DrDetroitwell there is something i didnt notice before00:04
DrDetroitin the 28 kernel, even if my load goes above 100 its still peppy and responsive, not sluggish at all00:05
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DrDetroitmy load average is now 1.6300:12
DrDetroitstill pretty peppy00:12
DrDetroitso i dont know if this will help, but00:25
DrDetroitwhen running the 29 or 30 kernels it would bog down and the load would rocket with just 2 terminal windows open00:26
DrDetroitin the 28 kernel, it took me openingup 10 apps to get the load to 1.60 and even then it was peppy00:26
DrDetroityou could tell it was under some load but performed decently 00:26
psusiwhen building my own kernels for testing, they are quite large.  what do you have to do to have the debug symbols stripped to cut the size down to a reasonable level?00:57
jjohansen1psusi: they are stripped if you go through the regular ubuntu build processes01:06
jjohansen1DrDetroit: kernel.ubuntu.com/~jj/linux-image-2.6.32-29-generic_2.6.32-29.57~lp740549_i386.deb01:07
jjohansen1download that01:07
jjohansen1and install it with dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.32-29-generic_2.6.32-29.57~lp740549_i386.deb01:08
jjohansen1then you can reboot, hold down left shift key to select it from the grub menu01:08
jjohansen1and let me know how it performs01:08
psusijjohansen1, I'm just doing the old make ; make install way from my git tree01:17
DrDetroitok let me copy those instructions down 01:18
DrDetroitok got it downloaded01:27
DrDetroitwill try installing it now01:27
DrDetroitok it says it installed01:30
DrDetroitwhen i choose it , will i be choosing
DrDetroitor is it the longer name01:31
DrDetroitjjohansen1: will i be choosing 1.6.32-29-generic or 2.6.32-29-generic_2.6.32-29.57~lp740549_i386.deb01:32
DrDetroitok its all set to reboot01:33
DrDetroitI guess I will just find out when i see the menu01:33
DrDetroitback shortly with a report01:33
DrDetroitjjohansen1: ok i am rebooted01:39
DrDetroitwill give this a test run01:39
DrDetroitso far i have seen a 2.10 load but still works ok01:39
DrDetroitmy update manager says there is a kernel update of 2.6.32-29 i will ignore that one01:40
DrDetroitso far so good01:44
DrDetroiti will let it run for a bit on its own01:45
jjohansen1yeah the versioning stuff is a bit weird01:50
jjohansen1I'll assume it is good and start building the next one01:50
DrDetroiti think its ok01:51
DrDetroiti will activate my other screensaver 01:51
DrDetroiti can usually see it slow down then01:51
DrDetroiti am not sure how many of these i can do tonite01:52
DrDetroitI am an old man and fall asleep easily01:52
DrDetroitok got hypertorus on a 10 min screensaver01:53
DrDetroitturned it to 3min01:53
DrDetroitthat should give us a excellent idea01:53
jjohansen1DrDetroit: np, we can stop when ever you want, though there are only 4 or 5 left01:54
DrDetroiti will try and do them if i can stay awake01:54
jjohansen1I'll try to make sure they coming as fast as possible01:54
DrDetroitits ok01:55
DrDetroittake the time you need01:55
DrDetroitand I am not your only concern i bet01:55
DrDetroitdont forget family and work etc01:55
jjohansen1DrDetroit: no, but its fairly easy to kick off a new build, and then let it run while I do something else01:57
DrDetroitI copied and pasted your instructions, it worked very well, thanks01:57
jjohansen1also as we zero in most of the kernel will already be built and the incremental compiles can go fast01:57
DrDetroitI am 60, but i still enjoy computers01:58
* DrDetroit chuckles01:58
jjohansen1case in point, new kernel up same place, same instructions :)01:59
jjohansen1hehe, well may dad is 70 and he enjoys them too01:59
jjohansen1DrDetroit: just in case you missed ^02:00
DrDetroitsame name?02:03
jjohansen1yep, it will install right over the old one02:05
DrDetroitok getting it now02:05
jjohansen1I could bump the name if you want, but this leaves less mess for you to uninstall02:05
DrDetroiti think its cool that yhour dad likes computers02:05
DrDetroitdownloading now02:06
DrDetroitand installing02:08
DrDetroitand rebooting02:13
DrDetroitback shortly02:13
bjfogasawara, around?02:13
jjohansen1bjf: unlikely she started pretty early today02:17
bjfjjohansen1, that's what i figured but i thought i'd check anyway02:19
DrDetroitjjohansen1: ok got it running02:28
DrDetroitI think, if its ok with you, I will run this for awhile02:28
DrDetroitI know that sometimes when I rebooted the machine, it took a bit for the problem to appear02:28
DrDetroitbut I will remain logged in here02:28
jjohansen1sounds good02:29
DrDetroitmaybe we could continue tomorrow?02:29
DrDetroitI can be here in the morning, or whatever time you are here02:29
DrDetroiteven later on this evening02:29
jjohansen1DrDetroit: sure what ever time you want to be around02:30
DrDetroitI live in Arkansas so am on Cental time02:30
jjohansen1DrDetroit: heh, well I am west coast but run real weird schedules so I am around just about any time, and if I am not around I can hand off to sconklin02:31
DrDetroitok all set up02:33
DrDetroitwill let this run for a bit 02:33
DrDetroiti want to make sure i run all the stuff i would normally run during a session02:34
DrDetroitLinux bashful 2.6.32-29-generic #57 SMP Wed Mar 23 00:51:49 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux02:35
DrDetroit[bobp@bashful:]$ w02:35
DrDetroit 21:35:00 up 2 min,  2 users,  load average: 1.60, 0.73, 0.2802:35
DrDetroitperky though02:35
DrDetroitjjohansen: I think this one is ok02:48
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay, I'll kick the next one off, should be ready in 10 min or less02:48
DrDetroiti can do one more02:50
jjohansenDrDetroit: same place, same instructions02:59
DrDetroiti hope we find it 03:03
* DrDetroit chuckles03:03
DrDetroitwhat happens if we don't?03:03
DrDetroitoh and i have a stupid question 03:04
jjohansenwell then, we retry to make sure we didn't make a mistake :)03:04
jjohansenbut we will find it03:04
DrDetroitI notice that on the chat box title it save kernel version 2.6.38 mine is not that currnet, but i thought i had the most current for my dist03:05
DrDetroitand installing the next one03:06
jjohansenhrmm, I am not familiar with chat box, you could run uname -a from a shell and see what it says03:07
DrDetroiti meant at the top of my chat screen it says03:07
DrDetroitNatty Kernel Version 2.6.3803:07
