02:08
mr-russspiv: are you online?06:51
spivmr-russ: I am06:52
mr-russcool.  I'm the bzr as single user doc patch guy.06:53
spivI just figured that out :)06:53
spivDid my review make sense?06:53
mr-russThe reason I wrote the doc is I was one of the users you mention and I couldn't find how to do it.06:53
mr-russYour review makes sense.  However my bzr doc skillz are basically zero.06:54
spivApparently better than that!06:54
mr-russI get the idea, but I don't know how to build the docs, or view the tags.06:54
mr-russand the :: type stuff, I don't know where I might find out more about that.06:54
mr-russSo I'm happy to give it a try, but I feel like I might need a bit of formatting help.06:54
spiv'make docs-sphinx'06:55
spivThat should build the docs, you probably need to install some dependencies to have that work06:55
mr-russpackage hunting now.06:55
pooliethanks for adding that mr-russ06:56
spivThe format is called restructured text06:56
mr-russIt's probably the biggest barrier to switching from svn.  How to do an svn type setup easily on bzr.06:56
mr-russI tried apache route but too hard, danger.  But it was documented mostly :)06:57
spivhttp://sphinx.pocoo.org/rest.html is a good intro, and http://sphinx.pocoo.org/contents.html in general for the overall documentation tool we're using (sphinx)06:58
mr-russmy question/concern about the bzr_ssh_path_limiter is that it's not installed by default.  So it's more work to make it all go.06:59
mr-russI don't even know how to install it under ubuntu.06:59
spivmr-russ: fwiw, the only svn repo I interact with regularly is via a regular ssh account with a real user and home dir etc :)06:59
spivYeah, that's a good point.06:59
spivI guess the obvious question is where should it be installed?  I suppose /usr/bin would be reasonable06:59
spiv(for the Ubuntu package at least)07:00
mr-russ/usr/bin is obvious.  lots of debian packages just put contrib in a /usr/share/bzr/contrib type area.07:00
spivBut you could install it anywhere, really07:00
spivAnd just adjust the command="..." config to give the full path to it07:00
mr-russBut for this kind of documentation, having it easy for a new user is key from my perspective.07:01
mr-russso if it gets installed by default for 2.4.x, then we can change the command.07:01
spiv/usr/share/doc/bzr/contrib would be better than nothing, but not great.07:01
spivI'm happy to avoid mentioning bzr_ssh_path_limiter for now until it genuinely becomes easy07:02
spiv(i.e. have it installed somewhere by default)07:02
spivYou should definitely fix the missing --inet though :)07:02
mr-russyeah, waiting for doc build to finish.07:03
mr-russMy 5 year old laptop is okay, not brilliant.07:04
mr-russhow can I improve my markup knowledge?07:04
mr-russ:: is an example, is there a reference file, or anything else basic to know.07:04
mr-russspiv: thanks for the review though.  Very helpful.  As you can see I'd like to get this completed :)07:05
spivThe links to sphinx.pocoo.org I gave above are probably the best source for docs about the doc system07:05
spivHeh, although their ReST primer doesn't mention ::07:06
spivhttp://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/cheatsheet.txt, http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/quickstart.html07:07
spivSpecifically for preformatted text with :: -> http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/quickstart.html#preformatting-code-samples07:07
spivOk, I'm off for a little bit07:08
pooliecheerio spiv, see you in a bit07:10
vilahi all !07:37
mr-russmy bzr newbieness has got me again.07:39
mr-russI bzr pulled from the bzr branch.07:39
mr-russIt says I've diverged and need to merge.  I ran bzr merge and there are all these files for me to commit.07:39
mr-russShould I commit them, but what message do I put?  is there a default merged commit message?07:40
spivmr-russ: "Merge trunk." or similar07:42
spivA commit message is generally used to describe what you did, and that's what you did :)07:43
mr-russmy first use of shelving my changes, merge and unshelve.07:43
pooliespiv, jam, vila, want to chat in a couple of minutes?07:43
jampoolie: sure07:43
spivYes, let's :)07:43
vilahere or mumble ?07:44
poolielet's mumble?07:44
jamI'm on mumble with spiv07:45
jamvila: same problems today?07:47
jamvila: can you hear us at least?07:47
mr-russokay, my next attempt is up, I'll leave it for you all to review.07:48
spivmr-russ: thanks!07:48
jamjelmer: if you're up, we're on mumble07:48
jamspiv: your' mic is locking "on" with background noise07:48
spivpoolie: X crashed and apparently took my whole system with it07:56
poolieinsert xkcd joke about '2003 called'07:56
jampoolie: did you warn them?07:57
spiv(I'm back)07:57
xarinatanMay i ask a silly simple question? How do i set the remote username in the windows bzr interface? It keeps using my workstation's username, like so http://j.mp/enNaNX08:12
jamxarinatan: you can do it in the URL, "http://myuser@host/"08:13
xarinatanAh, thanks, i vaguely heard of that before, but i did user@bzr+ssh://hostname instead ^^; thanks again08:16
jamanyone care to second review: https://code.launchpad.net/~mgiuca/bzr/test-log-show-ids/+merge/5419908:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54199 in zsnes (Ubuntu) "zsnes segfault on startup" [Medium,Fix released]08:35
