nigelbwhere're all the creative minds00:23
nigelbjcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UGJDay :)00:43
head_victimnigelb: nice lineup00:49
nigelbhead_victim: :)00:56
dholbachgood morning07:26
nigelbmorning dholbach :)07:37
nigelbdholbach: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJamBootcamp :)07:38
dholbachhi nigelb07:52
dholbachnigelb, NICE07:52
nigelbdholbach: :)07:54
nigelbmorning ara :)07:54
aramorning nigelb08:06
kim0dholbach: nigelb ara o/08:13
dholbachhey kim008:13
nigelbhey kim008:18
kim0Enjoying nice sun rays everywhere :)08:20
* kim0 remembers "Sun" ray product .. Awesome name if u ask me08:21
nigelbhola kim0 :)08:34
nigelbmornign dpm :)08:34
kim0dpm: howdy08:34
dpmmorning kim0, morning nigelb!08:46
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czajkowskiakgraner: want new AW 03 ?11:32
duanedesigndholbach: is the mindmap you used during UDS-N packaging sessions on line anywhere? It was the one you used to show all the different areas of Ubutnu Dev.11:47
dholbachhang on11:47
dholbachduanedesign, http://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/Things%20to%20learn.png11:49
duanedesignthank you11:49
dholbachde nada11:49
duanedesigndholbach: in the last few weeks we have had in increase in the number of people signing up for the Beginners Team who are interested in development11:50
dholbachwe need to talk about screencasts :)11:51
duanedesigndholbach: We need more mentors experienced in Ubuntu Development11:51
dholbachmentoring is a hard topic11:52
dholbachmostly everyone who does development is busy doing development11:52
dholbachyou can talk to huats about that11:53
duanedesignok, thank you11:54
huatsi am here :)11:54
duanedesignhello huats11:55
huatsHi duanedesign11:55
duanedesignhuats: i was just mentioning to daniel that the Beginners Team has had an increase in the number of people interested in Ubuntu Development11:56
huatsduanedesign, I can imagine that !11:57
huatsduanedesign, currently the mentoring effort is almost stopped11:57
duanedesignhuats: i am worried that we do not have enough mentors to help these people11:57
huatsI have try several times to restart it11:57
huatsbut without success so far...11:57
huatsit is the main problem...11:58
duanedesignwe have been working with the bug squad to better integrate the Beginners Team with their existing mentoring efforts. More or less unifying the two.12:01
duanedesignhuats: do you think a similar process with the MOTU mentoring program could help?12:02
huatsduanedesign, why ot12:02
huatsat least we could try it...12:02
* duanedesign nods12:03
duanedesigndholbach: we need to get busy on some screencasts :)12:16
duanedesigndholbach: i noticed you added to the packaging guide12:16
duanedesignmy first sttempt got derailed with some problems I had with testdrive12:17
duanedesignhuats: ok if i email you about the mentoring?12:35
huatssure duanedesign12:49
duanedesignsounds great, thanks12:50
dholbachduanedesign, we do14:24
dholbachduanedesign, which topics do you think we should cover first?14:24
duanedesigndholbach: i was thinking. Getting set-up and Finding opportunities for the first one14:37
dholbachduanedesign, what about the "general introduction to ubuntu development"? it'd be more a video than a screencast, but how do you feel about it?14:38
duanedesigndholbach: that would be cool if we could make some nice graphics.14:40
dholbachhum, how do we best do that?14:41
duanedesigndholbach: i have not made any animations on Linux. I have made plenty for work using flash(though I would want to use opensource software)14:41
jcastrodholbach: I need a good picture of dylan mccall, do you have anything embarrassing?14:42
dholbachduanedesign, another option would be to DO a screencast, but show a presentation in libreoffice14:42
nigelbI have to tweet that one :P14:43
dholbachjcastro, just a sec14:43
duanedesigndholbach: yes that would probably be good way to handle it14:45
dholbachduanedesign, ok, I'm happy to work on that one as I'm working on presentation material anyway14:46
dholbachduanedesign, shall we start a thread about the others ones to come up with "scripts" for the videocasts?14:46
duanedesigndholbach: some input on the seperating of the contents into managable chunks would be helpful14:48
dholbachthere's a ubuntu-screencasts mailing list right?14:48
popeythere is14:49