DrDetroiti was just curious since i thought the one i had was the current kernel version03:08
DrDetroitok finished installing03:08
DrDetroitback after  the reboot03:08
DrDetroitand back03:12
DrDetroitwill let this one run for a bit03:12
jjohansenDrDetroit: can you run uname -a in a terminal03:13
DrDetroitLinux bashful 2.6.32-29-generic #57 SMP Wed Mar 23 00:51:49 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux03:14
DrDetroitload average: 1.60, 0.97, 0.4203:15
DrDetroitcurrently 1.6003:15
jjohansenokay that looks good03:15
DrDetroitbut perky03:15
DrDetroitnot really doggy03:15
DrDetroitlets let this one run for  a bit03:15
DrDetroitthis one might be it03:16
DrDetroitlet me watch it for awhile03:16
DrDetroitjjohansen i thnk this one is ok03:48
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay I will kick off the next one03:49
DrDetroitok i will probbly download it but not test it till tomorrow if that is ok03:50
DrDetroiti am starting to fade into the sunset03:50
jjohansenDrDetroit: perfectly fine, any idea when you will be on tomorrow?03:51
DrDetroitwhat times are you here?03:54
jjohansenlike I said its all over the place, I expect I won't be on much longer tonight but will be on by 5 or 6 tomorrow03:55
DrDetroiti will try and catch you in the early am03:59
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay, same place, same instructions when ever you can get to it04:03
DrDetroitok on my way04:04
DrDetroiti will report back tomorrow morning04:06
jjohansensounds good04:06
DrDetroitnight and thank you very much04:08
=== DrDetroit is now known as DrD_zzzzz
jjohansengood night04:10
MTecknologySo... Why will my display manager not work if CONFIG_PRINTK is disabled?04:44
MTecknologyThat doesn't really make sense to me..04:44
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kristian-aalborghi all07:31
fairuzHi, Can I force a release version for a compiled kernel?07:43
fairuzhi jjohansen07:47
jjohansenfairuz: hi07:47
fairuzjjohansen: I already has a question for today :D07:47
jjohansenhehe :)07:47
fairuzCan I force a release version for a compiled kernel? Because when I compiled the kernel, the uname -r is something like 2.6.35-980-aaa123ccc. And there are some modules that are not loaded because of this ( i see the messages during the boot )07:48
fairuzjjohansen: I see that they took the release from kernel.release file, but how is this file is generated and from where07:49
amitkfairuz: search for the EXTRAVERSION config symbol in Kconfig07:50
amitkfairuz: the ubuntu kernel build scripts overwrite it07:50
jjohansenfairuz: the release version is generated, the place you can easily tweak is debian/changelog07:50
fairuzamitk: Ah, I thought it's EXTRAVERSION in the Makefile07:51
jjohansenat the top of debian/changelog you get something like07:51
jjohansenlinux (2.6.36-1.7) natty; urgency=low07:51
jjohansenyou can manipulate the release pocket (natty)07:52
jjohansenand the numbers when I do custom builds I usually add ~jj or ~lp#####07:52
jjohansenthe will just show up in the package numbering eg. (2.6.36-1.7~jj)07:53
jjohansenif you use a - it will break the scripts07:53
fairuzjjohansen: ok07:54
jjohansennow if you start changing the 1.7 you may need to pass extra parameters to your kernel build07:54
jjohansenlike skipabi=true skipmodules=true07:54
jjohansenwhich do checks against the abi (numbers you just changed)07:54
jjohansenyou can of course update the contents of debian.master/abi instead07:55
jjohansenof and one more thing, debian/changelog is copied from debian.master/changelog when you do fakeroot debian/rules clean07:56
jjohansenso you can make the change in debian.master/changelog if you want it to stick around07:56
fairuzjjohansen: emm I never use fakeroot command :-/. Until now I just do the classic make07:57
jjohansenfairuz: ah, so let me change the instructions a bit :)07:58
fairuzjjohansen: :D07:59
jjohansenfakeroot debian/rules  (I alias this to fdr) is the traditional way of building an ubuntu kernel package07:59
jjohansenfdr clean sets up for the environment07:59
jjohansenfdr prepare-<type>07:59
jjohansensetups the build (called by binary- if it hasn't been done)08:00
jjohansenfdr binary-<type> builds the kernel, and package it up into a linux-image.XXXX.deb08:01
fairuzjjohansen: ah ok08:01
jjohansenof course you don't need to do this if you are just building a kernel08:01
jjohansenfairuz: I can point you at a wiki page if you are interested08:01
fairuzjjohansen: sure08:02
fairuzjjohansen: it will be good to discover that08:02
jjohansenfairuz: first up generic jump off page ubuntu kernel team uses https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev08:02
jjohansenis the specific page08:03
jjohansenlots of useful information in those pages08:03
jjohansenanyways, ubuntu uses the CONFIG_VERSION_SIGNATURE entry in the .config08:04
jjohansenCONFIG_VERSION_SIGNATURE="Ubuntu 2.6.36-1.7-virtual 2.6.3608:05
jjohansenthis gets cons together by the build scripts from the debian/changelog and some vars08:06
fairuzjjohansen: ok08:06
jjohansenif you are just doing make you can set that and just build08:06
* jjohansen likes straightup make for incremental development, as there is no package to build/reinstall08:07
jjohansenits quick to just make ; make install08:07
fairuzjjohansen: ok. On my compiled kernel. uname -r gives me something like serial number. Does it came from debian/changelog too?08:08
fairuzjjohansen: v2.6.38-366-g65e01eb to be exact08:09
fairuzjjohansen: sorry mistake.. this one 2.6.38-00366-g65e01eb08:09
jjohansenfairuz: well that one is strange to me, your build arm aren't you08:10
fairuzjjohansen:  yes08:10
jjohansenokay, I actually haven't done an arm lately so I am not sure I will have to dig a little bit08:11
fairuzjjohansen: I just clone the git tree, then prepare the .config, then just do make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- uImage08:11
* jjohansen needs to learn anyways as I got my affika mx today and it needs a new kernel :)08:11
fairuzjjohansen: cool :D08:11
fairuzjjohansen: and since the kernel release is like that, when it boots, there are errors like /lib/modules/2.6.38-00366-g65e01eb/xxx/xxx/xxx cannot be found etc08:12
jjohansendid you do a make modules_install?08:13
aakshaywhat is the concept of designing the multiprocessor for executing a single program?.. please help..:)08:14