jamI'm actually going to be afk for a while, taking my son to the doctor.08:35
jelmerjam: I'll have a look08:40
xarinatanis it normal that bzr stays a while in the background after committing, seeming to do a lot of processing?08:47
xarinatanhttp://j.mp/h4CpWR (taskmanager screenshot)08:48
jelmerxarinatan: "bzr commit" (the command) should exit right after it's finished08:49
jelmerperhaps something else has started it in this case though (e.g. tortoisebzr?)08:49
=== hunger_ is now known as hunger
xarinatanjelmer: I used tortoisebzr to commit data to my server, but after that finished and the window closed, that process stayed for a while, 2 processes at first, now they're both gone, just wondering if it's normal08:50
xarinatanI gotta say though, i just switched from SVN to BZR and i like it a lot better, SVN simply wasn't usable for my needs (versioned backup for my project/school data sticks) and bloated my data a lot, especially clientside made that unusable for me08:53
bob2to be fair, most things are better than svn :)08:56
xarinatanHeh, true i suppose, but SVN is sort of the 'standard' these days. Kind of like how IPv4 is still the standard for internet communication :P08:57
xarinatanBut that could be me08:57
jelmerxarinatan: I suspect it's got something to do with how tortoisebzr works, but I'm not sure.09:19
jamanyone care to give a second review to: https://code.launchpad.net/~mgiuca/bzr/log-not-in-branch/+merge/5395511:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 53955 in Ubuntu "System time wrong" [Undecided,Invalid]11:29
PengNice, ubot5.11:30
jelmerjam: I'm on it11:53
jamjelmer: thanks11:53
jamthanks for the earlier one, too11:58
jelmerjam: least I could do after all the reviews two weeks ago :)11:58
jelmerjam: Did you see the bug I filed about get_revisions / revision_trees / get_deltas ?11:58
jamjelmer: sounds hazy11:58
jelmerjam: Basically, "bzr log" uses those methods underneath but if one of the specified revids is a ghost the entire method will fail.11:59
jelmerthe simple solution is to use the singular fetch functions so when we get a NoSuchRevision exception we know which revision is missing12:00
jelmerbut that obviously has performance consequences12:00
jamjelmer: can we do X and then fall back to Y if there is a problem?12:00
jamor not easily?12:00
jamit shouldn't have the same implications it used to12:00
jamwe used to be spending all our times deserializing the inventories12:00
jamwhich should be much better now12:00
jamjelmer: you're the one packaging meliae, right?12:03
jelmerjam: We can't fall back easily as far as I can tell12:03
jamhave you seen bug #73528412:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 735284 in Meliae "Installs from source distributions fail" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73528412:03
jami'm just trying to understand who is running 'sdist' and why12:03
jamrather than, say, running 'setup.py install'12:03
jamI know *I* build the tarball using "bzr export ../foo.tar"12:03
jelmerjam: Yep, I'm packaging it for Debian and Ubuntu.12:04
jelmerjam: I don't use sdist, the packaging magic simply runs "setup.py install" directly from the packaging branch (which is derived from your trunk with an extra debian/ dir)12:04
=== psynaptic is now known as psynaptic|lunch
spivjelmer: just briefly12:15
spivjelmer: some of the new fetch_spec stuff has a if_present_ids param (or something like that)12:15
spivjelmer: because e.g. when fetching revisions named by tags we want to fetch them if they exist, but not fail if they turn out to be not present in that repo12:16
spivjelmer: perhaps that concept is what that "bzr log" issue needs12:16
* spiv -> zzz12:17
jelmerspiv: We do want to know about missing revisions, since they should still be mentioned in log as being missing12:17
jelmerspiv: anyway,  perhaps we can discuss that later. G'night!12:17
jamjelmer: we could have 'revision_trees' return None rather than raising an exception, as an example12:18
jampossibly by adding a flag so that current users of the api aren't surprised12:18
jelmerjam: Yeah, it's the current callers I'm worried about. A flag would work.12:26
jelmerjam: Perhaps returning an AbsentTree rather than None, so we can still access the relevant revision id?12:32
jamjelmer: something like that seems fine to me12:32
jamI thought revision_trees always returned in order12:32
jamand most callers zip the input list with the returned values12:32
jamI could be wrong12:33
xarinatanHey guys, i'm getting a weird error when trying to commit a lot of data with tortoise bzr http://pastebin.com/XMtwzW0r can someone help me?12:34
jamxarinatan: so usually "TooManyConcurrentConnections" is actually a failure somewhere else, that is then covered up by us getting an error while running the cleanup code to handle the original error.12:35
jamI'm very surprised to see this happening during the "_rpc_open_2_1"12:36
jamsince it indicates it is happening before we've even connected to the other branch.12:36
xarinatanWeird, i am currently SSH'd into that server with said username and everything seems fine12:37
