LukasBHey everybody! I am new to ubuntu and I just want to download something from the Internet. I would like to learn to use the terminal. Is there a command for doing that? I want to download Drupal 6.2000:38
head_victimLukasB: sudo apt-get install drupal<tab><tab> should give you options of what packages are available that begin with "drupal" (the <tab> is actually pressing the tab key on the keyboard)00:39
LukasBhead_victim: Thanks looks great! Put out an error first but delivered a solution as well :) Shall I install with or without verification?00:45
LukasBWhats the difference?00:45
LukasBah thats only for some packages...00:47
head_victimLukasB: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto is a good place to start on how it all works00:47
head_victimAs for the verification without seeing the error message itself I'm just guessing but you might have repositories installed without keys installed for them as well00:47
LukasBhmm... okay... thanks for the link!00:48
head_victimNo worries, it's what we're here for :)00:50
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bioterror!ask | anu_09:32
ubot2anu_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:32
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Bipul`i can not able to update my ubuntu10.10 from update manager09:52
Bipul`as it got struck09:52
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:30
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s-foxHello kerneloops_ .14:53
kerneloops_How can I remove Totem Movie player file association from every file?14:59
kerneloops_(because I want to keep it installed)14:59
kerneloops_I want to use VLC for all video files15:00
xardas008one possibility is to change it via the Properties of each filetype15:08
kerneloops_yeah I know :p15:09
kerneloops_xardas008: in preferences > preferred applications > multimedia tab I set it to vlc15:10
kerneloops_but didnt change a thing15:10
xardas008rightclick on the file --> properties --> open with tab15:10
kerneloops_I know that way15:10
xardas008i don't know another way15:11
aztekhow to know recently file that open in ubuntu???15:23
xardas008in which kontext aztek ?15:23
aztekfor example our PC borrowed by friend15:25
aztekand in that PC we have personal file15:25
xardas008you are using gnome?15:25
xardas008on places you have a point recent documents, maybe that's what you're looking for?15:26
duanedesignif you had Gnome Activity Journal it uses the information gathered by zeitgeist to show recent activity15:26
aztekwhere can we find zeitgeist?15:31
xardas008zeitgeist will be installed if you are using the gnome-shell (gnome3)15:33
aztekthank you for information...15:34
aztekam want off15:34
aztekI wanna go to bad15:34
aztekit is time to sleep15:35
MrChrisDruifHai kerneloops_15:45
kerneloops_Is this really needed? pppd-dns                    Restore resolv.conf if the system crashed.15:58
MrChrisDruifI don't know kerneloops_15:59
kerneloops_MrChrisDruif: I know resolve.conf is just the config file for DNS server16:00
kerneloops_i can fix it manually dont need a service for it :x16:01
MrChrisDruifIf you can fix it manually, then I *guess* you don't need it :)16:01
kerneloops_I like to express my thoughts16:02
MrChrisDruifkerneloops_: Expressing your thoughts is better in #ubuntu-beginners-team, or offtopic channel. This is our help channel :)16:03
kerneloops_rsync                       fast remote file copy program daemon17:01
kerneloops_Do I need this at boot?17:01
kerneloops_im want to disable useless services to speed up boot17:02
MrChrisDruifrsync? That's for syncing accounts right?17:02
kerneloops_right now I have these services enabled:17:02
kerneloops_acpi-support apparmor binfmt-support fancontrol grub-common lm-sensors ondemand pcmiautils pulseaudio rsync speech-dispatcher sudo winbind and x11-common17:03
MrChrisDruifIn all cases I would leave sudo active :P17:06
MrChrisDruifspeech-dispatcher was for orca I believe (screen reader)17:06
MrChrisDruifGrub is self-explanatory I think,,17:07
bdfhjkabout fancontrol17:07
kerneloops_fancontrol is related with lm-sensors17:07
kerneloops_which i want17:07
MrChrisDruifACPI is for Power Management, fancontrol is for controlling the fanspeed I would think17:07
bdfhjkWhen I updatet ubuntu 11.0417:07
bdfhjkSystem checked it for automatical remove17:08
bdfhjkbut it may depends on machine that You use17:08
kerneloops_MrChrisDruif: grub-common                 Record successful boot for GRUB17:09
kerneloops_I should use it right17:09
MrChrisDruifI think so kerneloops_, but you're delving very deep...I'm not against it, but I can't provide real assistance :)17:09
kerneloops_about fancontrol17:10
kerneloops_This package contains a daemon that calculates fan speeds from temperatures17:10
kerneloops_and sets the corresponding PWM outputs to the computed values.17:10
kerneloops_but i already control that in BIOS17:10
kristian-aalborghi ppl17:15
kristian-aalborghttp://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=332 <---- putting together a kernel for old hw, want to help out? :)17:15
kerneloops_you are not a beginner :p17:16
kristian-aalborgkerneloops_: moi?17:20