jjohansenupdate the initramfs -uk 2.6.38-00366-g65e01eb08:14
jjohansenaakshay: not sure I understand the question?08:14
fairuzjjohansen: no. Never heard of module_install before08:17
jjohansenfairuz: make that modules_install08:18
jjohansens on the modules08:18
jjohansenafter doing a make install, I always do a make modules_install08:18
fairuzjjohansen: Before or after the actual compilation?08:18
jjohansenit will copy all the modules into /lib/modules/XXXX08:18
jjohansenmake ; make install ; make modules_install08:19
jjohansensudo update-initramfs -ck or -uk08:19
jjohansenthen update-grub on x8608:19
fairuzjjohansen: If I cross compile, is it the same?08:20
fairuzjjohansen: or I have to compile on the arm board ( which I think will take forever ) 08:20
jjohansenfairuz: I assume so, as long as all the targets are set right08:20
jjohansenfairuz: the make builds the modules, make modules_install just copies08:21
fairuzjjohansen: wait there is something I dont quite understand. You said that it will copy to /lib/modules/xxxx08:22
jjohansenwell install to, yes08:22
fairuzjjohansen: but that is my filesystem on the board ?08:22
jjohansenyou need to get the modules in location some how08:23
jjohansenhow do you install the kernel to /boot?08:23
fairuzi just scp it to the board08:23
fairuzsince both machines are on network08:24
fairuzjjohansen: not the right way to do it i suppose?08:24
aakshayjjohansen: thanks for considertaion.. i would like to design the multirocessor system to chek the memory acces(using array as memory).. so can u please guide me how to code?08:25
jjohansenah then you are going to have to do something similar for the modules08:25
fairuzjjohansen: ah ok08:26
jjohansenfairuz: no it works, make install is just a convenience that copies to the standard location and has a little bit of extra magic baked in08:26
fairuzjjohansen: then i just copy from this standard location to my board's filesystem?08:26
jjohansenas long as you build with your compile target separate from the source directory you should be able to just scp your built modules08:27
jjohansenfairuz: look in the Makefile for modules_install08:27
jjohansenits a pretty simple target08:28
fairuzjjohansen: i saw it yes08:29
jjohansenaakshay: hrmm, I'm not sure I under stand what you trying to do still.  Are you trying to emulate a multiprocessor system running multiple threads accessing memory at the same time?08:29
jjohansenaakshay: our right a multi-threaded program that is running in parallel on a multi-processor system?  And what do you mean by check memory access08:31
aakshayjjohansen: yes I want to emulate a multiprocessor system running multiple threads accessing memory at same time.08:34
aakshayjjohansen: so please tell how to implement it?08:34
fairuzjjohansen: let me resume what I have to do as it's not yet very clear. http://pastebin.com/ncccv0vb08:35
jjohansenaakshay: well that sounds like an assignment :)  The basics are to emulate an instruction per processor, and each processor will do a memory lookup on the array, your code will have to deal with the processor specifics about the emulated memory cycle if you want to be accurate with how smp system deal with memory accesses, collisions, etc08:39
jjohansenaakshay: I really don't have enough info even to say much beyond that, and being what looks like a home work assignment I am hesitant to say to much beyond general hints08:40
jjohansenfairuz: no08:40
kristian-aalborgkamal: which was the command you suggested after fdr binary-generic?08:41
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: binary-headers ?08:41
jjohansenfairuz: you would only run make modules_install if the build was on the machine you are installing on08:42
kristian-aalborgah, found it... binary-headers08:42
fairuzjjohansen: ok that make sense 08:42
jjohansenfairuz: so make config ; make ; cp uImage to boot partition ; cp modules to boards file system08:43
jjohansen@cp -f $(objtree)/modules.order $(MODLIB)08:43
jjohansen@cp -f $(objtree)/modules.builtin $(MODLIB)08:43
kristian-aalborgthis time, I turned on skipmodule=true before doing anything, and it finished in the first try08:43
jjohansenthat is from the modules_install target, it copying from the build tree to the target fs08:44
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: \o/08:44
kristian-aalborgI hope it will make a difference...08:44
fairuzjjohansen: ok08:44
jjohansenfairuz: modules_install also can do firmware stuff but we will deal with that later if needed08:45
aakshayjjohansen: yes. its an assignment.. :P... i am trying to code this but not finding the right sources to start with? :(08:48
kristian-aalborgthe proper way to remove kernels installed with dpkg -i is dpkg -r, correct?08:48
jjohansenaakshay: think of each cpu as a thread, running simultaneously.  You can emulate this by stepping each cpus instruction pointer one instruction at the same time.  Running the instruction, and potentially not commiting results of the instruction.  That will all depend on the architecture characteristics you are trying to emulate.  I don't even have enough info to tell you more08:50
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: that or --purge08:51
aakshayjjohansen: thanks for the help. :)..  one more thing what is the use of "%*s" in " fscanf(fd, "%*s%d", &num_of_regions);" ?08:58
jjohansenaakshay: %* surpresses the match string s matches a non-whitespace string of chars09:01
jjohansen%d matches numbers, and stores it in &num_of_regions09:01
jjohansenaakshay: do man fscanf (or google it)09:02
aakshayjjohansen: googling it.. :)09:06
kristian-aalborgit *still* just reboots :(09:15
kristian-aalborgis there a kind sould who'd try building my .config?09:15
kristian-aalborgor have a look at it... it should be fairly basic09:16
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: I can look at your config, but if its building for you I doubt that building it else where will reveal much except a successful build09:17
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: so you aren't even dropping to an initramfs just going straight to reboot09:17
kristian-aalborgthe screen just goes black, then the machine reboots09:18
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: can you remind me what type of machine09:18
kristian-aalborga ThinkPad 770, of course :)09:18
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: grub, grub2?09:19
