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bonnyok when i first installed lubuntu on my computer i said that when i startup the computer it automatically logs me in but now i want the login screen what do i do to change the settings00:32
head_victimbonny: I'm having a quick look to see if I can find it for you00:34
bonnyhey head victim remember me k00:35
head_victimbonny:  post 6 of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1596832 looks REALLY promising00:36
head_victimI'd change the "autologin=usernamegoeshere" to "#autologin=usernamgoeshere"00:37
head_victimON the second line of the second code box00:37
head_victimTo me that should make it not auto login00:37
bonnywhere do i change it though00:38
head_victimThe first text box says it's00:39
head_victimsudo nano /etc/xdg/lubuntu/lxdm/lxdm.conf00:39
bonnyso i jjust put # infront of auto login00:41
head_victimYep, to me that should make it not autologin00:41
head_victimIf for some reason it doesn't work and breaks something all you need to remember is whree the file is to remove the # you added00:42
bonnythen wat do i do press enter anywhere00:44
head_victimNope, just hit "control+x" and then when it prompts you to save you hit "y"00:44
juniorsaHi, I am trying to get remote access working like in ubuntu, any suggestions?01:04
head_victimjuniorsa: define remote access? SSH, VNC, RDP, ?01:08
juniorsahead_victim: not sure what they use in ubuntu, but I was hoping someone here would be familiar with that01:09
head_victimWhat sort of access do you want though? Command line? Full GUI? What are you trying to do remotely?01:10
juniorsahow can I connect to lubuntu from another linux or windows PC to access the lubuntu one remotely01:10
juniorsafull gui01:10
juniorsaI would like to use it remotely01:10
head_victimAh over a LAN or over the internet?01:10
juniorsaI would like to run a quad core phenom with virtualbox and several lubuntu guests, over a lan, and remotely access the virtual machines01:11
head_victimOk just checking because over the internet full gui can be really slow and painful.01:11
head_victimEven over a lan you may not want to watch videos.01:11
juniorsaright, any suggestions or comments01:11
juniorsait's a gige lan01:12
head_victimJust looking up the best way to implement it in Lubuntu01:12
juniorsaso apt-get install tightvnc?01:12
juniorsawhat's the difference between vnc4server and tightvnc01:12
head_victimI"ve found tightvnc to have better compression which means it looks better on the viewer end01:13
juniorsaok sounds good to me01:14
head_victimI thought I had a good page to help you set up the server end securely but can't seem to find it01:14
head_victimSo is the viewing end Ubuntu or Lubuntu?01:15
juniorsawindows or ubuntu or lubuntu01:15
juniorsaI just can't justify PCs for everyone in the house, so I was thinking of virtualbox and some remote access software01:16
head_victimIf they have remote access won't you still need remote PCs to access it with?01:16
juniorsaold pcs nothing new01:17
head_victimYou might find local installs of Lubuntu just as good as using remote01:17
juniorsaI'll try that too01:18
head_victimhttp://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/#faq-display-manager is one of the better places for info01:18
juniorsacool, I will get reading, thanks01:18
head_victimIt assumes basic CLI knowledge but is pretty easy to follow01:18
head_victimtightvnc is not what I was thinking of01:18
head_victimYou need to use x11vnc to run the server and then possible tightvnc as a viewer but it explains it on the page01:18
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juanantonioI got a little question. May I use "Now playing" in lubuntu 10.10 with Pidgin and Aqualung?03:09
juanantonioAnyone helps?03:23
juanantonioI found some information concerning Pidgin and Audocious03:23
juanantoniobut I don't know if that serves03:24
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juanantonioThere someone?03:37
juanantonioOk, I will try by myself. Thanks ;)03:41
juanantonioHello. I would like to know if it's possible to have the songs I am listening to with Aqualung in Pidgin, I cannot see it in the list of Musictracker09:20
bioterrorno plugin between aqualung and pidgin?09:23
bioterrorif no, code one or live without it ;)09:23
juanantonioHehehe, I will live without it thenç09:24
