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Amaranthare the daily images for omap4 working?12:38
ogra_should, yes12:38
* ogra_ hasnt tested any graphical ones recently, only headless 12:38
Amaranthogra_: ah, that's the part I'm worried about, linaro images apparently don't turn on the display12:40
ogra_the ubuntu ubuntu-netbook ones do12:41
ogra_just use these12:41
AmaranthYeah, I'm getting the one from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/daily-preinstalled/current/ now12:41
ogra_that should be fine, if you have probs with it, the alpha-3 one definitely works and was tested12:43
ogra_(see topic for url)12:43
davidgilukfor those interested, there is a an ARM porting Jam on #linaro this time every week; it's not too busy but if anyone knows of particularly pesky ARM only bugs or if anyone needs help with ARM tools/porting, please come and ask14:20
ogra_davidgiluk, yes, we all get the gcal notifications ;)14:20
davidgilukogra_: I assumed those in this channel weren't all on these lists14:21
ogra_davidgiluk, but nobody will fix bug 739374 for me anyway :P14:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 739374 in eglibc "eglibc newer than 2.12.1 in natty results in alignment errors, SIGLILL and segfaults on tegra2 systems" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73937414:21
* davidgiluk looks14:21
davidgilukogra_: Youch, that's a nasty errata14:23
ogra_and no real fix for libc14:23
ogra_that indeed wont help to get nvidia on board with linaro ever14:23
ogra_(or with ubuntu)14:24
davidgilukogra_: Is the details of that errata public?14:24
ogra_well, the kernel code as well as bionic are public ... not sure what else you need14:25
ogra_i doubt nvidia released anything with more details14:25
davidgilukogra_: So what's the problem exactly - bit 20 always reads in one way or do you get junk out?14:25
ogra_i cant boot :)14:26
ogra_nor can i chroot14:26
ogra_so its a bit hard to debug at all14:27
ogra_chrooting immediately segfaults, booting dies very early with alignment errors and SIGILLs14:27
ogra_currently i use the natty libc pinned in apt to have a working system at all14:28
ogra_and i have no idea how to debug such early userspace issues14:28
davidgilukogra_: I'd probably start with a statically build busybox14:30
ogra_right, if i hadnt beta freeze tomorrow i would invest that time :)14:31
* ogra_ uses his tegra as main work machine so its a bit hard to tinker with it 14:31
ogra_given the feedback from peter it seems like a pretty desparate issue anyway14:32
davidgilukogra_: I mailed Gary King of Nvidia who did that patch to ask if he can give any more detail on the failure mode14:35
ogra_sweet ! why didnt i think of that !14:36
davidgilukdid you?14:36
ogra_no i didnt :)14:37
* davidgiluk admits to knowing very little about TLS, but it strikes me if the failure is anything other than returning random junk then it might be possible to align the allocation - still painful, but it might actually work14:38
ogra_well, you actually need to know you are on a tegra etc14:38
ogra_that will likely be hard to do inside libc14:38
davidgilukogra_: Nah14:39
davidgilukogra_: Messy, not hard14:39
ogra_well, messy yeah14:39
ogra_bionic just bends the headers at build time14:39
davidgilukogra: I'm fairly sure I saw something about some other hardware having specific TLS memory, so perhaps it's not too unusual14:41
davidgilukogra_: Well, the bad news is that his email address bounces14:42
davidgilukogra_: I've mailed a random other Nvidia person I found in a commit log :-)14:58
* ogra_ crosses fingers 14:58
ogra_... and goes back to bang his head against bug 73611114:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 736111 in ubiquity "oem-config does not respect the console on serial tty" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73611114:59
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amelimAre there any rootfs tars of Maverick available other than the pre-install image? I tried building one with rootstock, but I'm continually running into issues of it hanging during the process.17:26