kristian-aalborgand lucid09:19
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: if you hold down the left shift key after the bios screen does the grub boot menu come up09:20
kristian-aalborgI have 10 seconds of grub by default09:22
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: okay, so we at least know its getting to grub09:24
kristian-aalborgyes, but when I choose the kernel the described mishap takes place09:25
=== smb` is now known as smb
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: is your cpu a pentium-mmx?09:31
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: do you have a working .config to diff against?09:34
kristian-aalborgnot apart from the one from git09:35
kristian-aalborghttp://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:770 <--- the box in question09:35
* smb has not read the full scrollback but wonders whether pae might be involved. Or our processor settings...09:36
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: so you don't have kernel that boots on the machine or you don't have the config for the kernel?09:36
kristian-aalborgah, sorry, I mistunderstood what you meant09:36
jjohansensmb: yeah that is what I am trying to figure09:36
kristian-aalborg* misunderstood09:36
kristian-aalborgyes, I have the generic kernel on it, from a regular update - it boots fine09:36
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: okay, so the -generic i386 works, got it09:37
kristian-aalborgwhat I did was make oldconfig then a few tweaks with make menuconfig - then cp to the machine that I build on09:39
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: do you update the initramfs?09:40
smbjjohansen, Hm wait. make oldconfig? on what?09:40
jjohansensmb: good question09:41
kristian-aalborgmake oldconfig on the 770 then move it to a newer machine09:41
=== ogra is now known as Guest42038
smbWhat I am wondering is that if you use the debian/rules process, it will create a new config under debian/build/... 09:42
=== Guest42038 is now known as ogra_
kristian-aalborgsmb: I copied .config after that, per jjohansen's instructions09:42
smbAh ok. Did miss those instuction parts09:43
kristian-aalborgthis was a few days ago09:43
jjohansensmb: it was a few days ago09:43
smbheh ok09:43
kristian-aalborgRome wasn't built in a day :)09:43
smbNote, that if you want to tweak a config, you may also run "fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs" It might be that older releases do not have the y/n questions for each flavour but one can ctrl-c after the config that was of interest09:45
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: these configs are significantly different09:46
kristian-aalborgwhich configs?09:46
jjohansenyours and the -generic kernel09:46
kristian-aalborganything "risky"?09:46
* kristian-aalborg has to go to work shortly09:47
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: different enough all bets are off09:47
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: can you redo your config changes using fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs09:48
jjohansenthat will call make menuconfig, and then save off your changes09:48
kristian-aalborgI'll give it a shot, but it will be later09:48
kristian-aalborghowever, changing .config is what it's all about...?09:48
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: sorry, something didn't take right when building your config09:49
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: right, but you want to work from a know working config and then tweak it to what you want, its much easier that way09:49
kristian-aalborgI *think* I apt-got the source on the 770 - the machine I build on got it by git09:49
kristian-aalborgmake oldconfig it not sure-fire to work?09:50
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: shouldn't matter09:50
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: no it isn't09:50
jjohansenespecially in this case09:50
kristian-aalborgah, that might be it09:51
kristian-aalborgit's also fairly new, I think09:51
kristian-aalborgso - next step: build a generic kernel, move and test - then tweak09:51
kristian-aalborgperhaps compare to the config from makeconfig09:52
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: you don't need to build the generic kernel09:52
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: did you try building it?09:52
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: no09:52
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: fakeroot debian/rules clean09:53
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs09:53
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: I have some slavery to do :(09:53
jjohansenthis will edit your build configs09:53
kristian-aalborgsee you guys later - I feel like there's some kind of progress09:53
jjohansenthen fakeroot debian/rule binary-generic09:53
jjohansenor what ever build target you were using09:53
kristian-aalborgwork > geekery, unfortunately09:54
kristian-aalborgsee ya09:55
* smb thinks jjohansen also has something important to do :)09:56
jjohansensmb: really what could that be ;)09:56
smbjjohansen, Weeell, there are many sheep to be counted. :-P09:57
jjohansensmb: oh shoot, yet another thing that needs to be done.  Let me guess this is a rather high priority task :)09:58
jjohansensmb: how often do you build on zinc?09:59
smbjjohansen, that goes near nill10:05
smbjjohansen, The mainline builds used to be done there though10:05
jjohansensmb: okay, thats what I thought. /me was trying to figure out how to make a bisect public without doing the builds there, /me just ended up using tangerine and making the debs public10:06
smbjjohansen, Yep, much quicker that way10:06
fairuzjjohansen: sorry to ask again but what the files that should I transfer to /lib/modules of the arm board after I cross compile the kernel?10:19
jjohansenfairuz: the actual list varies based on the build, modules_install does10:25
jjohansen        @cp -f $(objtree)/modules.order $(MODLIB)/10:25
jjohansen        @cp -f $(objtree)/modules.builtin $(MODLIB)/10:25
jjohansen  and then some magic to get the list of .kos to copy10:25
jjohansenfairuz: have you ever used sshfs10:26
fairuzjjohansen: nope -(10:26
jjohansenfairuz: it allows you to mount a remote machine over ssh, so you can do things like make install and make modules_install to the remote machine10:27