kristian-aalborgI'm in a gray area... I'm not a noob but I still have plenty to learn17:21
MrChrisDruifkristian-aalborg: Who doesn't?17:21
kerneloops_i think ill disable rsync17:23
kerneloops_Rsync is a fast and extraordinarily versatile file  copying  tool.17:23
kerneloops_why would I need this at boot17:23
kerneloops_support  for copying links, devices, owners, groups, and permissions17:24
kristian-aalborgkerneloops_: to my understanding, you can still run it if you won't but it's not in the background anymore17:24
kristian-aalborgbtw, let me recommend rcconf for what you're (probably) doing... it is very straightforward17:25
kerneloops_yes that's what i use :)17:25
kerneloops_best then boom17:25
kerneloops_or bum17:26
kerneloops_boot-up manager17:26
kerneloops_Speech Dispatcher provides a device independent layer for speech synthesis.17:28
kerneloops_This package contains Speech Dispatcher itself.17:28
kerneloops_ok but what is a speech dispatcher?17:28
* kerneloops_ looks for "dispatch" in dictionary17:29
MrChrisDruifIt dispatches the text-to-speech to the proper engine, as far as my knowledge knows17:31
MrChrisDruifkerneloops_: rsync is for syncing accounts over the (home) network17:32
kerneloops_MrChrisDruif: I dont get "syncing accounts"17:34
MrChrisDruifLike when you've got more than one PC on your network with Ubuntu, then you can get your own account across both PC's within your home network :)17:35
kerneloops_I dont use it17:35
MrChrisDruifBut you get what I mean with syncing accounts now, right? :)17:37
kerneloops_no im dumb17:37
kerneloops_so im on other pc but i still can use my account in the main computer?17:38
MrChrisDruifYou're not:)17:38
MrChrisDruifI don't know if you can use it on both pc's at once, but at least you can sync it...17:38
MrChrisDruifSo like, one time you log in on one PC and install software and whatnot, and the other time you login the other PC and have the software etc. you installed on the other PC. But that is my understanding of rsync17:40
kerneloops_it's for advanced users17:40
kristian-aalborgrsync is cool for doing backups too17:43
MrChrisDruifkerneloops_: Not necessarily, but most "n00bs" don't know about it17:43
kristian-aalborgalias backup-film='rsync -raz --progress --delete /media/sdb1/film/ /media/15BCD36A5881EC03/Backup/film/'17:44
kristian-aalborgI have this in .bash_aliases.... serves me well :)17:44
MrChrisDruifGTG, TTYL17:44
kristian-aalborghowever, be careful with rsync... and remember to do a dry-run before you do anything... I recently lost some pictures for being over-confident :/17:45
kerneloops_kristian-aalborg: i just disabled rsync17:47
kerneloops_kristian-aalborg: backups over lan?17:47
kristian-aalborgno, to an external hdd17:48
kristian-aalborgI'm pretty sure it'll work even though the daemon is disabled17:48
kerneloops_if it doesnt work ill remember rsync17:51
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kerneloops_kristian-aalborg http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7g6Ec6RR17:58
kristian-aalborgout the window with bluetooth and pcmcia unless you use them17:59
kerneloops_oh yeah i use it17:59
kerneloops_pcmia seems important :p17:59
kristian-aalborgwhat kind of computer?18:00
kerneloops_desktop core2duo18:00
kerneloops_2gb ram18:00
kristian-aalborgwith pcmcia?18:00
kerneloops_dont know Lol18:00
kerneloops_I think.18:00
kristian-aalborgit's some old cards that you plug in laptops18:00
* kristian-aalborg loves them18:00
kristian-aalborgbut they are not usually part of a modern-ish desktop18:01
kerneloops_my motherboard is not old18:01
kristian-aalborgthen lose pcmcia :)18:01
kerneloops_i'll disable :(18:02
kerneloops_kristian-aalborg: what about the ondemand CPU thing18:02
kristian-aalborgbeats me18:04
kristian-aalborgwhen in doubt, keep it on, I'd say18:04
kerneloops_i have disabled rsync18:04
kerneloops_or something18:04
kerneloops_kristian-aalborg: what about winbind service?18:27
kerneloops_"Samba nameservice integration server"18:27
kristian-aalborgif you use samba, keep it18:30
kristian-aalborgtry googling the stuff you see in rcconf, or looking it up on ubuntuforums18:30
kerneloops_yeah get it18:31
kerneloops_it's rare to use samba18:31
kerneloops_i have samba-common installed though18:32
kerneloops_but not samba18:32
kristian-aalborgthen disable.. you can always turn it back on18:38
kerneloops_kristian-aalborg: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=EeSXh87Q18:48
kerneloops_good huh?18:48
kristian-aalborglooks pretty much like mine, so yes :P18:48
kerneloops_im gonna disable bluetooth18:49
kerneloops_rare to use it18:49
kristian-aalborgI always run rcconf after an installation... 5 mins of work to save a lot of ressources18:51
yofelthat doesn't do anything useful with upstart though I think (shows network-manager as disabled for example)18:54
kerneloops_kristian-aalborg: me too19:06
kerneloops_and startup applications too19:06
anshrprInstalled Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop having 3 GB of RAM installed and System Monitor showing only 861.8 of total memory..... where is rest of my RAM???19:51
kerneloops_anshrpr: o.o19:52