xarinatanI had the same error earlier and i couldn't find out why it did, so i recreated the repository and first checked in a small bit of data, that worked fine12:37
xarinatanSmall bits of data seem to go fine12:41
xarinatanthe 'big' commit was ~340MB, 25756 files12:46
xarinatanoh wait, apparently the 'small' commit was bigger then i thought, about 720MB12:47
xarinatanbut only 250 files12:47
xarinatanMaybe i'm overfilling some buffers or my RAM if i commit that much files..12:52
dOxxxgood morning12:57
vilahey dOxxx !12:57
dOxxxvila: quick question re plugin versions12:57
vilayup, fire it :)12:57
dOxxxvila: should I be using trunk for all plugins or just the two that didn't work with bzr 2.4b1?12:58
dOxxxdidn't load*12:58
vilahehe, tricky one ;)12:58
dOxxxI was thinking I should only do it for hte plugins which didn't load12:58
vilathe conservative answer would be: switch to trunk when something bad happen12:58
dOxxxI don't want to distirbute tip for all plugins and then have to switch back for final release because the author never made a stable release12:59
vilathe aggressive one would be: always use trunk until we approach the .0 release12:59
vilaplus some trunks may be bogus12:59
vilaon the other hand, we have beta releases to *expose* the latest and greatest12:59
dOxxxjust an annoying situation13:00
dOxxxI don't have time to test all the plugins13:00
vilaI think it's a balance between packagers and plugin authors being pro-active or not13:01
vilayup, the installer focused test suite...13:01
dOxxxit would be nice13:01
vila... which still doesn't exist :-/13:01
dOxxxsomething that exercises all the bundled plugins to see that nothing blows up13:01
vilabut indeed would help13:01
=== psynaptic|lunch is now known as psynaptic
vilayeah, so, what we currently have is the daily builds which help decide which plugin versions should be distributed13:02
dOxxxwe do?13:02
vilabut the ppas imply that *some* version is defined and tracked in a branch13:03
viladOxxx: for Ubuntu yes13:03
viladOxxx: for 2.4b1, I'd say just switch bzr-pipeline to tip13:04
dOxxxand svn13:04
vilajelmer: is there a 2.4-compatible release for bzr-svn ?13:04
vilajelmer: or is the trunk tip good enough to embed in the 2.4b1 OSX installers ?13:05
xarinatanCan someone point me to what i should change or how i can fix this error: http://pastebin.com/XMtwzW0r ? small commits are fine (<1000 files) but large commits seem to give that error13:07
maxbThe implication is a bug in bzr, but that's not something I've ever seen.13:10
vilaxarinatan: there nothing obvious there, file a bug at http:/pad.lv/fb/bzr13:12
vilaxarinatan: that would be easier to track progress and ask you for more details13:12
xarinatanvila: Okay, i'll do that then.13:12
vilaxarinatan: the weird thing is that the *size* of the commit shouldn't matter...13:13
vilaxarinatan: the only vaguely similar issue I can think of was one related to ssh key renegotiation when reaching a 1GB threshold (on transmitted data) but 1) I'm pretty sure launchpad has some specific config that was exhibiting it 2) the symptom was different13:15
vilaxarinatan: did you look at the .bzr.log on the server ?13:16
xarinatanWell it's only 70MB of data, but nearly 10,000 files13:16
xarinatan'small' commits of 720MB with only 250 files go through just fine13:17
xarinatanSo i'm suspecting some buffer overflow maybe?13:17
vilaxarinatan: add the relevant parts of the .bzr.log from client and server to the bug report, there may be something there13:18
vilaxarinatan: there are bigger projects (in terms of # files), but 720MB for 250 files sounds big, any binaries there ? (Shouldn't matter either..)13:19
xarinatanSome archive(zip) files and images, i was planning on using bazaar as 'versioned backup system' for my School and work project data sticks, which both hold about 5 gigs of data, of which most is 100% original content created by me, so for that this system would be perfect if it works ^^;13:21
xarinatanI have a lightweight ubuntu virtual machine setup at home for the data storage13:22
vilaxarinatan: hmm, there was a report recently about some weird ssh issues when using NAT for a VM13:22
xarinatanWhere can i find the .bzr.log file btw?13:22
vilawhat virtualization software are you using ?13:23
xarinatanIt's not NATted13:23
xarinatanI'm using KVM13:23
xarinatanI'm logging in through OpenVPN..13:23
dOxxx`bzr version` will tell you where your log file is13:23
vilaxarinatan: like dOxxx said, but make sure you run it on the server with the same settings as the user connecting there13:24
xarinatanwhat do you mean by 'same settings'?13:24
vilaxarinatan: just do 'ssh user@host  bzr version' and you should be fine13:25
xarinatanOh! That could be it, i'm using the default ubuntu repos for the bzr installation, those might be a bit behind on the actual version13:26
xarinatanHah, yes, stupid me, the server is running 2.2.1 and i'm running 2.3.1 on the client ^^;..13:27
xarinatanWeird that it works with smaller commits though13:28
vilaxarinatan: still worth reporting as a bug mentioning the client/server versions involved13:28
xarinatanvilla: Will do13:29
vilaxarinatan: this should be supported, servers can't always be upgraded as fast as clients and they are supposed to be compatible13:29