fairuzjjohansen: right now the kernel boots but when i tried to insmod an external module, it gives me invalid module format error. So it must be because of /lib/modules files right?10:27
jjohansensadly its been a while since I used it so I don't remember the details10:27
jjohansenfairuz: likely, we are getting to the level I would have to fiddle with things to see what is happening10:29
jjohansenmanually installing modules isn't something I have had to do for a long time10:29
jjohansenfairuz: I would google sshfs and take a look at using that10:30
jjohansenits probably been 6 months since I've used it for kernel installs but it worked well for me10:31
fairuzjjohansen: ok. it's different from normal ssh?10:31
jjohansenfairuz: its fuse module that leverages normal ssh10:32
jjohansenit makes the remote machine show up as a mount on the local machine, so you can treat it like a local disk10:32
jjohansenthen you can set your make install target and install to your remote machine10:33
fairuzjjohansen: ok10:34
jjohansensorry I am not more specific, right now I just have to resort to google to find out how to use it again, but I remember it working well for me10:35
jjohansenIIRC I did it from the target machine to the build machine, so the build machine mounted as a directory on the target,10:36
jjohansenI cd into the build machine directory on the target machine10:37
jjohansenand ran make, make modules_install, so the remotely built kernel installed to the local (target machine)10:37
jjohansenthat way I didn't even need to specify make variables to set where the target should be installed10:38
fairuzjjohansen: ah ok10:39
fairuzjjohansen: i just did the opposite10:39
fairuzjjohansen: but if I do make like that, it will use which compiler? target machine or build machine?10:47
jjohansenfairuz: do your make on the build machine like normal, after you have built, mount the build machine from the target, and then do make install, make modules_install10:48
fairuzjjohansen: aha, i got the idea10:48
jjohansenit will use the targets make but everything is already built, so its just running the scripts, copying files etc10:48
fairuzjjohansen: i'll try that after lunch :D thanks a lot for the help10:49
jjohansenfairuz: np, hope it works for you10:49
=== DrD_zzzzz is now known as DrDetroit
DrDetroitand rebooting to test out last nights download10:55
DrDetroitok will let this one run for a bit11:01
jjohansenDrDetroit: sounds good, let me know when your ready for the next one11:01
DrDetroitwill do, just woke up, so have to think about coffee (maybe w/irish cream) and feeding the felions11:02
DrDetroitjjohansen: I think this one is ok11:44
jjohansenDrDetroit: alright, I'll get the next one building11:45
DrDetroitbtw if you need someone to do this kind of thing for other reasons, I don't mind being a guinie pig11:46
jjohansenDrDetroit: hehe, we like guinie pigs :)11:46
DrDetroithehe i used to be a beta tester for lucent technologies11:46
DrDetroitwe tested their max3000 and the maxTNT11:47
DrDetroitwhen I owned and ran the rural isp here11:47
jjohansenDrDetroit: same place kernel.ubuntu.com/~jj/linux-image-2.6.32-29-generic_2.6.32-29.57~lp740549_i386.deb11:56
jjohansensame install11:56
DrDetroit1:01,  2 users,  load average: 2.17, 1.39, 1.0911:58
DrDetroiteven with that, its not mushy or slow to respond11:59
DrDetroitmaybe just a tad, but thats because i was dl'ing12:00
jjohansenwell lets give it a few minutes12:00
DrDetroiti am just installing the new one now12:01
DrDetroitthat was with the old one12:01
DrDetroitwhile i was downloading12:02
jjohansenah, okay12:02
DrDetroitback in a min, rebooting 12:05
DrDetroitand back12:11
DrDetroitwill let this one run for a bit12:11
hggdhQ: on Hardy, the package linux-image for Xen should update /boot/grub/menu.lst, correct?12:24
fairuzjjohansen: Before doing install_modules, should i backup the /lib/modules folder? because I dont want to ruin a working setup12:33
jjohansenfairuz: you don't need to if the kernel being installed has a different version, it will create its own directory, so you can multiple kernels installed12:33
fairuzjjohansen: yes but in my case they have the same name 12:34
fairuzjjohansen: i can just rename the old one right?12:34
jjohansenfairuz: hrmm, that is problematic, you can rename the old one but you might not be able to boot then12:35
jjohansenthat is boot into the old one12:35
fairuzjjohansen: so i should recompile with different name?12:36
jjohansenfairuz: that would be best, you can do an incremental compile12:36
jjohansenremove the debian/stamps/stamps-build-XXXX file12:36
fairuzjjohansen: what's that file for?12:37
jjohansenchange the name and then do fakeroot debian/rule binary-XXXX12:37
jjohansenthe build scripts use it for time stamps of which stages completed12:37
jjohansenremove the build stamp and it will rebuild the kernel12:37
jjohansenbut if you still have all the .o around from a previous build, make will only compile the parts that have changed12:38
fairuzfakeroot debian/rule binary-uImage is the same as make uImage?12:38
jjohansenit makes for a fast kernel compule12:38
jjohansenfairuz: doh I keep forgetting you are using arm12:38
jjohansenfairuz: no, you don't need to remove the stamp file, you shouldn't have it for the way you are building12:39
fairuzjjohansen: i have a debian and also debian.ti-omap4 folder in my source folder12:39
jjohansenjust change the name and use make uImage12:39
fairuzjjohansen: ok. sounds easier :D12:39
jjohansenfairuz: right but aren't using them to do the build are you?12:40
jjohansenfairuz: you aren't making a .deb that you then install with dpkg12:40
fairuzjjohansen: nope12:40
jjohansenso just use make12:40
fairuzjjohansen: I just need the kernel image12:40
fairuzjjohansen: ok12:40
fairuzjjohansen: Should I do this module_install systematically each time I compile the kernel or just in certain case?12:42
jjohansenfairuz: depends, if you make a change that could affect the modules yes, update an include etc.  other wise as long as the abi doesn't change there should be no need12:44
fairuzjjohansen: ok. btw, received your arm box yet?12:46
jjohansenfairuz: yep it came yesterday, updated it to natty but I haven't had time to really do anything with it yet12:48
DrDetroitjjohansen: I am going to run to town soon to do some errands, I will let the current kernel run for the time I am gone, if that is ok with you12:50
