moylanpot tat toe00:42
Lmull3-ClrMstrBUTTERNUT SQUASH! D=<00:43
Sansui350AI blew up ubuntu by jamming the VMware ESXi tar.gz in it.. um.. how derp'd is my server do ya think?00:43
Sansui350AI seriously did this... I'm SOO afraid to reboot that wreck'd install..00:43
Sansui350Athough if it's hosed... ArchBang's going on it.. anyway.. thought I'd post that for the laughs00:44
Sansui350Aall sysadmins do some dumb shite every so often... you know?00:44
moylanhow else do you learn?00:44
Sansui350Adata's safe and backed up.. and the stuff on the boot drive is being backed up 'fore I reboot it00:45
Sansui350Abut it was SO funny.. once it's backed up, I'mma reboot it and see if ESXi comes up on boot00:45
moylanlast year i bought a 1.5tb drive and spent a 3-4 days transferring all my media to it only for it to die the day after everything was moved.  fun times.00:47
Sansui350Amoylan, Segate?00:49
moylanyup.  only found it was a common problem for that make afterwards.  it just got slower and slower.00:50
Sansui350Ayup, Segate's aren't that safe.. too many "issues" recently00:51
Sansui350AI'm cautious as to what I burn $$$ on these days00:51
moylani've been using computers for so long i have had every brand fail on me sometime.  seagate is now in my naughty box until bumped out by another drive manufacturer. :-)00:51
* Sansui350A likes Samsung and Hitachi00:53
Sansui350Aand 2.5 WD A/V Drives00:53
Sansui350Abut no other WD's.. unless they're older00:53
* Sansui350A is a biast meh'd brick though00:53
moylanhave a samsung netbook.  won't be buying another one soon.  didn't notice till after i bought it that / and \ are beside each other on keyboard.  unforgiveable! :-)  especially when i have windows and linux on it as that causes extra \ / confusion.00:55
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Sansui350Amoylan, I like their F3 1TB HDD's and USED to like their CD/DVD drives.. their lappies are nice though02:42
Sansui350Aanyway.. off to SL02:42
infoturtlehello all, I'm back online again :D16:04
infoturtleoh it's sweet to have internet back again but now I must rush work, this limerick UGJ venue is still unconfirmed and need to get this done now!16:07
infoturtlehey ebel16:15

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