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Xcellok, i have gnome and kde setups, and found this:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/radiotray/+bug/64187602:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 641876 in radiotray (Ubuntu) "radiotray dont start on maverick" [Undecided,New]02:57
Xcellbut it works on gnome maverick, i was invited here to see if yiu folks have a work around02:57
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kaushalCan someone please explain me about the working of squid-deb-proxy ?03:51
RAOFWhat do you want to know?04:03
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kaushal_RAOF: hi again04:39
kaushal_sorry got disconnected04:39
RAOFHey, ho.04:39
kaushal_so what i understand is that i need to keep the same default sources.list file04:40
RAOFYou've got a bunch of options.04:40
kaushal_If i am using squid-deb-proxy04:40
RAOFBy far the easiest is to install squid-deb-proxy-client, and it's all automatic.04:41
kaushal_RAOF: I have used deb-mirror for local ubuntu mirror04:41
kaushal_not sure i fully understand about squid-deb-proxy server and client04:42
RAOFsquid-deb-proxy is basically a regular squid proxy with a config tuned to proxying packages + an avahi broadcaster so the clients can find it.04:43
RAOFThe client just picks up the avahi broadcast and uses it to configure apt's proxy.04:44
kaushal_RAOF: so does it mean that the client fetches packages from global mirror via squid-deb-proxy ?04:45
kaushal_if i am at work ?04:46
RAOFThe client sents all apt traffic through the squid proxy (if it can find one).  The squid proxy then acts as a cache - if it's already got the file, it returns the file.  If it doesn't already have the file, it grabs the file and sticks it in cache.04:46
kaushal_so if i am at home, does it mean it will fetch the global mirror ?04:48
kaushal_or is it via squid-deb-proxy-client ?04:48
kaushal_apologies if i am asking basic questions04:49
RAOFapt *always* thinks its getting whatever mirror you've got in /etc/apt/sources.list.  When squid-deb-proxy-client installed it will set the apt proxy to whatever squid-deb-proxy instance it can find on your network, so that instance can feed you any cached debs it happens to have.04:52
RAOFBut as far as apt's concerned, it's *always* talking to what's in /etc/apt/sources.list04:52
kaushal_understood now04:53
kaushal_so i dont need to modify the sources.list file ?04:53
kaushal_just set it as default04:53
kaushal_so usually my setup is modify sources.list and point it to the lan deb mirror04:54
kaushal_while in office04:54
kaushal_so what i understand is that i dont need to modify the sources.list file04:54
kaushal_it will be automatic04:55
kaushal_RAOF: correct me if am wrong04:55
RAOFNo, that is correct.04:55
kaushal_so no need of local ubuntu mirror using deb-mirror04:55
kaushal_so it can be deprecated ?04:56
RAOFWell, it depends on what you want out of deb-mirror, really.04:56
RAOFThe squid-deb-proxy will end up being a de-facto mirror of the packages that you actually download, but it won't have a mirror of any of the packages you *don't* download.04:56
kaushal_so lets say if i dont have any specific packages04:58
kaushal_how do i fetch it ?04:58
RAOFWhen apt tries to get it, the squid-deb-proxy won't have it, so it'll grab it from whatever mirror you were asking for.04:59
kaushal_so what can be done about local ubuntu mirror ?05:00
RAOFThe thing that squid-deb-proxy does is look at the url you're asking for - http://archive.ubuntu.com/pool/x/xserver-xorg-core_2:1.10.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb - and either (a) has a copy of that file, and returns it or (b) doesn't have a copy of that file and downloads it.05:00
kaushal_can it be used further ?05:00
kaushal_trying to understand further05:02
RAOFI'm not sure what you don't understand at this point.05:33
dholbachgood morning07:26
AnAntHello, how can I request a sync from stable-sec ? There is a security update for tex-common07:41
geserAnAnt: I'd try it the normal way (with requestsync but specify squeeze-security as the distribution to sync from)07:50
geserI assume it should work but if you want to double-check that we can really sync from there, ask an archive admin for confirmation07:51
gesercody-somerville, Laney, maco: do you have any objections to get the already approved (but 6 months ago) zope packages to the zope package set and get the schooltool package set created?07:57
geserstgraber: ^^07:59
geserbdrung: ^^08:00
Laneygeser: No, I see no reason to question the previous decision09:07
Laneywhy was it not implemented yet?09:07
LaneyI wonder if some of these zillions of zope packages could be combined using 3.0 (quilt)'s multiple orig support.09:31
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geserLaney: it isn't implemented yet cause of a LP "limitation": you can only add those packages to a package set which already exists (i.e. are in the archive)09:55
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Laneygeser: Yeah, I think ~motu holds the permission for uploading NEW stuff10:20
geserLaney: ? (can't match that into context of package sets)10:42
Laneygeser: I just mean that it's not easy to fix that10:42
Laneybecause the privilege for uploading new stuff is held by motu10:42
Laneyso there's a certain bootstrapping problem10:43
geserLaney: it has nothing to do with ~motu or upload permissions AFAIU, if a package isn't in the archive you can't add it to a package set (LP can't create the connection in the database between the (non-existing) source package and the package set)10:45
