nagappanTheMuso, BTW, the combo box bug have been fixed by mgorse - FYI00:00
robert_ancellRAOF, wow, alt-tab is super crashy now...  See bug 74064802:28
RAOFrobert_ancell: Yeah.  I'm back in the classic session now.02:29
robert_ancellRAOF, are you using ATI or other?02:29
RAOFThere seem to be at least three separate crashers in alt-tab now, none of which are in the driver code.02:29
RAOFATI and intel.02:30
robert_ancellwhy is alt-tab so flaky?  It doesn't seem like that complicated a feature02:30
RAOFBut the crashers are in a glib closure that's not touching the driver stack.  Apart from the one which was in free() (!).02:30
RAOFI presume that someone's hooked some handlers up to alt-tab that aren't particularly tested.02:32
RAOFNotably this seems to only occur when unity's loaded.02:33
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pittiGood morning07:04
chrisccoulsongood morning pitti!07:11
pittihey chrisccoulson07:21
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?07:21
didrocksgood morning07:22
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks07:22
didrockshey chrisccoulson07:22
pittibonjour didrocks07:31
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti07:31
pittiback in ~ 1 h07:49
jasoncwarnerhey didrocks, around at all?08:24
didrocksjasoncwarner: sure08:24
jasoncwarnerdidrocks: morning :)08:24
jasoncwarnerhey...pitti and I were talking about what happens with ATI if the card/driver the person has won't run and what the default experience would be...figured we could talk through it if you didn't mind...08:25
didrocksjasoncwarner: shouldn't be the same than nvidia? (in theory)08:26
didrocksjasoncwarner: like the testing tool is failing08:26
jasoncwarnerso, my question was this...what happens if someone has an a card/driver combo that doesn't work...what will happen on boot for that person?08:27
didrocksso, we fallback to the classic mode08:27
didrocksthis is more a Xorg thing, right?08:27
didrocksI know that currently, on nvidia, it's ackward08:27
didrocksblack screen08:27
jasoncwarnerwell, I would think that if they can't run unity, yes, we would fallback to classic mode...but I was wondering about order of oeprations as well as initial experience for them08:27
didrockslike, you need the -96 driver for your card08:27
jasoncwarnerlike...do we try to boot unity...compiz crashes a couple of times and then we fall back'08:28
didrocksand you forced to the current08:28
didrocksxorg doesn't start08:28
didrocksjasoncwarner: no, that was planned, but unfortunately nobody had the time to tackle it08:28
didrocksI harrass the dx team for a month to at least, with have unity_support_test --compiz08:28
didrockswhich exist08:28
didrocksbut just trigger the same test than unity itself08:29
jasoncwarnerso perhaps it is worth talking through a scenario, just so I can get my head wrapped around it.08:29
jasoncwarner1. from talkign to people, I hear there is a nux test that will tell us if they can run compiz/unity...is that right?08:29
didrocksright, now, it just tell if you can run unity08:30
didrocksso it's either unity / metacity08:30
didrocksit's either unity - compiz / metacity - gnome-panel08:30
didrocksto be exact :)08:30
didrocksjasoncwarner: TBH, first test, I think we should ensure the testing tool is working fine08:31
didrockswhich isn't the case08:31
jasoncwarnerso lets say someone has an ATI card and fglrx. It happens that this combo doesn't run unity. What happens at boot?08:31
didrocksand nobody has time to finish it08:31
didrocksso, the testing tool should report "can't run unity"08:31
didrocks(or crash even…)08:31
didrocksin that case gnome-session go on "let's fallback"08:32
didrocksand the guy should have metacity and gnome-panel started08:32
didrocksthe thing to access that and ensure we have the exact same level08:32
jasoncwarnerdo they get a blank screen? a flicker? or does it appear to _try_ to load something and then fall back to GDM with a message saying "select classic desktop"?08:32
didrocksis that the unity test tools really test every requirement08:33
jasoncwarneror does it do it automaticallY?08:33
didrocksjasoncwarner: no, it's automatic08:33
didrocksok, let's me sum up08:33
didrocksthere are multiple case that I implemented :)08:33
didrocksso stock installation:08:33
didrockslet's say the the testing tool is perfect, it can detect unity/compiz/metacity08:33
didrocksyou log in08:34
didrocksthe testing tool tries unity08:34
didrocks"it can't" (crash/timeout or return 1)08:34
didrocksgnome-session fallback in compiz and gnome-panel08:34
didrocksfallback to a different UI, gnoeme-session knows that and prompt a message (will copy the message later)08:35
didrockstghen the testing tool tries compiz (<---- this is what is missing currently)08:35
didrocks"let's say it can't"08:35
didrocksso, we fallback to metacity + gnome-panel08:35
didrocks(no message here as the ui is exactly the same)08:36
didrockslet me show you the message08:36
jasoncwarnerso we really have three diff combos? Unity + compiz. Compiz + gnome-panel and metacity + gnome-panel?08:36
didrocks"It seems that you do not have the hardware required to run Unity. Please choose the Ubuntu Classic Desktop at the login screen and you will be using the traditional environment.08:37
didrockseven more :)08:37
chrisccoulsonpitti - well, i sort-of have swt-gtk working locally with webkit08:37
didrocksbecause if you install unity-2D08:37
chrisccoulsonbut i had to hack the binary ;)08:37
didrocks(which isn't on the cd by default)08:37
didrocksit will try unity + compiz08:37
didrocksif it can't08:37
didrocksit will fallback to unity2D + metacity08:37
chrisccoulsoni still haven't figured out why i'm seeing this problem08:37
didrocks(which is always supported)08:37
didrocksjasoncwarner: no warning message in this case as we have the same ui08:37
jasoncwarnerok...so (recapping myself :) )08:38
chrisccoulsonhi jasoncwarner08:38
chrisccoulsonhow are you?08:38
jasoncwarnerhey chrisccoulson...pretty good thanks! :008:38
chrisccoulsonpitti - if i replace the cltq instruction in http://paste.ubuntu.com/584176/ with 2 nop's, then swt-gtk magically works08:38
jasoncwarnerdidrocks: if they can't run unity, try compiz + gnome. If can't run compiz, enable metacity + gnome.08:39
chrisccoulsonwhich i think proves my point. now to figure out why gcc puts it there08:39
jasoncwarnerif Unity2d is installed, it becomes08:39
jasoncwarnertry Unity3d. If not, try Unit2d and then we are done b/c that will always work08:39
didrocksjasoncwarner: right, the only missing piece today is "testing compiz without unity"08:40
didrocksnot on gnome-session in the test tool08:40
jasoncwarnerand that is missing b/c we just haven't had time to finish/test it?08:40
jasoncwarnerso if that doesn't work/get tested, can we just default to "if not unity3d, if not unity2d, use metacity + gnome"?08:41
didrocksjasoncwarner: only dx opengl guys knows what's opengl req. for unity and compiz08:41
didrocksjasoncwarner: also, that requires that we are sure that all opengl req. are tested so that we don't get then a crash believing that the card support unity which isn't the case08:42
jasoncwarnerok...so we'll need to check with dbarth to see about getting that looked at..08:42
didrocksjasoncwarner: so testing there :)08:42
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didrocksjasoncwarner: yes please :-)08:42
jasoncwarnerabout how long would the rpocess take, start to finish08:42
jasoncwarnerif someone had to fall all the way back?08:43
didrocksjasoncwarner: the test tool has a bug that it can take 4s on some machine in the live session (I had to put the timeout for 5s)08:43
didrocksjasoncwarner: on my installed machine, it takes 0.7s08:43
didrocksso, in the worst case, it's 2x0.7s08:44
didrocksin the live, it's more of course08:44
jasoncwarnerabout 8-10s...ok...08:44
didrockson a live of course :)08:44
jasoncwarneryeah :)08:44
didrocksI tested on a netbook, can be quite embarrassing, 2x2s approx08:45
jasoncwarnerok...I think I have a handle on it now...08:45
jasoncwarnerbtw...that message you gave me earlier...where does the user see that? when they finally get into a desktop session?08:45
jasoncwarneror at gdm?08:45
didrocksjasoncwarner: right now, only in the desktop session08:46
didrocksjasoncwarner: that's a way we can explore later for OO I guess to get those sessions/fallback integated in the DM08:46
jasoncwarnerI like it better that they get to a desktop rather than make them select something in gdm first time in...no worries there...thanks!08:47
dbarthdidrocks, jasoncwarner: which additional gl reqs do you want us to test?08:48
didrocksdbarth: just that the --compiz option is wired up08:49
didrocksjasoncwarner: just not really possible today with gdm unfortunately08:49
didrocksdbarth: and ensuring that the tests in the unity initilization are the same than in the testing tool (not the case today)08:50
pittididrocks, jasoncwarner: I think our concern was what happens if the testing tool says "thumbs up" (e. g. the driver claims to have the capabilities), but compiz keeps crashing due to a bug08:53
pittichrisccoulson: *bowing to your assembly sk1llz*08:54
didrockspitti: well, not really differently than today if compiz is crashing because it's not supported08:54
jasoncwarnerpitti: yeah, good case... didrocks, what happens there?08:54
didrocksjasoncwarner: ^^08:55
pittichrisccoulson: that's "convert long to quad"?, i. e. destroys the upper 32 bits?08:55
didrocksmeaning you will see (still needs testing, respawn is under work and don't work with latest version as announced) compiz respawning/crashing08:55
didrocksbut that's already the case today08:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i'm losing the upper 32 bits of the pointer, which is making it crash later on08:55
pittichrisccoulson: do you know how that got in there, i. e. from which C operation? sounds like a typecast of some way?08:55
pittididrocks: right; I think it's a corner case really, it just came up in discussion08:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm not too sure yet, as the function is pretty much identical to all the others in that object file (and it's the only one which ends up with that cltq instruction)08:56
didrockspitti: TBH, I really want to address that in the long term. It just seems the ETOOMUCH for this cycle :)08:56
pittididrocks: no worries08:57
dbarthdidrocks: the --compiz is still not there?08:58
chrisccoulsonpitti - bug 740815 :)08:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 740815 in xulrunner-2.0 "[FFe] Updates to enable us to drop xulrunner from main" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74081508:58
chrisccoulsonit's actually quite a bit of work :(08:58
chrisccoulsoni might need a bit of help with some of that08:59
didrocksdbarth: it's there, but it's fake. it has the same test req. than unity08:59
dbarthdidrocks: ahhhhh09:00
didrocksdbarth: well, basically, it's not that bad with the test that way09:00
didrocksdbarth: it's just that the user has either compiz + unity or metacity + gnome-panel09:01
pittichrisccoulson: quite a long list :)09:01
