bbigrasI rebooted and I don't have anything except the desktop. I tryied to start gnome-panel but I didn't have windows. What should I start?01:03
bbigrasOh and unity won't install. It whines about missing 'compiz-core-abiversion-20110224'.01:06
ali1234i get same fwiw01:12
ali1234how do i remove "indicator applet application menu" from the classic desktop panel?01:15
Patrickdkclick, remove01:15
ali1234ah, got to unlock it first01:15
Patrickdkya, that helps :)01:15
ali1234unlike everything else on the panel it's locked by default :)01:15
PatrickdkI lock everything on my panel01:16
* ali1234 installs human-theme01:17
* ali1234 uninstalls libmono-system2.0-cil01:20
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hackeronhey, I try to do: hal-find-by-capability --capability video4linux - in maverick it showed a list of v4l devices - in natty it shows nothing - is there an equivalent command?02:49
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frybyeHi - are there often problems using the live cd when one has a nvidia grafic card??03:16
frybyemasses of users logged into the # and no dialogue at all??03:19
yofelwell, it'll use the nouveau driver on the live disk, which does have it's bugs03:28
yofeland you waited 4 minutes...03:28
kadapaguy_ubuntuhi friends,03:31
kadapaguy_ubuntumy compiz is freezing sometime,all  the maximize,minimze,close buttons are missing,i am using natty alpha303:32
frybyeyofel - it was not so much that my question had not instant response.. I was just a bit warry of there apparently being NO dialogue .. as if the connection was not ok or whatever...03:33
frybyeyofel - I need to get over the temptation to make a dual-boot box out of my win7 device here - it does everything I need incl. a few bits that ubuntu cant do .. and I have ubuntu at work anyhow.. so I really should not shoot up this box at home (again and again! ;)03:36
MikeChelenanyone else have trouble with fglrx?03:39
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play lastest ubuntu 11.04 alpha stable enough to use? itching to upgrade. (thanks for any feedback)05:47
bazhangnearly beta, and no.05:47
playfigured. i still see a lot of blog posts about the continuous upgrades to the new gui05:48
playwill wait a month and check again. v10 is good enough atm05:49
bazhanghttp://test.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1596437 natty changes rss feed there05:50
playah better than checking omgubuntu and webupdate. cool05:51
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bullgard4play: The current version of Ubuntu 11.04 is not stable. Not to be recommended for productive use.07:26
bullgard4What command is more precise or verbose about the current development status of Ubuntu 11.04 than '~$ lsb_release -a'?07:31
scarleoUpdated this morning and now compiz won't start so no panels whatsoever in unity. Also I can't bring up a terminal with ctrl+alt+t. Tried starting compiz from another tty but no luck. Any suggestions?07:37
Jordan_Uscarleo: Did you set and export $DISPLAY before running compiz in another tty?07:39
scarleoNo, not sure how to do that07:40
Jordan_Uexport DISPLAY=:0.007:40
Jordan_UYou're welcome.07:42
SeverianIt has not been possible to do any installs of narwhall using the alternate installer for any of the alpha releases.  This was addressed in a daily build a bit under a week ago.  So, I have not been able to complete any q. tests for the installer.  Should I wait for Beta or do a test on a daily build and submit it somewhere?07:43
bazhangSeverian, the alternate worked fine here07:43
SeverianI don't know how.  But, I guess that's good.  I tried alpha 1, 2, and 3 on a variety of hardware and it never completed.07:44
scarleoJordan_U: Still cant make it start, "Couldn't load plugin 'ccp'"07:46
scarleoNevermind, I'll just wait for next update and hope it will work then :)07:48
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scarleoStrange, @synaptic compiz wasn't installed anymore but @terminal it gave option to launch compiz. Anyway, back on track :)08:03
AAA_awrightI'm having a problem, the development Ubuntu refuses to keep my default web browser the same, it either gets reset to Firefox, or Chrome which is supposed to be my default, only launches the home page and not a specific page. Anyone see this problem?08:17
SeverianMy default is Firefox and it does not get reset.  If your problem happens a lot, I could try Chrome and see if it resets.  I can't really browse much with Chrome because of its poor security, but I can load it.08:19
