pkdask could you remind me how to check my display drivers?00:03
james147pk: *-dbg are debug packages, you only need them if you want to submit a backtrace form a crash to a bugreport00:07
pkthat driver was pre installed00:08
pkSays I update it to run minecraft, but when I do that it causes all the issues I was having :[00:08
mbaiHi. "top -H" is supposed to indicate CPU usage for individual  threads. For each thread it looks like it gives a unique PID, which makes no sense to me. I thought only processes had their own PID.00:14
lente I use a german keyboard. The autocompletion in texmaker vanishes if I press buttons like AltGr or Strg. Is there a possibility to stop this behavior?00:17
lentembai: man 7 pthread says Threads do not share process IDs. (In effect, LinuxThreads threads are implemented as processes which share more information than usual, but which do not share a common process ID.)00:18
mbailente: oh shlt00:19
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lentemabi: ?00:19
mbaijust a moment of enlightenment. I didn't realize that about linux threads although I've worked with them for a few years.00:21
mbailente: thanks00:23
lentembai: I dont know the old threadapi, but there where some differences compared to the LinuxThread api00:23
lentembai: your welcome00:24
m_how to find channels?00:25
Daskreechm_: /list but which channel are you looking for?00:26
Daskreech Freenode is huge and that takes a long time00:26
pkHello ^^; I figured out my problem, but now Im not sure what driver to get00:31
Daskreechpk: What's the problem?00:32
pknouveau, by default doesnt allow 3d acceleration00:33
Daskreech I can't help with the version I always have Video cards that the free driver works00:33
DaskreechAh so you want to enable it?00:33
pkand the reccomended drivers dont support VGA00:33
pkIm downloading the nouveau 3d support firmware, but im not sure what to do with it after kpackage gets it00:33
DaskreechOh if kpackage is getting it then it's probably enough just to restart X00:37
DaskreechUnless it tells you to reboot of course :)00:38
pkodd. kpackage wont get it00:38
pkno, just finishes but never checks itself off and installs00:39
pkpk@pk:~$ sudo apt-get install nouveau-firmware00:40
pkE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)00:40
pkE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:40
james147pk make sure you arnt running another packagemanager00:41
james147(such as apt-get)00:41
pkI only have the stock one, kpackageki00:41
pkwhich is closed. I tried the otherway and kpackage gives me a similar issue even when the terminal is closed00:42
pkgrrr maybe a restart?00:43
DaskreechWell I guess you could do that00:44
pkjust restarted the computer. Same thing and thats all I opened00:46
pkjust restarted the computer. Same thing and thats all I opened00:47
Daskreechpk: sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock00:50
james147pk: ^^ then "sudo apt-get install -f"  << to make sure nothing broken :)00:50
pkpk@pk:~$ sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock00:50
pkpk@pk:~$ sudo apt-get install -f00:50
pkE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.00:50
FloodBotK1pk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:50
Daskreechpk: Do what it says00:53
* james147 suggests doing what the error said00:53
pkI did what it says but when I go to install the package it repeats itself :[00:54
pkalright so I installed the nouveau-firmware through the terminal, now its updating java?  I have a blue screen (in the terminal) with the java license agreement and it says <ok>00:55
pkbut I cannot type and clicking enter does nothing >.>00:55
james147pk: press ok then :)00:56
pkhow o.0 enter does nothing. Cant highlight it00:56
james147press <tab> then <enter>00:56
pktried tab00:57
pkIm having a lot of issues ;;_;;00:57
Daskreechpk: press space00:57
pkno luck00:57
Daskreechpk: really?00:57
DaskreechHmm tab then space ?00:57
pkWouldnt lie to you ; /00:57
pktab then space did nothing :[00:58
Daskreechenter? :)00:58
pklol not today00:58
Daskreechpk: esc?00:58
pknada. maybe its stuck.. Ill retry it00:59
Daskreechpk: ctrl+C00:59
pkI re tried and tab worked -_-01:00
pkbut sadly, th driver didnt work. Still having issues running minecraft. Im pretty sure I give up01:00
james147pk: what issues with minecraft are you having?01:01
pkfailed to create drawable01:02
pkorg.lwjgl.LWJGLException: X Error - disp: 0x1008460 serial: 96 error: BadGC (invalid GC parameter) request_code: 60 minor_code: 001:02
pk        at org.lwjgl.opengl.LinuxDisplay.globalErrorHandler(LinuxDisplay.java:268)01:02
pk        at org.lwjgl.opengl.LinuxKeyboard.nSetDetectableKeyRepeat(Native Method)01:02