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, it's longer than i thought ;)09:01
pittichrisccoulson: that's for xulrunner-2.0, not for -1.9.2, right?09:01
chrisccoulsonpitti - that's for both09:01
pittichrisccoulson: would it be a significant win to only get it half-done for natty? I. e. less porting work when we switch to ffox 5?09:03
chrisccoulsonpitti - the only issue is if we ship with it in main, we are sort-of committed to supporting it (and that would mean porting everything really, so we don't break universe)09:04
chrisccoulsonhmmm, is it only gwibber which keeps gnome-python-extras in main?09:04
chrisccoulsonit certainly looks like it09:05
seb128what is gwibber using from it?09:05
chrisccoulsonseb128 - python-gtkspell09:05
pittichrisccoulson: thanks for the analysis -- it is quite some work indeed, but it seems feasible; and it's nicely parallelizable09:05
pittichrisccoulson: g-p-e is pretty much obsolete by itself09:05
pittichrisccoulson: in oneiric, when we switch to gtk 3, we need to get rid of it anyway09:05
chrisccoulsonseb128 - the issue with having gnome-python-extras in main is that it keeps xulrunner in main (with python-gtkmozembed), and the only things using it are in universe09:06
chrisccoulsonwhich is the same situation i have with swt-gtk09:06
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, that's cool that it is going away then :)09:06
seb128if you want to get ride of it in main for natty duplicate the source09:06
pitticonfirmed, no other build/binary depends in main09:06
seb128stop building -mozembed from g-p-e09:06
seb128then add a g-p-e-universe which builds only that09:07
seb128it's a small cost09:07
pittiso for gwibber we'd need to build a .gir for libgtkspell, and then use that instead of the python binding09:07
chrisccoulsonyeah, i guess we could do that09:07
seb128pitti, you can mix pygtk and gi?09:07
seb128pitti, gwibber is not using gi09:07
pittiseb128: depends09:08
pittiyou can't mix gi.repository.Gtk with pygtk09:08
seb128well in any case that seems a next cycle sort of thing09:08
pittiyou can certainly mix e. g. gi.repository.GUdev with pygtk09:08
seb128it would require building the .gir and porting gwibber09:08
pittigtkspell links with libgtk, so it might be an issue09:08
seb128we better duplicate the source for natty09:08
seb128hey rodrigo_09:09
pittiseb128: i. e. build a python-gtkspell source?09:09
pittiand drop g-p-e to universe?09:09
seb128pitti, what I just wrote 15 lines before09:09
pittiah, sorry09:10
seb128<seb128> if you want to get ride of it in main for natty duplicate the source09:10
seb128<seb128> stop building -mozembed from g-p-e09:10
seb128 then add a g-p-e-universe which builds only that09:10
pittior that way around09:10
seb128I've no strong preference which way it's done, as long as things needed in main are still built from the main source09:10
seb128well I would go for that rather than starting porting things to gi for this cycle09:11
pitti  import gtkspell09:11
pitti  gtkspell = None09:11
pittiso in the simplest case we could just drop the spell check :)09:11
pitti(... dependency)09:11
seb128we could, be still it seems we have no reason09:12
seb128there is no issue with python-gtkspell09:12
pitti        self.spell = util.gtkspell.Spell(self, None)09:12
pittithat's the only call to gtkspell ever in gwibber09:12
pittiand self.spell is not used anywhere !?09:12
pittidpkg -L gwibber|xargs grep spell09:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 451374 in gwibber "gwibber is not spellchecking" [Low,Fix released]09:13
pittisame for grepping the entire source09:13
seb128suggests that spell checking is working though09:13
pittiah, it probably attaches itself to the gtk.TextView, nevermind09:14
pittiseb128: anyway, its API is tiny09:15
chrisccoulsonpitti - do you think you'd be able to fix that then? :)09:15
pittichrisccoulson: building a .gir should be easy09:16
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thanks :)09:16
pittichrisccoulson: but it requires porting gwibber to gtk gi as well09:16
chrisccoulsonoh, that's a bit of a pain i guess ;)09:16
pittiso it's not for natty, I'm afraid, we have to go with the source split09:16
chrisccoulsonok, that shouldn't be too much of an issue09:16
pittichrisccoulson: it's not a separate API, it basically provides an extension of Gtk.TextView09:17
chrisccoulsonis Sweetshark not around today?09:17
seb128the split is tiny cost09:18
seb128it's not like g-p-e had weekly uploads and those would need to stay in sync09:18
pittiseb128: I doubt that it will get a lot more releases in the first place09:18
pittiupstream has certainly ceased to work on it09:18
seb128right, I would really got the split in natty09:18
seb128we will go gi next cycle09:18
seb128seems that ported gwibber to gi now is calling for extra work and issues09:19
seb128that "porting"09:19
pittigwibber is quite large, porting would be quite an issue09:19
pittiand it's a lot harder to port to PyGI gtk2 than to gtk309:19
pittigtk3 pretty much just works now, but gtk2 is still a bit of a pain09:19
pittijust one week ago I committed http://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/commit/?h=gtk-2-24&id=6e178a69fc73b45f66fc511f7a274b8fefc2e2e7 which fixes more stuff (not even in natty yet), but we'll keep running into those09:20
pittichrisccoulson: so, I'm happy to help out with some bits09:21
pittijust not today; I really need to take "off" today to catch up with bureaucracy, I need to do the brainstorm review for tech board and the performance review stuff09:22
pittichrisccoulson: for gtk-vnc and friends, do you think it's cleaner to build against ffox-dev or copy headers? the latter sounds very .. unelegant09:23
* pitti fixes a broken crash bug and restarts the amd64 retracer09:24
chrisccoulsonpitti - we can build againt firefox-dev, but other npapi plugins (eg, totem) already include their own headers09:36
chrisccoulsonnpapi is cross-browser, so depending on firefox or xulrunner is quite a heavy dependency just to build a browser plugin09:36
chrisccoulson(a plugin which will work in any browser, too)09:36
pittichrisccoulson: what happens if e. g. ffox 5 changes the API/ABI? with firefox-dev it would fail to build, with header copies it would crash; the former seems better?09:36
pittior is npapi basically stable?09:37
chrisccoulsonpitti - npapi is pretty stable (i don't think it's changed for a long time)09:37
chrisccoulsonthat would break things like flash09:37
pittichrisccoulson: ok; my gut feeling is still that ffox-dev is better, if for nothing else than to avoid code copies?09:37
chrisccoulsonyeah, we can do09:37
chrisccoulsonas long as people are aware that we don't need to rebuild these plugins when we do a major firefox update09:38
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pittichrisccoulson: ah, you forgot to subscribe -release, so my first few comments went into the void09:42
chrisccoulsonpitti - oops :/09:43
pitti(no worries)09:43
chrisccoulsonsorry about that ;)09:43
pittichrisccoulson: I'll leave the evaluation of the libreoffice tasks to Sweetshark09:45
pittichrisccoulson: libmozjs is also a stable sub-API of xulrunner? i. e. it's by and large just a splitout?09:45
chrisccoulsonpitti, cool, thanks09:45
chrisccoulsonpitti - libmozjs isn't terribly stable, which is the motivation for decoupling it from the firefox release schedule (and upstream are even going to provide release tarballs for that too)09:46
chrisccoulsonthe official release tarballs just won't get the same frequency of updates as firefox09:46
chrisccoulsonie, we'll be able to support it for a LTS without needing to upgrade it09:47
pittichrisccoulson: for icedtea, that sounds like it wouldn't need the firefox bits at all, and just globally disable the xpcom stuff (which happens now anyway?)09:47
chrisccoulsonpitti - mozilla bug 628723 for the libmozjs stuff09:47
ubot2Mozilla bug 628723 in JavaScript Engine "Create JS 1.8.5 source release" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62872309:47
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, icedtea still needs the npapi headers though (but it looks like that's all it needs)09:48
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin,09:48
GunnarHjpitti: Struggling with bug 740754 and C syntax. A helping hand from you - or somebody else you suggest - would be much appreciated.09:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 740754 in gdm "Language selection for newly created user confusing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74075409:48
pittiGunnarHj: can you please subscribe me? I'm afraid I won't get to it today, but I'm happy to review the bug tomorrow09:49
pitti(or just ping other people, lots of folks here should be proficient with C)09:49
GunnarHjpitti: Ok, just subscribed you. Maybe I ask somebody else later, as well.09:57
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, turning on -Wall in swt-gtk helps a bit ;)10:06
chrisccoulsonwebkitgtk.c: In function ‘Java_org_eclipse_swt_internal_webkit_WebKitGTK__1webkit_1get_1default_1session’:webkitgtk.c:775:2: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘webkit_get_default_session’10:07
chrisccoulsoni should have done that  at the start ;)10:07
pittichrisccoulson: oh, might that be the reason for the invalid conversions?10:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i guess so10:07
pittichrisccoulson: as C implicitly assumes an int f(int) signature?10:07
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think that's going to be the problem :)10:08
pittichrisccoulson: wow, that seems serious enough to always warn about, not just with -Wall..10:08
chrisccoulsoni almost thought i wasn't going to be able to figure that out ;)10:08
* pitti ^5s chrisccoulson10:08
* chrisccoulson ^5s pitti too10:08
chrisccoulsonpitti - http://paste.ubuntu.com/584212/10:24
chrisccoulsonfixed \o/10:24
pittichrisccoulson: this is the kind of error which really should just abort compilation entirely :(10:25
pittiI see little point of assuming an ABI for an unknown function10:25
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm surprised that it doesn't already10:25
pittithe fun of C10:25
seb128the buildds fail the build on implicit declaration warnings10:34
seb128well they grep the build log for those and fail the build if there is some10:34
chrisccoulsonseb128 - the issue here is that there wouldn't have been any in the log10:34
chrisccoulson(as it's built without -Wall)10:34
seb128right, I was just pointing it ;-)10:35
chrisccoulsonwell, it's not built with any warnings enabled10:35
chrisccoulsonthat's probably a bug ;)10:35
Davieychrisccoulson, if it compiles, ship it!  That is my mantra :)11:06
chrisccoulsonheh :)11:13
GunnarHjseb128: Hi Sebastien, do you possibly have time to help with a C syntax problem in GDM?11:36
seb128GunnarHj, yes?11:37
seb128mterry, hey11:37
mterryseb128, hi!11:37
seb128mterry, how busy are you today? ;-)11:37
GunnarHjseb128: The attachment to bug 740754 explains the problem, I think.11:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 740754 in gdm "Language selection for newly created user confusing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74075411:37
