mhall119I hope yours teaches more practical things than mine00:12
mhall119I had a professor question whether I wrote an assignment myself, I pointed him to my bzr repo for history, and he told me that using version control was more complicated than I should be doing00:14
mhall119me and that prof....didn't get along00:15
locodir-userhello guyz ....01:11
paultagmhall119: haha, my professors rule01:44
paultagmhall119: he let me set up a server to use to turn in assignments via vcs on campus01:44
paultagBBL, one love01:55
mhall119turning in assignments by pushing to a school's repo would be awesome01:57
mhall119might get me into the habit of signing my commits too01:57
YoBoYgood morning06:35
jasonjangG'morning, ALL~ &07:15
jasonjangThx for the rapid reply, czajkowski 07:15
czajkowskijasonjang: np07:20
czajkowskiright off to work 07:20
jasonjangTHX again, I'll wait 4...07:20
czajkowskiI dint know could be a few daysb 07:21
czajkowskiwe all work and there are timezones as well 07:21
czajkowskibut we will reply07:21
jasonjangOK. never mind. ok.07:21
dholbachgood morning07:26
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aakshaywhere can i find the documentation of the LocoDirectory development?11:37
Ronnieaakshay: what documentation do you need?11:38
Ronniei think there is not much developer documentation, except the raw code itself11:39
aakshayRonnie: hi Ronnie .. i am gonna present working with Loco Dorectory in seminar11:39
aakshayso was planning to get some documentation to show there11:39
aakshayRonnie: ok.. no probs then i will design something myself11:40
Ronniegreat, share it with the rest of the community when your done, all documentation is welcome11:40
aakshayRonnie: thanks.. but is there not even any documentation of LD?11:41
Ronniecjohnston, mhall119, dholbach: do you know if there is any documentation ^11:44
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoDirectory/Development is the only one I know of11:45
dholbachRonnie, ^11:45
dholbachit's not much11:45
dholbachbut a few tips we collected11:45
aakshaydholbach: thanks.. i will use these tips.. :)11:46
nigelbaakshay: most of it is well commented python code, so I guess no one actually wrote too much docs :(11:53
aakshaynigelb: may be.. :).. 11:53
aakshaymhall119: good morning12:18
nigelbmorning mhall119 12:28
dakermhall119, Ronnie do you know any __working__ django openid provider app ?12:39
nigelbheh, like the emphasis12:40
mhall119daker: hmmm, nope12:41
mhall119daker: you might try https://launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider12:43
mhall119I think that's what LD is calling to12:45
cdbsczajkowski: You mailed me?14:50
czajkowskicdbs: I did14:51
cdbsczajkowski: Okay, my spam filter caught it. Weird.14:51
cdbsFine, then, that's all14:51
czajkowskiI am not spam :(14:52
cdbsczajkowski: Jams are impossible when you have just 10 active members spread across 8 far-away cities. :(14:54
czajkowskicdbs: do them online 14:54
czajkowskiyou dont actually need to be in person 14:54
cdbsoh? really?14:54
czajkowskican be online and in your loco irc channel 14:54
cdbswill raise up this in the mailing list14:54
czajkowskicdbs: np 14:56
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mhall119cdbs: if you can get 2 of them together, that's a jam15:03
cdbsmhall119: a rather small jam, and I'm too young to go anywhere myself :(15:04
mhall119cdbs: my jam is going to have 2, maybe 3 people in person, plus others participating remotely15:05
cdbsmhall119: oh15:05
* cdbs isn't good at arabic and the others aren't goot at english15:05
mhall119so do it all in French15:06
RawChidDo you have suggestions what non-tech people can do on a Jam?15:19
RawChidWe already've covered translating and documentation..15:20
czajkowskiRawChid: they can reveie and delete wiki pages :D 15:21
czajkowskiRawChid: they can report bugs, you don't have to be technical to do that 15:21
czajkowskibad people can help one another 15:22
RawChidYeah, I also thought of bug hunting15:22
czajkowskiRawChid: yes, if folks cna install unity and do some testing that would be great15:23
RawChidBut I don't have experience with it. 15:23
RawChidOke, that is a good idea15:23
czajkowskiRawChid: well , you can learn, if things aren't running as you think they should report the bug, try and have someone verify it 15:23
czajkowskiand then you'll learn more 15:23
RawChidOne more thing. Two weeks ago we've decided to organise a Jam. 2 april was too early, so we'll do it on April 16th15:26
RawChidIs it then still useful to do natty testing ?15:27
RawChidRonnie, ping15:28
RawChidWell, I was brainstorming on what we could do on the Jam15:29
czajkowskiRawChid: yes testing is always good 15:29
RonnieRawChid: it seems we have enough ideas to work with all the participants for one day15:33
czajkowskiRawChid: dont be put off if the date doesn't fully suit 15:35
czajkowskithe idea of the UGJ is to get one weekend where as many as possible take part, but if the weekend doesn't suit just try and do one at another time and let us know how you get on15:36
RawChidIn the Netherlands we have 2 Jams on April the 16th ;)15:36
czajkowskiRawChid: great stuff 15:43
czajkowskibe sure to let people know how you get on 15:43
RawChidWhat do you mean with: "how you get on" ?15:44
RawChidHow people can participate?15:45
czajkowskiRawChid: a report of it 15:48
czajkowskihow it went 15:48
RawChidYes, we'll do that :)15:49
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BigWhaleI wonder if a talk about evolution of Narwhals and marine mammals in general is appropriate talk for upcoming release party...16:40
mhall119I think anything is okay for a release party, as long as people are enjoying themselves16:41
dholbachBigWhale, talk to jcastro about it - he once gave a lightning talk on dinosaurs :)16:43
mhall119that's a big topic for a lighting talk16:44
mhall119100 million years, condensed into 5 minutes?16:45
BigWhaleWell, I already had a talk at Karmic release party that started at the very beginning. Big bang.16:45
BigWhalebut talking about marine mammals could sound like shameless self-promotion, for myself. :>16:46
BigWhalemhall119, any talk about dinosaurs is a big topic :>16:48
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mhall119cjohnston: one set of approvals on my django-openid-auth fixes, hopefully will have them totally approved and landed in trunk tomorrow20:07
mhall119then we can test it out on LD, and then on summit20:07
mhall119no more openiduser###!20:08
mhall119no more old usernames after a rename in LP!20:08
daker_wow :)20:43
nigelbmhall119: did we decide to add support for that mobile thingy?22:39
mhall119nigelb: yes, they're doing some work on their end, there might be some minor things on our end23:42
mhall119mostly in the ical feed23:42
nigelbmhall119: oh ok :)23:44
nigelbmhall119: I'm trying to put as many summit bugs into the review queue as possible before the hackathon :D23:45
nigelbmhall119: when we hit lp for authentication, it gives a name for the app, where is that set at?23:48
nigelbat launchpad itself?23:48
mhall119in the summit code it tells it, you can also associate it within LP itself, but that takes approval23:55
mhall119but we don't use LP for authentication, we use SSO 23:55

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