DrDetroitif it does not mess up, then we can move on when i get back12:50
jjohansenDrDetroit: sounds good12:50
=== jjohansen is now known as jj-afk
jj-afkback on in a couple hours12:51
* DrDetroit nods12:51
=== DrDetroit is now known as DrD_away
hggdhkernel team -- I need to know if the hardy xen package should update /boot/grub/menu.lst; if it should, the -proposed does not do it13:05
smbhggdh, Now I see it...13:10
fairuzWhen I do make modules_install, it gives permission error, same with sudo make modules_install. Should I install it to another writable folder first then move them to /lob/modules?13:11
ogasawaratgardner: so which build box are you doing armel test builds for natty since tangerine doesn't have the natty-armel chroot?13:16
tgardnerogasawara, you can use urbana which is running Natty, and has a functional armel schroot for natty. Otherwise, I'm just cross compiling.13:18
ogra_do i smell an omap4 upload for today ? :)13:19
tgardnerogra_, shortly13:19
ogra_awesome !!13:19
tgardnerogasawara, you can also upload to the c-k-t PPA, but the builds take awhile.13:20
tgardnerogra: I'm still not able to get a functional armel qemu schroot on a Lucid host. It does work on a Natty host. Any thoughts ?13:22
ogra_do you use a backported version of qemu-linaro on lucid ?13:23
tgardnerogra_, as far as I know. I've got -backports enabled13:24
=== jdstrand_ is now known as jdstrand
ogra_i dont think its in backports, the linaro gusy have their packages in a ppq13:24
ogra_but there should be a lucid version, i'd try if that works better13:25
tgardnerogra: I've haven't looked in a couple of weeks, so I'll try again. 13:26
=== sconklin-gone is now known as sconklin
=== DrD_away is now known as DrDetroit
DrDetroitand back14:00
* ogasawara back in 20min14:00
JFosconklin, I'm loving the pictures :)14:01
smbJFo, You got pictures of sconklin? :-P14:03
JFosmb, I've seen some14:03
JFoooold ones :)14:03
sconklinJFo, there are more you'll never see ;-)14:04
* JFo is sad now14:04
smbOhh, the kind of that mothers usually take out at the most inappropriate times? :D14:04
JFosmb, hah! not quite that old :p14:04
sconklinI've been starting to scan the film that I shot in the 70's and 80s14:04
sconklinJFo: I've probably still only even glanced at about 5% of my files14:05
JFoI can only imagine14:05
JFoI agree with the sentiment that you should start back taking more, though.14:06
JFogreat stuff14:06
sconklinit's kinda sad. Some of the happy young folks in those photos are now broken down addicts. Or not around14:06
JFothe unfortunate story of life14:07
sconklinWhen I get more I'll put them in sets on flickr or picasa or something. Until then, Facebook is a fun way to get reactions to them14:07
sconklinI found another box of various band photos last night, need to go through those14:08
JFostrolling down amnesia lane as a friend would say. :-)14:08
sconklinI find a lot of things I forgot about, and can't find the ones I am specifically looking for. That's the way, isn't it . . .14:10
JFounfortunately :-/14:10
DrDetroitok i guess i can go out and mow the lawn or something while I wait for jjohansen to return14:24
=== DrDetroit is now known as DrD_away
DrD_awaypretty sad to be mowin in March14:25
* DrD_away shakes his head14:25
=== diwic is now known as diwic_afk
fairuzHi, when the modules.dep are generated? because when I do modules_install, it's not there.14:59
fairuzHi, can we generate a header folder from a source?15:08
fairuz(kernel source)15:08
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=== cmagina is now known as cmagina-lunch
=== jj-afk is now known as jjohansen
kristian-aalborghi again16:53
DrD_awayjjohansen: I am ready again when you are16:54
=== DrD_away is now known as DrDetroit
jjohansenDrDetroit: how did the last kernel work out16:54
DrDetroitit seems to be ok16:54
DrDetroiti am using it now16:54
=== cmagina-lunch is now known as cmagina
DrDetroitjjohansen: it seems to be ok17:02
DrDetroiti am using it now17:02
jjohansenDrDetroit: hehe, yeah sorry, next kernel is ready :) same place17:03
DrDetroitno probelm17:04
DrDetroitno hurry17:04
DrDetroitI am glad your back cause my lawnmower started right up, so if you were not here, I would have to mow17:05
jjohansenDrDetroit: well we can't have that17:05
tgardnerogasawara, did you see that there has been another gcc upload? You should ask doko if there is any code generation impact wrt the kernel.17:06
ogasawaratgardner: argh, that'll screw us for beta freeze if we have to perform another kernel upload17:06
tgardnerogasawara, well, the gcc upload has an enormous changelog. I can't tell what impact it might have.17:07
GrueMasterppisati: ping.  You will need to retest bug 732700 as I haven't come across this issue before.  Other than that, the 216/416 kernel looks good to me for dove.17:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 732700 in linux-mvl-dove "apparmor_parser triggers a kernel panic" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73270017:10
kristian-aalborghttp://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=332 <--- I changed the scope of my little project :)17:10
ppisatiGrueMaster: pong17:12
ppisatiGrueMaster: actually that problem triggered using, for example, a maverick kernel on a lucid userbase17:13
ppisatiGrueMaster: but yeah, i can confirm it has been fixed17:13
ppisatimpoirier: ping17:15
mpoirierppisati: pong17:16
ppisatimpoirier: do you have any OMAP3 board?17:16
mpoirierppisati: not that belongs to the company no.17:17
ppisatimpoirier: uhm k17:17
ppisatimpoirier: because i'm looking for a OMAP3 board17:17
ppisatimpoirier: to cleanup lucid/ti-omap17:17
bjfppisati, i had several beagle board flavours, i think they got shipped to either eric or brian17:18
GrueMasterppisati: What on lucid needs cleaning up?  It wasn't a fully supported release iirc.17:18
ppisatibjf: i'll ask them, thanks17:18
ppisatiGrueMaster: it seems my duty here is to cleanup all the arm-related bits, so... :)17:18
tgardnerppisati, its likely easier to just buy one rather then have it shipped from Asia17:18
=== sforshee is now known as sforshee-lunch
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: ping17:19
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: pong17:20
GrueMasterppisati: Do you have specific bugs you are looking at?17:20
kristian-aalborgsee how I just went open source ;)17:20