mterryseb128, I can become busier. I was just about to dump eclipse (it's got too much to work on for natty, I believe -- will leave brain dump in bug)11:39
seb128mterry, ok, so https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bugs11:39
seb128mterry, mtp just opened quite some bugs, especially the location dynamic list is not working great11:40
seb128mterry, like it doesn't use translations, doesn't match things correctly11:40
seb128bug #74087011:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 740870 in indicator-datetime ""Location" auto-complete menu doesn't understand "london"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74087011:40
seb128bug #74087411:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 740874 in indicator-datetime ""Location" auto-complete menu doesn't know about San Francisco, USA" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74087411:40
seb128bug #74088411:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 740884 in indicator-datetime ""Location" auto-complete menu often offers duplicate suggestions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74088411:40
seb128mterry, etc11:40
mterryseb128, yup, those look like my bugs  :)(11:40
seb128mterry, karl seems to be busy enough with what is assigned to him11:40
seb128mterry, could you maybe try to tackle some of those today?11:41
seb128mterry, just pick anything in the list you feel like doing11:41
seb128mterry, the idea is to improve a bit the indicator ;-)11:41
mterryseb128, yup  :)  I'm on it11:41
seb128mterry, thanks11:41
seb128dbarth, ^11:41
kmanzoortoday upgraded from 7.10 to 8.4 - it was a great experience11:44
mterryseb128, what is this 'sniffles' tag?  :)11:44
seb128mterry, it's a design thing I think11:44
seb128you can try asking mpt11:44
seb128but seems like what design guys spot when they do a review11:45
dbarthseb128, mterry: cool, thanks; karl is also doing the triaging of the bug list at the same time; he's taking the string changes as a priority11:46
kmanzooris Hardy Heron still supported ? i checked this on wikipedia. On kubuntu page it said it is not spported but on the ubuntu page it is mentioned that it is still supported.  I want to install the restricted extra - meaning i want to have the adobe flash. Should i upgrade all the way to 9.10 or i can keep on running Hardy Heron ?11:50
mterrykmanzoor, it is still supported on Desktop until April11:58
mterrykmanzoor, server for longer11:58
kmanzoori am using desktop11:59
rodrigo_hmm, just upgraded and I get 'C++ compiler cannot create executables' error on configure11:59
mterrykmanzoor, but if you were to upgrade, I wouldn't recommend 9.10, you can jump right to 10.04, the new LTS11:59
rodrigo_any idea if g++ is broken or something?11:59
mterrykmanzoor, but this isn't the best channel anyway.  for support questions like that, try #ubuntu12:00
rodrigo_'Unrecognized option -qversion'12:00
kmanzoorok i joined #ubuntu12:01
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rodrigo_pitti, just got your mail about the nautilus folder view thing, so just to say that yes, I'm willing to do it :-)12:05
rodrigo_pitti, I'll read it in more detail in a bit12:05
dbarthseb128: pitti: i've updated the FFE request at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+2.0/+bug/73074012:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 730740 in gtk+2.0 "Provide support for dynamically loading the new overlay scrollbar feature" [Wishlist,Confirmed]12:09
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, i think i've got all swt-gtk packages ready12:12
chrisccoulsonDaviey, are you able to test euca, or is it broken to the point of not being testable?12:12
Davieychrisccoulson, I think it might be possible actually... The breakage we have now is starting an instance, but i don't think swt-gtk is related to that!12:13
DavieyIt's the web ui... so yes... should be able to test that12:13
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks12:13
Davieychrisccoulson, will keep you posted, thanks.12:14
seb128rodrigo_, no clue about the gcc error12:17
cyphermoxgood morning!12:18
seb128hey cyphermox12:19
seb128how are you?12:19
cyphermoxseb128, doing alright12:19
seb128cyphermox, did you get any upstream comment about your gnome-media work? I noticed the merge request but I'm not sure to understand enough about it to have an opinion12:20
cyphermoxseb128, no I didn't yet. I should go poke somebody on gimpnet I guess12:20
seb128did you file it on gnome-media or gnome-control-center?12:21
seb128did that code move to g-c-c this cycle?12:21
cyphermoxI think so yes12:21
seb128did you file it on g-c-c?12:22
cyphermoxseb128, the best way to understand what is going on is to start mumble without an external mic, then plug one in and try to switch the input device from gnome-volume-control, not mumble12:22
seb128it's likely that nobody is reading gnome-media bugs, they do read g-c-c ones though12:22
cyphermoxno, you're right, I filed it against gnome-media, 2.32 or whatever12:22
seb128try moving it to g-c-c12:22
cyphermoxseb128, yeah12:22
cyphermoxI'm getting a 500 now though ;)12:23
seb128or ping hadess on IRC12:23
seb128right, seems bgo is down since yesterday evening12:23
GunnarHjseb128: Will be away for an hour or so. Pls submit possible questions to the bug in the meantime.12:23
seb128ok, I noticed the mumble issue12:23
seb128GunnarHj, sorry I had it open in a tab but I had to run for lunch12:23
seb128GunnarHj, I will12:23
GunnarHjseb128: No problem, see you later.12:24
seb128GunnarHj, the issue is obvious in your example12:24
seb128GunnarHj, *language is a pointer pointing to nothing12:25
seb128GunnarHj, you need to allocate some memory and point to it12:25
GunnarHjseb128: Well, nothing about C is obvious to me. ;-)  How could it work in the separate script then?12:27
seb128GunnarHj, the small example segfaults there12:28
seb128you might be lucky and get the pointer hitting a memory address you can use12:28
seb128but that's only luck12:29
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
seb128chrisccoulson, bug #739497 is not a g-c-c issue right?12:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 739497 in gnome-control-center "firefox 4.0 is not default by default" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73949712:36
cyphermoxseb128, I pinged hadess, I'll see when I get a response12:37
seb128GunnarHj, hey again, did you see my comments before timeouting?12:37
pittirodrigo_: ah, great, thanks!12:37
GunnarHjseb128: No, I didn't.12:37
chrisccoulsonseb128 - the issue is that firefox is expecting to be default in gio and gconf, and we aren't setting /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http to firefox by default anymore12:37
chrisccoulsonthat check is meant to be disabled in firefox anyway12:38
seb128 GunnarHj, the small example segfaults there12:38
seb128 you might be lucky and get the pointer hitting a memory address you can use12:38
seb128 but that's only luck12:38
chrisccoulsonnot sure why it's enabled12:38
seb128chrisccoulson, why do we stopped setting the key?12:38
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, I'll try your idea and come back. Thanks!12:38
seb128chrisccoulson, I though we said we would still set both for compatibility reasons12:38
seb128that's what the capplet does12:38
chrisccoulsonseb128 - actually, i'm wondering whether we ever did. perhaps we only see it now because the default browser check is enabled12:39
seb128we did for sure12:39
seb128there was a .gconf-defaults changing the default12:39
seb128oh that's in gnome-vfs and got dropped12:39
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's now sensible-browser by default12:40
chrisccoulsonso, we should probably re-add that then12:40
seb128if you want to do it please do it12:40
seb128since you own gnome-vfs now ;-)12:40
chrisccoulsonsure, no problem12:40
chrisccoulsoni'll disable the check in firefox too12:41
chrisccoulsonit used to always be turned off12:41
pittichrisccoulson: great work! now hoping that it'll actually work with euca :)12:44
pittismspillaz: thanks for fixing the edge snapping and the shadow spillover!12:50
pittismspillaz: --geoemtry placement works as well again12:50
pittiI now lost all my compiz pet bugs!12:50
smspillazpitti: :)12:50
pitti(except for the crashes :) )12:50
smspillazpitti: the crashes?12:51
smspillazpitti: there's one more which will drive you insane if you aren't careful12:51
pittigot bug 740757 twice this morning after login12:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 740757 in nux "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_free()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74075712:51
smspillazoh, that's a nux bug12:51
pittismspillaz: we already have a workaround for the gvfs related one12:51
pittii. e. crash when plugging in a usb drive12:51
pittithat was the other one which wreaked havoc12:51
smspillazpitti: open gedit, open a find window, close it, notice invisible window12:51
pitti(but that was in unity)12:51
pittismspillaz: ah, indeed -- I haven't stumbled over that one at all yet (can reproduce, though)12:52
pittismspillaz: it doesn't happen with vi in the terminal :-P12:52
pittiI need to run out for about two hours; friend of mine defends his diploma thesis :)12:58
Amaranthpitti: actually --geometry and those other bugs are probably only fixed because we're using gtk-window-decorator again12:58
didrocksAmaranth: no, we are not with laltest upload12:59
didrockspitti: ensure you have the latest version with the unity-window-decorator13:00
Amaranthdidrocks: Oh, you already uploaded another one?13:00
didrocksAmaranth: 5 hours ago approx :)13:00
didrockssmspillaz was quick to fix the issue13:01
Amaranthdidrocks: Ah well unless he fixed more then the bugs pitti talked about should still apply with the latest upload then since they are unity-window-decorator bugs13:03
didrocksAmaranth: there are some fixes in it13:03
AmaranthI reopened the bug report about it but I couldn't reopen the unity task so I dunno if it was on your radar13:03
didrocksAmaranth: hum? the snap taking the shadow?13:04
AmaranthThat would be the reason --geometry doesn't work right too13:04
smspillazAmaranth: .... --geometry works fine here13:13
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* bcurtiswx waves to room13:33
bcurtiswxkenvandine, sorry I couldn't get tp-glib out quick enough :-\13:33
dobeymvo: hey. the thing that PackageKit and sessioninstaller don't handle is adding a new repository, right?13:44
rodrigo_a couple of branches up for review/merge/upload: https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/evolution/fix-717971/+merge/54526 and https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/nautilus/fix-662194/+merge/54337 so, can someone have a look please?13:45
mvodobey: yeah, that needs the normal aptdaemon system interface13:46
* rodrigo_ lunch13:46
seb128rodrigo_, will do13:49
seb128rodrigo_, did you get cosimoc to review the nautilus one? did you fix the default value thing we discussed yesterday?13:49