LaneyRight, a package needs to exist to be added, and only motu can make it exist. :-)10:46
geseryes, persons with package set upload rights need a sponsor for the first upload (if they aren't MOTU or core-dev)10:47
geserI hope I get soon an answer who "owns" package sets in the long run, as some package sets were DMB owned in maverick and are now TB owned in natty (e.g. the mozilla or zope package set)10:48
LaneyI understand there's some kind of LP wrangling when creating a new release10:49
Laneywith regard to package sets; it's possible the owners just got mangled then10:49
geserI guess it too just want to be sure before filing a bug against LP10:50
Laneycjwatson: ^ Do you know more about this? ISTR you fixing a cli-mono packageset creation bug at the opening of M10:51
geserLaney: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2011-March/000744.html10:51
geserfor my question10:51
cjwatsonI'm not aware of deliberate changes in natty - it's probably a mistake10:52
cjwatsonI'll look into it10:52
Laneyfair, thanks10:52
geserso it's a bug in LP when creating the new series?10:52
cjwatsonnot sure, I forget whether they're created by hand or automatically10:55
geserasking in #launchpad right now10:56
cjwatsonlet me investigate before you confuse them please :)10:57
cjwatson... OK, yes, it is a Launchpad bug10:59
cjwatsonlet me reply by mail10:59
gesercjwatson: "Distroseries initialisation creates the new packagesets with the same owner as the distroseries. This sounds like a bug." (from wgrant)10:59
cjwatsonyeah, I'd just seen the same thing10:59
wgrantYeah, found the bug.11:00
wgrantWill need SQL to fix the data.11:00
wgrantI think.11:00
cjwatsonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/584225/ looks like a good idea11:00
wgrantIndeed, but I need to fix up the tests.11:00
wgrantCould someone file a bug?11:00
geserwill do so11:01
cjwatsonyeah, I can't seem to assign to .owner through the API at any rate11:01
wgrantShould I get all the DMB-owned maverick packagesets fixed up in natty?11:02
cjwatsonyes please11:02
wgrantCan't do it right now, but should be done tomorrow.11:02
geserwgrant: Thanks.11:04
cjwatsonI can confirm geser's list11:04
geserThat saves me to write a mail to the TB requesting the addition of a couple of packages to the Zope package set11:04
cjwatsonI have some mails to action there anyway ...11:05
cjwatsonI'd wanted to check first - there was a good chance that it was a problem in one of my scripts rather than in Launchpad, and LP folks wouldn't have known where to look there11:05
wgrantMost people wouldn't, no.11:06
geserwgrant: bug 74089211:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 740892 in Launchpad itself "Ownership of package sets doesn't get preserved when a new series gets initialized" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74089211:07
wgrantgeser: Thanks.11:07
cjwatsongeser: I'm doing the schooltool/zope bits from your mail now.11:08
wgrantOh, schooltool's finally made it back into the archive?11:08
gesercjwatson: thanks11:08
bdrunggeser: i have no objection11:46
stgrabergeser: +112:31
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macogeser: no objection12:46
mhall119when is the deadline for getting a package into natty's repos?12:52
gesermhall119: some weeks ago12:57
mhall119even with an FFE?12:59
gesermhall119: if you've an FFe then you've some more time (don't know exactly till when before release)13:04
geserit's about a new package, right?13:04
mhall119a couple new, a few upgrades for ones already  in universe13:16
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gesermhall119: the less time till release the harder it gets to get a FFe, so don't wait till the last minute (and perhaps also ask if a FFe is possible before you spend too much time preparing the package)13:52
cody-somervilleLaney, Hey16:35
cody-somervillelucas_, Hey. How long does it take UDD to import the Ubuntu archive information?16:56
cody-somerville^^ if anyone else knows, feel free to share :)16:56
Rhondacody-somerville: What archive information do you have in mind? There are parts already in udd16:57
cody-somervilleI'm wondering how long it takes to import the Packages and Sources information (like a typical run).16:58
lucas_cody-somerville: ~ half an hour16:58
cody-somervilleAny particular reason it takes so long?16:59
lucas_parsing big text files + doing lots of SQL queries?16:59
DaskreechWhy does Smartmontools require Postfix?20:15
geserDaskreech: smartmontools only Recommends mailx (which needs a MTA like postfix)20:18
DaskreechAh and install recommends is on by default?20:19
geseryes, Recommends are installed by default20:19
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DaskreechAh ok just seemed strange. I'd like to have something look at my Hard drive.20:22
DaskreechOh really? Well just in case there is juicy stuff to ummm backup we need  to be able to contact the outside world. Thanks!20:23
DaskreechWhat mailx functionality does Smartmontools make use of?20:23
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geserI didn't check but I assume it can mail the admin in certain conditions and it uses mailx to generate those mails20:32
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Daskreechhmm ok20:33
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jbichawhen is the deadline for new universe packages? Feature Freeze?21:21
geserjbicha: yes21:22

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