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koolhead17hi all06:33
kim0Morning everyone08:15
kim0flaccid: I guess that was "Morning" :)08:16
flaccidaka 'mornin'08:23
flaccidthough its night here08:23
flaccidwell sun is going down08:23
koolhead17flaccid, hellos09:00
koolhead17hey kim009:00
flaccidare you on drugs?09:04
kim0lol :)09:12
kim0koolhead17: hey09:12
koolhead17flaccid, me?09:13
* koolhead17 msg kim0 hey man09:13
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kim0Hi folks, just letting you know "Ubuntu Cloud Days" starting about now in #ubuntu-classroom .. Thanks15:59
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navanjrwhen building and bundling ubuntu images for UEC, does partitioning matter?  is there a reason i would not want to use LVM16:29
obinonavanjr: the AWS partitioning wants the first partition to be root, the second  to be ephemeral and the third one swap16:45
obinoops ... sorry swap is the third partition16:47
* obino gets it wrong all the time16:47
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sveissHi all, I was directed here from #ubuntu-classroom. I asked a question regarding kernel upgrades. We currently use the official maverick EC2 images, for which there's a kernel upgrade available. On the first boot of an instance (via a user data script), we do an apt-get dist-upgrade followed by a reboot to pick up the new kernel -- is this the best way to handle this?16:56
EvilPhoenixkim0:  question for you.  what's the minimum in terms of required resources to set up a private cloud?17:01
kim0EvilPhoenix: for UEC that would be 2 machinse17:01
kim0one of them at least has to have Intel VT virtualization extensions17:01
kim0EvilPhoenix: check out the install guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/CDInstall17:01
EvilPhoenixkim0:  thanks.  FYI, on that page, there's a broken image link :/17:03
EvilPhoenixabout 2/3rds of the way down the page17:03
sveissdid my question on kernel updates at boot about 20 minutes ago show up? I'm wondering if I hit an IRC line length limit, or am just being ignored *grin*.17:17
jero_id did, you did not wait long enough though17:18
sveissfair enough, I wasn't too sure on the wait etiquette here17:19
jero_sveiss: on ec2, the kernel is defined at instance creation time17:20
jero_your instance has an AKI attached to its properties17:20
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jero_so basically even if you remove the kernel files from /boot, you'll be able to boot anyway17:21
sveissThe AKI used by the Maverick AMIs is pv-grub17:22
sveissso it's loading the kernel from /boot on the images, but the kernel included in those images is out of date17:22
jero_then it's another story17:23
pweisswhat is the best way to set the instance hostname using cloud-init?17:23
jero_sveiss: sorry I misread you were using maverick17:26
sveissnp, and thank you for answering :)17:27
jero_sveiss: if you're using the default disk images, i believe there's nothing much you can do. maybe condition the reboot upon the installation of a newer kernel17:32
sveissjero_: yup, that's what we're doing currently in our first boot script17:33
kim0what's the problem ?17:34
kim0why not just apt-get upgrade && reboot ?17:34
kim0ah .. you're already doing that17:34
sveissthese instances are brought up automatically by Amazon's auto-scaling, so I'm trying to keep the boot time down17:34
kim0sveiss: check out kexec17:35
sveissthanks, I will do17:35
jero_smoser: I confirm that my m1.large instances stopped freezing randomly since I downgraded the kernel from 2.6.32-312-ec2 to an older kernel17:36
jero_smoser: (re monday's dialog)17:37
robbiewkim0: hey...any progress with x2go for UDS?17:38
kim0robbiew: I fired a couple of emails, didn't get replies though .. I'll start pestering them right now :)17:39
robbiewkim0: cool..thnx!17:39
kim0robbiew: will keep you updated17:39
smoserjero_, "an older kernel"17:43
smoserjero_, i would really like it if you could open a bug and explain that17:43
jero_smoser: yes that's what i'm doing currently :-)17:43
smoserit would seem that this is "regression release" if i understand you.17:44