AAA_awrightFirefox always loads to the correct page, if that gets erroniously brought up08:19
SeverianI use a non-standard home page and it has never gotten reset on Natty08:20
AAA_awrightUsing Preferred Applications to switch to Chrome appears to always load the homepage, Setting the default to Firefox to enable the "Make Chrome my default" button and then using that seems to fix it, at least temporarily08:20
AAA_awrightAdditionally when Chrome sets the default, it isn't reported in Preferred Applications, it still shows Firefox08:21
SeverianWhen you say Chrome, do you really mean Chromium?08:22
AAA_awrightThe colorful red-green-yellow-blue logo08:22
SeverianSo, you go to google and download it?08:22
AAA_awrightGoogle Chrome 11.0.696.16 dev08:22
SeverianSo, you go to google and download it?08:23
AAA_awrightI compile the bleeding edge Chromium on Gentoo as well I've never had any problems with that08:23
vakhi all08:24
AAA_awrightSwitching from Firefox (or what is reported as such, when the default is really properly functioning Chrome) to Chrome breaks it again08:25
vakare there any widgets or whatever to see resource load in unity desktop?08:25
scarleoSeverian: What poor security in Chrome are you referring to?08:25
SeverianI'll see if I can install Chrome.  I have started reading the terms of service.08:25
* vak finds unity weird without some usual things like clocks, network indicators, CPU load etc08:26
Severianscarleo, Chrome is bad in terms of javascript exploits.  Firefox has noscript, but Chrome does not have anything similar, because Chrome does not have the appropriate hooks.08:26
AAA_awrightThat's a feature08:27
scarleoSeverian: There is Notscripts in Chrome, works the same way afaik08:27
Severianscarleo, It does not work nearly as well.  It can't hook in early enough in the page loading in Chrome.08:28
scarleoSeverian: Ok, thanks for the tip08:28
SeverianIf I needed to use Chrome, I'd use it, but I still would be uneasy about browsing.08:29
vakDon't you use all these indicators?08:30
AAA_awrightNever needed it on the Ubuntu system, I have monitors on all the Gentoo systems for obvious reasons08:32
AAA_awrightBut that's a good question08:32
vakI am trying 11.04 beta and found this absence very uncomfortable08:33
vakclocks are here now --  so it was a theme bug08:33
vakmy theme was black and white after a few minutes of use, but it is OK for beta though08:34
vakbut I need CPU load etc at glance...08:34
Severianvak, I miss that as well in Unity08:35
AAA_awrightOh, I do have the display/monitor indicator, and sometimes instead of the monitor icon it displays the wireless icon08:35
AAA_awrightBut if you click it's very clearly shows the monitor orientation menu08:36
vakSeverian: So, you indirectly confirm it absent. I see. It's a pity08:36
AAA_awrightNo clue what that's about08:36
* vak gets back to work08:36
SeverianThere is a gnome applet called System Monitor.  Before Unity, I aways added it and it shows a little chart of CPU load.  It is quite handy.08:37
vakSeverian: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170113908:40
Severianvak, I had no expectation that Gnome applets would run in Unity.  I have 3 I loaded on every machine and I'll miss them.  Of couse, maybe I won't use Unity.  I am still testing and have not decided.08:42
zniavre_you can use conky or screenlets to display stuff like that no ?08:44
Severianzniavre_, Conky can do most of that.  I don't think it works as well. and it isdifficilt to setup.  Finally, who knows if it works with compiz, which Unity uses?08:46
zniavre_conky can works with unity (at least unity-2d)08:46
bazhang!info firefox08:52
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0~rc2+build3+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 13783 kB, installed size 28680 kB08:52
bazhangecolitan, ^08:52
ecolitanoh thanks bazhang08:52
Severianzniavre_, I'll try it sometime, I expect.  Conky worked pretty well in Chrunchbang, but I was never happy with a conky setup on Ubuntu.  I probably never got the config just right.08:52
zniavre_there is a way with unity-2d to get panels a bit translucide ?08:54
bpri just installed an 11.04 build and "alt-f" doesn't skip forward one word.  Does anyone have any ideas why this would be?09:01
SeverianAAA_awright, I am about 2 thirds through the terms of service.  I can say I would not use Chrome on my own behalf.  There are several problems, but clause 20.3 is a deal killer for me.09:25
SeverianAAA_awright, Sorry, I can't install Chrome to test for you.  The Adobe additional terms are just not acceptable and would legally bind me in a way I can't accept.09:39
