* ojwb twigs why mythtv is keen to record the TV3 and TV3+1 showings of things - it uses the description to detect duplicates and they append " (Repeat)" to the TV3+1 description00:00
chiltsone day I'll have to get MythTV set up00:45
hadsojwb: That "(Repeat)" might just be showing up on your display but not actually be in the description.07:17
ojwbit's in the description if I look in the web, but perhaps07:18
ojwbi should check the xml data07:19
hadsActually, it should be (Rerun)07:31
hadsAnd it's not in the xml from nzepg.org07:31
ojwbhads: so it isn't07:51
chiltsamazing guy -> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78514#c1919:52

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