chrisccoulsonis there any equivalent of DEB_SRCDIR from cdbs in dh7?14:00
cdbschrisccoulson: check out man dh, maybe you can modify it in the call to dh $@ ?14:00
ricotzseb128, hi, i had a look at the new mutter source14:01
chrisccoulsoncdbs - man dh doesn't really say anything14:01
ricotzseb128, is it possible to enable arm builds in the gnome3 ppa?14:01
cdbschrisccoulson: dh $@ --builddirectory=DIR is what you need?14:01
seb128ricotz, not that I know about14:01
seb128ricotz, the virtual ppa don't do armel I think14:02
cdbschrisccoulson: ah, got it, its --sourcedirectory=14:02
chrisccoulsoncdbs, i'm not sure. i can try, but if that is the equivalent of DEB_BUILDDIR, then it won't work14:02
chrisccoulsonoh, thanks14:02
cdbschrisccoulson: dh $@ --sourcedirectory=DIR14:02
kenvandinebcurtiswx, sorry i took it over.. :)14:02
kenvandinebcurtiswx, but i needed it14:02
ricotzseb128, there are some "ppa like" which have this support14:02
ricotzseb128, ok14:02
seb128ricotz, non virtual ppas like the security team ones right14:03
seb128but those have higher security constrains14:03
ricotzseb128, yes14:03
seb128they don't set such ppas for random team builds14:03
bcurtiswxkenvandine, im guessing you didn't notice my bug report on it, sicne IIRC the bug report's still open14:03
ricotzok wasnt aware there are more types of ppas14:03
kenvandinebcurtiswx, oh... no i didn't14:04
chrisccoulsoncdbs - thanks, that looks like what i want14:04
chrisccoulsonthere's a reason i still use cdbs in firefox, this stuff is just so much easier there :)14:05
seb128kenvandine, can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~marcelstimberg/indicator-me/translator-comments/+merge/52346 ? it's pending for some weeks14:11
kenvandineseb128, yeah, it's on my todo list14:12
seb128kenvandine, bug #739319 might be worth putting on your natty list, it got 3 duplicates, seems for some reason the indicator fails to get the username sometimes, could be a race on session start14:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 739319 in indicator-me "unity-panel-service crashed with SIGABRT in g_simple_async_result_complete()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73931914:12
seb128kenvandine, one easy way would be to not g_error but to return when that happens14:12
kenvandineseb128, ok14:13
seb128kenvandine, thanks14:18
GunnarHjseb128: Tried your suggestion, but ...  I posted the latest code as a comment on bug 740754.14:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 740754 in gdm "Language selection for newly created user confusing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74075414:20
seb128kenvandine, no hurry for the crash but I will assign it to you14:22
seb128GunnarHj, no clue what is wrong, does it still crash?14:22
seb128mterry, not sure if you work on that but the location completion is suboptimal14:22
mterryseb128, k14:23
seb128mterry, like typing "Lon" lists "Kūh-e Sālon" first14:23
mterryseb128, you saying you didn't want that one?  :)14:23
seb128or "Pari" lists "Gioúpari"14:23
seb128mterry, ;-)14:23
seb128it should perhaps matches thing that start with what you type first?14:23
mterryseb128, probably14:24
mterryI believe ubiquity has same issue14:24
mterryexcept it will give london first for that particular query because of a different quirk14:24
seb128mterry, is that your reply to all issues in that code? ;-)14:24
seb128let's just blame it all on ev :p14:24
mterryseb128, yup!   spec said "do it like ubiquity"14:24
GunnarHjseb128: It depends on how you define "crash", but it freezes, and the field for typing the pw does not appear.14:26
seb128GunnarHj, sorry today is a bit busy with the beta freeze being tomorrow14:27
seb128GunnarHj, I don't really have time for that now but ping me again tomorrow if you didn't figure it out by then14:27
GunnarHjseb128: No problem; I'll get back to either you or Martin tomorrow, then.14:28
seb128nessita, hey14:30
nessitaseb128: hi there!14:30
nessitaseb128: how is it going?14:30
seb128nessita, I noticed that a new sso tarball got rolled yesterday, let me know if you need sponsoring14:30
seb128nessita, I'm fine thanks, what about you?14:30
nessitapretty, pretty good :-)14:31
nessitaseb128: and yes, you're a great magician, I need a sponsorship: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu/natty/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-client-1.1.12/+merge/5453114:31
seb128nessita, on it ;-)14:31
seb128nessita, well my magic trick is http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/versions.html14:31
nessitaI know, I have to apply for upload right14:31
seb128nessita, but don't tell anybody :p14:31
* nessita bookmarks14:32
rickspencer3seb128, not sure who to mention this to, but I did a dist-upgrade yesterday ... yesterday everything was fine, but this morning I had to manual start Unity14:33
rickspencer3kenvandine, it seems that Gwibber did not start for me when I started up today14:34
seb128rickspencer3, did you get a .crash?14:34
* rickspencer3 looks14:34
* kenvandine waits14:35
seb128rickspencer3, did you switch to french locale? it might be a strike day14:35
seb128i.e things refusing to start14:35
rickspencer3seb128, no, but I did log in as a different user last night, and in that user I use the classic desktop14:36
kenvandinerickspencer3, not of that should matter14:38
seb128rickspencer3, can you copy your .xsession-errors online?14:38
seb128rickspencer3, if you are still in the session where you had the issues14:38
cdbsdidrocks: Hi, looks like gimp doesn't have any internal mechanism to start the new image window from the command line. So should I make a dynamic quicklist?14:38
rickspencer3seb128, kenvandine bear with me, I'll get a chance to look at that soon14:39
kenvandinerickspencer3, no worries14:39
didrockscdbs: dynamic quicklists aren't wired in unity, so not for gimp14:40
rickspencer3seb128, there is a crash dump for compiz14:40
rickspencer3where do .xsession-errors go?14:40
cdbsdidrocks: but ultimately they will be, right?14:41
didrockscdbs: not for natty though14:41
cdbsdidrocks: wha? Dynamic quicklists won't work in Natty ? :(14:41
seb128rickspencer3, it's a file in your user dir14:41
seb128rickspencer3, please ubuntu-bug -c .crash14:41
didrockscdbs: patch welcomed :)14:41
didrocksif the crash is the one from this morning14:42
didrocksrickspencer3: ensure the crash is the one from this morning, first, ls -l /var/crash/*compiz*crash14:42
cdbsdidrocks: That's a nice Canonical way to get contributors to work on stuff :) That's the 3rd time someone has said that to me14:42
rickspencer3didrocks, yeah, I checked that14:42
didrockscdbs: heh, just jump in then :)14:42
rickspencer3dang it:14:43
cdbsdidrocks: okay, then14:43
rickspencer3Your computer does not have enough free memory to automatically analyze the problem and send a report to the developers.14:43
cdbsrickspencer3: I get that frequently14:43
rickspencer3not my morning14:43
cdbslooks like apport hogs up a lot of memory?14:43
* cdbs needs more ram btw14:43
rickspencer3seb128, shall I manually upload?14:43
rickspencer3I could ubuntu-bug compiz and then attach the crash file14:43
kenvandineweird, just tested a guest session and got no window decorations at all... but window management still worked fine14:44
rickspencer3kenvandine, that makes sense if just the decorator crashed14:45
seb128kenvandine, that's a known bug14:45
kenvandineusually i only get that when compiz crashes... then nothing works14:46
kenvandineseb128, ok14:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 730495 in compiz "unity-window-decorator doesn't start on secondary X session" [High,Confirmed]14:46
seb128kenvandine, ^14:46
kenvandineseb128, man you are always so fast with the bug urls :)14:46
cdbsseb128 is seb12814:46
* Amaranth tries to think of why that would happen14:47
AmaranthThe detection of other decorators and such uses properties on the X root window so that should be per-session14:48
seb128kenvandine, well, the awesome bar in firefox works great ;-)14:49
* kenvandine must not use it right :)14:49
seb128but yeah, you need so spend some time going through bugs and to had those open before to get them listed14:49
bcurtiswxyou'll all have to let me know if ffx4 > google, seems to still have java rendering problem14:49
seb128then you only need to remember keywords from the title ;-)14:49
bcurtiswxno no flash i meant14:49
seb128nessita, uploaded14:50
nessitaseb128: awesome, thanks14:51
nessitatedg: hey there, would you have some minutes to follow up in the messaging menu icon conversation from yesterday?14:51
tedgnessita, Sure.14:51
rickspencer3seb128, bug #74103014:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 741030 in compiz "compiz crash on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74103014:52
nessitatedg: so, you were saying we would need to patch something to have different icons, right?14:52
tedgnessita, Yeah, we need to patch indicator-messages so that it would auto-add the "-panel" name on the icon string so that they'd get replaced by the theme if available.14:53
tedgnessita, I think that makes sense to do overall.14:53
nessitatedg: is that doable or is that our of the question at this point in the cycle?14:53
didrocksrickspencer3: btw, there is a new compiz available since your update14:53
rickspencer3natch ;)14:53
tedgnessita, It's probably doable, but we'd need some freeze requests.  Should be a small patch though.14:54
tedgnessita, It's probably something we should convince the desktop team is important enough to grant those requests before spending time on.  (you know how they are ;) )14:55
nessitaI know they are awesome! :-D14:55
* nessita prepares the field14:55
rickspencer3didrocks, I thought I saw a new Unity in  my change mail yesterday14:56
rickspencer3is that *the* Unity for B1, or are you still planning a releast late tonight?14:57
tedgseb128, kenvandine, thoughts on adding "-panel" to application icons in the messaging menu and enabling fallback support there? ^14:57
seb128rickspencer3, release this night14:57
didrocksrickspencer3: no, it's not. We still plan for a late release14:57
didrocksrickspencer3: the new compiz is breaking the ABI of all plugins14:57
didrocksrickspencer3: so, I had to reupload all plugins to rebuild with the new compiz14:58
kenvandinetedg, no strong opinions14:58
seb128tedg, not before beta114:58
ogra_.oO( and doesnt build on arm )14:58
rickspencer3so is the Unity tonight just a rebuild, or are there new features/bugs as well?14:58
seb128tedg, let's merge was is pending today and deal with crashers14:58
rickspencer3didrocks ^14:58
nessitaseb128: I would need your input on the following: you mentioned a while ago that the control panel should have a monochromatic icon in the messaging menu. Turns out that, after some input from tedg, we realized we can't set specific icons for the messaging menu (the same, colorful icon defined in the .desktop file is used for the main menu, the launcher and the messaging entry). tedg says we could do something about it but that 14:58
nessitaahead with that?14:58
seb128tedg, we can do a ffe for that next week14:58
didrocksrickspencer3: juste a rebuild14:58