bprdoes anyone know why alt-f doesn't skip forward one word in natty?10:08
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wompydompyHi. I'm using an up-to-date alpha-version and the whole system freezes from time to time. I know how to make a bug report when a program crashes, but is there any manual on how to handle a whole system crash? I thought about reading out logs etc, because at the time i don't know which component crashes..10:58
Severianwompydompy, When you say it freezes, what do you mean.  I have had X freeze.  I can still ssh to the machine and run commands.  X seems unusually crashy in Natty, but that is probably related to compiz or 3d in some way.11:17
wompydompySeverian: Im not sure if its only the x-system. I havent got a 2nd Computer here to test ssh, but for example i am not able to switch to the terminal via Ctrl+Alt+F1..11:21
wompydompyi thought it might relate to the 3D-driver,but im using Classic Desktop without effects, but it still freezes..11:22
SeverianI don't really understand people with only single digit number of computers.  I'll try switch virtual terminals next time it happens.11:23
Severianswitch -> switching11:23
susundbergalso ctrl+alt+sysrq might be worth of trying11:24
susundbergoh there is no ctrl on that?11:24
susundberg-- Alt+SysRq+r takes keyboard and mouse control from the X server.11:25
susundbergtry that and then the ctrl + alt + f111:25
SeverianOK, I see SysRQ printed in green on the edge of one key.  I don't know what to press to actually get it.  Do I press shift or something?  I have an old IBM model 102, I think they are called.11:27
arand_Well, the best thing you can do is just try it and see what works, Alt+sysreq, Alt+Fn+sysreq, Alt+Cmd+sysreq, or whatever modifier keys your board has...11:31
SeverianInteresting.  Nattyy sets the sysrq to 1 by default.  My maverick machines default to 0.11:40
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wompydompyimpressive.. i got a german keyboard and i never saw the little "S-Abf"..i'll try it during the next freeze. Thanks@ Severian and arand11:44
jmlanyone having problems with Gmail in Chrome?11:57
jmlI seem to have lost a critical number of controls11:57
BUGabundojml: define probs12:03
BUGabundoI lost desktop notifications in chromium 1212:03
BUGabundobut you know Ubuntu doesn't support "chrome" binnaries12:03
BUGabundoFYI http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=7710612:03
jmlI know they aren't supported, but I'm not having any luck w/ google searching. I guess I should see if Chromium has the same bug.12:04
BUGabundowhy not use chromium?12:04
BUGabundoat least you get some support12:04
jmlBUGabundo: probs are that the Gmail logo, the search bar and the google apps top bar are all not rendering12:04
jmlBUGabundo: in general, Chrome works better so I need support less. (Or at least did last time I was experimenting with browsers)12:05
BUGabundothey are the same12:06
BUGabundoits mostly build differences12:06
jmland yet one has the rendering bug and the other does not12:09
BUGabundoI'm on 12.0.711.0 (78963) Ubuntu 11.04 and its mostly fine12:11
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: it works12:18
Ian_Cornenut the notification stays there12:18
Ian_CorneI have it too12:18
BUGabundoI can't even disable them12:18
BUGabundosee chrome://settings/contentExceptions#notifications12:18
unity_supporterDoes anyone know whethet the x-team is going to revert the intel i845 graphic driver back to intel or it is going to be fbdev like maverick (the mail archive is empty)?12:40
yofelunity_supporter: you should ask that in #ubuntu-x12:44
coz_hey all12:56
BluesKajHiyas folks13:05
zniavregood afternoon > i got unity-2d launcher s broken , how to relaunch it without reloging please ?13:10
coz_zniavre,  mm that's a good one...  I would try unity-2d --replace   just to see if it works :)13:15
andrei__I have a question13:18
andrei__for a mac do we have to use the iso image from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ ?13:18
BluesKaj hmmm, amarok is finally working ...again . Wonder for how long ...13:32
andrei__for a mac do we have to use the iso image from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ ?13:35
gnomefreakandrei__: i think we moved mac isos somewhere else. if you can give me a few minutes i can find it13:43
andrei__ok thanks13:43
gnomefreakandrei__: i think this is it. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/13:46
gnomefreaki could have sworn we moved them/downgraded them13:47
andrei__thats good thanks13:49