vilaxarinatan: it's not even sure that upgrading the server will address the issue13:29
vilagood afternoon mgz ;)13:31
xarinatanI'll check if it fixes it =p13:31
vilahmmm, how much memory does your VM server has ?13:32
vilamgz: before your patch, can you remember me how memory errors were reported from a smart server ?13:32
vilaxarinatan: hmmm, how much memory does your VM server has ?13:34
vilableh, 'how much memory on the VM server' is probably better english :-/13:35
PengI'd go with "how much memory does it have".13:35
vilarats, thanks Peng ;)13:36
fullermd"does it have the geebees?"13:36
dOxxxhmmm just thinking about it now... the rules on when to use 'has' vs 'have' are not clear13:37
dOxxxI have. You have. They have. It has. vila has. the server has. how much does it have?13:38
dOxxxreally not predictable13:38
fullermd'has' is third person...13:38
vilafullermd: geebees like the shaddoks friends ?13:38
fullermdI have.  You have.  He/she/it has.13:38
dOxxxso why then is "how much does it have?" correct?13:38
vilafullermd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Shadoks says it's spelled Gibis (even in english) so probably not ;)13:39
dOxxxI guess there are exceptions.13:39
fullermdUgh, I've forgotten too much linguistics to explain it.  It's not a subject verb there...13:40
dOxxxoh hmm I see13:40
dOxxxthe ver is 'does' in the sentence13:40
vilaand when should it be "does it had" vs "does it have" ?13:40
fullermdIt's not a participle, it's something related.13:40
dOxxxit would "did it have" for past tense13:40
fullermdI'll go with "languages are all stupid" for $300, Alex.13:41
xarinatanSorry, back, upgraded BZR on the server in question13:42
xarinatanAnd the VM has 1GB RAM and 1GB Swap, previously had 256MB RAM but that was obviously not enough when i committed large files :P13:42
fullermdAlso related: http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1915   :p13:42
jamanyone in the US or AU that can run a script for me? I'm trying to see how long interactions take with Launchpad from various locations13:44
xarinatanAlso, isn't it "How much does your server have?"? I'm dutch, i don't remember exactly how the rules were taught back in highschool, but surely it had some correlation to what form was used13:44
beunojam, Argentina any good?13:45
jambeuno: would be good for me13:45
jambeuno: can you run the above paste ?13:46
dOxxxxarinatan: yes 'have' would be correct, we were just trying to figure out why :)13:46
beunojam, running13:46
jambeuno: I'm seeing 300+ms from Netherlands, which seems pretty crazy long.13:46
vila10 loops, best of 3: 330 msec per loop from here13:47
fullermdMaybe it is a [present] participle...13:47
vilafullermd: hehe nice comic ;)13:47
fullermd10 loops, best of 3: 897 msec per loop13:47
beunojam, 10 loops, best of 3: 1.87 sec per loop13:47
jambeuno, fullermd, vila: that is the time to resolve "lp:bzr" into a bzr+ssh url13:48
xarinatandOxxx: your ____ have, it's a property of someone else. . oh well, i'm not linguist :P I'll leave that upto people who actually study the language13:48
vilajam: I'm sure you've know found a great way to stress test the forking server ;-D13:48
vilas/know/now/ :-(13:48
jamvila: no, that is the XMLRPC server13:48
jamvila: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.3-avoid-xmlrpc-ssh-397739/+merge/5452313:48
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 not found13:48
jamif you want that time to go away13:48
vilajam: nm, the joke was lost13:49
dOxxxxarinatan: yeah something like that. possessive.13:49
jamvila: it would have been better if we actually logged in13:49
beunojam, that's pretty crazy13:49
fullermd(LP being ~125ms from here)13:49
fullermdSo a mere 7 round trips...13:49
xarinatanvila: I'm currently doing a commit with the upgraded version on my server, see if it makes a difference13:50
xarinatanvila: It looks like it's working this time, with about 12,000 files13:50
fullermdvila: Everybody loves Dinosaur Comics, don't they?   :p13:50
jelmerhmm, something is eating PQM emails again for me :(13:51
xarinatanjam: Are you from holland btw? Since you mentioned the netherlands13:52
jamxarinatan: I'm actually from the US, but I'm living in Netherlands for a couple years.13:53
jelmerjam: I thought launchpad supported short names for http as well these days. Certainly bzr log http://code.launchpad.net/bzr works for me.13:53
jammy wife got a promotion and temporary training here13:53
jamjelmer: it works for Loggerhead, but not for 'bzr branch'13:53
fullermdI had to kick jam out of my $TZ; he was making me look bad with all that "getting up at a reasonable hour" stuff   :p13:53
xarinatanjam: How's the language for you? :P I heard some people who tried to move over to here complain about it a lot13:53
jamxarinatan: I know almost no dutch. It happens that we live in Eindhoven, where 90% of the people work for Philips, who mandates English on campus13:54
jamI'm exaggerating slightly, but I haven't had a problem getting people to talk to me in English13:54
jamexcept for the ones that stop asking for directions while I'm walking down the street.13:54
jamwhy are they picking me? :)13:54
xarinatanjam: Aha, well that's nice too, though most of the 'dutchies' speak english anyway ^^;13:54
