rhpot1991Seeker`: I rip to mkv first and thats good00:48
rhpot1991I haven't tried from disc yet as I don't have a drive in my backend00:49
Seeker`rhpot1991: I'm hoping to be able to just rip the transport streams and play them back00:49
rhpot1991Seeker`: look at makemkv00:52
Seeker`rhpot1991: you mean the backup the disk as unencrypted m2ts?00:56
ripperdaHi, I have a network based on mythbuntu 10.04 w/ .23 mythtv. I'm looking to update to .24 via mythtv-updates02:01
ripperdaI'm curious if there's anything I should look out for, in terms of configuration. any steps I should take to avoid having my configuration corrupted. or if it should go very smoothly02:01
Patrickdkshould be smooth02:03
Patrickdkbut you will need to update all frontends02:03
ripperdaright. I normally do maintenance remotely via ssh. I installed the mythbuntu-repos.deb on the backend, did an apt-get update and see the .24 packages.02:04
ripperdamy backend does have a frontend on it, but I only use that rarely for checking up on things in the office.02:04
ripperdashould I just apt-get install all of the various mythtv packages at once? or update the backend, then each additional piece one at a time?02:05
Patrickdkna, all at once02:05
ripperdaI'll worry about rolling out my additional frontend systems once this backend system is all done02:05
Patrickdkbut I think it might be alittle broken02:05
Patrickdktill the frontend connects02:05
Patrickdkcause the frontend upgrades the database02:05
ripperdaah ok02:06
ripperdathat's why I do run a frontend on my backend system, for maintenance work like that.02:06
ripperdaI'll do a wholesale update on this backend and test things out locally02:06
Patrickdkany frontend works :)02:06
ripperdayes, but then I have to run back and forth through the house :)02:06
Patrickdkjust any non-upgraded frontend will refused to work :)02:06
ripperdaright, I expected that02:06
ripperdaand away it goes...02:08
ripperdalooks smooth so far. database updated, verified recordings, videos, live tv02:29
Seeker`just how stable is the trunk buikd right now? any showstopper bugs17:21
superm1Seeker`, might be better off asking in -users about the general stability of trunk17:38
superm1our  builds aren't doing anything special really17:39
superm1so from our perspective, they're not failing to build or anything17:39
Seeker`do you use trunk yourself?18:00
Seeker`im planning in starting to use bluray content tomorrow so HD audio passthrough would be great, but i think only trunk supports it18:01
Seeker`but i dont really want to upgrade if it will cause breakage that will annoy my girlfriend18:02
mycosysgood to see ur still round superm1 :)18:19
superm1Seeker`, i dont use trunk myself18:19
superm1that's why i was saying -users might be better18:19
superm1mycosys, yeah, but not putting in as much time as i did previously18:19
mycosyswell ur help has been much appreciated over the years18:22
Number6Where is the default storage location for coverart?19:47
Jay2k1i guess /var/lib/mythtv/coverart19:49
Number6Cheers, I knew it was in /var19:49
Number6Would changing the hostname cause the backend to disconnect from the frontend on a single PC setup?20:02
patdk-lapNumber6, all depends :)21:00
patdk-lapthe frontend requires a connection to the database21:01
patdk-lapif the frontend used the hostname to access the database, yep, it's screwed21:01
Number6It may not have been that at all, patdk-lap. The theme changed as well. Very odd21:02
patdk-lapthat is normal :)21:02
patdk-lapno backend database, no preferences, default values21:02
Number6Now to wait 24 hours for the db to index the hard drives again21:03
Number6Can Mythbuntu auto download album art?21:05
tgm4883Number6, yes21:34
tgm4883well, mythtv can21:34
tgm4883I'm not sure if the distinction matters to you21:34
Number6Provided that, when I search for songs, I'm shown Album art, I don't care21:35
sabhaingrrrr .. anyone have a snapstream firefly RF?21:35
Number6The outcome is all that matters, tgm4883  :)21:35
tgm4883Number6, actually, I was thinking of mythvideo metadata/art21:36
tgm4883i'm unsure of album art, I don't use mythmusic21:36
tgm4883sorry for the confusion21:36
Number6tgm4883: I don't really mind. On a similar note, can stills from the video be created when you highlight the file - a bit like Windows MCE?21:42
tgm4883Number6, I've not used MCE. There is the ability to create a screenshot though21:43
HoochsterHello, I am trying to get Mythbuntu setup on a remote FE and having an issue testing the SQL, when I try and apply anything I get the MySQL Plugin is not fully filled out popup in the Control Centre.  I have verified that the database can be connected to from the FE using the mythtv account and password.  And feel I have checked the config.xml and mysql.txt to point to the database.  I was running Myth along with a remote FE no problem, but was hav21:53
Hoochstering stuttering issues and wanted to try out Mythbuntu.21:53
HoochsterThis is a diskless FE btw21:54
Number6tgm4883: Windows MCE will scan the avi (say) file and generate a screenshot as the icon. That's what I'd be looking for21:57
Number6Maybe it does this already, I'm going to need to wait about 16 hours for the filescan to complete21:58
phretorI boot 10.10 on an HTPC connected to an HDMI TV. I see the boot screen, but then it all becomes black and nothing else happens. What should I do?22:01
tgm4883Number6, it does that for recordings, but for videos it will grab posters and metadata from the internet22:02
Number6tgm4883: What about, say, TV shows?22:09
tgm4883Number6, yes, those would be recordings. If you have TV show DVD's that you have ripped down to each episode it will gather that info too22:18
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Hoochsterwhen running MCC on a Remote diskless FE, anytime I apply I get a Traceback error and MCC just hangs.  Am I holding it wrong?23:44

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