juanantonioI am not able to code one09:24
juanantoniobut no plugin between both of them09:25
juanantonioThere are a lot of players in MuscTrackers, I was even trying with autodetection, and also with other players...but nothing09:25
Brunoiri tried everything to install lubuntu on my Dell Latitude but nothing works18:22
Brunoireven burned cd's doenst work18:23
bioterrorwhich latitude18:24
bioterrorno problems with D600 and D42018:24
Brunoirlatitude cpx18:25
bioterroroh, "old" ones18:25
Brunoirand then i tried bootin via usb18:25
bioterrormaybe noacpi might help18:25
Brunoirdoesnt work too...18:25
Brunoiryes would be nice to come to this menue18:27
BrunoirHe doesnt boot anything then stock windows18:28
bioterrorhard to help if you dont get even into GRUB18:30
Brunoiryes into GRUB i can18:30
Brunoiri installed xubuntu via wibu18:30
Brunoirbut want lubuntu only18:31
bioterrorinstall lubuntu-desktop18:32
bioterrorand then remove xfce stuff18:32
Brunoirhow to install lubuntu-desktop?18:32
Brunoirtried everything oO18:32
bioterrorWed20:30 <Brunoir> i installed xubuntu via wibu18:32
bioterrorboot into your xubuntu18:32
bioterrorsudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends18:33
Brunoirthen it works?18:33
bioterrorif you can boot into xubuntu18:34
Brunoiryes i can18:34
Brunoirok will try18:34
Brunoirseems to work18:36
Brunoiroh yeah18:37
Brunoirthank you very much18:37
Brunoirand how can i delete windows completly via lubuntu?18:40
Brunoirdont need it18:40
bioterrordunno about wubis18:40
bioterrorI dont know about wubi installations18:41
Brunoirbut thx18:42
Brunoirwill find a way18:42
sertyffhow can I get a lubuntu disk on cd or dvd?18:59
Brunoiri have an old ubuntu boot cd18:59
sertyffdoes there exist a shop that sell such disks?19:00
sertyffthe Canonical shop does not have it available afaics19:00
Brunoircan i install it and install lubuntu then with sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop?19:00
bioterrorlubuntu is not official ubuntu derivant19:00
bioterrorso you can buy it from canonical19:01
Brunoirbut it worked with xubuntu too?19:01
bioterrordownload and burn19:01
sertyffbioterror: I can't burn it because I ran out of "private copying levy free" disks19:02
sertyffand I don't want to sponsor other authors by copying the work of authors who don't want to make the distribution of their work more expensive by asking money for it19:04
sertyffthat's why I want to buy a disk, even if it costs me 10 EUR for shipping included19:04
sertyffdoes anyone know a shop?19:04
bioterroryou cant ask your friend to burn a CD for you?19:07
sertyffbioterror: that friend will also have to buy a cd with a private copying levy...19:08
sertyffso that won't make a difference19:08
bioterrorI'm not really getting this19:08
bioterrorpack of CD-R's costs ~7e in here finland19:08
bioterroryou get 10 CD's19:08
sertyffwell, in Belgium a very small amount of cd-r(w)'s goes to the music industry since 200519:09
bioterrorso does in here19:09
sertyffand I find it unethical to pay this for copying works of authors that do not want such levies...19:09
sertyffthat's why I refuse to buy disks since 200519:10
sertyffthe problem is that I ran out of pre-2005 disks :(19:10
bioterrorsome finns buys CD-R's from estonia19:10
bioterroror Åland19:11
sertyffand that it seems to be very hard to buy a lubuntu disk that does not include a private copying levy19:11
bioterrorbut I rather walk to store and grab pack of CD-R's19:11
bioterroratleast I have them19:12
sertyffyeah, that's the easy way :-)19:12
sertyffbut I just don't want to pay these unethical levies19:13
sertyffIMO it is unfair to authors who prefer to not use their right to request money for their creations19:14
bioterrorlife aint fair and everybody cant win19:18
bioterrorthese are the facts we have to deal with19:18
sertyffyeah, that's why the local shops will never get my money for media on whith unfair levies on it19:25
sertyffit's bad for the local economy19:25
sertyffbut it will help the shop that can sell me a lubuntu disk without the unfair levy! :-)19:26
sertyffthis may become the lucky company: http://www.osdisc.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi/products/livecd/lubuntu19:28
sertyffbut if someone knows a European shop, that would be even beter (for the environment)...?19:30
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