seb128nessita, ^ what I just replied to ted14:58
rickspencer3didrocks, so, theoretically, not too many bugs to fix in Unity before B1?14:59
tedgseb128, Yeah, I wasn't thinking for B1, just that we'd need the FFe and whether you'd be open to it.  The patch should be small.14:59
didrocksogra_: the doesn't build on arm is because a kde dep is broken on arm14:59
nessitaseb128: awesome. tedg, shall I file a bug?14:59
seb128rickspencer3, no, the one you got was a rebuild, they plan on rolling a new version at end of the day and didrocks will upload early tomorrow14:59
tedgnessita, Yes, please.14:59
didrocksogra_: I relaunched it this morning, still broken14:59
seb128nessita, yes14:59
ogra_didrocks, yeah, i saw that :/14:59
didrocksrickspencer3: well, the list is still opens14:59
rickspencer3I see14:59
rickspencer3didrocks, yeah, so new features and bugs14:59
ogra_(not the rebuild attempt but the kdelibs stuff)14:59
didrocksseb128: I wasn't clear enough on my explanation? :)14:59
didrocksrickspencer3: right15:00
rickspencer3didrocks, if there are too many bugs, can we roll back to what we got last night rather than trying to cram in lots of bug fixes at the last minute?15:00
rickspencer3(for the beta, I mean)15:00
seb128didrocks, <rickspencer3> so is the Unity tonight just a rebuild, or are there new features/bugs as well? -> <didrocks> rickspencer3: juste a rebuild15:00
seb128didrocks, no, that wasn't clear15:00
didrocksrickspencer3: we can reupload the current version, yeah, that will be a shame so15:01
seb128didrocks, tonight's is a new tarball, not a rebuild right?15:01
didrocksseb128: yeah15:01
rickspencer3didrocks, seb128 thanks15:01
didrocksrickspencer3: both nux and unity15:01
rickspencer3and didrocks, right, I don't *want* to roll back, obviously15:01
=== wers_ is now known as wers
ogra_didrocks, seems the majority of kde stuff vanished from http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/, should work now15:03
didrocksogra_: ok15:04
ogra_and someone apparently has given it back already15:04
cdbschrisccoulson: there?15:12
cdbschrisccoulson: With your next FF upload could you kindly incorporate debdiff attached to bug #741046 ? thanks!15:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 741046 in firefox "Please add unity quicklist item for 'new tab'" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74104615:14
pittiAmaranth, didrocks: ah, that's right, I don't have unity-window-decorator, but compiz-decorator and gtk-window-decorator running now15:14
chrisccoulsonit's not translated ;)15:14
didrockspitti: only in -0ubuntu115:14
cdbschrisccoulson: That's a roadblock? :(15:14
pittididrocks: running dist-upgrade again then15:15
didrockspitti: I uploaded this morning -0ubuntu2 as I got a fix for u-w-d crashes. So I resetted u-w-d by default15:15
chrisccoulsoncdbs - at this stage, yes. and i still need to think about what to do with launcher integration15:15
pittididrocks: (too bad, it works quite well with g-w-d :) )15:15
didrocksheh :)15:15
chrisccoulsonalso, you shouldn't use "firefox" in the desktop.in file. that will break in the nightlies15:15
rodrigo_seb128, yes, pinged cosimoc about the patch, he was going to review it, but bgo is down today, and yes, I fixed the default value thing and the removal of the description in the patch15:15
cdbschrisccoulson: I used it on the final one15:16
cdbschrisccoulson: I mean the -final.desktop.in15:16
pittididrocks: right, new compiz coming in now15:16
chrisccoulsoncdbs, yeah. it should be in all the desktop.in files really, and it shouldn't use "firefox" anywhere in those ;)15:16
cdbschrisccoulson: well, it has to15:17
seb128rodrigo_, ok thanks15:17
chrisccoulsoncdbs, it doesn't. we run all of those files through a preprocessor to substitute the correct values in15:17
chrisccoulsoncdbs, have a look at the Exec= line ;)15:17
cdbschrisccoulson: yes, got it15:17
cdbschrisccoulson: so, after this change you'll accept the debdiff? The translations issue?15:18
chrisccoulsoncdbs, the translations issue really needs to be resolved. we don't get many contributors for the desktop file (it's not translated in launchpad)15:19
chrisccoulsonso, if we upload an untranslated version now, it will almost certainly remain untranslated for final15:19
chrisccoulson(and in any case, i don't want to be doing dozens of firefox uploads to add new translations every couple of days)15:19
pittirodrigo_: thanks for fixing the evo bug! I can sponsor this15:20
rodrigo_pitti, ok, thanks15:20
cdbschrisccoulson: okay, fine. I am withdrawing the debdiff. Feel free to close the bug15:20
cdbsdidrocks: ^15:20
pittirodrigo_: meh, bugzilla.gnome.org is down; I guess you already closed the upstream bug?15:20
chrisccoulsoncdbs, don't do that ;)15:20
rodrigo_pitti, no, it's been down all day15:20
chrisccoulsonthe idea is fine in principle15:20
seb128pitti, can you sponsor the nautilus one as well while you are at it?15:20
cdbschrisccoulson: why?15:20
seb128pitti, I'm dealing with some fixes still I want to land before freeze15:21
chrisccoulsondpm - how do we get people adding translations to the firefox desktop file?15:21
pittiseb128: sure, it's in the sponsoring queue? I'll look15:21
nessitatedg: which project shall I file the bug in? (I'm with some delay due to concurrent conversations :-))15:21
cdbschrisccoulson: okay, then. I'll make the exec change15:21
seb128pitti, they are on top of http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/versions.html15:21
dpmchrisccoulson, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Wanted/FirefoxDesktop15:21
cdbschrisccoulson: And, the change has to go to all the desktop.ins?15:22
chrisccoulsondpm - thanks15:22
dpmnp :)15:22
chrisccoulsoncdbs - yes please. also see dpm's link there15:22
tedgnessita, indicator-messages15:23
pittiseb128: I only see a nautilus SRU on http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/15:23
seb128pitti, cf 9 lines before15:23
pittiseb128: I looked at versions.html, but it doesn't have branches or bugs or anything!?15:23
rickspencer3seb128, pitti, whoever knows GNOME programming - totally unrelated questions ... is there an API that I can use to modify the contents of the recently used files file, or should I parse and edit the XML?15:23
seb128pitti, click on the bzr icons15:24
* rickspencer3 wants to create a book marks editor 15:24
pittiooh, there15:24
seb128pitti, np ;-)15:24
seb128pitti, the issue is that those are against team vcs so they are not showing up on  the sponsoring queue15:24
seb128it's another side issue of not using udd15:24
pittiseb128: shall I do the others as well?15:24
seb128pitti, if you want that would be great, thanks!15:25
pittiseb128: ah, eog adds multitouch, I'll skip that (FFE, and previously discussed to only go in PPA)15:25
seb128pitti, ok, they raised it yesterday, they had a dual binary build which added a new variant for universe15:26
pittior that15:26
seb128pitti, but we agreed on either getting a ffe and patching the main binary or use a ppa for natty15:26
seb128pitti, no, not "or that"15:26
seb128pitti, they need the build-depends in main anyway, so they need it promoted15:27
pittiah, ok; so PPA then for natty, as before15:27
seb128pitti, if they do we can as well upload was in the merge request today15:27
seb128otherwise it's the ppa15:27
seb128rickspencer3, http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/unstable/GtkRecentManager.html15:29
rickspencer3thanks seb128!15:29
seb128rickspencer3, yw15:30
didrockspitti: FYI, DBO just added some info on bug #73760115:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 737601 in unity "Restore MT support in Unity" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73760115:32
pittididrocks: tahnks15:32
rodrigo_pitti, ugh, seems I've removed the mail about the nautilus thing, can you please forward it?15:32
pittirodrigo_: bounced15:33
rodrigo_ok thanks15:33
cdbschrisccoulson: Okay, posted question about it on ubuntu-translations, attached improved debdiff15:34
chrisccoulsoncdbs, excellent, thanks15:34
* cdbs g2g15:34
nessitatedg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-messages/+bug/74106815:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 741068 in indicator-messages "Please support the use of a specific icon" [Undecided,New]15:35
rodrigo_pitti, ah, I didn't remove it, just evolution couldn't find it, but anyway, thanks for forwarding :)15:38
pittirodrigo_: no problem :)15:38
pittiseb128: ok, all branches on versions.html handled, except eog15:48
seb128pitti, thanks a lot15:48
seb128ok, it's mterry's fault, I knew it! ;-)15:56
mterryseb128, wait what?  :)15:56
seb128mterry, gnome-panel clock's broken15:57
seb128mterry, seems because your backports in g-s-d changed the polkit interface15:57
mterryseb128, hah15:57
seb128mterry, I'm fixing it ;-)15:57
mterryseb128, thanks15:57
chrisccoulsonha, my daughter has just discovered that felt-tipped pins make pretty patterns on the sofa16:14
pittiseb128: looking at the xulrunner transition bug, I can claim some bits (like gtk-vnc); did you want to work on the g-p-e split?16:15
pittior want me to look at that as well?16:15
seb128pitti, I can do but probably not today16:16
chrisccoulsonpitti - hopefully i will have a libmozjs source package later16:17
chrisccoulsonwill i need to do a MIR for that?16:17
pittiseb128, chrisccoulson: if you want I can tackle this right now16:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - sure, feel free to take any items from there :)16:17
pittiI'll move the performance review stuff to Friday, in the freeze16:17
pittichrisccoulson: ok, starting with that then16:18
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thanks :)16:18
m4n1shpitti: check your mail. Mailed you my initial reply16:18
seb128pitti, well if you want feel free16:18
seb128pitti, i'm still fixing gnome-panel issues I want to land before the freeze16:19
pittiseb128: yes, that's great16:19
pittiseb128: just coordinating :)16:19
pittiI've got spare cycles now, so checking what to work on now16:19
pittim4n1sh: wow that was fast :) looking forward to the discussion16:20
m4n1shyeah, looks possible except we need to patch gtk probably16:20
m4n1shnot sure16:21
m4n1shgtk patching should be avoidable16:21
pittichrisccoulson: MIR> it's not new code, is it? just taking out the js bits from xulrunner and dropping the rest?16:26
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, it's just basically the js/src folder from firefox16:28
pittichrisccoulson: so, no MIR necessary -- in fact, it's a De-MIR :)16:29
Sweetsharkpitti: I just uploaded a version 3.3.2-1ubuntu1~ppa1 to my personal ppa. debian has not yet released it (although it is already tagged in SCM), and it needs one package update (which I circumvented by using LOs own version for now).16:32
kenvandineseb128, can you sync tp-logger?16:32
seb128kenvandine, yes16:32
kenvandinewas just uploaded this morning16:32
pittiSweetshark: (on phone, bbl)16:32
seb128kenvandine, where?16:34
kenvandineprobably experimental16:34
seb128kenvandine, there is nothing in http://packages.qa.debian.org/t/telepathy-logger.html and http://incoming.debian.org/16:34