ppisatiGrueMaster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap17:20
ppisatiGrueMaster: as many as i can17:21
ppisatiGrueMaster: i'm ping-pong-ing with saeed about mvl-dove, i'm one step closer to get audio working17:21
ppisatiGrueMaster: let's see...17:21
ppisatiGrueMaster: in the mean time, i'm trying to be productive on another front17:22
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: which thread?17:22
ppisatiGrueMaster: but my XM doesn't collaborate...17:22
ppisatiGrueMaster: from time to time, it spontaneously reboot17:22
ppisatiGrueMaster: eth doesn't work anymore17:22
GrueMasterAs to the lucid omap issues, I can see if they are reproducable.  You need a Beagleboard C4 for those.17:22
ppisatiGrueMaster: etcetc17:22
ppisatibtw, ti-omap4 in maverick, there're some CVEs open17:23
ppisatibut it says "no rebase on master"17:23
ppisatiso, do i cherry-pick the fix from master an apply locally?17:23
tgardnerppisati, yep17:23
GrueMasterI don't think they were pulled into a kernel update for omap4.17:23
ppisatitgardner: goocd17:23
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: never mind found it17:23
GrueMasterppisati: Since I am the QA guy for the canonical-arm team, if you need something verified before you attempt to dive in, just let me know.  I have all of the supported platforms online and all of the images for testing.17:24
ppisatiGrueMaster: ok17:25
GrueMasterWe can work together to clean up the cruft.17:25
ppisatiGrueMaster: perfect17:25
ppisatiGrueMaster: but let me first find a beagle C417:26
ogasawara<slangasek> ogasawara: I thought the issue was the kernel had a naive check for compiler version number that prevented out-of-tree modules from rebuilding after *every* gcc rev, whether or not there are code changes?17:26
ogasawaratgardner: ^^, is that correct?17:26
* ogasawara is not familiar enough to know17:27
tgardnerogasawara, I think thats right. Lemme figure it out. apw could tell me off the top of his head.17:27
ppisatibjf: you mean, ericm and bdmurray, right?17:30
kristian-aalborghurm, looking at /boot/config - I thought the distro kernel was just downloaded and installed, not individual?17:30
bjfppisati, i meant ericm and cooloney17:30
ppisatibjf: k17:31
tgardnerogasawara, gcc versioning changed from 4.5.2-6ubuntu5 to 4.5.2-7ubuntu1, so I think we're OK17:32
tgardnerogasawara, on the other hand, why did you have to do a no-change rebuild last Friday? Only the minor version changed.17:34
ogasawaratgardner: my understanding from what slangasek said is that any gcc revision forces us to re-upload.17:37
ogasawaratgardner: he noted "the whole problem we have with needing kernel rebuilds after gcc updates is that having the kernel check for the things that actually matter at build-time was too hard so there's a compiler version 'fingerprint' check instead"17:38
kristian-aalborgif the latter is correct, I need to move my /boot/config from the old machine before editing it?17:38
tgardnerogasawara, and the fingerprint includes then _whole_ version?17:38
ogasawaratgardner: that's what I'm guessing.17:39
ogasawaratgardner: I'm adding this as a discussion point at UDS17:39
tgardnerogasawara, well then, that seems to indicate yet another upload.17:39
ogasawaratgardner: indeed.  I've already given skaet a heads up we'll be violating the beta freeze17:39
cody-somervilleI'm trying to figure out why when you detach a loop device sometimes it'll error out reporting device or resource busy. I have a script that can reproduce it about 60-70% of the time. Adding a command that doesn't write to the loop device makes it much less likely to happen. I thought the issue might be that the kernel still has things to write buffered and that a sync would fix the issue. However, after running the script 1117:40
cody-somerville86 times it failed.17:40
tgardnerogasawara, we don't have any external modules right now in Natty that we care about. Everything else should be DKMS.17:40
tgardnerI wonder if the DKMS rebuild check looks at the finger porint, or just the kernel ABI. likely the latter.17:41
tgardnercody-somerville, do you have to reboot in order to fix it ?17:45
cody-somervilletgardner, no. I can losetup -d immediately.17:45
tgardnercody-somerville, well, thats not a lock imbalance then.17:46
cody-somervilletgardner, It appears there is some sort of race condition or something after writing to a loop device.17:46
tgardnercody-somerville, have you talked to Surbhi? She's done some work on mountall races recently.17:47
cody-somervilleI have not.17:47
tgardnercody-somerville, given that losetup -d cleans up the issue, it sound a bit like an app space race.17:48
cody-somervilletgardner, I was thinking the issue was maybe lo_refcnt being > 1 when loop_clr_fd is called.17:52
cody-somervilletgardner, ie. kernel is trying to write out buffer but due to thread/lock contention its slightly delayed.17:53
tgardnercody-somerville, can you tell who still has  file open on the loop device by using fuser?17:54
tgardnerhas a file*17:54
cody-somervilletgardner, I haven't been able to get fuser to show anything. I've tried running fuser before losetup -d, right after losetup -d when it fails, etc. and it never shows anything.17:55
cody-somervilletgardner, I'm pretty sure it isn't a user space process accessing the loop device.17:55
tgardnercody-somerville, how about repeating 'losetup -d' until it succeeds? (seems like it should block until the underlying device is done)17:56
cody-somervilletgardner, I was thinking of patching losetup to do that, yea. If I can't fix the underlying problem, I'll have to keep retrying losetup -d as you suggest.17:57
tgardnercody-somerville, how emailing your script and I'll see if I can repro ?17:57
cody-somervilletgardner, Is pastebin okay?17:58
cody-somervilletgardner, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/584410/17:58
cody-somervilletgardner, comment out all the sync commands if you want to reproduce easily.17:59
tgardnercody-somerville, ok, gimme awhile.17:59
cody-somervilletgardner, FYI, I wrote the script initially to test a bug in parted (hence all the calls to fdisk -l), <g>17:59
cody-somervilleYou'll need to run the script as root naturally.18:00
DrDetroitjjohansen: looks like this one is ok also18:04
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay 1 more kernel18:05
DrDetroitpooh, what happens if it doesn't fail?18:05
