cong06hey ebel!15:46
ebelHow are you?15:47
cong06I'm good!15:47
ebelgood good15:49
ebelplaying with open source machine translation, apertium15:49
ebelYou can translate things offline on the command line http://www.technomancy.org/language/apertium-command-line/15:49
cong06I'm not sure how I feel about the online interface...16:25
cong06oh, I guess the commandline interface is quite a bit better though16:25
cong06they don't have swahili...16:27
ebelit's open source, so you have to make your own16:35
ebelit's from a spanish university, so it has loads of spanish languages16:36
ebelIt doesn't have irish, our native language either.16:36
cong06well, I'm tempted to start one for swahili, but I'm not sure I trust my swahili...16:40
ebelyou're swahili not so good?16:47
cong06not really :/16:48
ebelwell, better than nothing...16:49
ebelMy irish is also terrible. I'm going to try to work on the irish one16:49
ebelI'm a big believer in 'worse is better'16:51
cong06than nothing?16:51
ebelcf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worse_is_better16:51
ebelmost 'it must be perfect' systems never deliver and are always under development16:51
ebeleven linux was like that16:52
ebelit was initially "just for fun" and "nothing big and professional"16:52
cong06I'm still reading the article (super slowly)16:55
cong06but are you talking about this?: http://xkcd.com/844/16:55
cong06ok. that makes sense.17:00
cong06this would be a more "open source" alternative17:00
cong06where the code needs to be readable so others can more easily edit it17:01
ebelwell not really.17:05
ebelIn closed source software, they still need to have readable code.17:05
ebelSince they have to maintain it.17:05
cong06yeah. true.17:05
ebelHowever I believe that if you have something that's half working, there will be more volunteers,17:05
cong06oooh, than if you have something that doesn't work at all17:06
ebelif you're paying people, you can tell them to work on the code/translation, so it doesn't matter if they aren't enthusiastic17:06
cong06because some user wants to make it perfect17:06
ebele.g., if there was a half done swahili translation, but there was a few mistakes, you'd probably be much more likely to submit a few patches to make it work.17:06
cong06that's true. half the reason is I'm too lazy to figure out how to start the project >.<17:07
ebelyeah apertium has some bad documentation. Lots of hunting around :)17:08
cong06I'm rather confused by his discussion at the end (http://www.jwz.org/doc/worse-is-better.html) about C++...17:13
cong06on one hand he's arguing for worse-is-better using C++ as an example17:13
cong06on the other he's saying that C++ sucks.17:13
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