vilajam: cos' you're walking and not using a car ? :-D13:55
jamvila: so are they13:55
jelmerjam: Hah, so I guyess you already make the impression you look like you belong ? :-P13:55
jambut I'm also walking with my son13:55
jamso maybe I'm safe13:55
xarinatanjam: You must be secretly dutch! :P13:55
jamjelmer: It happened to happen 2 times over the weekend13:55
jamxarinatan: german descent...13:55
jelmerjam: it works for bzr branch for me too ("bzr branch http://code.launchpad.net/bzr ~/tmp/bzr")13:56
xarinatanjam: Same difference, except everything sounds like a curse there, i love german xD13:56
vilajam: yes, that's why they can stop you ;-D13:56
vilajam: but, jokes aside, the kid part is probably the trigger13:57
jamvila: yeah, that was my guess13:57
jamyou don't look much like a tourist when you have a kid with you13:57
jamthough if you hear him chattering away, they would know better13:57
dOxxxjelmer: I may have missed your reply but should I be using bzr-svn trunk tip for bzr.2.4b1?13:58
jelmerdOxxx: ah13:58
jelmerdOxxx: yes13:58
jelmertwo more bugs to fix before 1.1.013:58
jamjelmer: speaking of which, new development in the dutch saga. We just found out that Customs won't actually let our goods through until April 1st. And our lease for short-term apartment ends on the 31st. Just silly given that they arrived before we did a month ago.14:02
vilajam: regarding https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.3-avoid-xmlrpc-ssh-397739/+merge/5452314:02
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 2 not found14:02
vilajam: nice one :) But one question:14:02
vilawhat are the risks that we diverge from lp ? (0 ? We were already making assumptions about the lp implementation ?)14:03
jelmerjam: wtf? This is the Dutch customs?14:03
jamjelmer: yep.14:04
jamI guess part of the issue is they can't start the paperwork until we get here and get BSN numbers, etc14:04
jamwhich takes a wek14:04
fullermdI told you trying to smuggle in those kidneys would be trouble...14:04
vilajam: how tasty for an April 1st hoax...14:04
jamvila: you can follow the bug14:04
jambut LP explicitly implemented "+branch/foo" so that we could use it14:04
jelmerjam: And I thought moving to the US was hard (a friend of mine is moving from Eindhoven to CA)14:04
jamvery low chance we'll diverge14:05
jamespecially since it will start breaking for people once we stop using xmlrpc :)14:05
jamjelmer: well, there are quite a few things that could have made it smoother. Having my bank in the US allow scheduling international wires without being physically present.14:05
jamWhat's funny is that most of the Expat stuff from Eindhoven was very fast14:06
jamand they have a huge Expat center in the middle of town14:06
jamso its something they supposedly care a lot about14:06
jelmerjam: Ah :-/ How's that going, is the bank still holding up your cheques?14:06
jam(30% tax free income for my wife, etc)14:06
jamjelmer: yep14:06
jamwe have confirmation that it made it to Amsterdam, a *week* after we gave it to the local bank14:06
jamapparently they operate by carrier pidgeon14:07
jelmera courier walked to Amsterdam perhaps?14:07
fullermdIt went by boat.  For security reasons, y'know.14:08
briandealwisHi everybody.  I have a private branch that I want to amend a couple of commit messages before pushing to a public branch.  I should know this, but is there a plugin for rewriting a commit message — knowing that it'll destroy history?  Or is there an alternative beyond merging each commit one at a time?14:08
jelmerbriandealwis: you should be able to fastexport the commits, edit the stream and reimport14:09
maxbjelmer: "I'm able to branch from https://code.launchpad.net/bzr-svn ." ..... really!?!? Does not work for me and I cannot see how it would.14:09
jelmercharis:~/src/hydrazine/trunk% BZR_PDB=1 bzr branch --no-plugins https://code.launchpad.net/bzr-svn ~/tmp/bsa14:09
briandealwisjelmer: hmm, there's 16000-odd commits...14:09
jelmerBranched 3647 revision(s).14:09
dOxxxbriandealwis: you can also, with some effort, combine uncommit and shelve to reverse your commits and recommit them with updated messages.14:09
briandealwisdOxxx: that's a good idea.  thx14:10
jammaxb: code.launchpad.net/bz-svn has a 'BranchReference' pointer at14:10
maxbahh! (And it is probably being broken by one of the foreign bzr plugins, then)14:10
jammaxb, jelmer: that was how we implemented lp:foo before the XMLRPC was added14:10
jelmermaxb: Yeah, bzr-hg breaks it14:10
jamjelmer: because it inserts itself earlier in the stack?14:11
jelmerjam: ah, I wasn't aware of that14:11
jelmerjam: yep14:11
maxbIs there a reason why we don't always probe for bzr-native formats first?14:11
jelmerjam: is there any reason to prefer XMLRPC over the branch references? It seems in case of the branch references it's possible to keep the same HTTP connection14:11
jamjelmer: I mentioned on the bug, it also involves an SSL request in what would otherwise be pure-HTTP14:11
jamjelmer: not possible14:11
jamdifferent top-level domain, and HTTPS vs HTTP14:11
jelmermaxb: the bzr smart server does a POST request and that blows up on several foreign servers (e.g. google code errors with a 401)14:12