pk        at org.lwjgl.opengl.LinuxKeyboard.setDetectableKeyRepeat(LinuxKeyboard.java:152)01:02
FloodBotK1pk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:02
pk        at org.lwjgl.opengl.LinuxKeyboard.destroy(LinuxKeyboard.java:163)01:02
pkumm. heres the relevant paste URL the bot was yelling at me about  http://paste.ubuntu.com/584071/01:04
pkAccording to google its a driver problem for my graphics. But since im using VGA the driver I need doesnt work...01:06
Daskreechhi _sophia :)01:08
DaskreechSo you need a VGA driver?01:08
pkthat supports 3d... yes01:09
* james147 is going to test the nouveau drivers01:13
pkim about to install a windows partition simply for minecraft >.< would running the windows version through wine work any better?01:13
pkAh, thank you &^^;01:13
james147pk:  not if its a driver problem01:13
pkbecause id rather not have a windows partition only for minecraft >.>01:13
pkAh, it worked yesterday in WIN7 >.<01:14
Daskreechpk: Hold on01:17
Daskreechpk: You could try #gametome to see if they can help01:18
DaskreechThough they are really quiet right now01:18
pkwill do, james said he was trying the nouveau drivers01:18
* james147 cannot be bothered to figure out how to get the nouveau drivers to work on arch... 01:20
pk>.<thanks for trying anyway01:20
james147though I am suprised they dont work in kubuntu for you :(01:20
Daskreechpk: ah You might try #ubuntu !01:20
DaskreechDuh :)01:21
pkAlright, beforeI give that a try, which did a large translucent square just appear in the top left on my screen?01:21
pkits part of the wallpaper... but it wasnt 30 seconds ago01:21
james147pk: screen shot?01:22
pkhow do I send it to you?01:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:24
pkHere it is: http://imagebin.org/14444801:25
james147ahh yeah, thats a plasma config bug ^^ you can get rid of it be resetting plasmas settings (by remiving or renaming ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc01:27
james147removing ^^01:27
pkHow do I do that? Sorry for being a super n00b01:28
Daskreechpk: open a terminal and type kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 4 && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/Documents && plasma-desktop01:35
Daskreechpk: open a terminal and type kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 4 && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/Documents && plasma-desktop01:46
DaskreechOh what...01:47
Daskreech_sophia: How are you?01:49
_sophiatrying to study Ruby but i can't focus :P01:49
Daskreech_sophia: cause I keep hightlighting you? :-D01:53
_sophialol, no, because i'm stoned o_O01:54
quantcommon, some kubuntu question or something, I'm bored ;-)01:57
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Daskreechquant: Umm. Ok02:01
DaskreechHow do you get the network manager plasmoid into the system tray?02:01
quantpanel options - add widgets? :)02:03
james147quant: nop :)02:04
james147quant: right click systeray > sys tray settings ...02:04
quantDaskreech: there you go, james147 answered it! :) any more?02:05
Daskreechjames147: on 4.5 ?02:05
DaskreechThat works on 4.602:05
quantDaskreech: on 4.5 you get it by installing 4.6 and then doing what james147 said! ;-)02:06
james147Daskreech: not sure, I think it worked like that on 4.502:06
DaskreechMan I don't know how the KDE devs do it02:07
Xcellwhat libs are missing to be able to use radiotray ? thanks.02:07
DaskreechThey are two to three versions ahead of what we see and still answer bug reports02:07
yofelit should work like that (as long as your widgets are unlocked)02:08
yofeleven in 4.502:08
Daskreech Like 2 weeks after updating KDE it feels like it's been like this forever02:08
Daskreechyofel: I don't know then. I have someone who somehow deleted the Network management plasmoid02:08
yofelhm, he does still have plasma-widget-networkmanagement installed?02:08
DaskreechI threw it back on the desktop but I can't get it to go back in the systray It doesn't show an entry for it02:08
Daskreech!info radiotray02:09
ubotturadiotray (source: radiotray): online radio streaming player. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6-2 (maverick), package size 75 kB, installed size 588 kB02:09
Xcellok thanks02:09
DaskreechXcell: install that package and it should take care of ir02:09
Xcellthank you02:09
Daskreechquant: Ah how do you change the startup sound?02:16
Xcellok, the one in kpacgage is from sourceforge, is that the correct one ?02:16
Xcelland it is 0.6-202:16
quantDaskreech: system settings - application notifications should have that02:17
quantDaskreech: "application and system notifications"02:17
DaskreechXcell: Should be02:17
Xcellok, installing,02:18
Daskreechquant: How do you manage holidays?02:18