DrDetroitmaybe we have inadvertenly fixed my problem18:05
DrDetroiti guess i can always run the 30 for awhile to see if what ails me is gone18:06
jjohansenhrmm, well looking at the commit, it can't be the problem18:06
DrDetroiti am not smart enough to know18:06
jjohansenDrDetroit: can you retry the known bad kernel and see if you can replicate the problem18:07
DrDetroitthat is what i meant by running the 30 kernel18:07
DrDetroitthat is where i first noticed the issue18:07
DrDetroitwell i am ready to try the last one on this run i guess18:07
=== sforshee-lunch is now known as sforshee
DrDetroitjjohansen: i am ready for the last kernel when you are18:11
DrDetroitjjohansen: if that passes then i will run the 30 kernel for awhile18:11
jjohansenDrDetroit: it will pass, its a book keeping commit only changing changelogs, etc18:12
DrDetroitjjohansen: then i will reboot to the next kerne;18:12
DrDetroitthank you for all your help, i will continue to be logged in here as i run the other kernel18:13
jjohansenI am rechecking the bisect range, maybe I got the wrong tag18:13
kristian-aalborgDrDetroit: I'm surprised anyone remembers that forgettable movie ;)18:14
DrDetroitit has been my "game" name for many years now18:14
DrDetroitI started using it as a MUD charater name back in 9818:15
kristian-aalborgthe funny thing is, Ackroyd would end up being in much more embrassing things later18:16
DrDetroitwhen your selling yourself, apparently the only issue is price18:16
* DrDetroit chuckles18:17
kristian-aalborgDragnet is cool, though18:18
DrDetroitbrb, rebooting18:18
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-lunch
DrDetroitjjohansen: I am rebooted and will let this one run while I do lunch and afternoon chores18:25
DrDetroitI will watch it to see if the problem reappears18:25
jjohansenDrDetroit: sounds good18:25
DrDetroitthank you for helping me18:26
cody-somervilleHow can I trace a kernel thread?18:28
=== herton_lunch is now known as herton
kristian-aalborgthe vanilla build of the kernel killed my 770 also, thanks to whoever suggested trying it18:43
kristian-aalborgI cp'd the working config over, now I need to tweak and build18:49
=== sconklin is now known as sconklin-afk
=== DrDetroit is now known as DrD_away
* bjf -> lunch18:56
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]
* kristian-aalborg builds; eats yogurt...19:23
* jjohansen -> lunch19:23
kristian-aalborganybody got a nice script for building? fdr this, fdr that...19:33
kristian-aalborgjfk this, gwb that...19:33
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
bjfkristian-aalborg, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel19:45
kristian-aalborgI think I'll make a script of that19:47
=== tgardner-lunch is now known as tgardner
=== sconklin-afk is now known as sconklin
kristian-aalborgjjohansen: good news, building from the copied config seems not to halt21:21
jjohansenkristian-aalborg: good to hear21:22
kristian-aalborgyup... if everything goes well, I'll be using that as my base21:23
kristian-aalborgtiny script: http://pastebin.com/sUVB3baF ... comments welcome22:01
DrD_awayjjohansen: I have left it run for 3.5 hrs while outside and the performance has degraded22:10
=== DrD_away is now known as DrDetroit
DrDetroitup  3:49,  2 users,  load average: 1.36, 1.44, 1.3922:10
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay, I think we are going to bisect a slightly different range this time22:11
DrDetroitcan i wait a bit22:11
DrDetroitjjohansen: I have to do evening chores22:11
=== sconklin is now known as sconklin-gone
DrDetroitjjohansen: this was the 30 kernel 22:12
jjohansenDrDetroit: np, I'll set something up and when your ready I'll have a kernel waiting for you22:12
DrDetroitjjohansen: may I ask a question?22:12
DrDetroitjjohansen: Are we going to do the 29 again? or are we going to do the 30?22:13
DrDetroitjjohansen: I am also wondering if I should let the 29 kernel we just finished run for a few hours like i did this one22:14
jjohansenwell I was thinking .28 - .30, which would cover everything, and we let them run longer22:15
jjohansenso yeah22:15
DrDetroitlet me go ahead and before we start, let me run the one we just finished for a couple hours22:15
DrDetroitmaybe we can start on this this evening or morning22:16
DrDetroitjjohansen: brb gonna reboot back to the 29 we just finished 22:18
DrDetroitjjohansen: ok back on the 29 kernel we just finished22:22
DrDetroitI will let it run for a couple hours22:22
DrDetroitand see what happens22:22
jjohansenyeah, sounds like a plan22:22
DrDetroittoo weird22:23
DrDetroitjjohansen: I know yhou have better things to do that hold my hand, but I sure do appreciate it22:27
jjohansenDrDetroit: its no problem, you are doing most of the work, I'm just cranking up the bisect as needed.  Your performance bug is a pretty serious regression and your not the only one who has reported seeing the behavior so it would be nice to track it down :)22:28
DrDetroitjjohansen: it's nice to know I am not the only one, and I will be glad take whatever time we need to figure it out22:30
kristian-aalborgDrDetroit: are you sure you used the correct commands?22:32
kristian-aalborgI just waited an hour for nothing because of a typo....22:32
DrDetroitkristian-aalborg: I am just testing out kernels that jjohansen is providing to me22:35
DrDetroitjjohansen: back on the 28 kernel, will run it for a couple hours23:22
DrDetroitthe 29 was starting to slow down23:22
DrDetroitI will report back after this one runs for awhile23:22
jjohansenDrDetroit: I though .28 is the one you were running that was good and you have been running that one for hours already23:23
jjohansenie. it was in general use until .29 without problems23:23
DrDetroitno i was running the 29 23:25
DrDetroitfirst i ran the 30,  then the 29 and i just rebooted to the 2823:25
DrDetroitand so far as i can tell atm the 28 is good, but i thought i would run it again for an hour or so while i do evening chores23:25
DrDetroitI can go back and run the 29 again for a while23:26
DrDetroiti dont mean to confuse you23:26
DrDetroitI just wanted to double check that 28 was good23:27
DrDetroitOnce I get back from chores, I will run the 29 again that we just finished23:30
jjohansenDrDetroit: okay thanks no worries, far better to take our time and make sure we got the right results this time23:36

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