jamso you can't re-use the connection14:12
jelmerjam: ah, argh :-(14:12
vilajam: just re-read the bug (bunch of pages ;) and it mentions the http urls too, may be you should clarify the situation in a bug comment before closing the bug14:12
maxbIt seems like it would be nice to allow foreign plugins to attach fallback probing after such a failure14:12
jelmermaxb: that's been discussed a couple of times on the list14:13
jelmermaxb: and there's a bug about it14:13
jamjelmer: yeah, I think the issue is that there are *valid* cases where a server would issue 401 (that is Auth required, right?) in response to POST14:14
vilajam: or may be just file a new bug so your proposal is not blocked on the http discussion14:14
jelmerjam: right14:14
jamjelmer: seems like it would be nicest to have a whitelist/blacklist of known sites that use X format.14:15
jamor just remember the last one to succeed and use it first next time14:16
jelmerjam: I think we should try to avoid the POST unless we know there is bzr at that site14:16
jelmerjam: e.g. check for .bzr/branch-format, then try the POST and if that fails fall back to use with the format directly14:17
jamjelmer: but how do we *find out* (and arguably, it adds a round-trip overhead for what we want to be the fast case)14:17
maxbEncourage people to use bzr+http, hg+http etc?14:17
jammaxb: we had svn+ and I guess people really didn't like it14:17
jelmermaxb: I think a single very small HTTP request is worthwhile overhead to not have to type foo+14:18
vilajam: the issue that was discussed made it clear that POSt was also forcing an additional round-trip (and led to failures)14:18
jelmerit is still always possible for people to use bzr+http://.... if they care about that roundtrip14:18
vilajam: the situation today is that people that install foreign plugins *do* an additional round-trip *before* trying the POST14:19
jelmerright now we do one extra roundtrip per foreign VCS plugin that's loaded before we probe for bzr formats14:19
vilayeah, per plugin even ;)14:19
maxbI think we should do the POST .bzr/smart, and if it fails, give plugins a chance to try things, and if none succeed, continue raising the original error14:20
jelmermaxb: that doesn't work, as the POST can trigger a username/password prompt14:20
vilaand that's without mentioning walking up the url to find the format ?14:21
vilaor is it only after we successfully found the branch format ?14:21
jelmervila: yes, though generally people don't specify inside-branch paths for remote URLs14:21
jelmervila: that's something we could make better though - there's no need to walk down for SVN branches for example14:23
* vila nods14:24
dOxxxlooks like bzr 2.4b1 is happy with trunk versions of svn and pipeline14:24
dOxxxor at least they pass the `bzr plugins` smoketest14:25
viladOxxx: \o/14:27
jelmerjam,vila: Actually, if a user specifies a URL that doesn't contain a .bzr dir it's quicker to check for .bzr/format first because then we can skip the dumb format check before descending one level14:27
jelmerthough I'm not sure how much we care about that use case14:27
dOxxxit's murdering my remote desktop connection to work though XD14:29
jamjelmer: there is no .bzr/format, there is .bzr/branch/format and .bzr/branch-format14:32
xarinatanJust submitted the bug report regarding the large amount of file issue from 2.3.1 clients to 2.2.1 servers https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/74101514:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 741015 in Bazaar "BZR crashes when large amounts of files are committed through TortoiseBZR over bzr+ssh from 2.3.1 client to 2.2.1 server." [Undecided,New]14:32
jelmerjam: Sorry, I mean .bzr/branch-format14:32
jelmerI still think that's an odd name for something that actually describes the control dir format, but I guess that's for historical reasons?14:33
jamjelmer: ideally we would have a proper probe to .bzr/smart to get the full branch + repository at any given level. It is certainly one of my pet-peeves that we have about 10 round trips just to say "yes you have a Branch"14:33
jamjelmer: yeah, we had it before we did the split out14:33
jamand by keeping the name, old clients can say "I don't know what branch format this is" rather than saying "I don't see a branch"14:33
jamof course, it has been 4 years since we had clients that didn't know about MetaDir :)14:34
jambut also no push to actually change it14:34
jamvila: is there any way to instrument the XMLRPC stuff? It looks like the current lp: resolving code is going to an https server14:34
jamwhich is where all the overhead is14:34
jam           1            0      1.1641      1.1641   <built-in method do_handshake>14:35
jamwhich is part of the ssl module14:35
jamthe stack goes through our _urllib2_wrappers14:35
dOxxxI must revisit my qbzr branch for the mergetool stuff so that it can be bundled into bzr 2.414:35
vilajam: -Dhttp from command-line, for more stuff see DEBUG in _u2_wrappers 1 for basic stuff 9 for all14:36
jelmerjam: It would be nice if we could do that without a POST request..14:36
jamjelmer: "do that without" ?14:37
jamprobe for whether there is a smart server?14:37
jelmerjam: Probing to .bzr/smart14:37
vilajam: but I don't think you'll get timings from that14:37