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loolamelim: a) use a recent qemu-linaro, if you're not running natty, you can use the ~linaro-maintainers/tools PPA and install qemu-user-static from there b) there are alternatives solutions to rootstock I can hint at if it doesn't help17:52
AmaranthIs the preinstalled image supposed to turn on the screen before the first-run unpacking is complete or does it wait until after?18:02
Amaranthwondering if I should give this time or dig out my serial adapter18:03
ogra_natty ?18:04
ogra_do you use DVI ?18:04
Amaranthno, HDMI plugged in to the first port18:04
ogra_the current image doesnt support HDMI, only DVI with fixed 720p18:05
ogra_new kernel with a fix that works like in maverick was just uploaded today18:05
ogra_should be in by the weekend18:05
ogra_until then you need to use DVI18:05
prpplaguei guess i need to check and see if they got the regulator patch included18:07
AmaranthI wouldn't have the proper adapter until the weekend anyway18:07
AmaranthI don't even own a DVI cable :P18:07
GrueMasterAmaranth: The "DVI" port uses the same signalling as the HDMI port (except audio).18:15
GrueMasterSo the same cable should just work.18:15
AmaranthGrueMaster: So I can plug an HDMI cable in to it and it'll show something, just locked to 720p?18:16
prpplagueAmaranth: http://pandaboard.org/content/resources/references18:16
GrueMasterThat's how I test here.18:17
prpplagueAmaranth: there is a table there describing the different combinations18:17
Amaranthok, I guess it needs a reset to know to probe for it, hope it was done with the first boot extracting :P18:18
Amaranthooh I have an offset plymouth18:19
amelimlool: I'm on a lucid distro, if I install qemu-user-static will I need to remove any other qemu packages for rootstock to run correctly?18:24
loolamelim: We renamed various packages around since lucid; what you'll be getting is an equivalent set of features, but provided by different package names18:24
loolamelim: You might have to upgrade other packages as well, but essentially it's different package names with same contents but newer versions18:24
looland eventually, when you upgrade to some later Ubuntu versions, you'll have the same package names provided by Ubuntu18:25
lool(these are just backports)18:25
Amaranthhmm, it seems to have rebooted and now plymouth is showing correctly, this seems promising18:25
amelimahhhh, ok18:25
Amaranthyay it booted, thanks GrueMaster18:27
ogra_now fix compiz !18:27
GrueMasterAre you trying the netbook image or the headless image?18:27
AmaranthGrueMaster: netbook18:27
Amaranthogra_: Well, I have this code that compiles and I'm pretty sure does the right things but GLES is apparently broken in mesa for sandy bridge so I haven't been able to run it18:28
AmaranthThus getting real hardware going18:28
GrueMasterThere is a bug in jasper that breaks video output after first boot.18:28
ogra_GrueMaster, hmm, how so18:28
ogra_i dropped all special casing for video stuff recently18:28
ogra_it hands through the cmdline directly now18:29
GrueMasterogra_: Your fix hasn't landed in an image yet.18:29
ogra_hmm, it should be in headless18:29
GrueMasterAs the current image is 20110321.18:29
GrueMasterNot in netbook18:29
ogra_no, indeed18:29
ogra_blame kdelibs18:29
AmaranthOh, I blame KDE for everything, don't worry18:30
ogra_and glib too18:30
ogra_first glib was out of sync, now kdelibs held up a lot of subsequent stuff (like compiz)18:30
GrueMasterHow do you add icons to either the launcher or places in unity-2d?18:30
ogra_we should drop these crappy graphical images and just resort to headless everywhere :P18:31
GrueMasterAnd how does kdelibs hold up compiz?18:31
ogra_heh, compiz build depends on them18:31
ogra_no idea why18:31
Amaranthcompiz pulls in _everything_18:31
GrueMasterVery odd.18:31
Amaranthkdecompat plugin (plasma stuff), kde4-window-decorator, and the kconfig compizconfig backend18:32
GrueMasterAnd people say they don't work with other environments...sheesh.  :P18:32
AmaranthIf you need to make sure you have -dev packages for every possible GUI app you ever want to build just apt-get build-dep compiz18:32