quantDaskreech: ?02:18
DaskreechWhen you click on the clock you get an overlay for holidays. How do you manage that/02:18
quantDaskreech: what exactly are you referring to?02:18
quantDaskreech: yes, I've noticed... well choose the clock settings02:19
quantDaskreech: then calendar under settings02:19
Xcellya, its doing the same thing, looks to start but quits,02:19
quantDaskreech: haha02:19
DaskreechKde makes things too simple02:19
DaskreechXcell: What error?02:20
quantDaskreech: some! and some really not02:20
Daskreechquant: such as?02:20
Xcelllet me do it from terminal02:20
DaskreechXcell: yes please :)02:20
quantDaskreech: amarok - adding your local "collection" to be exact, I will find that option, but a casual user won't02:20
Xcellpygobject_register_sinkfunc is deprecated (GstObject)02:21
quantDaskreech: also rearranging the panel is very unintuitive02:21
DaskreechXcell: that's the error?02:21
Xcellall restrictes gstreamers are installed, unless there is one missing02:21
Daskreechquant: really? I never find it too much of a problem02:22
quantDaskreech: clicking panel toolbox to find out that you can hover a panel item to move it is not intuitive02:22
Xcellquant-  its diff from gnome, u just have to get used 2 it02:22
quantXcell: I'm not complaining, just constructive criticism...02:23
Xcello, ok02:23
quantXcell: much more powerfull overall than gnome, and much more pretty02:23
Xcellya, the pretty part02:23
Daskreechand powerful :)02:24
quantXcell: and the powerful part? :)02:24
Xcellwell, im still in transition from gnome'02:24
DaskreechXcell: can you run radiotray and pastebin all the output?02:24
Xcellthats all it said02:24
DaskreechXcell: Ah what prompted the change?02:24
Daskreechjust that one line?02:24
Xcelli fixed 2 lappies for a guy, and he gave me a asus 1005ha, and i have gnome/kde/xfce on it, so i have all 3 and learn them all02:25
Xcellya, just that 1 line02:25
Xcellbut, 2 b honest, looks like kde works best on it.02:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 641876 in radiotray (Ubuntu) "radiotray dont start on maverick" [Undecided,New]02:26
Xcellhuh, looks02:26
Xcellya, i googled all weekend 2 no avail, looks like a silly bug02:28
Xcellthats ok, i laded pana (amarok 1.4) and happy with that.02:30
Xcellthe latest:  http://imagebin.org/14445802:34
DaskreechXchat seems really popular02:37
Xcellya, i like it for the scripting02:37
Xcelllemmings xchat02:38
quantXcell: hey, but dark blue on black on clock... common :)02:38
Xcellits the dark look theme ive got, but that one is the only skin they had02:39
Xcellthe clock, ya, i just built this setup in 2 days, ill do something with that, 3 os's in 3 days, still configing02:39
quantXcell: ;-)02:40
quantgood night, all... 3.40 am here02:40
Xcellok man, cya02:40
Xcellbut why does it work in gnome and not kde, same python right ??.. weird02:46
RadSurferA friend reports that his Right-mouse click no longer functions... what would do this, and how is it solved?02:49
DaskreechXcell: that would be something interesting to find out. Maybe ask in #ubuntu-motu02:54
DaskreechRadSurfer: Doesn't work anywhre?02:54
Xcellok, will do, thanks02:55
RadSurferevidently not.02:55
RadSurferMeta-key seems to work as Right-click.02:55
RadSurferWhat causes this?02:55
DaskreechRadSurfer: a broken mouse?02:57
RadSurferhow can I be certain.02:58
Xcelltheir all solar powered over there.03:02
Xcelland its nite time.03:02
DaskreechRadSurfer: try it on anotehr computer?03:04
RadSurferbacking up 1st. not sure whats going on.03:05
* Daskreech hugs valorie03:31
hlpme2hi is anybody available to help me concerning a display issue ,03:57
hlpme2My display resolution is normal, but per instance when i move a window its laggy04:01
Xcellok, cyall, thanks.04:07
Daskreechhlpme2: Try turn off blur04:09
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DaskreechAnyone wants to help confirm a Kate bug?05:44
DaskreechOpen Kate Set the indentation mode to Haskell then type "let {}"05:46
Daskreechpress enter and see if it hangs05:46
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baffone85can i convert file .pptx to file .avi?07:11
kmanzooranybody home ?07:34
kmanzoori have Gutsy Gibbon 7.10. can i try upgrading to the next version using Adept ?07:52
BigKing_2ndhi, maybe someone could help: i need a virtualization software using with the kubuntu 10.04 - i need a windows xp mode while operating with kubuntu08:20
BigKing_2ndmaybe someone could say which software could word very well.08:20
livingdaylighthave run into an issue where wine doesn seem able to launch an application. I installed wine 1.2 and thought to downgrade to 1.1 however it appears that there is no v. 1.1? Its 1.0 or 1.2 Can somone comment onthis?08:28
