* Linden940 is away: going to go play with the dragon03:11
BactaNever thought I would say this10:54
BactaGonna think about it for a second10:54
BactaGive me a second10:54
BactaYou are all so patient 10:55
BactaUp my mind goes wandering 10:55
* Linden940 is back (gone 12:17:50)15:29
Tm_TLinden940: how long you've been gone isn't that interesting information (;17:45
Linden940my irc client puts that info there not me.18:10
Linden940that was to you Tm_T 18:22
Tm_TLinden940: I know, I'm sure you can adjust it to not announce your aways19:02
hakimsheriffHey Guys20:30

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