jamvila: I have -Dhttp set, and it doesn't seem to see the XMLRPC stuff14:37
jamvila: I'm wrong, it is in the log14:38
jamjust hard to find14:38
vilamay be because it use a cutom Request ?14:38
jamit looks like we explicitly only make the request to xmlrpc.launchpad.net:44314:39
jamvila:         LAUNCHPAD_INSTANCE[instance] = 'https://xmlrpc.%s/bazaar/' % domain14:41
jamit looks like at some point we recently updated the launchpad lp_registration plugin to make its requests via SSL14:42
jamwhich adds a rather significant amount of overhead14:42
jamin my lsprof timing, it is 1.2s14:42
jamwhich is far worse than the 300ms or so if you do it in a loop14:42
jamvila: do you automatically get connection sharing via our urllib2  enhancements?14:42
jamor do you have to save some object to get that?14:43
vilafrom what layer ?14:43
dOxxxvila: osx installer uploaded and changes on trunk committed. I haven't branched for 2.4 yet.14:46
viladOxxx: ok, I was wondering about that, do you plan to create 2.4 branch or should we wait for the 2.4.0 release instead ?14:46
dOxxxI think I'll wait14:47
jamvila: I was just wondering if my looping xmlrpc stuff was connection sharing14:56
jamwhich would explain why it looks like 1.2s real world time, but the loop shows it as 300ms14:56
vilahaaa, well, I looked briefly at the lp_directory stuf but I'm not even sure it uses _u2_wrappers there...14:58
vilaand you need to poke hard at urllib2 to use persistent connections (unless things have changed in recent python versions but I really doubt it)14:59
vilajam: you can copy httplib.py and patch it (that's what I did pas then), there should be a debug or DEBUG variable or attribute somewhere15:01
jamvila: then it most likely isn't a persistent connection thing15:02
jamwe create a new LaunchpadRequest object, etc. each time15:02
jamthere isn't any cache state in LaunchpadDirectory15:03
jamand I'm not trying to make it faster, I'm trying to skip the ssl handshake entirely :)15:03
vilause http :)15:05
jamjelmer: your first report about bzr-git not allowing --excludes :)15:16
jamlucky you (bug 403811) why is it showing up as NEW for me15:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 403811 in Bazaar "commit with record_iter_changes should support exclude" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40381115:16
jamah, it is just connecting it to the debian bug15:17
jelmerhmm, I wonder if the cleanup.OperationWithCleanup could be useful as a decorator15:30
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jelmervila: I'm getting test failures during 2.4b115:35
jelmer3 instances of IllegalUseOfScopeReplacer and a remote upgrade command that takes fewer requests than expected15:35
vilaO_o context ?15:37
jelmervila: I'm trying to build the 2.4b1 packages, currently trying to figure out what we're doing differently in the packaging to trigger those errors15:38
vilaha, at least you don't get the failures locally ?15:39
jelmerwell, I get them locally but only when run in my debian sid chroot using the packaging arguments (disabling the launchpad plugin, for example)15:41
vilawith --no-plugins ?15:41
* vila running B_P_P=-site to see15:41
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vilajelmer: right, can't reproduce here :-/ Any more hints ?15:46
briandealwisjelmer: I'm doing a dpush to push up 4 small revisions with bzr-svn to a server (first time ever dpushing here).  There's a message: "Storing Bazaar metadata in file properties. Use `bzr dpush` for lossfull push without file properties.Upgrade the server to Subversion 1.5 or later to use (less visible) revision properties.", and it seems to be transferring the world: almost 300MB so far.15:51
briandealwisjelmer: is this expected?  It's a big deep tree (16k revisions).15:51
briandealwisjelmer:  and I don't know what version it's running remotely, and can't see how to find out15:52
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vilajelmer: got the one failure in bb bzr info you fixed lately with --no-plugins15:56
vilajelmer: are you trying to run with --parallel ? (just checking, I did my run with --parallel=fork anyway)15:57
jelmervila: yes, this is with --parallel15:59
jelmerI haven't reproduced it outside of the package scripts yet15:59
vilajelmer: any idea of the number of processes involved ?16:00
jelmervila: it'd be 4 processes. The env variables we set include: BZR_HOME=debian/bzrhome \16:00
jelmerBZR_PLUGIN_PATH=-site:-user \16:00
jelmerBZR_DISABLE_PLUGINS=launchpad \16:00
jelmerbriandealwis: what version of bzr-svn?16:00
briandealwisjelmer: 1.0.416:01
vilajelmer: I always run with 8, but there was failures loooong ago when using different numbers (because it slices tests in different ways, this may trigger different isolation test bugs)16:01
briandealwisIt sounds very much like the problem described here: http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/mvjb49H5gqOiXreQjtmn16:01
vilajelmer: -user is useless here ;) Why do you disable launchpad /16:02
jelmervila: the launchpad plugin tests connect with launchpad16:03
vilagrrr, sorry, forgot it again :-/16:03
briandealwisjelmer: I interrupted it after 500mb; it pushed 3 revisions up.  Pushing the final revision was very quick.  Very bizarre.16:04