kerneloops_anshrpr: tried #ubuntu ?19:53
kerneloops_(more ppl)19:53
Daniel0108anshrpr: 64bit or 32bit version?19:53
kerneloops_Daniel0108: 32 bit = 3.2gb ram..19:54
anshrprkerneloops_: ya, a guy gave me alink to www.linuxatemyram.com19:54
anshrprDaniel0108: 64bit19:54
Daniel0108kerneloops_: I know, but sometimes there are compatibility problems19:54
Daniel0108anshrpr: hmm okay, /join #ubuntu19:55
anshrprDaniel0108: ok, thanks anyways..19:55
jhanafrogi'm thinking it might make sense to triage users to their ubuntu user group channel19:59
jhanafrogthat's worked for me in the past19:59
MrChrisDruifWhat's with egg kerneloops_?20:18
kerneloops_ei MrChrisDruif20:21
kerneloops_how are you20:22
MrChrisDruifI'm fine, but ei is in Dutch egg ;)20:22
kerneloops_lol i dont get that joke20:22
kerneloops_MrChrisDruif: fine, learning linux stuff20:22
MrChrisDruifWell, it´s not really a joke. Ei is a Dutch word, which translated to English means egg.20:23
kerneloops_oh ok20:23
kerneloops_for me "ei" is to call people20:23
kerneloops_like hey20:23
MrChrisDruifAlright, like lo20:23
MrChrisDruifShort for hallo20:23
kerneloops_lo is a failed lol20:25
MrChrisDruifNo, it's not :P Lo used to be the name of the internet, for it was the first message send over it. It stood for hello20:26
kerneloops_is posssible to keep network manager vpn connection after logging out?20:54
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LukasBHey can anyone please answer my question? I changed some settings in the ubuntu terminal. How do I get back to the normal screen to continue with other things>22:50
zkriesse_What do you mean?22:50
zkriesse_The terminal is just a window, you should still have access to your pc22:51
MrChrisDruifLukasB: You've changed settings? What kind of settings? :)22:52
LukasBfollowing a manual I typed in sudo vi and the terminal enabled me to change some software settings... Now I am finished but I dont know how to confirm and how to go back to the normal terminal view to type in commands22:52
LukasBI configured "web-server related softwqare" (apache)22:53
LukasBI typed in 'sudo vi etc/apache2/sites-available/default' and some settings came up, different from the normal view22:56
LukasB*'sudo vi /etc/apache2/sites-available/default' corrected little mistake22:57
bobo123LukasB: terminal as a terminalwindow or a ctrl-Alt-F1 textmode?22:57
bobo123(if it is textmode-terminal then you get back to X grapchis with ctrl-Alt-F7)22:58
LukasBbobo123: Just the normal terminal window... I dont know anything about a textmode... Maybe I am there and I dont know22:58
LukasBi try your combination22:58
LukasBDoesnt do anything22:59
bobo123no textmode is only interesting if the graphics system has locked up and stopped responding.22:59
bobo123LukasB: anyway, the "sudo vi etc/apache2/sites-available/default" command is only to edit a textfile that have webserver-settings. shouldn't destroy anything-23:00
LukasBIt is still responding. I can still change settings. But I am finished. I want to confirm and get back to the normal view, where I can type in commands. But there is no command promoted and pressing enter just brings me in a new line23:01
hggdhyou are still under 'vi', correct?23:01
bobo123-if you can't get any further in the terminalwindow then just close it with the [X] -button in the topright corner of the window (or where it is now by default after ubuntu 10.04)23:01
hggdhpress the escape key, then type ZZ23:01
bobo123you can allways edit the etc/apache2/sites-available/default file with the normal texteditor gedit instead23:02
LukasBhggdh: Esc and ZZ worked! Thank you! Does that always work, when you are somewhere and want to go back?23:03
bobo123LukasB: only in vi editor23:03
hggdhLukasB, *under* vi, the escape key puts you in control mode; the ZZ sends a control command: save the file (if changed) and exit vi23:04
LukasBbobo123: Ah okay, thanks... I thought about closing the window but wasnt sure if it would save my settings... didnt know I could change it in another way too23:04
hggdhit would not save...23:04
LukasBhggdh: Ah cool ;-)23:04
bobo123wherever your guide says to run   "sudo vi something....." you can allways run "sudo gedit something....." for then normal editor you know instead23:05
hggdhLukasB, you might want to use some other editor -- like gedit --, yes23:05
hggdh'vi' -- and emacs -- should not be used if you have not tried them before, and read the man pages...23:06
bobo123anyone knows if Synaptic updates its quick-search field index when you add a repository?23:13
bobo123or rather I guess it is the "software-properties-gtk" program that updates the repositories.23:15
bobo123Anyway, I'm wondering if I could remove the apt-xapian-index update from anacrontab daily and weekly stuff, since it should only be needed to run reindexing of the deb packages descriptions when one actually add/remove a repository23:18
bobo123if it only did the indexing at certain times and not when needed then it would not give correct results if I first add a repository and then try to search for a package in it, right?23:22

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