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TUTOtipquelle langue devons nous parler ici ? anglais ou français svp. mes indications sont bi-linguistes15:13
genii-aroundTUTOtip: #ubuntu-qc15:15
TUTOtipje travaille  sur une  machine ubuntu1010  à distance. Mais je rencontre deux soucis  : l'un concerne ma souris : le clic-droit est impossible à distance. Problème deux virtualbox = meme souci avec en plus non reconnaissance de ma clé usb. Je travaille avec U1010. Merci de votre aide15:15
genii-aroundTUTOtip: Is OK :)15:16
TUTOtipmy translate : I work on a remote machine ubuntu1010. But I see two concerns: one for my mouse: right-click is not remote. VirtualBox = problem two even more concern with not recognizing my usb key. I work with U1010. Thank you for your help15:17
genii-aroundTUTOtip: In here is mostly not for technical support. You will usually find more assistance in the main #ubuntu channel if the question is put in english15:19
dscasselTUTOtip: I'm busy with work or I'd try to dig into it.15:23
dscasselWe're kind of lousy for support.  genii-around's right, #ubuntu is good if you can take the amount of traffic.15:24
dscassel#ubuntu-fr is usually pretty busy too, if you're more comfortable in French.15:24
dscasselSorry. :)15:25
TUTOtipno problem and ty15:26
TUTOtipgood night15:26
genii-arounddscassel: My french is abysmal :( Also I don't use virtualbox15:27
wmatdscassel: did I answer your question yesterday?  Anyway, if not, the answer is that no, I haven't been out to anything in K/W yet but hope to soon.16:29
dscasselwmat: Well, there are a few coming up. :)16:36
wmatdscassel: link?16:47
dscasselhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca :)17:00
wmatcool, thanks17:38
genii-aroundBleh. Time to go shovel more snow.20:05
dscasselThat fun is awaiting me when I get home.20:05
hakimsheriffHey Guys20:30
dscasselhakimsheriff: Hey. :)20:41
bregmammm, warm home-made tourtiere for dinner21:24
dscasselbregma: nice.21:24
bregmaand a big spoonful of this year's maple syrup for dessert21:24

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