seb128kenvandine, it seems it's not uploaded yet16:36
kenvandineseb128, ok, i'll check with sjoerd16:36
kenvandinehe told me it was16:36
seb128kenvandine, pochu just tagged it in the debian git half an hour ago16:36
seb128kenvandine, so I guess it will be soon16:36
seb128kenvandine, I will sync it when it hits the upload queue16:36
didrockspitti: thanks for the FFe16:37
kenvandinemaybe he jumped the gun a little :)16:37
pochushould be in by the next dinstall, yes16:39
kenvandinethx pochu16:39
pittiSweetshark: do you want me to sponsor that then?16:44
Sweetsharkpitti: lets see: is this critical for the ui freeze tommorrow? if not, maybe its better to wait for debian as it wont be long.16:51
seb128mterry, ok, stupid question but do you see why the code in http://paste.ubuntu.com/584370/ stopped working?16:52
seb128I don't get a org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.DateTimeMechanism on the system bus in d-feet16:53
pittiSweetshark: does it change UI?16:53
pittiSweetshark: tomorrow is also (by and large) beta freeze16:53
mterryseb128, we might be emitting an error now?16:53
mterryseb128, print out the contents of error->message16:53
mterryseb128, unless you're saying it doesn't even get that far?16:53
mterryseb128, it appears on demand and then goes away16:53
mterryseb128, so you won't see it on d-feet unless you talked to it recently16:54
seb128oh ok16:54
seb128mterry, let me try that16:54
Sweetsharkpitti: it reenables the launchpad integration (which is adding 3 menupoints).16:54
seb128mterry, thanks, now it's obvious :p16:56
seb128Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: Action org.gnome.settingsdaemon.datetimemechanism.settime is not registered16:56
seb128so it's indeed the patch in gsd16:56
mterrynot registered?16:56
pittiSweetshark: as it builds for about 3 days on armel, it's "by tomorrow morning" or "not for beta"16:56
seb128mterry, settime got dropped16:56
seb128mterry, it's org.gnome.settingsdaemon.datetimemechanism.configure now16:57
mterryseb128, oh right, all integrated into one16:57
seb128mterry, I just need to figure what refers to settime still16:57
seb128mterry, seems a gsd bug16:57
seb128mterry, I'm back on track thanks16:58
Sweetsharkpitti: in that case, I would say: lets see if it builds in the ppa on x86/amd64 and sponsor it then. Sounds good?16:58
Riddellhello ubuntu desktop people, please pick a preferred way to get appmenu-qt support  bug 73330917:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 733309 in qt4-x11 "Qt applications are not able to use the AppMenu." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73330917:18
pittiSweetshark: deal :)17:27
seb128Riddell, hum, I vote for having qt to recommends it17:28
seb128Riddell, it's the only pratical thing to do if we don't want to pull libqt in the default ubuntu installation17:29
seb128since appmenu-qt depends on qt17:29
Riddellok, I can add that in the next upload17:29
Riddellseb128: should gtk recommend appmenu-gtk then?17:29
seb128I'm fine doing that17:30
seb128hum, though we might check with xubuntu and others17:30
seb128Riddell, what happen to qt applications if appmenu-qt is installed but there is no appmenu renderer17:31
seb128like if you use xfce17:31
Riddellseb128: then the normal inline menu is used17:33
seb128mterry, http://paste.ubuntu.com/584398/ is the fix to my issue for the record17:39
mterryseb128, isn't there already a patch 34_* that does that?17:40
seb128mterry, if there was I wouldn't have been tracking the bug on natty :p17:40
cdbschrisccoulson: I've modified the debdiff on the bug according to a capitalization suggestion from dpm . Just notifying you, in case you've already downloaded it17:40
seb128mterry, the 34- fixed check_polkit_for_action ()17:41
chrisccoulsoncdbs, thanks17:42
chrisccoulsonmaaan, i hate debian/copyright17:42
seb128mterry, that's another similar issue, anyway patch fixes it confirmed, I will upload and upstream that17:42
cdbschrisccoulson: should I give dpm the go-ahead for translations? or should I do that after the upload?17:42
chrisccoulsoncdbs, you can do that now17:42
seb128rodrigo_, hey17:43
rodrigo_hi seb12817:43
seb128rodrigo_, is gnome code frozen yet?17:43
rodrigo_seb128, yes, I think 2.91.92 was code freeze17:43
rodrigo_let me check17:43
mterryseb128, awesome, thanks17:44
seb128rodrigo_, I've just fixed gnome-panel clock applet can_set_time now working, it was due to g-s-d, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/584398/17:44
seb128rodrigo_, I will bugzilla the fix for now then17:45
rodrigo_seb128, well, that can go in I guess17:45
rodrigo_seb128, let me know the bug # when you file it please17:45
seb128rodrigo_, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64560317:50
ubot2Gnome bug 645603 in plugins "incorrect polkit action for can_set checks" [Normal,New]17:50
rodrigo_seb128, ok17:50
pittiseb128: ^ so we'll also get rid of the libgnomeui-dev, libbonoboui2-dev, and other stuff :)17:51
seb128pitti, great17:52
kamusinfolks, do you know if there is an issue with some formats of current documentation.. seems like yelp is doing something wrong with some packages (for example banshee - nautilus if you press F1)18:01
nessitaseb128: is your crystal ball telling you something about me needing a new sponsorship? :-)18:16
seb128nessita, ok, I can see that, yes!18:16
nessitaand that would cover all UI changes to the control panel18:16
pittiseb128: bah, gnome-python-extras doesn't even build any more :/18:17
seb128pitti, did some apis changed?18:17
pitti/home/martin/ubuntu/build-area/gnome-python-extras-2.25.3/./gtkmozembed/gtkmozembedmodule.cpp:10:32: fatal error: gtkmozembed_glue.cpp: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden18:17
pittior that isn't getting built any more18:18
seb128why am I not surprised?18:19
seb128it probably needs to be updated for a recent xulrunner18:19
pittiseb128: it already has a patch from chrisccoulson for porting to xulrunner-2.018:19
pittihttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/62959641/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-amd64.gnome-python-extras_2.25.3-7ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz says that this was in /usr/include/xulrunner-2.0b10/gtkmozembed_glue.cpp18:21
pittichrisccoulson: ^ does that ring a bell? seems to have disappeared18:22
pittichrisccoulson: is that a packaging bug, or is it actually gone?18:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - heh, that will probably be a packaging bug18:22
chrisccoulsonpitti - where is that included from?18:23
pittichrisccoulson: gnome-python-extras python-gtkmozembed module18:24
pittichrisccoulson: I just made a comment to the bug18:24
pittichrisccoulson: it's not that urgent, I can demote g-p-e without dropping the binary as well, but it would be cleaner18:25
pittichrisccoulson: at least the splitout is uploaded now18:25
chrisccoulsonthanks, that's awesome :)18:26
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|break
pittichrisccoulson: I'll take gtk-vnc as well if you want, but not today any more -- time for Taekwondo18:28
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks for your help :)18:29
chrisccoulsoni've nearly got a libmozjs package ready \o/18:29
pittichrisccoulson: will you discuss the libreoffice bit with Sweetshark?18:30
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, sure18:30
pittibah, gtk-vnc package is busted -- robert forgot bzr merge-upstream18:35
jcastropitti: we have a nice community contrubution here that we forgot about but ken assures me that it's low risk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-me/+bug/74116318:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 741163 in indicator-me "Add support for Emesene2 chat client" [Undecided,New]18:36
jcastroan FFe for this would be highly appreciated!18:36
seb128kenvandine, mterry, tedg: I'm not sure I like this ubuntu-geoip server thing18:36
seb128seems like half the issue are due to it18:36
seb128pitti, he did screw gvfs the same way this week18:37
seb128pitti, the new version diff was reverted by the source v3 patch18:37
mterryseb128, you mean geonames (different than geoip)18:37
seb128ups, yes18:38
seb128mterry, I especially don't like the "don't have any translated name"18:38
seb128it's just screwed18:38
mterryseb128, yeah.  :(  I'm surprised that so many issues exist, since we introduced this in 10.10's installer18:38
mterryThought they'd have been shaken out18:38
seb128I'm wondering if we should switch to use libgweather18:39
seb128but it seems late in the cycle to do that18:39
kenvandineseb128, so the issue is the result the server gives us?18:39
seb128kenvandine, yes18:40
kenvandinei thought we postponed using geonames?18:40
seb128kenvandine, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-geonames18:41
seb128kenvandine, those are the issues mterry reassigned to geonames today18:41
seb128bug #729022 is the one which makes me unsure if we should switch18:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 729022 in indicator-datetime "Locations in the settings are not localized" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72902218:42
seb128not sure who is maintaining geonames and how well18:42
seb128but seems a design flaw there18:42
kenvandinefor populating the selector18:42
kenvandinei see18:42
mterryseb128, I believe the data exists, it's just a matter of grabbing it from our server.  evan dandrea wrote the code we use, and IS pushes it live18:43
seb128mterry, ok, so it's not relying on launchpad that's something ;-)18:44
seb128not that I don't trust the launchpad guys to get work done, but if you wait on them you might wait a bit18:44
mterryseb128, I talked to ev about it earlier today, we're not sure how easy it would be to fix the translation thing18:44
mterryseb128, should we assign to him?18:44
seb128mterry, I'm pinging him on #ubuntu-devel, not sure if he's still around18:44
seb128mterry, yes please18:44
pittichrisccoulson: oh, gtk-vnc was easier than I thought, uploading :)18:48
chrisccoulsonpitti - cool, thanks18:48
pittioh, packagekit is already taken18:49
pittiok, gotta run now -- see you tomorrow!18:49
* bryceh waves bye to pitti18:55
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GortuHello everybody!19:04
GortuI have a question. I'm one of the authors of libpolo, an educational graphics library (http://code.google.com/p/libpolo/). I've read the packaging guide, but it is still unclear how to become a MOTU. Could somebody please help me out?19:06
tedgIn Launchpad lib how do you turn a link into an Entry?19:36
tedgbryceh, ? ^19:36
tedgGortu, Well, you need to do some packaging.  Probably best to talk to the folks in #ubuntu-motu as they can help you get started.19:37
Gortuthnx a lot! :D19:37
seb128Gortu, hi, try #ubuntu-motu19:39
seb128ups, that was mentioned before19:40
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
ari-tczewGortu: you don't need to be MOTU to create a Debian package for libpolo.19:50
Gortutedg and ari-tczew: I got that! Thanks. I'm working on the package, and then I'll see what comes next!19:51
brycehtedg, not sure I follow the question19:52