andrei__because I tried with the amd 64 and it did not work13:49
andrei__today I saw that there is one with +mac so i'm gonna try this one13:50
andrei__for 2 OSes do I need refit or bootcamp will do? I havent installed only 2 OSes on a mac13:51
bjsnideri see that firefox 4 has now completely ripped off chrome too13:52
bjsnidereverybody's ripping off chrome these days13:53
BluesKajbjsnider, well, at least FF integrates with desktop font settings so the tabs and toolbars can be read on large monitors without binoculars :)14:10
bjsniderit still sucks on linux14:10
BluesKajff4 has been freezing on natty14:12
gnomefreaknone of the firefox versions i have freeze, they work fine here but i also have a powerful pc14:16
BluesKajlike chrome a lot but I wish it's look was more configurable for my large monitor...I use our plasma tv as a monitor for our media server pc , which I like to use to surf and chat on as well.14:16
BluesKajchrome's webpage font settings work great, just the tab and bookmarkbar fonts aren't configurable to a larger size ..it's frustrating14:19
gnomefreakis anyone else haveing issues with icedtea+javascript?14:20
BluesKajgnomefreak, give us a URL14:22
BluesKajnot using icedtea-plugin here14:23
gnomefreakBluesKaj: enigmail.mozdev.org/download/download-static.php.html14:25
gnomefreakany luck?14:32
kim0Hi folks, just letting you know "Ubuntu Cloud Days" starting in 10mins in #ubuntu-classroom .. Thanks15:50
hasenjHey, question: can I make the unity launcher always on?16:09
cdbshasenj: Yes you can. The setting is in CCSM16:12
hasenjcdbs: where exactly?16:14
hasenjI don't see a "unity" entry in ccsm anymore16:14
cdbshasenj: In CompizConfig Settings Manager16:14
cdbsIts there16:14
hasenjyea :/16:14
hasenjwas it under utility or something?16:14
cdbshasenj: Its in the Desktop section now16:14
hasenjnope, not there16:15
hasenjfor me anyways16:15
hasenjI'll try to restart and see16:15
hasenjI did several updates without restart16:15
hasenjit's funny, looks like the unity package was somehow uninstalled16:26
hasenjhad to install it again16:26
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Norbertwish for ubuntu16:36
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MarconMwho liked unity on ubuntu 11.0417:15
genii-aroundMarconM: Looks like the jury is still out17:23
MarconMgenii-around: hunmnmnm....but do u prefer gnome or unity17:24
genii-aroundMarconM: I prefer KDE17:24
MarconMgenii-around: i dont like KDE17:25
MarconMgenii-around: crash a lot17:25
genii-aroundMarconM: The Natty Kubuntu has been fairly stable for me so far. Nothing like the KDE3-KDE4 transition.17:26
MarconMgenii-around: i use gnome here ... but i have netbook i installed lxde looks good for me17:27
genii-aroundMarconM: Anyhow.. on my netbook I do have Unity but no gnome, XFCE is my other desktop there which I use more17:28
MarconMgenii-around: i dont know XFCE yet17:28
kklimondaMarconM: I like Unity, but it's too slow17:32
MarconMkklimonda: yes agree17:32
MarconMkklimonda: wich you use ?? KDE too17:33
kklimondano, standard gnome17:33
nlsthznMy natty is fully updates and I just noticed that my Applications and FIles&Folders lens's drop down list on the right isn't working17:37
nlsthznit drops down but I can't select from it17:37
MarconMkklimonda: ok me too17:37
nlsthznit selects the icon below the dropdown list17:37
nlsthznwill try again tomorrow (or the forum) :) cheers all17:45
bjsniderkklimonda, what about gnome-shell ? is that faster than unity?17:46
kklimondabjsnider: yeah, there is something wrong with the closed nvidia driver.17:50
rocky1while not strictly a natty question... does anyone know if there's some sort of plugin or something that would let me bookmark pages in a pdf using the standard ubuntu/gnome pdf viewer?17:58
hoangnnclear ALL18:00
ZuhaitzIs posible to configure unity dock?18:17
pedzahow can one make their top panel transparent in natty? XD18:27
ZuhaitzIs posible to configure unity dock?18:29
trismpedza: in ccsm, select the unity plugin, and on the experimental page there is a Panel Opacity option18:30
pedzagratzie :)18:30
pedzaalso how can i integrate a show desktop widget?\18:32
Zuhaitzccsm what is that18:33
trismZuhaitz: compizconfig-settings-manager, you can find it in the system settings menu when it is installed18:33
Zuhaitzand is posible to configure the dock?18:34
Zuhaitzi really dont like it, is annoying18:34
Zuhaitzdont work as it should18:34
Zuhaitzthe way it should18:34
ZuhaitzI want it alltime there, not coming and going18:34
Zuhaitzdont do that the way it should18:35
Zuhaitzand sometimes is over the window, and i cant see the window18:35