smoserplease copy myself (smoser) and stefan-bader-canonical on bug17:45
kim0Yuvi_: hey17:55
kim0SpamapS: about ready ?17:56
kim0Yuvi_: so what's up17:57
Yuvi_for past one week i have been reading about ubuntu cloud17:57
Yuvi_its really really interesting17:58
kim0Yuvi_: join the club17:59
Yuvi_sorry, to which one?18:00
SpamapSNo streaming.. but sure. :)18:00
kim0SpamapS: awesome .. thought you were gone18:01
navanjrobino: I have been working thru this: i think i need to research the proper setup of images as it relates to the partitions...  can you share a link to get me going in the right direction?18:08
kim0Yuvi_: sorry man .. I got dragged following the new session18:12
Yuvi_Yes, its okay. Me too following the session18:13
kim0Yuvi_: hey .. if you want to start hacking on that python tool18:13
kim0Yuvi_: i'd recommend playing a bit with this tutorial first http://boto.s3.amazonaws.com/ec2_tut.html18:13
kim0Yuvi_: once you're at peace with boto and aws ..18:13
kim0ping me and I'll help you get started18:13
kim0Yuvi_: deal ? :)18:13
Yuvi_Deal ;)18:14
Yuvi_how much time i can take?18:14
kim0Yuvi_: whatever you want man :) it's your call18:15
kim0Yuvi_: probably a few days .. ping me back when you're comfortable & ready18:15
Yuvi_Yes, sure :)18:16
kim0Yuvi_: Awesome .. you're gonna knock em dead :)18:16
kim0Yuvi_: I'll jump back to the ensemble session now18:17
Yuvi_:) :) lets see18:17
kim0feel free to ping me anytime though18:17
Yuvi_its 11:47 PM here, I will catch you tomorrow :)18:18
Yuvi_do i need to explore the whole thing?18:19
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kim0Yuvi_: just that page18:20
kim0the ec2 tut one18:20
Yuvi_okay, cool !18:21
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kim0hallyn: o/18:52
kim0ready for your irc talk18:52
hallynwell i just last-minute had to set up a replacement demo machine on amazon (the rackspace one has a kernel that wont' suffice)18:53
hallynbut i think so18:53
navanjrcan someone help me understand the best practice for building my own ubuntu images for UEC19:23
navanjrshould i be creating it from a ubuntu install iso19:24
navanjror should i modify an existing published AMI19:24
navanjrcan i start an instance modify it and turn a snapshot into an ami?19:24
kim0navanjr: Hi .. yeah19:25
kim0navanjr: if you can wait .. tomorrow Scott is presenting a session on the details of that .. check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays19:25
kim0navanjr: instead of creating a full custom image .. I would advise booting a stock ubuntu image, then using cloud-init to do your needed customizations19:27
navanjrok ill get familar before tomorrow session19:28
kim0navanjr: great :)19:28
navanjrthanks! cya tomorrow19:29
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navanjri cant seem to locate the ubuntu users password on the console19:41
navanjrgoes by too fast and i cant pause it19:41
kim0navanjr: u should ssh by keys19:41
navanjralso it is not listed on the KVM serial console like suggested here... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images19:42
kim0navanjr: you can have the password set though19:43
navanjrkim0: I'm familiar with key injection, and user-data-file when launching my instance... but dont i want to run this image from my local KVM to get my changes made before i bundle?19:52
kim0navanjr: pass the kernel option .... ubuntu-pass=foo12319:53
kim0will make your password .. foo12319:53
crazeduec doesn't work well in a vpc :( tries to access the 10.x range of the uec repos20:04
crazeds/uec repos/aws repos/20:06
navanjrsorry wrong irc20:30
crazedit showed up as ********20:38
crazedyou must have typed your password20:38
patrickwAnyone running centos 5.5 VMs on Ubuntu (10.04) kernels?  I'm having an issue where it seems that my VMs can't load kernel modules when they first boot, but if I subsequently reboot them they work fine...20:52
patrickwActually, is seems as though they can't load kernel modules only on the initial boot process...  so I have services that fail, but if I either reboot -or- log in and start them manually they work fine.20:53
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