ari-tczewGortu: for packaging question you can look for help on #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-packaging19:52
brycehtedg, do you mean like if you have a link to a bug report, how to get the corresponding launchpadlib Bug object?19:52
tedgbryceh, I've got an Entry that has an attribute "milestone_link" but I really want an milestone object.19:52
brycehtedg, just ignore the "_link" bit, and call my_entry.milestone19:53
brycehit'll automagically transmorgraphy it into a milestone object19:53
tedgbryceh, Oh, okay.19:53
brycehtedg, don't forget to check for None19:54
tedgbryceh, Well this is a release.  It can't not have a milestone or there's a DB error :-)19:55
brycehfair enough; I've seen enough LP weirdness that I'd put the check in anyway, but it's your script ;-)19:56
tedgbryceh, Actually I'm going to propose this to be merged into ubuntu-dev-tools...19:57
* tedg notes to not put bryceh on the review19:58
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seb128robert_ancell, hi22:23
pittihey robert_ancell22:26
pittiseb128: ah, want to talk about --merge-upstream? :-)22:26
seb128pitti, I had that on my list, I wanted to send an email the other day about gvfs and I forgot22:26
seb128I also wanted to point bug #72915022:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 729150 in libappindicator "libappindication crashes in gtkstatusicon code on update" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72915022:27
seb128there is a patch from ted that needs sponsoring, would be nice to get in beta because some indicator behaviour relies on it22:27
seb128(though it's fallback only)22:27
* pitti unscrews gtk-vnc22:27
didrocksmerge-upstream? mu for lazy people ;)22:27
seb128it's just that it's getting late and I will probably not build and test it before going to bed22:27
seb128didrocks, you are the only lazy around it seems ;-)22:28
robert_ancellseb128, pitti, hey22:28
pittirobert_ancell: how are you?22:28
pittilong time no see!22:28
robert_ancellpitti, indeed!22:28
robert_ancellmust be getting near release, 'cause you guys are awake at crazy times22:29
seb128pitti, I did uncommit and push --overwrite for gvfs22:29
pittiseb128: ack22:29
seb128robert_ancell, ^ if you have a gvfs checkout do pull --overwrite22:29
seb128robert_ancell, you screwed it by not using merge-upstream, the new version diff got reverted in the packaging by the source v322:29
pittirobert_ancell: same for gtk-vnc; I fixed the branch now22:30
seb128robert_ancell, and yeah, having a few sources in different format is confusing22:30
robert_ancellseb128, you always have to do a pull --overwrite?22:30
seb128robert_ancell, not always, but for gvfs merge-upstream wouldn't run on your broken commit so I did uncommit, revert and did it properly22:31
seb128robert_ancell, but it means the official vcs diverted from your version22:31
seb128if you just pull it will get confused22:31
pittirobert_ancell: same for gtk-vnc, please pull --overwrite, as I had to do the same22:31
robert_ancellwell, I'm certainly confused22:31
seb128robert_ancell, you handled it like it was debian dir only in the vcs22:32
pittirobert_ancell: about --merge-upstream or --overwrite?22:32
seb128where it's full source22:32
robert_ancellI'm a little worried how flaky UDD seems to be22:32
seb128robert_ancell, in full source checkouts you need to bzr merge-upstream tar.gz22:32
robert_ancellI always just (intend to) do a merge-upstream22:32
pittiit's actually not flaky, just different22:32
seb128robert_ancell, bzr merge-upstream ../gvfs... --version ...22:32
seb128robert_ancell, it will commit the code update in your checkout22:33
seb128robert_ancell, your commit had only a debian dir update22:33
pitti(not actually commit yet, just update)22:33
robert_ancellpitti, it seems very easy to confuse it - I tried to do a merge-upstream on libnotify4, and it complained there was no upstream-*oldversion* tag.  But the log showed there was22:33
pittiafter that you do dch, and debcommit the thing22:33
seb128robert_ancell, well, not all checkout are using merge-upstream format22:33
pittirobert_ancell: I think it relates that to the pristine-tar branch22:33
seb128like autoimports are not22:33
pittiseb128: they do22:34
seb128ok, I ran into broken cases as well then22:34
pittiall lp:ubuntu/pkgname branches have pristine-tar, full source, and thus --merge-upstream22:34
pittiseb128: yeah, sometimes22:34
seb128we had cases were we had to tag it manually to start or to convert them to work22:34
didrocksseb128: sorry, was testing compiz respawn in a guest session22:35
seb128but those were old dx vcs I think; so maybe not autoimports22:35
didrocksseb128: we'll rediscuss the "lazy" term once you will use bzr merge-upstream 10 times a week :p22:35
seb128robert_ancell, can you handle sponsoring of bug #729150 today?22:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 729150 in libappindicator "libappindication crashes in gtkstatusicon code on update" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72915022:36
seb128robert_ancell, it's a patch from ted, should be ok, it's just that it's late now for me to start a gtk build22:37
robert_ancellseb128, sure22:37
seb128robert_ancell, thanks22:37
seb128bah, I forgot about bug #70323022:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 703230 in pango1.0 ""rm: cannot remove `/usr/share/doc/libpango1.0-0': Is a directory" when updating to 1.28.3-4" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70323022:38
seb128^ if someone wants to pick that one today feel free22:38
seb128I will do it tomorrow otherwise22:38
seb128it should be a matter to add a if [ -d ... ] rmdir in the preinst22:38
chrisccoulsonpitti - https://launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/+archive/xulrunner-universe-transition/+buildjob/2340284 :)22:39
pittichrisccoulson: yay you!22:39
chrisccoulsonpitti - xulrunner-1.9.2 should drop from main now ;)22:39
seb128robert_ancell, btw, shotwell build-depends on libgnomevfs2-dev, wth? it's 2011! ;-)22:39
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, one of the plugins22:39
pittichrisccoulson: sorry, gtk-vnc upload was rejected, your latest upload didn't make it into bzr; all fixed up now22:39
chrisccoulsonrobert_ancell, the above link might be interesting to you too (for the board)22:39
pittichrisccoulson: still shepherding the python-gtkspell build on armel22:40
chrisccoulsonpitti - oops, sorry about that22:40
pittiit failed on powerpc because apparently gtk isn't installable on ppc22:40
seb128robert_ancell, you won bug #740274 as well btw, it's low priority though22:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 740274 in shotwell "on Natty, resize grip overlaps zoom icon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74027422:40
pittibah, armel as well22:40
pittigtk fail22:40
chrisccoulsonthese resize grips are a bit of a pain aren't they? i keep seeing windows where they overlap other UI elements22:41
pittispeaking of overlapping, the unity launcher doesn't go away any more :/22:41
pittiI keep running into that22:41
seb128kenvandine, btw did you see my xchat-gnome ping yesterday?22:42
seb128kenvandine, http://git.gnome.org/browse/xchat-gnome/commit/?id=be95811135169b16d108448117c71dbe7386f25422:43
seb128kenvandine, you could be interested to backport that one22:43
seb128kenvandine, in case you get bored and want to try that, it could be nice22:43
kenvandinewell i did just mention i was done for the day22:44
kenvandineso i am wide open to do it now :)22:44
seb128RAOF, howdy22:45
pittiah, atk didn't build on armel/powerpc yet, that might explain my trouble22:46
seb128pitti, do you have any opinion bug #72543422:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 725434 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "something (libcairo2) causes a significant 'across the board' memory use increase with -nvidia loaded" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72543422:47
RAOFseb128: 'ello.22:47
seb128pitti, see comment #15 for a summary22:47
seb128RAOF, hey, how are you?22:47
kenvandinesigh... compiz keeps crashing everytime i try to download that patch22:47
TheMusopitti: afaik there is not that hard a dependency on atk from gtk...22:47
seb128RAOF, ^ I want to chat about that bug22:47
kenvandinethe nice thing is compiz restarts now :)22:48
seb128kenvandine, does it? it doesn't work for didrocks or me22:48
kenvandineit is for me right now22:48
RAOFseb128: I'm ok.  A bit tired, really.  Time for coffee :)22:48
didrocksseb128: it did some time for now, but really not reliably22:48
pittiTheMuso: arch all/any desync -- see http://launchpadlibrarian.net/67121987/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-armel.python-gtkspell_2.25.3-7ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz22:48
kenvandine3 times i've tried to copy the url so i can paste it into wget22:48
didrocksseb128: on some sigsegv22:48
kenvandineand it goes boom22:48
pittiTheMuso: it makes libgtk2.0-dev uninstallable22:48
seb128didrocks, ok22:48
TheMusopitti: ah of course.22:48
RAOFseb128: What do you want to know about that bug?22:48
didrocksthe new patch I just uploaded works way better now22:48
pittiTheMuso: it has a hard dependency on the arch:all -data package22:49
pitti(I guess it wouldn't need to)22:49
seb128RAOF, I guess 1- would be "do you think that's something that need to be adressed for natty"22:49
pittiI rescored the builds now22:49
TheMusoWorth looking into.22:49
seb128RAOF, and if the reply is "yes" the second would be "what do you recommend doing"22:49
seb128pitti, ^ interested by your opinion as well22:50
pittiseb128: I read the summary, but I'm afraid I know too little about this stuff to have an opinion?22:50
seb128pitti, well it's basically due to cairo being built with the unstable gl backend for wayland22:51
seb128pitti, so one option would be to roll that out and keep wayland in a ppa for natty22:51
seb128pitti, though bryceh put efforts to get it in universe and didn't seem happy about the though22:51
TheMusopitti: Actually, libatk1.0-data is interesting, as it only contains locale data, which of course is stripped out to be included in language packs.22:51
TheMusoSo at the end of all that, libatk1.0-data only contains doc files.22:52
pittiTheMuso: so we probably could drop the dependency altogether22:52
* TheMuso ponders whether its worth dropping libatk1.0-data, and carrying that change in ubuntu.22:53
RAOFWoah!  IRC lag!22:53
TheMusopitti: Right, I'm pondering that now.22:53
pittiTheMuso: as long as we have some other delta anyway, it might22:53
pittiTheMuso: but don't worry too much about it now22:53
TheMusoI'm not, but certainly something to ponder in the future.22:53
TheMusoI'd say that will be the last atk upload for this cycle.22:53
RAOFseb128: So, it depends on how much we want the gl backend enabled.  I don't think it'd be feasible to work-around this problem for natty.22:54
TheMusoAtk atm doesn't get very frequent upstrea releases.22:54
RAOFseb128: As for whether we should do something about it - it's pretty obnoxious to needlessly bloat the memory size of every process that links to cairo by 5MiB (on amd64 - on i386 apparently this can be as big as 15MiB).22:55