Zuhaitzso I prefer it to be limited with the window border all the time18:35
Zuhaitzas the panel18:35
Zuhaitzis posible18:35
Zuhaitzis it posible?18:35
trismZuhaitz: yes there is an option in ccsm to keep the dock there all the time (I enable it too)18:39
Zuhaitzwhat is the command for ccsm?18:39
trismZuhaitz: make sure you have compizconfig-settings-manager installed and in the logout/shutdown menu in the panel, there is a System Settings option at the end, with compiz config near the top of that window18:40
Zuhaitzi see18:40
cmyrlandWhat's the best way to file a bug in unity launcher?18:50
cmyrlandshould I file it as a "unity" or "unity-window-decorator" bug?18:51
yofelrun ubuntu-bug -w, then click on the launcher18:51
cmyrlandHeh, found a new bug by doing so.18:53
cmyrlandCompiz crashed badly when the ubuntu-bug -w couldn't identify what I clicked on18:53
cmyrlandyofel, ubuntu-bug -w doesn't work on the launcher. Maybe that's a bug too?18:54
yofelcmyrland: take the long way of finding the right package https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage#Applications18:56
yofelthe any instructions is what apport is supposed to do with -w, no idea why that would crash18:56
cmyrlandanyway, my first bug was that the unity launcher sometimes forgets to hide. It seems like there is a crash, because it often gets "solid", as in not transparent when that happens. MY quick fix for that is to launch TomBoy and drag the tomboy window over the launcher. Then it pops back.18:57
matt__When is 11.04 being released?  April 28th?  Any idea on the beta release?  At one point is it okay to upgrade without major bugs impacting?18:57
yofel!schedule | matt__18:58
ubottumatt__: A schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule18:58
cmyrlandmatt__, to have a minimum of bugs you should wait for final ;) Other than that the current builds work just fine for me.18:58
yofelmatt__: and the milestone release notes have a list of known issues, read that then decide if it's worth to try it18:59
bullgard4Banshee 1.9.5 includes a default smart playlist "Recently played." It is not mentioned in http://library.gnome.org/users/banshee/1.8/ . How is "recently" defined here?19:26
hasenjquestion/problem: sometimes the sound from flash videos is accompanies by weird noises, anyone experienced a similar issue?19:30
* genii-around notes the "1.8" and not "1.9.5" in the url19:32
Daekdroom!info flashplugin-installer19:36
Daekdroom!info flashplugin-nonfree19:36
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (natty), package size 9 kB, installed size 184 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)19:36
ubottuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package). In component multiverse, is optional. Version (natty), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)19:36
hiromiHey how do I make broadcom work?19:36
hiromiNobody knows how to use broadcom wireless on the Alpha?19:44
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:04
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hiromican anyone help me with broadcom wireless drivers?20:57
hirominobody knows how to fix this?21:02
charlie-tca!broadcom | hiromi21:05
ubottuhiromi: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx21:05
hiromiwhat is up with this clicking problem... sometimes clicking works, sometimes not21:13
bullgard4Cannot Distribution update > Partial System Upgrade. During Ā»Changes are calculatedĀ« a dialog window without any contents appears which I cannot get rid of. --  Is this a known bug?21:30
bazhangbullgard4, it most certainly sounds like a bug.21:34
hiromiIt seems that I cannot connect to wifi for long... it just reconnects constantly21:37
hiromiI cannot install the STA which I what I need actually21:39
bullgard4hiromi: Analyze /var/log/dmesg.0.21:42
hiromiwhen I install bcmwl-kernel-source it gives me this: Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the21:45
hiromikernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed.21:45
ChrisBuchholzWill natty get integration for the "in the panel app menubar" thing for Qt apps?21:50
AAA_awrightLibreoffice is exporting PDFs that's not embedding fonts correctly or something, Bitstream Charter showed up as dots and "couldn't be read" or something on my Windows reader, is there some non-standard font configuration going on? It works perfectly fine on the previous "release" and on my Gentoo desktop21:57
charlie-tcathis is the first release with LibreOffice, so it might be a bug in it22:00
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