nataBigKing_2nd: may be could try virtualbox08:31
natavirtual 1 new xp08:31
BigKing_2ndok, this is a software, i can run also unter windows 7 ... this is very good, because there are user, who work with this os08:33
BigKing_2ndvirtual 1 new xp??? -> i dont understand08:33
BigKing_2ndis it another software than virtual box?08:34
BigKing_2ndwhich deb-paket is have to install... while softwaremanagement shows a lot packets?08:38
BigKing_2ndvirtualbox-ose or -guest, -fuse, -qt, -dkms, - guest-additions, -dgb08:39
james147BigKing_2nd: install "virtualbox-ose"08:41
BigKing_2ndok, i works... but how can i install windows xp... is it installed by virtual box or i have to do it... maybe with an original windows boot cd?08:52
james147BigKing_2nd: you need to start virtualbox, create a new virtual mecheine, then use the xp cd to install it to that mechiene08:52
livingdaylightjames147: any experience /recommendations regarding wine on kubuntu?08:58
james147livingdaylight: using the latest dev version is normally the best08:58
james147http://www.winehq.org/download/deb << to install it08:58
james147 /upgrade to the latest08:59
james147http://appdb.winehq.org/ << is very helpful when trying to get applications to work08:59
livingdaylightjames147: I believe i am but got an app thatś not launching; hence thought i should perhaps downgrade? Seems the latest is not the most stable/or reliable for running everyinthg wine can do.08:59
james147livingdaylight: depends on what application09:00
james147some just dont work ^^09:00
livingdaylightjames147: this one definitely does. MT4 - have been running it on ubuntu for years.09:01
james147what version of whine?09:01
james147wine ^^09:01
livingdaylightjames147: wine 1.2.2 on Ubuntu09:05
james147livingdaylight: latest is 1.3.x09:05
livingdaylightjames147: but 1.2.2 is running mt4 on ubuntu but 1.2 is not running it on kubuntu - thatś perplexing me09:06
james147weird :p you might want to ask on #winehq for better info09:06
livingdaylightjames147: if i've installed 1.2 from repos, and say want to install another version, needst I purge current installed version, or just remove or ignore even?09:07
livingdaylightyea, thought it could be a kubuntu (kde) quirk09:07
james147livingdaylight: not seen the gui your running make a difference to wine before09:08
livingdaylightjames147: dont get the question?09:08
james147and if you install the ppa then you should be able to upgrade, you shouldnt need to purge09:08
livingdaylightppa installed, just need to refresh muon?09:09
james147insstall wine1.3 is there are no offers to upgrade09:09
livingdaylightno, wine 1.3 here09:13
james147"wine1.3" is the package name i think (no space)09:14
livingdaylightjames147: 1.3 not listed, but 1.2 had an 'upgradeable 'flag . My bad...09:15
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james147livingdaylight: hmm, there should be a wine1.3 package ^^ you sure you refreshed the packagelist?09:23
livingdaylightjames147: manually installed 1.3 still same problem.09:26
dfaureis there a known issue in 10.04 where kmail would often get stuck (keyboard doesn't work) and then resume after 10-20s? Logs might point to nepomuk09:28
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Chronosdoes someone know wich is gnome "nm-applet" corrispettive under kde?10:05
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james147Chronos: the network manager widget ^^10:11
Peace-james147: did you know this ? wicd by default :S http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/23/plasma-desktopMf1671.jpg10:14
james147Peace-: dont think that will do much without wicd installed though :p10:15
Peace-james147: works :)10:15
Peace-i have not widc :P10:15
james147Peace-: are you sure its doing anything?10:15
Peace-nothing :)10:15
james147^^  so it dosnt work then10:16
Peace-james147: :P i have tried10:16
Peace-and it load the deamon only10:16
* james147 cant even click apply ^^10:17
james147o wait ^^ its a preference order10:17
james147dosent seem to make any difference, my guess is because I dont have wicd, and thus its skipping to nm10:18
Peace-james147: i guess you have to restart the network service10:19
james147^^ doupt it will work without installing wicd, and i dont feel like remoiving nm10:20
Peace-you don't need to remove anygthing10:21
* james147 remembers nm being removed the alst time he tried to install wicd10:22
uahello every body10:27
uaneed help10:27
james147!ask | ua10:27
ubottuua: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:27
susundbergstating the problem with little more details might help ;)10:28
uaok, can i install geparted directly on Gui in my machine?thank you10:29
uai am new user in kubuntu10:29
gr8m8!info gparted10:30