duanedesigndholbach: maybe once we start getting more specific with creating a script it will be more obvious14:49
dholbachI'm happy to start the conversation14:49
duanedesignsounds good14:49
dholbachso is it ubuntu-screencasts@lists.u.c?14:50
* dholbach nods14:51
duanedesigni guess a simple yes would have worked14:51
dholbachon it14:51
jcastrodholbach: we have a call today right?14:53
dholbachjcastro, 7m, no?14:53
dholbachduanedesign, sent14:54
dholbachduanedesign, I'll let you know once I'm done with the presentation material14:55
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dholbachhey Guest3138214:59
jono_dholbach, kim0, jcastro, dpm all set?15:01
jono_one sec15:02
kim0jono_: hey15:04
jcastrojono_: you'll have a new dee in 11.04 in about an hour, when you get that, upgrade, log out/in, and the lens should work16:01
jono_jcastro, ok16:03
jcastro"unity" in a terminal will also work, it just restarts unity16:03
jcastroif you don't want to lose work, etc.16:03
jcastro<--- off to lunch now16:03
czajkowskijcastro: can you fix the issue I have where unity just freezes :(16:07
popeyczajkowski: see your sound bug updated?16:09
jcastroczajkowski: the new compiz upload should fix that16:09
jcastroczajkowski: let me guess, crashing all weekend?16:09
jono_jcastro, compiz has been held back for a few days16:10
jono_is that normal?16:10
jcastroit was held back until last night16:11
jcastrobut it all needs to rebuild again16:11
jono_ok cool16:11
=== jono_ is now known as jono
jcastrowhich will trigger another unity rebuild probably16:11
jcastroso basically today is like a thursday, all new things16:12
jcastroqueue is about an hour on the builders, so say .... 3 hours or so before it's all sorted?16:12
jcastro<--- ok lunch for real now16:13
popey(only did that to see if I could get you back to the keyboard away from your lunch)16:13
popey /nick evilpopey16:13
jonojcastro, so new unity today?16:15
czajkowskipopey: no....16:21
czajkowskijcastro: it's been like this since I installed it over a week ago. will do some updates and see if it imporoves16:21
popeyczajkowski: there's been a comment on your bug16:24
czajkowskipopey: got a link.. please :(16:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 734427 in alsa-driver "[Realtek ALC660-VD] upgrade from Maverick to Natty causes loss of sound" [Undecided,Incomplete]16:25
popeypasuspender -- speaker-test -D plughw:Intel -c 2 -t sine16:25
popeywants you to run that16:25
czajkowskiaye wqill do that tonight16:28
czajkowskipopey: thanks16:30
czajkowskithe really annoying thing I find in natty atm is when I got to power down I keep hitting the other button where shut down used to be16:31
czajkowskiand also my default browser has changed to FF16:31
mhall119change it back16:39
czajkowskiI shouldnt have to on an upgrade it should go changing my defaults >:(16:40
czajkowskimhall119: but yes will have to16:40
mhall119I think it's something with the new FF4 package, I've seen others complain about it too16:40
mhall119possibly someone, in their haste to package it as soon as possible, didn't take it into account16:41
jcastrojono: it's just a rebuild16:42
jonojcastro, ok cool16:42
jcastrojono: when they upload a new compiz there's some ABI thing or something C++ blah blah16:42
jonoso not pulling from trunk?16:42
jcastroit makes me head spin16:42
jcastronot until thursday16:42
jcastrobut it's the same as thursday as in "your entire desktop will get upgraded today"16:43
jcastroso I went to the farmer's market to get a salad16:44
jcastrobecause I want to eat healthier16:44
jcastrobut I just had to have these so I bought a bag.16:44
jcastroanyway cheese is amazing, that's all I have to add16:45
popeywe have those in our fridge17:03
popeyand usually it falls to me to construct a small man out of the wax once the cheese is eaten17:04
popeywe had cheese for tea last night. just got a round of brie, put it in the oven (in its bamboo pot and some foil) and baked it for 30 mins ish17:04
popeythen oozed it all over crackers17:04
popey\o/ cheese17:04
dholbachalrightie - I'll call it a day - see you all tomorrow - HUGS!17:09
kim0UCD rocking with 220 attendees .. lovely :)17:10
* dholbach hugs kim017:10
dholbachgood work!17:10
* kim0 hugs dholbach back17:10
kim0Thanks everyone for the help17:11
jonokim0, :-)17:11
Technovikingjcastro: salad? what is this salad you speak of?17:19