RAOFseb128: So it's “how much do we care about the nvidia binary drivers vs. how much do we care about cairo-gl”22:56
seb128RAOF, do you have any better suggestion than roll back on cairo gl and put wayland in a ppa for natty?22:56
waltersRAOF: 5MiB writable?22:56
seb128RAOF, well my view on our numbers of nvidia users against wayland users is easy22:56
seb128RAOF, but I don't want to undermine the efforts put on wayland or get in the way of other people work22:57
seb128so it turns to be rather a political decision than a technical one to me now22:57
RAOFseb128: Longer term this could probably be solved by having cairo dynamically load backends on use, but that's not feasible for natty.22:57
seb128like the technical decision seems obvious22:57
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pittiI agree22:58
seb128RAOF, right, I'm just suggesting rolling back on cairo-gl for natty and putting back when we open next cycle22:58
pittibryceh: as this touches you most, what do you think?22:58
RAOFYeah.  I think that's the most sensible solution.22:58
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pittibryceh: it's a pretty big setback, I agree, but if we can't solve that :(22:59
RAOFwalters: 5MiB dirty.22:59
brycehpitti, it seems like throwing the baby out with the bathwater23:00
RAOFMore ouch is someone reported 15MiB dirty (for *gnome-terminal* )23:00
brycehfor as much effort as it took to get this in, it's really disappointing.  It's going to make people think, "Oh, yeah wayland really isn't ready, I won't look at it for another 6 months"23:01
pittibryceh: that's why I'm asking -- better ideas much welcome23:01
RAOFWell, we *could* ask nvidia why they're dirtying so much memory in their libGL.23:01
pitticould we build two libcairo libraries, one with gl, the other without, and have wayland depend on the gl-enabled one?23:01
jcastrokenvandine: test23:02
jcastrokenvandine: test23:02
jcastrokenvandine: test23:02
jcastro(sorry guys, helping ken test)23:02
seb128jcastro, you know you can test in query right?23:02
jcastrohe told me in here23:02
seb128ok ;-)23:02
kenvandineok, that patch doesn't work23:02
kenvandinei tried in a query first23:02
kenvandinei'll look at it a bit more later, i need to eat23:03
kenvandinelater folks...23:03
kenvandineseb128, you get some rest!23:03
seb128see you kenvandine23:03
seb128yeah, I will in a bit23:03
kenvandinewe'll have fallout to deal with tomorrow :-D23:03
brycehpitti, it seems like a chicken and egg situation...  before anyone will start porting gtk and making apps work, you have to show wayland works and is packaged and ready; but we're kicking it out because there's no apps to use on it23:03
* kenvandine hopes not23:03
kenvandinejcastro, thx for testing23:04
brycehpitti, anyway, I guess if no one else cares about wayland, just kick it out.  Some day we can look at wayland again I guess.23:04
pittibryceh: two cairo variants wouldn't work for that?23:04
brycehpitti, afaik it would23:04
RAOFCan we actually make two cairo variants work?23:04
seb128bryceh, it's not that no one care, it just seems the cost is higher than the benefit for natty23:05
brycehI was maintaining a forked libcairo in a ppa previously but it was a PITA to keep it up to date with libcairo changes in trunk.  I don't really want to have to do that23:05
RAOFActually, I guess we could quite easily.23:05
pittiwe would need a libcairo2 (without GL) and a libcairo2-gl, and update the shlibs accordingly23:05
pitti$ apt-cache rdepends libcairo2|wc -l23:05
seb128well the issue is that gtk etc depends on libcairo223:05
pittihm, that's a whole lot of package rebuilds, though :/23:05
seb128that and provides are not versionned23:05
pittiseb128: another trick would be libcairo2-gl depending on libcairo2, and diverting the library23:06
pittithat would avoid a mass rebuild23:06
seb128bryceh, well maintaining a ppa during an unstable cycle or for a stable distro is not the same work, natty will not likely got a lot of cairo uploads23:06
RAOFWe could throw libcairo2-gl somewhere else; it's only used for wayland at the moment.23:06
seb128we will put it back when next cycle start23:06
pittiRAOF: wouldn't the actual apps need it as well?23:07
pittiRAOF: I can't believe that _only_ wayland would need libcairo23:07
pittibryceh: no, I don't mean a separate source package, just an additional binary23:07
RAOFpitti: Yeah, but it'd be a matter of LD_LIBRARY_PATHing for binaries in a single package.23:07
RAOFpitti: For natty, and then we fix it properly for O.23:08
seb128right, having wayland sessions tweaking the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or doing some LD_PRELOAD should work23:09
pittiseb128: i. e. libcairo-gl would install an /etc/ld.so.conf.d/00-libcairo-gl.conf ?23:10
pitti(to ensure that it comes first)23:10
seb128pitti, wayland would23:10
seb128or libcairo-gl23:10
pittiseems more robust than setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH23:10
seb128either would work23:10
pittiseb128: I think libcairo-gl, as it knows where it installs itself23:11
seb128pitti, well, you don't want to preload the gl backend under xorg23:11
seb128do you?23:11
pittiseb128: well, it'd only happen if you install libcairo-gl, and then you actually might want it?23:11
seb128hum, fair enough23:12
seb128that would work for me23:12
pittibut I'm not fussed about wayland setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH or using ld.so.conf.d23:12
RAOFYeah.  It's quite concievable that X apps might want to use cairo-gl for their own nefarious purposes.23:12
seb128well the easier would be to keep in a ppa for this cycle, maintaining a stable ubuntu ppa is not a lot of work23:12
seb128it's likely less work that changing cairo to double build binary and wayland to preload things23:13
AmaranthRAOF: latest mesa uploads to edgers appear to have fixed my issues with sandy bridge and unity23:13
seb128then to revert in a few weeks when next cycle open23:13
RAOFAmaranth: Yay!  Hurray for Sarvatt!23:13
Amaranthstill no EGL/GLES love though :/23:13
Amaranthoh, also, smspillaz, I love you23:14
Amaranthunity-window-decorator doesn't break my OCD snapping anymore :)23:15
seb128RAOF, bryceh: could someone mention the nvidia issue to the nvidia guys to start?23:16
pittichrisccoulson: I take mozvoikko as well23:16
chrisccoulsonpitti - cool, thanks23:16
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure how well you will get on with that, as i might need to make changes to the firefox-sdk for that23:16
chrisccoulson(although, i'm not too sure yet)23:17
chrisccoulsoni'll add bits to the SDK as and when we need them ;)23:17
chrisccoulson(like pkg-config files etc)23:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - are you still working? ;)23:18
pittichrisccoulson: I wanted to get gtk-vnc out of the way, and now at least ensure that atk builds everywhere, to unblock python-gtkspell, gnome-media, and other uploads23:19
RAOFseb128: Yeah, we should do that.  bryceh - you've got more direct contact with the nvidia guys, want to do that?  Or should we ask Alberto to mention it?23:19
pittichrisccoulson: my wife's away, and I can just sleep in tomorrow :)23:19
chrisccoulsonheh :)23:19
chrisccoulsoni'm just about to test couchdb against libmozjs now23:19
pittibryceh, seb128, RAOF: so are we in agreement with the libcairo-gl multi-build solution? (and adding that new dependency to wayland)23:20
brycehRAOF, alberto works with them a bit more closely but yeah I can take care of sending a notice about it23:20
seb128pitti, I'm fine with it, I think it would be easier to just have a cairo build in a ppa for natty than rewritting the packaging to drop it in a few weeks but I can understand some people prefer to keep wayland in universe23:21
brycehpitti, I think that sounds like a great compromise23:21
seb128i.e I will be ok with anything that solve the issue for the default install23:21
RAOFbryceh: We could probably leave it up to Alberto; it's not urgent.23:23
brycehRAOF, ok, then I'll take the action to give him the background on the issue23:23
SarvattRAOF: that means he was hitting the amd64 tls problem23:23
seb128bryceh, RAOF, pitti: thanks23:23
brycehseb128, pitti, RAOF, thanks23:24
RAOFSarvatt: Ah, ok.  Well, that should get fixed when the patches get applied upstream then pulled back into edgers, I guess.23:24
* Sarvatt nodw23:25
Sarvattit'll be nice not to have a 24MB usr/lib/nvidia-current/libnvidia-glcore.so.270.30 in my initrd because of cairo-gl if that gets reverted :)23:26
Sarvatt(thanks cairo and plymouth)23:26
pittichrisccoulson: I need to call /usr/lib/firefox-devel-4.0/sdk/bin/xpidl for that; do I get /usr/lib/firefox-devel-4.0/sdk/ from any pkg-config-ish thing?23:27
pittichrisccoulson: or shoudl I hardcode the path?23:27
pittichrisccoulson: ah, nevermind; pkg-config --variable=sdkdir firefox-plugin23:27
chrisccoulsonpitti - ah, yeah, that should work23:28
brycehRAOF, emailed alberto23:33
brycehRAOF, I'll let the wayland guys know too23:34
robert_ancellwhat package provides the bluetooth indicator?23:35
pittichrisccoulson: right, it's a lot harder than gtk-vnc, but at least there's progress ;)23:39
brycehseb128, I've sent notification to wayland and to NVIDIA (via alberto).  Can you also forward the bug to libcairo, in case it happens to be a bug in the gl implementation?23:43
* bryceh shuts down for some hardware futzing23:44
RAOFIt's not a bug in cairo-gl.23:45
RAOF*Any* app which links against nvidia's libGL gets the memory usage.23:46
pittichrisccoulson: did you happen to see this before? http://paste.ubuntu.com/584545/23:48
pittichrisccoulson: I can't make head or tail of it, as all the line numbers there are totally bogus23:49
pittichrisccoulson: mozVoikko.cpp:28 is #include "mozVoikkoSpell.hxx", which is still correct; but mozVoikko.hxx:25 is "#define NOCAP   0"..23:50
pittiand /usr/include/firefox-4.0/nsStringAPI.h:1058 is an assertion about sizeof(wchar_t)23:50
pittichrisccoulson: if not, I'll try to dig deeper, but maybe that's a common trap23:51
chrisccoulsonpitti - hmm, i've not seen that one before23:51
pittichrisccoulson: ok, thanks23:51
pittichrisccoulson: ah, bug 515872  :)23:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 515872 in firegpg "firegpg FTBFS: xulrunner.../nsStringAPI.h: size of array 'arg' is negative" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51587223:53
* pitti shamelessly steals from Kamal's branch then23:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, was mozvoikko using one of the xulrunner pkg-config files before?23:54
pittichrisccoulson: yes23:54
chrisccoulsonwe define -fshort-wchar there ;)23:54
pittipkg-config --cflags libxul (and --libs)23:54
pittichrisccoulson: ah, but not in firefox-plugin.pc23:55
chrisccoulsonyeah, firefox-plugin (and mozilla-plugin) only really exist for finding the npapi headers23:55
pittiok, one step further, to the next failure23:57
pittiat least I'm in the link stage now :)23:57
pittipkg-config --libs firefox-plugin23:58
pittiah, that's empty23:58

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