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.2-1ubuntu1.1 (maverick), package size 463 kB, installed size 1380 kB10:30
james147ua: gparted, yes... although you cannt use it to modify mounted hard drives ^^ so its normally best to use form a live cd10:30
uajames147>thank you for answer, i'd like to increase the size partions  /home  &/boot, cause it's full;10:32
uaso you suggest me to use live cd, do you?10:32
james147ua: you need to do that from a livdcd10:32
uaok, thank you,   i'll do it now, i hope it 'll work10:33
uai mean , i am going to do it with live cd10:34
uai tested to change it with other machine  as curently pc with 2 systems, so it worked once on two, don't know why, do you know why?10:37
uajames147>are you there?10:39
uacan you tell me why please?10:40
james147not sure what your asking ^^10:40
uawhy geparted  works one on two when i use 2 system win and linux?10:42
uai mean the modifications i've done with geparted couln't apply10:46
susundbergua: are you trying to resize the windows partition and thats not working?10:46
susundbergwhat were the modifications?10:46
uayes i did,10:49
uanot for now , it was in the past, now i am trying to modify size partition /home and /boot , and i hope it'll work, i let you know10:58
uathank you10:58
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dcorbin_workMy flash player crashes on EVERY page with flash.  Any ideas how to track down the problem?11:24
Peace-dcorbin_work: konqueror do the same?11:30
dcorbin_workPeace-: it doesn't tell me it crashed, but the youtube video doesn't play.  And youtube tell me to upgrade to flash player 10, which is what I think I have.11:32
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iceguesthello, i'm having problems with the package chromium-browser, i get the message "The following plugin has crashed : Shockwave flash"; i've tried reinstalling both flash (last version from the deb of the website, or with the package flashplugin-installer) and chromium-browser but that didn't help; my chromium version is Chromium 12.0.712.0 Ubuntu 10.1011:51
james147jules__: Failed11:57
kmanzooris Hardy Heron still supported ? i checked this on wikipedia. On kubuntu page it said it is not spported but on the ubuntu page it is mentioned that it is still supported.  I want to install the restricted extra - meaning i want to have the adobe flash. Should i upgrade all the way to 9.10 or i can keep on running Hardy Heron ?11:58
james147kmanzoor: ubuntu is supported, but the kde stuff in it isnt ^^11:58
james147kmanzoor: why not just upgrade to the latest version?11:59
kmanzoorwell if life is possible without upgrade then why not save some time and enjoy the good things in life12:00
jules__anybody knows why my kopete doesnt work with yahoo? I am just new user12:00
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iflemajules__: prob IM on way out = no love for kopete or crappy messenger provider that does not play nice... something like that... If you dont mind gnome libs/apps in ya KDE4 install try pidgin (libpurple) never fall behind. ALSO there is a yahoo web messenger available via a web browser. Ive not tried kopete in months but it was broken then and is broken now....12:09
iflemajules__: prob IM on way out = no love for kopete or crappy messenger provider that does not play nice... something like that... If you dont mind gnome libs/apps in ya KDE4 install try pidgin (libpurple) never fall behind. ALSO there is a yahoo web messenger available via a web browser. Ive not tried kopete in months but it was broken then and is broken now....12:10
james147iflema: there is allot of active work on a few framework for messaging in kde ^^ which should improve things onces its done... though that might be a while :(12:10
* iflema bitlbee/libpurple ftw12:11
jules__i have pidgin but, there is no video chat support12:12
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jules__i have a  question. I am using my notebook  now and prefer netbook-plasma. Is it oke? netbook = notebook?12:14
james147jules__: the interface you use dosnt matter on what you use it...12:15
james147jules__: its called netbook because netbook ahve small screen, and its designed for small screens12:16
jules__okie. i really prefer kubuntu, its now my first os ^^12:16
jules__just use window for writing texts12:16
james147jules__: you can do that in kubuntu ^^ :)12:16
jules__formating problems12:17
jules__and fonts are not the same12:17
james147jules__: :( yeah, thats one problem... though nowadays I use latex when i can :) looks much nicer then word documents through is more complicated to get use to12:17