jcastroTechnoviking: well, it did have meat on it.17:20
* czajkowski had wild bore at the weekend 17:25
czajkowskirather chewy and tasty17:25
* Technoviking is buying a new gas/wood smoker combo grill this weekend. 17:27
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jcastrowho's on 11.04?18:22
mhall119Technoviking: i love my smoker18:24
jcastrobest. changelog. ever.20:58
czajkowskijcastro: I'm on 11.0420:59
jcastroI'll have a lens for you in a minute!20:59
jcastroa dash thing20:59
jcastrowhat were called places20:59
* popey reboots into 11.0421:14
czajkowskipopey: sup21:47
jcastrook 11.04 folks21:47
jcastroadd that21:47
jcastroand then install unity-place-askubuntu21:47
jcastroand then log out and back in (or restart unity with "unity" in the command line)21:48
jcastroand you should be set!21:48
popeyal;t-tab crashes unity21:48
jcastroJoeb454: around?21:52
jcastroand/or Technoviking21:52
jcastropopey: czajkowski: ahh, compiz updates show up for me21:53
jcastrothis is supposed to fix all that21:53
popeyi updated mine just now21:53
Joeb454jcastro: what's up?21:55
jcastrosuggestions for this ranch hand guy?21:55
jcastroI mean, I could reply with "where are your bug reports?"21:56
jcastrothen he'll say he has none21:56
jcastroand even though I want to flame the guy for acting like an asshole maybe someone can talk to him?21:56
jcastroBasically he just trolls every Natty thread with his problems, but it's not condusive to fixing people's problems21:57
jcastroI can appreciate it doesn't work for him but he's really not helping anyone other than just making me hate reading21:57
Joeb454jcastro: I'll try and think up a nice reply but get you're point across21:57
jcastroI am pretty sure most of his problems are pebkac21:58
popeythats a little unfair21:58
Joeb454popey: what's a little unfair?22:02
popeyi have machines that flat out dont boot 10.04, thats not pebkac22:02
popeywhich is most of the point he's making22:02
czajkowskijono: we skyping ?22:03
* Joeb454 nods. I can agree there, but he could make his point better without being quite so passive-aggressive22:03
jonoczajkowski, it was an hour ago wasnt it?22:03
czajkowskialways at 10 no ?22:04
jonoczajkowski, just give me a sec and I will be free22:04
czajkowskino bother22:04
jcastropopey: well the guy is always posting his crackrock; I didn't just judge him based on that one post. It's his posting history22:04
popeyok, i only looked at that thread, sorry.22:05
jcastroone of those "well that never works so what you do is remove half the OS...." kinda things22:05
Joeb454his posts aren't over any sort of line, but I agree they could be better22:11
Joeb454they're quite passive-aggressive at the minute. I imagine the reply to my actions will be less passive, sadly :(22:12
jcastroI'm just saying, who would want to be involved in that discussion?22:14
jcastrohe's derailed the thread, and his problems have nothing to do with the topic22:14
jcastroit's the same thing we have in ubuntu-users, people not technically violating the CoC, but doing just enough to ruin participating for people22:14
Joeb454it's difficult to deal with. In fact, it's the one part of the forum I dislike the most, having to deal with cases like that. A lot of people can't see what they're doing, and you have to word everything so carefully to avoid the response you don't want to get22:16
Joeb454but yeah, it does spoil it for others, at the end of the day22:16
jcastroJoeb454: right, on the other hand you have people who are like "it's sad that ubuntu developers don't read the forums"22:18
jcastrowell gee, I wonder why! :)22:18
Joeb4546 of 1, half a dozen of the other ;)22:19
Joeb454there's partial blame on both sides of that, IMO22:19
Joeb454well, blame isn't the right word22:20
* jcastro blames popey22:23
Joeb454popey: are you in the same position as me? Most of the staff blame me if anything happens to the forum22:26
jcastroJoeb454: popey's in the same position, but for the entire project.22:29
jcastrobuttons on the left, popey.22:29
jcastroczajkowski: almost done building22:30
jcastrowhen it's done just a normal upgrade should bring it in22:31
nigelbgood morning :)22:32
jcastropopey: are you on 11.04?22:39
jcastroczajkowski's getting a crash but I suspect her mirror is out o date22:39

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