jelmerbriandealwis: there's a bug about that, fixed in trunk16:05
briandealwisjelmer: ah great!16:05
jelmervila: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584355/16:06
vilajelmer: right, so 'ui' is involved in all cases so probably the same root cause16:09
jelmervila: ui? I thought it was branch16:09
vilawell, not in the pastebin you just paste AFAICS16:10
vilaerrr, except for the first failure >-/16:10
jelmerand the last16:10
jelmerI hate how we catch all exceptions during upgrade :-/16:11
jelmerI'm not entirely sure how to deal with these scope exceptions though - these imports seems perfectly reasonable to me16:12
vilaold == _mod_branch.BzrBranchFormat5 ... I'm not sure you're allowed to do that with lazy objects (jam ?)16:12
jelmerit's been like that forever though, we haven't touched it in the last few cycles16:12
vilajelmer: unfortunately, that's irrelevant :-/ There could be side-effects with lazy loading16:13
jelmerah, I see16:17
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vilajelmer: the bright side is that you're exposing genuine bugs in our imports here :-/16:23
vilajelmer: as generally fixing these bugs is adding the right import in the right place.... :-}16:24
jelmervila: what worries me is that these are hard to reproduce :-/16:25
vilajelmer: I know :-( Not using --parallel may work around the issue in the mean time16:26
sidnei_uhm, is there any change with plugins in bzr trunk? i installed the daily build and now my custom plugins don't seem to be registered anymore16:54
sidnei_oh, maybe they are not compatible with the api version and didn't get loaded or something16:55
vilasidnei_: probably, but this didn't happen yesterday, more like several weeks ago (unless the daily build has been failing for some time ?)16:56
sidnei_vila, i installed the daily build today to check out jam's fixes16:56
vilasidnei_: right, but when was your previous install ?16:56
sidnei_vila, i haven't used daily builds, not since i reinstalled from scratch several weeks ago. i was running 2.3.0 before.16:57
vilaha ok, then yes, the API have changed16:57
vilawell, if your plugins *test* the compatible API that is16:58
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briandealwisI'm in a situation where I have a codebase where I need to make some patches for the code to work locally within my IDE.  These patches shouldn't be committed.  But shelving and unshelving them before a commit is a bit painful.  Pipeline/loom doesn't seem the right fit…  Any suggestions?17:10
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briandealwismm, I guess I want something like Darcs' ability to reorder patches17:14
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ryan_scottI have to use a different VCS for work reasons, but am really missing the bzr visual diff tool.19:22
ryan_scottDoes anyone know if it can be called by itself?19:22
beunoryan_scott, which one is that?19:23
ryan_scottWhatever is the default for bzr on the windows client.19:24
* beuno doesn't do windows19:24
* ryan_scott used to not do windows and was happier about it.19:27
ryan_scottSpecifically I miss doing development on Linux19:28
jamlifeless: sometime I'd like you to take a look at a possible race issue for concurrent fetching into a pack repository.19:49
jamMy bug comment is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/709349/comments/1319:50
jambut the basic summary19:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 709349 in Bazaar "bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.RetryWithNewPacks: Unprintable exception RetryWithNewPacks" [High,Incomplete]19:50
jam2 bzr processes are run concurrenty to fetch from the same branch into the same repository.19:50
jamBoth of them are thus fetching exactly the same content, but since they start concurrently, neither one sees that the other is doing the work19:50
jamwhen one finishes, it adds the pack to the repo19:50
jam(renames it into packs, updates pack-names)19:50
jamit then goes to autopack, and sees that this new pack needs to be moved to obsolete packs19:51
jamso it removes it from pack-namse, but has not renamed it to obsolete yet19:51
jamthe second process then sees "ok, I'm done fetching, let me put this new content into the repo"19:51
jam"oh look, it isn't already presenT"19:51
jamrenames it *over top* of the existing pack file19:51
jamupdates pack-names to add the new file19:52
jamprocess 1 finishes and renames the newly re-added file to obsolete_packs19:52
lifelessjam: kk; I just got off a call; I'll look right after breakfast19:52
jamlifeless: no problem. I'm heading out.19:53
jamI just wanted a second opinion since you did a lot of the pack danec19:53
jamlifeless: the key is 2 fetches doing identical content concurrently, I think19:53
lifelesssounds plausible19:53
lifelessdamn concurrency is hard19:53
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LeoNerdSomeone remind me... having accidentally killed a branch by overwriting a pull... how do I get it back? I can see it in  bzr heads --dead23:55
sorenLeoNerd: bzr pull . -r revid:your_rev_id23:58
LeoNerdHrmmmm.. it claims it's diverged...23:59

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