jules__every IT-STudent learns how to use latex. Its too difficult for me and i dont need latex. I must use .doc. When i must write some seminar paper. I switch to window12:18
jules__but Ubuntu is so highly developed so that user can problemless connect to the internet by wlan. some years ago it was very complicated to config that12:19
james147jules__: have you tried both koffice and open-office? see if either can render properly12:19
james147!info ttf-mscorefonts-installer12:20
ubottuttf-mscorefonts-installer (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.2ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 39 kB, installed size 216 kB12:20
james147^^ that might help with the fonts issue12:20
jules__open office is automatically pre-installed by kubuntu and the other one koffice i dont think i have that12:21
przemek_hello guys, do we have today in stable repo ff 4.0?12:30
Peace-przemek_: who cares you can download the tar12:31
james147przemek_: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/firefox-4-ppa-for-ubuntu-10-04-and-10-10-users/12:32
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. To install it, use the PPA by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox12:32
kmanzoorI have Adept 2.1 Cruiser 3.5.10. The instructions (for upgrading from 8.4 to 9.10) say that i must have adept-manager 2.1.3ubuntu25.2 installed. How to solve this issue ?12:32
Alvohi the wlan is not working in my kubuntu desktop (installed from Ubuntu)12:33
Alvoin gnome wlan works, how can i fix this?12:33
Alvothe wlan network themself are found12:33
jules__i install firefox but got minefield 4.0? xD12:35
james147kmanzoor: why not upgrade to 10.04 (you should be able to upgrade from one lts to another)?12:37
james147Alvo: wep or wpa?12:37
kmanzoorjames147 : i have the k ubuntu the instructions say that it is not possible12:38
Alvo<james147>  wpa12:38
Alvo<james147>  in gnome it works12:38
scisteffanHey guys, how do I mount the following DMG file? Macintosh HD.dmg: Macintosh HFS Extended version 4 data (mounted) last mounted by: 'HFSJ', created: Sat Mar  6 18:40:41 2010, last modified: Wed Mar 23 08:59:56 2011, last checked: Sun Mar  7 02:40:41 2010, block size: 4096, number of blocks: 107980725, free blocks: 8569691112:38
kmanzoorhow can one update  Adept 2.1 Cruiser 3.5.10 to adept-manager 2.1.3ubuntu25.2 ?12:39
james147kmanzoor: update you system and you should have it ^^ but check the full version, 2.1.what?12:41
kmanzoorI went to Adept and used the About feature in the Help tab to find my version it said: Adept 2.1 Cruiser 3.5.10. Is my version older than adept-manager 2.1.3ubuntu25.2 ?12:43
james147kmanzoor: find that package in the package manager and check its version ^^12:44
jules__firefox 4.1 is installed, cool ^^12:44
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kmanzoorok i checked the version this way and it says that it is 2.1.3ubuntu25.212:46
james147then you have the right version12:46
kmanzoorthanks james147. the problem solved by it self.12:46
kmanzoorthis proves one thing -- some idiots dont know how to see the version..... lolz12:47
kmanzoornot some -- at least one12:47
kmanzoorok i am going ahead with the instructions for upgrade from 8.4 to 9.1012:47
* james147 suggest upgrading to 10.04 after thats finished....12:48
jules__is it possible to upgrade from 8.4 to 10.10 by one step?12:48
kmanzoorthe instructions on ubuntu.com are advising against this jump for kubuntu users12:50
kmanzoorprobably because kubuntu 8.4 was not given LTS status12:51
jules__okie, because i have a cd with version 10.08 iand i must install 4 times to10.10 , xD12:51
james147jules__: why not grab a new cd :)12:52
jules__yes, i already have downloaded 2 cds with 10.10 but there is a big problem with GRUB12:52
james147what problem?12:53
jules__everytime i try to install from 10.10 cd, i can not find the boat loader for kubuntu12:53
jules__that is why I still keep the old version cd since 2 years12:53
james147jules__: but it should be possibly to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.1012:54
jules__yes i am now using 10.10 but i upgrade from 08.10 to 10.1012:56
jules__do you know why i can see yahoo website with konquerer?12:57
james147because konqueror is designed to display web pages?12:58
jules__yahoo.de is "web page" too12:59
james147you mean can't?12:59
jules__oh sorry yes13:00
james147de.yahoo.com/  works on konq here13:00
jules__I CANT see yahoo.de with konquorer13:00
james147though it renders better with the wekit backend13:00
james147jules__: what version of konq?13:01
jules__from 10.10 cd/ and KDE 4.6.113:01
james147well, its working here ^^ try using the webkit back end (install  kpart-webkit) konw > view > view mode13:03
jules__via adept?13:03
