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zniavre_good morning07:53
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coz_hey all12:56
zniavregtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid. > WARNING: icon cache generation failed for /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark13:13
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sach1088hi everyone I am really new here, first time on IRC, a programmer friend of mine who regularly contributes to ubuntu recently told me about the whole contribution thing and how ubuntu works and grows... i really liked the concept and want to give my inputs as well... i mainly work on photoshop illustrator and corel... could anyone over here explain me the workings and what should i do in...19:19
sach1088...order to start contributing19:19
zniavregood evening19:26
zniavrewho knows how to modify the statusbar for gedit please ?19:26
zniavreim trying to Ambianced gedit but its more tricky than i tought19:27
hellslingerzniavre, how are you getting unity to work with gnome like that?20:02
hellslingerzniavre, sorry to not have any help on gedit yet, but I saw that and liked it a lot :)20:02
zniavrehellslinger,  good evening it's unity-2d + compiz i do not think it's the regular way but unity (3d) does not work here20:04
hellslingerhi! well I'm just interested in getting unity working with gnome at all20:05
zniavreim not dev but unity i think is "only" panel and launcher + gnome / nautilus20:05
hellslingerthat's my understanding as well20:05
hellslingeravant is great, but I like the unity panel and the unified menubar more20:06
hellslingercan you point me in the right direction for doing this?20:07
hellslingerzniavre, and what are you interested in doing to the status bar in gedit?20:08
zniavremake it different color to fit another theme20:09
hellslingerI'm somewhat interested in this ability too20:10
zniavrehellslinger,  i hav only a basic unity-2d + my own theme im trying to fit with unity that s all nothing super-duper20:10
zniavrei launch gedit with single theme for it to stick the mockup of OMG (as many themer i think)20:11
zniavrealso got a strange worrie with scrollbars of gedit  :o)20:13
hellslingerhaha ahh20:14
thorwillovely, my work will see some wider use: http://leogg.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/debconf12-managua/21:03
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