GrueMasterSo, back to my unity-2d question...18:33
ogra_no idea18:33
ogra_places should be connected to nautilus places18:34
GrueMasterand that gets updated...how?18:35
ogra_so adding one in nautiluxs might show up in the launcher18:35
GrueMasterIsn't nautalis used in the une-efl?18:35
Amaranthhmm, this doesn't look like 720p18:36
Amaranthlooks more like 640x48018:36
GrueMasterAmaranth: Yea, that's the jasper bug.18:37
GrueMasterYou can fix it by editing the /boot/boot.script.18:37
AmaranthDon't I have to extract that from boot.scr then regenerate it?18:38
GrueMasteradd "omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x1024MR-32@60 omapdss.def_disp=dvi" to the bootargs, then you need to rerun mkimage on the file.18:38
GrueMasterThe /boot/boot.script is a text version of the u-boot script.18:39
Amaranthmight as well enable the serial console while I'm in there, in case I screw it up :)18:39
GrueMasterIt is in the root partition.  After editing it, rerun "mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -d mnt/boot/boot.script boot.scr".  Then umount the second partition, and copy the boot.scr to the fitst partition.18:40
ogra_huh ?18:40
ogra_sudo flash-kernel18:40
GrueMasterKind of a pita, but the next image should fix this.18:40
ogra_no need to run any mkimage18:41
GrueMasterogra_: That is assuming you are already running.  oem-config has major issues on 640x480.18:41
ogra_(on the running system)18:41
AmaranthI am running18:41
ogra_ah, k18:41
Amaranthoem-config has zero issues if you know alt-button1 moves the window around :)18:41
GrueMasterMy steps can be done on the desktop system.18:41
* ogra_ didnt know oem-config misbehaves18:41
GrueMasteroem-config windows are designed for *x600 screen height.18:42
ogra_Amaranth, well, just edit /boot/boot.script and run sudo flash-kernel afterwards then18:42
ogra_on next reboot the new config will be used18:42
Amaranthhrm, says something is using /dev/mmcblk0p1 so it can't unmount it18:46
Amaranthbut as far as I can tell the mount point is one flash-kernel is creating18:46
AmaranthBut it seems to be writing things properly, just not completing umount afterward so I guess it's reboot time18:47
Amaranthdang, mode not supported, guess it's a good thing I put that serialtty bit in there18:49
ogra_well, you can always use GrueMaster's method above with your desktop PC18:50
Amaranththat's no fun :)18:51
GrueMasterNo one ever said my job was fun.  :P18:51
Amaranthso with the next kernel update none of this will be needed, right?18:59
ogra_will behave exactly like in maverick19:00
GrueMasterOk, figured out how to hack in the ti addons icon into unity-2d.  The method is anything but user friendly.  :(19:02
GrueMasterBut it looks good.19:02
ogra_oh, for favorites ?19:03
ogra_thats trivial, there is a gconf key19:03
GrueMasterThat's what I was asking about.19:04
ogra_no, you asked about adding an icon to the launcher19:04
ogra_or to places19:04
ogra_nothing indicated you wanted a new favorite19:04
GrueMasterAnd the launcher currently has it's own list of favorites.19:04
ogra_jasper should take care post beta19:04
ogra_same goes for hiding behavior19:05
ogra_and the method doesnt need to be user friendly, no user should use it ;)19:06
GrueMasterNo user would ever want to add their own favorite app to the favorites?19:07
GrueMasterYou're kidding, right?19:08
ogra_not programmatically19:08
ogra_drag and drop is implemented in the latest upload afaik19:09
GrueMasterNope.  I'm running unity-2d daily.19:09
GrueMasterFor Maverick.19:09
ogra_users will never have to fiddle with the gconf system default19:09
ogra_maverick ...19:09
GrueMasterWell, until D&D works...19:09
ogra_it makes use of unity features for that afaik19:09
ogra_so needs natty19:10
GrueMasterThe unity-2d is from the ppa.19:10
ogra_but not the unity :)19:10
ogra_it uses the dash backend afaik19:10
loologra_: I thikn you can close multiple bugs with LP: #123, #45619:12
ogra_lool, but that wouldnt give me the ascii art :)19:13
loolit would give you a different one19:13
ogra_i'll use it next time or teach upstream about using dch19:14
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