james147jules__: yeah, it will allow konq to use webkit as a backend, and adept is no longer part of kubuntu, 10.10 uses kpackagekit instead :13:04
jules__shines complicated13:05
jules__so what package should i install? what name?13:05
james147 kpart-webkit13:05
BluesKajHiyas folks13:05
jules__adept cant find that package13:06
james147jules__: what version of kubuntu?13:06
jules__maverick meerkat13:06
james147adept is no longer used in kubuntu ^^13:07
jules__but i have adept... and i can download package with adept13:07
jules__.... is  pre-installed13:07
BluesKajadept is available in the repos13:07
james147jules__: ^^ it isnt preinstalled anymore, kubuntu comes with kpackagekit now... also ahve you refreshed the packagelists?13:08
BluesKajobviously hasn't done a clean install for a few versions :)13:08
jules__i just upgrade from 08.10 to 10.10 hehe13:08
jules__is new....to me13:09
jules__yes i have that too13:09
jules__but i used both programs13:09
jules__works till now13:09
Alvogeez i would need a shortcut key to open the change shortcut key dialog13:10
james147Alvo: ^^13:11
danubiohave some problems with Wine13:11
james147!ask | danubio13:11
ubottudanubio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:11
majsterek_what music we listen ?13:12
james147majsterek_: amarok?13:12
danubiolike exaile13:13
danubioguayadeque too13:13
majsterek_sorry for errors, I'm from poland13:15
majsterek_i use deadbeef13:15
majsterek_is really good and light13:16
jules__:-) see you all, thank you james , ubottu13:18
jules__amarok is best13:18
b2aghi everyone. is there a kde/qt application for ripping cdaudio which not depends on kio_audiocd?13:19
majsterek_no, too much load on your13:19
majsterek_see you ;)13:20
james147b2ag: most kde apps depends on kios as it makes them much less complicated to write ^^ any reason why you cant have that kio?13:21
b2agjames147: it doesn't work13:21
b2agcan see files and folders but copy does nothing13:21
james147b2ag: what version of kde?13:21
james147b2ag: i take it you have tried k3b?13:22
b2agwhat should i do with k3b?13:22
b2agi'Ve tried dolphin and copy dialog starts but thats it13:23
* james147 thinks it is capable of ripping cd13:23
b2aghangs forever13:23
b2agi want to rip one track13:24
james147^^ try k3b13:24
b2agah .. found something in k3b13:25
b2agmany thanks13:26
b2agjames147 is my hero of the day13:27
BluesKajhmmm, amarok is finally working ...again . Wonder for how long ...13:31
anubisHallo, weiß einer wo man Einstellungen wie MMAP , MMAP+TRIM2 treffen kann?13:43
anubisSollte in einem C-Programm gehen, wenn ich den Text hier richtig deute13:44
BluesKajanubis, this the english chat13:46
anubissry, so the same again: does anyone where settings like mmap , trim2 oder mmap+trim2 exist? As far as i understand this text, there should be the possibility to change the mode memory is being allocated from within a c-program. Still i dont know what effect those settings have nor WHERE i can set em13:48
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miouBonjour tout le monde , voila ou j'en suis : systeme installé, configuré , sur fichier de systeme jfs , ayant perdu quelques fichiers apres une coupe d'éléctricité a mon domicile , j'ai voulu migré ma partition root vers du ext4(partition boot et /var non changée et en reiserfs), j'ai donc fait sudo cp -a sur les different fichiers vers une partition unix puis je les ait restaurer avec la même commande , j'ai également changé le fstab pour qu'il14:48
mioupointe vers le bon systeme de fichiers.  Conclusion:le systeme ne boote plus, toute aide est la bien venue...14:48
jhunold!fr | miou14:49
ubottumiou: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:49
miouHi everybody, I installed and configured my systeme on a jfs file system , everything working great , after a shortage of electricity , I lost some files and wanted to migrate my root file system to ext4 (I have a boot partition in reiserfs), I copied with sudo cp -a all the files then copied them back on the formated ext4 partition , I also changed the fstab to make it point to the correct filesystem.The problem is I cannot boot anymore the system , any help14:55
miouis warmly welcome.14:55
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shadeslayermiou: the file permissions are probably all wonky now15:33
shadeslayersince  you used sudo cp15:33
miousudo cp -a15:39
miouThank you for your answer...15:39
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greataussiepieanyone know an easy way to install the KDE gui on easypeasy?16:41
greataussiepieor a good tutorial??16:42
Peace-easy what=?16:43
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Alvohi i cannot shutdown i only have "lock out" , lock , switch user, hibernate, "suspend" in the KDE menu, where can i shutdown?17:40
