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mgariepygood morning everyone12:08
highvoltagegood morning mgariepy12:23
highvoltageno daily build for today: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/natty/edubuntu-dvd/20110323/livecd-20110323-i386.out13:28
highvoltagestgraber: this is basically what I get for i386 and amd64 (except s/i386/amd64/g on amd64): http://irc.jonathancarter.org/files/screenshots/ltsp-i386-fail.png16:48
stgraberhmmm, where does that .tmp come from ?16:49
stgraberthat's on alternate ?16:49
stgraberif so, please pastebin the /var/log/installer/syslog for both installs16:49
highvoltagestgraber: yep, alternate i386 and amd6416:52
stgraberhighvoltage: ok, let me know when you have the syslog16:53
highvoltageit's really big16:54
highvoltage1.9M :)16:54
highvoltageI'll put the file up16:54
stgraberok, send it over on jabber or something16:54
highvoltagestgraber: http://irc.jonathancarter.org/files/temp/syslog16:56
stgraberhighvoltage: can you also scp /var/log/installer/ltsp-image-build.log ?17:01
stgraber# make sure /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf is for the right architecture17:01
stgraberLTSP_ARCH=$(ls -1 /target/opt/ltsp/images | sed "s/.img//g")17:01
stgraberchroot /target sed "s/i386/$LTSP_ARCH/g" -i /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf17:01
stgraberthat's what failed for you17:02
stgraberso somehow the image didn't finish building and remaining as a .tmp17:02
stgraberltsp-image-build.log should show why17:02
stgraber(diskspace or similar)17:02
highvoltagestgraber: ltsp-image-build.log does not exist on my system after installation17:02
stgraberhmm, weird17:02
stgraberwhat do you have in /var/log/installer/ then ?17:03
stgraberoh, check /var/log/ltsp-image-build.log17:03
stgraberapparently the build script doesn't put it in installer/17:03
nubae highvoltage to what extent are the LTSP proproetary items (ie, distro specific) inlcuded... I guess what I'm aksing is, how long would it it tkae to take all those compoents out and be left with a bar system17:20
highvoltagenubae: I do not understand your question17:22
highvoltagenubae: what would you like to know?17:22
nubaeitsnot for this project, its ofr the XS sever which has been extremely built for fedora 917:22
nubaeand now I want to modularise the pieces so they can fit into any distro17:23
nubaeLTSP seems like the mst similar sequence of events17:23
highvoltagenubae: ah, ok17:23
highvoltagenubae: ltsp upstream has already done that, you can get all the ltsp specific bits from ltsp upstream and integrate it with any distribution17:24
highvoltagenubae: but I believe there is someone who is already doing / has already done it for fedora17:24
nubaehmmm you lost me on the last sentenc17:25
highvoltagenubae: I think someone has already integrated ltsp into fedora17:26
nubaeright I got that part17:47
nubaethe thing is... the XS porject is goign through similar growing pains that LTSp4 went through being tied to one distro and indeed one reseale thereof17:48
nubaeI'm trying to make a case that we follow the LTSP 5 route17:49
* highvoltage is unfamiliar with XS, what is it?17:49
nubaeoficially we support rhel17:49
nubaethat is the current fork, as the main guy is uniwlling to take the horseblind off17:51
nubaethere is also code for building the RHEL6 deployment builder17:52
nubaeamd I'm currently writing the debian 6 FAI route17:53
nubaeits eaier than it semems17:53
nubaeand the whole point is to mle tje sustems as autonomu as possible17:54
nubaewith every new relese, acpuple of change will need to be cera17:55
nubaebut the system ill remail up to dte, anteahcers oinput has been exst17:56
nubaeI want t suport rhel 5.6, 6, centos equivelant if necessary17:58
nubaedebian6, Ubuntu LTS, na maybe just Maybe Fedora (j-/k - feora will be inthe18:00

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