uamy partition home is full, and boot also, how to clean my partition home and clean some lines or increase /boot? thank you17:40
Alvokubuntu-desktop 1.20517:41
uahello  hello, does anyone can help me?17:42
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:42
Alvothere is the ncdu utility to find where space is wasted17:42
Alvoncdu /17:42
uacan you help me?17:44
Peace-!anyone | ua17:46
ubottuua: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:46
ryrychdo you have the same problem as me? http://wstaw.org/m/2011/03/23/firefox2.png18:53
ryrychI switched off hardware acceleration18:54
ryrychas I was told but it did not help18:54
quantryrych: my telepathy doesn't help me see what your problem is :)19:00
quantryrych: yes, same here ;-)19:00
ryrychquant: graphical glitches below the cursor19:00
ryrychquant: a Qt problem?19:01
quantryrych: the menus on the left side have a gradient, that's what is supposed to appear on the right as well, I think, but it's probably a bug19:01
quantryrych: as far as I know, Firefox is GTK, but I'm not an expert on that19:01
ryrychquant: yes, I mean Qt curve or the lastest magic :)19:01
ryrycherr… newest19:02
quantryrych: looks to me like a pure Firefox bug, but I really wouldn't know19:02
ryrychquant: anyway, thanks for the confirmation. Sometimes there are problems with rendering the UI especially when you migrate from previous version of firefox. I had this problem today in the morning but removing the .mozilla helped19:04
quantryrych: sure... it looks fine on windows, though, just for the info19:05
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velesskyИ тишина....19:38
velesskyИ линуксоиды с косами стоят....19:38
genii-around!ru | velessky19:39
ubottuvelessky: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:39
kamrani am having difficulty getting prints using HP P1102 (i am using kubuntu 9.10)19:41
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m477can some1 help me with taskset? http://wklej.org/id/498894/21:03
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tsimpsonm477: did you mean "taskset -c 0 -p 5805"?21:18
m477same output21:19
tsimpsonm477: try with "-p -c 0 5805"21:20
m477tsimpson: http://wklej.org/id/498918/21:22
tsimpsonm477: then the process id is wrong21:22
m477y i see21:23
m477it changed21:23
m477but still is it same output21:23
tsimpsonhow are you getting the PID?21:23
tsimpsonthat's the PID of the grep you ran, not of xclock, and obviously grep exited after it finished21:25
m477then how can i get PID of process ?21:25
tsimpsonthat way, but xclock must be running21:26
m477tsimpson: but is it any way to check it without running the process?21:27
tsimpsonyou can check with "pidof -s xclock"21:28
tsimpsonif it doesn't show anything, xclock isn't running21:28
tsimpsonif it displays anything, it'll be the PID of xclock21:29
m477it doesnt21:29
tsimpsonthen xclock isn't running21:29
m477other thing is im trying to see taskset --cpu-list and it shows me help21:31
tsimpson--cpu-list is the same as the -c option21:32
m477and i want to see then21:32
tsimpsonit doesn't list the CPUs, it takes a list of CPUs you give it21:32
m477and it doesnt21:32
m477so how can i see avalible processors numbers?21:33
tsimpsonit's the number or processors/cores you have21:33
m477or how many is there of them21:33
m477but im working on server21:33
m477and i dont know tht21:33
m477or i want to just start two so i have to put "taskset -c 0,1" ?21:34
tsimpsonrun "egrep '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo" and see how many lines it prints21:35
m477ok i see21:35
tsimpsonfor -c you can use 0,1,2 or you can use 0-4 (For example)21:35
tsimpsonor both21:35
m477but other thing is that command as you told "pidof -s xclock" doesnt work ;/21:36
m477i checked for other process21:36
m477and it doesnt show nything21:36
tsimpsonm477: make sure the processes are running21:38
tsimpsontry "pidof -s bash" for instance21:38
tsimpsonor even "pidof -s pidof"21:38
m477tsimpson: it works, so it works for process which are running21:42
tsimpsonyes, that's what is does21:42
m477but i want know which doesnt21:43
tsimpsonif it doesn't show anything, then the process isn't running21:43
m477before i run process in taskset i want to know it PID21:43
m477do you know what i mean?21:44
tsimpsonthe PID gets assigned when a command is run, not before21:44
tsimpsonand it's always unique21:44
m477so at first i have to run process and then in taskset change processors order?21:44
tsimpsonyou run the command, get it's PID, and use that in taskset21:45
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »22:02
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